Mother’s Day Giveaway

THE WINNER OF THE FOOD PROCESSOR, per the little number generator at, is comment #769 from Kathy. Congratulations, Kathy! To collect your prize, just send me a note.

TODAY, because Mother’s Day is around the corner, and because lots of mothers (and sons and daughters of mothers) read this site, I’m giving away a Cuisinart Food Processor. Who’d like to win this slicing/dicing/chopping/shredding/mixing gadget?

To enter the random drawing, just answer the following question:

What are you doing for Mother’s Day weekend?

Are you catching up on sleep? Cleaning the house? Receiving liposuction at an undisclosed location?

Whatever your weekend plans, shout ’em out in the comments section below, and you’ll automatically receive a chance to win a brand new Cuisinart food processor!

As always, I’ll use the little number generator at to select the winning comment. Thus it doesn’t matter if you are comment #1 or #1,001. It’s random, baby.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, so be sure to check back!

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This giveaway is sponsored entirely by Kevin Lee Jacobs/A Garden for the House


  1. Nothing really special. Going to a multi-family yardsale (all cousins) on Saturday. Then a barbecue. On Sunday, out for breakfast. Might also go looking for new shrubs to replace the ones the deer ate this past winter. Maybe barberry. They seem to be the only bushes that don’t get eaten by deer in my neighborhood! Happy Mothers Day to all!

  2. Enid M. says:

    Driving to Ohio to get some dental work done by my uncle who is a great dentist.

  3. carrie browning says:

    I am having the family over for dog training on Saturday and on Sunday cutting grass! lol

  4. No big plans, grilled steak for Sunday!

  5. Sue ott says:

    Brunch then working in the flowers!

  6. Linda Parker says:

    Just enjoying with the family!

  7. Kelly hutton says:

    Just mowing the lawn this weekend, maybe zoo trip next weekend. I love going to the zoo for my mother’s day gift

  8. ana haskin says:

    My children are both working but will be spending Sunday doing yard work. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.

  9. melly howell says:

    Going to a u-pick blueberrry farm! Yummy!

  10. Shannon A says:

    Surprising my mom with a visit! She has no idea — should be a lot of fun!

  11. I’ll be gardening, shopping at my favorite places (nurseries) and finishing hauling 7 yards of compost to all my beds. The perfect weekend.

  12. sheril z. says:

    Watching my husband drag race!

  13. Hoping to spend the day with my daughter and grand daughter and having a simple cookout if it doesn’t rain! :O)

  14. Gay Sullivan says:

    Happy Mothers day to all. I will be working but my Mothers Day gift will be in June when we are having an all inclusive family reunion in FL. This was a surprise for me as all my “kids” live in the PNW

  15. Kattrinka says:

    Sleep Yeah that’s it~!

  16. Laurie Jimenez says:

    My two Sisters and I are taking our Mom to a fantastic Seafood Brunch then on for a day of fun at a local Casino!

  17. Rosemeri says:

    I am just planning for a nice quiet day and having dinner with my daughter.

  18. Cary Bradley says:

    Planting leek and shallot seedlings and remembering my soul mate. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Mother’s Day, dear Kevin. Hugs to your mom from me! πŸ™‚

  19. taking care of my brand new baby chickens (so exciting!) and getting a group of women friends together to a lovely walk and then brunch.

  20. Laura Stevens says:

    I’ll be working at a gardens nursery. I have the best job in the world. I don’t mind working on mother’s day, I’ll be surrounded by beautiful flowers, and customers that love their moms πŸ™‚

  21. Brenda Caldwell says:

    Working outside in the garden and enjoying the heck out of it : )

  22. This is going to be my first mother’s day as a mother. My sweet little girl will turn two weeks on that day. I am going to continue learning to take care of her, enjoy being near her, and maybe garden just a little bit in my overlooked spring garden, if she lets me:)

  23. Leslie Thistle says:

    I will spend the day enjoying our newly arrived spring in Maine with my grandchildren and their parents!

  24. Diane Var says:

    My daughter is stage manager for her youth theater group and the performances are this weekend. I will be chauffeur all weekend. Taking my MIL out for dinner on Sunday.

  25. Spending time with some family!

  26. karin g says:

    mowing – this time of year perpetual ongoing job, planting now that it isfinally warm, and cooking out with my daughter.

  27. Planting my veggies and flowers!!! πŸ™‚

  28. Joan Fletcher says:

    our church has bbq chicken plates for sell twice a year. this weekend is always the first one of the year. the bbq is a secret recipe held tighly by several church members. so i will be be working starting today and come sunday after church, taking a nap. we have a great time at these gatherings. j

  29. Laura Bremer says:

    Looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt….gardening is my weekend pleasure!

  30. Brenda Johnson says:

    Catching up on housework/laundry on Saturday…church with my mom, and work on sunday

  31. Spoiling my mom because she deserves more than I could ever give her!

  32. susan sexton says:

    I’m having a late lunch feast for all my sisters, nieces, and daughter-in-laws! And of course the husbands and kids, too There will be anywhere from 20-40 people here and rain is expected, that being said we’re prepared to open the garage and porch. If the little one’s get too rowdy we can put them out in the rain! LOL!!!!!!

  33. Jeannette T. says:

    Grocery shopping , working on getting the garden plot ready, working on a quilt, and hanging out with my family πŸ™‚

  34. Barbara Petersen says:

    Going out for brunch with kids, grandkids and great grandkids. How wonderful is that. Then I plan to plant some roses and then take a nap.

  35. Helen Gildea says:

    Am hosting a dinner for my Mom in Love, who is 94, my sister, 73, and my daughter, 40, ALL of whom are fantastic MOMS!

  36. Elizabeth Hollis says:

    Let the tomato planting begin!

  37. Same thing I’m doing Saturday and Monday, etc, etc.: PLANTING! Flowers, Shrubs, Herbs, Veg. For me, that’s the best Mother’s Day! Oh, I’ll probably let my kids visit me too…maybe they’d like to plant…

  38. We had an early celebration with my step kids on Wednesday. But on Sunday, we are staying home but we invited our neighbors for a barbecue and pool party. πŸ™‚

  39. Robin Bell says:

    My son is going to come over and we are going to try our hand at smoking a leg of pig on the BBQ, it will be an all-day event…mouth is already watering. He also wants to smoke a chunk of provolone but then he tells me you can’t eat it for a week after smoking…what the???!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Marsha says:

    I’m going blueberry picking with my daughter!

  41. We are starting solid food for my 6 month old do this would come in very handy!

  42. My kids like to bring me breakfast and coffee in bed! Later, they will be taking me to Big G’s Deli for delicious sandwiches for supper. I am hoping to get some yard-work and mulching done as well πŸ™‚

  43. I’m putting in a new stone path and remembering my mother. Today is her birthday!

  44. Watching the Chicago Blackhawks and Mr. Selfridge. Even though I am typically not much of a TV person, looking forward to it.

  45. NOT working…which sounds heavenly.

  46. Going to meditation, having a mani/pedi then taking my mother out to lunch. Celebrating my birthday with her as well. Am the only/oldest one of eight children that will be around for her on this special day.

  47. Louise Brouillette says:

    Finish planting my garden and going out to Mothers’ Day brunch

  48. Ahhhhh …relaxing!! Going to JoBoys in Lititz Pa. for some smoked pork bar b que and a pint or two of a nice Pale Ale…or whatever they’ve brewed!! πŸ˜‰

  49. Courtney says:

    We are going to check out the historic homes walking tour in our neighborhood this weekend.

  50. Suzanne says:

    working in the garden (of course!) & having a special dinner for mom.

  51. Sharon says:

    Cooking out!

  52. On Saturday will be taking flowers from my garden to the cementary for our son Matt and then on Sunday, church and lunch with our other son. Spending the weekend celebrating with the best two things I ever did. Being a mom–no greater experience for me. Hope you get to spend the day with your mom in some way

  53. Donna Dunbar says:

    Saturday is my birthday, Sunday is Mother’s day. This is the first year not having my Mom to send a card to or call to wish her a Happy Mother’s day…I will be trying to keep myself busy, gardening, weeding and whatever else needs doing.

  54. Cheryl B. says:

    Going to little league and halping friends move. Not sure if my boys have anything in the works for mother’s day.

  55. Pam Jacobsen says:

    Going to “outside” clean our screened porch which is covered in pollen! I can’t wait to sit outside and read with a good cup of coffee in the morning!

  56. Maureen says:

    This weekend, I am going to go to the local plant club garden sale, plant at two houses, host dinner and on Monday, help my son apply for a passport!

  57. I will spend it with a neighbor and her kids, maybe go to brunch with them.

  58. Rosiland Ball says:

    I am working in the garden!

  59. Susan OBrien says:

    My mother never beat me but I would still like to win!

  60. Dandi D says:

    No big plans–just having my family over for dinner.

  61. Melissa Viala says:

    Enjoying my first Mother’s Day with my new fiancΓ© and 12 week old daughter building a garden πŸ™‚

  62. Taking Mom out to dinner and then installing new packages of honeybees into their new hives!

  63. Carolyn Riccardino says:

    I will be enjoying my Mother, Daughter, Son, and three grandchildren. Oops, forgot to mention my hubby will be there too!

  64. No huge plans, but definitely trying to get some work done in the garden–I’m really behind!

  65. Karen Wright says:

    My husband brought me to Waikiki for a week!

  66. Susan Klein says:

    I’ll be planting some Spring vegetables in the garden! Fun in the sun…….

  67. I’ll be setting up a rummage sale that starts on Thursday! I hope I have enough .25 cent stickers!!! FYI: I sent my mom flowers and will be calling her on Sunday!

  68. Cecile S. says:

    Enjoying life!!!

  69. Wallace & Nancy Braud says:

    We will be relaxing and giving MOM a time to just get away from all the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world. Plan to wait on her hand and foot . . . as much as she will let me.

  70. LinFlynn says:

    Whole family; my husband, my mom, brother, my husbands 2 children, spouses, grandchildren AND former wife and husband are all going to brunch! One big happy family!!

  71. Family, gay nephews going to visit gay uncles.

  72. Tracy Soule says:

    Mowing, gardening and visiting my Mom and Mom-in-law.

  73. Barb Lieske says:

    Enjoying time with my family! Cuddling with our first grandchild; he was born 6 weeks ago. Babysitting him so our son/daughter-in-law can have a date night Saturday. Hubby, sons/wives taking me to brunch after church on Sunday. Then planting flowers in our garden – the perennials look great; time for the annuals to share the space!

  74. Tre'sa Watkins says:

    Visiting botanical garden with my Mom…

  75. Edna Gerrans says:

    I’m planning to quilt a Swoon quilt. I’m the Mom, so I get to do as I please!

  76. Playing pOker

  77. Debbie Ogles says:

    Church, then visiting with Mom. Will probably spend some time with the kids and Grandkids. Celebration for all the Mom’s in our family.

  78. Joanna says:

    Working,but blessed to have a wonderful son who lives far away….and a Mom who is fantastic!

  79. Kathleen says:

    Picking up number one son from college. : )
    Enjoying company of dear husband and son on the ride home.
    : ) : ) : )
    Hugs to all mothers!

  80. Gardening of course!!

  81. Sarah Adamson says:

    I am the designated birthday cake maker for my nephews 6th birthday…so I will be making cake of course.

  82. Lainey says:

    Saturday I’m finishing the Mothers Day gift I’ve been working on, and wrapping it – then visiting my 89 year old mother on Sunday for ‘tea’.

  83. I am going to do more planting in my veggie garden and am going to hear the Oregon Symphony perform Mahler’s, the Song of the Earth Saturday night and on Sunday am going to the Portland Opera’s performance tf the Pirates of Penzance.

  84. Being a mom and taking care of my daughter, who just got her wisdom teeth pulled, and making some nori rolls for my boarding student’s high-school sponsored event Saturday night. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to a Mother’s Day brunch put on by the high school on Sunday.
    And I could really, really use this food processor so I really hope I win — it’d be a great Mother’s Day gift!

  85. Elaine says:

    clean house, clean yard, clean garden, clean pool … read

    would love to do some cooking in a brand new Cuisinart !!!

  86. Thinking about lots of great memories of my mom and taking care of my husband who had to have his knee replacement replaced due to infection. UGH
    Love to have a groovy new toy to play with.

  87. I will divide my time between spending time with my husband and daughter, pulling a few weeds and working on my veggie garden and studying for my biology final on Tuesday. End of the semester, cannot wait!!!

  88. Heather T says:

    Doing some work in the yard & garden and getting a massage Saturday, then spending Sunday with my kids–not sure what they have planned. πŸ™‚

  89. Kelly Foster says:

    I have to work until 2:30pm, then we’ll go over to my parents house for some bbq. Yummo!

  90. This will be a delightful Mothers’ Day weekend relishing the time at Fort Worth Zoo with my children. So fortunate that all are healthy and whole.

  91. Monica says:

    I am replacing hinges and doorknobs on doors that just got a facelift. Then spending time with my husband and two little boys. Happy Mother’s Day!

  92. Hi Kevin,

    So very generous of you, as always. I’ll be wrapping up a three week visit to my sister who lives on the side of the country from me, two time zones away in fabulous Grand Junction, CO, which is working hard to revive its botanical garden. By the way sis is a terrific creator of magical vegan dishes, making full use of her food processor. She took massively good care of our mother before Mom went back to the ancestors and thus fully deserves a replacement for her beat up processor.

  93. Denise says:

    Thinning the flower beds and giving away lots of extra flowers.

  94. Maribel says:

    Catch up on my sleep, dinner with my children and rest as much as possible.


  95. Jennifer says:

    Nothing much…just hanging around the house…

  96. Cathy in Cleveland says:

    Planting my new David Austin roses!

  97. Hoping to spend time in the garden Saturday, but with snow due Sunday, it may be too cold. ?Sunday, we’ll pick up a chicken dinner at White Fence Farm Restaurant for a Mother’s Day meal with my husband, sister, brother and, of course, mother.

  98. Christina Pearson says:

    For several years, dating back to when my son was still in high school, we have visited the Lilac Festival right here in Rochester, NY. Rain or shine, warm or cold, we are there! There have been times when there have been snowflakes flying but this year it is supposed to be mostly sunny and in the low 70’s….yahoo!!!

  99. Linda DiCioccio says:

    I am going to plant some flowers on my front porch and back deck, grill out and find something fresh and fabulous to accompany the meal, and try your snowshoe naan recipe! I am so happy to share this Mother’s day with my daughter. It is always fun to spend time with her!

  100. I, my son, his wife and her parents will be spending the day outdoors enjoying the beauty of what we have around us.

  101. Singing live on radio!

  102. Sherrill says:

    Hoping to spend Saturday in the garden if the weather cooperates. Sunday my daughter is coming over with lots of food she is preparing, including your scrumptious looking lemon tart. I live for dessert.

  103. Jacque says:

    I’m going to my mothers to help her shop for flowers and then plant them for her.

  104. Having brunch with my mom and siblings, then going home and having a really big cocktail

  105. Going for a ride and to dinner!!!!
    Can’t wait!

  106. Pat Crouse says:

    Going out to lunch with one son and daughter. Having dinner with another son.

  107. Maureen says:

    My son is getting my PT Cruiser (PT Snoozer the children call it…) cleaned inside and out, it is filthy filthy because the back seats have been out for years and I use it as a truck to haul around garden stuff. Then dinner out. Then puttering in the garden, going to be a warm sunny day here.
    I could use one of those bad boys in my kitchen….

  108. Rujana Hetman says:

    I wish my mom was still alive… I would be calling her… Instead, I will be waiting for my children to call and hope that both will. My hubby and I will be staying home, just “chilling”. More than likely, he will make something on the grill and I will fix a side dish.

    Happy Mothers’ Day to all!

  109. Melinda says:

    My younger brother and his wonderful wife will pick up mom at the assisted living site and meet my husband and me for lunch. She loves to be surrounded by family and be out and about — should be a good time for her. Happy Mother’s Day! melinda

  110. I will spend the day with my eldest son (I have four, but only he lives in same city as I do). There will be seven of us. My son, his wife, their three sons, my daughter-in law’s mother and myself. Marvelous company to be with to honor all mothers everywhere.

  111. Pat Kong-Gilbertr says:

    My mom just passed away the beginning of April, so I am a little conflicted this year. I had always cooked a fancy dinner and my heart is just not into any of it. My mother-in-law called to see what I was preparing because she felt that I would make it extra special now that it was all for her. Totally blindsided by that cruelty this morning.

  112. We’re picking up our 3 year old granddaughter after the dress rehearsal of her first ballet recital, then driving south about 4 hours to Goblin Valley to meet up with her parents (our daughter and SIL) and camp overnight. Then we’ll be there on Sunday, hang out together for a while, then break camp and head north again. Supposed to be a spectacular place, although the weather forecast isn’t too encouraging. It’ll be fun in any case!

  113. Carol Samsel says:

    I’m doing what I do every year πŸ™‚ Going to my favorite flower center and buying more perennials for the flower gardens and a bunch of bright annuals for instant pops of color. My favorite weekend of the Spring.

  114. After church, I plan to clean the house and prepare for a visit to friends in Valatie, New York.

  115. We are taking my mother-in-law out for lunch and then meeting our son and family to go out on his boat for dinner. It will be a great day.

  116. Planting more veggies with my family. Happy Mothers Day everyone!

  117. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    I will be planting tomatoes with hotcaps on them, turning a compost pile, moving several clumps of perennials, playing with the dog and hoping for a little rain since we are a bit dry right now.

  118. I am getting ready for a week long retreat at beautiful Lake Tahoe, Ca.!!!!!!!

  119. Kimberly Turpen says:

    Working a cub scout food drive with my son on Saturday. Steak barbeque on Sunday with the family.

  120. Shawn Cassiman says:

    I’m going to volunteer to help clean up the local community run dog park.

  121. Karen W. says:

    Letting my Children and Grandchildren spoil me.
    What could be better

  122. Marlene L. says:

    Will get to talk with my kids this weekend, all three live in Texas and we live in Iowa!

  123. Recovering from oral surgery.

  124. Stella Michel says:

    On Saturday we’re going to the NY Botanical Garden. Sunday my sons are coming over and they’re helping my husband cook dinner for me. Racks of lamb, I believe.

  125. Spending time with my wonderful family. I am so blessed!!

  126. Calling my Moms, gardening and celebrating getting a job after 4 years of unemployment!

  127. Marie Camnpbell says:

    Ah, the newly emerging spring blooms….a delight ! Relax and enjoy.

