Cranberry Chutney

January 13, 2015
IMG_3765 - CopyI love cranberries. I love them in a cocktail. I love them in a tart. But I especially love them in a garlicky, gingery, orange-zesty chutney! Read more »

Crisp, Smokey Pumpkin Seeds

September 24, 2014
IMG_8636wbAfter you've made a batch of pumpkin puree (or carved out a Jack-O-Lantern), you'll find yourself faced with approximately 8 million seeds. What to do with these nutritious pearls? I turn them into a crispy-salty-smokey snack! Read more »

Kale Pesto – My Way

September 12, 2014
IMG_8207GOT KALE? Make my garlicky, lemony, kale pesto! It's delicious on...everything. Serve it with crackers at your next cocktail party, or as a gorgeous topping for grilled chicken or baked salmon. Or, do what I did yesterday, and stir it into steaming strands of angel hair pasta. Yum, yum, yum. The easy recipe: Read more »

Easy-Peazy Cheese Crackers (GF)

February 7, 2014
IMG_8471THESE TWO-INGREDIENT CRACKERS are crisp, delicious, and elegant. I wouldn't hesitate to serve them at a swanky cocktail gathering. They make terrific after-school snacks, too. In fact, your kids will probably leap at the chance to help you make them. Ready for some fun? Let's make these cheesy good things! Read more »

Easy Appetizer: Onion & Asiago Rounds

December 27, 2013
IMG_7343ON NEW YEAR'S EVE, nothing revs my engine like Onion and Asiago Rounds. These two-bite cocktail appetizers are crisp, creamy, and screamingly-delicious. They are also a snap to make. Don't make me beg you to try them! Read more »

Chicken & Lemon Polpettine

October 3, 2013
IMG_3908I LOVE POLPETTINE. These old-world Italian meatballs (which we should never confuse with American meatballs) are flavored with Parmesan cheese, fragrant herbs, and a big burst of lemon. Their deliciously-crispy crust is something to sing about, too. One bite and I was hooked. Read more »

Cecina (GF Tuscan Flatbread)

September 30, 2013
IMG_3833CECINA -- pronounced "chay-CHEE-na" -- is a Tuscan flatbread composed entirely of garbanzo bean flour, water, and seasonings. It's delicious. It's naturally gluten-free. And it's so easy to make you can wear a blindfold. Read more »