Monster Bash 2015!

BOO! Last Saturday, more than 40 costumed guests walked through our front door. The occasion? Our annual Halloween Monster Bash! I was a colonial gentleman who, after makeup (thanks Michael Laudati!), morphed into...oh, I don't know...maybe¬†David Cassidy, circa 1971?¬† Read more »

Halloween for Grownups

Happy week before Halloween! Next Saturday, Silver Fox and I will host our fifth annual Monster Bash. It's a frightening night that includes live entertainment, an open bar, and lots of yummy things to eat. Need a good scare? Walk this way: Read more »

Holiday Classics: Christmas in Connecticut

IN DECEMBER, my evening habit is to make a mug of real cocoa, enrich it with a sensible amount of Kahlua, and then head upstairs to the library. There, curled up on a comfy blue sofa, I spend an hour or two watching classic holiday movies. Tonight's feature is Christmas in Connecticut. Are you familiar with this 1945 farce that stars Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan? Here's the plot: Read more »

Halloween Movie Quiz: Winners and Answers

"MR. DE MILLE, I'M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP." Did you take my recent Movie Quiz? Good for you! Here are the winners names, along with the correct answers to the quiz: Read more »

Halloween Party!

I DON'T MEAN TO FRIGHTEN YOU, but last night a gaggle of ghouls arrived at our house. The occasion? A Halloween party to benefit the Columbia County Historical Society. We ate. We drank. And oh, how we danced! A few scenes from this masquerade ball: Read more »

Halloween Movie Quiz & A Giveaway

(This giveaway has concluded.) TODAY, because Halloween is around the corner, and because I've just set a motion-activated skeleton on my front porch (it sings and dances as you climb the steps), I'm giving away three sparkling new Microplane Zesters. For a chance to win one of these indispensable gadgets, just take my not-too-scary Halloween movie quiz! Read more »

Downton Abbey Quiz: The Answers!

I'D LIKE TO THANK ALL OF YOU WHO PARTICIPATED in my recent Downton Abbey Quiz. The answers to the quiz, a few statistics, and finally, the winner's name (chosen at random from all entries): Read more »