  128. Nellie says:

    Sons are coming out to the house to cook for me and see my new pergola. Watering because it is so dry here in Texas and want the potted plants to stay alive. The birds love them.

  129. Nancy faulk says:

    Boat riding and dinner out with family

  130. Roxann says:

    I’ll be going to the cemetery to lay flowers on my mom’s grave. Then I’ll plant my beans!

  131. Rose Marie says:

    Whatever I want to do!

    Although I will probably wash clothes, cook meals, clean house, sew……….and on and on……

  132. gloria says:


  133. Theresa Brosnan says:

    I am looking forward to going to my Mom’s on Sunday, with my husband, 10yr. old daughter, Emma and my 23 yr old daughter Julia and 21 yr. old daughter Kaitlyn will be meeting us there. We are taking my Mom out to brunch. Then going to Somers Manor Nursing home to visit my husband’s Mom.

  134. Karen Ennenga says:

    I am going to enjoy my one day off and relax

  135. Rebeka Sultana says:

    I’ve started prep work today. Preparing the garden and cooking. We will have a good lunch. I am a mom, so this lunch is with my son!

  136. I’m going to brunch with my son at Brattleboro Country Club where my daughter is the executive chef!

  137. Karen L says:

    Hoping to enjoy a really clean house on Sunday after my family cleans all day Saturday. I can dream right?

  138. Maria Clark says:

    Ummmm. Listening to Margaret practice extra?

  139. lois poplin says:

    The family “attempts” / tries to cook mom’s favorites. There’s lots of wine and lots of weekend chefs in the kitchen. In the end I guess dinner gets served. Mom is the cook, not us!

  140. We will be going out to dinner on Sunday and then gardening for the rest of the day.

  141. We are feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen in our town.

  142. elinfl says:

    cleaning closets and calling Mom

  143. Karen Chickering says:

    MOWING for the first time this season. and working on the garden beds. I will enjoy one of those activities MUCH more than the other!

  144. Taking my wife camping……………

  145. Breakfast out, really early, I mean REALLY early to fit into my son’s hectic schedule. Much fun as long as there’s a bottomless coffee pot…..

  146. Dee Dee says:

    I’ll be training my two Golden Retrievers on Swim Bys!

  147. Susan Wall says:

    Working on the herb garden and then I will be having dinner with my son and granddaughter.

  148. Michelle says:

    I’ll be attending a bridal shower tomorrow for a dear friends daughter, and hosting family for an early dinner on Sunday on the patio. And of course, every day is Mother’s Day. Ha!

  149. Sleep, watch movies, eat strawberries with whipped cream, sleep some more.

  150. I’m going to plant some of my wonderful spinach,kale and broccoli that was winter sown just like I learned from your website

  151. Johnnie Senn-Graves says:

    Going to visit my mom at the grave site and tell her I love and miss her, then going to my daughter’s house to enjoy the day!

  152. Lindsay says:

    We will be hanging out this weekend, hoping to get some serious organizing/spring cleaning done, with visits from the (grown) kids on Sunday.

  153. Going to Blarney Castle on Saturday — may or may not kiss the Stone.
    On Sunday, going to Cobh, from where Irish emigrants sailed for North America.

  154. Carol Hanson says:

    hanging out in the garden if it doesn’t rain and gets warm enough; taking time out to visit with my kids when they call

  155. Ava lansbery says:

    It will be raining so I can get caught up on housework. Hopefully flea marketing on Sunday. Love your blog.

  156. Joan Makurat says:

    I’ll be willing my hubby to hurry up and recover from his surgery.

  157. Nancy Jalaty says:

    Meeting the family for the tradition of riding the merry go round at Balboa Park. Brass ring!! Then off to lunch.

  158. Michele Shaffer says:

    I will do absolutely nothing! And love it!

  159. Linda P. Strangio says:

    Honestly Kevin, I will probably cry a lot.Too much heartbreak to tell. Know that I love to garden and love your blogs. I’ll keep trying to win this awesome kithen Cuisinart. Many blessings to you and yours.

  160. Yvonne Boltz says:

    Oh how I wish I could say I am going to a spa, out to dinner, shopping for a nice dress or even a house coat, but I can’t. I have to be honest and very practical even on a day that honors me. I will be cleaning out of the cow stall and chicken coop! I am a mother and also a grandmother, but when I am at the coop and barn they all come running no matter what day it is or what mood I am in…. boy, that lifts my spirits and makes me feel that everyday is Mother’s Day!

  161. Plant sales!

  162. Jo Pernice says:

    It is suppose to be a beautiful day on Sunday…. I will be outside playing in the dirt!

  163. my old mother is living with me. Her memories are gone totally. So she will not know I am her daughter and she is my mother. Anyway I will give her a plant for mothersday an will hope she willl not drown it ( as she soes all plants). And I hope she and I will have lots of time to sleep/ I am so tired by caring for her.

  164. Lisa Grandstaff says:

    Mom is about 650 miles south of me, taking her of HER mom, my grandma… so I sent them a care package via USPS Priority Mail… filled with little goodies, things to eat and use.

    For me, probably, if I can get away with it, weather-wise, to just BE OUTSIDE and work in the dirt, smell the fresh air… and come in to something delicious, maybe even inspired by one of the many great recipes here at Garden For The House!

  165. Going to church and thanking God for my wonderful family.

  166. Hubby is taking me & the family out to dinner. This includes the grandchildren too. Will be a great time.

  167. Elaine says:

    Church, gardening, then off to family dinner that none of the women in the family are preparing for, or cooking. Men are picking up Mexican food.

  168. Cannon says:

    i’m going to visit Mom and will be working in her garden. She doesn’t have a Cuisinart either! Thanks, Kevin.

  169. Kimberly K. says:

    Doing a little more planting in my garden then taking my hubby on a road trip to some breweries. It will be so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the day together.

  170. Celebrating my twin daughters’ 9th birthday, which happens to land on Mother’s Day this year!

  171. Carla Preate says:

    Spending the weekend at my daughter’s home. This will be her first Mother’s Day and my first as a Grandmother

  172. Well, we celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend as that is when our son was in town. My daughter had a lovely brunch for all of us and we were treated like “special people” which was nice. So this Sunday I will be leisurely working in my garden, trying to plant the rest of the veggies I haven’t had time to put in the ground. Have a good start but more to come. So enjoy your blog and have learned so much from you and sweet Ms. Lily.


  173. Verilee Herpich says:

    Saturday – a walk on the beach…very needed. by myself. then some seafood.
    Sunday, brunch with my Mom at 95 in her residential facility – also with my sister who just had a hip replaced…then off to my son’s new home for dinner.
    A very good day…then perhaps a bit of gardening? would LOVE a Cuisinart – only have the mini one and love it…but with that big garden a large one would be great!

  174. Flower gardening and shopping at some local nurseries to replace some perennials that disappeared over the course of this dreadfully frigid winter.

  175. Peg Staley says:

    I’m the store manager at a small box retail outlet and I will be working on Mother’s Day so that my employees who are mothers might get to spend the day with their families. My family is located out of state so I have no personal plans.

  176. Tess Weber says:

    My daughter is cooking me dinner. YAY!!!!

  177. A priest we befriended will be in town and will preside at mass on Sunday. Originally from The Republic of Colombia, his perspective is always welcome. That follows having enjoyed my son participate in a performance of Vivaldi’s Gloria with his violin. That’s plenty for me in one weekend.

  178. Carole Bryan says:

    Hubby wants to go to a ballgame…I want to hold court for my children and play in my yard…Hubby will win!

  179. Janelle says:

    I am not working…that is the best start of all! I have plans to meet a friend on Saturday then Sunday I am invited to my daughter’s house for brunch…have to spend time w/my Mother too! The weather is great, so we have one more w/e before the heat sets in for the summer.

  180. On the 10th we will be attending a Garden Conservancy Open House in Copake Falls, NY so I imagine on Mother’s Day I will be filled with new ideas for my own gardens.

  181. Mothers day will be a large family potluck , hope the sun shines for us

  182. We are all

  183. Hopefully enjoying some peace, love and laughter with my children and sweet husband. I love your site!

  184. We will be cleaning up our camp on the lake from the harsh winter we had in Maine!

  185. Darcie Rzomp says:

    I hope to get some much needed yard work done, a little cleaning in the house and a visit with the grandkids. Nothing gets better than hanging with the grandchildren. Especially, when they come over and give you a big kiss and say “I love you grandma”.

  186. Glenda says:

    Re: Susan’s post – congratulations on the Vivaldi Gloria performance. Very good. πŸ™‚

    I’ll be working this weekend…………….aren’t all Moms classified as SUPER WORKERS?

  187. Bill Watson says:

    Our son has come to visit Mom for Mother’s Day. We will be going out so she can have a special Mom’s Day dinner: Stuffed Lobster. Yum.

  188. Gloria DeLaRosa says:

    No plans, just relaxing !

  189. Don’t know yet – my son’s birthday coincides with Mothers’ Day so we will probably take each other to dinner, or better yet, cook together. He is an awesome cook.

  190. My son will be coming over for lunch. I will be doing the cooking but that’s okay!
    Thanks for the give-away.

  191. I am spending the day at the beach with my son, his partner and their two sons….my ‘vintage’ food processor (circa 1970) just broke….I tried to replace the part but it is sooo old the part was unavailable….I love my food processor….

  192. Unfortunately I will be on call at the hospital, but I love breakfast in bed from my lovely daughters

  193. I will be tending my tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in planters as they dry out very fast here in FL. Also, I will be fertilizing my orchids and preparing them for the rainy season down here. Then, on to my daughters house and three of my grandchildren next week. Can’t wait!

  194. I’m spending the day with my best friend at her farm. We are tilling and prepping the soil for planting our seedlings. There will time spent with the horses, too. I cannot think of a better way to spend the day.

  195. Julie H says:

    Thanks for another opportunity to win a great kitchen gadget, Kevin! Saturday, I will be stitching up a caftan for my Mom; then Sunday, will be church in the morning and dinner in the afternoon. Mom is cooking, as she wouldn’t have it any other way; and my youngest daughter will be joining us. With a 60% chance of rain, we won’t be in the garden! πŸ™

  196. Rhonda Strahler says:

    Saturday I am playing with the country/rock band Exit 25 ( I am the bass player) at an outdoor event known as “Gun-a-rama” (you buy a $50 ticket to attend for the day, there’s food, music and a drawing every 20 minutes for money, different guns – and the grand prize is a 4-wheeler. These are VERY popular here in SE Ohio..). Sunday is dinner with my son , my husband and my brother. I will, of course, eat TOO MUCH!!

  197. Breakfast at the fire station-our volunteer fireman make a great breakfast and give all the ladies a carnation. Then home to work on the cottages – we own Gilcrest Cottages in NH. I will fix dinner for my 97 year old mother-in-law who lives with us. If all goes well and I can find any time I will work in the garden and think of my mom and how much she loved flowers. Thanks for all the great recipes and suggestions-I use the newspaper for a weed barrier all the time now! Have a wonderful day Sunday πŸ™‚

  198. Joann Bourget says:

    It’s cold and nasty here in Wisconsin so prefer to just stay home where it’s cozy and comfortable. Jack and I share 8 children and I will be looking for 8 Mother’s Day cards or phone calls. I have one card so far and one beautiful bouquet of flowers. So Mother’s Day has started at our house. We are retired 20 years so do the math to find out how old we are. Really, no matter who calls or sends a card it will be a grand day.

  199. Cindy Faulkner says:

    Yard sales on Sat. and taking it easy on Sunday.

  200. Julie D says:

    Expecting thunderstorms and wind, but I am going to sit in the orchard with an umbrella and a hot cuppa something and rejoice that Spring is here.

  201. Anne in Vermont says:

    My mother is dead and my children are thousands of miles from Vermont so I will be potting yet more plants for the Middlebury Garden Club’s annual plant sale. It is a challenge this year because of our late spring. Nevertheless, absent children, this is the best way to spend Mother’s Day.

  202. Kristin Wetherbee says:

    For Mother’s Day Weekend we’re taking the kids to pick blueberries and then we’re going to bake some gluten free goodies.

  203. Pepper says:

    If the weather clears up, I’ll be doing my favorite thing: working in the garden with my family as helpers!

  204. Jeanna says:

    Going for a motorcycle ride with my hubby.

  205. BillieR says:

    While I would love to be getting liposuction at ANY safe location, truth is, I will be working on turning, smoothing, and planting my veggie beds! It’s a little scary since the weather has been so changeable, but I’m going to put out my “cole crops” at least, and plant (my first-ever try to grow) blueberry and raspberry bushes, and strawberry plants. Send good thoughts my way, please! (And would you believe I have never been lucky enough to own a food processor? Oh, the places I’d go!)

  206. Janet Brug says:

    When my boys were little, my husband would take the boys and myself to the local greenhouse and together we would pick out flowers to plant in my flower beds. Then they would all help me plant the flowers. Even though my boys have grown up and have families of their own, they often still get me flowers to plant for my flower beds. My husband still takes me to the greenhouse and helps me pick out the flowers and then helps me plant them. I always cherish these times and memories :). Also, we (mostly my husband) are hosting lunch for both of our mothers, my dad, and my sister.

  207. Melissa Banian says:

    Nothing really. My son iis having a couple friends over on Saturday. My hubby is deployed so he won’t be doing anything. So I’m only expecting to sleep in on Sunday and just enjoy the beautiful day.

  208. Kathy mcmanus says:

    My husband & I are doing service at church then on to the Vero Beach Air show with the Blue Angels! We will be providing the invocation on Sunday morning at the air show! It will be a fabulous day! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

  209. Hopefully working in my garden, and possibly shoe shopping πŸ™‚

  210. Linda Anderson says:

    Going to church, eating lunch, and then CHILLING the rest of the day-

  211. Regina says:

    Hello Kevin, I will be working in order to pay for my 2300+ mile round trip vacation this past week to Austin, TX.

  212. Gardening, enjoying the sun & visiting with friends

  213. Angela says:

    Hoping to get the new garden started that my husband just built for me!

  214. Maybe brunch with the hubs and hopefully a surprise visit from the daughter?? She lives a couple hundred miles away, but one can hope!!! Then if she does I’ll be cooking! Just lovely you’d think of all us moms!!

  215. Brunch with my children.

  216. Enjoying time with my family.

  217. Amanda Wiersma says:

    mushroom & turkey hunting!

  218. cleaning and cooking……..what Moms do.

  219. Paula D says:

    Looking at a nice sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest so more than likely do some grilling! Then help my son get his high school graduation announcements ready to go!

  220. What a kind thing for you to do! I plan to take my daughter, daughter-in-law and my granddaughter for a walk in our beautiful arboretum and visit to heritage museums in our town of Rockford, Illinois. The men in our family will get the day to themselves. I am so happy to have found your site. I can’t wait to try the braised fennel and I could sure use the Cuisanart. I have a very small one I use all the time but it won’t do what your lovely gift will do. Happy Mothers Day ladies!

  221. I will definitely be catching up on sleep, and my three lovely teen daughters have hinted that they will be preparing a special special treat for me! Yeah!

  222. Lori L says:

    Sleeping in & letting my kids cook me dinner.

  223. We’re going to my sister’s home to celebrate the holiday on Saturday and then going to church and celebrating again with just immediately family on Sunday. I love your blog and have learned so much from you-thank you!!!

  224. Megan L says:

    Watching my cousin play Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof and cooking dinner for my mom.

  225. Lane R says:

    Spending time with family and friends and digging in the garden! Its my birthday too!

  226. Gardening! MAYBE a nap on the patio lounge chair. πŸ™‚ A rare treat.

  227. Hannah Jane says:

    Catching up on homework & cooking dinner for mom..

  228. I am cooking for my daughter and granddaughter

  229. Sammie says:

    Chatting with the kids when they call. Grilling steaks for my husband and me. Enjoying the great South Carolina weather.

  230. Laura Redmond says:

    Putting together the cedar herb garden kits that my daughter bought me for Mothers Day an d filling them up. Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

  231. Joey L says:

    Fishing & spending time with my mom.

  232. Helen Bolton says:

    Well, I don’t know how I managed this, but the kids et al are all coming here for dinner, so I will spend the day cooking and cleaning up. I guess since they are all grown up it is ok to act like a mum again every now and then.

  233. Wendy Bellovary says:

    Kevin, I will think of you as I tour the Rhododendron Garden in Portland, Oregon, on Mother’s Day. I think you would love it!

  234. Already celebrated in Beaver Creek, CO (near Vail) with our daughter who came from Guam!!! Saturday we will go boating with my bro-in-law and sister-in law and niece (from CA and nephew, at the lake if the weather cooperates.

  235. Lisa williams says:

    Nothing at all!

  236. Robin Graber says:

    I will be grilling for my son and his girlfriend! Steaks on the grill – yay!!!

  237. On Saturday I am taking my 91 year old Mom to have pedicures and manicures. Sunday my brother and sister in law are arriving from out of state to surprise Mom. Wonderful weekend ahead!

  238. Kimmer says:

    Mom is doing the garden club plant sale, I am running 22 miles to prepare for a marathon, then we are going to Kay’s for pizza!!!! An almost perfect mother’s day!

  239. To Church then out to lunch with husband, two of our daughters and their families.

  240. michael del grosso says:

    Asked mom what she wanted to do for mothers day?
    She said”nothing, just want to relax.” That means i will be very busy, while she

  241. Karen Hermansen says:

    I will be working in the garden, walking my dogs,and going out to breakfast on Sunday!

  242. We are having Mother’s Day Brunch.

  243. Nancy VanDyke says:

    I will be going over to my daughter’s house on Saturday to watch the kids. So they can clean and wax their cars. Too hard with two very active little boys.

  244. Katherine says:

    I’m grilling NY strip steaks and lobster tails for my Mom!

  245. I’ll be baking cookies with the kids!

  246. Working on my oil painting and planning on enjoying the predicted beautiful weather.

  247. Marie Tapp says:

    I will be having a giveaway to new homes for some of my favorite plants, as in a few weeks I will be neatly ensconced in a sweet view apartment in downtown Seattle. Instead of in this large home overlooking Lake Washington. New views, nice!

  248. I’m making breakfast for my daughters and my granddaughter. I’m making “Breakfast Bowls” made with eggs from my chickens, bacon, hash brown potatoes and home made biscuit bowls.

