Kevin’s Red Bell Pepper Soup

I created this soup for my not-yet-published cookbook. It's a healthful puree of ripe, Vitamin C-rich bell peppers, plus zingy garlic, fragrant thyme, and creamy russet potatoes. And Lawd A-Mighty -- it's powerfully delicious! Read more »

Soupe au Pistou

Yesterday, because my basil plants were in dire need of a haircut, I decided to make Soupe au Pistou. It's a French vegetable soup that features fresh, garlicky pesto. It's easy to make. It's beautiful to behold. And it's powerfully delicious! Read more »

My Favorite Zucchini Recipes

Today, because it's July 26, and because zucchini is currently filling counter tops, fireplace mantels, and bedside tables throughout the nation, I wanted to share some of my favorite zucchini recipes! All are guaranteed to please: Read more »

Angelic Zucchini Fritters

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between a good Zucchini Fritter and great one? Well, first the crust. It should be delightfully crunchy. Then the interior should be firm but smooth, and loaded with good zucchini flavor, plus other tastes such as fresh lemon and chive. And finally, when you bite into the fritter, you should hear a choir of angels sing. Such exquisiteness is not difficult to produce: Read more »

Sunday Brunch: Blueberry Streusel Strata (GF)

Oh, baby. I made this gluten-free strata the other day, and it was so decadent and delicious that I nearly passed out from pleasure. It's a fragrant custard of blueberries and bread, nestled between two layers of crisp, cinnamon-scented streusel. Need a make-ahead casserole for Sunday brunch? This strata is for you. Read more »

Shrimp and Grits for Two

Sweet shrimp, creamy grits, and a decadent sauce of heavy cream, crispy bacon, green bell pepper, and chives -- is it any wonder that this Yankee cook loves Shrimp and Grits? Read more »

Garlicky Summer Squash Pizza

If you've never tried a summer squash pizza, take note: It's delicious! It's also a breeze to assemble, especially if you do what I do, and use a store-bought crust. Here's the step-by-step recipe for this 15 minute meal: Read more »