Tours and Special Events

A Walk in the Late-Autumn Garden

October 28, 2014
IMG_0409In late-October, when the skies are clear, the sun is shining, and leaves are crunching underfoot, I enjoy taking leisurely walks. Would you like to see what I see when I wander the gardens here? Then you must join me on this sip-and-stroll tour: Read more »

Garden Walk, August 2014

August 7, 2014
IMG_6399TODAY, because I realize that most of you won't be able to attend my next (and final!) "Open Day" of 2014, I've put together a virtual garden tour for you. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade (or much nicer, Limoncello on the rocks), and join me outside, okay? Read more »

Early April Garden Tour

April 2, 2014
IMG_0008TODAY, because the sun is shining, because the birds are singing, and because the air is deliciously (and deliriously!) mild, I'm heading outside with my camera. Would you like to see what's shaking in the early April gardens here? Take a walk with me: Read more »

My Garden in Snow

February 25, 2014
IMG_8736WBHAS SPRING ALREADY ARRIVED IN YOUR REGION? Here in New York's Hudson Valley, we're still engulfed in winter's frigid hug. In fact, on February 14, mega-storm "Pax" delivered two feet of snow. The aftermath of the storm in this sparkling white garden tour: Read more »

Kevin’s 2013 Events Schedule

February 18, 2013
IMG_8799MY EVENTS SCHEDULE for 2013 is slowly filling up, with a lecture, a workshop, and two garden tours (to benefit The Garden Conservancy). Live in or around New York's Hudson Valley? Stop by and say hello! The events: Read more »

My First “Open Day” & A Brief Tour

June 12, 2012
IMG_6834LAST SUNDAY, nearly 200 friendly faces passed through my garden gate. The occasion? The first "Open Day" of the season. Open Days benefit The Garden Conservancy, whose mission is (among other things) the preservation of historically significant gardens. If you are unable to visit the grounds here in person, perhaps I can offer you a brief "virtual" tour: Read more »

Prepping for Tours: The Rose Garden

May 20, 2012
IMG_5986HERE AT A GARDEN FOR THE HOUSE, I'm working daily to prepare my "garden rooms" for a number of scheduled tours which begin (gasp!) early in June. Last week, I focused on the Rose Garden (above). This involved trimming the boxwood, turning on the fountains (I ran into a snag with these), and crying over the sorry appearance of the roses themselves. Read more »