Flower Arranging

Flower-Arranging: Lilies and Roses

IF YOU VISIT ME JUST NOW, you'll find an invigorating flower arrangement on the small table near my staircase. Anne Schomaker, a dear friend who is also a floral-designer, made this scented still-life by combining greens from her garden with choice stems from the florist. You can design a similar arrangement for your own home: Read more »

Decorating: A Bowl of Garden Flowers

I HAVE TWO THINGS TO REPORT. First, today Will and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary. And next, Erin Brady stopped by to show how common garden flowers can be turned into a glamorous centerpiece. Read more »

A Summer Centerpiece

THIS WEEK, I asked floral designer Erin Brady to create a large arrangement for my entrance hall table. Would you like to see the purples, pinks, blues and greens she chose? Here they are, in my latest you-can-do-it flower-arranging tutorial: Read more »

Victorian Beauty from Common Flowers

YESTERDAY, I asked floral-designer Erin Brady to raid my garden. Why? Because I wanted to show you how common flowers and greenery can be turned into sumptuous arrangements for the house. As a matter of fact, Erin used only zinnias, hydrangeas, roses, phlox and greenery to make the "Victorian" display for my entrance hall table (pictured above). The procedure, and lots of flower-arranging tips: Read more »

Floral Soup

WITH A LITTLE IMAGINATION, almost any water-tight container can become an elegant "vase" for flowers. Take, for instance, the soup tureen pictured up top. This antique vessel resides on a games table in my entrance hall. Normally it holds nothing more than air. But this week, florist Erin Brady filled the tureen with a delicious soup: Read more »

Flower Arranging: July Blooms for a Cold January

THIS WEEK, in response to the frigid (sub-zero!) temperatures outside, I hoisted the big blue urn off my entrance hall table, and promptly delivered it to Erin Brady. Erin is an award-winning florist. Would you like to see closeups of the soul-warming bouquet she arranged for the hall? Read more »

The Power of Flowers Indoors

I ALWAYS WANT FLOWERS IN MY HOUSE, and now I know why. A behavioral study conducted by Harvard Medical School has concluded that flowers indoors affect our emotional well-being in a positive way. The arrangement above, which designer Erin Brady created for my entrance hall, makes me feel positively euphoric. Closeups of this inexpensive but lavish display, and more details about the power of flowers: Read more »