Three-Ingredient Rhubarb Sauce

Yikes -- it's 92°F here today. Buh-bye tulips and daffodils. Hello, window air conditioners that do not properly fit the windows in this 19-century house. We have to hire Phillip the Clever Contractor to install these appliances each year. Otherwise we'd roast, not rest, in bed at night. Read more »

Clotted (“Devonshire”) Cream

I love clotted (or "Devonshire" or "Cornwall") cream. I love it on fresh fruit. I love it on home-baked scones. I love it on... anything and everything. And would you believe this heavenly condiment is a cinch to make? All you need is a quart of heavy cream. Read more »

Homemade Butter!

If you've never tasted homemade butter, please take note: It's delicious! It's also fresher and creamier than store-bought butter. It's easy to make, too. Just pour some heavy cream into your food processor, and you can acquire a cupful of bragging rights in exactly 10 minutes. Read more »

Apple Salad with Pumpkin Bread Croutons

Oh, baby. I ordered this salad at Yianni's in Chatham, New York, a couple of weeks ago, and it was so un-frickin'-believably delicious that I couldn't wait to make a similar version at home. Read more »

Linguine with Butternut Squash Sauce

What's infinitely-more interesting than tomato-based pasta sauce? Garlicky, herby, winter squash sauce! Toss it with sturdy strands of linguine, and trust me -- you'll have to fend off marriage proposals. Read more »

Chive Blossom Vinegar: Updated for 2015

I've decided to update my recipe for Chive Blossom Vinegar. Why? Well, first because I've found an even easier method for making it. Also, my step-by-step recipe from 2012 was a little vague. And finally, because my photography skills have improved rather dramatically in the past three years! Read more »

Lemony Lovage Pesto

What inspired me to make this sexy sauce? The giant lovage plant in my garden. I snipped its pale green leaves, and blended them with olive oil, almonds, lemon, nutmeg, and cream cheese. In other words, I made Lemony Lovage Pesto -- a swoon-worthy topping for pasta, fish, chicken, and even toast. The simple recipe: Read more »