Easy Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Yesterday, I clipped several blossoms from my lavender plants. Then I added the perfumed petals to a standard, three-ingredient shortbread dough. The result of this mad experiment? Pure deliciousness! Here's the recipe for these subtly-scented tea-time treats: Read more »

My Herb Garden, or How to Decorate Rich (Even When You’re Not)

In my world, a garden begins with a vision.  A totally awesome vision which, by hook or by crook, can be realized on a less-than awesome budget. Wanna decorate rich even when you're not? Consider my little Herb Garden: Read more »

My Herb Garden in Mid-May, 2014

YESTERDAY, in between writing and cooking assignments, I spent some time working in the Herb Garden, with Lily the Beagle at my side. Would you like to visit us in this tiny but productive potager? Read more »

Overwintering Tender Herbs & Annuals

THERE is nothing like the threat of a killing frost to get a gardener hopping. Although my potted plants were brought indoors long ago, I had neglected -- at least until I heard tonight's forecast -- to lift my cherished lemon verbena, parsley, petunias and geraniums (like 'Apple Blossom Rosebud', above), from their vulnerable positions in the open garden. Read on, if you're not too squeamish, and I’ll show you my surgical procedure that permits the successful overwintering of these tender herbs and annuals. Read more »

How I Freeze a Year’s Supply of Herbs

HERE AT A GARDEN FOR THE HOUSE, I'm storing my home-grown produce for the long, cold months ahead. And this includes a year's supply of culinary herbs. To best preserve the aromatic oils of the leaves, I rely on these easy, herb-specific freezing-techniques: Read more »

Recipe: Lettuce & Lovage Soup

EVER DRINK A HEAD OF LETTUCE? I certainly had not, until I made the soup you see pictured up top. And what a taste-sensation -- earthy romaine, pungent garlic, celery-ish lovage, and anise-y tarragon all mingled together in a brew of emerald-green deliciousness. Although the soup is quick and easy to prepare, I think it is elegant enough to serve as the first course for a formal dinner. Read more »

Lavender-Iced Cupcakes

WHEN MY LAVENDER BLOOMS IN JUNE, I use the blossoms to make a perfumed icing that I pour over ordinary white cupcakes. These treats are not only heaven to eat, but intoxicating to smell. If you are short on time, you can buy already-made cupcakes from the supermarket. The icing takes only minutes to make: Read more »