Happy Anniversary Q&A

FIVE YEARS AGO, I started this blog. And now, 787 posts and 121,796 comments later (per my WordPress dashboard), I’ve decided to retire.

Just kidding!

I have no intention of retiring. But I have every intention of celebrating my “blogiversary” with a very serious Q&A session.

So this is a “getting to know you” post.

Before we begin, please raise your hand if you’ve ever heard Deborah Kerr sing “Getting to Know You” from Rogers and Hammerstein’s “The King and I.”

Now raise your hand if you knew that Ms. Kerr was only lip-synching.

It’s actually the voice of (the amazing) Marni Nixon.

Marni Nixon also lent her voice to this “singing” actress.

And now that you’ve discovered the tooth fairy doesn’t really exist, let’s proceed with our Q&A. These are actual questions I’ve been asked over the years:

Kevin, do you read all of the comments you receive?

Yes! Although I’m not always able to respond, I do read every comment that comes in.  I love that people take the time to share their thoughts.

Mind telling us how much you weigh?

Well, when I look in the mirror, I see someone who weighs 475 pounds. But in reality my weight fluctuates between 155 and 160.  Probably I should discuss this image-issue with a licensed psychologist.

Are you married?

Yes. To a licensed psychologist.

What camera do you use?

In my early days of blogging, I used a Canon Power Shot. It was useful for outdoor picture-taking, but not so great for indoor food shots. Consequently in September, 2012, I bit the bullet and  purchased a Canon Rebel. It’s a terrific camera. One day I’ll learn how to use its many bells and whistles.

You take lots of pictures while you cook. Do you ever worry about damaging your camera?

The Rebel has seen its share of baking powder, yeast-dough, buttermilk, spattered vegetable oil, and you-name-it. While photographing the step-by-step recipe for Autumn Spice Cookies, I spilled molasses on the lens. What a sticky mess!  I suspect that other picture-taking food writers have experienced similar mishaps.

Do you use PhotoShop?

I don’t have PhotoShop. But I do use Picassa (a free download) to lighten any too-dark pictures. Otherwise, the pictures on this website are definitely “real.”

Who inspired you to garden?

A lovely couple named Margaret and Vernon Jones. They raised African violets in their basement. When I was  10 years old, dear Margaret gave me a leaf from one of her plants. I stuck it in a pot of soil, and it produced 8 new African violets. That single leaf started my love affair with gardening, both indoors and out.

When is your cookbook coming out?

I have two big chapters left to write, and then we shall see.  My editor — Jennifer Josephy — is pushing me to finish.

Jennifer is probably reading this post, and wondering why I’m answering questions instead of working on the book’s “Dinner” chapter.

Will your gardens be open to the public this summer?

They will indeed. Scheduled tours are May 10 and August 16. For more information, you can contact the Garden Conservancy.

Will you open your house as well as your gardens?

No. I can’t manage two tours at once.

Is your house haunted?

Yes. By friendly ghosts.

Have your winter-sown seeds germinated yet?

It’s been too cold for germination to occur. But I’m not worried. The seeds will start sprouting at some point in April. More will pop up in early May.

How old are you?

Excuse me?

When you give away kitchen and gardening gadgets, who pays for them?

I do!

What’s your favorite champagne?

Moet & Chandon. I’ll be drinking it tonight as I celebrate my fifth blogiversary. I hope you’ll join me.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope this little website o’ mine has been useful to you in some small way.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your posts, and my husband loves your recipes in particular. I’m especially grateful for your rose garden post–I’m rebuilding our garden after a natural disaster, and that one in particular gave me a great boost. Good luck with your cookbook and may you have many more happy blogging years ahead!

  2. Thanks for sharing your life, wisdom, and wonderful tips through the years. I may not get to your blog as often as I used to, but I’m pleased that you, my garden guru, are never too far from me! Congratulations on your blogiversary. May you have many, many more! (Give Lily a hug and a treat from me!)

  3. Congratulations! I love reading your posts. : )

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I enjoyed getting to know more about you today, and look forward to your emails every week. A champagne toast to you and your licensed psychologist!

  5. Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog very much; I enjoy trying your recipes and tryingsome of your ideas in my small house and garden.

  6. Love your blog, your garden & recipes though it was a photo of your lovely Lily the Beagle that first lured me in! Happy 5th Blogiversary!!

  7. Kevin, Happy blogiversay! I love your posts, they always entertain, inspire and teach me something new. I am super new to gardening and love reading about yours. I am also a terrible cook and drool over your food/recipe post. I look forward to another 5 years with you and your book!

  8. Kevin, I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite sometime now. Your blogs are always interesting and most enjoyable to read. You are wonderfully upbeat and full of life and energy. I had been reading your blog for quite a long time before I found out that you were from Charleston, WV. Even though I don’t think we crossed paths I lived there most of my life until I retired and moved to the Greenbrier Valley. Congratulations on your success and I will be looking forward to reading about your life for a long time. Thanks.

  9. Congratulations on your fifth blogiversity! All of your posts are awesome and I’m sure your cookbook will be too!

  10. You are a hoot.. I love your blog.. Congratulations on 5 years.. I do wish I lived closer so I could tour you wonderful garden.

  11. Congratulations on this special occasion, Kevin! Reading your blog and drooling over the food photos have been highlights of many of my days. I’m looking forward to the cookbook!

  12. Allison K says:

    Wow–congrats!! And, while it’s not Marni Nixon…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKSkBsnfkFA

  13. Happy anniversary! And thank you for all the tips, recipes and tours. Right now I have two dozen milk carton greenhouses sitting outside and a cecina sitting inside my oven. I’m so glad you were only joking about retiring!

  14. Lisa Grandstaff says:

    Thanks, Kevin, for all the hard work you put into sharing things with us on your blog… it really is a cut above the general offerings out there to start with, then your wit, humor, and sarcasm mixed in with gorgeous visuals, sweet animals, and good food make it so worth the time to read.

    Carry on, Sir… happy Blogiversary, indeed!

  15. Kattrinka says:

    Congratulations Kevin! I so enjoy your blog 🙂 it is inspiring and full of information.

  16. Fun post! I love your blog. Keep at it. I need you! Zone 5 gardener here!!

  17. Christine F says:

    I’m thinking a road trip to see your gardens is in order.

  18. I got started gardening with my father for vegetables, helping plant tomato plants and dropping bean seeds into the ground; and with a neighbor for flowers. She gave me a whole wheelbarrow full of daylily, iris, Byzantine gladioli, and daffodil divisions when I was 10 because I followed her around asking her about everything she had. She said it was time I had my own garden. I still have some descendants of those flowers. But, another neighbor introduced me to the magic of rooting African Violets. That was a whole new level of fun. Thanks for reminding me of that and for sharing your love of gardening and cooking with us.

  19. Happy happy anniversary! I look forward to you posts and newsletter . . .

  20. peggy milliron says:

    So glad you were kidding with the retiring thing! I sure would miss your blog – happy bloggiversary!

  21. Gasp! You had me worried there for a sec. Congratulations! Love reading your blog.

  22. Freaked me out with that whole retirement thing! lol I sure enjoy reading your blog and checking out the recipes. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the first 5 years!

  23. Christine says:

    What a scare you gave me. I just discovered your blog three weeks ago and have been really enjoying all of the gardening advice. I’ve already got milk jugs outside with seeds and recipes bookmarked to try. Here’s to another five years! Your newest zone 7a fan!

  24. 5 years! I only found you about a year ago. I love your blog. You still have lots of fascinating things that you share. Keep it going!

  25. I enjoy you’re posts so much–you share all of my interests, so it’s always fun to see what you have to say next!

  26. Jeri Erman says:

    Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging and sharing your life with so many who have appreciated your recipes and gardening tips! I know I have tried many of your recipes – including Figgy Pudding (the most challenging one I’ve tried), the frozen blueberry yogurt pie (simply delicious), the garbanzo bean pancakes and easy peasy cheese crackers. I know I have done others, but can’t recall exactly. I only found your site less than a year ago, so I still have more scouring of the recipes to do. I love both gardening and cooking so your site is now one of my favorites to keep up with!!

  27. Kevin, Happy 5th Anniversary, and many more…… Your blog is now my go to source for garden advice and I always enjoy reading your posts, especially when they come with a cocktail! Your passion and humour shines through. Thanks

  28. I saw your post on FB and let out a loud NOOOOOOOOoooooo! You can’t retire. I love your blog. I quickly clicked to the site to see what I could do to change your mind. Thank goodness you were not serious. Now my heart can go back to beating normally. Congrats on your five years and here’s too many more. Thank you for all that you share with us.

  29. Something made of wood is traditional for the 5th, Kevin…silverware for the contemporary celebrant. Thanks for sharing your home, food, gardens, and liquor cabinet with us.

  30. Erin Brady says:

    Happy anniversary to my favorite blog! Thanks for the inspiration, wonderful ideas and laughs!

  31. Congratulations! And a big thank you!

    I read every new entry of your blog with delight and I love it!

    Cheers to the next 5 years!

  32. Woohoo! Happy 5th Blogiversary! Loved your Q&A – Keep up the great work, Kevin! And please, oh please, do tell us as soon as you have a publication date for your upcoming cookbook. 🙂

  33. Happy Blogiversary!!! I love everything you do, Kevin!!! Looking forward to your next 5 years!!!!!

  34. Marilyn Purdy says:

    Congratulations on the fifth anniversary of your blog! I look forward to receiving your blog on Sundays. If my Sunday is too busy, I save the blog for a quieter day. Looking forward to your book too!

  35. ingmarie peck says:

    Thanks for NOT retiring, love to read what you are up to
    Congratulations on the blogversary. and my best to your cute dog too.

  36. Happy Blogiversary! One of my favorite inspiration sites.

  37. Congratulations on your blogiversary ! I would love to see your garden in person .I love this site and have told many folks about it ! Can hardly wait for your cook book !

