Which Veggies Will You Grow in 2016?

The tried and true -- or something new? Which veggies are you planning to grow this summer? Read more »

How I Grow Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes. I love them baked in a pie, mashed in Bubble and Squeak, and shredded for eggs in nifty nests. Fortunately, beta carotene-rich Impomea batata is extremely easy to grow in a small home garden. All you need is a sense of adventure, and at least one mature sweet potato! Read more »

How I Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Store Garlic

Shall we plant some garlic today? For the best harvest, I always plant the crop in autumn, several weeks before the first frost. The bulbs need time to make roots before the ground freezes solidly. Once rooted, garlic can survive sub-zero temperatures. Read more »

My First Asparagus Bed

I stopped by my favorite farm store the other day, with the sole intention of buying one (just one!) bag of organic parsley. I purchased the $2.00 herb, and then wandered into one of the farm's solar-heated greenhouses. There, sitting on a black, tarp-covered floor, and sprouting green, ferny growth, were dozens of asparagus plants. I adopted 8 of them for $42.00, and brought them home. Watch me plant this perennial crop: Read more »

Your June Veggie Garden Report…and Mine

HOW'S YOUR VEGGIE PATCH PROGRESSING? Any problems to report? My own Kitchen Garden, above, is still waiting for some consistently warm temperatures to arrive. Still, the lovage is blooming, the tomatoes are climbing, and a couple of greens worms are going about their wicked ways. My "farm-report," followed, I hope, by yours: Read more »

A Water-Wise Way to Plant Potatoes

THERE ARE PROBABLY AS MANY WAYS to plant potatoes as there are gardeners. I plant mine in shallow holes in a raised bed. And then I set a wooden frame over the bed, and gradually fill it with chopped straw. This nifty method is not only water-wise, but it permits the easy "hilling" and harvesting of tubers. Read more »

My Potatoes-in Straw Growing Experiment

FOR THE PAST TEN SPRINGS, I've planted my seed-potatoes in deep holes, and then "hilled" the developing plants with soil. This method, which you can witness here, never failed to produce an enormous crop. But this year, purely for the sake of experiment, I tried a different, and infinitely-easier approach. Have a look: Read more »