Blue Mixer Giveaway

This week, because Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and because I'm profoundly thankful for all of you who read this wacky and at times scandalous website, I'm giving away a shiny new cobalt-blue mixer! Wanna win this indispensable appliance in a random drawing? Read more »

November Houseplants!

What keeps me happy in winter? Good food and fine wine. Houseplants are helpful, too. They provide a "green connection" when the outdoor world is barren and gray. You haven't lived until you've watched a geranium optimistically open its pastel petals during a snowstorm! Here's what's shaking in my November window garden: Read more »

Glazed Orange Tart

I made this unusual tart for a small brunch party last weekend, and it was devoured -- with gusto -- in a flash. Not to worry -- I made the same tart this morning, so that you could taste it, too! Read more »

Quinoa Stuffing with Leeks, Sage, and Sun Dried Tomatoes (GF)

I love wheat. I love meat. I love sugary French desserts. But I also love quinoa! It's a "super food" with a delightful crunch and a neutral taste. Toss it with sauteed leeks, fresh sage, and sun-dried tomatoes, as I did the other day, and BAM -- you'll have a Thanksgiving "stuffing" that even your gluten-avoiding friends can enjoy. Read more »

Apple Salad with Pumpkin Bread Croutons

Oh, baby. I ordered this salad at Yianni's in Chatham, New York, a couple of weeks ago, and it was so un-frickin'-believably delicious that I couldn't wait to make a similar version at home. Read more »

Linguine with Butternut Squash Sauce

What's infinitely-more interesting than tomato-based pasta sauce? Garlicky, herby, winter squash sauce! Toss it with sturdy strands of linguine, and trust me -- you'll have to fend off marriage proposals. Read more »

Monster Bash 2015!

BOO! Last Saturday, more than 40 costumed guests walked through our front door. The occasion? Our annual Halloween Monster Bash! I was a colonial gentleman who, after makeup (thanks Michael Laudati!), morphed into...oh, I don't know...maybe David Cassidy, circa 1971?  Read more »