  38. My heart sank when I read that you were going to retire! Thank goodness you were kidding – raised my blood pressure for a minute – and I wish I had the right words to tell you how much your blog means to me. Right now I’m recovering from knee replacement surgery, and am getting a little cabin-feverish as I can’t drive yet, but I’ve saved all your blogs and have scrolled back through them while I’m sitting on the couch with ice on my knee. You’ve helped me change my cabin fever into Spring fever! I prepared a new garden space before my surgery, winter-sowed some perennial flowers, and today I’m starting some vegetables from seed that I ordered from High Mowing at your suggestion. I love your recipes, especially the way you present them with the pictures and the humorous comments. I love your collection of spatulas…I guess most of all I appreciate the way you remind me that life is FUN, and beauty is everywhere, and we can literally cultivate a delightful life. Thank you, Kevin.

  39. Gail woodside says:

    All I could see when I first saw your post was that you retiring, and I was so sad about that for that brief minute. How fun to find out that that was yet another bit of your humor. I know you know we love your website, wonderful tips and incredible home. Happy Fifth Anniversary! We look forward to following your posts, staying in touch and to reading your cookbook!

  40. Congratulations and thank you! You give so much of yourself to others when you share your gifts, talents and knowledge. I, for one, am very glad that you have chosen this as your vocation! Looking forward to following you for many years to come!

  41. ok so i went to the doctors today for a wellness follow up and my blood pressure is a little high so i come home to read your blog cuz it is so de stressing and imagine my blood pressure when i read about you retiring! Ok you made me sigh with relief and i even managed to chuckle thinking what a great prank if today was April Fools Day. At any rate i thank you from the bottom of my HEART for all the work you put into this post and for touching my life in a positive way! If you do decide to retire i will be thankful for all you have shared and I will give you my BEST WISHES with a heavy heart. ENJOY YOUR ANNIVERSARY!

  42. Kim Bois says:

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversay. I love your blog.

  43. Congratulations! I’ve only been following for about a year, but I’m hooked. Love your blog, your house (the parts we’ve seen), your gardens and your african violets. And how old did you say you were? LOL You’re just a pup!

  44. Congratulations Kevin!

    Your blog is the only one I regularly visit, which can be quite often if my work is extra boring and I’m in need of frequent breaks!

    Keep em’ coming! Happy spring!


  45. You omitted a Q&A, Kevin…briefs or boxers?

  46. A very Happy “blogiversary”. I just recently found you and I am so glad I did and So VERY glad you are not retiring! You are a breath of fresh air and tomes of wisdom. I look forward to many more posts.

  47. badger gardener says:

    A very happy fifth anniversary to you. Yes, your website has been useful to me in ways both big and small. Thank you for all of your advice and inspiration..

    Can’t wait for that cookbook!

  48. Congratulations on your anniversary (which just happens to be my birthday) and I look forward to a book by you! Can’t wait.

  49. Congratulations and thank you so much for still be here 🙂 I am from Iceland and live there in a flat, but I have a little summerhouse in the country, where I enjoy the summers growing herbs and flowers. This winter I tried Winter sowing on my balcony and my relatives thinks I am crazy but I have a faith and 2 of my grandchildren. Thank you for being you and give so much of yourself. Happy summer to all of us!

  50. Congrats on five years! I appreciate having a garden companion….(with a sense of humor!)

  51. Kevin,
    You gave me a fright, thankfully only for a sec. You are my favorite blog to read. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary, I wish you 55 more!

  52. Happy “Fifth” Kevin! What a lot of work for you but what a lot of enjoyment for all of us! I wish you one-million and five more blessed years blogging! Cheers!

  53. OMG–I almost went into panic mode when you said you were retiring this blog! Of everything out there on the Internet, yours is one of only 3 I choose to read every week. I hope you realize what a compliment that is!

  54. elizabeth says:

    No!!! Whew! A book great.
    You are my favorite blog to follow. I look forward to getting up and thinking about what I will cook and what I will plant and what wonderful things you and your partner have been up to.
    Congratulations! you are a gift to all of us.

  55. Patricia says:

    Kevin, reading your blog is one of my favorite things to do. It is always fascinating and you have such a sense of graciousness. You always make me smile and feel good. Thanks.

  56. Don’t scare me like that “I’m going to retire”. You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I almost LOST it when I read the teaser for this edition! You CAN’T quit! I would be desolate! Anyway, thank god you just kidding! I really enjoy this blog & look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work. & I’m looking forward to the cookbook!

  58. You scared me when I saw your anniversary headline!! Congratulations on five years, and may we see at least five years more of your terrific blog!

  59. I would love it if every once in a while you would do a vegetarian or, better yet, pescetarian recipe.

  60. Lisa Adinolfe says:

    Congratulations! An awesome blog it is! I look foreword to your newsletter every Sunday!

  61. G. Brown says:

    Congrats on your anniversary and thank you for not retiring.

  62. ok, you really scared me! But I loved reading all the interesting stuff about you. You are the first blog I’d every signed up for emails from and I’ve enjoyed every one since. Congratulations on your anniversary! And thanks for all the great tips, stories, and contests!

  63. Gladys (Canada - Zone 5) says:

    As I was getting ready for church, this AM, I thought I would just sneak a peak at your blog. All I saw was that you were retiring. My heart skipped a beat. I only found you six months ago. Thank goodness I read further and found out the truth. That was a nasty prank. What can we expect for April Fools Day? HA HA,

  64. OMG, almost had a heart attack! I love the blog, and Happy Anniversary…so glad you were only kidding and my heart can slow down now!

  65. I just about had a heart attack, reading you were going to retire from your blog–the first blog I ever signed up for, by the way. Big relief that you were just exercising the playfulness that I love in your writing. Looking forward to the next five years of your blog. I’m also excited about your upcoming cookbook.

    Now get back to that Dinners chapter so we won’t have to wait so long for your book to come out.

  66. Gay Sullivan says:

    Hi Kevin . Was so happy to get your email and then my heart sank when I read the intro….wow,I am so glad it was a tease!! Have noted the open garden dates and have promised myself to get up to see your place. I love your blog. It is my favorite. It touches on all my favorite topics and with humor. Great job and congratulations! Enjoy the champagne. Cheers!

  67. Congratulations and thanks for every one if those 787 (WOW!) posts. They are such a treat every week.

  68. Sorta panicked there for a minute. Happy about the just kidding:)

  69. Kevin, so glad you were joking about retiring! I so look forward to reading your posts. Every recipe you have offered that I have tried has been a “keeper”! Thank you. I tell all my friends and acquaintances to check you out especially when they ask a question that I know you have covered in detail (milk jug sowing, weed suppression with newspapers) so thanks for keeping all that around and tackling new issues that we all face as cooks, gardeners and house maintainers. You do it with style and a nice dose of humor!

  70. You had me worried for a minute! Glad to hear you are not retiring. I look forward to your weekly newsletters!

  71. Well, it would just figure. My newest addiction and you’re going to retire?????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    OK…..that was a bit dramatic but totally sincere. Congratulations on 5 years – you kept it up for 2 years longer than I was able to do in blog land!

    Thank you for sharing so much with us. I know how much goes into creating these posts and I’ve enjoyed and looked forward to each one in the short time I’ve been a fan. On the upside, I have 4 and a half years worth of archives to explore. 🙂

    The best of everything to you, Kevin!

  72. Congratulations Kevin.. it’s always a pleasure to read your articles. Thank you!

  73. Marjie T. says:

    Really enjoy your blog:) although that “retire” think was not funny for a minute;)

  74. Oh my! I took a peek at email this morning….

    Happy to see “5 year anniversary” and then so dismayed to see the words “I’ve decided to retire”…because I love your blog! All smiles again when you said “just kidding!”…

    Happy 5 years, and hope for many more! (And someone must be so thrilled that you are wearing his/her rainbow loom bracelet!)

  75. HA!!!! So as I’m backing out of comment land, I see that apparently I’ve been punked and “retirement” was just a joke!?!? AWESOME news!!!! 🙂

  76. I do hope I will be able to visit your gardens. I am a landscaper so it is kind of hard to get away during the season but will certainly try my best. I am from VT where / who would I look for info on the garden tour?

  77. My heart skipped a beat with your little retirement joke… Whew. You didn’t know it but you’re a friend of mine. I never miss a Sunday. Happy blogiversary.

  78. Helen Gruenhut says:

    You sure gave me a scare, as I look forward to your blog . I just had my eightieth birthday.
    I have hard red clay and rocks, where I live. I have many trees, that do not let in the sun
    My gardening has dissolved to a few plants in pots.
    Through your blog, I do gardening. I have that joy through you.
    Thank you for all the work. that brings sunshine into my life.
    Congratulations! Drink a glass of champagne for me. I have not had that lovely bubbly for years.

  79. Love how you make me laugh out loud. Thank you so much for all your blog posts. Glad to know that you will keepem’ coming!

  80. Kevin, I am a newbie, but I love love LOVE your blog. I love your insight, hints and wit. I laughed out loud at the age quip. Keep it up for atLEAST another 5.
    PS you should see my milk jug garden out back.

  81. Gosh Kevin!
    For a few seconds there you scared me. You can’t retire yet.
    Where else would we get your great gardening posts and delicious recipes from?????
    If I can get my Grand-Children, who are extremely” picky eaters” to eat the food from your recipes, they have to be good.
    Happy 5th Anniversary and many more. Waiting for your book.

  82. I love your blog and I look forward to Sundays to be able to enjoy it! You gave me a scare with your retirement joke, you are full of surprises! Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us, you inspire dreams with your home and garden, the refuge and respect that you provide to the wild life that visit your property is a good example for the trophy hunters on this planet. Kevin thank you for been a inspiration in my life. Happy 5 year Aniversary !

