Summer Salad: Tomatoes, Peaches, Basil, and Burrata

This salad was inspired by a similar one I ordered at Club Helsinki in Hudson, New York. It’s a tangle of ripe tomatoes and juicy peaches, all dressed up with red wine vinegar, ribbons of basil, and clouds of creamy burrata cheese. Don't make me beg you to try it! Read more »

Woodchuck Woes

Uh-oh. This morning, during my daily inspection of the too-many gardens here, I discovered a fiendish fat woodchuck in the fenced kitchen garden. The object of Woody's affection? Sweet potato leaves. Overnight, he practically devoured the entire crop. Read more »

How I Make a Lattice (Woven) Pie Crust

If you think a lattice crust is beyond your culinary skill, I have some terrific news for you. This woven design -- which always looks terribly chic on a fruit pie -- is a cinch to achieve! As proof, check out my step-by-step tutorial: Read more »

Perfect Peach Pie

My mother made this peachy bliss every summer when I was a kid. I love the simple ingredients -- just peaches, sugar, and some spices, all nestled between two layers of flaky French pastry dough. It's a pie that says "eat me." Read more »

Food Processor Giveaway!

Update! The winner, as selected by, is Paula Connolly, comment #414. Congrats, Paula! To collect your food processor, just send me an email, and include your shipping info. Read more »

Soupe au Pistou

Yesterday, because my basil plants were in dire need of a haircut, I decided to make Soupe au Pistou. It's a French vegetable soup that features fresh, garlicky pesto. It's easy to make. It's beautiful to behold. And it's powerfully delicious! Read more »

A Short Walk in the Kitchen Garden

Today, I planned to give you the "grand tour" of all the gardens here. But it's too hot and muggy outside! It's the kind of day when sweat stings your eyes. I can't have you running around with smudged mascara, John. So instead of galloping from the Boxwood Garden to the Whatever Garden, perhaps we should limit our time to the Kitchen Garden: Read more »