Valentine’s Day Giveaway/Winners Announced

I HAD GREAT FUN reading about your Valentine’s Day plans. It seems that many of you were planning to do what I, in fact, ended up doing — shoveling out from winter storm “Pax.” Here are the winning comment numbers, as selected by

#671 from Kattrinka: I’m thinking about doing some baking for my favorite Valentine……ME!!

#75 from Michelle G: We will be working most of the day so I plan to send my love a candy bouquet, at work…

#410 from Ellie G: My husband and I are spending it at home with our 7 month old girl…

Congratulations, Kattrinka, Michelle and Ellie! To collect your prize (a Hamilton Beach electric kettle),  just send me a note.

THIS WEEK, because a monstrous storm is brewing (8-14 inches of snow is expected here), and because Valentine’s Day is on Friday, I’ve purchased three Hamilton Beach electric kettles to give away!

I wrote about this 1.7 liter kettle last fall. It’s a terrific time (and energy) saver, because it boils water much faster than the stove-top or microwave.  I love it, just as you will.

And speaking of love! For a chance to win one of the kettles, just answer the following question:

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Are you…

…preparing a candlelit dinner for someone special?

…having a romantic meal at a restaurant?

…shoveling snow?

Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans, shout them out in the comments field at the bottom of this post, and you’ll be automatically entered in the random drawing.

Rules for Entry

One comment per person, please

No comments after 11:59PM on Friday, February 14, 2014.

The winners, as chosen by, will be announced on Saturday, February 15, 2014, so be sure to check back!

Not required, but appreciated: Click the “like” button below.

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  1. Abbie Burch says:

    I’ll be spending Valentines Day with my sweet little grandson.

  2. I am spending Valentine’s with my special guy, Harvey!

  3. It’s my first Valentine’s with my boyfriend and we are spending a quiet evening at home with our new puppy.

  4. If snow, snow goes away I’ll be at The Falcon in Marlboro listening to my fav’s the Alexis P Suter Band or spending it snowed in at home. 😉

  5. Rita Chalfant says:

    I will be cooking up one of your Valentine’s menu selections…still undecided!

  6. Emily Phillips says:

    We are doing NOTHING! When you are raising your grandchildren you have little money to celebrate Valentine’s day. Our church is offering a parent’s night out but it would cost of $15 to leave them there for 4 hrs. Sound like a good deal but when $15 is 3 gallons of milk, well, you see my point. Sure would like this kettle though. Would brighten up my Valentine’s day.

  7. Edward Zabel says:

    No plans in particular. May go out to dinner.But that will depend on what our Looming Noreaster does here on the East coast.

  8. Valentines Day this year may be spent in the snow…..If not, I will be getting to help at a special Valentines Day Breakfast for older single women at our local senior center.

  9. Veronica Boettger says:

    Hi Kevin
    I really enjoy your weekly newsletter. Your home & gardens are beautiful. Your recipes sound great. I would love to have one of the kettle. Last year we visited Ireland and had a kettle in our hotel rooms. It was great to have morning tea in our rooms. Thanks

  10. Linda Anderson says:

    My Valentine’s Day plans are so minimal. Heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, an a home-made heart-shaped pizza for dinner.

  11. Diane Kratz says:

    I will probably be helping my husband shovel out from the snow.
    Meal plans are still up in the air due to the inclement weather!
    Thanks for your generosity, Kevin! <3

  12. Gail woodside says:

    We usually “surprise” each other with homemade valentines. Dinner is always something special at home like shrimp accompanied by our favorite rice with sautéed onion, raisins and toasted almonds. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

  13. I will be sharing dinner and champagne with my husband.

  14. I’ll be cooking a nice meal for my husband of 30 years.

  15. My Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with a long-needed date night with my hubby going to see the WINTER’S TALE movie. Our three kids will have to have their own movie night at home while we’re out (which they’ll probably be grateful for, too! LOL).

  16. Gretchen St Lawrence says:

    Would LOVE to win one of these. We are big tea drinkers!

  17. Lynn Peters says:

    V Day will be spent alone this year. I work and live in a different state than my husband because, well, you do what you’ve got to do to support the family, right?! Anyways, we will chat, but it will be me and a book. Would love to have one of these kettles to add some good tea to the mix!

  18. If the snow ends in time I’m heading to the MFA in Boston for the Impressionist exhibit. If not I guess I’ll be clearing snow and baking…if the power stays on.

  19. I’ll be working a looooong day on V-Day. Valentine’s Day is practically the “Black Friday” of the flower business, after all. Hoping my Hubby gets home from work earlier than I do so he can start dinner 🙂 Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re married to the BESTEST man EVER so we’ll just celebrate on a different day 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you….and don’t forget the flowers!!!

  20. Caitilin Weber says:

    The most romantic thing we have time to do is spend time with our kids and get some rest!

  21. Spending Valentine’s Day in Ft. Lauderdale!!

  22. Julia Vitale says:

    I’ll be having a nice dinner with my husband of 30 years!!

  23. Going for a hike in the Blue Ridge and having lunch out. Home to the fireplace and a nice glass of wine before dark!

  24. Larry Doyle says:

    Thanks for reminder that Friday is Valentine’s.

  25. june Heavey says:

    Quite evening at home, Rack of Lamb, Roasted Parmesan Broccoli & Risotto

  26. My valentine is my “adopted” granddaughter, age 2 1/2. Her smiling face melts me! I have wanted an electric kettle for some time, so please pick my name. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  27. Laurie Villiard says:

    Up and away to a snowy cozy cabin in the mountains! Maybe some snowshoeing 😉

  28. Spending it with my two dogs, wishing my husband was home with me!

  29. I will enjoy a romantic dinner in with my valentine!

  30. Karen Ennenga says:

    My daughter was born on Valentines day, so since then it is just the day we celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Rachel Ann!

  31. Spending a nice evening at home

  32. Hopefully we will be safe and warm inside while the snow falls outside!
    I am planning to make a GF White Cake layered with strawberry preserves and cream cheese frosting. And coffee, lots of coffee!

  33. sharon dewalt says:

    We are going to the Botanical Gardens in cleveland. Hopefully we can capture a little spring!

  34. Angela yoder says:

    I am going to be excitedly waiting for all the chocolate to go 75% the very next day! Favorite part of valentines day!

  35. Thinking I will need to shovel out from our latest snow storm, making cookies for a bake sale and having a quiet dinner at home!

  36. My birthday is tomorrow, but I don’t have much time for celebrating that or Valentine’s Day. We bought a new house and the whole kitchen had to be gutted. My husband will be finishing up on Friday so we can move in this weekend. I would LOVE an electric kettle for making tea. Icing on my Birthday/Valentine’s cake! 🙂

  37. We’re doing nothing on the actual day, but next week we leave for our family vacation to the Florida Keys and while we’re there, my husband and I plan to sneak away for a nice dinner out alone!!

  38. Trying to make some Healthy-ish cake pops with my four yr old- I figure not including canned icing- or cake mix is already a huge step up!

  39. Snowed in here so whatever we have on hand will be good. just hope the power stays on!

  40. Diana Carapezza says:

    I’m not doing anything different from any other day. With my man, everyday is Valentines Day!

