Zoodles and Yoodles with Garlic (GF)

WHAT INSPIRED THIS PASTA DISH THAT ISN’T? A small gadget known as the “julienne peeler.” The peeler can quickly turn zucchini into thin noodles, or “zoodles.” Use it to peel yellow squash, and you’llย  have “yoodles.” Sauteed, these zoodles and yoodles recall good spaghetti when cooked al denteย  — but without the carbs!

My step-by-step recipe for Zoodles and Yoodles with Garlic:

First, grab a couple of garlic cloves…

And mince them.

Don’t like garlic? Omit it.

Also mince up some fresh, flat-leaved parsley.

Then slice of the stem and blossom ends from two zucchini.

And by the way, no matter how much certain gardeners like to brag about their “baseball bat” size zucchini, it is the petite zukes which offer the most flavor. So look for squash which is no longer than 8 inches in length.

Now obtain a julienne peeler. The one you see pictured above is from “Hiroko’s Kitchen.” It set me back $20. I have a similar model from “ProFRESHional” that cost me only $6 at Amazon. Both work equally well.

Lay the zucchini flat on your work surface, and drag the julienne peeler against the flesh. The squash’s flesh, I mean.

A quick rub with your fingers will separate the individual strands.

Keep rotating and peeling the squash until you reach the core. The core is filled with seeds, and thus it will not peel attractively. Throw this part onto your compost pile, or eat it raw, or save it for soup. Whatever floats your boat, baby.

Do the same peeling-routine with a couple of yellow squash. That is, unless you want a zoodles-only dish.

Throw the peelings into a big bowl, and toss with your hands to mix.

Heat some butter and olive oil in skillet.

When the butter melts, add the minced garlic and a pinch each of kosher salt and freshly-ground black pepper.

Saute the garlic for only 15 seconds or so. In other words, don’t let it burn, unless you like bitter garlic.

Then add the colorful ribbons you created, and saute until they are heated through — about 60 seconds.

And are you thinking what I’m thinking? This faux pasta is a heck of a lot faster to make than actual pasta. There’s no 20 minute wait for the water to boil!

Divide the oodles of zoodles and yoodles between two plates…

Add the minced parsley…

And some grated or shredded Parmesan, Romano, or Asiago cheese.ย  I used the latter variety.

Then tuck into this deliciousness, which you can eat without the slightest degree of guilt.

As a matter of fact, while you are savoring these garlicky strands, you might as well plan something sinful for dessert.

Here’s a copy and paste version of the above:

Zoodles and Yoodles with Garlic
Kevin Lee Jacobs (www.kevinleejacobs.com)
Ingredients for 1 large or 2 modest servings
2 zucchini, each no longer than 8 inches in length
2 yellow squash, 5-8 inches in length
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 tablespoon olive oil (or the oil of your choice)
2 cloves garlic, minced
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper — a generous pinch of each
2 teaspoons minced parsley
2 tablespoons shredded Parmesan, Romano, or Asiago cheese

Special Equipment: a julienne peeler

1. Slice off the stem and blossom ends of the zucchini and yellow squash. Using the julienne peeler, peel the squash until you reach the seed-filled cores. Save the cores for soup, or for raw eating.

2. Heat the butter and oil in a skillet set over a medium flame. When the butter melts, add the garlic, and saute for 15 seconds. Then add the julienne strips of squash, and saute until just heated through — 60-90 seconds.

3. Divide the squash between 2 plates, and top with the parsley and cheese. Serve immediately.

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  1. Andrea in Morgan Hill California says:

    This looks lovely, and so simple. Those recipes are the best! I have the zoodle maker that mounts on the counter with suction cups – it works great and makes zoodles that are many feet long. My family loves the non-noodles it makes.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. badger gardener says:

    Your inner Dr. Seuss is shining through!
    Looks so easy. Will definitely get myself a julienne peeler and try this out.

  3. Friday’s dinner! Thank you.

  4. Mmmm…dinner..thanks…I agree the smaller zukes are more tasty …but sometimes by the time I turn around they’re the size of bats….oh rats!!

  5. Cary Bradley says:

    Delightful idea. Gonna try it. Thanks, Kevin!

  6. I love using spaghetti squash as spaghetti. Toss it with some pesto – bam! I’ve used large zucchinis sliced and parboiled as the noodles in lasagna. I’ll have to try this next. Thanks!

