An Invitation to Winter Birds

WHAT’S THE LATEST WORD ON NUTHATCH STREET? “Kevin’s got a rose garden…pass it on.” Although buried in more than a foot of snow just now, my rose garden has become the coldest hot spot for birds, and not only for white-breasted nuthatches, but blue jays, red cardinals, yellow finches, dark-eyed juncos and blue birds, too…. Read more »

Chimney Swift Rescue

I FORGOT to tell you about the excitement that occurred here earlier in the week. Late Wednesday evening, a nest of Chimney Swifts came detached from one of my chimneys, and landed, kerplunk, in the parlor fireplace. There were four babies in the nest; one dead and three living. When, by Thursday morning, the parents… Read more »

It's Time to Cover the Berries

I’m not the only one who’s eyeing my bed of ripening strawberries at the moment; robins, sparrows and other birds with gourmet palettes are, too. But who is going to win this berry-licious battle? The birds? Or the grower? And why is there a picture of Ruth Buzzi at the head of this post? After… Read more »


The term “bird-brained” is an oxymoron; birds, at least those that I’ve encountered, are rather intelligent. Take, for instance, the robin who chose to make her nest atop a column on my porch. I would consider this a wise real estate investment. Not only is the nest protected from wind and rain, it is in… Read more »