GF Bacon and Sausage Stuffing Balls!

November 20, 2014
IMG_1963Oh, baby. These stuffing balls are so delicious that I can't stop eating them! Brenda Johnson, my taste-tester, loves 'em, too. I'm talking about a crispy exterior, and a savory, sumptuous interior. They are gluten-free, too, since I made them with tapioca bread crumbs. Need a nifty side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas? This recipe is for you: Read more »

Roasted Cabbage Rounds

August 18, 2014
IMG_7255Even cabbage haters will love these naturally sweet, roasted cabbage rounds. Serve them as a side dish, or as a no-carb, gluten-free substitute for bread. My sinfully-simple recipe: Read more »

Kevin’s Braised Fennel (GF)

May 7, 2014
IMG_1207TAKE SOME COMMON FENNEL "BULBS," braise them in an aromatic brew, top them with a little Parmesan cheese and some feathery fennel fronds, and what do you get? A sexy side dish that I promise you will love. The easy recipe: Read more »

Chestnuts Boiling in a Covered Pot

November 21, 2013
IMG_5896SURE, I miss a few things from my New York City days. I miss walking to restaurants. I miss hopping on the subway to see a Broadway show. And I miss noshing on the warm, fragrant chestnuts offered by street vendors during the holiday season. Whoops. Scratch that last item. Chestnuts are a cinch to prepare at home. Wherever that might be. Read more »

Cecina (GF Tuscan Flatbread)

September 30, 2013
IMG_3833CECINA -- pronounced "chay-CHEE-na" -- is a Tuscan flatbread composed entirely of garbanzo bean flour, water, and seasonings. It's delicious. It's naturally gluten-free. And it's so easy to make you can wear a blindfold. Read more »

Onions in Parmesan Cream

September 11, 2013
IMG_3090I LOVE THIS DISH. It's vegetarian. It's gluten-free. And it's surprisingly delicious. I'm talking about full-size onions, drizzled with cream and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and then baked to bronze perfection. Here's the recipe for this fabulous first course or sexy side dish: Read more »

A Fragrant Fruit Salad

July 12, 2013
IMG_1240I LOVE THIS FRUIT SALAD. It's dressed with honey and lime juice. It's scented with fresh mint. And it's absolutely delicious for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Read more »