Flower Arranging

Victorian Flower Arrangements and a Magazine Photo-Shoot

Upstate House magazine interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. We discussed the blog, my cookbook, and the 190-year-old house that I share with a Silver Fox. Read more »

Flower-Arranging: Lilies and Roses

IF YOU VISIT ME JUST NOW, you'll find an invigorating flower arrangement on the small table near my staircase. Anne Schomaker, a dear friend who is also a floral-designer, made this scented still-life by combining greens from her garden with choice stems from the florist. You can design a similar arrangement for your own home: Read more »

Decorating: A Bowl of Garden Flowers

I HAVE TWO THINGS TO REPORT. First, today Will and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary. And next, Erin Brady stopped by to show how common garden flowers can be turned into a glamorous centerpiece. Read more »

A Summer Centerpiece

THIS WEEK, I asked floral designer Erin Brady to create a large arrangement for my entrance hall table. Would you like to see the purples, pinks, blues and greens she chose? Here they are, in my latest you-can-do-it flower-arranging tutorial: Read more »

Victorian Beauty from Common Flowers

YESTERDAY, I asked floral-designer Erin Brady to raid my garden. Why? Because I wanted to show you how common flowers and greenery can be turned into sumptuous arrangements for the house. As a matter of fact, Erin used only zinnias, hydrangeas, roses, phlox and greenery to make the "Victorian" display for my entrance hall table (pictured above). The procedure, and lots of flower-arranging tips: Read more »

Floral Soup

WITH A LITTLE IMAGINATION, almost any water-tight container can become an elegant "vase" for flowers. Take, for instance, the soup tureen pictured up top. This antique vessel resides on a games table in my entrance hall. Normally it holds nothing more than air. But this week, florist Erin Brady filled the tureen with a delicious soup: Read more »

Flower Arranging: July Blooms for a Cold January

THIS WEEK, in response to the frigid (sub-zero!) temperatures outside, I hoisted the big blue urn off my entrance hall table, and promptly delivered it to Erin Brady. Erin is an award-winning florist. Would you like to see closeups of the soul-warming bouquet she arranged for the hall? Read more »