  249. Becky Bischoff says:

    Well, I am a mother of one, a Grandmother of three and a Great Grandmother of one. I will be getting up at 6 as usual, making my coffee, feeding the dogs, cats, sitting down to have a cup of coffee, checking my facebook page. Then my GG baby will be waking up and I’ll go get him because that is sooooo awesome in the morning to see a babies smile. Then we’ll have breakfast. Then I’ll probably work in my Pottin Shed with my flowers. I’ll come in and start dinner and around 6ish we’ll have a family dinner. Everyone will take leftovers home, I’ll clean the kitchen then finally sit down to relax before bed. I love every minute of it.

  250. Since my family is 600 miles away I hope to simply have a phone call and perhaps receive a card or two. The special part is that my granddaughter turns 13 on Mother’s Day. I won’t be there but there will be Facetime, I hope.

  251. Mary Lou says:

    Enjoying time with family!

  252. Adriana Fernandez says:

    I am enjoying a 4-day weekeend (off work). Resting, enjoying good food and drinks with my husband. My two daughters leave far, one in Argentina, the other one in Mexico. We celebrate 3 Mother’s day! We are very closed and connect almost everyday. My stepdaughter is closed, she loves to cook. I had so much fun buying presents for her (a wok for the BBQ, a cookie press, a basket to take bottles and utensils to the deck at home or on the boat, designer wine glasses for the boat, plates and margarita mix). I bought myself a handbag/backpack. I don’t want my daughters to spend money sending packages from abroad. Their love and their calls are the best presents,
    Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you beautiful ladies in the whole world!

  253. Since it is supposed to be sunny on Sunday, I plan to spend as much of the day as possible in my garden, ending the day with walking the yard with a glass (or two) of wine to review the progress and dream of flowers, herbs, and vegetables to come…

    And oh, would I ever love to have a new food processor!

  254. joyce fleming says:

    Having all the kids come home so I’ll be cooking up a storm….uh…hey wait a minute! What’s wrong with this picture?

  255. Kris Fox says:

    I am mulching! And I could really use this food processor–mine just kicked the bucket.

  256. with the family three dog one bird and the fish

  257. My daughters and grandchildren are taking me to the “Grotto” in Portland for Mass and brunch.

  258. Heather says:

    I’m spending the whole weekend with my favorite team and players with some Kelly Cup Playoff hockey! Go Thunder!

  259. connie says:

    After church I’m coming home crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head.

  260. My brother and I will be going to our younger brother’s house to spend one of our mother’s last days on earth with her. It will be a bittersweet Mother’s Day, for sure.

  261. Nancy H says:

    I’m planting my veggie seeds on Saturday. Then I’m going to enjoy spending the day with my family, and having our first BBQ of the season.

  262. I am working in the yard (weather permitting) and doing some much needed barn cleaning to prepare for my horse’s arrival later this month. Horses are great therapy!

  263. Laurie Dimino says:

    Hopefully, I will be planting all my vegetables in my raised beds!!!
    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! And thank you kevin for the opportunity to win this great gadget! I would love to grace my countertop with this!

  264. Lola Martin says:

    Will be alone, I guess. Would love one of these as it would help me a great deal being diabetic. Love food that is fresh.

  265. Lisa in CO says:

    Saturday I’m teaching a lifeguarding class and relaxing on Sunday to prepare to sub in the school kitchen on Monday and Tuesday. WHEW! Will catch up with kids over phone!

  266. Katherine says:

    On Saturday I’m going to Philadelphia to see my sister at a craft show she is in at Rittenhouse Square. I am driving up home on Sunday to see my 80 year old mother for Mother’s Day!

    It’s going to be a lot of time in the car this weekend so I’m hopeful that the sun will be out and it will be a beautiful spring weekend !

  267. Jeremiahwasabullfrog says:

    Not gonna lie. Mother’s Day bums me out.

  268. Martha Gray says:

    Spreading fertilzer and planting onions!

  269. Judy Brown says:

    My daughter and granddaughter are coming. yay!!

  270. Nancy Carroll says:

    Going to our home on the coast to do some work on it and eat out as much as possible. We’ll go to church on Sunday and relax as much as possible. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Thanks for your wonderful recipes. I’d love to tour your garden some day.

  271. We are planning to go to a HUGE park in another OR city which is known for its rhoddies and azaleas. Sun is supposed to be shining and so will my face. Hope your w/e is filled with love!

  272. Gardening, enjoying the sun

  273. Taking my wife and mom to see the musical “Lend Me A Tenor” at the Northstreet Playhouse in Onancock, VA.

  274. Enjoying time with my family.

  275. After church, my daughter is taking me for my favorite drive–Big Sur! Spectacular! We’ll stop and get dinner somewhere peaceful. Just being with her would satisfy my desires, tho!

    Wish every mom had such a devoted child!

  276. Joan C says:

    Saturday I’ll be at your house, Kevin, to see the gardens. The remainder of the weekend will be spent in my own yard attempting to whip in into shape and hopefully spending time with my daughter, son, and new daughter-in-law.

  277. Just wrote it above, but didn’t know what to write for website when I wrote my plans!

  278. Kendra says:

    I’m not really sure what our plans are as of yet. I am sure we’ll have a get together with our mother’s to celebrate. Hoping to get some sun as well. Thank you for the nice giveaway.

  279. Having dinner with my son and his girlfriend!

  280. Camille says:

    Taking my daughter to train her horse! And hopefully enjoying lovely weather!!

  281. ruth denney says:

    Going to drink some wine and relax.

  282. Traditionally, I spend every mother’s day in the garden!

  283. Ottawagal says:

    Steak on the Big Green Egg sounds great after spending the weekend planning the gardens; vegetable, herb and flowers.
    Happy Mothers Day to all!

  284. Going to brunch! Later on, doing some garden work.

  285. Most likely I’ll be transplanting tomatoes and beans or getting compost/manure for my garden.

  286. Gloria Davis says:

    One son is working all day, the other son & I are having guests for ribs & games! Mother’s Day, like any other holiday should be celebrated when it is convenient for all involved! My son’s show me they love me every day, so I’m set for a life of great joy!

  287. Dorothy D says:

    Daughter is taking me to lunch tomorrow, then we’ll go to our granddaughter’s dance recital. On Sunday we will take in our favorite buffet–not fancy, just plain old good home cooking. Another daughter is having us for supper that evening. Lots of eating! In between eating occasions I may do some strawberry planting as many of mine froze out over the very cold winter.

  288. Holly Walp says:

    I plan on repotting a few violets, take a nap, and later a soothing bubble bath after my husband cooks me dinner– chicken over charcoal and fresh corn on the cob with parmesan cheese on the grill.
    Happy Mothers Day

  289. Carolyn says:

    Spending time in the garden potting up plants to share with friends then time with my daughter,
    Grandchildren and husband and talking with the rest of the family. A happy day to you and yours.

  290. I will finally be transplanting my vegetable garden seedlings. I know it is late for Maryland but since we had a freeze just a few weeks ago (go figure!) I wanted to be safe. I’m still teaching Reading and Language Arts to middle school kids so please don’t ask me why I didn’t do it during the week. It’s “Short ‘Story” grading season!!!

  291. I have no plans. Work around the home and yard. Make some art. I expect my adult children, who live out of town, will call and wish me “Happy Mother’s Day” and we will proclaim our eternal, undying love. The one who lives closer may come take me out for a meal, maybe not. Either way is okay. She probably will have to work all weekend. I will be missing my mom who passed away in 2005. I have a job interview the next day. I am ready for it—wish me luck!

  292. On Mother’s Day I will spend the day being a mother of 3 wonderful girls and 5 perfect grandchildren. Perhaps someone has a celebration up their sleeve and is keeping it secret!

  293. Morning hike, lunch with my daughter and husband, and afternoon birthday party.


  294. Rachel says:

    Out in the garden weeding, fertilizing, mulching, transplanting – oh and I’m going to have a vegetable garden for the first time ever this year! Yay!

  295. We welcomed my first grandbaby Adalie Soleil into the world on May 2nd. This food processor would be Awesome just as she is! πŸ™‚

  296. I will be planting Mother’s Day day lilies! Happiness all summer long πŸ™‚

  297. Sharon Hull says:

    Going birding and on a garden tour – my idea of the perfect way to spend ANY day!

  298. Spending the day with family. I will be remember my Mother and wishing I still had her here with me!

  299. Brunch after church and then a Sunday afternoon symphony for us. Hub is a sweetheart!

  300. Jo Ann says:

    Going to pick organic strawberries in rural Pungo, the southernmost past of Virginia Beach, with my daughter and grandchildren. CAn’t think of anything more fun.

  301. Katryn says:

    Well, I’m working….Hopefully I will see some of my children later on Sunday…I hope…I hope…….

  302. Cathy Schutzenhofer says:

    Omg! I could really use one of these!
    I will be working on cleaning up & weeding my yard which will be at least a couple weekend task!
    Love your newsletter every week Kevin!
    Thank you!

  303. Church and dinner out with family. Yay!

    Kevin, your blog is such fun . I keep telling others about it. Keep up the good work, please give Lily a hug!

  304. Nothing as exciting as a facelift, but will have a lovely day with family and friends!

  305. Great weekend plans in store. Taking a friend for her first manicure and pedicure on Sat. A little gardening on the side-transplanting some of my mini greenhouse plants. Sunday is brunch with family and friends at a lovely restaurant by the river. Can’t wait.

  306. My sweet children and grandchildren are taking me to brunch on Saturday for Mother’s Day.
    My awesome husband will be taking me to our local wonderful italian restaurant on Sunday.
    Can not be more blessed..

  307. Karen J says:

    Since my mother is gone and my daughter is gone and it’s just me, I do something special for my self in their memory…not sure what it’s going to be yet.

  308. Taking mom to our favorite all-you-can-eat joint for their prime rib special this weekend.

  309. Cookbook Collector says:

    I’ll be getting a late start planting my tomatoes and flowering pots this weekend. It was down in the 30s at night and then it jumped immediately to 100 degrees days and then there was threat of severe thunderstorms with hail and tornadoes; now, temperatures are back to normal but of course any front can bring on extreme weather here; a crazy spring. You have been really working in the garden… pictures say a thousand words. You must be exhausted. Bet the cookbook has been pushed to the back burner until the garden tour is over. Hope you have great weather for the tour.

  310. Two things: the NY Times Sunday Crossword, and getting my seedlings in the ground. Happy Mothers’ Day to you all!

  311. Kathie from CA says:

    Son and family in IL and daughter in Berlin, Germany. Mom in heaven. I am counting my blessings, going to church and enjoy my lovely backyard full of flowers with my husband and dog.

  312. Quiet day with music and good book….”Stones for Ibarra” by Harriet Doerr. Cards, flowers and calls from my long distance children. Life is good.

  313. Teaching Sunday school in the morning. Gardening in the afternoon & working in the evening.

  314. Yael907 says:

    Playing in the dirt!

  315. Elizabeth King says:

    I hope to get at my garden & get it ready for planting. Here in Ontario in my area winter was slow to leave & now it is wet. We are promised a beautiful weekend. Sunday I will talk with my children & will attend choir practice for our dress rehearsal for our concert which happens Tuesday evening. Hope all Mother’s have a wonderful Mother’s day. Would love to win the processor as mine had to go. It was cracked so I have been without one for a while.

  316. Sandy Sebold says:

    Every year, my kids come over and take my mom and I to our local garden shop, Tagawa, and let us pick out beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day! My mother is 81 now and she looks forward to this family tradition, every year. The garden shop is family owned and they provide hot dogs, popcorn, drinks and a live band, free of charge, on this day, every year! Lots of fun!

  317. Maureen P. says:

    Working in the yard and having dinner over at daughter’s house with her husband fixing it. Mine will probably help but doesn’t know his way around the kitchen too well. But he’s a good helper.

  318. Eliza J says:

    Hopefully working on the garden this weekend ~ but…it’s going to rain on Saturday.

  319. DEE ANN MARTIN says:

    I arrived with my husband to spend the week on Wheeler Lake damned up from the tenness river. We are visiting a friends mansion right on the lake. We are boating,fishing and tonight we are going to an outdoor concert on BIRD ON THE MOUNTAIN.

  320. DEE ANN MARTIN says:

    Add to comment I forgot too tell you we are near Huntsville ALABAMA.

  321. Hilary says:

    Work, sleep in, eat good, weed lits, embrace family – in no specific order.

  322. Christina Ann says:

    I am going for a long bike ride with my son.

  323. Spending time outside with the ones I love. (:

  324. Diane C says:

    I will be gardening and relaxing around the house.

  325. I never became a mother and my own mother died many years ago — way too young. I have adopted a dear neighbor lady as a surrogate and she calls me daughter so I will take her daffodils and cinnamon raisin bread.

  326. We are going to the city to visit our “Moms”. Will plant some flower beds for my Mom and celebrate with food, gifts and visiting.

  327. Melissa says:

    My husband’s grandmother passed away this past year, so this is the first year his mom is without her mother. We are going to try to make her day extra nice so she isn’t too sad.

  328. The cheese studio needs cleaned thoroughly after a winter rest – and my dairy inspector is coming day after Mother’s Day!

  329. Jennifer V says:

    Yard sale tomorrow. Sunday, my mom, daughter and I are driving back to Maryland for a long overdue visit. We are in Denver.

  330. We’re going to the farmers’s market, to see a movie, and out for dinner. πŸ™‚

  331. My brother, my sister-in-law, and I are mulching my mom’s entire yard.It’s great because we all get together and their kids and mine are laughing and carrying on and since my brother’s family have to go to another state to see his wife’s mother too, we do it on Friday and have a cookout. Mom’s not doing so well anymore, and she just loves having all the grandkids around and everyone visiting.

  332. Cecile Moore says:

    Hi! Not doing anything special this weekend, but spending some time with my husband and we may go out for supper. My real Mothers day celebrating will be in a week and a half, as we are currently living near Oklahoma City, and will be going home to Alabama to visit the family. We are so excited to be going home to visit my mom and all of the family!

  333. I am cooking supper and walking dogs at our local shelter and feeding 10 newborn puppies that are there.

  334. Dottie says:

    HOPE TO GO TO MY GRANDSON’s baseball game Saturday morning. Will call my daughter in laws on Saturday night and tell them what wonderful mothers I think they are to my grandchildren. Sunday, hope my husband will help me with the memorial garden to my mother that needs much work.

  335. Denise Goodspeed says:

    To celebrate Mother’s Day, I will be having dinner with my sisters. We will spend the day together and hopefully we will hear from our children as well. Hope the weather will be as nice as they say it is supposed to be! Thanks for your great blog, all your gardening tips & wonderful recipes!!!

  336. Elizabeth Fox says:

    I am coming from CT to see your garden!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. Plans aren’t really certain, but here’s my hope….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  338. Helen Leeper says:

    I will be spending time with my only sister and her family and we will be remembering our mother who passed away 13 years ago.

  339. Teresa Masters says:

    Bowling practice Saturday morning, no plans after that. Sunday, I play Live Prize Trivia at 6 PM. I am a happy mother of one son, and a very happy grandmother of two grandson’s in their 20’s. Their love is with me 365 days per year, for me, every day has been Mother’s Day. This closeness is my reality, and many smile to see this. As an octogenarian, I am a very happy lady.

  340. Ginny H says:

    Going to church, coming home to eat a great lunch my hubby will cook, and spending the day with all 6 of my great kids!!

  341. I am spending time with my Husband and my amazing 5 year old daughter! I look forward to my homemade present and meals cooked by my husband. Love my little family!

  342. Betty Jane says:

    Absolutely nothing! Having dinner tonight since my daughter leaves town on business tomorrow. I’ll be on my own.

  343. Suzanne K says:

    I had planned a quiet weekend, visiting my mom in her skilled nursing facility and walking with a friend. But, as with all plans… just got a call that SNF wants to discharge mom so now I’m scrambling to figure out what’s next. Oh well, I’m celebrating that I still have her with me for one more Mother’s Day!

  344. Patricia Rose says:

    On Mother’s Day, I am fixing a delicious brunch for my Mother with her favorite dishes. I will also remind my fiance to call his Mother. My son and daughter are coming over for dinner with their my 2 adorable grandchildren. More cooking, I know, but I cooking means love to me and I love them all so much!

  345. Michelle Rines says:

    my husband is cooking lunch for me, my mom, my sister, his sister and our sister-in-law! we plan on enjoying some sunshine here in Maine, where things are just starting to bloom.

  346. poulsbogardenlady says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I love your blog! I will be spending the day in the garden. Wish I could say I will be planting flowers but I will be cleaning up my two Japanese maples that were smashed by my neighbors’ tree that fell last weekend. So sad! The arborist gives them a 50% chance of surviving…but even if they do, I’m not sure they’ll ever be beautiful again. Fingers crossed!

  347. Margaret says:

    Waiting for spring! It still hasn’t sprung in our part of the world.

  348. Betty Reichelt says:

    This Sunday both my daughters and their families are coming to our house for Mother’s Day. Since we are all mother’s I’m making it simple and ordering fried chicken so none of us have to slave in the kitchen. I will also be remembering my mother and mother-in-law who are no longer with us but never forgotten.

  349. I’m working tom. at my 2nd job. Sunday I am taking my parents to a restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day . My sister and her family are meeting us to celebrate my mom!

  350. Will be cooped up inside riding out the rain & storms & wishing that my children (300 miles away) had come to visit me. :~(

  351. Cathy J says:

    I’m making dinner for my mother-in-law…haven’t yet decided on the menu.

  352. Carol peterson says:

    Going to hear John Scofield on Saturday and attend a wedding shower for my nephew’s bride-to-be on Sunday. We will celebrate my mother’s 91st birthday and Mother’s Day next saturday on the 17th.

  353. I will spend the watching mason play baseball!

  354. Susan M. says:

    Going to the aquarium with my children! πŸ™‚

  355. The weekend will be spent planting. I have lots of seedlings from winter sowing plus I went a little crazy at the nurseries. Then at some point on Sunday I will call my only daughter and wish her the best on Mother’s Day . She has given me three lovely grandchildren ranging from 7 years to 2 months. There are some open gardens and native plant sales that are tempting but my plate is pretty full. My Cuisnart just died so a new one is in my future one way or another .

  356. Audrey Popp says:

    gardening with the grand-kids!

  357. Isabelle says:

    OMG! I was just online shopping for one of these! Haven’t committed yet, thank goodness. I will be driving 2 hours to have lunch with Mom, my brother, sister in law, and her mother at an Italian restaurant in Columbia , SC. Can’t wait! Unfortunately , after that, we will be attending a funeral of a very close family friend. Hope you choose me, me, me, me, me……………. I will miss spending time with my son and grandchildren, but I am sure they will be there when I get back. They will be dog sitting the new puppy. Bless their hearts, as we say here in SC.

