My Favorite Gardening Magazine/A Giveaway

Update: The winner, per,is comment #463 from Jon Beattie. Congratulations, Jon! Just shoot me an email, and I'll set up a 2-year subscription for you! Read more »

Simple Supper: Sausage, Cabbage, and Sweet Potato

It seems that Frederic Chopin and your humble food blogger have something in common. We have each composed a Fantaisie-Impromptu! Frederic's version is played on the piano, while mine is achieved in the kitchen. It's an improvised "casserole" of crisp-tender cabbage, beautifully bronzed sausages, and pretty rounds of sweet potato. Read more »

My 2016 Garden Conservancy Open Days

I did not open my gardens to the public last summer. Why? Well, I was busy writing recipes and taking photographs for my cookbook (it's coming -- I promise!), and there was precious little time to pull weeds. But this summer will be different. I'll be open twice! Here are the tour dates, along with pictures of the gardens you'll visit: Read more »

Fast Food My Way: Chicken with Herbes de Provence

Who needs the drive-thru when real fast food can be made right at home? Fast to cook and inexpensive to buy are skin-on, bone-in chicken pieces. Saute them in butter and herbs, and in less than 30 minutes you'll have something crisp, juicy, and succulent to put on the dinner table. How I make this simple magic: Read more »

Christmas, 2015

Was your Christmas holiday merry and bright? I certainly hope so! Here in New York's Hudson Valley, Christmas eve of 2015 was unusual weather-wise, as temperatures soared to a record-breaking high of 71°F. It was not a day to stay indoors! Read more »

Orange Cognac Cookies

Wowzers! That's not a real word, but it seems the best description for these holiday treats. They're light, buttery, and perfectly perfumed with Grand Marnier. Santa loves 'em, as do his overworked-and-underpaid elves. I think you'll love 'em, too. They are incredibly easy to make. Read more »

Egg-Crêpe Manicotti (GF)

Make a dozen egg-crêpes, fill them with cheese, herbs, and garlic, top them with fragrant tomato sauce, and what will you have? An exquisite main course that you can serve for dinner tonight. Read more »