Perennials and Hardy Annuals I’ve Successfully Winter-Sowed

Happy day-after-Valentine's Day, everyone! The Hudson Valley looks and feels like Narnia right now, with snow, blowing snow, and wind-chill temperatures in the dangerous digits (-10°F to -20°F). Can you blame me for wanting to write Read more »

How to Transplant Winter-Sown Seedlings

Not sure how to transplant winter-sown seedlings? Worried the young plants will become root-bound in their milk-jug prisons? This post is for you! Read more »

Your 2015 Winter-Sowing Project

How's your winter-sowing coming along? My own plantings are well under way, starting (but by no means ending) with the half dozen miniature “greenhouses” pictured above. What I’ve planted in these gallon-size milk and water jugs, along with links to articles that explain the entire winter-sowing process: Read more »

Your Winter-Sowing Updates

THE PERENNIALS AND HARDY ANNUALS I planted in milk-jug greenhouses last winter have finally sprouted -- and how! Probably I could furnish my entire neighborhood -- if not my whole county -- with lettuce, spinach, Bachelor Buttons, and more. Did you winter-sow, too? Let me know how this outdoor method of seed-germination is (thus far) working out for you. Read more »

How’d Your Winter-Sown Seeds Do?

NOW THAT SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER (waaah!), my inquiring mind wants to know: How'd your winter-sown seeds do? My report, followed (I hope!), by yours: Read more »

Transplanting Winter-Sown Seedlings

GOT MILK-JUGS? I certainly do! Twenty-four of them, all filled with annuals and perennials achieved from last January's winter-sowing efforts. It's time to give some of these naturally hardened-off seedlings permanent positions in the open garden. Here are three techniques I use for separating and transplanting the youngsters, along with a tip for releasing them from their milk-jug greenhouse all in one clump: Read more »

Your March Winter-Sowing Update

THIS WEEK, reader Sheila sent me the following note: Hi Kevin, I tried winter-sowing this year after reading all of your inspiring articles. So far, I have 21 gallon containers that have sprouted. I am SOOO excited! Well, Sheila, your words are music to my ears! Who else has winter-sowing news to report? Read more »