Christmas, 2015

Was your Christmas holiday merry and bright? I certainly hope so! Here in New York's Hudson Valley, Christmas eve of 2015 was unusual weather-wise, as temperatures soared to a record-breaking high of 71°F. It was not a day to stay indoors! Read more »

Orange Cognac Cookies

Wowzers! That's not a real word, but it seems the best description for these holiday treats. They're light, buttery, and perfectly perfumed with Grand Marnier. Santa loves 'em, as do his overworked-and-underpaid elves. I think you'll love 'em, too. They are incredibly easy to make. Read more »

Caramel-Chocolate Mousse (GF)

Yes, I know that Christmas is around the corner. But here in New York's Hudson Valley, we're enjoying April-like weather. To celebrate, I made a batch of Caramel-Chocolate Mousse, and devoured it on my sun-flooded front porch. Read more »

Christmas Glögg!

Monday was my birthday, and boy, did I live it up! I mopped the kitchen floor. I folded some laundry. And then, just for the heck of it, I made some beautiful-beautiful Glögg. Read on, and I'll give you a few fun facts about this Swedish Christmas beverage, along with my step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Christmas: How to Decorate A Mantel

WHAT'S MY FAVORITE DECEMBER CHORE? Decorating the fireplaces in this 19th century house. For a Victorian look, I deck the mantels with evergreen boughs and lots of fresh, colorful fruit. The procedure, which could also work for a dining table or a bookcase, goes something like this: Read more »

Lemon and Rose Madeleines

Apparently I'm on a French dessert kick. Last week, I deep-fried a batch of lovely Merveilles. And yesterday, I made a dozen Madeleines. Who wants to taste these adorable shell-shaped cakes? Read more »

Ten Make-and-Bake Holiday Gifts!

What do I want for Christmas? Well, I want world peace, of course. I also want civil rights for all. And then...I'd like something delicious to eat! Here are ten baked goods that make fine holiday gifts for grown-ups: Read more »