Zoodles and Yoodles with Garlic (GF)

July 16, 2014
IMG_5366WHAT INSPIRED THIS PASTA DISH THAT ISN'T? A small gadget known as the "julienne peeler." The peeler can quickly turn zucchini into thin noodles, or "zoodles." Use it to peel yellow squash, and you'll have "yoodles." Sauteed, these zoodles and yoodles recall good spaghetti when cooked al dente -- but without the carbs! Read more »

Duck Breasts Mirepoix

May 27, 2014
IMG_2395wbTHERE isn't anything about this dish that doesn't make me...quack. It's elegant enough for a weekend dinner party, but fast and easy enough to prepare for a weekday meal. And it's screamingly-delicious. Read more »

Kevin’s Braised Fennel (GF)

May 7, 2014
IMG_1207TAKE SOME COMMON FENNEL "BULBS," braise them in an aromatic brew, top them with a little Parmesan cheese and some feathery fennel fronds, and what do you get? A sexy side dish that I promise you will love. The easy recipe: Read more »

The Best Asparagus Tart in the World

May 1, 2014
IMG_0900wbFresh asparagus spears...sun-dried tomatoes...a lemon-infused egg custard...there isn't anything about this tart that isn't wonderful. And would you believe it's a cinch to make? The step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Chicken Thighs en Papillote (GF)

April 22, 2014
IMG_0663wbI MADE THIS FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT. It was so succulent, fragrant and delicious that I made it again today, for lunch. It's a complete meal of perfectly seasoned chicken and veggies, all cooked together in parchment paper, or what the French call "en papillote." Gluten-intolerant? Avoiding carbs? This elegant entree is for you. Read more »

Ham, Kale & Swiss Cheese Tart

March 18, 2014
IMG_9677wbTHIS RUSTIC TART makes me purr like a contented kitten. It's filled with smokey ham and earthy kale. It's scented with nutmeg and a splash of dry vermouth. It's baked on a bed of tender, buttery, Pate Brisee. It's...something you need to try: Read more »

Shirred Eggs with Herbs & Garlic

March 4, 2014
IMG_9239wbI MADE THIS FOR DINNER TONIGHT, and couldn't wait to share the recipe with you. It's a French country dish that involves eggs. And cream. And a heavenly topping of garlic, Asiago, and fresh, fragrant herbs. In other words, it's powerfully-delicious: Read more »