Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread

March 11, 2014
IMG_8264wbI LOVE IRISH SODA BREAD. It's fast. It's easy. Make it with coarsely-ground whole wheat (or "graham") flour and a little brown sugar, as I do, and you'll find it's magically delicious. Read more »

Spring Dreams

March 6, 2014
IMG_9559ARE YOU A DAY-DREAMER? Me too. And right now, my thoughts -- like yours -- are drifting toward the things I'll do and see when this horrific winter finally melts into spring: Read more »

Shirred Eggs with Herbs & Garlic

March 4, 2014
IMG_9239wbI MADE THIS FOR DINNER TONIGHT, and couldn't wait to share the recipe with you. It's a French country dish that involves eggs. And cream. And a heavenly topping of garlic, Asiago, and fresh, fragrant herbs. In other words, it's powerfully-delicious: Read more »

Hori Hori Knife/Winner Announced

March 2, 2014
IMG_9394WOW -- over 800 entries for this giveaway! Here's the winning entry, as selected by the little number generator at Random.org: Read more »

Snowshoe Naan

February 28, 2014
IMG_9125WBWHAT CAN YOU DO with flour, water, milk, yeast and salt? You can turn them into Naan, just as I did this week. Naan is an ancient, Central-Asian flatbread with a wonderfully-wheaty taste and a crisp but chewy texture. I like to form the dough into long “snowshoe” shapes, and serve them with dinner or as an appetizer at parties. The dough is remarkably easy to make, and forming it with wet fingers is two tons of fun. Read more »

My Garden in Snow

February 25, 2014
IMG_8736WBHAS SPRING ALREADY ARRIVED IN YOUR REGION? Here in New York's Hudson Valley, we're still engulfed in winter's frigid hug. In fact, on February 14, mega-storm "Pax" delivered two feet of snow. The aftermath of the storm in this sparkling white garden tour: Read more »

My Immersion Blender

February 23, 2014
IMG_8928WBTHIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT. I simply wish to tell you about my latest kitchen gadget -- a Cuisinart "Smart Stick." I've used this immersion blender several times in the past few days, and so far, I really-really like it. Read more »