Super-DuperTart Pan Giveaway/Winners Announced

June 13, 2014
IMG_1616wbDRUM ROLL, PLEASE! The winners of the tart pan are: Lorna (#15), Jennifer H (#485), and Sharon C (#84). To collect your prize, just send me a note. Read more »

Glazed Strawberry Tart

June 11, 2014
IMG_3446wbI MADE THIS STRAWBERRY TART the other day, and can tell you that it looks, tastes, and smells like a sunny summer holiday. It's an extra-easy tart to make, because you don't have to roll out the pastry dough. Ready to try this ruby-red sonnet? Here's the step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Napkin Folding 101: Fleur de Lis

June 5, 2014
IMG_2902PARENTS -- please teach your children well. Teach them the difference between right and wrong. Teach them to respect others. And above all, teach them how to make nifty napkin folds! Read more »

Limoncello Cookies

June 4, 2014
IMG_2791wb - CopyTHESE COOKIES GRABBED MY ATTENTION when I saw them posted at In Sock Monkey Slippers' website. They are beautiful to behold, elegant to serve, and exquisite to eat. Read more »

My Garden in Late-Spring, 2014

May 30, 2014
IMG_2323wbWOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE what's shaking (or not) in my garden these late-spring days? Then by all means join me on this slightly inebriated (and definitely lilac-scented) garden tour: Read more »

Duck Breasts Mirepoix

May 27, 2014
IMG_2395wbTHERE isn't anything about this dish that doesn't make me...quack. It's elegant enough for a weekend dinner party, but fast and easy enough to prepare for a weekday meal. And it's screamingly-delicious. Read more »

A Better Rhubarb Pie

May 22, 2014
IMG_1943wbWHEN RHUBARB PIE IS GOOD, it is very, very good. But when it's bad, it's...sloshy. The puddle-problem is the result of rhubarb's high water content, which no amount of flour can sufficiently absorb. To achieve a pie that "sets up" perfectly, I add a special thickener to the works: Read more »