  41. Given my kitchen/living room remodel started on Monday, we will enjoy a take out meal surrounded by all the furniture, boxes and chaos in our family room made toasty warm by our woodburning stove and three dogs.

  42. Lori Mancini says:

    my Valentine has fur and four feet so I will be snuggling up with my cat and a good book. I usually dring tea while I am doing that so a kettle would be nicg as the small hot shot I use now only lets me make 1 cup at a time

  43. Louise Brouillette says:

    We’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with our granddaughter, Francesca, who was born on V Day 23 years ago. I’ll be helping her plan her June wedding. Thanks, Kevin, for your great giveaways!

  44. I will be making a special dinner for me and my daughter.

  45. Netflix is releasing the new season of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I have plans to snuggle in and binge-watch it this weekend — we’ve been looking forward to it for months! It’s an exceptional show and I highly recommend it!!

  46. Azenette Quezada says:

    I will be going to the park with my little sister, since the temperature will be around 86 degrees!!!! here in sunny Phoenix 🙂

  47. I will spend it with friends. We are having spring like weather here so I will also be spending time in my garden getting it ready for planting. We in the West have had the opposite weather from you folks in the East. Warm and dry. Driest winter ever so far. Wish we could have a little of your precipitation.

  48. I’m leaning towards one of your Romantic Dinners for Two–probably the Chicken & Lemon Polpettine. We’ll see how my busy Friday goes before I decide. Please send some snow and rain to northern California–we need water for our gardens this summer.

  49. I try to make every day V day love is not just shown on the 14th. Love is a gift that should be honored every chance we get!

  50. Jim lambert says:

    I’m spending Valentine’s day with a good movie, fire in the fireplace,doggie curled up by the fire, cup of my favorite tea…and me

  51. I’ll be having Valentine’s dinner with my heart, my love; my 12 year old daughter.

  52. Jeannette T. says:

    We are just going to hang out with our kids….. 🙂

  53. Judy Brocking says:

    I think I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day shoveling out the snow 🙁

  54. Chocolate Fountain with lots of yummy fruit. Each of the kids invites one friend. It’s a mess, but it’s our tradition. I love pineapple in the fountain the best, but we also have strawberries, animal crackers, pretzels, and bananas. Every year someone thinks of something new to try.

  55. My husband & I will be having a nice dinner together. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

  56. My honey & I are going to a St. Louis Symphony Orchestra event at which they will be showing our favorite film, Casablanca, while playing the soundtrack. We are dressing the part ~ he’s wearing the Bogart white dinner jacket ensemble, and I’m wearing the trenchcoat, crisp white blazer, and fedora… I’m so excited!

    I’m also excited about the opp to win this electric kettle! I’ve been hearing great things about them so would like to have one for my own kitchen. Thanks Kevin ~ Happy Valentine’s Day to you & yours, 😡

  57. For Valentine’s Day I am making a very romantic dinner for 2 with dark chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, I think hubby will love it! and if there is more snow here in MN I’ll be using my snowblower!

  58. I plan to surprize Hubby Fri on Val Day with what did NOT happen on his birth day yesterday…

  59. it’s my sisters big 60 so I will be celebrating with her.It’s also My Hubbys two best buddies BD also so shout outs to them also.

  60. Debra Smrchek says:

    After the major ice storm we are having here in the South, our plans for Valentine’s Day have changed. We will be spending it here at home and I will be making my husband’s favorites for dinner. His favorite meal is Chicken Pot Pie and a big green salad with fresh veggies. An additional surprise will be a Lemon Pound Cake. The recipe I use is the Famous Ritz Carlton Hotel’s from the 1920’s.

  61. Susie Barnett says:

    I plan on baking my sweetheart’s favorite pie. Love your newsletter.

  62. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with my husband. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love this!

  63. Patti White Hansen says:

    I will be spending Valentines Day with a little redhead of. 5 months making silly faces, ridiculous noises and being a Nana for the first Valentines Day. Absolutely the most wonderful time of life !

  64. Christine Hollman says:

    Melting Pot for chocolate fondue with husband and kids!

  65. I’m visiting my son at college and going to his vocal performance, it will be wonderful.

  66. Lane Recker says:

    Dinner at home with hubby using my special bayberry candles

  67. Sandy Douglass Abalos says:

    I will spend Valentine’s Day helping clean our VFD fire station in preparation for our Firewise CPR/First Aid Training to be held on Saturday!

  68. We are staying home and grilling/cooking together… salad… burgundy steaks on the grill… baked potato… corn… and champagne cupcakes for dessert! (took a short cut on the cupcakes and order from a local shop!!!)

  69. because I am single , there is nothing special planned , except memory lane and giving some sweets to the grandchildren

  70. The kids will be at their dad’s, so it will be me and the dogs and the cat on Friday night. I’ll most likely spend it cheering on the USA at the Olympics and knitting, which sounds wonderful.

  71. we will probably cuddle up with a movie, and some hot chocolate with amaretto after the kids are in bed! We took a getaway last weekend for a combination of our aniversary and valentines day, so we don’t have any fancy plans!

  72. Leslie Thibodeaux says:

    My dear husband, Kevin, has the day off on St. Valentine’s Day! We have been blessed with 8 wonderful children as a result of our love! They will bless us with a date night in which they decorate the house and prepare the entire dinner date meal. Coffee is needed at this busy house! Thanks and many blessings to you, Kevin!

  73. Linda P. Strangio says:

    Much happiness to you and yours, Kevin. I’m having my 4 and 2 year old grandsons spend the night. They are my sweethearts and their mom can have her evening out. Happy trails, Linda

  74. We will be spending time together and we will be eating out at a romantic restaurant. He has a surprise for me too.

  75. We will be working most of the day so I plan to send my love a candy bouquet, at work. He works in a mechanic shop so this should go over real well 😉

  76. I will be spending Valentines Day showing my family how much I love and appreciate them on this special day.

  77. Nancy Jalaty says:

    Yoga with my friends. Sharing cards and champagne with hubby. Enjoying our mild southern CA weather. Cheers!

  78. I will be sewing curtains and hubby continuing work on our kitchen remodel and building the cabinets. Not too romantic but a good goal insight! We’ve been remodeling since the summer ourselves and I’ve only just become aware of these kettles. Just hadn’t gotten around to getting one as it would be sooooooo helpful in our make shift kitchen. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

  79. I’ll be burying my dog.

  80. We will be spending the evening together.

  81. Heike Woolard says:

    I’ll spend Valentines Day working and after work I’ll cook dinner for my two favorite boys (my husband and son).

  82. Most likely: shoveling snow, as usual; otherwise, be snowed in. Then inside to healthy, nutritious food! Not very romantic or exciting, but necessary. Used my kettle yesterday and noticed that it too needs replaced. Sigh, hope I win. Thanks, Kevin for all you do and share. Happy Velentine’s Day to you and yours Kevin, AND to each and everyone!

  83. jean harrison says:

    For all the east coast people I won’t tell you what our weather has been like out west, it would be cruel. If I can work in a trip to Carson City on the 14th, I would like to visit the Carson River Park next to the Silver Saddle Ranch for some terrific bird-watching.

