Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2014
fireworks2IT'S BEEN A CRAZY-BUSY WEEK. My friend Harold arrived from London.Then my partner, Will, arrived from New York City. Read more »

Kale Chips!

July 3, 2014
IMG_4713I LOVE KALE CHIPS. I love them on hamburgers. I love them on pasta. I love them all on their own, and will munch them freely while binge-watching Bates Motel on NetFlix. Want something crisp and delicious that doesn't invite guilt? Make these crispy greens! Read more »

My July House & Garden Chores

July 2, 2014
IMG_0671TRUE CONFESSION: I wish we could spend the month of July sipping cocktails by the pool. But alas, the garden beckons. There are weeds to pull, Japanese and Lily Leaf beetles to battle, veggies to preserve, and…well, just have a look at this list of essential chores: Read more »

Afternoon Tea with Harold B!

July 1, 2014
IMG_4843HAROLD BROWN -- one of our oldest and dearest friends -- is arriving from England today. Would you like to see the tea-time treats I've prepared for his stay? Read more »

A Summer Centerpiece

June 23, 2014
IMG_4156wbTHIS WEEK, I asked floral designer Erin Brady to create a large arrangement for my entrance hall table. Would you like to see the purples, pinks, blues and greens she chose? Here they are, in my latest you-can-do-it flower-arranging tutorial: Read more »

Your June Veggie Garden Report…and Mine

June 19, 2014
IMG_4118HOW'S YOUR VEGGIE PATCH PROGRESSING? Any problems to report? My own Kitchen Garden, above, is still waiting for some consistently warm temperatures to arrive. Still, the lovage is blooming, the tomatoes are climbing, and a couple of greens worms are going about their wicked ways. My "farm-report," followed, I hope, by yours: Read more »

Napkin Folding 102: “The Arrow”

June 17, 2014
IMG_3566wbIF YOU LIKE A WELL-DRESSED DINNER TABLE -- I certainly do -- then you might like to give your dinner napkins a whimsical shape. The arrow fold above is extremely easy to do. Have a look: Read more »