My (Updated) Garden Conservancy “Open Days”

I did not open my gardens to the public last summer. Why? Well, I was busy writing recipes and taking photographs for my cookbook (it's coming -- I promise!), and there was precious little time to pull weeds. But this summer will be different. I'll be open twice! Here are the tour dates, along with pictures of the gardens you'll visit: Read more »

My 7th Blogiversary: Winner Announced

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...Per the little number generator at, the winner of the green mixer is Hannah A., comment #350. Congratulations, Hannah! Just shoot me an email to collect your prize! Read more »

Homemade Butter!

If you've never tasted homemade butter, please take note: It's delicious! It's also fresher and creamier than store-bought butter. It's easy to make, too. Just pour some heavy cream into your food processor, and you can acquire a cupful of bragging rights in exactly 10 minutes. Read more »

Which Veggies Will You Grow in 2016?

The tried and true -- or something new? Which veggies are you planning to grow this summer? Read more »

Beef Stew with Dark Beer and Bittersweet Chocolate

Holy shamrock, Batman! I made this stew the other day, and it totally rocked my world. It's a symphony of carrots, parsnips, and seriously-tender beef, all gloriously perfumed with dark beer, strong coffee, and bittersweet chocolate. In other words, it's...The Most Delicious Stew In The World. Read more »

My March House and Garden Chores

Here in New York's Hudson Valley (zone 5-b), spring is in the air. As I write this, robins are sunning themselves on a crabapple tree in my backyard. And in the small bed beside the front porch, a group of Eranthis hyemalis (above) is in buttery bloom. It's too early to open the swimming pool. But we can get down and dirty with the following house and garden chores: Read more »

Make-Ahead Raspberry and Goat Cheese Strata

I made this strata for a small brunch party last Sunday, and it disappeared in a flash. Not to worry -- I made the same strata on Tuesday, so that you could try it, too! Read more »