Rigatoni alla Salsiccia e Panna

January 20, 2015
197This recipe came to me in a rather roundabout way. It was sent by my fabulous Uncle Paul, who isn't really my uncle. Paul received the recipe from my cousin Jim Arlington, who, for all I know, isn't really my cousin. Are you confused yet? Let me explain: Read more »

Gorgeous Green Smoothie

January 5, 2015
IMG_3656It's a new year, and a new me. I've joined a gym. I've purchased some bronzing gel. And I've discovered this gorgeous green smoothie! Read more »

Filet Mignon Roast (Beef Tenderloin)

December 30, 2014
IMG_3535Beef fillet, which travels under the names "beef tenderloin," "Filet Mignon Roast," and, if you live in France, "filet de bouef," is the best cut of the cow. It's impressive. It's meltingly-tender. And it costs a king's ransom! But when you are feeding 10-12 well-dressed guests, it's the ideal entree: Read more »

Roast Turkey with Braeburn Apple Gravy (GF)

November 24, 2014
IMG_2114Today, because it's nearly Thanksgiving, I think we should roast a turkey and make some gravy. My low-carb, gluten-free gravy is gorgeously flavored and thickened with apples and onions, and brightly scented with herbs. In other words, it's screamingly delicious. You'll want to sip it out of a mug. Read more »

Bucatini with Almond Butter Sauce

November 10, 2014
IMG_1151Take some bucatini (a fat, hollow, spaghetti-like pasta), toss it with almond butter and some Asian seasonings, garnish the works with toasted sesame seeds and fresh green scallions, and what will you have? My new, favorite lunch or casual supper: Read more »

Organic Cinnamon-Maple Granola

November 7, 2014
IMG_1023TRUE CONFESSION: I'm a granola freak. I make a big batch most Sunday evenings, and then enjoy it for breakfast and snacking all week long. My latest version is kissed with cinnamon and sweetened with pure maple syrup. It's powerfully delicious. Read more »

Creamy Dreamy Mini Quiches (GF)

October 15, 2014
IMG_9645I made these crust-less miniature quiches for supper last Sunday, and everybody loved them. They are creamy-dreamy-wonderful! They are also easy to make. The only special equipment you need is a muffin tin. Read more »