  7. Kevin you are expanding my repitoire sp? Love the idea of this. So how about a list of all the gagets you have? I am sure there are many things I would love to use such as this but have no idea existed til you showed us? Could you do a chapter in your book about what you use and for what purposes. I had already given my barely used food processor away when You found ME!

  8. One more thing….how about a pesto recipe and some of the things you make with it? Pesto is the new black!

  9. Eliza J says:

    That looks so good ~ I’ve got to get one of those gadgets!

  10. Hi Mary – I have three pesto recipes on this site: Chive Pesto, Parsley-Basil-Sage Pesto, and Garlic Scape Pesto. More to come!

  11. I found my “Zoodle” at a local Chinese restaurant store 7.99 ,,,,a great little gadget!

  12. What great timing — I recently bought one of those “spiralizer” cutter thingies that makes zoodles but haven’t even taken it out of the bag yet. Bought zucchini a couple of days ago and *still* haven’t done it. Definitely will tonight!! Thanks for the inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Thanks, Kevin. I will definitely try this as soon as my zucchini grows to the size. Right now they are about 2″ long.

  14. I purchased a Vegetti maker (vegetable spaghetti) which spirals the squash. Available at http://www.vegetti.com and at major stores as Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99. It uses the entire squash. Try adding carrots too for great color!

  15. I’m always on the lookout for new vegetarian recipes. Since squash and garlic are two of my favorite ingredients, I know that I will love this. Now, I just need to find that handy gadget.

  16. Brilliant!!!!!!!!

  17. Sounds great! Going to get my hands on a julienne peeler today and try it!

  18. kathleen conner says:

    Nice!! I just bought a julienne from amazon to make this! =)

  19. Marjie T. says:

    Thank you! Good idea as this is looking to be bumper crop year for zucchini.

  20. A ricer could also be used to squeeze out the water.

  21. Hi Kevin, I have made this recipe for years, I learned from a friend that lived up north. She used unsalted butter, olive oil, zuccini, garlic, salt, pepper into the pan, she then added eggs to bind every thing. Before serving she would add the parsley, parmesan cheese and a hand full of sunflower seeds. She used it as a side dish or supper in a bowel. I like your version toooo…Thanks Marian

  22. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    I am ashamed to confess I have never grown zucchini or yellow squash. I guess I can’t even call myself a gardener!

    Love that peeling gadget – super cool.

  23. Valerie C. says:

    I need to buy this gadget asap ๐Ÿ™‚ My children love squash and I know this recipe will be a big hit. Thanks!!

  24. Addie B. in FL says:

    Hi, Kevin – My English husband doesn’t like any squash but I do and will make this recipe for myself and friends, maybe. I sautรฉ zucchini and yellow squash frequently, with mushrooms, onions, sometimes a bit of spaghetti sauce, but always adding Italian seasoning and dusting with Parmesan or Romano cheese. I really like the idea of the julienne tool so you can pretend you’re actually having pasta if you have an active imagination and close your eyes :-))


  25. Have to get one of these peelers, thanks for the tip! The zucchini noodles are equally successful as a competely raw dish, and can be served room temperature or cold as a main dish, side, or salad, or can be lightly warmed up. Fabulous for a picnic! Salt and drain the strands first or there’s too much water. I make a chunky raw marinara in the Vitamix or Magic Bullet with fresh tomatoes and garlic, a few soaked dates and the usual seasonings, mix it into the zoodles and let it sit for 15 minutes or so before serving. It’s fresh tasting and absolutely delicious! Not to mention very healthy. This is one of my staple dishes, and I honestly like it better than cooked pasta, high praise from a former spaghetti hound! Hope you’ll try it.

  26. Forgot to say that I don’t eat cheese and don’t use it in the raw dish, totally optional though. Some raw foodists use large flake nutritional yeast as a subsitute for the cheese, personally I find that it takes away from the fresh taste and enjoy it more plain.

  27. I found one of these at BuyInCoins for $2.31 – can’t go wrong for that price!


  28. As usual, Kevin, this looks fantastic! I will make it this week! Garden going full bore here. We will be canning soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy summer harvest to you and yours.

  29. We bake cherry tomatoes and onions tossed with a little olive oil, this would be good added to your squash.

  30. I shall try this. I am so impressed with this idea of using the two most popular summer squash.

  31. Vickie P. says:

    This looks super simple and delish! I can’t wait to try it. I have the julienne peeler, just have to dig it out from the back of my gadgets drawer ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Kevin, I am a gadget gal myself, have to have the zoodle maker, your recipe looks so good, can’t wait to try it, I am also going to freeze some zucchini..