  83. Charlotte DeBoer says:

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary. I just want you to know, that your stating that you were retiring was like dropping a bomb on me. My heart sank and tears welled up in my eyes instantly. I love everything you write, your pictures and gardens, your cooking and information. Boy, you really got me on that one. So, so happy that you were just teasing. Now, again, I have a bing smile on my face. Thank you for being who you are and for eveything that you do. Finding you on line has truly been a blessing.

  84. Patti Panuccio says:

    Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing

  85. Adriana Fernandez says:

    CONGRATULATION!!! I freak out when you said you were retiring, I enjoyed your blog a lot, great ideas, recipes and so more. So elegant, too!!!! We shared the same taste in wines and champagne. We will raise our glasses to you tonight, celebrating the anniversay. I am waiting for your book, no rush. How about Christmas? It will become a wonderful gift.
    Thank you for answering all those questions!!! What a dissapointment abour Deborah Kerr voice. I was a child when my Dad took me to the movies, we watched more of the movies, although in the back of our heads I believe we knew it wasn’t her. I was around 12 year-old when I wrote letters to Hollywood and I received several photos of the actors and actresses “signed”. Between them Deborah Kerr, Grace Kelly, James Dean, Tab Hunter and so many more. How naive!!!! But it felt good. Thank you, I have fun here and love the blog.

  86. Happy Blogiversary! Your story about your African violets reminded me of the lady who taught me about gardening, Mrs. Morse. I was a very young child and she was very old when we lived next door to her, and she let me learn from her as she lovingly tended her garden and even helped me create my own tiny garden. Now every year I plant pansies and sweet alyssum in memory of her. I can smell the tea rose “Fashion” right now.

  87. As I saw your blog this morning in my email, my body relaxed, with an “oh good, A Garden for a House is here.” At least I have that in my email to look at today. Then I read you were retiring, and I was “It figures”. How nice you were just kidding. I love looking at your photos, of gardens and food. Many of your recipes I can’t use since I am dairy and gluten free, but they look good just the same. The garden is wonderful. Thank you for not retiring.

  88. Lynne James says:

    Enjoy your champagne. And it will be chilly tonight, so maybe you will be enjoying it with your loved one in front of a warming fire!

  89. Nancy Jalaty says:

    Kevin, Cheers! Our fav champagne was White Star by M&C but they discontinued. Look forward to more of our Sunday visits. You and my daughter turned me onto lemon drop martinis! Can’t wait for your cookbook! So glad you were only kidding!

  90. ppbrownlee says:

    When I read that you were retiring I was so scared! So I opened your blog immediately–what a relief. Please keep going. I so enjoy reading whatever you have to say or show us. Congratulations on the 5th anniversary and may there be many, many more!

  91. Robbie Lou says:

    Happy Anniversary you little trickster! So glad you are NOT retiring! Just discovered your blog via Pinterest a couple months ago. I won’t get into the details, but you have helped me get through one of the most difficult winters of my not so young life. Your images, your wit, your wonderful info., and your kindness make my heart sing:) Ah yes, and the introduction to Winter Sowing, what a gift! Thanks a heap!!!

  92. medinalakegirl says:

    I love everything about your blog, especially your sense of humor. Like others, my heart stopped for a minute when I read you were retiring. Phew, a joke – you got me!

  93. Well, you had me fooled per my giveaway comment 🙂

  94. Congrats from Eastern panhandle of WV. I always look forward to Sunday AMs to read/print, etc your suggestions. Started the winter-sowing seeds project this year (20 jugs) and looking forward to seeing them sprout. Also enjoy the African Violet tips as I also root many leaves & have about 30 plants right now with more in the “incubator green house” as gifts. Like others, I gasped when I thought you were retiring. Happy to hear you’ll be around for awhile.

  95. Scarlett says:

    I love your blog and enjoy reading about your gardening tips and all of the recipes. I’m so happy to hear you are not retiring. Your blog is a delight!

  96. Brenda Donovan says:

    OMG! You almost gave me a heart attack with the bogus retirement announcement! (What a sucker I am!) I love your blog and hope that you will still be writing for some time to come.

  97. Donna Allenbaugh says:

    I am a faithful reader. So glad you are continuing on and on and on…….

  98. Pam Hanson says:

    May you continue on with your stories and recipes for many years to come! I love living vicariously through this blog… You have a warmer climate than I , and I am so ready for spring weather to come here in michigan …

  99. Marg Buck says:

    I am so glad you are not retiring. I excited about the new hard
    Ending season.

  100. Marg Buck says:

    Oops I need to proof. Gardening season.

  101. Shelley Giardino says:

    Happy “blogaversary” Kevin and so glad you are not “retiring” just yet! I love your blog, your humor and delicious recipes! I would miss you too much, just haven’t got enough of you just yet 🙂

  102. Good morning, and so glad you really are not retiring, since I just recently have gotten to enjoy your mails. Update on my milk jugs; there are teeny, tiny coral bells coming up very slowly. Am now trying once again to root my GA native mountain laurels. Congratulations on the 5 years and sure hope to enjoy your mails for many more years. Good luck finishing the cookbook.

  103. My heart sank with the retirement thing! So glad you were kidding. Happy blogiversary and many more! You are such an inspiration. I keep looking over at my army of milk jugs and soda bottles outside for any sign of green. I’m always on the lookout for a suitable container to increase my troops. “Don’t put that in the recycling box, I can make a mini greenhouse out of it” is often heard at my house! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  104. Well, Kevin, like so many others I was greatly relieved to find the “retiring” comment was just a joke. I so look forward to your Sunday update and then reading your recipes, your gardening posts, your window cleaning tips, your other household things — well, I guess there really *isn’t* a part of the blog that I *don’t* enjoy!

    Congrats on five years and may there be many more where your blog brings great joy to your readers *and* you!

  105. Lourdes Fay says:

    Congratulations! I always look forward to your posts.
    Have to admit I was shocked to read that you are retiring…. glad you were only joking!!!

  106. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading for one year and I love your blog. I garden myself in a small town house with less than 1/4 of an acre, but in the summer it looks like a regular jungle! My neighbor calls me Farmer Em.

  107. Congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you for all your lovely recipes, they are so delicious and a joy to make. Unfortunately I live in a small apartment so I am not able to garden, but do love seeing all your beautiful garden pictures, please keep them coming!

  108. Whew! Don’t go away! Your blog is the best! What would we do without Sunday morning coffee with Kevin?

  109. I actually yelled NO out loud when I first read the ‘retiring’ part!
    Love your blog. I’ve tried many of the recipes (all delicious) and use the garden tips I can here in AZ. Congrats on the anniversary (and kiss Lily the Beagle for me)

  110. Congratulations on your 5 th anniversary. We all adore your posts and are relieved you’re not calling it quits. We all need your cheer to get us through what has been a long and brutal winter! Love and greetings from Indiana! Laura

  111. Just wanted to say I am very glad you are NOT retiring and that I am Very glad that I had found your blog a while ago as I have used several of your recipes and suggestions in my home. I do modify them somewhat due to salt content. Love this blog Kevin! You ROCK!

  112. Kevin, my heart sank when I saw your blog title! Who is going to sustain us, your loyal followers, if you retire? Your beautiful photos of your garden, fabulous recipes, (who else can make kale sound delicious!), and your gardening tips encourage us all to try to make our gardens more beautiful. I am also awaiting for my milk carton seeds to grow! I look forward to seeing them grow, 13 cartons so far! Happy Anniversary Kevin, your blog lifts my heart!

  113. Keep up the great work. I look forward to your posts and have tried several of your ideas and projects, including the dry-laid rock wall on a hilly portion of my yard, so THANK YOU!!!! And no more kidding about retirement! You are much appreciated!

  114. I was saddened to hear of your retirement and rushed over here — YAY, you were just baiting us. What a tease!

  115. Congratulations on your blogiversarry! While I have only just discovered you this past year, I have truly enjoyed your posts and I always look forward to your creative tips and recipes.

  116. Joan Handy says:

    Congratulations Kevin! So glad I discovered your blog.

  117. Oh my! You gave me a scare there! So glad to hear you are NOT retiring. I enjoy reading your posts about cooking and gardening. Keep up the good work!

  118. Joni Davis says:

    WOW – you scared me talking about retiring! Started thinking how glad I am that I’ve saved all of your newsletters! Whew – I will continue to save them and thankfully adding to them! I love going through them during our LONG winter months here in Minnesota! Love looking at your blooming gardens in January, February, March, yes April too and sometimes May!!! Nice to see blossoms and green!

  119. Bev Nolan says:

    Got me. (shame ,shame) You are my Sunday morning go to e-mail with the first cup of coffee. Congratulations and thanks for all the great info you post for all of us (wanna be as great as you) gardeners and cooks.

  120. Happy Anniversary, Kevin! I hope you are your darling psychologist have a lovely celebration. You almost made my heart stop when you said you were retiring. I love your posts and have made several of your recipes. I am hoping to buy my own home this year and start a garden with some of your suggestions.

    So thank you for the fun, the food, the gardening and the love. The latter is always there and is the very BEST part of all of it.

    Much love to you!

  121. Happy Blogiversary. You had me scared for a minute, since you are my Sunday morning fix, who has inspired me to try winter sowing. After losing my son, I needed something to look forward to and gardening has definitely helped spring me back. Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out. You are such a great talent in the garden and house, and you do it on a frugal budget which is great for us little people. Thank you!!!!!!! Keep up the great work and I hope you don’t ever retire. I have my milk jugs ready for impatiens in April, but still a bit to chilly here.

  122. Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations! and I am so happy to hear you aren’t folding up the blog and that you also weren’t kidding about opening your grounds to visitors. Thank you for the Garden Conservancy link. Although we will not be in NY for your May tour, my husband and I will look forward to the August tour all summer long.



