Got Blackspot? Get Milk.

DRAT. While inspecting my roses the other day, I discovered that some of the shrubs (like 'Mary Rose,' above) are showing signs of "blackspot." Details about this insipid fungal disease, and why -- according to extensive research -- a weekly spray of milk and water is the smartest way to control it: Read more »

Prepping for Tours: The Rose Garden

HERE AT A GARDEN FOR THE HOUSE, I'm working daily to prepare my "garden rooms" for a number of scheduled tours which begin (gasp!) early in June. Last week, I focused on the Rose Garden (above). This involved trimming the boxwood, turning on the fountains (I ran into a snag with these), and crying over the sorry appearance of the roses themselves. Read more »

Boxwood Beauty the Easy Way

Is there a more elegant shrub than boxwood (Buxus)? I don't think so. Evergreen and tolerant of all kinds of "shape-shifting," it is the ideal plant to edge a pathway, or to frame a garden bed or border. Despite its beauty this box, however, has one major drawback: it is very expensive. But you can have a sophisticated boxwood hedge without breaking the bank. My own ribbons of enduring green, pictured above, are living proof of this fact. Read more »

My Big Job for the Day: Winter Mulching the Roses

WHEN THE GROUND FREEZES SOLIDLY IN DECEMBER, I know it’s time to mulch my roses. Mulching keeps their roots cold and unstimulated, should a freakish warm spell occur between bouts of frigid weather. Furthermore, this insulating blanket ultimately improves the soil: (click photos to enlarge) As you can see from the photo up top, when… Read more »

My Favorite Roses

JUNE IS FOR ROSES, including the luscious, pink ‘Bonica,’ above. This one, and others, too, grow almost too well here at A Garden for the House. Would you like to see them? Here they are — along with a few cultural tips — in a click-to-enlarge photo gallery of color and perfume: I have never… Read more »

Last-Minute Chores

UH OH — two days before the garden tour, and my Rosa ‘New Dawn’ is misbehaving. This exuberant pink climber, which marks the entrance to the Woodland Garden, has sent long, thorny canes over its iron arbor, making the arbor look like an obstacle — not an opening. What am I to do — tell… Read more »

From Parking Lot to Rose Garden

WITH DETERMINATION, even the most grievous eyesore on a property can become a sparkling jewel. My own rose garden (above, click to enlarge) is proof of this fact. Here, where fragrant flowers flourish between ribbons of boxwood, and where classical fountains play soothing music, there existed, not long ago, something quite different: When we bought… Read more »