Tours and Special Events

Sippin’ and Strollin’ in the May Garden

In mid-May, when the days are warm, the air is fragrant, and the phlox subulata (above) is in bloom, I like to spend a little quality-time outdoors. Would you like to see what's shaking in the gardens here? Join me. Read more »

My (Updated) Garden Conservancy “Open Days”

I did not open my gardens to the public last summer. Why? Well, I was busy writing recipes and taking photographs for my cookbook (it's coming -- I promise!), and there was precious little time to pull weeds. But this summer will be different. I'll be open twice! Here are the tour dates, along with pictures of the gardens you'll visit: Read more »

My Gardens in Snow

Last night, for the very first time during this very warm winter, the heavens spilled some measurable snow in my Hudson Valley 'hood. The total accumulation was only two inches -- enough to make the garden sparkle. Wanna see the plants and statues all decked out in their crisp, white apparel? Grab your mittens and take a walk with me: Read more »

A Short Walk in the Kitchen Garden

Today, I planned to give you the "grand tour" of all the gardens here. But it's too hot and muggy outside! It's the kind of day when sweat stings your eyes. I can't have you running around with smudged mascara, John. So instead of galloping from the Boxwood Garden to the Whatever Garden, perhaps we should limit our time to the Kitchen Garden: Read more »

How’s Your Veggie Garden Progressing?

How's your veggie patch coming along? Any troubles to report? My own Kitchen Garden is a little pokey this season, thanks to a hot, dry May, and a cool, wet June. Still, the plants are making a valiant effort to fill their beds: Read more »

My Gardens in Mid-May

KA-BOOM! My garden exploded last weekend, when a heatwave roared through the Hudson Valley. Suddenly the crabapples are cloaked in shimmering snow, the tulips are holding pale purple cups, the Dicentra is bleeding pink and white hearts, and...well, why not join me for a refreshing drink and a mid-May stroll? Read more »

My Gardens in Early April, 2015

How's your garden clean-up coming along? Here in New York's Hudson Valley, I'm still picking up sticks and leaves, and making repairs as the weather allows. More details in this sip and stroll garden tour: Read more »