  123. Pattie Komai says:

    I love reading your blog. I have tried many of your recipes (although mine don’t always look as pretty as yours) and always receive compliments. Your gardens are an inspiration. Wishing you a most Happy Anniversary!

  124. LaVon Eblen says:

    My jaw dropped a mile seeing the work “retire”. Yours is one of the few newsletters I read and use. You give us entertainment, education and pretty and useful photos. Thanks much!

  125. PANIC! Yes, PANIC!
    I actually *GASP* when I read “retire” … noooooooooooooooo!
    What ever would a girl do on Sunday morning without you?
    My gad Kevin… I would be LOST without your yummy recipes. why, I even purchased a three tier serving dish so “I” could have brunch out on my patio 🙂
    YOU, my fine young man, are my “American Idol” ~ and oh how your gardens sing songs of love.
    Faithful Reader,

  126. Hi Kevin – You had me going there for a while with the “retiring” thing. Happy it wasn’t so. I love your “blog” and you’re always upbeat manner. Happy Anniversary too.

  127. Kevin, you scared me!! I always enjoy your updates and can’t wait for your new cookbook to come out!

  128. Hi Kevin, and all your fans!
    I receive your newsletter on Sundays, don’t know when you send it out. I look forward to Sun. and reading all of your great tips and recipes. Congrats on all of your success, and look forward to your cookbook.

  129. Hi Kevin … what a lovely way for my day to begin!! and I do so enjoy your blogs and the great recipes – have stashed away many of them for trials here @ GreyHouse… my own little magickal corner of the world…
    Happy Anniversary on 5 years, though I’ve only just found you in the last couple or so!!

    Keep the good things coming, my friend

    Blessings and more

    Suzey xo

  130. So glad you’re not retiring! I really enjoy you’re blog… keep ’em coming 🙂

  131. Cute! You certainly got my attention with that “retiring” line! I thought, what?!!! Oh no, you can’t retire… what will we do for beautiful garden and cooking inspiration; and all those eye candy photographs?! Very relieved upon arriving here at your blog that it wasn’t so! 😀 There has been a rash of retiring bloggers lately, me included, at least for the time being but I’m no where near the significance in the blogosphere that you are so I can breath easy that you’ll still be around! Wow, was that a run-on sentence or what, lol! Whew!
    Beth P

  132. Oh, thank goodness you are NOT retiring your blog. I read that and my blood pressure went up. I could feel my head pound. I was so relieved to read it was a joke. “April Fools” on me 🙂

    I look so forward to receiving and reading your blog Sunday mornings. I’ve tried a few of your recipes. Some with success; some not so much. Your photos are so instructive. Your gardens beautiful. I so enjoy your party photos, reconstruction, home decorating.

    I live a genteel life vicariously through your blog.

    Thank you Kevin!

  133. I almost had a heart attack at reading that you were retiring . April Fool’s is NEXT month did you forget? What a relief to find its a joke. I look forward to reading your blog and want you to know that your fabulous winter sowing greenhouses work in northern nevada at altitude. So exciting to have tiny green things happening out there in the yard.

    Happy blogiversary and many many more.

  134. Mary Rybarczykvol says:

    Happy blogiversary Kevin! I enjoy beginning my week with your posts! Thank you.

  135. Rose Marie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    WOW! When I read that you are retiring, I started shouting….NO…NO…NO! I am so relieved that it was just in fun.

    Happy Anniversary!

    I, too, receive your emails on Sundays. I love your recipes and have saved them all and tried quite a few of them. I also love your post about your gardening and renovation of your beautiful home.

    Keep up the good work. You have brought a lot of enjoyment to this household.

    Rose Marie

  136. OH my goodness! I’m so glad you are not retiring from sharing your funny stories and great information. I haven’t made any of the recipes but I have them bookmarked, I have incorporated some of your gardening information, and I’m oh so interested when you write about redoing your house. Thank you for inspiring me! Best of luck and thank you Kevin.

  137. Karen Burks says:

    Enjoy getting your Blog every Sunday. It is like my Sunday paper.
    Congratulations on your Blogiversary. You have made quite a commitment and I for one am glad you did. Here in N.Arkansas we have daffidils blooming but the ground is so muddy you nearly sink when you go out side. It has decided to drop back in to the 40s this week, so maybe next week the great cleanup can start. Don’t think I have ever been so ready for Spring. Your Blog has helped me get throught this Long Cold Winter. Thanks

  138. Thank you for being you. You are a fun read. I enjoy following what you are doing (and seeing the pictures).

  139. Kevin, I my heart sank when I read that you were going to retire; haha funny guy. I love your blog, and that thru it you share part of your life with me. Happy anniversary.

  140. OMG. You scared me with that joke about retiring. I (silently) went – no-o-o-o-o-o-o! Now that my heart rate has come back to normal – Happy 5th Blogiversary, and many many more to come.
    Your website is wonderful. You are truly a Renaissance Man. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, and on so many different subjects, and in such a fun way.

  141. Prairiecactus says:

    Life keeps me from visiting as often and as long as I would like, but here is to the next five years….can’t wait to see the cook books!

  142. Phew! I’m so glad you’re ot retiring. Now that I live in FL, you’re my Sunday NYT Garden Column.

  143. I look forward to opening my Sunday morning emails because I know your newsletter will be there. I must say, You really did make my 67 year old heart skip a beat on that retirement statement though! I am glad it was just your sense of humor, yet again! You are very special and I mean that in the best way! CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years of not only entertaining but helping all of us too! Now get to work on your book!

  144. Congratulations! Although I live in north central British Columbia I find many of your garden hints apply here – and of course the recipes are a go anywhere in the world. Anyone else out there from Western Canada, and particularly the northern part of the province?? Would love to get in touch if so.

  145. My heart dropped when I saw your comment about retiring. I look forward to your Sunday post and amazing recipes and garden tips. I am in virginia and my seeds ( Shasta’s , Bellss of Ireland, Asclepias , echinesia, ageratum) have germinated in my milk jug greenhouses. Thanks for all your wonderful tips and don’t even thank about retiring.

  146. I too said,”Oh No!” when I read what you said about retiring. You’ve touched many hearts and stomachs along the way. Happy Blogiversary and here’s to many more. I get a happy feeling when I see your e mail in my Inbox. I love your photos and comments, both food and plant related. Trooping along with you in your gardens is a wonderful retreat. Thanks for all of that.

  147. Doris Doody says:

    When I read that you were RETIRING…..I said: NO, NO, NO!…and immediately started composing a PLEA that would absolutely stop you from retiring…but then, you said, KIDDING! What a CRUEL joke, as I had just recently been introduced to your blog by a dear friend and cousin (that’s one person only). Your blog is the absolute best I have ever read. I don’t know which I like most; recipes, gardening, interior decorating, subtle wit, dear pets….etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! (Please note subtle reference to ‘The King and I’) I was shocked to hear that was not Deberah Kerr’s own voice! It sounded like her!

    Getting back to your blog…I have spent DAYS going through your ‘Archives’…what fun…must go to Staples to get a new supply of ink for my COLORED printer…wish I could get it wholesale as I like the recipes in toto…no cut and paste for me…I want those beautiful colored pictures! The first recipe I printed took TWENTY-SEVEN PAGES!!! I’ve been cooking for a hundred years (kidding!), but I find it more inspiring to follow those gorgeous pictures. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your wonderful Blog. BTW, congratulations on your FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. Looking forward to your cookbook!

  148. Happy, Happy!!! Hope you’ll play the song and “all together now!”…Everyone!!! do the Happy Moet Dance!

  149. Marie Campbell says:

    Thank you Kevin, wheelchair disabled, love, love, love, living in beautiful Santa Barbara, but your blog brings me joy and wonderful memories of my New England roots. Gardening and cooking were some of my joys. My childhood home was a 1875 3 story gingerbread victorian, on the banks of the western section of the Charles river. I now have a simple Mediterranean, low maintenance, drought resistant, garden…lovely with petite pink oleanders, dwarf pinkish bougainvillea with interspersed with beddings of blue agapanthus…until the wild rabbits, escaping wildfires established themselves in the foothill corridor after discovering paradise with tasty entrées and few predators.

    Congratulations on your anniversary…keep sending the joy for many more years. A question…does your partner contribute to the labor of house restoration and maintenance…also garden chores?

  150. You almost gave me heart failure with that ” I’m retiring” statement!!!

  151. Mickie Christiansen says:

    Okay mister! That was a mean thing to do. I am still recovering from the trick you played. I must admit though….it was good. But its not even april 1st.
    Need I say we all love you to death….to death, my dear.
    You hear me? You rascal!

  152. Congratulations on the 5th! Always enjoy reading the blog…please do not retire yet!

  153. Patricia Mountsteven says:

    My heart dropped too…..you are a tease ….but it does show how much we enjoy and value you Blog ….and you do have a lovey sense of humour which I tend to think is the spice of life.
    Hope you can go on inspiring and cheering us for a good while yet. Congratulations Kevin and Thank you.

  154. As a rancher in Central TX, I enjoy seeing all your pictures of your house and gardens. Sometimes I feel like Margaret Mead getting a front row seat to “life of the genteel Yankee somewhere back east”. I always enjoy your well documented means of cooking! Husband is the HC (Head Cook) around here while I’m the CBW (Chief Bottle Washer) , but I’m collecting links to your recipe instructions and plan to one day learn to cook from them.

    Keep up the good work (and sense of humor)!

  155. Patricia Mountsteven says:

    That should be ‘lovely’ of course ….perhaps I should have said ‘great’ x

  156. Thank you for being funny and talented. I found you on pinterest and have enjoyed seeing your email pop up. I am winter sowing for the first time and seem to be having success, though we are having a warmer than usual winter here in Fall River Mills CA. Trying Lupin for the first time thanks to you. My husband “Kevin” and I are going to be in Manhattan in October to visiting my dau ghter who works at Breads Bakery. I’ll wave to you. congrats. And thanks again.

