Leek & Potato Soup (GF)

February 15, 2014
IMG_8995WBSNOW, SNOW, AND MORE SNOW: Yesterday, winter storm "Pax" dumped two feet of white on my Hudson Valley region. Thus I'm officially house-bound. To warm my body, I've lit a fire in the parlor fireplace. And to soothe my soul, I've prepared a pot of Leek and Potato Soup. Read more »

Kevin’s Caramelized Butternut Squash Soup

November 22, 2013
IMG_6036I LOVE THIS BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP. It's a blissful brew of caramelized squash, smokey bacon, savory thyme, and smooth sherry, all blended to perfumed perfection. It's delicious for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. I often serve it as the first course for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Everybody loves it! Here's the recipe: Read more »

Watercress Soup

June 7, 2013
IMG_9999TONIGHT, my partner and I are hosting film-director James Ivory (“Howard’s End,” “A Room with a View,” “Maurice,” etc.) and seven of his friends for dinner. It’s Jim’s birthday, so I’m putting together a special, multi-course meal. First up? A deliciously-creamy Watercress Soup. My recipe for this beautiful brew: Read more »

Garlic Soup

October 7, 2012
IMG_0849ON A CHILLY AUTUMN EVENING, I can always count on Garlic Soup to warm my soul. This Aigo Bouido is fast, easy and inexpensive to make. And served with toasted rounds of French bread, it makes a magnificent lunch. It also makes a first-class first-course for dinner. Can I offer you a taste? Read more »

Recipe: Lettuce & Lovage Soup

June 5, 2012
IMG_6497EVER DRINK A HEAD OF LETTUCE? I certainly had not, until I made the soup you see pictured up top. And what a taste-sensation -- earthy romaine, pungent garlic, celery-ish lovage, and anise-y tarragon all mingled together in a brew of emerald-green deliciousness. Although the soup is quick and easy to prepare, I think it is elegant enough to serve as the first course at a formal dinner party. Read more »

Navy Bean & Rosemary Soup

March 25, 2012
IMG_5058WHAT'S EASY TO MAKE, elegant to serve, and heaven to eat? My Navy Bean and Rosemary soup. I served this perfumed puree at a dinner party last night, and you should have heard the raves. Everybody loved it. Here's the menu from the party, and the recipe for the soup: Read more »

Caramelized Butternut Squash Soup

November 3, 2011
Caramelized Butternut Squash SoupLAST SUMMER was the first in many that I didn't plant Butternut Squash. What a grave error on my part. Just two of these tan-skinned beauties, purchased at my local organic farm store, cost a jaw-dropping ten dollars. This was hardly a waste of money, however, for I turned the squash into the million dollar soup you see pictured above. You might like to make this golden glee for Thanksgiving. You can prepare it days in advance. Read more »