Your Winter-Sowing Updates

April 11, 2014
IMG_7747THE PERENNIALS AND HARDY ANNUALS I planted in milk-jug greenhouses last winter have finally sprouted -- and how! Probably I could furnish my entire neighborhood -- if not my whole county -- with lettuce, spinach, Bachelor Buttons, and more. Did you winter-sow, too? Let me know how this outdoor method of seed-germination is (thus far) working out for you. Read more »

Early April Garden Tour

April 2, 2014
IMG_0008TODAY, because the sun is shining, because the birds are singing, and because the air is deliciously (and deliriously!) mild, I'm heading outside with my camera. Would you like to see what's shaking in the early April gardens here? Take a walk with me: Read more »

My April, 2014 Garden Chores

March 29, 2014
IMG_9727wbHOW'S YOUR GARDEN COMING ALONG? You can let me know by leaving a comment. Meanwhile, my own planted place is at least ten days behind schedule. But the snow is finally melting, the Dutch bulbs are emerging, and the Chinese Witch Hazel (above) is in fragrant bloom. So it's time to begin these April garden chores: Read more »

Tomato Talk: Your Favorite Varieties…And Mine

March 13, 2014
IMG_0987CAN YOU HELP ME OUT? I'm trying to decide on which tomatoes to grow this summer. I'll certainly include some of the heirlooms which have performed well for me in the past. But what else am I missing? Talk to me about your own favorite heirlooms and hybrids. Read more »

Spring Dreams

March 6, 2014
IMG_9559ARE YOU A DAY-DREAMER? Me too. And right now, my thoughts -- like yours -- are drifting toward the things I'll do and see when this horrific winter finally melts into spring: Read more »

My Garden in Snow

February 25, 2014
IMG_8736WBHAS SPRING ALREADY ARRIVED IN YOUR REGION? Here in New York's Hudson Valley, we're still engulfed in winter's frigid hug. In fact, on February 14, mega-storm "Pax" delivered two feet of snow. The aftermath of the storm in this sparkling white garden tour: Read more »

February Gardening Fun

February 1, 2014
IMG_7581FEBRUARY brings Valentine's Day...boxes of chocolate...and lots of fun gardening jobs. For instance, winter-sowing continues outdoors no matter the weather. Then there are African violets to propagate, old seeds to test, and branches (including crabapple, pictured above) to force into glorious indoor bloom. Read more »