My May Kitchen & Garden Chores

TAKE A TIP FROM THE NESTING ROBINS -- May isn't the month to snooze! Indeed, garden work we accomplish now will determine the success we'll have for the rest of the growing season. Need a little guidance? I follow this routine: Read more »

Clotted (“Devonshire”) Cream

I love clotted (or "Devonshire" or "Cornwall") cream. I love it on fresh fruit. I love it on home-baked scones. I love it on... anything and everything. And would you believe this heavenly condiment is a cinch to make? All you need is a quart of heavy cream. Read more »

Garden Design Magazine/Winners Announced

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! Per the little number generator at, winners of the Garden Design Magazine giveaway are: #284 from Framcess (Francess?); #561 from Victoria B, and #392 from Cindy. Congratulations, Framcess, Victoria B and Cindy! Shoot me an email to activate your subscription. Read more »

Easy Elegance: Poached Salmon and Veggies

When I made this for dinner last Saturday, the Silver Fox proclaimed it "heaven on a plate." It's a swoon-worthy symphony of salmon fillets and veggies, all poached together in a lemon-kissed broth, and then served, if you wish, on a bed of baby kale leaves. It's a healthy dish. It's low-carb, too. And it's devastatingly delicious. Read more »

The Organic Way to Beautiful Roses

Many years ago, I decided to never use chemicals in my rose beds, nor anywhere else on this property.  And today, when the roses are in bloom, I can freely eat their fragrant petals without fear of getting sick. Candied rose petals are delightful on this Queen Victoria Cake. Read more »

Rustic Bacon and Onion Tart

There's nothing about this tart that isn't wonderful. To make it, I simply poured some popover batter into a baking dish, and covered it with crisp bacon and sweetly-caramelized onion. As the tart bakes, the crust puffs up and surrounds the sumptuous filling. Are you drooling yet? Here's the easy step-by-step: Read more »

English Muffins!

According to my taste buds, homemade English muffins are the best English muffins of all.  They're yeasty, chewy, and deliciously-sophisticated. They're a snap to make, too. If you can whip up a pancake batter, you can whip up some nook-and-cranny bliss. Read more »