Chicken Thighs en Papillote (GF)

April 22, 2014
IMG_0663wbI MADE THIS FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT. It was so succulent, fragrant and delicious that I made it again today, for lunch. It's a complete meal of perfectly seasoned chicken and veggies, all cooked together in parchment paper, or what the French call "en papillote." Gluten-intolerant? Avoiding carbs? This elegant entree is for you. Read more »

Glamorous Green Mixer Giveaway/Winner Announced

April 18, 2014
grass green stand mixerRandom (dot) org. selected comment #1104, from Jennifer S. Congratulations, Jennifer! To collect your loot, just drop me a note at Contact Kevin. Read more »

Easter Recipe Round Up

April 17, 2014
IMG_6494NEED A LITTLE INSPIRATION for Easter morning, afternoon, and evening? Here are links to 18 delicious April-worthy recipes which have graced my own holiday table over the years. Some are gluten-free, and all are guaranteed to please! Read more »

Prudence & The Parlor Paint-Job

April 14, 2014
IMG_0426wbPOOR PRUDENCE. From her gilt-framed perch, she has witnessed a decade's-worth of wear and tear in our parlor. "Tend the battered baseboards, the soiled ceiling, the woeful window trim and the dinged-up doors, " she commanded last Friday, "Or I shall seek less-squalid quarters elsewhere!" Read more »

Perfect, Easy-to-Peel Hard Cooked Eggs

April 8, 2014
IMG_0355wbTODAY, because Easter is around the corner, I thought we should discuss festive bonnets eggs. And specifically, how to cook them so they are not only a cinch to peel, but a delight to eat. I'm talking hard-cooked perfection, baby. Read more »

The Best Lemon Tart in the World

April 4, 2014
IMG_0180wbI MADE THIS LEMON TART TODAY, and can tell you it looks, tastes and smells like a gorgeous spring day. In other words, it's obscenely delicious. And get this -- it's easy to make! The step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Perfect Tart Crust

April 3, 2014
IMG_0123SOME DAY YOU WILL THANK ME for this tart crust. It's easy to make, easy to roll out. And it tastes like a dream. A sweet, cookie-like dream. Read more »