  358. Gladys Johnston says:

    Spending the day with our family and Sunday brunch after church.

  359. Mary Anne says:

    Giving thanks for the great Mom I had and planting!

  360. Nothing………….may go by the cemetery and feel the closeness of my dear mother. I miss her.

  361. Louise says:

    I will go to church for breakfast, the men are cooking breakfast for the ladies, an annual event, but on Father’s Day the ladies will cook breakfast for the men, then I am going to the Charlotte Knights baseball game, with my son, will be a fun and inspirational day.

  362. Jan Stewart says:

    I am trying to make your chive pesto but it didn’t work in my blender. I guess I really NEED a food processor.

  363. We are spending part of the day with my mom, the remainder of the day will be outside in the garden and working in my flower beds. It will be a fabulous day!

  364. Denise in Colorado says:

    I took my Mom and Sis out today for haircuts, mani’s and pedi’s and lunch. I will be home this weekend burning a fire in the woodstove while it’s supposed to snow AGAIN!!! Dreaming of SPRING! Happy Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚

  365. Sheena W says:

    Not too much hopefully nice weather and find some time to relax on the deck with hubbie Jim and our Scottie Bramble and Westie Ailsa….. nice glass of wine and something nice grilled on BBQ….
    what could be more perfect….
    Love your blog/newsletter/recipes/house…. save them all……..

  366. Having lunch with a very dear friend. My grown children and grandchildren are scattered all over the country but especially in the west where they mountain bike, hike and ski in season. I am here in New England because I love my 18th century restored house and it’s home after all the years.

    Love your blog – very inspiring and hope to visit the garden later this summer. Love you recipes too!

  367. Eggs Benedict with tomato, basil with baked poached eggs and hollandaise sauce…Yum!!!

  368. Maureen says:

    Enjoying a day full of wonderful possibilities….

  369. Stephanie says:

    My Husband and I are staying home and whatever we do, it will be wonderful. πŸ™‚

  370. Morgan says:

    My Wife and I are going to spend a special day at home and I will shower her with surprises! πŸ™‚

  371. I’ll be taking my Mom out for brunch, and bringing enough home cooked food for her and Dad for dinner. She asked for several specific plants, which I will be planting in her garden. Since Mom is nearly 87, I’m extremely blessed to be spending Mother’s Day with her again this year!

  372. Heidi Haas says:

    I plan to cook up a special meal for my son, cleaning & hanging out with Chewbacca ( the extraordinary hair shedder of the universe)

  373. diane r. says:

    Buying and planting more flowers. Glorious spring.

  374. Betsy T says:

    Working at the annual Wicker Park Garden Club plant sale that raises money to maintain the beautiful gardens created by the club over many years. Spent Wed at the growers’ picking out beautiful, healthy and locally-grown plants for the sale, and today pricing and preparing for the sale on Saturday and Sunday.

    Right now the tulips and daffodils are wrapping up, the flowering crab trees are bursting into bloom, and the roses gardens around the historic fountain are starting to show signs of life after our brutal winter here in Chicago. If you’re from Chicago or visiting, be sure to check out the actual park in the Wicker Park neighborhood where our gardens grow and change throughout the year.

  375. Think this is a great web site. My husband is taking me to a market sunday afternoon, then to earthfare to get their special, a lobster tail and a filet! YEA!

  376. Spending the weekend with my husband of 53 years, my daughter, Janet Ralph and my son-in-law, Duane Ralph. So thankful to be healthy and alive.

  377. Julie Frey says:

    Going to the River with my kids and Grandkids.

  378. Lois Gibson says:

    I’m going to my grandsons Grade 12 Graduation.

  379. I am calling my mother to tell her how much I love her and why and then will wait for calls (or mail maybe πŸ˜‰ ) from my children who live out of town. I will be enjoying some of the memories from all the mother and child experiences I remember. It is such a beautiful bond.

    Thanks, Kevin, for your wonderful blog and for ‘mothering’ us through planting, cooking, growing and decorating experiences. You are a cherished friend, just through the love in the blog.

    Have a beautiful mother’s day too.


  380. Don’t know yet, but it will be spent with my son. I’m hoping he’ll come to my house and serenade me with some piano jazz…

  381. watching Lacrosse, playing with the kids, getting my garden fence up and rototilling

  382. For mothers day we are going camping in the rain! fortunately we have a canopy for the picnic table.

  383. Liz in Salem says:

    I spent today with my sister, getting the latest scoop on her son, my nephew, and the her grand kids. Tomorrow, shopping for special veggie plants. Sunday we will visit our mom’s grave to plant flowers and herb plants. Looking forward to a sunny and warm Mother’s Day.

  384. Beth Elsbrock says:

    traveling to St. Louis for a college visit with my youngest son.

  385. Naomi Shelton says:

    I will be having brunch with my oldest daughter and family, blueberry pancakes made by her, after spending Sat. with the whole family at the home of my youngest daughter. Then, I’ll see the oldest off mid-afternoon for home, sit myself on the couch, hopefully with a glass of wine, and read my Sunday paper, heaving a sign of relief that I’ve survived the three 3-and-under grandsons whom I adore with all my heart!

    Then, on Monday, I will drive an hour to my sister’s and celebrate a belated Mother’s Day with her and her son and their baby, my great-nephew. I’m looking forward to seeing the nearly one-year-old who was a total surprise to his parents–and to the rest of us, as they had decided they would NOT become parents! I love being a GREAT Auntie! I will also enjoy seeing my sister’s beautiful gardens which she spends so much time tending.

  386. I am minding my daughter’s cats and planting fingerling potatoes in the a.m. Will celebrate when she arrives home at 5 p.m. with a steak BBQ.

  387. Joy W. says:

    We will be attending our first granddaughter’s wedding and reception on Saturday followed on Sunday with a family get together with 5 of our 6 children and their families. The girls have dinner well in hand! What a blessing to be their mother!

  388. Theresa Hamilton says:

    I will be planting a yellow rose In Loving Memory of my Mom. Yellow Roses were her wedding bouquet. When I put a flower garden in her back yard in Chicago to enjoy in her later years, we planted a yellow rose bush.

  389. Gretchen Boardman says:

    Windows!! So I can look through sparkling glass and see my winter-sown plants, thanks to you!

  390. I will be painting a picture this weekend. I am also making dinner for my family ( ribeye, lobster tail) and plan on walking to church on Sunday.

  391. sharon says:

    Gardening and grilling!

  392. My husband and son both work on saturday so i will probably work on sewing pieces of fabric together in order to eventually have a quilt, and on sunday, i hope they leave me alone so that i can sew more pieces of fabric together!

  393. Bryonna says:

    Brunching with friends, then a woodsy walk if the sun is shining. And of course, remembering my dear sweet mom throughout the day, wishing she was still in the world.

  394. alyce poalillo says:

    My mother passed many many year ago so although I will remember her as I always do, the day will pass as all others do for me.

  395. joyce landry says:

    My Mom, my daughter and I will be going to the Northend in Boston to have lunch and do some shopping. My Mom has history there and is thrilled to be going.

  396. Puttering in the garden until the kids drop by.

  397. Lunch with family. Just enjoying family time.

  398. Susan M. says:

    Kids – one in Japan one in Colorado – won’t be around so I will just miss them!

  399. Joyce S says:

    Will have dinner with children and grands but hope to do a good bit of gardening early in the dayl

  400. Going on nature hike with my son and grandson. We will be blessed by the annual International Migratory Bird Day at Madera Canyon (AZ). Later we will enjoy a live reptile and bird presentation. Really I don’t care what I do, as long as it’s with my family, and I can’t wait to get my arms around that special 5 year old. Blessings to all mothers!

  401. I will probably be weeding if it doesn’t rain. Will definitely call my Mom, but can’t be there as we live about 900 miles apart. Always makes it difficult on the Holidays, and well, a lot of the time really! Mom & Dad are getting on in years, so all time is precious….

  402. Lela Hardin says:

    Bringing all 18 immediate family members over for a fish fry.

  403. Since I own a bed and breakfast I will be fixing breakfast for some fine mothers,
    hope to hear from my kids and will find time to call my 95 year old Mom.

  404. Bonnie Hawley says:

    We’ll be trying to catch up on yard work and getting some things planted in the garden-if it doesn’t rain again!!

  405. Two of my kids are thousands of miles west of me; and the other two are thousands of miles east of me. So I will probably be watching videos of when they were small, and appreciating their phone calls

  406. My kids coming up for lunch. I’m cooking my idea, my choice. Spaghetti and meatballs and carrot cake. Excited to see them.

  407. Mostly resting up to pick up my son from college NEXT weekend.

  408. Kay Gray says:

    Waiting for my 12 and 14 year old grandsons to show up to cook breakfast for me and their mother.

  409. I’m not sure because my family has kept plans close to the vest.

  410. Chuck Rasmussen says:

    I’m cooking dinner for my wife.

  411. Linda Stone says:

    Working, per usual ;o)

  412. Enforcing child labor in the gardens, going for a nice run, and not cooking!

  413. Barbara Bruneau says:

    I’ll be attending high school graduation and a couple of open houses, writing a sermon for Sunday morning, and maybe (if the predicted rain stays away) finally get my raised beds ready to plant. It’s going to be a late growing season here in SW Wisconsin. At least I can fire up the grill, even if it’s raining.

  414. Arlene says:

    Relaxing and enjoying the great weather and most of all hearing from all the kids. Life is sweet.

  415. Cherylann says:

    I will be very busy studying for finals…

  416. Carolyn says:

    My twin is coming over and she will be fixing our Mom her favorite breakfast – creamed beef on toast. I will be doing yard work throughout the day…if it turns out to be a non-rainy day. if a rainy day, then I’ll be studying.

  417. Going to watch one grandaughter’s soccer game and celebrate another grandaughter’s birthday πŸ™‚

  418. Susan M. says:

    An early MD luncheon on Saturday and then on Sunday I’m doing whatever the heck I feel like as my little gift me. Might garden or read or I might really go all out and take a nap just cuz I can!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

  419. Anything remotely exciting? Not likely. Darling Hubby didn’t check the calendar and scheduled a fishing trip! Although I like fishing Mother’s day is important to me. Oh, well. Hope we catch more than one!

  420. Earl E Benfield says:

    spending the day with family

  421. Gayle Tucker says:

    Having dinner with my husband and mother in law.

  422. Jeannie P says:

    I have no idea no one is saying ANYTHING. Therefore, I’m scared and worried!!

  423. Gladys Johnston says:

    A visit from my mom and spending the day with 2 year old twin granddaughters.

  424. Enjoying a nice day with hubby and familyy!

  425. Phyllis Crawford says:

    Cherishing all that I love about my mom! Wishing her a wonderful day and all the days to come!

  426. Deborah Dale Daniel says:

    I’m going to plant some flower on the patio.
    Sweep, set the table , start the BBQ
    Cook whatever my beautiful children want
    And enjoy every minute

  427. Margaret says:

    My son has to work. My daughter has her own children. My husband’s mother is still living. Guess I’ll just hang out with the sweet memories of my mother and of raising my children. God is good.

  428. Lisa Wenner says:

    WIth friends driving to Lee Massachusetts to a fabulous Indian buffett at Bombay, and then browsing our favorite east asian import store in Stockbridge, Asia Barong!!!

    Moms day out!

  429. Susan hart says:

    Work in my yard if it’s not raining.

  430. Planting flowers and going for a nice walk Saturday and Sunday heading to church. Oh, also hoping to get some line dancing in:)

  431. Packing.

  432. Alice Semione says:

    Catching up on spring activities. Outside andvin

  433. Yvette Jones says:

    Building my hanging baskets. Every year on Mothers Day my husband and 2 boys take me to the local garden centre to let me play.

  434. Lynne Larson says:

    My son is driving up from San Francisco for the weekend. We will probably work in the
    garden and then have a barbecue. Relax and just enjoy being together.
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  435. bluechablis says:

    Enjoying the day – thinking of my dear mother – hoping for a phone call from my kids and grandkids.

  436. I am doing absolutely nothing! πŸ™‚

  437. Martha says:

    I will be working in the obstetrics unit of my hospital. Cute babies, please!

  438. Visiting my dear Mom in a nursing home and having brunch with my hubby.

  439. Andrea says:

    My daughter is playing in a basketball tournament. I will sitting in bleachers. πŸ™‚

  440. Going to my son’s college graduation!

  441. Teri Dalco says:

    I gotta work both days this weekend. And My Mom is visiting my sister in CA – we live in MA so I won’t see her either.

  442. I plan on doing some gardening with my husband. My daughter and husband have made some sort of quiet plan for Sunday – I guess I’ll find out. I hope it involves eating at our favorite local restaurant.

  443. Janice says:

    I won’t be able to get together with my two wonderful daughters, one of whom is a mother herself, but I will be happy with my church family, some incredible music, my Jubilee Justice committee, and a good meal with a special friend. And if the weather in Vermont cooperates with a warm day, that will be heaven.

  444. Diane R. Ecker says:

    Just like any other day, getting up ,going to work selling plants , flower baskets and produce. Last year all the mothers at work got to pick a hanging basket for working. Hope this year is the same.

  445. Shirley says:

    I’m a bit under the weather, so I’ll probably deepen my relationship with my bed this weekend. Sounds heavenly! (Thanks for doing this, Kevin. You’re awesome!)

  446. Debbie says:

    This Mothers Day I will be hosting a small “Brunch” ~ Kevin Style. I’ll be using all the recipes you shared with us. Thank you very much.

  447. Rose Connors says:

    Having family over for dinner.

  448. Maribeth says:

    I believe a visit from one of the kids and then Barrel Racing!

  449. Kelly D says:

    I am visiting my parents for lunch.

  450. Being thankful that my daffodils are blooming and giving all of us pleasure even though it’s cold and rainy. Thank you.

  451. Going to the Beach for some surf fishing.

  452. Kay daniels says:

    I’m having a wonderful Mother’s Day loooong weekend in Mexico with my son, his wife and my new granddaughter – pure bliss!

  453. Sharon Watrous says:


  454. I will be home, looking forward to my son’s visit over Memorial Day weekend.

  455. I’ll be visiting my Mom and Dad, and spending the day with my son.

  456. If weather permits, I’ll be planting flowers that I received as a gift from my daughter.

  457. For Mother’s Day weekend I’m going to be working in the yard and trying to get the garden and flowers all planted.. On Sunday the actual day its gonna kinda be sad as my mom lives 3 hrs away so I won’t see her and my daughter will be with her real mother πŸ™ not too excited about Sunday but I’ll make the best of what I can. Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚

  458. Barbara says:

    Hmmm … maybe i’ll send my mother a poem. Although she’d undoubtedly prefer liposuction in an undisclosed location!

  459. Yard work and going out for brunch!

  460. Having Swedish pancakes at our house with a young mother of 3 yr old triplets and 7 yr old son whose husband has to work; my husband and our son. A fun time for all.

  461. Carole says:

    Having a wonderful day with my 94 year old mother – going to church, making breakfast together, then ending the day with a lovely dinner out with mom and sister! best ever!

  462. Rest !

  463. Thanks Kevin!
    My mom wants us (the children and grandchildren) to go to church with her. What I want is some special treatment. My son offered to take me out this evening to hang out with my sister who is visiting from Memphis.
    That’s my weekend but I am going to be available should any other invites show up. Enjoy the weekend!

  464. I’ll be weaving a saddle pad – and eating some grilled burgers with brie. If there’s time, I’ll try to get the squash and melons planted. Hope you have a fantastic weekend at your place!

  465. Gardening, gardening, gardening. And Scrabble games with my mom. I guess I should let her win.

  466. I’ll be going to Seth Rogan’s new movie, “Neighbors”. He makes me laugh!

  467. Stephanie says:

    I’m working at work on saturday and in the garden on sunday. Hoping to get about half of my wattle fence woven, and brush cleared. Then my blessed husband is making bbq beef brisket for dinner.

  468. Carole says:

    We will be doing yard work on Saturday, then on Sunday out for seafood…and lots of relaxing and wine!

  469. Going to visit my wonderful, loving mom. (and dad too!)

  470. I will be traveling to see my mom and mamaw Sunday .Mamaw has requested I make her a coconut cake πŸ™‚ Every minute I get to spend with them is time well spent! I love both of them very much! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there!

  471. I am going to NYC tomorrow to have brunch with my daughter-yum! My son and his new wife are living in Richmond so we will not be together. He tells me there are some wonderful gardens in Richmond! Happy Mother’s Day one and all!

  472. I’m treating myself to working in my gardens. Missing my late mom on Mother’s Day it is a chance to feel closer to her there. Later we will host my husband’s family for an early dinner.
    The garden will be my favorite part. πŸ™‚

  473. Natalie says:

    I’m going to my daughters swim meet, then going out to eat. There might be some garden flower shopping.

  474. My coworker’s daughter has a dance recital, so I am working for her at the nursing home. I will bake treats for the worker and share will all the my Mother’s (residents) that can enjoy it. I will be surrounded by all the love that mothers can share

  475. Evelyn H. says:

    Having mom over for supper!

  476. Installing new bathroom taps. First time. Fingers crossed!

  477. On Saturday I will help at our local food pantry with the Mail Carrier Food Drive. Sunday, I hope to grill out.

  478. Theresa Ryan says:

    Installing wood duck boxes on a nature preserve (volunteer labor), and spending the rest of the weekend with my kids, who will be making the trip from another state (daughter) and Brooklyn (son) to upstate NY where we live. YAY!

  479. Suzanne says:

    working at my job then continuing the clean-up at my house( no water for about 4 months) to get it ready to sell.

  480. Patricia C Hays says:

    Going to church with my daughter and her family and talking with my two other children who live out of state. Remembering my mother, also.

  481. Ann Marie says:

    I had my daughter on Mother’s Day back in 2003, so this year I will be celebrating the best Mother’s Day present ever! My daughter!

  482. I am spending time with both my mom and my mother in law. Hopefully getting out in the garden.

  483. Relaxing with my family-minus one, who we will visit in San Francisco next week. I can hardly wait to see him!

  484. WOW would I ever love this food processor! I’m spending this weekend continuing my yard/garden work. If I get it done now, it’s so much more enjoyable through the summer. The weather is perfect – lots of sun, not too hot, not too cool. No excuses! Oh, & I’m hoping someone makes me a nice breakfast or delicious dinner…

  485. cleaning, yard work and visiting mom

  486. Spending it with my Dad! (in Wisconsin)
    Probably working in his garden and picking the first tiny stalks of rubarb!