  84. Staying home, with a special dinner for just my loving husband of 39 years and myself.

  85. Darlene Bronson says:

    caviar, blinis and champagne… sounds like a Kevin thing to do!

  86. Just getting cozy at home since we are expecting double digits of snow.

  87. Mary Downing says:

    Snow tubing in Massanutten in Virginia if we don’t get snowed in we will try a new Chop house in Harrisonburg, VA.

  88. Bobbie Goodnight says:

    I will be sitting in our sunroom with my wonderful husband of 46 yrs sipping a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow come down and thanking God for the many blessings of a life with him.

  89. My partner and I will be spending the evening watching 2 of our favorite tv shows (something we’ve come to look forward to as an end-of-week indulgence), and then enjoying a simple meal together. We don’t generally do outrageous things for each other for Valentine’s Day, but we show so much love during every day of the year that we just continue to count our blessings on V Day.

  90. I’ll be soaking in an outdoor spring fed tub with hubby and friends in Hot Springs, North Carolina. We’ll probably have mountain snow all around us.

  91. Cooking special dinner for the man that has my heart and soul. Just the two of us together for the night 🙂

  92. Donna Augenstein says:

    I will be committing some random acts of kindness to make my heart feel happy. A dozen donuts to our local firefighters and a homemade cake to my neighbors. Of course lots of smiles and words of appreciation are included.

  93. Maggie Lavish says:

    my sweetie is in INdia working so I will have to skype for Vday!

  94. I plan on spending it with my sweetie of 40 years, Melvin. I’m sure he will take me out on the town to a special spot for a wonderful meal!

  95. I will be trying to make some sense of how my love life went so wrong……..tears! But Happy V Day to all else!

  96. Carolyn Lawlor says:

    Attending the bi-monthly supper club with neighbors on my dirt road

  97. We don’t celebrate this day, we don’t care about it. We try to make every day a Valentine’s Day… and cherish every kiss and time we spend with each other.

  98. Thanks, Kevin! I’m making a special dinner for my Wife with entrees, sides and dessert made in heart shaped molds. She’s making heart shaped chocolate covered strawberries. The colored string lights in the house will be lit all day, and we have a Valentine’s Day miniature faux tree hung with heart ornaments and lights, our candies, cards and gifts are already displayed there. After dinner we’re watching our new Les Mis DVD. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

  99. elizabeth green says:

    With all the snow we have been having, I plan on going skiing with friends We will be staying in a lodge with a fireplace, drink wine and cook together. So I get to share the love with more than one person!

  100. Linda A. Fleming says:

    Been married for 52 years and plan on preparing a romantic dinner for the two of us by the fireplace. I will be getting out the heating pad nor for our old aches and pains but to rise my French bread. Thank you again for that brilliant idea several weeks ago.

  101. Benny Salter says:

    Gonna prune my roses like I do every Valentine’s day.

  102. Will be spending it with a friend whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day.

  103. Ill be spending the evening at home with my boyfriend. 🙂

  104. No doubt we’ll be shoveling snow here in MD, but plan to have a nice dinner at home.

  105. I will be snowed in with my love of 34 years. We have plenty of food in the canning pantry and freezer, alternative heat and a gas cook stove if the power goes and books to read. We will cook together and I might just have to beat him at a gin rummy!

  106. Cooking a nice dinner of his favorites just for the man that has my heart and soul !!!!!

  107. My husband is cooking me dinner for V day…I requested spaghetti lol trying to make it easy on him he doesnt cook much.

  108. Dorothy Coyne says:

    I will be making little valentine cards for my four grandchildren and baking my famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to deliver with them. I will be listening to my favorite Josh Groban while this goes on.

  109. Chris Widlund says:

    My husband and I will be having our very first Valentine’s Day dinner together at a restaurant. The little will be with her grandparents. It only 15 years to get here. 😉

  110. We will be staying home by the fire and cooking dinner!!!!

  111. Olympic watching, of course!!!

  112. amy freeman says:

    I will be spending the evening With my hubby and three little boys. Chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert!

  113. Shoveling snow!

  114. Linda Prater says:

    I really need this – have to work both day shift and a night shift at another job that night and this would come in handy to grab a cup of tea between time.

  115. Watching Casablanca on the big screen in Severance Hall while the Cleveland Orchestra plays the score live.

  116. Being with my wife is the best valentine gift 🙂

  117. I will be spending my 28th valentine with my husband. Every new one is better than the last

  118. Doctor appointment in the AM. Dinner with my husband of 57 years in PM.

  119. Husband is preparing to go out of town and we are having 3 – 10 year olds over for a sleepover with our 10 year old. That’s my valentine’s day.

  120. For Valentine’s Day, I will be hosting a wine and cheese night with good friends. I am going to make a ricotta cheesecake with almonds and raspberries.

  121. We will be spending the evening at home together, probably cooking together. Love your weekly newsletters. I am trying winter sowing this year after reading your great instructions. I can’t wait to see what comes up. Stay warm!

  122. Fixing my wife breakfast in bed. French Toast, Eggs, Bacon.

  123. Jodie Venturelli says:

    Spending Valentines Day in California with family

  124. Michelle soll says:

    We always spend valentines day at home. I prefer a homemade meal and bottle of wine to the long waits at the restaurants.

  125. We always enjoy a special sushi dinner at our favorite place. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  126. Enjoying a quiet evening at home with hubby and the 4 Border Collies!!
    (Welcome to my oxymoron….!)

  127. Visiting grandkids out- of- state and bringing homemade Valentines cookies!

  128. Throwing a Valentine’s Day party at a senior home with my students. Lots of sugar free chocolate and hugs.

  129. We are going to dinner with 7 other couples/friends in our neighborhood. We “dine” together at least once a month.

  130. I will be making valentine mini tarts with my grand kids and some valentine cookies. We are going to fix a special dinner for the three of us and my daughter, and the kids 4 and 7 will make decorations. My daughter loves spaghetti and fresh salad, so I am making the sauce and the meatballs just the way she likes it. Hope you keep your power on.

  131. Living in upstate NY we are also planning on being snowed in. I am preparing a Night of Fondue for my daughter & mother. All 3 of us single ladies will eat too much, watch movies and watch the snow fall on our lake. This kettle could help keep us warm with tea 🙂 Happy Valentines’ Day to you & the wife <3

  132. With 6-12″ of snow by Thursday morning, I will probably be spending it snowed in with my Cocker Spaniel, Zack. Maybe I’ll bake some heart shaped cookies and doggie biscuits. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  133. Making a nice dinner for my boys and husband. Hopefully getting time for a run at some point!

  134. Shannon Rivera says:

    We are going out to dinner. When we get home, we will build a fire, pop some popcorn and snuggle up for some movie watching and cuddling. We like to spend quality time together at home, away from crowds and keep it simple. We think of everyday as valentines day and have been married 15 years and still hold hands, kiss goodnight, kiss good morning and kiss goodbye. As a special treat to each other he plays video games for a few hours on Sat. and I do whatever I want. Then we come together to finish our day together. Love my husband so much.