  157. I was silently screaming, “Nooooooooooooo!” when I read my email this morning and saw your comment about retiring. So happy it’s not true!

    We are moving from Southern California to Rhode Island next year, and I hope to visit you and your garden!

    Meanwhile, looking forward to your blog posts every week!


  158. Congratulations on 5 years.
    Now I want you to know I almost fainted when I saw you were retiring. Don’t scare me like that ever again ok.
    I love your post. I look forward to it all the time.
    I like your garden tips, your recipes, your house. umm ok. make that everything I like 🙂
    I agree with Barbara don’t even think about it.

  159. So glad to hear you were kidding!!!!!!!!!!

    And congrats for only having two chapters left.

    I do so look forward to your blogs; and they do inspire me, both in the kitchen and the garden!

  160. I just came in from tending my winter sowing. It has Ben warm…55-60 deg for several days preceded by what was…maybe…our last low 30s nights earlier in the week. I have 35 milk jugs out this year and a dozen small nursery containers and 7 large patio planters. I opened them all up this morning for the first time to expose them to the sun and spray some water on them for the first time. About 1/3 are already sprouting and have been for several weeks and more are starting to poke their heads through the surface soil. Last year, my first, I bought all packaged seeds. This year they are all seeds I harvested from my garden last fall. They are all perennials. This week I will be starting to thin them. I am excited about the whole process and look forward to getting home every afternoon and getting the garden ready to receive the new plants. I have already committed quite a few to friends. I might even follow your example and start a blog. I am taking an online class on WordPress.

  161. Lori Mancini says:

    I am a little late to the party as I only found you a few months ago. I fell in love with your house. 2 of my brothers live in restored Victorians and I enjoy old classic homes even though I am sadly currently living in a “modern” small apartment in a boring brick box. I have tried several of your recipes, and actually stuck to the directions. I tend to branch out and make things “my way” but yours usually sound so good that I don’t have to. If I were closer I would be first in line for your garden tour and can’t wait to add your cookbook to my collection (cookbooks and kitchen gadgets both being vices of mine)

  162. So I was not alone in the heart-sinking, “Oh No” moment believing you were retiring from writing this blog. So glad I can continue to look forward to my Sunday morning bit of bliss gazing at your home and gardens, as well as more fabulous recipes. Thanks for sharing, Kevin!!!

  163. Thank you for your great ideas and for making me laugh.

  164. Cruel jokester. You are too fun!

  165. Awesome! Happy day,
    Love your blog. I started winter sowing for the first time this year. I have lots of sprouts coming up already. In a few more weeks when the weather is warmer I’ll open the lids. I don’t think I put enough dirt in the containers so I am worried they will dry out while I am away at work. Besides potting up in deeper containers any suggestions to keep them moist? I thought about planting them in the ground and then using the top of milk jug over the top. I think it would be hard to secure to the ground. Any thoughts welcome!

    And congratulations on your really informative, funny and “you can do it attitude” blog!

  166. Karen Hermansen's says:

    Whew! You had me going there for a minute. Congratulations! I love your blog and every recipe I have tried has been terrific.

  167. Hey Kevin,
    You scared the bejuses out of me! I didn’t want you to retire! Your blog always makes me smile! Thanks for sharing food and gardening with us! Even if you won’t share your age! Hah! 😉

  168. Georgette says:

    Congratulations you are an awesome person and I enjoy every picture and word you post. I really was upset when your email cut off at I’ve decided to retire. .I thought writing the cookbook got to be too much and you had to decide on one or the other…..I am thrilled your able to do BOTH!!!

  169. Congratulations! I am so glad you were kidding about retiring. When I read that all I thought was Nooooooo!

  170. Kevin, Congrats on 5 years!!! I look forward to your newsletters and I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. Keep up the good work!!

  171. You scared me there! I only found your blog a few short months ago, so I was feeling very sad thinking you were done. So glad you were just kidding. I enjoy reading all of your posts each week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with the rest of us. And your sense of humor.

  172. Kevin, my heart dropped to me stomach when I read you were retiring…I thought, “oh no. I am going to have to scramble to find an even close to comparable blog!” I get so much out of your information. I intend to buy your book once it is released but you are a part of my home. I love LOVE your challah and I make it at least once a week. I love the cinnamon rolls and I started winter sowing because of this blog.

    I know the book will be chock full of fabulous information but, there is nothing like getting real time results through the blog. Thank you Thank you!!!

    Thank the goddess you are NOT retiring. I cannot thank you enough for all the suggestions and advice!! Congratulations on five years and here is to many more.

  173. Happy Anniversary…and I’m SO glad the retiring was a joke!
    Reading your blog each week has become a much appreciated addition to my Sunday morning ritual.
    Thanks for that!

  174. Thank you for my Sunday break…and thank you for NOT retiring (what is that, anyway!)

  175. Susan M. says:

    Well Kevin, you got me! I had to do a quick date check to make sure it’s not the week of April 1st! Now I know just how much I would miss you if you really did leave us – so glad it ain’t so! Happy Blogiversary, and may we all enjoy many more!

  176. Lynn Paterson says:

    U Rock Kevin, Congrats and keep it coming !!! 😉

  177. I too was realy hoping that your retirement wasn’t true. I enjoy the website, recipes and pictures of the house and garden. I remember you said you never sleep which is how you are able to do everything you do.
    Congradulations on 5 years!! Good luck finishing the cook book!

  178. Rebecca Madon says:

    I can’t wait for Sunday mornings to read your blog. Thanks Kevin I really enjoy reading all the things you post, really glad your not retiring..

  179. Kevin, I so look forward to the day your blog comes to my email. I’m so relieved you are not retiring. I have gardened since helping my grandmother in the garden as a child. Then came the day one of the fifth graders I teach left a beautiful African Violet on my desk for me that SHE had grown. I still have that plant and about 8 others now. I figured if kept that alive over the winter, until the next year, I would always have African Violets blooming on my window sill. When we put in a bow window the plants immediately got the window sill! I am not always a fan of some of the foods you cook, but I am beginning to broaden my horizons and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

  180. Laurene Stopford says:

    Thanks for not retiring Kevin. I find your blog inspiring!

  181. Patti Rafalko says:

    Dont ever scare me like that again! Retire! You had me worried! I have learned so much from you! I have done winter gardening, window cleaning, cheese making, and baking! There are so many inspirational blogs from you! Please never stop!

  182. Lori Schmidt says:

    Love your blog, happy blogiversary!!! Oh and don’t scare me like that, don’t think my heart could stand it LOL!

  183. Congratulations on your anniversary. When I read you were retiring, my heart sank. I enjoy your blog very much and I am so glad you aren’t really retiring. I look forward to many more posts.

  184. Barb Gilligan says:

    Thanks Kevin I hope to some day meet you and your gardens. Congrats on your Anniversary!
    Love your site, keep it up 🙂

  185. Barb Gilligan says:

    Thanks Kevin I hope to some day meet you and your gardens. Congrats on your Anniversary!
    Love your site, keep it up 🙂

  186. Congrats & thanx for all you do to inspire!!! Also thanx for being so truthful & honest & sharing! XO m

  187. Okay, so I always look forward to reading your newsletter and today was no different. However, I panicked and my heart sunk when I read , “I have decided to retire”! WHEW… what a teaser you are and THANK YOU for continuing to give us laughter, culinary and gardening tips and recipes that are always oh so tasty! (Sipping bubbly or good wine while cooking is always with a nod of thanks to you for sharing that particular recipe!)

    Open Days will be here soon and your garden will be on my list again.

    Happy 5th Blogiversary and enjoy the Moet & Chandon!

    I am imagining your cookbook and hoping it will reflect your humor and realness about cooking!

  188. You had me a little worried. Just when I found you I thought I was losing you!
    Happy Anniversary!

  189. When I read that you were retiring I felt like, Oh! No! I am losing a good friend. I was very glad to read on and find that you were only checking to see if we all were reading what you take so much time to write, photograph and share. You got me there for a minute, and I am very glad to know that you are only celebrating your 5 years of blogging and sharing. Have you already gotten into the champaign?

    Reading back through the comments I see that everyone felt as I did. We don’t want to lose you. The comments are testimony to the shared value of having you visit us each week with your happy dialogue, great food and pictures, beautiful flowers and great ideas. Hang in there with us. Thanks

  190. Henrietta says:

    Congrats on your anniversary. I tried several of your gardening ideas with great results.

  191. Congrats on 5 years!!! I love your blog, website and everything about it. You are truly talented! Thank you for sharing your life, recipes and sense of humor. I look forward to many years of your emails! They make my Sunday morning! 🙂

  192. Carolyn Jones says:

    Congratulations Kev! I was so pleased to see you were just kidding about retiring from your blog! Seeing your garden, and the pictures of your cooking skills give me such pleasure!

  193. Riley Jackson says:

    You almost ended my days here. I am a 78 year old disabled vet who enjoys your posts every Sunday morning. Your posts give me additional hope. Than you and do not stop your blog, please.

  194. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Kev! This is THE BEST gardening blog I’ve ever read….I guess you can tell I really love it. The best thing about it, aside from your outstanding wit, and encyclopedic knowledge of all things garden, is that you tell me what to do and when to do it — love those monthly checklists. I’m inspired to keep on working on my little patch of garden!. Keep up the good work — and looking forward to everything coming up. And, like many have already said — I”m chuffed you’re not retiring! You’re simply not allowed to …. Cheers! and Happy Spring.

  195. P.S. Like many here, my heart sank too, thinking you were retiring. Thank Goodness you are not! It would have started a riot!!!

