My Potatoes-in Straw Growing Experiment

October 29, 2013
IMG_5467FOR THE PAST TEN SPRINGS, I've planted my seed-potatoes in deep holes, and then "hilled" the developing plants with soil. This method, which you can witness here, never failed to produce an enormous crop. But this year, purely for the sake of experiment, I tried a different, and infinitely-easier approach. Have a look: Read more »

A Question for You

October 20, 2013
IMG_4846 - CopyMY INQUIRING MIND WANTS TO KNOW: Have you put your veggie garden to bed for the year -- or are you still waiting on a few crops? In my own two edible gardens, a number of plants (including some painfully-poky Brussels sprouts) are still waiting it out. Have a look: Read more »

How I Plant and Grow Leeks

May 1, 2013
IMG_8249I LOVE LEEKS. They bring a unique, onion-y flavor to soups, stews and risottos. I find them devastatingly-delicious when braised in chicken stock and vermouth. Fortunately these Alliums are very easy grow. To achieve a white, or "blanched" stalk, I plant the seedlings this way: Read more »

Your Late-Summer Veggie Report

August 27, 2012
IMG_8554HOW ARE YOUR VEGGIES COMING ALONG? Any troubles to report? My own kitchen garden, above, is at the "better pick me now" stage. Here's what I'm pulling, picking, or snipping as the summer of 2012 draws to a close: Read more »

How I Ripen Tomatoes Indoors

August 16, 2012
IMG_0837AS AN INSURANCE POLICY against damaging insects, curious chipmunks, blights, and severe weather, I pick most of my tomatoes at their mature, but still-green or mostly-green stage. These unripe tomatoes are blemish-free. Furthermore, they are only too happy to develop their delicious flavor and vibrant color indoors. The following ripening-procedure has never failed me: Read more »

How I Freeze Broccoli

July 28, 2012
IMG_7976I LOVE BROCCOLI SO MUCH that I make two sowings of it each year, one in early May and another in mid-July. The spring crop, which always seems to be the better of the two, is the one I store for winter use. Here are the directions for freezing this fiber-rich, nutrient-dense Brassica oleracea: Read more »

How I Freeze Kale & Other Greens

July 5, 2012
How I Freeze Kale & Other Green ThingsSUMMER GREENS FOR WINTER MEALS? You bet. I've enjoyed creamed beet- and turnip-tops as a Thanksgiving side-dish, and this gorgeous Green Quiche for Christmas brunch. Kale (that's the heirloom Red Russian variety above), has topped many plates of pasta here on snowy evenings. Of course, these fireside feasts are only possible because I preserve my greens at the peak of their perfection: Read more »