Happy Fourth of July!


My friend Harold arrived from London.

Then my partner, Will, arrived from New York City.

I brewed the Darjeeling tea that Harold brought from London.

I  made lots of tea-time treats.

We all drank the tea and ate the treats.

We went shopping in Lee, Massachusettes.  I purchased  pants, shoes, and the nifty kitchen scale you see pictured above.

We ate lunch in Stockbridge, Massachusettes, at the grand old Red Lion Inn.

We purchased a “thunder blanket” for Lily the Beagle. It’s supposed to calm her during a thunder storm.

I made a raspberry strata, which I’ll bake for breakfast tomorrow.

And tonight, we will enjoy dessert and fireworks at Pugsley Hall — the home of our friends Jim and Ed.

By “we,” I mean Will and Harold.  I’ll stay at home, and comfort Lily the Beagle. She’s afraid of things that go “boom.” This will be a good opportunity to try out the new “thunder blanket.”

Well. This was a silly post. But I needed an excuse to wish each and every one of you…

A safe and happy Fourth of July!

Love and sparklers,


  1. Marjean says:

    Give Lily a hug from me, Kevin. I hope the Thunder Blanket helps her. Most of my kitties dislike the neighborhood fireworks intensely and hide wherever they can find the darkest, most comforting hidey-hole and I’ll be counting heads tomorrow, making sure all my outdoor rescues are okay.

    A very happy Independence Day to you and yours! (As always, your photos make me hungry! )

  2. Poor Lily–my little guy doesn’t like the fireworks and bad thunderstorms, either. Our vet suggested Adaptil; it’s a spray form of the pheromone nursing mother dogs give off to calm their pups. I spray a little on a kerchief and tie it around his neck, and instantly he calms down and looks dapper at the same time. It lasts for hours and doesn’t drug him. If the thunder shirt doesn’t do it, you might try this.

    And as for your tea postings…oh my, I’m so jealous! It all looks so scrumptious!!!

  3. It looks as well as it sounded like a wonderful day. I like that scale a lot !

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