Garden Tour, Autumn 2012

IN AUTUMN, when the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and the leaves are falling, I enjoy taking Lily the Beagle on leisurely walks. Would you like to see what we see as we tour the gardens here? Walk with us: Read more »

On Having the Blues

THIS MONTH, my garden has a case of the blues. I'm talking about blue Platycodon, blue Ageratum (pictured above), blue cranesbill geraniums, and...well, just have a look at this photo gallery, okay? Read more »

Hot Enough for You?

WHEN IT'S NINETY-FRICKIN'-FIVE DEGREES, and the air is choked with humidity, I cool off by looking at wintertime photos of my house and gardens. As you can see in the picture up top, my porch steps were barely passable after a blizzard struck in December, 2010. Here are more images from that storm, followed by this burning question: What's the weather like where you are? Read more »

My First “Open Day” & A Brief Tour

LAST SUNDAY, nearly 200 friendly faces passed through my garden gate. The occasion? The first "Open Day" of the season. Open Days benefit The Garden Conservancy, whose mission is (among other things) the preservation of historically significant gardens. If you are unable to visit the grounds here in person, perhaps I can offer you a brief "virtual" tour: Read more »

Now in Bloom: May, 2012

THANKS TO A TOO-WARM WINTER AND SEVERAL SPRING FREEZES, my lilacs were a big disappointment this spring. But that doesn't mean my garden is lacking color. I went out with my camera yesterday morning in order to capture the lusty lupines (that's 'Russell White' pictured up top), the pink and red Pyrethrums, and assorted woodland plants which seem only too willing to strut their stuff no matter the weather: Read more »

Now in Bloom: March, 2012

IT'S ONLY MID-MARCH, but thanks to a freakish heatwave (as in temperatures 30 degrees warmer than usual), my garden is suddenly teeming with color. I went out with my camera last Tuesday and recorded the purple crocuses (above), and other spring flowers which are frankly so beautiful they make my head spin. Would you like to see them? Read more »

Now in Bloom, February 2012

IN DEFIANCE OF WINTER, the plants in my music room window are singing a spring song. Would you like to meet these bloomers and perfumers? Say "hello" in this click-to-enlarge photo gallery (and I hope you'll tell me what's growing in your own window garden): Read more »