  487. Working in the garden.

  488. Rosemarie Rung says:

    I’m going to brunch with my mother and my daughter, who is a mother to two!

  489. Jan Naher-Snowden says:

    Getting stuff organized for a garage sale scheduled for next weekend, continuing the odds and ends of completing our kitchen remodel, caulking, painting baseboards, spreading mulch, repairing raised beds and getting them ready for plants to be purchased at the fundraiser organic plant sale of our local CSA, Crown Point Ecology Center, in Bath, Ohio. Yikes, sounds like too much to get done! oh, yeah, Mother’s Day dinner with 2 of my 3 sons and my 91 year old independently living mother!

    I’m weary just thinking about it all!

  490. Nancy Jung says:

    Dear Kevin;

    Since my three children are scattered from New Jersey to California and Chicago-I am dividing perennials from my garden; potting and labeling plants to take to my Garden Club annual plant sale on the square in Woodstock-Saturday morning. The proceeds will pay for a scholarship for a deserving Horticulture or environmental student at McHenry County College.
    I have been opening lovely Mother’s Days cards from the children and thinking of days gone by.

    I guess I will fix something different for dinner- a la Kevin’s’ gourmet recipe for one or two of something.

  491. Rita Chalfant says:

    Planting FLOWERS!!! And kissing all my kids and grands that will roll in at some point in the day!!

  492. Perfect weather to clean My Barn, this weekend….Then Spend Mothers Days with My Family.

  493. Barbara says:

    I’ll be training my new puppy, washing windows, cleaning up the garden, clearing off my desk, and maybe sleeping in, if the puppy will let me.

  494. Mary Alice says:

    Painting my new fence. (If it doesn’t rain) Happy mother’s day!

  495. diana murphy says:

    I am not cooking, thats for sure,( But I like to cook!).It’s the dishes I could do without. Hope your weekend is extra wonderful.

  496. Hi Kevin,
    I’ll be pruning roses, mulching, and chopping up branches and taking them to the dump. Then Sunday it’s Bible Study, church and a cookout with most of the family (a lot of people) at my sister’s. Should be fun! I’m making a chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting.

  497. Karen Thomas says:

    I’ll be going to brunch and a movie with a friend. My son lives across the country from me, so looking forward to his phone call!

  498. This Mother’s Day will be the very best… because it is my First Mothers Day to also be a Grandmother with my 1 yr. old grandson… Also it is going to be so exciting for my daughter-in-law to have her very first Mothers Day….. I can hardly wait….
    A wonderful day to all be together….

  499. Teresa says:

    I’ve been working hard all around outside at home this week. So Sunday planning on some relaxing time in The Great Smoky Mts. I live next door to the magical wonderland πŸ™‚

  500. Elspeth says:

    My heart goes out to those , like me, who have lost their mothers, but especially to Pat (#111, I think) . I’m sorry that someone has said such a hurtful thing when you’re hurting so much already. Remember that people sometimes blurt out things they don’t mean when they don’t know what to say.
    Don’t know what’s in store for me on Sunday, I expect to hear from my precious children. Our 46th anniversary also falls on the 11th, so that will be a happy day indeed.

  501. Blessie Nelson says:

    We are going to till the backyard and cultivate some summer veggie gardening!

  502. I am having dinner with my Mom- she is only 98 1/2 years old !

  503. I’ll be spending the weekend with my daughter and her family. We are making a quilt with my grandson’s fourth grade class. Fun times! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

  504. If it stops raining here in the Pacific NW, I’ll do some weeding, trimming, etc. If not, it will be house cleaning, then a big family gathering for Mom’s Day on Sunday. It is always fun to have the guys do all of the cooking while the ladies relax!

  505. Marcia from Northern Indiana says:

    Nursing a friend back to health who was in a car accident.

  506. We are celebrating Mother’sDay and our niece’s21st birthday on Sunday by going to a fabulous brunch inSan Diego at The Catamarran Reaort andSpaand not sure after that

  507. Mitzi VanHorn Saltsman says:

    Enjoying a lovely Mother’s Day dinner at our church, prepared by our men.

  508. Spending time with my Mother, she is 92 years young. Have a beautiful card for her, there is going to be some money in there for her. I bought her a big potted Angel Wing Begonia. My husband and myself are taking my Mother out to lunch and then spending time with her. It will be a lovely, wonderful day. Everyday with my Mother is wonderful, I love her so much.

  509. Kathy Heckman says:

    I and family will be attending our youngest daughter’s graduation ceremony at St. Johns College in Annapolis, Master’s program. Then to my house for party and cooking. So glad I followed some of your ideas on getting the gardens in shape. I love newspaper! Thank you.
    Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms! Best job on the planet!

  510. Bonnie S says:

    Will grill some chicken kabobs and enjoy this special day!

  511. Janice Foster says:

    Saturday morning I am going to the fabric store with friends. Saturday afthernoon I am working
    in the garden . still have a few things to plant. Sunday I am going to church they are
    taking pictures of mothers with there children and grandchildren. which I have both
    children and grandchildren. come home an have a quite day with family.

  512. bernie mc says:

    Letting mommy sleep in late while we make breakfast in bed for her.

  513. Connie says:

    I’m with Elspeth – my sympathy goes out to Pat #111 for the loss of her mother and for getting blindsided.
    As to what I’m going to do . . . .I’m going to be thinking about my mother and the fun we used to have driving to Napa Valley for great food and wine!

  514. Spend the day with my 6 month old darling daughter and enjoy my first Mother’s Day as a mom!

  515. Anita Skelly says:

    I will be spending Mothers Day with my two Beautiful Daughters and my gardens. It is my favorite day to get started on the growing season. I have been told however that I need to keep my calendar open for 4:00, I wonder what my girls have up their sleeves? Being a mother is the best job in the world!! Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers!! <3

  516. Enjoying a day at home with my mom.

  517. Katie K says:

    Will be flying to Florida for a two week training job. Going to miss my girls!

  518. Phyllis Scheeren says:

    Garden Club Plant Sale 7:00am. Then hope to see your gardens. I will post my winter sowing soon. Have fun Saturday

  519. I am sipping mimosas, reading a book and letting my family tend to me for a day.

  520. Sally Herrmann says:

    We plan to go to church, work in the yard and go canoeing on the Potomac River..

  521. I’l be working in my garden while my husband cooks me breakfast an dinner πŸ™‚ I announced that I won’t be doing ANY indoor housework on Sunday -oh-except to make some homemade yogurt!

  522. Sadly, my mom died 38 years ago — still miss her. We will go to a movie and, over dinner, have a conversation about our departed moms.

  523. Esther Morrill says:

    My son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren (Michael, 5 in July, Abby, 3 in August and William, 1 in September) are overseas. We will Skype with them as we try to do every weekend. Here in Nebraska we hope to do some gardening. Also lots of birthdays next week, hubby turning 62, youngest daughter of good friends turning two and the daughter of my BFF of 51+yrs is turning 21. Lots to celebrate.

  524. My church is having a Ladies Tea on Saturday. Cucumber sandwiches and dainty pastries, the whole shot!

  525. Hopefully we’ll go for a hike in the beautiful mountains of Asheville

  526. I will be spending Sunday Mothers Day with my oldest daughter and Grandson.

  527. SueEllen says:

    I will be celebrating the day with my family. My husband will be cooking us a brisket with homemade baked beans and all the trimmings . The weatherman says the weather will be perfect for outside fun here in Mississippi!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

  528. Going to church and enjoying my Family!

  529. Carla Crouch says:

    I’ll be calling my mother who lives 7 hours away. My husband and 17 year old daughter are taking me out to brunch. Other than that, relaxing and doing just what I want to do! No housework πŸ™‚

  530. Sherlie Magaret says:

    A quiet day at home,

  531. Phyllis says:

    No plans. I think I might make some pulled pork. It’s my fav.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  532. Janet Lee says:

    Looking sooo forward to your garden tour on Saturday! Sunday two of my daughters want to go with me to Tulipfest. Monday night is Eddie Izzard at The Palace Theater! Good times ahead!


  534. Lizzie McNett says:

    Mother’s day BBQ with the kids on Saturday night. Family brunch with hubbies family Sunday morning and then an afternoon of hiking. Happy Mother’s Day to me! And you!

  535. Lori Schmidt says:

    I lost my mom thirty four years ago so I will be spending it with my adopted Mom who is 94 years young, her daughter in law and her son. Would love this gadget πŸ™‚

  536. carol judy says:

    will be spending the day in the woods learning about “grandmother cycles”

  537. Carol M. says:

    Every year my mother’s day present is a load of mulch – which was kindly dumped in my driveway two days ago and will be spread this weekend. My friend and I are also going nursery hopping for perennials.

  538. Coffee & pastries at a fantastic french bakery in the morning – sharing the afternoon with kids& husband !

  539. Holly Arnold says:

    getting boiled crawfish and beer with my newly married nephew!

  540. Martha says:

    Our mothers are no longer with us and we miss them so much. We always did special things on special days. We will have a little breakfast, check the garden plants, and later, if the weather cooperates, grill something yummy and just relax and enjoy life.

  541. Charla R says:

    I’ve traveled from Florida to the Midwest to visit my 93yo Mom, who is in a rehab center following a hospital stay. On Sunday, we plan to pack a picnic and have lunch with Mom outside in the sunshine of the center’s courtyard. After lunch we will have a rousing game of Dominos!

  542. Not cooking!

  543. Alice Marty says:

    Doing lunch and shopping with out daughter. We get so little time just the two of us with our busy schedules.

  544. Janelle says:

    We are celebrating my boys’ birthdays with family! Should be a great time!

  545. cookingmama001 says:

    going to pickup my husband from the airport who has been sightseeing Asia for 2 weeks while leaving me home with my kids.

  546. The weekend will be spent with the kids and grandkids, as well as taking some time to spend with our mothers who are 86 and 92.

  547. sherry kanoski says:

    Our 3 children are not near me; 1 is 90 miles away, another 120, another 350. So I shall go to church, maybe volunteer at our Hospice, and going to a concert in early evening. They may be able to come visit with me next weekend. However, I value any time all three families can gather, so whenever that time comes, that will be Mother’s Day for me. My husband of 49 years, their Daddy, passed away a year ago from cancer. So I value any weekend that all the kids and their kidlets can be together. Thank you!

  548. It’s my weekend to work. Happy Mother’s Day.

  549. Planting the rest of the garden with my daughter. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see it all come up.

  550. My wonderful husband is going to cook dinner (and clean up!). He does a lot of the cooking, but it’s always fabulous and I love it.

  551. Oh, dear! I think I will be shoveling snow!

  552. Debby West says:

    I am a florist. I am designing beautiful flowers & spreading love.

  553. Packing and moving πŸ™

  554. Wow! You have a huge fan base of responders. I’ll be spending Mother’s Day with children and grandkids and attending their High School musical production of my favorite musical Oklahoma.” Luckt me!

  555. Heidi Young says:

    Sunday will be spent in my gardens then off to my parents house to spend time with my mom. My children have other commitments so we will be celebrating next weekend. More yard work and possibly a bbq, depending on the weather. You never know what the weather will like in Maine

  556. Paula K says:

    a visit from our granddaughter, age 10 months….her mommy says she is getting around fast, holding on to the furniture….i am baby proofing! Yikes!

  557. Ms. Kim Rutherford says:

    I shall spend Mother’s Day in my yard where I am creating Natasha’s Memorial Gardens. Natasha leaves a Legacy of Kindness. Natasha had a profound impact on everyone who met her….remarkable, indeed.

  558. We’re going out to dinner with my step-daughter, son-in-law and three grand kids.

  559. Cindy Marino says:

    Church and then I don’t know what my men have planned for me;)

  560. Elisa Hardesty says:

    enjoying the garden with my kids and mom, maybe a picnic if the weather holds

  561. Betty rohr says:

    Hopefully working in the garden and yard. If not, reading a book.

  562. Ann Brown says:

    I am looking forward to not being the maid for a day. 4 kids and husband..7 animals, need i say more!!!!

  563. I will be going to Sunday School then Church in the morning.

    In the afternoon, since my children are around 800 miles away, maybe take in a movie.

    Some years my son’s b-day, 5/9, falls on mothers day that’s a really special mothers day.

    This year it is 2 day’s before.

  564. Lauren Lawson says:

    The older I get the less excited I am about holidays. I’m not doing much, except to call my mother, talk to my son, and spend some time at home with my husband..

  565. Putting an offer in on a house

  566. I’m going to church and then having a relaxing afternoon.

  567. Kate Skogen says:

    Hi Kevin, I am hoping my son and husband take me to see the Yankees play the brewers.
    If not I will go for a bike ride.

  568. Lorena Keech says:

    Probably some cleaning and laundry, then a nice dinner to celebrate the holiday.

  569. My mother passed away 1 1/2 years ago. I plan on taking my wife and sister out for dinner and a movie. Mom may be gone but she’s not forgotten.

  570. I’m waiting to be surprised by my husband and son, so who knows what to expect…maybe nothing if they forget. :} I’ll enjoy reading a card from my oldest daughter, then I’ll celebrate late with my youngest daughter when I visit her at the end of this month at Cannon AFB, where she currently serves in the Air Force.

    As always, thank you, Kevin, for offering such wonderful drawings. Your recipes, gardening, and home care would be enough to bring me back again and again. The drawings are simply MORE icing on the already fabulously delicious cake that is your site.

  571. My baby girl turns 8 on Mother’s Day, so we will be throwing a party for her. No rest for this mama on Mother’s Day with the birthday festivities, but that’s okay, she’s one of the reasons Mother’s Day is so important!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Kevin. I would just love to win!


  572. Spending the weekend with my Hubby, daughter, grand daughter and pup! Taking the time to relax, because life has been VERY stressful for the last 7 months. Sunday afternoon, we’ll head over to my mother’s to give her Mother’s Day present to her and probably reminiscence about days gone by. We’ll have 4 generations together on Sunday.

  573. Marjory W. says:

    I am volunteering at the plant sale at our local botanical garden, and visiting an exhibit at our outstanding local museum.

  574. Probably stay home and rest. Neither of our children live near us so as neither is planning a visit it will be just hubby and myself. I am under the weather so expecting a quiet day. Might bake a new gluten free, dairy free, soy free recipe for fun.
    Have a great weekend everything and Kevin thanks for the giveaway!

  575. Monica P says:

    Picnic with family and friends!

  576. Jeannie says:

    It’s my day to drive the assisted living residents to church. Plus myown mother is living at that same facility so I join her for lunch after church.

  577. Judi Oldridge says:

    I probably will spend the day with at least one of my children and my hubby outside- great weather for it, don’t you think?

  578. Going to the bridgwater at the oregon coast for a lovely mothers day meal with the kids. And calling mom of course!

  579. Relaxing & watching my 2 1/2 year old granddaughters play their 1st t-ball game.

  580. Phyllis M says:

    Getting together with friends on Saturday and then going to dinner with my son on Mother’s Day!

  581. Cristy S says:

    Going on a picnic in our 1946 Ford Woodie in the Redwoods! Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers!

  582. Tracey San says:

    Happy mothers day to everyone! I am, ugh…working. Then my mom’s for a shared mother’s day/dad’s birthdays shindiggie. Good luck with the garden tours, Kevin…everything looks beautiful!

  583. Mona Tammaro says:

    Sadly, I have to work, but hopefully will do some grilling after work.

  584. Grazyna says:

    If it doesn’t rain I might go fishing.

  585. It will hopefully be a day of rest for me. That is after taking care of the animals and other things. Perhaps a few calls with Mother’s Day wishes. Will be wonderful if the weather is nice.

  586. Susan McRae says:

    I have asked for a load of mushroom compost for mother’s day. I plan to work in the garden all day. digging, planting, staking…I love it.

  587. Nina W. says:

    My mom and I live in different states but I sent my mom a Mother’s Day Card and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We will speak by phone on Sunday morning, too.

  588. MaryAnn says:

    Remembering how much my Mom used to love gardening…

    I just planted forsythia along the fence and moved all my roses to the corner. It wasn’t until I finished planting that I realized that’s just the way Mom had our yard when we were growing up! Wish she was here to see it… Perhaps, maybe she sent me the inspiration?

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I’ll be in my garden “visiting” Mom!

  589. Liza coonse says:

    Rebuilding my raised bed! My untreated wood has rotted all the way through. It is prime planting time in NC so I need to get new beds ready fast!!

  590. I will be taking my granny and my mom out for lunch; super simple but nothing beats time together!

  591. Visiting my almost daughter in georgia

  592. Ann Knott says:

    No big plans, just working in the garden and mowing grass.

  593. LaVon Eblen says:

    Working at a Master Gardener plant sale and then planting in my yard.

  594. Relaxing at home with husband today then having lunch by the beach with my son, daughter in law and two gorgeous grandsons on Sunday. Only thing that would make it better would be if my two daughters, their partners and children didn’t live too far away to join us. And of course, reading your wonderful blog

  595. YVONNE M SHELLEY says:

    Going into the office to catch up on a few things, then in the garden and yard until dark-thirty Saturday. Sunday, church and a day of rest while my husband grills for my mother and me.

  596. Sunday I’ll be in church with my family, and I sing on the Worship Team this week! We’re planning to go to the beach later, but will see how the weather is. Also need to spend some time with both my mother and mother-in-law.

  597. Erin Foreman says:

    While I finally have a weekend off I’ll be cleaning house, doing laundry, spending time with my kids. And hopefully, if the weather cooperates, which it almost never does, there will be some fun in the sun at the beach!

  598. cooking supper for my wife.

  599. Working.

  600. I’m spending the day with my husband.

  601. Ann Honer says:

    I will be putting in another raised bed for all the ‘milk jugs’ that are ready and making dinner for our daughter and family. She works full time and I am home so have more time than her!

  602. Christina Liebler says:

    Trip to ikea with a dear friend and no kids or husband! Then dinner at the in-laws. Perfect!

  603. Claudia says:

    Shoveling Snow! 2-18 inches predicted for Denver Area! I will be anxious to see how my hoop houses hold up?

  604. I am “teen” sitting this weekend for my “Grands”; making sure they get to their activites,eat,and sleep in a timely manner, etc. It is a good feelling to be needed and appreciated on Mother’s Day.

  605. Bev Bary says:

    Going out for brunch after church. Then maybe a little fishing if it doesn’t rain.

  606. I’ll be working on a quilt for my son and future daughter in law for their upcoming wedding.

  607. Saturday is a work day, rain not withstanding….two client gardens to tidy up. I’m saving Sunday for my garden: trimming, weeding, digging and planting. I can’t wait!