  135. We’ll stay at home and make cookies to take to grandkids this weekend.

  136. Linda Boyer says:

    Hi, Kevin.

    My hubby (Basil) and I both still work, so I plan to pick up an order of seafood cioppino from a favorite restaurant on the way home. I serve this over pasta and it’s wonderful. If I have time tomorrow evening, I’ll prepare the flan recipe you shared for our dessert!

  137. Cooking scallops and something chocolate at home. The frantic restaurant scene is crazy on Valentine’s Day!
    Also, our electric kettle broke just last week and I miss it.

  138. We’ll be having a night at home with the kids, so I’ll probably make a some yummy heart shaped dessert. And maybe shrimp for dinner…it’s my 5 year olds favorite.

  139. My hubby of almost 45 years and I are going to Knoxville to keep our three grandkids while my daughter and her husband go to Kentucky for a conference. Yeah, I love staying with Zan, Sol and Leti. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Love all your posts, Kevin.

  140. I have always loved Valentines day, even as a kindergartner. We made mailboxes for all the valentine cards we would receive. Then disaster struck! I got the mumps and was stuck at home throughout the valentine holiday. Going back after the holiday and finding the mailbox with the valentine cards was not the same.
    This year my plan is to stay in and relax with my hubby and a good bottle of wine.

  141. First grandson is due on Valentine’s Day. However, we are in NC right in the swath of the major storm so I’m hoping that little guy decides to hang out a couple of days longer! I sure as heck don’t want to read about my son-in-law delivering his first born because he’s stuck on ice while enroute to the hospital!

    Awesome giveaway — thanks so much for the opportunity!

  142. Hi Kevin! Would love to win this Kettle.
    They are predicting 42 degrees for Friday in my SJ area. Wow Heat wave. I am scrapbooking with some of my friends. That kettle would come in nice to make some cups of herb teas.
    Please keep the e-mails, recipes, gardening hints and “give aways” coming

  143. I will spend Valentine’s day with my family, the loves of my life, especially the grandchildren! Being Grammy is awesome!

  144. Watching the snow and making your creme renversee.

  145. Paula Wolff says:

    Supposedly having dinner with 3 other couples in Ancram, but depending on the storm, we all maybe staying home for dinner.

  146. Date night at the movies with my husband.

  147. We are thawing out in Portland, OR and having a wine & cheese party with our good friends! We spreading the love in the form of soft cheese on toasted bagettes!

  148. Valentines day is bittersweet for me. We buried my Mom 5 years ago on February 14th. Something like that puts the whole idea into proper perspective. It’s not about what you buy, what you eat, where you go, it’s about who you love and savoring every moment you can spend with them.

    So for Valentine’s day this year, my husband and I will spend the evening cheering on my 15 year old nephews basketball team in his final game of the year. I’d rather be doing that then just about anything else I can think of.

    My Mom will be with us in spirit, as she is any time I am with the people she loved the most.

  149. I’ll be helping my exchange student prepare food for his high school’s big fund-raising Valentine dinner. Then I’ll probably come home and spend time with my daughter, phone my son, and/or write.

  150. Pamela Pearson says:

    A nice dinner at home with a glass of wine and a cup of tea and dessert, all with the man I adore!

  151. Mark Schafer says:

    She requested chicken on the grill with asparagus and a homemade pie.

  152. I will be spending valentines day with my mother, my precious little dog and my 2 birds. 🙂

  153. I will be shoveling snow again and taking care of my husband who has been feeling ill.

  154. Marcia from Northern Indiana says:

    I plan to keep my Pizza Parlor Ice Cream Parlor open for the Amish young folks, who are rumspringen, for pizza Valentine celebrations. I can cut their pizza in a heart shape….sort of and then serve them the cutouts on a separate plate. It is a haven for the Amish couples, some of whom have married some have not yet married. It is away from the eyes of the non-Amish, and away from smoking and drinking.

    We already have our snow and it is in huge piles usually blocking all the parking. The town men are today hauling it away so that there is more buggy parking. We are also having a contest: WHEN WILL THE SNOW MELT. TEN LARGE PIZZAS WILL BE GIVEN AWAY TO THE 10 ENTRIES WHO ARE CLOSEST. But when will it melt????? It’s been here since January and some of the underground sewer pipes are freezing up.

  155. I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my Daughter discussing plans for her upcoming wedding while dining out at one of our favorite local seafood restaurants. What a perfect day to dream and talk about love, life, and my future grandchildren! I’m so happy and blessed! Happy Valentine’ Day!

  156. Rujana Hetman says:

    My husband of forty five years and I will be spending Valentine’s Day at home. Favorite meal, maybe a walk around the neighborhood and a call to wish our sweet granddaughter a happy birthday…

  157. I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my Daughter discussing plans for her upcoming wedding while dining out at one of our favorite local seafood restaurants. What a perfect day to dream and talk about love, life, and my future grandchildren! I’m so happy and blessed! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  158. Dianne Swayne says:

    Hubby and I will exchange our Valentine gifts privately at home. He always cooks me a special meal. He’s been the cook here for our 30 years together. Earlier I will be off to a special breakfast with my gal pals for yet another Valentine exchange. The ladies and I have been meeting weekly for over 15 years. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

  159. Snuggling by the woodstove with my honey! Love your give away!

  160. Jeanne, I’m taking you out to dinner.

  161. Dinner with my one and only Valentine of 25 years at the Blue Chair Cafe. Featuring organic eats and live music. Boom!!!

  162. We’re keeping it simple and close to home this year. Our daughter is old enough to entertain herself and I splurged on a couple of small steaks. We’ll make a simple meal and enjoy it together. Maybe watch a movie or take a little drive.

  163. I’ll be staying home enjoying a nice dinner with famiy. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  164. Sharon Hull says:

    We’ll continue the work on our house interior, with our wonderful handyman’s help. Maybe not very romantic but so satisfying to see the changes happening!

  165. After shoveling far too much snow, I will be starting the day with trying to navigate the snowy roads of Columbia County to take my daughter to her road test. The plan is for a nice dinner at home with my family (perhaps one of your delicious recipes)…Valentine’s for three! Not so romantic, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Happy Valentine’s to you and all of your readers!

  166. Spending Valentines Day with my husband at our favorite restaurant.

  167. Laurie Jimenez says:

    I’ll be spending time with my 84 year old parents. I’m baking a lovely Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler with a side of freshly whipped cream. A nice cup of Black Tea would compliment this nicely!

  168. A dinner by candlelight at home and quite possibly shoveling snow too!

  169. Susan Klein says:

    I’m spending Valentine’s Day with my wonderful family! Having a nice quiet dinner at home.

  170. Everyday is Valentine’s Day- As long as we are together and healthy!! We don’t need a special day to know how lucky we are.

  171. I will be on a plane headed to warmer Florida to visit my parents!

  172. Might try your Salmon Almondine recipe.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  173. If it doesn’t snow I’ll have dinner with my friend. He’s cooking a Turducken, which I have never had before. If it I’ll be home alone cooking for one!

