English Muffins!

According to my taste buds, homemade English muffins are the best English muffins of all. ¬†They're yeasty, chewy, and deliciously-sophisticated. They're a snap to make, too. If you can whip up a pancake batter, you can whip up some nook-and-cranny bliss. Read more »

Crispy Orange Juice Waffles

BREAKING NEWS: I've decided that Orange Juice Waffles are the best waffles in the world. They're crispy outside, tender inside, and fabulously infused with a sunny citrus scent. Need a good reason to drag out the waffle iron you haven't used since 1992? This recipe is for you. Read more »


I love this Brioche so much that I ate an entire loaf of it the other night. Can you blame me? It's a buttery, eggy, rich and delicious bread that's perfectly suited for savory sandwiches, fabulous French toast, and all kinds of classy canapes. It's easy to make, too. All you need is a bowl, a wooden spoon, and a couple of loaf pans. Read more »

My Favorite Pumpkin Bread

My mother baked this pumpkin bliss every autumn during my "growning-up" years. What a scandalous treat! It's moist, sweet, and definitely delicious. But then, what else would you expect from a batter that contains 1 1/2 sticks of butter and 2 honking cups of sugar? Read more »

Baking 101: Understanding Baking Soda and Baking Powder

Ever wondered about the difference between baking soda and baking powder? I certainly have. I've also wondered why some recipes request just one of these ingredients, while others require both. And now, thanks to the experts at Google University, I finally have some answers. Read more »

Herbed Cottage Cheese Biscuits

These are perfectly perfumed and absolutely scrumptious. Don't make me beg you to try them! Read more »

Crusty Sourdough Boule!

I can't play the violin. I can't dance like Justin Bieber. But I can produce a fantastic sourdough boule! By "fantastic," I mean a boule that boasts a crackling-crisp crust, a soft, chewy interior, and a tart, tangy flavor. Watch me make this blissful bliss: Read more »