  608. Maybe Brunch with KJ Denhert…then putting the ac in the window 80’s next week! yippee

  609. Christine Hollman says:

    Hopefully reading a very good book!!

  610. Nan Wyckoff says:

    Taking my mama to get her annuals and perennials because we didn’t get enough yesterday! Then lunch at her house Sunday because she still loves to cook πŸ™‚

  611. Jean Harrison says:

    Just working in the house and in the backyard. The weather will start improving (no more wind!) which will make working outside much more pleasant than it has been.

  612. Tomorrow I’ll be cooking and serving fresh food for the neighboorhood with our town’s Solidarity Department. Sunday is anybody’s guess, in other words, I’ll be lucky if they call.

  613. Linda K. says:

    Spending the evening with loads of family and staying in a motel with daughter and grandkids.

  614. Spending the day with my mother, cooking her dinner, washing her laundry…doing whatever it is she needs.

  615. The prediction of up to a foot of snow will have me re-covering my hoop house garden greens , putting boxes over the peas and leeks and bringing in all the seedlings we have thankfully not yet planted.
    Maybe we will enjoy a meal in front of the fireplace!

  616. Gardening (pulling weeds, planting seeds) as much as the weather allows on Saturday and then Sunday brunch with the neighbors. Brunch always includes a hike and watching the crazy bird action at the bird feeders and on the pond. Then hopefully long conversations with each of my three children!

  617. Margie S. says:

    Going to brunch with my special guy <3 then I'll probably go home and plant flowers if the weather cooperates. Since both of my daughters have to work that day, I probably will talk with them on the phone later.

  618. Julia Hofley says:

    NARGS meeting and plant sale in the a.m.,
    garden walk and cocktail party at 4:30
    Brunch with Mother-in-law Sunday
    Dinner with StepMom on Sunday
    Somehow, meeting an article deadline!

  619. BlueSkies says:

    Enjoying the kids, being thankful for Spring (however belated), and
    hoping to get some more planting done. Yay for May!

  620. Nora McDowell says:

    We will hopefully enjoy a sale at Sunset Seeds and a plant sale at our local college. On Sunday our lovely daughter-in-law is making us dinner.

  621. I’m supposed to be doing something?

  622. I’ll be planting veggies in garden on Saturday. Sunday my kids & grands are taking me to the beach for a picnic. πŸ™‚

  623. catherin barry says:

    I will be going to the Los Angeles Arboretum for a walk-about with my daughter and grand-daughter & feeling very schmoozy to be in their company all day.

  624. Joyce Woodard says:

    Going to my favorite plant nursery in the Snohomish Valley!

  625. Katie Zack says:

    Gardening on Saturday, church on Sunday then I hope dinner out with my boys:)

  626. Mary Beth Kemper says:

    Church Sunday morning, then no special plans for the afternoon.

  627. Heading to the mountains with the kids and gkids πŸ™‚

  628. Couponing, dance on Sat night and MD get together w/ bonfire Sunday.

  629. Stacey Phillips says:

    I work in a military post over nights and when I get off at 0730 Sunday morning. I am going to call my daughters. My middle daughter is a new mommy this year. My first grandson is 5 months old. Very exciting. πŸ™‚ Sadly they live to far away to make it a day trip to see them. And my oldest daughter is expecting her first child, my first grand daughter any minute! Again, she is also to far away to make a day trip. But I plan on being in route just as soon as I get the call. Off to Texas Grandma goes. I hope everyone has an amazing day full of blessings and family.

  630. WORK IN THE GARDEN, if only the sun would come out here in Sweden!

  631. Playing hockey!

  632. Church and then my daughter is preparing dinner for me.

  633. Relaxing and playing with my new Serger.

  634. Spending the day with family and celebrating my mother’s 84th birthday.

  635. Charles says:

    Special lunch by the ocean. Choosing to make it a great day.

  636. I get to visit greenhouses with my mom and two grown daughters. Three generations – Fun!

  637. Patti Rafalko says:

    I will be working both days, but after work I will be seeing my daughter and my beautiful Grandbabies (lovebugs) on Saturday. Sunday after work I will head right over to my mother’s house and celebrate her special day with a dinner with the family.

  638. My husband and I are an ocean away from our mothers this year so we’re just going to be hanging out and spending some time together and probably Skyping with our loved ones.

  639. juanita says:

    My five children and I are going to a local diner for breakfast. Then we are going to “All Fired Up” to paint and fire garden pots so I can decorate my garden with flowers in colorful pots.
    Lucky me – such thoughtful children.

  640. I’ll be enjoying my favorite activity- gardening of course!

  641. Moving to a new apartment.

  642. I will not be seeing my beautiful kids this year but……………………I just got a hive of honeybees! I will be spending Mother’s Day hanging with the girls in my beautiful gardens!

  643. Going to Calabash, NC to spend time with my mom and family.

  644. Diane Sofia says:

    Saturday: buy plants, chauffeur my kids
    Sunday: backyard cookout with husband, kids, my in laws, my Dad and of course, my one and only Mom!

  645. Going to Calabash, NC to spend time with my mom and family at the beach.

  646. I’m not sure. I want to work in my square foot garden and put the pea rock in the paths between the boxes. Spend time with my kids and remember my beautiful mother who was taken by cancer.

  647. Sherry B says:

    We are going to the cottage for the dinner my son is cooking and the rest of weekend gardening-lots to do in the garden. In our zone nothing really gets planted till after the long weekend(Victoria Day).

  648. Susan L. Golden says:

    Now that summer, yes summer, has hit WNY (89 degrees yesterday), I’m biting the bullet and planting the new shrubs, rose bushes, and raspberry plants outside! Then I’m filling the hanging baskets. I need to edge the new flower beds and look up the price of anything possible that will help in breaking down the clay soil in my vegetable garden (year #2 and it is still hard as a rock)! Happy Mom’s Day to one and all! πŸ™‚

  649. Enjoying my own time at home. Seeing kids today, so tomorrow is mine! I can do what I want .

  650. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    No special plans, unless my daughter and grandchildren surprise me with something I don’t know about. I would like to go to Home Depot or Loews and get materials to start an herb garden. I want to put them in a container so I can keep it on the deck. That way, I can teach my granddaughters, and grandson, how to care for it. I think they would enjoy watching the herbs grow, picking them when needed, and enjoy the dish they are used in.

  651. Cathy Vernon says:

    I’ll be rehabbing my raised bed garden– weeding, fertilizing, and cultivating– and transplanting my seedlings to the raised beds. They’ve been under a grow light in my basement since February. It’s been a long winter!

  652. shirley a says:

    Having a cookout with family!

  653. Marg Buck says:

    Gardening of course and hanging out with the family.

  654. Linda A. Fleming says:

    Waiting for the rain to stop in Connecticut so I can garden to my heart’s content. I would love to win the food processor as I was just yesterday researching where to buy a new work bowl.

  655. Sharon T says:

    Well since you asked……
    Depending on today if my daughter’s lacrosse team wins, we will have a game in the middle of the day tomorrow, then we are visiting both my Mom and my husband’s Mom. Oh, if there’s any time left I guess I get some attention since I’m a Mom too, lol!!!!

  656. William Dotson says:

    No plans other than just be lazy, but may work on my lawn mower so I can cut the grass after this rain we are getting.

  657. Hiking in the Blue Ridge. short ride on one of my horses and Husband to fix dinner. I have been gardening all week!

  658. Doris Land says:

    On Sat. I am a Master Gardener in South Carolina and we have a butterfly garden at the Roper Mtn. Science Center and if it is not raining I volunteer there and talk about the Monarc butterfly. On Sun. I am going to take a motorcycle ride to the NC mountains and have a deliicious lunch at Dugans a nice Irish pub we love riding up to the mountains and eating lunch there. My daughter lives in LA and my son lives in Alaska so I am hoping to hear from them both. My son and I would always go to the Beechwood garden and pick strawberries on Mothers day weekend so since he will not arrive until May 16 we will have to go then and celebrate. I hope eveyone has a wonderful mothers day you deserve it for all or your hard work. Love and God Bless to all you mothers out there

  659. Pat martin says:

    Well, we are heading to town to visit my husband’s mother. I couldn’t think of anything to give her (she is 82), so I sanded and refinished a 60’s desk and chair that she had in her bedroom.

    Our kids are ll grown and scattered…

  660. For the last few years (and this Mother’s Day, and many to come we hope)a lifelong friend and I, along with our families that are living nearby, enjoy a lovely few hours walking through the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, the former William Bayard Cutting estate, which is now part of the Long Island State Park system. Taking in the beautiful grounds, wildlife and water with loved ones is a cherished joy; and the at-home BBQ, prepared by our spouses and kids, completes the day. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  661. As a mother of a 17 year old, somehow Mother’s Day is all about him! And the best part is that he prides himself on his baking. So I’ll get something absolutely yummy this week end while I spend time with my favorite guy.

  662. Barbara C says:

    I just found your creative blog, and love the name. My husband passed away, and I take care of his garden, which is very large. Your blog is giving me some wonderful ideas on what to do. Actually, since he is gone, I plan to spend Mother’s Day watering his plants, and feeling close to him. That is a joyful act.

  663. Nancy rusinak says:

    We’re planning to visit my in-laws. I would not be a mom if my husband’s mom hadn’t had him! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  664. Aren’t you sweet to do this!! I am so happy-just became a granny 2 weeks ago! tomorrow the kids are coming over to fix brunch while I hold that sweet baby. Today I’m going to make a smoothie using my first pick of kale.

  665. Spending the day with my kids. They are going to help me put a fence around my garden.

  666. Work Saturday and chores around the house on Sunday. Lost my mom to cancer about 12 years ago, but will be thinking of her and celebrating her in my own little way.

  667. Today I’m working the gallery at THE VILLAGE POTTERS. Hope to take off for 1 hr to see Caleb Johnson play a free concert at the orange peel in downtown Asheville , NC ; Sunday I’ll be at church in AM then do some outdoor gardening and planting my sweet potatoes , squash and what ever else will fit in the new planter my hubby is going to build for me πŸ™‚
    Sure would be nice to see my daughter and grandchildren !

  668. Hosting out- of- town daughter and family this weekend. Can’t wait!

  669. Kathy Cooley says:

    My daughter and I are going together to get our ears pierced. Maybe I’ll get her in the garden for a while too!

  670. Lori G. says:

    Working in the garden, of course! Mom is far away in another state so there will be a phone call for sure. Much to be done in the garden though.

  671. Maggie Harvey says:

    Already had big mother’s day gathering May 3 celebrating
    5th generation new baby to family.

  672. Cathy O'Daniel says:

    Going with my youngest son (40) to a local nursery to
    pick out herbs to grow in pots on the deck….we’ve done
    this the last few years so it’s turning into a tradition…..very
    special time with my son. They also have a smokehouse
    group there smoking ribs and pulled pork so we’ll also
    bring back a picnic lunch… it.

  673. Lite house cleaning this morning, working in the yard, then out to dinner with my sweet husband and lovely daughter and son-in-law. Feeling very blessed.

  674. Joy Martin says:

    Catching up on some much needed housework, selecting paint for the great room, kitchen, and dining room and grilling out. Enjoying life!!!

  675. kirsten says:

    I’m baking a carrot cake, visiting my mother in law and feel like make a beautiful painting afterwards, while the rain is ticking….

  676. Lynda Blackwell says:

    Will be attending church with my family then going to lunch with everyone. Oh, did I mention that my brother is coming into town to surprise my 86 year old mom? Can’t wait to see the joy on her face.

  677. Kathleen DiTanna says:

    Volunteering at local nature center’s native plant sale!

  678. Playing with my four-legged boy, MacDuff and his sister, Abby; and spending time with my Beloved, and drinking in the beauty of the budding spring

  679. ingmarie peck says:

    Today I am cleaning house, broke the vacuum yesterday, dear hubby fixed it.
    Tomorrow ,Mothers Day ,I am not doing anything special,I stopped celebrating mothers day when I was about 11-12 years old, In school we had to make cards for our Mother for this day, my best friend had just lost her mother to cancer, and was not happy, and instead of making cards she had been given math problems to work on, NOT fair.
    So I went home told my mother and she was fine with it, she still got flowers ,and cards all other occasions. (and just because too)

  680. A trip to the local greenhouse to pick out my hanging baskets, spring cleaning … first load of laundry on the line for the year, and a grilled flank steak. I was looking for a different side dish and think I may have found one this morning with the braised fennel.

  681. One of my daughters flew in from Atlanta, so Friday we went out for dinner with my mother-in-law, On Saturday we will have supper together with my sister’s family, and Sunday we will go out to brunch with our immediate family, including our 4 week old grandaughter. In between all of this I want to get my garden ready for planting!

  682. Haven’t decided, but will be a good day no matter what.

  683. Hello, we are cleaning up our yard (raking and bagging). Putting the clean laundry away, and cutting up meat for the disk fry that we are having for supper today! Disk fry is so good:). My mom will be there and all my brothers and their wives, this is our Mother’s Day event today. Tomorrow we might be taking my husbands mother out for lunch, for Mother’s Day.

  684. Summerae says:

    Putting my herbs in the ground! Just got a shipment of scented sages and geraniums this week. Will visit with my youngest child and then see my mother tomorrow, too. Might try to make it to the local garden tour at some point. Busy time of year for plant lovers. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  685. Waiting for my beautiful daughter to come and rescue her mum for the day!

  686. My daughter and I spend Mother’s Day shopping for plants. I love this time we spend together!

  687. Out for breakfast then working in the garden, if it doesn’t rain. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and Mother’s To Be!

  688. Grace White says:

    taking care of 2 of my grandkids

  689. Donna Lewis says:

    Unfortunately I have to work a twelve hour shift but am hoping to enjoy a family get- together in the evening.

  690. Mother’s Day is always quite the big deal in our family! One of us 5 girls always has the rest, including our Mom(and Dad!) over for a big meal at noon. We share the cooking and all bring something. There are multiple Birthdays in our family near this date so we celebrate those too,
    so there is plenty of CAKE for dessert! This year my Mom is trying to ‘get rid of clutter’ so I
    got her the Empire Passport (year long pass to get into all NYS Parks). Nothing on her shelves! Ta-da!

  691. Diana Edgin says:

    doing lots of DIY for Granddaughters wedding in July!

  692. Suzanne says:

    Mother’s Day weekend is the time to plant the veggie garden.

  693. I will be working in the garden and telephoning my two daughters who live a long distance away. They are wonderful mothers. Love your website, Kevin.

  694. Transplanting leaks. In the rain. At least it will be easy to get them out of the ground.

  695. Maribeth Turner says:

    I will be going out to dinner with my family, MIL & SIL to a restaurant. (it better be food that I LOVE & prefer for once!!). πŸ˜‰
    On Sunday, if the sun actually stays out, I plan on playing in the dirt all day long. I have so much to do, but with the long winter and rain, it was never done……
    Happy Mother’s Day to your mother and I love your website!!!! XOXOXOX

  696. Nancy Ann says:

    A quiet day. My husband will be grilling rib eye steaks and making hisa famous Gin and tonic’s to go wtih it. Braised Kale on the side. A perfect meal with my favorite person.

  697. Headed out of town for a few days! Happy weekend to all the Mommies in the world.

  698. My children and I will finish cleaning our yard and preparing our raised beds. My daughter brought me a packet of sunflower seeds so she HAS to get the seeds in her pots before others day-her exact words.
    Great product & thank you for the chance to win!

  699. Nothing special. Maybe work out in the garden if it’s not too hot. All my kids are grown and live out of town—I sure do miss them.

  700. Vicki Judge says:

    Spending Sat. night with my daughters at my youngest daughter’s bachelorette party. (I won’t last as long as they will!) Sunday I will be feeling better than they will…. and then drive home to spend some time with my son.

  701. Celebrating Saturday night with my mother, my siblings, their spouses and families, so that us moms of the next generation can enjoy being pampered by our own families on Sunday!

  702. Lynnette says:

    taking it easy around the house. Grilling a steak tonight and sitting outside, by the way, I tried your chicken in paper and we absolutely loved it!!! I’ve made it 3 times!! I am going to try the braised fennel.

  703. Thinking About heading to Logee’s to get some edible perennials today and cooking out tomorrow.

  704. I’m going to train my horse in the morning and then work on a painting the rest of the day.

    I hope your Sunday is lovely!

  705. Alisa Frye says:

    I will be planting the rest of my vegetable garden on Saturday, and drinking Mimosas on Sunday morning and lunch with my family in the afternoon πŸ™‚

  706. Gretchen says:

    I’ll be grooming the roses beginning with a 142-year old thornless rosebush. Theis precious rosebush was given to my great-grandmother in 1874 in honor of the birth of her daughter (who was my grandmother who raised me). Grooming and pampering this bush is my way of offering a memorial to two extra special mothers.

  707. Marilyn Elliott says:

    Dinner out with kids and grandkids….but on Saturday. Oddly enough, my son gave me my first food processor, for Mother’s Day, believe it or not! Money earned from his first real paying job, bless his heart. I loved it and used it until last year when I dropped the base and broke off the part that the carafe fits on.

  708. Since my birthday was on Friday, and Mother’s Day is on Sunday, my daughter tried to take both my Mom who is 94, and I out to dinner, but my Mom got too tired and we had take out.
    Today my daughter is taking me to lunch with my grandkids and then tomorrow we are going to get some plants, and do some planting and get take out for dinner. Not bad….three meals I didn’t cook OR clean up after….in one weekend!

  709. Last night I went to see Mom’s Night Out with my mother-in-love, today I’m headed to my Moms house for a cookout. Tomorrow? We shall see!

  710. Ruth Hill says:

    Having some long distance family come visit & lots of good food & conversation. Happy Days.

  711. Maureen says:

    Working on the roses and waiting for the annual ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ text message.

  712. Norma Coates says:

    My son is spending the day with me…………..helping me mix soil so I can do a lot of transplanting, and carrying pots back and forth to back porch.

    Then……..he’s going to cook steak on the grill……..and wine!!!!

    A PERFECT DAY !!!!!!!!!!


  713. Rachel S Dutton says:

    I will be visiting my 95 year friend for Mother’s Day. After the recent lost of my brother my sister-in-law and I are planning to spend some time with her. It will be a fun day she still has a great sense of humor and was a part of my growing up in a small town.

  714. Juanita says:

    Going to a cookout at my daughters.