  196. I guess I should start with things in the order they’re listed! Doing a happy dance now that I know you are only kidding about early retirement…I am such a klutz I’ll probably fall down! So, on to more inspiration in the days to come. Getting seeds ready to plant, hubbie currently unemployed and chomping at the garden-bit. We had snow again this a.m. I just know spring is ready to burst forth and surprise us all!
    Happy Blogversary!

  197. Kevin, So glad you’re not retiring. I had a sinking feeling when I read that. Just look at all the fans you have! I’m trying winter sowing for the first time as the New Mexico spring winds absolutely decimate tender unprotected seedlings. I have one milk carton out there with sweet pea seeds, the tentative beginning of my first ever vegetable garden. The thing I find unique about your blog is that you are so giving! Sometimes I wonder why you do it, what you get out of it, the sharing of beautiful and creative ideas. You always make me laugh! Your blog makes me feel like you are a fun friend and neighbor.

  198. Sheree Ashapa says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  199. Ardell Barr says:

    Shame on you! Your “I’m going to retire” comment made my heart pound! Not funny Kevin. OK…..it caught my attention and made me realize how much I enjoy your emails. Thank you Kevin for giving us a look into your life. Enjoy your pictures, recipes, and humor. Don’t you even think about retiring…..don’t make me come up there!

  200. Adriana Fernandez says:

    Beautiful drawing of the house!

  201. I am so glad your not retiring. I enjoy your blog and keep it until the next new one comes in. I do cook all the receipes you post. Thank you for all of your garden tips. Marian

  202. Your retirement comment gave me a jolt! I was very happy to read that you were just Kidding.
    Happy Blogiversary and looking forward to many more newsletters, recipes, garden tips and decorating ideas. You really brighten a former New Yorkers day!

  203. MaryAnna says:

    My heart stopped for a minute, I swear! I look forward to Sunday mornings for your newsletter. It brings joy to my day! Thank you for taking the time to share and make us all happy!

  204. Ok..Happy Anniversary but…..Shame on you for the ” retirement” line. Please no more such talk even joking…could cause a coronary in certain segments of the population!!
    So looking forward to the “Cookbook” . Thanks again for the joy you bring….Blessings..

  205. Happy you were just kidding on quitting the blog as I have enjoyed it so far. Here’s to another 5 years 😉

  206. Like some others here, I look forward to Sunday to read your blog. I jumped right on the one that said you intended to retire. Congratulations and many more years of good cooking, gardening, and writing!

  207. Suzanne K says:

    EEEEKKKK!!!! My hope against hope is that (at worst) you were just retiring from wordpress and moving to a new platform. PHEW!!!! Yes, ‘we’ all love your humor….but wow!

  208. Congratulations Kevin. So pleased you’ll continue to share your garden wisdom, amazing recipes and stellar witicisms!

  209. My heart sank when I read you were retiring, you scamp!
    I am so happy to have discovered your site this year and
    it gladdens my heart every time I open it. Your food always
    looks incredibly delectable and your gardening is inspirational!
    Congratulations on five creative and artistic years and tip
    the glass to many, many more.

  210. Kevin,
    Happy anniversary of 5 years sharing lots of wonderful home/life information. Wish I could travel up from Texas for your tours. Maybe some day. Looking forward to springtime where you are and seeing pics of your gardens awakening from their winter sleep.

  211. Linda A. Fleming says:

    Anxiously awaiting your cookbook. You gave me quite a scare when you said you were retiring from writing your blog. Glad it was all a joke.

  212. Mazel Tov! I look forward to your blog like fashionistas look forward to the next vogue.

  213. I was sitting at the computer reading that you were retiring and uttered “NO!” very loudly. Nice prank. Enjoy your champagne. You’ve inspired me to attempt dishes that I otherwise would not have. I hope to read your blog for quite a while to come. Congratulations on five years and thank you…

  214. Maricela Infante says:

    Love your blog, never stop! Can’t wait for the cookbook. You should write about gardening too!

  215. Kevin,
    You scared me … retiring! I panicked thinking oh no, his blog is so terrific and brings enjoyment to my day and then … I read further! Whew! Here’s to many, many more posts and Happy Blogiversary!
    We are planning a trip from Buffalo, NY to see you August 16 at your Open Garden Tour! You are inspiring!
    Until we meet in the garden,

  216. Anne in Vermont says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have not yet read the post but as a relatively new subscriber I have to tell you that my hear skipped a beat when I read in the email of your retirement. I don’t think I have ever opened a link as quickly before. I was so relieved to hear this was a joke. Please don’t joke about such things again!

  217. OMG……… you had me worried that you were really retiring!! thank goodness you are NOT ….How could you leave me so soon when I have just gotten to know you over the last year…..and it has been wonderful …a weekly inspiration and a big help. My gosh besides gardening, baking, growing a window garden , you taught me how to clean my house and what to use…..Don’t ever leave me!
    Love it all, Kevin….Happy Anniversary…CHEERS!

  218. Denise in Colorado says:

    Happy 5th Blogiversary! We would be devastated if you ever retire, and you are far too young to even think of giving up your blog! We had snow last night here… Looking forward to Spring! 🙂

  219. I love your posts and am glad you are not retiring! When I am taking photos and am concerned about my camera, I plaster it with saran wrap (except lens). I can still make small adjustments and push buttons.

  220. Anne in Vermont says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Now that I have recovered from the shock I am able to add my good wishes and thanks for a great blog. The content is always interesting but the photos are simply fantastic. BTW my three experimental milk bottles are just peeking out of the snow we had over a week ago so thank you for sharing that you don’t have germination yet. Mine are in a trial with the one inch tall indoor seedlings. I do hope the milk bottle greenhouses at least break even so l don’t have to buy my own set stating equipment next winter.

  221. Congrats on you your anniversary. Thank you for all that you do to inspire us. I am trying the winter gardening this year.

  222. Kathleen says:

    So glad you were just kidding about retiring – Love your site and your encouraging and uplifting personalitly. Looking forward to your tenth anniversary. Thanks!

  223. That was not nice, Kevin! I love your blog and you just can’t retire, ever! I look forward to Sunday evening so I can sit down with you and catch up on the latest! My kitchen has red accents and bisque appliances.

  224. Donnella Bryce says:

    I live in Bellingen, a little town in a beautiful valley in north-east New South Wales, Australia. Many of your posts are not suitable for my climatic region but I still love reading them. Have you many readers from outside your area and outside of America?

    Admire your blog and have suggested it to several friends. Hope you can keep going and growing for another five years, at least.

  225. Good heavens now I have ‘Killer Queen’ stuck in my head. 🙂 Happy anniversary and many, many more!

  226. Open that bottle of champagne and celebrate a wonderful 5th anniversary!!!!!! Hugs, Anne

  227. Sonja Jones says:

    Way to scare everyone! Not that I come here religiously but I do come and see what’s going on from time to time. My friend Kathleen (in NY) introduced me to you and I’m glad she did. You have very useful ideas and if… wait…when we finally do move to San Antonio I can’t wait to try some of your gardening ideas.
    But I have to say about the Q&A – you answered the weight question but not the age question??? What’s up with that?!?!? lol
    Happy 5 year Blogiversary!

  228. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!
    Many happy returns on the day 🙂

  229. I am administering a gentle scolding for scaring your loyal readers into thinking you were going to retire! I was selfishly thinking about what a loss that would be to ME! Forgive and keep on Bloggin’!!!

  230. Martey Costello says:

    Thank heaven, sorry to keep your nose to the grindstone, but, T.H.! Happy 5th! 🙂

  231. carol Y. says:

    Whew, so glad you aren’t retiring!! That would have been a sad anniversary for us, thanks for all you do, your blog always brings a smile to my face. 🙂 Happy anniversary and many more!

  232. Oh boy, you had me going! ( and apparently lots of others… way to see who actually reads the blog!) I just forwarded your blog address so that my daughter will have access to the kale, Swiss, ham rustic pie recipe. She loves to cook very healthy food as does her husband and they garden. THEN I saw your anniversary note that you are retiring from the blog… so glad I kept on reading and that you will keep on writing! Happiness to you!!!

  233. You SCARED me, Sir!!!

    Thanks for not retiring – I enjoy your blog way too much!

  234. You really scared me when you said you were retiring! I’m a newbee to your blog so I was crushed! Thanks for teasing us! And that’s one of the reasons I love your blog…your sense of humor! Keep up the great work, and happy 5th blogiversary!

  235. Susan L. Golden says:

    I save good things for last. So, I have been saving reading your blog all day and then you had the audacity to pretend to retire!!! You scared the day lights out of me! I have buckets of friends I’ve shared your blog with and they all love it, too! I don’t know how you do all you do, but please, hang in there with us!

  236. Hi Kevin, Geez you made my heart stop and not in a good way, when you said you were retiring! Then it started beating normal again when you said just kidding. I love your website. I have learned so much and the recipes are fantastic. Waiting for your cookbook to come out.
    I love your sense of humor (only not this time.) 🙂 Congratulations on your 5th anniversary.

  237. Marcia Leitschuh says:

    I am grateful you were joking – I love your posts.
    Happy Anniversary!

  238. So glad you were just kidding. I don’t post often but I read each of your postings.

  239. I like you, Kevin. And just…thank you for everything. SO glad you’re not retiring, yet! I look forward to your recipes, gardening tips, book!! and hopefully your garden tour!

  240. Wow beautiful African Violets!! I began loving gardens from a small African violet leaf!!! My grandmother had the most beautiful African violets. They are the most beautiful flowers for indoors I believe. I have a garden and it has been warm enough to get all my vegies growing. I have my peas, lettuce, spinach swiss chard, kale, radishes up and growing. It has been warmer this year so I have been able to get them going earlier. I can taste the fresh salad greens now :). Love your blog. thanks!

