Sweet Woodruff & A Recipe for May Wine

I WONDER WHY SWEET WOODRUFF, perhaps the most graceful groundcover for shade, is so completely unsung? Surely its lack of celebrity is not my fault, since I bore my fellow gardeners with its virtues. Yet so beguiling is this Gallium odoratum that I refuse to see it neglected any longer. It is, in fact, the… Read more »

Groundcovers in the House

Did you know that certain groundcovers, among them Pachysandra terminalis (above, click to enlarge), will gladly adapt themselves to winter life indoors? Cuttings of pachysandra will produce not only a terrific houseplant, but an elegant centerpiece, too. I snip a dozen stems from the garden in early November. Inserted into a floral frog, which is… Read more »

Pachysandra: Exploding the "Shade-Only" Myth

I wonder how many gardeners with sun-kissed gardens have been told by “the experts” that Pachysandra terminalis will only grow in shade? Far too many, I suspect. My 8 beds of pachysandra thrive in full sun, much to the consternation of landscape professionals. Would you like to know my sunny-secret? The trick, I have found,… Read more »

No-Fail Ground Covers: Pachysandra, Vinca Minor and Boston Ivy

Ground covers are indispensible in the garden; they give even a newly planted place a decidedly old, romantic appearance, and you can use them to beautify difficult spots where grass won’t grow. My favorite kinds are not rare or unusual, but tried-and-true: the upright, multi-leaved Pachysandra terminalis, the creeping, spring-blooming, blue or white Vinca minor,… Read more »