The Best Lemon Tart in the World

April 4, 2014
IMG_0180wbI MADE THIS LEMON TART TODAY, and can tell you it looks, tastes and smells like a gorgeous spring day. In other words, it's obscenely delicious. And get this -- it's easy to make! The step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Perfect Tart Crust

April 3, 2014
IMG_0123SOME DAY YOU WILL THANK ME for this tart crust. It's easy to make, easy to roll out. And it tastes like a dream. A sweet, cookie-like dream. Read more »

Crème Caramel Renversée (unmolded custard)

February 3, 2014
IMG_8413I CAN'T IMAGINE a more sensual dessert than Crème Caramel Renversée. The custard base is as sweet and velvety as a lingering kiss. The caramel topping shimmers like starlight. And get this -- the entire dish requires just four ingredients -- eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. Follow me into the kitchen, and I'll show you how to make this easy elegance: Read more »

Île Flottante (Floating Island) GF

January 21, 2014
IMG_7818Île Flottante isn't just a fabulous French dessert -- it's a mouth orgasm. I'm talking about voluptuous clouds of meringue, floated on a bed of luxurious creme Anglaise, and drizzled with thin strands of caramel. Are you drooling yet? Here's the recipe: Read more »

Christmas & New Year’s Recipe Roundup: Desserts!

December 22, 2013
IMG_3382NEED SOME SWEET INSPIRATION for Christmas or New Year's? Here are links to a dozen desserts that have appeared on my holiday table over the years. Most are easy to make, some are gluten-free, and all are guaranteed to wow the crowd! Read more »

Pear Fritters

December 20, 2013
IMG_7195I LOVE THESE PEAR FRITTERS. I love them so much that I hope you'll take them off my hands. Otherwise, I'll be forced to eat them -- rather joyously -- all by myself. Read more »

Figgy Pudding

December 13, 2013
IMG_7071NORMALLY I'D SHY AWAY from a recipe that boasts 18 ingredients. But when it comes to Dorie Greenspan's Figgy Pudding, I make an exception. How I love this spicy, fruity, boozy dessert! One bite, and you'll understand why 19th century carolers proclaimed "We won't go until we get some." Read more »