How to Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Store Garlic

Shall we plant some garlic today? For the best harvest, I always plant the crop in autumn, several weeks before the first frost. The bulbs need time to make roots before the ground freezes solidly. Once rooted, garlic can survive sub-zero temperatures. Read more »

My October House & Garden Chores

Happy October, everyone! This month, I'm planting bulbs, baking cinnamon rolls (yum!), and designing window gardens. Wanna watch me work? Check out this month's list of House and Garden Chores. Read more »

Bulbs I’m Planting for Spring Color and Perfume

Yes, I know it’s only September. But I’m thinking ahead towards spring! For color and perfume in April and May, I recently ordered some gorgeous tulips and daffodils. Here’s a look at these autumn-planted beauties, along with a couple of bulb buying-and-planting tips: Read more »

How I Freeze Whole Tomatoes

Red ones. Green ones. Yellow ones. Striped ones. Are late-summer tomatoes swallowing your kitchen counter top, too? Here, the weather's too hot for boiling, peeling, and canning the fruit. Consequently I'm eating some of the tomatoes fresh, and freezing the rest: Read more »

Woodchuck Woes

Uh-oh. This morning, during my daily inspection of the too-many gardens here, I discovered a fiendish fat woodchuck in the fenced kitchen garden. The object of Woody's affection? Sweet potato leaves. Overnight, he practically devoured the entire crop. Read more »

A Short Walk in the Kitchen Garden

Today, I planned to give you the "grand tour" of all the gardens here. But it's too hot and muggy outside! It's the kind of day when sweat stings your eyes. I can't have you running around with smudged mascara, John. So instead of galloping from the Boxwood Garden to the Whatever Garden, perhaps we should limit our time to the Kitchen Garden: Read more »

How’s Your Veggie Garden Progressing?

How's your veggie patch coming along? Any troubles to report? My own Kitchen Garden is a little pokey this season, thanks to a hot, dry May, and a cool, wet June. Still, the plants are making a valiant effort to fill their beds: Read more »