What To Do When

My April, 2015 Garden Chores

April 1, 2015
IMG_9727wbHELLO, APRIL! Honestly, after the coldest March on record, I'm really happy to see you! I'm also happy to report that my Witch Hazel (above) is in fragrant bloom, and that a number of daffodils are poking their tips through recently-thawed soil. Shall we have a look at the month's garden chores? Read more »

Garden Chores for March, 2015

February 27, 2015
IMG_2683What do I do for my garden in March? Well, if the ground is frozen and covered with a foot of snow, I simply mix up a double martini and wait for better weather. Otherwise, I get down and dirty with the following chores: Read more »

My September House & Garden Chores

September 2, 2014
IMG_0137SEPTEMBER is my "get ready for winter" month. It's time to divide and reset certain perennials, to order and plant bulbs, and to acclimate vacationing houseplants for their return to indoor life. Feeling energetic? Good. Because one of us can sip a martini...while one of us goes to work! Read more »

My July House & Garden Chores

July 2, 2014
IMG_0671TRUE CONFESSION: I wish we could spend the month of July sipping cocktails by the pool. But alas, the garden beckons. There are weeds to pull, Japanese and Lily Leaf beetles to battle, veggies to preserve, and…well, just have a look at this list of essential chores: Read more »

My May 2014 Garden Chores

April 30, 2014
IMG_8864TAKE A TIP FROM THE NESTING ROBINS -- May isn't the month to snooze! Indeed, garden-work we accomplish now will determine the success we'll have for the rest of the growing season. Need a little guidance? I follow this routine: Read more »

February Gardening Fun

February 1, 2014
IMG_7581FEBRUARY brings Valentine's Day...boxes of chocolate...and lots of fun gardening jobs. For instance, winter-sowing continues outdoors no matter the weather. Then there are African violets to propagate, old seeds to test, and branches (including crabapple, pictured above) to force into glorious indoor bloom. Read more »

House & Garden Fun for January, 2014

January 1, 2014
hyacinthsI HOPE YOU'RE LOUNGING ON A BEACH IN THE BAHAMAS JUST NOW. Alas, I'm shivering in New York's Hudson Valley, where nighttime temperatures are in the single digits. And get this -- the National Weather Service says a foot of snow will arrive on Thursday. Good thing the January house and garden chores offer a hint of spring: Read more »