Prudence & The Parlor Paint-Job

April 14, 2014
IMG_0426wbPOOR PRUDENCE. From her gilt-framed perch, she has witnessed a decade's-worth of wear and tear in our parlor. "Tend the battered baseboards, the soiled ceiling, the woeful window trim and the dinged-up doors, " she commanded last Friday, "Or I shall seek less-squalid quarters elsewhere!" Read more »

Pear Fritters

December 20, 2013
IMG_7195I LOVE THESE PEAR FRITTERS. I love them so much that I hope you'll take them off my hands. Otherwise, I'll be forced to eat them -- rather joyously -- all by myself. Read more »

Entrance Hall Arrangement, December 2013

December 10, 2013
IMG_6558FOR ME, December is all about drinking decorating. The Christmas tree is set up (pictures soon!), the parlor mantel is dressed for success, the dining room features a pair of homemade boxwood trees, and now, thanks to floral-designer Erin Brady, a big bouquet lights up the entrance hall table. Here's an intimate look at this pine-scented poetry: Read more »

How to Make a Boxwood Tree

December 7, 2013
IMG_6674FLORAL DESIGNER ERIN BRADY stopped by the other day, armed with scissors, floral foam, and a box of fresh greens. Her mission? To show us how to turn stems of boxwood into magnificent trees. The fun procedure: Read more »

Mantel Magic!

November 30, 2013
IMG_2953WHAT'S MY FAVORITE DECEMBER CHORE? Decorating the fireplaces in this 19th century house. For a Victorian look, I cloak the mantels with evergreen boughs and lots of fresh, colorful fruit. The procedure, which could also work for a dining table or a bookcase, goes something like this: Read more »

Tips for Decorating a Turkey Platter

November 26, 2013
IMG_6205DO YOU BRING YOUR TURKEY TO THE TABLE already sliced up -- or do you present the roasted bird whole, on a decorated tray? I'm in the latter camp. Watch me create a frame for the turkey you see pictured above, and then join me in the parlor for a fireside feast: Read more »

September House & Garden Chores

September 3, 2013
IMG_0137SEPTEMBER is my "get ready for winter" month. It's time to divide and reset certain perennials, to order and plant bulbs, and to acclimate vacationing houseplants for their return to indoor life. Feeling energetic? Good. Because I plan to sip a martini while you do all of the work: Read more »