Rustic Apple Cake

I made this simple dessert the other day, and then promptly inhaled almost all of it. What a perfect autumn cake! It's rich and buttery, and deliriously-scented with cinnamon, lemon, and nutmeg. It's pretty to look at, too. Read more »

Baked Salmon with Honey-Mustard and Almonds

Take a simple salmon fillet, cloak it with honey mustard, crown it with sliced almonds, and what will you have? Pure deliciousness, baby. Read more »

A Garden Walk with Lily the Beagle

In mid-October, when the deciduous trees are decked out in vermilion and gold, and the air is crisp and the sun is shining, I enjoy taking Lily the Beagle for long walks. Would you like to see what we see when we tour the gardens here? Join us. Read more »

Baking 101: Love is a Pastry Cloth

Are you still buying ready-made pie crust even after my latest tutorial for French pastry dough? Hmmm. Maybe I should visit your home, and personally make the dough for you. What fun that would be! Read more »

How I Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Store Garlic

Shall we plant some garlic today? For the best harvest, I always plant the crop in autumn, several weeks before the first frost. The bulbs need time to make roots before the ground freezes solidly. Once rooted, garlic can survive sub-zero temperatures. Read more »

Kevin’s Red Bell Pepper Soup

I created this soup for my not-yet-published cookbook. It's a healthful puree of ripe, Vitamin C-rich bell peppers, plus zingy garlic, fragrant thyme, and creamy russet potatoes. And Lawd A-Mighty -- it's delicious! Read more »

A Family Story From 1932

A few weeks ago, after I published my recipe for 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies, I received a note from my cousin Julie Metzger Blackman. "Kevin," she wrote, "You should ask your Uncle Paul about peanut butter cookies." And so I did. Read more »