  174. Tina Shores says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone 🙂 I’ll be celebratine on Thursday 2/13/14. I will be having a nice dinner and quaility time with my husband. On 2/14/14 I’ll be working all day at my day job, and then in the evening I’ll be working at a local Cafe’ so others can have a nice dinner with their Valentine.

  175. Going to use some heart shaped pasta.

  176. Will be spending the day baking with 2 of my grandchildren and playing in the snow!

  177. Kim Williams says:

    Being a southern girl, I am celebrating with my Hubby at home with some delicious homemade soup and bread. Snow cream for desert! Tucked in for the blizzard of 2014!

  178. I am Doing a ritual on love,….all kinds of love… especially reflecting on relationships of all kinds, with pets, neighbors, mentors, family, friends and even showing appreciation for my own relationship with myself. and my special. valentines. Poems songs, dances. And of course, strawberries dipped in chocolate. The goddess Venus will be petitioned for blessings. Most of all it will be a day to smile. Everyone has love in their life; the most important thing is to recognize it and this annual ritual keeps me alert to all the love that I have and have had in my life, while casting an energy to continue to bring in lots of love into my life.
    Happy Valentines day to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. We are closing on our new house that day but won’t be moving in for a while…planning to get our favorite Indian Take-out and have an indoor picnic at the new place!! Can’t wait

  180. Valentine’s Day is one of the few times we actually go out to enjoy a nice dinner. And where we live it’s getting harder and harder to find a nice place to go. We are trying a new one friday night so we are hoping for the best.

  181. This is so generous of you, Kevin…thank you! My husband will be working that night, so I think we need to make a lunch date! In the evening I will be taking my 10 y/o son to two soccer games. I think we need to fit in some really good chocolate that day too! =)

  182. I will be spending Valentines day with a good friend & my dog. Hopefully we won’t get as much snow as you are getting. I would love to win this kettle as my Kaloric kettle just died. It rusted out in the bottom. Wishing everyone a happy and safe “V” Day!

  183. My husband and I will be having dinner at The Wenham Tea House in Wenham Massachusetts ( you would love it!). We will be with family. We go here to celebrate fun events like cutting down the Christmas Tree!

  184. Patti White says:

    I am hosting a Valentine High Tea for my girlfriends! We will have a “Make One, Take One” Valentine exchange.

  185. My husband and I are going to cook dinner together, send the kiddos to gmas house for the night and enjoy some quiet time, bottle of wine and a fire for a change. Cant wait.

  186. diana murphy says:

    Do not know today, what friday will bring. May you have A good day!

  187. Needlesstosay, i am spending Valentines at a soccer game. Hopefully its sunny and pretty…..

  188. If it doesn’t snow I’ll have dinner with my friend. He’s cooking a Turducken, which I have never had before. If it does snow, I’ll be home alone cooking for one!

  189. Kevin Nikolish says:

    I will be spending it with my soul mate my wonderful wife Kendra… 8)

  190. What a nice giveaway! We’ll be spending Valentine’s day at home with the kids. Nothing special planned.

  191. Since my husband owns a restaurant that is completely sold out for Valentines Day (with 300 reservations!) I’ll be awaiting his arrival with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot chilling.

  192. Taking my three adopted grandchildren to the circus in town. Papa and Mimi are so blessed to have them in our lives and we want to share our love.

  193. For Valentine’ Day I’ll be making hubbies favorite meal of schnitzel, potato dumplings and red cabbage – still happily married after nearly 57 years. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

  194. Elizabeth Fox says:

    I will probably be shoveling snow in Connecticut with my husband!

  195. Loving my wonderful husband on his Valentine’s birthday

  196. My sweetheart and I will dine at a charming restaurant on Valentine’s day. Then Saturday we will head north to see some of the frozen Great Lakes along Lake Huron then head west and spend the night in the Traverse City area and cruise Lake Michigan coast south on Sunday. Stopping for meals and site seeing along the way.

  197. I will spend the day with my four children I homeschool. We will be preparing a special Valentines lunch for my aunt and a dinner for our family! Spending time together in the kitchen is a great way to spend Valentines Day!

  198. Weather permitting, we will be serving about 100 people at the homeless shelter. My church prepares and serves dinner every other month. The churches in the area have different days that they make and provide meals as well as toiletries, candy and any other need. So we will be giving valentines candy to these people!!!

  199. Spending Valentines Day first with my Meditation Group, then dinner with my three sons and daughter-in-law.

  200. My annual Valentine’s Day theme song is, ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY. However I always get a card, and a little box of candy and take to my grand-daughter, now 12, and ask her to be my Valentine. She brings so much JOY, (also her initials), into my life, what grandma could ask for anything more? Thanks once again to your give-a-ways.

  201. Happy Valentine’s Day to you Kevin and your other half <3 I will be working 12 hours on Friday and Saturday, so we will celebrate on Sunday. Hope you all and Lily stay warm during the weather we are expecting. I live in TN and we are expecting 3 to 16 inches of snow, depending on the elevation.

  202. I’ll be spending Valentine’s day with my husband, preparing for the next day’s permablitz workshop in our garden – we’ll be making a glasshouse with few friends. Spring is around the corner in this part of the world! 🙂

  203. Hanging out with my special hubby

  204. I’m taking my darling wife out to see Red Molly – one of er favorite groups and the authors of a song that was sung at our wedding. If we get snowed out… well, Hot Cocoa and Bailey’s by the woodstove. Win/Win.

  205. Cooking at home ! Grilled tenderloin w crab & some dark chocolate dessert!

  206. I will be working!!

  207. Gladys Gilbert says:

    I’ll be spending the day with three girlfriends, one my sister in law. Lunch at British Bites in Puyallup, then on to Watson’s Nursery for a fun hour or two of browsing. Valentine’s night will be spent with my one true love, my hubby Richard.

  208. I will be creating art to give to my “Valentines”: my children and friends. Kevin, I love the energy you put into your blog; you are very talented at everything you do. Thanks ever so much for these opps to win your generous giveaways. Happy New Year, All!

  209. Diane H Hinkle says:

    No plans………… Valentine. May be snowed in anyway……………snow is on the way and in the south it does not take much to cause havoc. But I am a tea drinker………..every morning, every afternoon, every evening and at night and in between all of those. It would be a nifty item to have if I am chosen. Keep the recipes and hints coming. I still need to know exactly what you use an egg piercer for? I can think of several but knowing you, it is something I did not think of. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

  210. Much love on V-day as I will spend it with grand babies who live four hours from our home! Oh, also their parents and MY valentine of 49 years.

