How I Freeze Whole Tomatoes

Red ones. Green ones. Yellow ones. Striped ones. Are late-summer tomatoes swallowing your kitchen counter top, too? Here, the weather's too hot for boiling, peeling, and canning the fruit. Consequently I'm eating some of the tomatoes fresh, and freezing the rest: Read more »

How I Freeze Broccoli

I LOVE BROCCOLI SO MUCH that I make two sowings of it each year, one in early May and another in mid-July. The spring crop, which always seems to be the better of the two, is the one I store for winter use. Here are the directions for freezing this fiber-rich, nutrient-dense Brassica oleracea: Read more »

How I Freeze a Year’s Supply of Herbs

HERE AT A GARDEN FOR THE HOUSE, I'm storing my home-grown produce for the long, cold months ahead. And this includes a year's supply of culinary herbs. To best preserve the aromatic oils of the leaves, I rely on these easy, herb-specific freezing-techniques: Read more »

How I Freeze Beets

I'M SEEING LOTS OF RED THESE DAYS. Why? Well, first because I'm obsessed with the current season of HBO's "True Blood." And next, because I'm busy harvesting and preserving my home-grown beets. Beets, I can assure you, are a breeze to freeze. Read more »

How I Freeze Zucchini

ZUCCHINI is probably the easiest of all vegetables to store for winter use. Just shred it, salt it, squeeze it, and bag it. The "squeezing" step is especially important if you want super-flavorful squash for breads and cakes, not to mention the most delicious zucchini fritters in the world. I'll write about those fab fritters next week (done!). Meanwhile, here's my zucchini freezing guide, which works for yellow squash, too: Read more »

How I Freeze Kale & Other Greens

SUMMER GREENS FOR WINTER MEALS? You bet. I've enjoyed creamed beet- and turnip-tops as a Thanksgiving side-dish, and this gorgeous Green Quiche for Christmas brunch. Kale (that's the heirloom Red Russian variety above), has topped many plates of pasta here on snowy evenings. Of course, these fireside feasts are only possible because I preserve my greens at the peak of their perfection: Read more »

My Garlic Sowing-and-Growing Guide

YOU’RE PROBABLY BUSY planting tulips, hyacinths and daffodils right now, but don’t forget that garlic, too, is an autumn-planted bulb. I’d nearly forgotten to plant my own crop of Allium sativum until thoughts of vampires jostled my memory. Read on, and I’ll show you how to sow, grow, harvest and store the bulbs: There are… Read more »