  241. It cracks me up that a question about your weight is permissible, but you balk about your age. You are so not a woman! 😉

  242. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    What a little dickens you are!
    R E T I R E M E N T should not be anywhere on your horizon, even as a joke!
    Of course hundreds of us opened that entry immediately as we chanted, No, No, No, No, No.
    Kudos to you for your Blogiversary. And we forgive you for giving us a fright.

  243. Sharon A says:

    Glad you are going to continue. Your blogs always feel like we are having coffee on the porch after the morning chores are done and just visiting. I have been fighting the deer for the past two years and have almost given up gardening. Between the 7 or 8 who come by the rabbits also enjoy the greens. In fact when i redid my front terraces last year a mother deer and her two decided the warm mulch and new plants were just the place to bed down. they now pass through each morning!

  244. Marion McCall says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary. I love your blog and my heart sank when you said you were planning on retiring. I am so glad you are not! A great blog, wonderful recipes – and always inspiration to try something new.

  245. WHAT !?!?!? Oh, you were kidding ???? WHEW !!! Don’t scare me like that Kevin !!!
    Happy Anniversary you rascal !! Looking forward to many more of your wonderful, practical, helpful blogs.

  246. At 7,600 ft. Above sea level, in this south central mountain valley of Colorado ( see it on a map, the mountains around us, many over 14, 000 ft. High, makes what looks like the a left hand mitten shape – Conneticut could easily fit inside our San Luis Valley), I can’t grow many of your plant ideas ( zone thre, and our last frost is June 15th yearly), so the photos you send are my way of living there virtual- like. Don’t drop this blog. It gives me something to look forward to every Sunday. It’s a big deal to me. I don’t cook, biput I like the photos and learning about those gadgets, and I really like that beagle and the captions of what he is thinking. Thanks for posting this.

  247. Angelica Menpes says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary, glad you are not retiring.
    I look forward to receiving your email and seeing what we should cook and plant.
    Please keep it going.

  248. You are a bright spot in this in very long mid – Atlantic winter and I’m waiting to see your garden come alive soon. I’ve enjoyed dinners and desert by your fireside in your elegant home and hope to share many more. Thanks for inviting us all in to share your hospitality and show us how it’s done (step by step by step) with a beagle under your feet! Please don’t leave us hanging online.

  249. Well, Kevin, that was a heart-stopper. I discovered your blog only in October and thinking …
    no, it can’t be. Very glad that you’ll be here, I hope for a long time. How else might I keep
    up with the saga of Lily?

  250. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve truly enjoyed it and am glad to hear you will continue. I don’t know what it takes to publish a book but it sure would be wonderful if it was out and it could be signed at an Open Garden Day…. 🙂

  251. Congrats! I love your site. This is my first year trying the winter sown seeds. Glad you said something about yours. I am in CT and we have had some winter! Take care and Thank You.

  252. Hard to believe it’s been five years since you started this great blog. Congratulations, Kevin!

  253. Dorothy Armstrong says:

    Happy 5th anniversary! I love receiving your email’s about gardening & the recipe’s that you give us to try!

  254. You scared me to near death with that title….. a sigh of relief, as I read on. Thank you for your enjoyable blog and for not really retiring. I love it !! Your gardening techniques are inspiring.and your recipes, Y-u-m-m-y!! Looks like I’m the 248th person to hope you will continue your blog to the 10th year and maybe beyond.Happy days ahead!!

  255. My heart seized and then I read on and was able to breathe again. I HATE gardening sites because I always feel like an idiot. And I NEVER feel that way reading your posts. I just moved to a cute little bungalow with a big blank yard. I have no idea what it will eventually look like, but I want it to have the warmth and heart that you show us every week. Thank you for the inspiration.

  256. My heart skipped a beat and fell into my stomach when I read that you were retiring! Then I read on and had a full recovery. Thank you for entertaining and informing us with your great blog! We all hope you will celebrate many more years!

  257. Kevin, don’t even think about going away…perish the thought! You are the sunshine in my Sunday morning, especially this long, cold, snowy, gloomy winter we have had here in Wisconsin. Need some sunshine…just visit your blog. Happy Anniversary and I wish you many, many more! Thanks for being here!

  258. You just simply make me smile…

    Thank you

  259. Tracey Santi says:

    Whew! Thank goodness you’re not retiring! How naughty of you to scare us all…so mischievous. Thanks for the wonderful job you’re doing here on your blog!!! Congratulations to you, Kevin. I look forward to the next five years of gardening and cooking inspiration.

  260. Glendolyn says:

    Every time I find something wonderful, it seems to end…please don’t retire! Please
    don’t stop your wonderful informative sharing interesting site. Thank you for the
    past, and please continue long long into the future.

  261. Haha! April Fools! That was a good one! lol. I love reading your blog, keep up the good work. Happy Blogversary!

  262. Patti Martin says:

    Thank you for not retiring…….Life would not be as good without having your adventures to look forward to………it makes my adventure so much more fun!!! Now, off to drink that champagne!! Enjoy yours. Cheers!

  263. My goodness, you are popular! Thank you for your happy and wise words, and making every Sunday more fun when your blog comes through my email.

  264. Congrats on your milestone! As a small child it was a woman also named Margaret that started my love of plants and veggies fresh out of the garden. Although it took me a few years to realize the dream, I now have produce and flowers galore. Truly blessed! Thanks for all the good info…glad you aren’t retiring!

  265. So relieved you are NOT retiring!! I about choked when I read that. How would I know what bowl to use? Or what color spatula to grab? 🙂 We would miss you and your droll comments very much. Oh I had Naan bread the other day. No I didn’t make any, I was grocery shopping and found some in the bakery. If homemade is any better than the bakery stores was, I don’t think I could stand it!! Oh so good.

  266. I’m relieved that you aren’t really retiring!

  267. dgdeutsch says:

    Happy fifth anniversary, Kevin. We all hope you know that you are not allowed to quit blogging.

  268. Angel Blue says:

    What an odd sense of sadness occurred when I read you were to retire. I thought. I am glad for you.5 yrs is extensive in this life-in-a-minute blur. and then there was this loud quietness where I imagined your blog silenced. All the tips and info. laughter and shared moments you write. whispered softly ~gone. I dislike bad news.. that ocd in me cries you cannot change it as it’s being shared . I like you blog so I opened the mail so very melancholic to find you were jesting and I felt this wee breath exhaled in mirth and relief.

    Happy Blog Anniversary and.. As many more as your heart can hold. congratulations and we’ll wishes on the blog and book.

    whew! my joy is still

  269. Wow! you had me worried for a minute….as a recent follower of your blog, I was startled to read that it was your anniversary and you were going to retire! So glad you were kidding 😀

    Your blog inspires me so much and I hope you continue blogging for a long, long time.

    My favorite parts are the gardening and recipe posts…both are also passions of mine, and while I’m no where close to where you are in experience and talent, I love reading what you share with all of us.

    Congratulations and write on, Kevin!

  270. So glad you’re not retiring. I only recently found your blog and would hate for it to be gone so soon after my discovery. I’ve tried your winter sowing of seeds idea and have a lovely row of milk jugs on the deck outside my kitchen window. I’ve tried to convert several of my gardening friends to give it a try, but most of them are waiting to see how mine turn out, so the pressure’s on! But I’m a believer, and I know I will soon see hearty sprouts poking up after this record shattering winter we’ve enduring in our section of zone 5-b. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. So much less expensive and less space than a greenhouse.

  271. Kevin,

    I just discovered your blog a few months ago, so my jaw dropped when I read your comment about retiring it. The material you cover and how you present it is just great, especially for someone like me whose thumb is not green and who is very much challenged when it comes to preparing anything in the kitchen.

    Since discovering your blog, I’ve forced Forsethia, started winter sowing and prepared, fairly successfully, your recent salmon recipe.

    Please don’t ever think of retiring your blog. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your efforts.

  272. Hi Kevin:

    Mickie , # 151, said it all for me. I freaked! Not nice.

    Happy Blogiversary and many more! Love you.

  273. Cynthia Shultz says:

    Didn’t think you meant the retirement bit but it got my attention.much too young I’m thinking. Love your posts. Cynthia

  274. Kevin! I was in my head preparing a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t retire! So happy you aren’t! You are such a happy energetic source for me, I have learned so many things from you! Thanks for your efforts on this blog, I sincerely appreciate them.

  275. Diane TG says:

    Kevin — Happy Blogiversary! Thanks to you I have teeny tiny seedlings in my winter-sow milk jugs and a happy heart as the next snow storm approaches. Please never leave.

  276. That first paragraph was so not funny! Very glad you were just kidding! Happy Anniversary and I hope there are many, many more : )

  277. You had me going! I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to celebrate my first attempt at winter sowing with you. My seven year old daughters snap dragons have sprouted and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival our other ten varieties. This has been a fun project with my kiddos, made possible because I stumbled upon your blog! Thank you, we are big fans!

  278. happy bloganniversary from Belgium! Keep going on!

  279. ot nice to scare me that you were retiring. I would not like it if I couldn’t read your posts. I have gained so much from your posts. Thank you for not retiring. 🙂

  280. Vicki Shires says:

    Happy Anniversary and many more! Thank you for making me smile!

  281. Susan Johnston says:

    Naughty trick! Glad you are joking and I look forward to many more posts. Thanks to you I am going to try raised bed gardening this year! Wish me luck!

  282. “Oh no!” I spouted in my office where everyone probably thought I was simply with a client. I’m ever so glad you’re not retiring since I look to your site for recipe ideas and midday, midweek dog fixes. I’ve bravely gifted winter sowing kits to several friends and family members and put out my own two milk bottles filled with nicotiana seeds. I’ve procrastinated putting out any other seeds which are either mysteries when it comes to hardiness or sensitive types like Sungold select, California Wonder and Black Beauty egglplants. I’m up in Maine’s Zone 5 which is feeling awful chilly these days!!