  211. My boyfriend and I are going to a local meditation center for a Valentines Day Meditation: Coming from the Heart: Vipassana Valentine’s Day Practice 🙂

  212. I had this plan to do nothing special with Valentine’s day en certainly nothing with a gift….. and now I found by coincidence these socks with Homer Simpson on the internet. I’m pretty sure my husband LOVES them. He is always seeking for something like that, but never finds it anymore, because these cartoon socks are not ‘hot’ anymore. He likes wearing someting so funny under his classy thight suit. So I’m gonna surprise him friday evening 🙂

  213. The romantic day is still unknown to me. That is what makes it so romantic!!
    I hope Cupid has something good lined up!! <3

  214. I plan to spend the day shoveling snow, yet again. (-)

  215. In another year, my husband and i will have been married forever. In all these years, we’ve never really made any kind of fuss on Valentine’s Day, although this particular giveaway strikes me as being somewhat poetic – i’ve been making him tea every morning for quite literally decades! Why have i never gotten a kettle, i wonder …

    In any case, i’ll just wish him a happy on Friday morning, with a knock wood that there will be several decades more Valentine’s Day wishes in our future together …

  216. My husband and I are planning on hiking to the Ice Caves along the. South Shore of Lake Superior. It should be a grand time!

  217. Grateful to work at home so I can spend it writing in front of my fire!

  218. Robin Whiting says:

    Staying home and enjoying each others company here due to bad weather. I would love to win one of these electric kettles it would sure be nice with all this cold weather we are having. Thanks for the giveaway.

  219. I’ll be celebrating my dad’s 92nd birthday (which is Valentine’s Day) with him and family and will be making dinner for everyone. It will be a fun celebration.

  220. Ditching the kid with pap and having a quiet night in!

  221. Happily staying home. Also hoping I don’t have to shovel.

  222. My son was born on Valentine’s Day, and I’ll be serving chili, birthday cake and ice cream to the 8 family members who will help my “little” Valentine celebrate his 58th birthday. 58 – Yikes!

  223. Staying at home with my love.

  224. A family fun night with my kid!

  225. I have to work a 10 hour shift tomorrow (the 13th) which is my birthday. At least it’s not on Friday this year! Anyway, we’ll celebrate it on Valentine’s Day-Hey! It’s also a full moon!!

  226. Staying home this year but making a heart warming meal. Starting off with Butternut Squash Soup, Homemade Crackers, Lamb Chops with roasted Potatoes and finishing with Chocolate Pudding and homemade whipping cream. Also will be enjoying a great movie Chocolat, perfect for Valentines Day!

  227. First, condolences to Gary who wrote that he will be burying his dog.

    Two ideas, neither original: a Galentines evening with simple food, good wine and best of guests. And send (US Post, yes, it still exists) a home made Valentine anonymously to surprise someone.

  228. I’ve reserved a table for 5 +baby at a special restaurant that’s on the riverbank. We’ll be going in the kids van. can’t wait.

  229. Unfortunately my husband has to work, so I’ve purchased little special treats and gifts to put in all his coat pockets, and his lunch cooler. I hope that he smiles when he finds these little tokens of my love.

  230. Nancy Shoemake says:

    We are planning a night in with wine, home cooked meal and a nice hot cup of tea to finish the evening.

  231. Maryland crabcakes and rice krispie treat heart cutouts iced with Nutella 🙂

    No snow in Maryland yet, but its coming.


  232. Dinner out with our favorite Friday night friends,the usual Friday gathering for a special Friday !

  233. We are going to make a special Chinese inspired meal and watch a movie.

  234. I’ll be at an outdoor expo – not too romantic there, but will just shift the special day to the following week. It will be interesting to see how many couples are spending Valentine’s at a hunting and fishing show – yikes! I will be there doing a tourism booth for our county…and I do love our, I hope that counts.

  235. I will be spending valentine with my family and getting ready for my grandaughter 30 birthday–nothing could be better

  236. Romantic Valentine’s Day plans include cozying up to a nice crackling fire with our very own home-made Cabernet. My semi-retired husband deserves to be waited on after a day teaching little 4th graders so I will probably serve him a cheese platter and some home-made sweet pastry with our wine. I do love him so.

  237. Sandy Sebold says:

    I am planning on serving king crab legs for my hubby on Valentine’s Day!

  238. I’ll be all alone (lost my husband and family is all in another state). I’ll be staying home to sit out the storm with my cats, very good company! Everyone enjoy! whatever you’re doing.

  239. Lori Savoie says:

    Hubby never forgets me. Going out for a romantic dinner and it’ll be 50 years in April. What a guy!

  240. Nice dinner at home by romantic fire with Hubby.

  241. Spending Valentines with my special friends at a luncheon!

  242. Cherylann McGuire says:

    Bill and I don’t “do” anything for holidays generally, but for dinner I will make something a little special and then we will snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie together – probably the 17month old grandson will join us – a book and hopeful look on his little face!

  243. What a great giveaway. Love your site!

  244. My husband will be a t work, during the day. but we will spend the evening together.

  245. Sippin’ tea together?

  246. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with my sweetie of 44 years, snuggled up in front of the fireplace, popping advil, after shoveling snow! Gotta give a shout out to my sister who was born on Valentine’s Day in 1958!

  247. Joyce Bradley says:

    Our local historical restored movie theater is owned by a community preservation group which shows old movies and some live performances. On Valentine’s weekend we’ll be going there to watch “Casablanca.”

  248. Since I haven’t had a Valentine for about 9 years now, I’ll be doing the same thing I always do. Watch tv and pig out on home made popcorn. Sure would love that lovely kettle!

  249. I take roses to the single women in my neighborhood and will do the same for my sweet mom who is in the hospital. <3

  250. I have no special plans but am thinking I should make cupcakes for my neighbours. Maybe all of them! I am in a senior’s apartment building & there are 28 neighbours. It is a thought. If not all, atleast some of them.
    Would love the kettle.
    Thanks Kevin & Happy Valentine Day to you both as well as everyone.

  251. Valentines Day is my Anniversary. We will have been married 39 years. My hubby works 2nd shift, so I will make a nice brunch, heart shaped panacakes, crispy bacon (bent into heart shape before baking) and fresh coffee!

  252. Valentine’s Day Breakfast for all ladies at Cherryville Baptist Church, prepared by the churchmen, for a change!

  253. My husband and I will be going to dinner on Sunday as he has to work on Valentine’s Day. Also, dinner is courtesy of my son!

  254. Making a Red Velvet cake for my family; going to watch my daughter at her first cheerleading performance; MAYBE get a flower from my husband who does’t like giving dead flowers. Oh, and watch the snow storm blow through the streets!

  255. jSuzanne Curnutt says:

    We have had 8days in a row below zero. Looking forward to 40 on Valentines day!! I have sympathy for the people in up coming storm. We also had ice and snow and were home bound for over a week as where we live is not use to snow and we have little equipment to handle it. I love hot tea so would be a great gift for me. We do plan a dinner out with good friends. Thanks for giving me a chance!!

  256. Dinner with sweetie!

  257. Having a glass of wine with my hubby. I work 6 am Sat morning! Waaaa!

  258. A nice dinner at home. Steak and shrimp (or lobster if grocery has avail) . Watch a movie- one of my favs is You’ve Got Mail, just love Tom hanks and Meg Ryan’s connection in this film….What will NY152 say today, I wonder. I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail. I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart. I have mail. From you.”

  259. Staying home with my husband. Watching the snow fall. Cooking scallops for dinner. Sounds good to me.

  260. My poor honey is stranded in Atlanta for the moment (the sun is shining and it’s a lovely winter day here in Northern Vermont, but they are having some sort of ice/slush event down there!), but I am hoping he can get back here before the snow hits us on Thursday. My hope is that we can go snowboarding on Friday and then have a nice simple dinner at home that evening! (And possibly some after dinner tea for me? It is so nice of you to give away all these awesome appliances and other items!)

