First Aid for Non-Blooming Daffodils

April 2, 2012
IMG_5177 - CopyTHE TIMELY TOPIC OF DAFFODILS CAME UP THIS WEEK, when a reader asked "Why don't my daffodils have flowers?" Actually, these Narcissi have a number of requirements. If their needs are not met, the bulbs will deny us their bright bouquets. And here is my list of causes and cures for poor- or non-flowering daffodils: Read more »

Now in Bloom, February 2012

February 14, 2012
IMG_4609IN DEFIANCE OF WINTER, the plants in my music room window are singing a spring song. Would you like to meet these bloomers and perfumers? Say "hello" in this click-to-enlarge photo gallery (and I hope you'll tell me what's growing in your own window garden): Read more »

Chinese Sacred Lily/A Giveaway

January 11, 2012
IMG_4011BLOOMING NOW in the east window of my upstairs bath is the fabulous "Chinese Sacred Lily," Narcissus tazetta v. orientalis. What a welcome sight! The flowers are pure white, with a deep-tangerine cup. And the fragrance they emit -- a blend of honey, clove, and citrus -- is something to sing about. I'd like you to enjoy these perfumed blooms, too. And that's why I've purchased a package of 10 bulbs to give away in this month's random drawing. Read more »

Narcissus ‘Winter Sun’

November 27, 2011
img_2682TALK ABOUT IMPECCABLE TIMING. Narcissus 'Winter Sun' bloomed in my window garden this week, just when my soul cried out for something uplifting. And what could be more hopeful than a bulb which offers, only 4-6 weeks after planting, a bevy of brilliant buttery cups, snow-white petals, and a soothing April perfume? Read more »

Pickled Paperwhites (Narcissus grandiflora)

October 18, 2011
Pickled Paperwhites (Narcissus grandiflora)

WHO WANTS TO SPEND THE WINTER MONTHS without the colorful companionship of Narcissus grandiflora? Not me! These “paperwhites” make a cheerful display in the various window gardens here, and lend sweet fragrance among scentless cyclamens, ferns, and African violets. I force the bulbs in pebbles and water, and keep the flowering stems from falling over… Read more »

Photo Gallery: Dutch Bulbs for Winter Windows

September 30, 2011
Photo Gallery: Dutch Bulbs for Winter Windows

WANT TO FILL YOUR HOME WITH COLOR AND FRAGRANCE THIS WINTER? Then do what I do, and pot plenty of Dutch bulbs in early October. From tiny blue anemones and fragile white snowdrops to big, fabulously-perfumed hyacinths (that’s pink ‘Fondant’ pictured above), these beauties from Holland provide in the depths of winter all the essence… Read more »

My Garlic Sowing-and-Growing Guide

September 28, 2011
My Garlic Sowing-and-Growing Guide

YOU’RE PROBABLY BUSY planting tulips, hyacinths and daffodils right now, but don’t forget that garlic, too, is an autumn-planted bulb. I’d nearly forgotten to plant my own crop of Allium sativum until thoughts of vampires jostled my memory. Read on, and I’ll show you how to sow, grow, harvest and store the bulbs: There are… Read more »