What To Do When

February 2016 House & Garden Chores

FEBRUARY brings Valentine's Day, boxes of chocolate, and a ton of fun gardening jobs. Of course, winter-sowing continues outdoors no matter the weather. Then there are houseplants to tend, old seeds to test, and dormant branches to force into glorious indoor bloom. Read more »

House and Garden Fun for January, 2016

Happy 2016, everyone! Here in New York's Hudson Valley, we're having a "hit-and-miss" winter. I'm talking about 71°F on Christmas Eve, and a modest snowstorm 4 days later. Weird weather or not, this month I'm tending houseplants, winter-sowing seeds, and cooking up some savory feasts. Read more »

My October House & Garden Chores

Happy October, everyone! This month, I'm planting bulbs, baking cinnamon rolls (yum!), and designing window gardens. Wanna watch me work? Check out this month's list of House and Garden Chores. Read more »

June 2015 Kitchen and Garden Chores

Wanna get down and dirty in the garden with me? We can train the tomato vines, smother the weeds, and deadhead the spent spring flowers. Afterwards, we can make something delicious to eat! The fun starts here: Read more »

My April, 2015 Garden Chores

HELLO, APRIL! Honestly, after the coldest March on record, I'm really happy to see you! I'm also happy to report that my Witch Hazel (above) is in fragrant bloom, and that a number of daffodils are poking their tips through recently-thawed soil. Shall we have a look at the month's garden chores? Read more »

Garden Chores for March, 2015

What do I do for my garden in March? Well, if the ground is frozen and covered with a foot of snow, I simply mix up a double martini and wait for better weather. Otherwise, I get down and dirty with the following chores: Read more »

My September House & Garden Chores

SEPTEMBER is my "get ready for winter" month. It's time to divide and reset certain perennials, to order and plant bulbs, and to acclimate vacationing houseplants for their return to indoor life. Feeling energetic? Good. Because one of us can sip a martini...while one of us goes to work! Read more »