Kevin’s Braised Fennel (GF)

May 7, 2014
IMG_1207TAKE SOME COMMON FENNEL "BULBS," braise them in an aromatic brew, top them with a little Parmesan cheese and some feathery fennel fronds, and what do you get? A sexy side dish that I promise you will love. The easy recipe: Read more »

Chestnuts Boiling in a Covered Pot

November 21, 2013
IMG_5896SURE, I miss a few things from my New York City days. I miss walking to restaurants. I miss hopping on the subway to see a Broadway show. And I miss noshing on the warm, fragrant chestnuts offered by street vendors during the holiday season. Whoops. Scratch that last item. Chestnuts are a cinch to prepare at home. Wherever that might be. Read more »

Cecina (GF Tuscan Flatbread)

September 30, 2013
IMG_3833CECINA -- pronounced "chay-CHEE-na" -- is a Tuscan flatbread composed entirely of garbanzo bean flour, water, and seasonings. It's delicious. It's naturally gluten-free. And it's so easy to make you can wear a blindfold. Read more »

Onions in Parmesan Cream

September 11, 2013
IMG_3090I LOVE THIS DISH. It's vegetarian. It's gluten-free. And it's surprisingly delicious. I'm talking about full-size onions, drizzled with cream and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and then baked to bronze perfection. Here's the recipe for this fabulous first course or sexy side dish: Read more »

A Fragrant Fruit Salad

July 12, 2013
IMG_1240I LOVE THIS FRUIT SALAD. It's dressed with honey and lime juice. It's scented with fresh mint. And it's absolutely delicious for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Read more »

Homemade Spaetzle with Butter & Herbs

March 23, 2013
IMG_6654CAN YOU VISIT ME TODAY? Good. Because I'd like to serve you a plate of Spaetzel with Butter and Herbs. Spaetzel are little dumplings with a delicious, gnocchi-like texture. They are really, really fun to make: Read more »

Braised Leeks

February 5, 2013
IMG_5304FRESH LEEKS are so utterly delicious that giving them more than a simple treatment seems like...gilding the lily. I like to cut the long stalks lengthwise in half, and then bathe them in an aromatic brew of chicken stock and dry French vermouth. Braised this way, leeks make an elegant, mildly-onion-flavored accompaniment for roasted meat or chicken, or the Ham Steaks Dijon we made the other week. Here's my cleaning, cutting, and braising routine: Read more »