  33. Linda=Garden Student says:

    Oh Kevin, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    I really love zucchini and garlic! Oh my, can’t wait to try this one and really like the fact that it is SLIM food!

  34. We just harvested lots of garlic and have lots of squash coming on, so I made this recipe to try before some paleo friends come for dinner. Used 8 cloves of garlic and cooked the noodles closer to 10 min. It got a bit watery but was still delicious! Will first try salting and draining next time…

  35. Tamara Springfield says:

    My dad saw this post, bought a julienne peeler and made this for dinner last night! It is a new favorite! YUM! Thank you!

  36. Kelly F says:

    I tried this last night! Yummo! I added a little pesto to a couple bites – good! It also made me think of a simple sort of stir-fry too, with mushrooms, bells, onion, carrot – all sorta sliced thin and long. One more thing, had left overs of the zucchini-etti – sprinkled a little teriyaki glaze. Sublime! Love garden food!

  37. Bought a julienne peeler for $5.99 at TJ Maxx and came home and made this dish. Wow, totally fabulous and easy. Thank you for another wonderful recipe, you’re the best.

  38. I will be trying this recipe this week. When you sent out this recipe a few weeks ago, I noticed it was gluten free. I thought, well that’s nice for those people. This week I was diagnosed with celiac disease! Unbelievable. Even my doctor was shocked. She said people ask for the test all the time and they test negative. I think I am her first patient who has tested positive. So, thank you for pointing out the GF recipes you have!

  39. Kevin,

    These were amazing! I used my carrot peeler, because its all I had, but it worked just fine! I may or may not have a peeler you suggested on order from Amazon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for a healthy, quick side dish; we loved it!

  40. Lizzie McNett says:

    I bought a julienne peeler.

    I made this earlier in the week with a couple of tweaks; added more garlic and cheese, and chopped basil. At dinner my husband announced that he thought “this is the best zucchini he had ever eaten!” followed by a request for me to make the recipe again for a potluck we were going to.

    Decided to try the julienne disc for my food processor this time. I made a triple batch for the potluck yesterday using all zucchini. Another tweak; Jennifer Segal of Once Upon a Chef had a similar recipe that used 5 tablespoons of cream, which I tried and would recommend along with adding more cheese. It was a hit at the potluck!

    There was a tad left over. So for lunch today I lightly toasted a chewy french baguette, layered on left over zucchini and topped with sliced tomatoes with a sprinkle of Kosher salt. Yum.

    Thanks Kevin!

  41. Being a Green Bay Packer fan, this looks like a great game day “pasta” for next fall. GO PACK !!

  42. Judy Pennington says:

    Sounds wonderful, but I think I would substitute my fresh grown basil for the Parsley. Just never did care for the taste of it. I did try your Basil pesto recipe and had such success I also made Cilantro and Kale pesto. Froze it in an ice cube tray and then popped them out into a zip lock freezer baggie. Use them in just about every thing but especially my scrambled eggs. Yum.

  43. Judy Pennington says:

    Another thing, when your zukes get too large, core the seeds out and shred them for zucchini bread. I do the salt, drain, rinse, and drain again thing and then put 2 cups of zucchini in a ziplock freezer bag and then just thaw one out when I want to make bread.

  44. Good job Kevin. ๐Ÿ™‚ Healthy. Don’t forget basil. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look forward to any other farmer market ideas you have.

  45. myrtle miller says:

    That looks good and the fact that it is healthy makes it even better. I bet lemon pepper would also work.

  46. I did something very similar with my new veggie spiralizer just last night! Added fed some yummy garden fresh grape tomatoes and caramelized onions. Mmm mmm good!!!

  47. Marilyn says:

    I made this tonight and we love it!!! Just amazing. I didn’t have the parsley but we did sprinkle the Parmesan on it and some pecan chips. Thank you for this great recipe Kevin.

  48. Jeannie Alvin says:

    Here is another variation for you, Kevin and friends of zuchinni:

    Shred zuchinni with a carrot shredder, and mix it with chopped spinach.

    Saute in butter and season to taste. The spinach gives it a different flavor!

    blessings, Jeannie

  49. My contractor … wonderful guy … showed up with a bag of zucchini and summer squash. Such a deal! I need to vacate the house tomorrow to enable ceiling painting so I am off to a kitchen store near the coast to purchase my julienne peeler.

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