Kevin’s Lemon and Rose Cake

January 22, 2015
123Today, because it's bitterly cold here, and also because my driveway has turned into a skating rink, I thought I should make something bright and sunny to eat. And what could be cheerier than a rose-scented lemon cake? Read more »

Rigatoni alla Salsiccia e Panna

January 20, 2015
197This recipe came to me in a rather roundabout way. It was sent by my fabulous Uncle Paul, who isn't really my uncle. Paul received the recipe from my cousin Jim Arlington, who, for all I know, isn't really my cousin. Are you confused yet? Let me explain: Read more »

A Better Focaccia

January 16, 2015
043It's bitterly-cold here in New York's Hudson Valley. It's dang cold in my kitchen, too. To warm my soul, this morning I fired up the oven and baked a great big loaf of focaccia. Who wants to taste this fabulicious flatbread? Read more »

Cranberry Chutney

January 13, 2015
IMG_3765 - CopyI love cranberries. I love them in a cocktail. I love them in a tart. But I especially love them in a garlicky, gingery, orange-zesty chutney! Read more »

My Grooming Tips for Men

January 10, 2015
IMG_3785Wanna look good at any age? Then take my advice, and develop an easy-to-follow grooming routine. I did just that several years ago, and what a difference it has made in my overall appearance. In fact, most people can't believe I'm 107 years old. Read more »

Status of My Cookbook

January 7, 2015
IMG_9078WBSeveral of you have asked about my cookbook. And specifically, when it will be available. Would you like to hear the latest update? Read more »

Gorgeous Green Smoothie

January 5, 2015
IMG_3656It's a new year, and a new me. I've joined a gym. I've purchased some bronzing gel. And I've discovered this gorgeous green smoothie! Read more »