Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

March 27, 2015
076I made sourdough bread the other day, and promptly devoured every crumb. What a uniquely delicious loaf! It has a tangy taste, a firm crust, and a soft, chewy interior. Sourdough is the oldest bread leavened bread in the world, and it's remarkably easy to make: Read more »

Caramelized Onion and Vermont Blue Cheese Galette

March 23, 2015
079I made this rustic galette the other day, and it made my taste buds swoon. I'm talking about an unfathomably-flaky pate brisee crust. And sweetly caramelized onions. And pungent, local blue cheese. It's a galette that you can serve at any temperature. Read more »

A Blogiversary and Some Cookbook News

March 20, 2015
IMG_7814Six years ago, I started this blog. And now, 904 posts, 124,024 comments and millions of page-views later, I have only two words to say: Thank you! Read more »

Sourdough Pancakes!

March 18, 2015
054I probably love these pancakes more than I should. They are slightly tangy, slightly bread-y, and screamingly delicious. They are also easy to digest, since the flour in the batter is completely fermented. Ready for a new taste-sensation? Make these cakes for breakfast! Read more »

My Gardens…and a soundtrack

March 15, 2015
my gardens on youtubeYesterday, while snooping around Google, I discovered a photo-film of my gardens. What a pleasant surprise! The work was posted on Youtube by Joseph Cooper. I do not know Mr. Cooper, but apparently he and his camera attended one of the Garden Conservancy tours here last summer. Have a look: Read more »

How I Make Sourdough Starter

March 14, 2015
026Wanna take a walk on the wild side? Then join me in the kitchen today, because I'd like to show you how to make your own sourdough starter. Read more »

Hori Hori Garden Tool Giveaway/Winner Announced

March 13, 2015
IMG_9394Thanks for playing, everyone! This morning, selected comment #571 from Rox. Congratulations Rox! To collect your prize, just send me a note. Read more »