  715. Cynthia says:

    Will be attending Church Service in the morning , and putting out my plants outdoors to harden them off.Then my daughter and I will be spending the rest of the day together while Hubby will be ordering Dinner for the three of us so I can really put my feet up and relax on my special day.

  716. Tending to my plants in the greenhouse.

  717. A.M. Church service, breakfast, and home to relax and plant some flowers!

  718. Teresa Edington says:

    Making a quiche Lorraine and a chocolate swirl no bake cheesecake to take to my BF’s mom.

  719. sharon c. says:

    Planting vegetable, herb and flower seedlings that I started indoors.
    Thanks for the photo garden tour…..looks beautiful !!!
    Love your newsletter !!!

  720. Celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary! The family has a fun party and program planned!

  721. I am having my Mom (and Dad) to my house for grilled chicken and kabob vegetables over wild rice pilaf and watermelon for dessert on the deck hopefully, if the rain holds off. (Menu requested by Mom) So today, I’m going to be cleaning my house and deck and making sure the grill is ready. Happy Mother’s Day everyone and thanks for the great gardening info and recipes, Kevin.

  722. Going to Rhode Island at the crack of dawn with my husband ( I must be crazy, but I can’t say no because he has been doing all my chores since my hip problem started). I will get a nice meal our though!

  723. I know I’m late, but I’ll give it a shot. My son Brian, husband Jerry and I will visit area garden centers, where I’ll choose a shrub (for permanence) as my Mother’s Day gift. Then the guys will cook dinner on the grill for me–there may even be some champagne!

    Love your newsletter, garden tours, recipes, and photos–you’re the best, Kevin.

  724. Joni H. says:

    I am gathering with my parents and two sisters and their families for a mother’s day brunch.

  725. I’m going to enjoy being pampered by some of my kids, including savoring a chocolate dessert made by my daughter.

  726. Working both days and then hopefully having a cookout tomorrow evening.

  727. I will be going to church and then doing chores around the house.

  728. I’m planting my garden in SE Alaska!!!

  729. Kathleen- Zone 8b Calif. says:

    We are having a bar-b-que for the Moms with no husbands to do the cooking for them.

  730. Jamie H. says:

    My children, husband and I are mulching the entrance of our neighborhood, then planting my flowers today. On Mother’s day, we are making a special breakfast for my Mother-in-law who is living with us right now and then a special dinner for my Mom, Dad and 87 year old Nana. It should be a very nice weekend.

  731. Going to my sons for a brunch including my daughter-in-law, 2 grandsons & my granddog. Will be a wonderful day with my family.

  732. Spending the day with my family at the horse races!! Anything with the family together is amazing

  733. setting up the campsite in the lawn to make sure everything is there before the fiddlers’ convention camping season starts in earnest next weekend

  734. Patty McCarthy says:

    Well since I am nearing the end of a 3 month recuperation from a recent operation and my daughter has to work, I think I will be doing some long overdue spring sprucing up of my front yard and flower beds. Sad but true…

  735. Marie M says:

    Looking forward to the sunshine Sunday for planting and weeding and hopefully shopping for more plants! Happy Mother’s Day!

  736. Baking bread (weekly sourdough), sewing, and weather-permitting, some gardening. I am redoing an entire sloped rock garden, circumference of 60 feet, to rid it of bermuda grass and other weeds! (For a while anyway!!)

  737. I’ll be planting beans and watching the grass grow. Happy Mothers Day!

  738. Karen O. says:

    I will be spending time with my son and husband and going out for a late dinner after traveling 180 miles to stay over and have a medical appointment the next day, I’m so looking forward to the family time. I have only one child in the state, so we do gt together more often than with the other two.

  739. Kathleen says:

    We are visiting our 31 yr old “baby” and her 8 month old baby in Omaha.

  740. Jeanine says:

    We are having a snowstorm on Sunday! So I plan to curl up on the couch, put a fire in the fireplace and enjoy my family! And probably knock the snow off of our trees and shrubs!

  741. Helen Oleksyn says:

    I’ll be sanding and painting my basement walls. Probably also cutting my grass.
    My children always mail be flowers or a fruit basket to enjoy. Also will be going out today for dinner with one of my sons.

  742. Hilomark says:

    I will be making brunch for my dear son, Mark (who is the “mark” in “hilomark”), and his girlfriend before they head back to NYC, after being in the area for a wedding today.

  743. Cleanne says:

    We are traveling and spending the weekend with our son and his family in Kentucky.

  744. Saturday, May 10th, is my 45th wedding anniversary. Our 2 granddaughters stayed over last night because our daughter and “son” went to a concert. Joe and I are going to dinner this evening; tomorrow we will go to Mass, and children and grandchildren will join us for dinner at a restaurant.

  745. Brigitte says:

    My Mother’s Day will be next Sunday instead of tomorrow. I am looking forward to it!

  746. Joanie N. says:

    Enjoying baseball on Saturday and celebrating with the family on Sunday with a BBQ on the patio.

  747. Making carnitas and black beans for the kids! Yum!!

  748. Elizabeth says:

    I am going to help my best friend’s husband spread her ashes at the place in the world that she loved best. She died of cancer last fall at the age of 57. A bitter sweet day to be sure.

  749. I’ll be counting the grains of sand on an undisclosed beach before having to cater to all the first time restauranteurs and their mothers. Can you say “FUN”

  750. Sadly, my Mother passed away just one year ago, and this my first Mother’s Day without her. I’m headed back to Minnetonka, Minnesota to visit her grave, and Dad’s. My own children and I will celebrate next weekend by cleaning out the garage!

  751. Maryann Massar says:

    Since both my own mom and mother in law have passed on, we celebrate me by going to church and then a family brunch with homemade waffles, bacon, fruits, and the works! Love both brunch and my beloved husband and children!

  752. Mickie Christiansen says:

    Happy mothers day to earth and every living thing created there in. I will be joyfully digging into the earth, planting, nourishing, re energizing, I may even eat a little tiny bit of it! Life is full. Chakras are open. Love you Kevin.

  753. I’ll be working and out working in my garden. It’s been beautiful here after a hard, cold winter.

  754. My kids are bringing-in lunch

  755. Spending the day relaxing at home with my two children and amazing husband!

  756. putting my feet up and getting in some sweet relaxation.

  757. Cooking and cleaning while it rains, and looking forward to gardening and time with family.

  758. Michele Reeves says:

    My mother has passed, and my husband’s has passed, so we are taking a very sweet aunt roses and to dinner and spend the day visiting. She is a wealth of information about the family and is helping me do genealogy. Have a blessed day!

  759. kelly ann says:

    i will cut some tulips from my garden to give to MY mom on mother’s day and enjoy my family of women!

  760. Kelly Ann says:

    plan to cut some tulips from my garden to give to MY mom on mother’s day and enjoy my family of women!

  761. Lynne Felciano says:

    My mom lives with my husband and me, so we’ve made reservations at our favorite Italian restaurant to take Mom to a luncheon for Mother’s Day. We may even be joined by my daughter, who might be driving up for the day from the other end of our State!

  762. Planting my garden & then a BBQ

  763. My daughter and I are visiting The Pearl S Buck house and gardens.

  764. Karen Hood-Caddy says:

    Planting my garden, of course!!! My son is away, so I’ll be hanging out with the awesome Nature Mother and getting my peas and carrots in!! Can’t wait!

  765. Diane McGraw says:

    Grading papers . . . Even in 3rd grade we do a lot of testing towards the end of the year.

  766. Karen L. says:

    Mostly we are painting and cutting/fitting moldings for my new studio and my husband’s new workshop with hopes of being able to move into the new rooms very soon! Then it will be planning the landscape around the new building. Boy, Kevin, wish you lived next door so you could help me out on that! Oh well, guess I am on my own. Thanks for doing another give-away! Now I am off to read the rest of your blog posts.

  767. Basking in Spring here in north central Minnesota: fussing in the garden, watching the birds and reveling in the sunshine

  768. Going out for brunch, but then I’ll be working on my sculpture.

  769. I will be making stuffed pork chops with mushroom cream sauce and green beans “granny style.” (That is, with onions, bacon and garlic.) Oh, and a carrot cake. Because we are having a rainy weekend I can’t play in the garden. πŸ™ So I might as well cook!

    Long-time reader, first-time poster. πŸ™‚

  770. Saturday, Going to a Spring Tea for the historical society, then babysitting my grandchildren and helping them make cookies for their Mommies for Mother’s Day, plus an Irish Whiskey cake for us older Mommies. Sunday, after church and visiting Mom’s grave to put on flowers, we will all be together for a cookout of steaks, corn on the cob, salad, baked sweet potatoes and Idaho’s. Lots of love and laughter in our family.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all

  771. I’ve been working in the garden all day today and tomorrow we’ll go out for a nice brunch.

  772. Marcia Leitschuh says:

    I am planting a lot of my vegetable garden and then getting together with my daughter.

  773. Rebecca says:

    Going to my daughter-in- laws parents to celebrate her mother, my daughter-in-law, and my self as mothers and grandmothers. My Mom isn’t with me anymore, but sending her a Happy Mothers day in my thoughts.

  774. Eileen Lilley says:

    With the last name of Lilley, I’ll be doing anything on Mother’s Day I can concerning plants, flowers, what’s coming up in the yard, what I want to plant, “let’s go see some flowers”, etc., etc. Love it!

  775. On Sunday, I will be re-potting my tomato seedlings as it is still too cold to put them in the garden.

  776. Mark Coopersmith says:

    This Mother’s Day I’m taking my mother’s ashes and spreading them on the grave of Clark Gable.

  777. Having my mom, sister-in-law, and friend and other family members over for lunch and giving them all flowers and no work for the time they are here.

  778. Sunny Alexander-Stitz says:

    Nothing much today. I had to clean out under the sink to find the leak we had. That was a mess πŸ˜‰ husband is grilling a pork loin for mothers day. My son is a Police Officer so he’ll be working so I won’t see him. I Hope everyone has a great Mother’s day!

  779. visiting with son and family.

  780. Planting our vegetable garden…

  781. LuAna W. says:

    Hi Kevin,
    On Saturday I will be spending the morning with my oil painting class in Olde Towne Spring. Then we are having a gumbo luncheon at the studio with everyone bringing something. Saturday evening, relatives from out of town are stopping by for coffee before going back to Beaumont. Sunday, Mother’s Day I am thinking of going to the Museum of Fine Arts and having a lovely meal at a nearby restaurant. A nice treat for me. Wishing your Mom and all Moms a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  782. Will be fixing a picnic dinner for the beach. Will be remembering my mom, bless her. Will be thankful I have a wonderful son. πŸ™‚ Best wishes on your tour tomorrow, Kevin! I’m sure it will be fab!!

  783. Rebecca says:

    Celebrating mothers day with my mother in law and her family for the very first time.

  784. Paul McGarity says:

    I am visiting with friends this weekend.

  785. Glenn Dickerson says:

    Cooking dinner for Mama

  786. Erin Brady says:

    Washing all the patio furniture…. Weeding….. And hopefully enjoying a glass of wine.. Or 2…

  787. Working and proud I have a job.

  788. Aimee Cleveland says:

    My twin sister and I will be enjoying our mom’s amazing cooking.

  789. Chrysta says:

    We went to Portland’s Union Station for National Train Day today. Tomorrow is still a surprise. πŸ˜€

  790. Dennis Lepp says:

    Letting my Mother of 4 adult children,8 Grandkids, and 3 Great Grandkids sleep in . When she wakes up I will have her fave brunch ready for her and later in the day we will barbecue and she can enjoy the Fruits of her Labor(s) surrounded by Kids and Grandkids.

  791. badger gardener says:

    Gardening! Putting in some strawberries. Also, my husband and I went to pick out a water fountain for the yard, but I still have to be officially surprised when my kids give it to me tomorrow. So glad I got to pick it out because I have seen what my kids tend to gravitate to at the garden centers and I may have ended up w/ something quite tacky.

  792. Already prepared and enjoyed “Mom’s Day lunch” with my husband’s Mom and Aunt. Sunday our college age kids will be home – we haven’t been together for months!

  793. Planting my garden of course!

  794. Putting my potting bench together, then getting with my youngest sister to finish up the plans for my mom’s 80th birthday open house we’re having for her next Saturday. Going to fix some pulled pork sliders, cole slaw and potato salad along with the requisite cake and punch (tea and coffe too) for her big day!!!! A shout-out to the MOMS everywhere. I celebrate you all!!!

  795. sue conard says:

    I am playing in my garden,,,,never get time to, because I’m always at work,,,,so will enjoy this time,,,,,;-)

  796. Jo-Ann Mon says:

    I’ll just be hanging around the house for most of the weekend, Was planning on working in the veggie garden, but we’re having some wonderful rain. Tomorrow, I’ll visit my Mom’s grave, shed a few tears, and then remember all the wonderful things about her.

  797. Stacy B says:

    My mom lives up in Northern California, so won’t get to see her this weekend, but I sent her a little something somethin! Down here in LA we will be enjoying the sunshine, getting some errands done, and going to the farmer’s market on Sunday!

  798. Connie Sartain says:

    Planting veggies on the little farm and watching the wonderful bird airshow daily in the yard!

  799. I’ll be trying to get my tractor running so I can cut the grass, and doing other spring yard work. Outside–it’s where I love to be. Thanks.

  800. Museum day with my daughter — yard work day with my son — perfect Mother’s Day weekend!

  801. Nancy Carr says:

    I am resting this weekend. Also, I will be playing with my dogs. Thank you.

  802. Rebecca says:

    Brunch with all my children then the beach to enjoy our glorious weather.

  803. Christine says:

    Enjoying a lazy MN Sunday…

  804. Kaeleigh says:

    Well, in my true “mom brain” nature, I completely forgot and scheduled myself to work this Mother’s Day. Haha! Normally I would go to church and breakfast with my daughters and husband to treat myself to my favorite thing, pancakes! So this year when I get out of work at 5pm we will go out to have breakfast for dinner! :))

  805. Spending time with my family!

  806. amanda whiltey says:

    we are having brunch at a local diner

  807. I will start my day with Church service at 8 am, then a lunch celebration with my beautiful daughter, son-in-law, and two very special Grand babies, then probably do a little gardening in the late afternoon. A perfect day!

  808. Kevin, i’m eighty and my friend just turned seventy two. Both our mothers are passed but we’re meeting to share all the good things our mothers did for us and taught us.

    Thanks for asking


  809. Jackie Peschong says:

    Had a wonderful celebration today with family so tomorrow I’ll have all day to do my favorite thing–garden-now that it has stopped snowing!! Happy Mother’s Day to all those special ladies out there!

  810. Joyce Hice says:

    I am a huge Detroit Tiger baseball fan and have been for over 75 years. My children took me to the baseball game today for Mother’s Day. I could not ask for anything that would please me more. The Tigers won 9 to 3. It was a great day.

  811. Attending my oldest grandson’s graduation from Illinois State University. I’m so proud of his accomplishment. Only 3 more grandsons to go!

  812. Gretchen says:

    Putting out my deck furniture and hoping bugs are still sleeping!

  813. We’re building new raised beds today and will celebrate Mother’s day and my daughters birthday with a meal.

  814. Maureen says:

    I will be gardening part of the day. Plan to cut a big bouquet of tulips for our dinner table. My hubby and sons are cooking dinner on the grill-I will be sipping wine or some other tasty drink by then and watching the humming birds, listening to the peepers and relaxing!!

  815. Martha Starks says:

    My children are cooking for me. I will be their Queen for the day.

  816. This weekend I’ll be eating cinnamon rolls and then working off the calories in the garden.

  817. Barbara O'Brien says:

    I will be gardening part of the day … planting some perennials and watering newly planted grass seed. After that, we are meeting up with my first cousin … our mother’s were sisters.

  818. Anthony K says:

    The whole family is heading to my sisters.
    BBQ, Bocce ball and who knows what πŸ™‚

  819. I’m painting Mom’s kitchen this weekend. Two coats of primer required and then the color selection can begin. What a difference already!

  820. I am in Texas with my daughter and her family having a wonderful time with two darling little boys.

  821. I’ll be having a wonderful brunch at my son’s home with his family, then go to a couple of nurseries, come home and garden until dark, getting ready for a big garden party next Saturday for one of my granddaughter’s upcoming wedding.

  822. Lori Mancini says:

    I will be recovering from all the work I have put in this week on an afternoon tea for the people (mainly mothers or ladies at least) who live in a β€œseniors” building. All the work will be worth it though many of them are alone and hopefully this will make them feel less so.

  823. I will be spending time with my grand babies ! One of the many blessings of being a mother!

  824. Eating brownies and gardening – unless I’m surprised with something else.

  825. I am cleaning the barn; and milk testing!

  826. Working in the greenhouse.

  827. ValerieR says:

    we are also celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on Mother’s Day. having a family get together.

  828. jane ferry stewart says:

    eating a delicious dinner with my mom prepared by my son-in-law.

  829. Barb Schultz says:

    Thanks Kevin! Saturday will be spent with my Garden Club at our annual plant sale (you are our favorite blog!) in the AM, then planting all that I buy in the afternoon. Sunday is church with son and family, then play and brunch with them, then on to a granddaughter’s lacrosse game (hmm, why are there never kid events on Father’s Day?) and grilling with daughter’s family after the big – we hope- win! It’s a full weekend for us! Lemon Tart for dessert……outstanding!

  830. Tracy Knapp says:

    work, work work lol. Isn’t that what momma;s do πŸ™‚

  831. Michele Layne says:

    Well Kevin, I am traveling from my home in Arizona to my eldest daughters house in Northern California to give her my car. She has been ill and off of work but has gone back to work but her car has quit working and she is not financially able to buy a new one so I’m giving her my 2007 CR-V that, although it has 110,000 miles it is in tip top shape and if she takes care of it should last her another 100,000 miles. Then up to Flagstaff Arizona to do some fishing if there is any water up there. It has been a very dry winter and not much snowpack so we will see. What fantastic adventure will you be having? Whatever it is or will be Happy Mothers Day to your mother and every other mother out there:)

  832. Walking my sweet Frenchies, Beau and Georgette.

  833. Carolsue says:

    My kids always serve me breakfast in bed and my husband does all the chores on Mother’s Day. So I plan to relax — read, take a walk, a nice hot bubble bath, etc. etc. In the evening, my Mom and Dad will be coming over for dinner and we will serve them a nice dinner.

  834. JaneGrace Bowman says:

    Going to watch my husband and friend surf while my friend and I walk on the beach and collect shells.

  835. Georgette says:

    Going to a brunch at TASTE in Albany, NY with friends and our mothers. I am looking forward to a great time and we all love you and your wonderful sense of humor along with everything else you do!!!