  283. Love your blog. You shocked me with the “I’m retiring” sentence. Don’t do that again! I always look forward to new posts. Big fan down in South Carolina!

  284. Congratulations Kevin! You are a natural and we are all SO lucky that you added the blogging hobby to your cooking and photography hobbies and your gardening profession. When I see your blog in my email on Sundays it is like getting a letter from home. Enjoy the celebration tonight.

  285. Kevin Lee, if you meant to scare the living “crap” out of those of us who follow you and your happenings with the ‘ I will retire…..” line – IT WORKED YOU LITTLE OLE STINKER ! I had my heart in my throat when reading the rest of your statement. You almost gave me the vapors !
    See, I am the little ole Southern lady who always calls you by your two given names. Kevin Lee. That is how we address our friends “down hera” in Carolina land. At my age, things like this said even in jest, can cause trouble. I am so glad you will be”carrying on” so we all will not miss a second of the life that we all wish we could be much more a part of. Bless your heart. I must also add my congratulations to you and yours(and that includes Lilly and the cats) and that man in your life. Have no words to praise you as much as you should be praised. Please understand we are grateful for your sharing with us your hard work, we can see that what you do is a joy to you. Please also know I am sincere in saying – Thank you Kevin Lee Brenda Joyce T.

  286. Congrats!! Patiently waiting for your cookbook!

  287. Kevin,

    Visiting your blog is like catching up with a dear friend. I wish we lived closer so I could visit your gardens this summer. Keep posting the photos…they are a joy to behold.

    Nancy H.

  288. Cheryl E. says:

    You gave me a start! I am so glad you aren’t going to retire. I really enjoy your site and you really do inspire and motivate me,

  289. Diana Raidy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Kevin! Like so many others I totally enjoy reading your blogs. You have a talent that most of us can thoroughly enjoy as we know what you accomplish is well beyond our capabilities. So thanks for sharing your love with us! My response to your retirement notice? NO! SAY IT ISN’T SO!!

  290. Happy Blogiversary and may you have many more. I look forward to your newsletters. I can’t wait for your cookbook.

  291. So glad for your uplifting blog. I love reading and learning!
    Thanks Kevin!

  292. Marye DD says:

    I thought oh no… he can’t retire the blog. I love this blog and you inspire me to be a better gardener and cook! Keep up the great blog and enjoy the champagne! Happy Blogging!

  293. Kevin
    1st Downton Abbey ‘s season ends
    then Will Gardner (The Good Wife) gets shot dead
    and then I read your retiring………….

    This winter can’t end soon enough!
    you had me going there for a minute

    Thanks for all that you do and Happy Blogiversary


  294. Alice Fish says:

    When you said you were going to retire, My heart sunk. . . . I so enjoy every single aspect of your blog

  295. Denise Goodspeed says:

    Happy Blogversary! I am patiently waiting for your cookbook, I so enjoy your site, your humor & all of your great info, please don’t retire!! Thanks for all you do!

  296. Well you had me going for a minute there, so glad to see your not retiring. Yours is the only blog I read with regularity. Congrats on 5 years! Can’t wait for your new cookbook.

  297. Hawaii_Lynette says:

    Aloha and Happy Blogversary Kevin!
    You’re amazing, super talented, big hearted and so very generous. Mahalo (thank you) for sharing your life and your world with all of us. I enjoy it so much.

  298. Claudia Schimmer says:

    My heart skipped a beat when I read the retirement word! NO!!!! I should have realized it was your witty and charming way of writing at work… lol. Your Q & A was fun too! Congrats on the 5 years, and I hope many more to come! I love to cook and garden and even though I modify the recipes, being primarily vegetarian, I do get very inspired. Love so many of your tips, tricks and lovely images. I am lucky- here in SF Bay Area/ N. California, we do have a year-round growing climate, and I’m off and running from many of your tips can do my own sowing now- bought starts before your tip on mini greenhouse seeding; good luck in getting all those babies going.

  299. Carolyn Riccardino says:

    Happy Anniversary! Your blog has inspired me in many ways and you come across as a delightful individual. I am sure you must be delightful in person as well.

  300. You certainly woke me up with your, “I’ve decided to retire.” comment this morning, you probably heard my NOOOOOOOOO! all the way at your house. So glad it was a funny especially since I was getting ready to send your address to 12 members of my Homemakers club so they too can enjoy your blog. I love your blog and will someday use a recipe, maybe when the book comes out, but have used a number of your gardening hints already. I’m still waiting for more then my lettuce to germinate in my milk carton green houses. I check them daily like a mother hen. Good luck with your book and thanks for being you and sharing with others.

  301. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    Kevin, you’re such a tease! You had me, and everyone else, shrieking in horror with your “retiring” comment. Love you, your wit, your blog, your newsletter, your home…just love it all!

  302. ToniBeth says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I so love to read your blog and see your beautiful gardens and delish recipes.
    It would be a dream come true to visit your gardens in person ,But I live way over in Washington State a bit too far to come see them. So I look forward to your lovely photos
    of the landscaped yard & garden carefully making notes that may be useful to my own garden.
    I feel as many of your followers as though I have found a garden friend in you.
    Thank you for sharing & opening up your home & heart to us all.
    I look forward to more tips & ideas & tempting recipes.
    On the subject of how you got interested in gardening…as you started to say how an older lady had African Violets ….. It brought to mind an elderly lady in a wheel chair that I used to go do her hair. She also gave me a cutting of her beautiful African Violets and got me started on growing them on my northern kitchen window sill for many yrs. Oh how that brought back happy memories of her….. Thanks Kevin 🙂

  303. Kevin: Thanks so much for your wonderful newsletter and congratulations on five great years. I enjoy reading your blog, seeing your gorgeous house and green garden. SO GLAD YOU ARE NOT RETIRING. Unfortunately, I cannot make it to your garden tour on either of those dates.

  304. congratulations on you blogaversary. When I discovered you in 2012, I decided your shared information was too precious to ever delete. It’s comforting to know the answers to my many questions are at my fingertips. I hope you enjoyed your celebration. wishes for many more. Lee

  305. happy anniversary , thank you for sharing your passion not only for food, gardening, interior decorating… but for “blogging’ all f it for us to be there with you!!! I love the recipes & your dog, I cannot be alone!!! thank you for all you do!!!

  306. Naomi Shelton says:

    Good grief! I nearly had a heart attack when I read on page one that you were retiring! I felt VERY sad! But I read further and have now calmed down. I do so love your blog and I learn so much from it. Then besides the information there’s your sense of humor that lends such spice to the whole thing. It’s just very fun to read and learn with you. SO, you must NOT retire until you are way past retirement age, which I am sure will be long after I have left the planet. (By the way, how old are you, anyway? Just kidding.) I just turned seventy myself and don’t feel a day over……???…..forty! Yes, forty. I’m glad I still have your blog to look forward to each week, for the time-being, anyway. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

  307. LindaMarie says:

    Kevin… you are too much! I just panicked when I saw the word ‘retire’ ! I just found you not that long ago… I was so flipped that it took a bit before I read ‘just kidding’! I think you are amazing! I often wonder how you find the time, not to mention the energy, to do all the things
    that you do and you do them all so beautifully! Thank you so very much!

  308. Congratulations! I love reading your posts. I was sad when you said you were going to retire. I clicked and it said just kidding, I was glad to see that. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your helpful tips.

  309. Kevin,

    My heart sank when I read that you were retiring….but then I smiled when I realized it was just a joke! I’ve gotten so many great gardening ideas from you this past year. Thanks for sharing not only your gardening knowledge but for also sharing yourself. Happy Anniversary!!

  310. Congratulations Kevin! Well done & keep going! I’m enjoying every blog post. Thanks!

  311. Congrats Kevin. Please don’t leave us. I was turned on to you by my mother. we talk about you often. we love the tomato pie. and make several throughout the summer. haven’t met a person yet that didn’t like it.

    Will your cookbook have step by step pictures? I hope so.

    Hugs buddy

  312. Janine Thomas says:

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw in your email that you were retiring! I actually said “Oh no!” out loud! Then I quickly opened the email which led me to your site and was instantly relieved when you said you were only kidding!
    Your humor and unique recipes have inspired me to appreciate being in the kitchen more than I have cared to be my whole adult life, although my heart belongs in the garden, which fuels my soul. Your pictures and information have helped me to look at some of my gardens with new eyes, especially my new herb and vegetable gardens.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your passions with the world. And listen, there is NO RETIRING in your near future!!! 🙂

  313. When I received the email announcing your new blog post and “retirement” a very loud “NOOOOOOOO’ resounded in my head – so glad it was a joke! Love your blog!

  314. Sherry Kanoski says:

    Kevin, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN! You scared us all with your cute little preface that stated you were retiring! What would I do each week without your wonderful blog? There isn’t another out there with such variety of interesting things. So glad you were just testing us with your sense of humor. Wouldn’t you think I would know your wit and humor by now??????

  315. Wow – you scared me there for a minute with your joke about retiring! I have been catching up on my bog reading and started with yours. I do hope you will let us all know when you finish your cook book. I would definitely buy it, I love your recipes! I have been doing a lot of research about GMO’s and Monsanto and I just can’t believe how bad bad bad the whole situation is. I first was made aware of it from your blog. Have you seen the video documentary “Seeds of Death”? Scary but very educational. Since so many people read your blog, I hope you will continue to make us aware of this from time to time. I have now gone mostly organic due to learning about GMO’s and Round-Up, and also get my seeds from organic seed catalogs. Keep up the good work.

  316. Congratulations on your 5th Blogiversary! I like that you appear to take your garden and food tips and advice seriously but not yourself. And thanks for all the photos! That’s got to slow you down, but they add so much.

  317. Congratulations! you have a beautiful home, garden and life!

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