My April, 2014 Garden Chores

March 29, 2014
IMG_9727wbHOW'S YOUR GARDEN COMING ALONG? You can let me know by leaving a comment. Meanwhile, my own planted place is at least ten days behind schedule. But the snow is finally melting, the Dutch bulbs are emerging, and the Chinese Witch Hazel (above) is in fragrant bloom. So it's time to begin these April garden chores: Read more »

Fougasse aux Herbes de Provence

March 25, 2014
IMG_9873wbFEELING INSPIRED by a comment from reader Virginia Embry Marx, I recently made Fougasse aux Herbes de Provence. Fougasse (pr. "foo-GAHS") is the French version of Italian focaccia. It's dense and delicious. It's powerfully fragrant. And it's a breeze to make. Read more »

Happy Anniversary Q&A

March 19, 2014
IMG_9757FIVE YEARS AGO, I started this blog. And now, 787 posts and 121,796 comments later (per my WordPress dashboard), I've decided to retire. Read more »

Ham, Kale & Swiss Cheese Tart

March 18, 2014
IMG_9677wbTHIS RUSTIC TART makes me purr like a contented kitten. It's filled with smokey ham and earthy kale. It's scented with nutmeg and a splash of dry vermouth. It's baked on a bed of tender, buttery, Pate Brisee. It's...something you need to try: Read more »

Tomato Talk: Your Favorite Varieties…And Mine

March 13, 2014
IMG_0987CAN YOU HELP ME OUT? I'm trying to decide on which tomatoes to grow this summer. I'll certainly include some of the heirlooms which have performed well for me in the past. But what else am I missing? Talk to me about your own favorite heirlooms and hybrids. Read more »

Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread

March 11, 2014
IMG_8264wbI LOVE IRISH SODA BREAD. It's fast. It's easy. Make it with coarsely-ground whole wheat (or "graham") flour and a little brown sugar, as I do, and you'll find it's magically delicious. Read more »

Spring Dreams

March 6, 2014
IMG_9559ARE YOU A DAY-DREAMER? Me too. And right now, my thoughts -- like yours -- are drifting toward the things I'll do and see when this horrific winter finally melts into spring: Read more »