Baking 101: Benefits of a Pastry Cloth

Are you still buying ready-made pie crust even after my latest tutorial for French pastry dough? Hmmm. Maybe I should visit your home, and personally make the dough for you. What fun that would be! Read more »

Kevin’s Red Bell Pepper Soup

I created this soup for my not-yet-published cookbook. It's a healthful puree of ripe, Vitamin C-rich bell peppers, plus zingy garlic, fragrant thyme, and creamy russet potatoes. And Lawd A-Mighty -- it's delicious! Read more »

Baking 101: Pâte Brisée Pie Crust

Pâte brisée is the only crust I trust for pies, tarts, and galettes. It's tender, flaky, and meltingly-delicious. It's easy to roll out, too. And talk about fast -- with the help of a food processor, this bit of ecstasy can be yours in just 30 seconds. Read more »

My Best Sweet Potato Pie

At last -- a Sweet Potato Pie that actually tastes like...sweet potatoes! My step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Baking 101: Understanding Baking Soda and Baking Powder

Ever wondered about the difference between baking soda and baking powder? I certainly have. I've also wondered why some recipes request just one of these ingredients, while others require both. And now, thanks to the experts at Google University, I finally have some answers. Read more »

Herbed Cottage Cheese Biscuits

These are perfectly perfumed and absolutely scrumptious. Don't make me beg you to try them! Read more »

Puff Pastry Apple Blossoms

This week, to celebrate the start of apple season, I made some scrumptious little desserts called "Apple Blossoms." The flower petals are thinly-sliced apples, arranged on strips of store-bought puff pastry dough. Looking for an elegant tea-time treat or after-school snack? This recipe is for you. Read more »