  836. Camping by the lake in Music City, Tn! Peace and contentment for this Mother!

  837. We had movie night last night and watched The Amazing Spider-Man, and today we are heading out to go shopping at some of my favorite stores and some of theirs : )

  838. Cleaning the house and making dinner for my mother.

  839. Kerry Sotelo says:

    Husband is army and heading to training this morning on Mother’s Day. So just staying home with the kids today, my oldest is attempting to make me breakfast. Bacon pan cakes ( I really think we wanted them more lol) .

  840. Spending the day with my kids. Hoping one of them will mow the lawn while they’re here. I can hope can’t I?

  841. Melodie says:

    Nothing in particular – can’t get in the garden with my broken ankle πŸ™

  842. I spent Saturday watching my kids play soccer (6 games!), cleaning house, doing laundry, going to church, and relaxing while my husband made dinner for my family, my mother and I. Today, my kids and husband are making breakfast for my mom & I. After that? I may do some planting, if the rain holds off! πŸ™‚

  843. Watching it snow on all of my plants:(

  844. Working on a quarterly publication that I edit, then outside to the garden! Onions to plant, brussels sprouts to plant, compost to spread…..

  845. Valerie says:

    Enjoying the beautiful day

  846. I pulled weeds, feed my perennials, put my cloths on the line to dry. But Sunday is raining cats and dogs. Son coming over later to make me smile.

  847. Darlene says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all! Spending the day with all of our four-legged children doing some chores around the farm. Wishing I could be with my mom but a few too many miles between us for a day trip. I am with her in spirit and heart.

  848. I will be spending time with my family and unpacking into a new house. πŸ™‚

  849. Joan Biddison says:

    My older children will,drive the 200 miles to visit my 12 year old son who is in the hospital with me. Then my teen says he will make me some blueberry scones!!

  850. Going to The Clam Box in Ipswich, MA for our annual Mother’s Day lil bit o’ Heaven!

  851. We’re having a Mothers Day tea.

  852. Brunch with the family!

  853. I will be spending the day with my family unpacking into a new house. πŸ™‚

  854. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I’m taking my mom for desert and coffee,spending some time with my son and gonna have a long phone conversation with my sister….and when my husband gets off of work I think we will take a long walk if the weather allows. Thanks and Happy Mother’s day everyone.

  855. Working on my garden.

  856. Cathi Lamoreux says:


  857. Putzing in the garden and bird watching. Saw a beautiful red-headed woodpecker just now. Rare here. Made my Mother’s day!

  858. Christine Dias says:

    Spending the day with family and friends! Also celebrating my husbands MBA graduation πŸ™‚

  859. Christina Mueller says:

    I told my husband and 4 young children (ages 9, 5, 3 and 22 months) that I didn’t want to have to cook AT ALL on Mother’s Day. So far it’s been a WONDERFUL morning! The 9 and 5 year old made homemade biscuits and eggs for me for breakfast – and they tasted GOOD!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mothers and Caregivers!

  860. Nothing special, my mother passed away 2 yrs ago, so it’s a quiet weekend at home with my fur babies. Wish she was still her, would love to cook diner for her.

  861. My son and daughter-in-law are taking me out for dinner. I don’t know wether or not any of my grandchildren will be with us. Then when we are through we will go to my daughter’s home and join the crowd there.

  862. Heading over to my 88 year old mother in laws to clean cook lunch, clean her kitchen and spend time with her. My daughters will be there helping. This is precious time spent with this dear lady.

  863. Erin Morrison says:

    Feeding chickens, bathing dogs, playing with kittens, cleaning the house, weeding and watering the garden. Smiling!

  864. Would make a great addition to my kitchen!

  865. stephanie hamilton says:

    Going to Prescott for food and wine festival with my husband! Your gardens look absolutely wonderful, Kevin! Nice job….

  866. Had a wonderful dinner with my son and his wife and her mom last evening.
    Today invited to be with my daughter and her family for a cook-out, probably eat-in, for it is a bit chilly today in Ohio.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms. And a special thank you to Kevin’s mom for raising such an interesting and talented son. Have a good day.

  867. Diana Lowther says:

    I will be starting to plant my garden.

  868. Martha Milone says:

    I am a mother of 6. My age is 81. (Yes, I still cook and enjoy doing so). Not all of my children will be joining me this year as one is at a wedding out of town, and two others live in NJ. I do not ask the out of town children to visit on holidays because of their work schedules and heavy traffic. They do come often to visit which is a blessing. Three children (all now adults with families) will join my husband and me for lunch at a nearby favorite restaurant. I am reminded especially today of how I am blessed with thoughtful, caring children which adds to a rich and happy life.

  869. cleaning house, working & hopefully spending plenty of time with the boys & going out to dinner with the hubs πŸ™‚

  870. Woke up to 6″ plus of snow and it’s still snowing, so I guess planting my wave petunias in their respective pots is out! The snow is so wet and heavy, power has gone out 4 times now as snow falls off trees and hits power lines. Think I’ll just curl up with a good book!

  871. Dawn Owen says:

    Going to a spin class and letting my husband cool dinner.

  872. Lori aka 7nflgirl says:

    Oh I will be taking care of our new puppies and the 4 cats and the Queen of the house… Charlemagne our 14 year old Chow!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, I never had the pleasure and am in awe of all mothers!

  873. Pam Whitman says:

    Brunch for my Mom and my daughters. Crab (I pounded crab for an hour last night) salad, fresh berries and scones. I am still chopping vegetables while looking at my old Cuisinart Food Processor that is so old, I can’t find replacement parts unless I do a search.

    Love your blog, your recipes turn out perfectly every time.


  874. Planting flowers and mulching.

  875. set up the chicken fence then Reeeeelax!

  876. Church to give thanks, then to a local greenhouse to buy goodies for my garden!

  877. Bev Nolan says:

    Happy Mothers Day Everyone! My husbands sister and her husband are here visiting us and we are having a blast just catching up.

  878. Darla Shannon says:

    I will be picking berries in the yard and I volunteered at the library yesterday. Otherwise relaxing.

  879. island2island says:

    Happy Mothers Day! Already called mom and then went to work. Now gonna take a change and plant some beets, beans and maybe transplant a few tomatoes…

  880. Lucinda Reams says:

    Church on Sunday morning and then a quiet day with family.

  881. I’ll be cutting some beautiful smelling roses for my table and enjoying homemade pizza with my family. Thanks for having a wonderful giveaway on Mother’s day. Have a wonderful day !

  882. Susan Nebrick says:

    A relaxing, quiet Sunday! A great day to catch up on things I didn’t get to during the week.
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone; bittersweet for me, I lost mine 3 weeks ago….

  883. A walk in the park and dinner with family….hopefully some really good dessert!

  884. out in the garden, then dinner with my daughters. Lovely day – love to all mother’s !!!

  885. nancy m says:

    we sent flowers to mom and mom in law – currently I am making a lovely veggie stew and a loaf of bread. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day outside! Now I’m hoping I don’t receive any mothers day gifts from my cat.

  886. Michelle A. says:

    Long weekend away with my husband, then coming home to dinner cooked by my almost grown children.

  887. Carolyn says:

    My daughter is making me dinner.

  888. relaxing on the deck….thanks Kevin


  889. Jeanne hanson says:

    Going to take the day off with church, lunch, and wuiet time.

  890. Relaxing! We mowed the lawn and then had a nice cookout, just the two of us! It started to rain lightly, and so we just sat and enjoyed it until it started to rain heavy, it was quite beautiful! Lovely day all around!

  891. went to Mass with my daughter and her family. (my granddaughter just received her first communion). Then my son-in-law treated us all to breakfast. My grandchildren
    8 and 4 behaved Great!!! Now that I’m home it’s time to plant!

  892. Yvonne b says:

    I am planting a garden with kids! The Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving!

  893. Mary Ellen Hern says:

    I’m gardening all day. My daughter is making me a raspberry cake with pastry cream and meringue from scratch, and she made delicious scrambled eggs with ham, red pepper and carmelized onions.

  894. Unfortunately all my Mother’s Day Weekend plans were dashed – bronchitis decided to pay a visit πŸ™

  895. Sue Lefeber says:

    As this will be my mom’s last Mother’s Day, I will be spending a lot of time with her. At home we are doing a complete revision of the backyard, so lots of planting and grunt work!

  896. Barb Ahlrichs says:

    Church, benefit breakfast for summer mission trip, cleanup kitchen after 18 hours of baking for Saturday farmers market, and finally, supper with son, his wife and 7 children at their farm.

  897. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, we all went over to my sister’s for a big meal at noon. It was delicious! The kids,incl my two twenty something daughters,and husbands, went outside after dinner to throw a football around, and I went too. Well, dont you know, that darn football bounced up off the ground and broke my pinky finger! At least, it is all at a crooked angle. I will go and have the doctor confirm tomorrow! A Mother’s day to remember!
    PS I just love your blog! And my mom does too! she(we) would’ve loved to have come to your
    openhouse! Maybe next time! Everything looks beatiful in the pictures!

  898. Robert Springfield says:

    Resting from playing music for belly dancers Friday and Saturday.

  899. Farmer’s market and plant sale on Saturday, bird/flower walk on Sunday – bonus was spotting a River Otter.

  900. Diana Carapezza says:

    Yesterday was my fiances birthday, so I took him on a Murder Mystery Dinner Train ride. Tonight he and my son are taking me out to dinner. So, I didn’t have to cook all weekend!

  901. relaxing in the morning, going to work in the afternoon

  902. Getting ready to plant my tomatoes. Looking forward to your tomato recipes later in the season. Also spending time with the family later today.

  903. Not doing much of anything. My mother died last Tuesday so it will be bittersweet for me.

  904. theresa says:

    Radiation treatment has me housebound and at a safe distance from my loved ones. It was beautiful and sunny here in Boston. So much yard work to do. Made some progress on it. Shuffled through urns and planters.Read a cookbook from the 30’s about Farmer’s Wives and correct canning procedures. I probably won’t ever can or jar anything in my life but is there anything more relaxing than reading a cookbook on Mother’s Day?


  905. Just relaxing and planning what seeds I should get started for my gardens.

  906. Cooking for my kids!

  907. We went to church and then to the Charleston Greek Festival. Then, I took a nap! Wonderful day.

  908. I’m a nurse, so it will be work for me.

  909. I love your blog. I work at a real greenhouse gardencenter for 7 years and I always learn new goodies from you to help my customers. mothers day called my mom and mother in law and sung happy mothers day to you(to the tune of happy bday) went to my motherinlaws for lunch and had a good visit with inlaws(only a half mile away). came home and started changing overwinter to summer clothes thanks brenda

  910. I was helping my husband to build and install my Mothers Day present that is a Bee House for the Native Bees of this area!
    It was a fun and sunny day, now we can relax knowing that they will have shelter for their babies and we are hoping that they will find dandelions to provide them with pollen.

  911. Laurie f says:

    Spending it with my kids and grandkids! What else?

  912. Michael says:

    Remembering and honoring my Mother as I work in her memorial garden.

  913. We went to an amusement park today – my 60-year old mother was the one who suggested it! (And, yes, she still goes on most of the rides, though she was willing to stay at the kiddie rides with my toddler while my father and I rode the two roller coasters.)

  914. Hanging with the kids, planting some flowers and veggies and watching the birds in the yard!

  915. Sandra C says:

    Reading your blog!

  916. Spring cleaning!, starting with the windows, yuck!!

  917. Milly Loewen says:

    Had a great Mother’s day celebration yesterday and today again! My daughter took me to a Greenhouse to pick out some plants for the beautiful plant hanger she bought me last year! Going to fill it with the same gorgeous plants it came with. Sunpatients is beautiful and blooms all summer in the sun! Impatients has to be in the shade! After that she took me for a scrumptious lunch to Red Robin. Then two hours later we joined our son and family at Denny’s restaurant for a great supper together! Then today we joined our daughter and her family for a brunch at Cora’s after church! And it was all lovely and so special. Also received a beautiful bouquet of roses from our son and family. I feel really honoured to be treated so royally by my family!! God is so good!! Never had a food processor in my whole life, so am sure hoping to be the lucky winner!! Thank you Kevin for your beautiful web page. I thoroughly enjoy it and get lots of good ideas from it.

  918. Alicia from CT says:

    Soccer with my daughters and a trip to the Elephant’s Trunk

  919. Going on adventures with my grand kids . Then my husband is making lunch for all of us!

  920. Susanne says:

    Having a double celebration today for Mother’s Day and Birthday. Went to church and lunch with family and friends. Relaxed in the afternoon.

  921. I made pasta primavera for dinner. Yum.

  922. Beth Emhoff says:

    Working in my yard and gardens topped off with a Mother’s Day cookout.

  923. Phillis says:

    Picniced with our Bible Fellowship in the morning –made spicy seasame noodles–a crowd pleaser! Relaxed on the couch with my husband in the afternoon. Watched Pride and Prejudice (A&E version of course!) with my daughter —-a lovely day!

  924. My daughter brought home a guy for the first time…She’s 22. It was good!

  925. Relaxed and enjoyed an evening listening to my three children laughing together.

  926. Dawn Monroe says:

    My husband and daughter rented a cabin in the Hocking Hills and we went camping. We had a blast!

  927. Liezl Nicholson says:

    We had an awesome church service this morning, my pastor / husband preached about “Remembering Moms”. Then had a wonderful dinner with my husband and almost two year old son. We had a blessed day!

  928. Valerie C. says:

    Hi~ I’m in Boston and went out with my children for seafood, then ice cream today πŸ™‚

  929. We had a cookout for my 2 sons, my daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. Also had the in-laws and my parents. Such a beautiful day in Maine (finally) and wonderful company. Did the family picture and was one happy momma!!!

  930. Vanessa says:

    We went to our daughter’s first junior roller derby bout today. Whee!

  931. Paula W. says:

    I’m hoping the temperatures stay as lovely as Sunday, because I took a chance and put geraniums in the pots on my porches. Hope we don’t get a freak cold spell now.

  932. Laurie Rice says:

    A Blackhawk’s playoff game!!

  933. Charlotte DeBoer says:

    Well this Mother’s Day was spent in the hospital with an elderly friend who was having a heart attack. She is fine, thank the Lord, and I was exhausted from lack of sleep. So the time remaining in the evening was spent sleeping. Hope every mother had a super day.

  934. Deb Steiner says:

    Just got in from driving my folks back from TX (Spring & Fall thing) and spending the day relaxing and fishing with family and friends.

  935. Enjoying our first grandchild, a girl, born on Saturday morning!! It was a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  936. Connie Nelsen says:

    Spending the day with my husband and children

  937. Two of my children came to visit….so exciting.

  938. We let mom take the bigger kids on a run with her, then relaxed while the kids played in the sprinkler, then I grilled some ribs for her.

  939. Tiffany says:

    I spent the day hosting a low brass recital for a bunch of my students, and then visiting my mom and mother-in-law for dinner!

  940. Kelly Okeefe says:

    Went to dinner and the movies with my darling 15 year old.
    We had a lovely time!

  941. Virginia says:

    Relaxing time spent with family…enjoyed being outdoors after the long, brutal winter!

  942. Relaxing with my wonderful family and enjoying that my son shopped as well as cooked both Saturday and Sunday. He bought me beautiful flowers too! Feeling pampered!!!

  943. Movie, lunch, free Oprah chai tea, free ice cream cone where my daughter works, and watching the tube with her when he gets off work!

  944. Kay in NC says:

    We celebrated the day in Asheville with my younger son who has bought his FIRST home, Yay! We’ll work in HIS yard and be happy every moment doing so.
    Thanks for all your giveaways!

  945. Trish K says:

    I had all of my children together and even got a picture of us all together! πŸ™‚

  946. Lisa H. says:

    I did absolutely nothing special this past Mother’s Day; did get to see my mom, though! I guess that is special enough! LOL!

  947. Marilyn Purdy says:

    I stayed in a cabin with family and friends at Cook Forest State park in Pennsylvania.

  948. Nancy Eldridge says:

    My boys came over and surprised me w/4 new fruit trees! They planted 2 apple and 2 peach. We all shared a couple beverages and some laughs. Perfect Day!

  949. Heather V says:

    Im going on a Parade of Homes Tour. I love to check out all the amazing houses!

  950. Breakfast with family, then off to the vet with my little pooches, and then nothing!

  951. janny r says:

    a lunch out and a walk along the beach!!!

  952. Skype, text, and email with the kiddos who live states away. Out to dinner with my DH and daughter who live here, and it was her treat!

  953. Meryl Oliver says:

    We went for a picnic and then strawberry picking…it was a lovely day <3

  954. Jackie Leib says:

    Went grocery shopping with my husband, came home got the kids and went to the movies. Once we got home, I worked on writing a paper for my psych class and worked with my husband to make a delicious dinner for our family. It was a lovely day. Hope you had a wonderful day as well. Please post how your tour went. I am sure that you are glad it is over!!!

  955. Susan S. says:

    My hubby made brunch, then we worked in the garden. Lovely day!

  956. Lauren Michelle says:

    We visited our mothers and planted tomatoes. πŸ™‚

  957. Ardelle says:

    Rested after working in the yard all day Saturday with my sister who was visiting. My daughter came on Sunday for our first lunch in the backyard this year. Talked about our sewing projects for our summer wardrobe – so much nicer fabrics than available ready made. Making cute dresses and capris for 4 year old granddaughter too. So much fun. The plants we set out look great after our thunderstorms all through last night. Sophie – my corgi – still tries to ‘save me’ from the thunder – reminds me of Lassie – but I did not get much sleep.
    Hope everyone enjoyed Mothers day – we all hold our world together πŸ™‚

  958. Kelly M says:

    I will definitely be sleeping in …. then several cups of tea …. then a book, yes, a good book …. or maybe two …… hmmm?!!

  959. WHY didn’t I see this before? Or maybe I did. Guess I was outside all day trying to clean out my front flower beds and work on back veggie beds. I need more raised beds. It rained so hard here last night most of my swiss chard and parsley got pummeled and beans were uncovered and all over the bed. Trying to dry out all the baby peppers that were in peat pots. Lavender and dill look bad. Cilantro and kohlorabi look ok. Kale seeds popped up in the starter bins. I worked to hard raising them to lose them now. The only thing that is ok is lettuce and most of the pea pods. Holding back the tears.

  960. We didn’t do much. My husband and daughter offered to make me breakfast in bed, but we were running late for church so I took an IOU on that. I’ll use it this weekend! I want my French toast and orange juice!

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