  261. Spending the evening with my husband of almost 35 years…enjoying a steak cooked on the grill, baked potatoes, salad and much red wine! We will be finalizing our plans for a river trip to China to celebrate his 60th birthday (next month) and our 35th wedding anniversary (July). I wish everyone a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  262. ANTARAH ROSE says:



  263. Staying in, expecting a couple inches of snow so not as bad as others.
    Preparing a meal of Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, Bacon or Dates stuffed with something yummy, citrus salad, still working on the main course and chocolate covered strawberries.
    My husband and I are hosting our newly married niece who helps me often in the kitchen and canning throughout the year since her husband is in Russia bringing us the Olympics on TV. Maybe a movie as well by the gas logs and staying warm.

  264. I have pneumonia and now my 7 year old son has it too. On Valentines Day we will be doing what we are doing now, under the blankets drinking tea for me and o.j. for him.

  265. Peggy Herron says:

    My husband and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night snow or no snow also hoping to avoid Valentine crowds. After spending two and a half hours + $30 for the ice chopper and $40 for the man who finally helped get us free of the ice I am not moving the car until Spring so we are walking to the restaurant.
    I am hoping for chocolates and expect flowers Today I am making an elaborate card for my sweetie of forty two years and I have a Mexican tin heart with two doves as a gift for him.

  266. Thinkerbelle says:

    I am taking my BF to a couples cooking class…I need it! lol. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  267. My annual heart-shaped meatloaf dinner makes my husband feel loved every Feb. 14th!

  268. My Valentine and I and our two teenage sons will be going to a Bible and archeology seminar led by one of our favorite teachers, Ray Vander Laan (whom we’ve seen only on video before).

  269. I am working….Lucky me!

  270. ERIN LOVETT says:

    Spend the Romantic day with my Husband….and go for a fine dining experience w/ friends♥

  271. Alisha Hodges says:

    I’m spending Valentine’s Day with my husband and one year old daughter. We usually just do something simple, so this year we’ll be staying in and having a nice dinner, along with a glass of champagne or chocolate wine for the two of us, and some dessert, and we like to give a gift or two to my daughter for Valentine’s Day (last year it was the book Guess How Much I Love You [Sweetheart Edition]).

    The thought of an electric kettle is nice! We drink lots of tea of all sorts, and almost every night before bed, I drink some sleepy time tea.

  272. Melissa Banian says:

    Since my hubby is deployed I have already sent him a box of chocolates (shouldn’t melt this time of year) with his card. For my 10-year-old DS I bought him a replacement rainbow loom that he will be estatic to receive, and we will make some valentine cookies tomorrow when school is closed. Virginia governor declared a state of emergency so I foresee some tea and hot cocoa in our near future! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these great kettles!

  273. Jayne Chandler says:

    I don’t have any Valentines Day plans, because I don’t have a sweetheart. I’ll probably make Vday cookies for my grandchildren.

  274. My dear Husband is taking me to our Church Valentine banquet.

  275. delivering valentines and enjoying a special day with my husband & three year old son 🙂

  276. Jan Evancho says:

    I’m baking special heart shaped peanut butter doggie treats for all the wonderful dogs I know, who give me their hearts unconditionally every time I see them.

  277. I plan on having a lovely dinner and cuddling with my hubby on our second Valentine’s Day together. 🙂

  278. I am cooking a valentines dinner for my husband and some friends. This is a holiday weekend -Family day on Monday.

  279. theresa wega says:

    celebrating our 51 wedding anniversary, my 2 yr. old granddaughter’s BD, and Valentines day with a special decorated cake and coffee…….

  280. UNFORTUNATELY, my partner will be in the hospital for V-day 🙁
    IF she were not, I’d be preparing her an awesome brunch (consisting of your recipes), all served upon the 3 tier crystal dish (saw yours – wanted it).
    A woman in Texas, whom I have never met, saw my post on Facebook and sent me a BEAUTIFUL dish (looks like yours) for a Christmas/housewarming gift. The people you meet on Facebook ~ they make a soul smile.

  281. Pat Long-Gilbert says:

    Will be cleaning house and making granola bars……and continuing to work on a large rug that I am making while listening to Pandora, with 2 sweet dogs at my feet just chillin’

  282. Lunch with friends and to a club for the evening for a favorite band

  283. Since we’re in the 14″ band of the snow monster….methinks kettle of soup…. Good book..and a nice hot cuppa will be the order of the day. Love to win that kettle..or I’ll soon just have to break down and buy one. Stay safe and warm. 🙂

  284. Kathy Woicik says:

    Since I have burnt thru 2kettles so far this year, one was so special and a gift from my daughter, I can only use the microwave to make my tea, but it’s just not the same, this would be perfect. :))))

  285. We will be flying north from Az.where it is expected to be in the high 80s.

  286. Jeanne Collins says:

    Since my love of my life passed away in 2009, I don’t really do Valentine’s Day any more. I hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful day, Kevin! Be sure to cherish every moment together because you never know when they may suddenly end.

  287. I’ll be sharing my Valentines Day with my 5 aand 3 year old grandkids. That’s the sweetest kind of Valentine fun.

  288. Quiet evening at home, dinner, wine. The forecast is for a 50% chance of snow shoveling. Thanks for the give-away and stay safe & warm!

  289. I will be spending Valentine’s Day with the love of my life.❤️

  290. On Valentine’s day we probably will be shoveling snow and then enjoying a nice dinner at home and exchanging little presents.

  291. Jan Jacklin says:

    Seafood Medley with roasted asparagus…at our candle lit table…then Bittersweet Chocolate Pots de Crème by the “cozy” fireplace…

  292. I’ll be home with my husband of 30 years, sipping champagne with raspberries. Who needs more than that!

  293. Making cookies for my lovely friends…

  294. We’re going to bake apples on top of our wood stove.

  295. I will be attending a Hockey game with my whole family 🙂

  296. Cynthia Cox says:

    My husband and I are going to the local independent movie house to watch a movie and snuggle on one of their couches with a glass of wine.

  297. Rhonda Donaldson says:

    My partner lives in IL and I live in WV. For Valentines Day, we will Skype and have dinner together. Hopefully I get to see him soon. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

  298. Dinner with hubby at a local Chinese restaurant.

  299. Gay Sullivan says:

    Friday is the last day of our annual “girl’s” ski week in Vermont. Hubbies and others are coming up and meeting us for dinner at the Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden, VT!

  300. Nursing my love back to health.

  301. Darcie Rzomp says:

    I do not have a sweet heart but will make heart cut out cookies for the grandchildren. I may go out to dinner with a friend though. I have one of the teapots that you are giving away and love it. Was wishing I had one for work.

  302. Orchid Show (first ever) at the Chicago Botanic Garden opens Valentines Day. Need this colorful break from the cold and snow.

