Kevin’s Lettuce Soup

Yesterday was a frantic but fun day for me. Starting at dawn, I brainstormed for two hours with web developer Dan Fennell about the redesign of my website.  Then I worked on the grounds here, in a vain attempt to make the place presentable in time for Saturday's big Garden Conservancy tour. And last but by no means least, I made a pot of Lettuce Soup! Read more »

Blueberry Breakfast Popsicles

I love these "breakfast" popsicles. They're tangy with yogurt, sweet with anti-oxidant-rich blueberries, and crunchy with homemade granola. Need a healthy meal that you can eat while vacuuming the stairs or mopping the floor or walking the pooch? This recipe is for you. Read more »

Honey-Tamari Salmon on Quinoa (GF)

I made this sumptuous salmon for dinner the other night, and it was love at first bite. Cloaked in honey and tamari sauce, garnished with toasted sesame seeds and fresh chives, and served on a bed of quinoa, the fillets make a healthy, 5-star main course that comes together in under 20 minutes. Read more »

Asparagus Soup with Crème Fraîche and Lemon

Believe it or not, I hated asparagus when I was a kid. Silly me! Now older and wiser, I love the green spears however they are served: steamed, blanched, grilled, or turned into a screamingly-delicious soup. Read more »

Fast Food: Linguine with Ramps and Asiago

Here in New York's Hudson River Valley (and maybe in your neck o' the woods, too), ramps are in season. To celebrate, I sauteed these rock stars of spring in olive oil and red pepper flakes, and tossed them into some al dente linguine. Here's the recipe for this super-fast main course, along with the answer to your burning question: "What the heck are ramps?" Read more »

Easy Elegance: Poached Salmon and Veggies

When I made this for dinner last Saturday, the Silver Fox proclaimed it "heaven on a plate." It's a swoon-worthy symphony of salmon fillets and veggies, all poached together in a lemon-kissed broth, and then served, if you wish, on a bed of baby kale leaves. It's a healthy dish. It's low-carb, too. And it's devastatingly delicious. Read more »

Rustic Bacon and Onion Tart

There's nothing about this tart that isn't wonderful. To make it, I simply poured some popover batter into a baking dish, and covered it with crisp bacon and sweetly-caramelized onion. As the tart bakes, the crust puffs up and surrounds the sumptuous filling. Are you drooling yet? Here's the easy step-by-step: Read more »