My Herb Garden in Mid-May, 2014

May 21, 2014
IMG_1904YESTERDAY, in between writing and cooking assignments, I spent some time working in the Herb Garden, with Lily the Beagle at my side. Would you like to visit us in this tiny but productive potager? Read more »

Spring Dreams

March 6, 2014
IMG_9559ARE YOU A DAY-DREAMER? Me too. And right now, my thoughts -- like yours -- are drifting toward the things I'll do and see when this horrific winter finally melts into spring: Read more »

A September Walk in the Garden

September 20, 2013
IMG_3522TODAY, because the sun is shining, because the air is crisp and calm, and because it's the first official day of autumn, I think a little tour of the garden is in order. Mind taking a walk with me? Read more »

Window Garden, September 2013

September 15, 2013
IMG_3250HALLELUJAH -- my too-many houseplants came indoors last Friday, in advance of a sudden (and welcome!) cold-front. Would you like to see these autumn beauties up close and personal? Join me on this window garden tour: Read more »

My Garden in Early August

August 4, 2013
IMG_1812IN EARLY AUGUST, when Geranium 'Roseanne' (above) is in bloom, and the air is perfumed with Budleja and Clethra, I enjoy taking Lily the Beagle for afternoon walks. Would you like to see what we see as we stroll the various gardens here? Join us. Read more »

Late-April Garden Tour

April 26, 2013
IMG_7660TWO WEEKS AGO, I asked you to join me for a mid-April garden tour. But spring has progressed rather dramatically since then. Now clumps of blue Scilla siberica (above) dot the lawn, the Yoshino Cherry is in almond-scented bloom, the adorable fiddleheads of ferns are emerging in the Woodland Garden, the species tulips have opened their fragrant cups, and...well, care to join me for a late-April stroll? Read more »

Mid-April Garden Tour

April 13, 2013
IMG_7561CAN YOU JOIN ME ON A BRIEF TOUR TODAY? I certainly hope so, because I'd love to show you the work I'm accomplishing in the Rose Garden (above). I'd also like you to smell the earliest of the April flowers. Grab your coat and a hat (it's surprisingly-nippy here) and follow me outside: Read more »