  303. I will have a nice warm fire and watch TV.

  304. I liketo decorate a table with the cute Valentines (pink or red) stuffed animals and Make something together we both enjoy -like sugar free brownies or fruit crisps to be topped with a dip of Braums ice cream. My husband brings flowers for no occasion and sometimes on a holiday or the day after.

  305. A nice meal at home, and HOPEFULLY a Lord Huron concert in Birmingham unless they’re snowed in somewhere else!

  306. Going to dinner at a quirky local restaurant!

  307. Claire Morrison says:

    We will be spending a quiet evening at home. I’ll probably make something special like crab legs and shrimp. 🙂

  308. Sheryl Barrett says:

    I will be surprising my guy with a romantic, candle lit dinner.

  309. I’m hosting a High Tea Valentine’s Party for a few members of my church. I offered it as an auction item at our annual goods and services auction last fall. WE are going to dress up….Hat and gloves for the ladies, coat and tie for the men…Should be fun.

  310. Joyce Hice says:

    Hubby is in Heaven, so I will be remembering MANY HAPPY memories. He no longer suffers with cancer and that makes me happy.

  311. Denise in NJ says:

    My husband and I are spending Valentine’s Day babysitting the grandchildren. It’s their other grandmother’s birthday so Mom & Dad are attending a family birthday dinner for her at an upscale restaurant. We are going to bring those cute heart-shaped donuts for the kids and have our own party with our little Valentines.

  312. Spending 52nd Valentine’s day with hubby

  313. I plan on spending a quiet day with my wife.

  314. I’ll be baking something sweet for my sweet husband for dessert after dinner out!

  315. Beverly Oyler says:

    My husband and I are staying at the Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World and eating dinner at “Be Our Guest” restaurant in the Magic Kingdom!

  316. Elaine Smith Puckett says:

    Second valentines day with my new husband.
    He outdid anything imagined last year…sweet
    Card, heart necklace, tulips with a velvet rose
    In the middle with a vow to love me til the last
    Flower dies…wine..dinner he prepared with a
    Filetmignon in the shape of a heart…candy…
    Lingerie…candles in the shape of a heart for
    Us to dance in to sweet romantic love songs.
    I could go on and on but I won’t. I’m sure we
    Will have a beautiful Valentines together, and
    I’ll always remember that one because it was
    Our first.

  317. no valentine in my life … except my sweet kittens. but will be thankful for each day GOD gives me. really enjoy all your recipes and gardening tips and pictures.

  318. Dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants ~ going early to hopefully beat the crowd!

  319. Going to another couple’s house for dinner and to see their farm! Thanks for all your winter sowing posts!!

  320. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    I will be spending Valentine’s Day with four of my beautiful grandchildren. Depending on how severe our ice storm is, we will enjoy a fun day either playing in the snow and ice mix, or inside staying warm and toasty. I will be looking through your recipes, and several of my favorite cookbooks, for something delicious to cook.

  321. My husband and I are heading to Philly to look for a house. We are moving! Goodbye zone 5.

  322. Christina M. Giordano says:

    I’ve hand made little Valentine cards for my friends – putting a small Hershey bar in each envelope too.

  323. No snow coming our way, in fact tomorrow is going to be 68 degrees! V-day I will be spending with good friends.

  324. I will be spending the day with my husband and having a nice dinner.

  325. Patricia Miller says:

    We will be at home enjoying a candlelit pasta dinner with all the trimmings, including wine and homemade cheesecake with raspberry drizzle. Definitely a romantic evening.

  326. Movie night!!!

  327. Having dinner our own-made sushi with my grandson

  328. Quiet evening with red wine and a steak on the grill. :-)))

  329. Spending Valentine’s Day with my wonderful husband! Romantic dinner at Italian restaurant on the creek in the mountains of WNC, hot tub and candles after.

    Thanks Kevin!

  330. Connie Cochran says:

    I’m a nurse and I’m scheduled to work. I’ll spend Valentine’s Day/Evening with my patients 🙂

  331. Diane McDaniel says:

    At 65 and 63, my husband and I are “newly weds” (1 1/2 years). I am in a play at our local little theatre called “Caroline, or Change.” It opens Friday night and my husband and a friend are coming to see it and see me play the part of Grandma Gellman! I’m very excited!!!

  332. Bev Hastings says:

    Boring… I will be sitting all alone.

  333. Suzanne Bennett says:

    We are staying home due to a big snow storm here in NC. Will keep our 1 yr. old granddaughter so her parents can have a romantic dinner and movie at home.

  334. Chip Barkel says:

    I showed my partner your post Ten Romantic Main Courses and let him pick one. Will make that with wine and candles.

    My electric kettle broke. I have already ruined one saucepan boiling water dry, so the electric kettle would be great.

  335. Maryann Massar says:

    I will be at home with my family enjoying pizza, wine, and home baked treats I made for all the people I love!

  336. Hubby and I always have a quiet “homemade” celebration at home….we make each other cards, I fix his favorite foods, and we enjoy each others company. Not bad for two old grandparents, huh??!!! ha

  337. I am sending my daughter off to spend a weekend with a friend so the husband and I can have a romantic weekend alone.

  338. Mary Adams says:

    My husband and I are going to have a lovely lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

  339. Melody Rose says:

    I will be serving celebrating couples at a lovely restaurant ~ Josephine’s Bistro

  340. Our 4 kiddos are going to spend the night at Papa & Meme’s house so will be enjoying a quiet night at home. It’s going to be fantastic! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  341. I’m making special Valentines cupcakes for my two sons and daughter-in-laws, granddaughter, and a dinner of lobster mac and cheese for my wonderful husband. No material gifts necessary, just love! Stay warm everyone.

  342. Shannon P. says:

    My boyfriend is working, so I will be spending Valentine’s Day running errands. How fun! 🙂

  343. I am not sure yet what my husband and I will be doing for Valentine’s Day. However, I do know how to deal with power outages that you mentioned in your initial post about the kettle. After 10 days without power during hurricane Gustave we bought an inverter like people use to power RVs and boats. We bought a size that will keep our freezer, refrigerator and washer running during hot weather and our portable electric heaters going during ice storms. All you have to do is fill your car up with gas and hook the inverter to the battery. It is much more convenient and much less expensive than a generator.

  344. Now being a widow, I will now be sitting in front of the wood stove enjoying memories.

  345. Jane Akers says:

    Making heart shaped pancake for breakfast, going out to dinner with my sweetie, then home to homemade chocolate cream pie!

  346. Spending with my wife & 3 boys . . . and will probably be working on my tan here in AZ 🙂

  347. I’ll be spending the day making goodies with my 6 special children and then going out to dinner with my sweetheart.

  348. I have acquired tickets to a play put on by our local little theatre group. We will have a dinner out and on to the play.

  349. I’m going to babysit for my daughter and her husband to go out!

  350. This sounds so lame, but presently have no plans, but am inspired by the posts and vow to do something heartish and love felt!

  351. I am cooking up a special meal for my two guys, my husband and son. I love them both. If my girls and son-in-law were at home still they’d be included.

    I’ll make dark chocolate dipped strawberries and chill a bottle of champagne for later 😉

  352. We’re new (and older parents); we’ll spend the day as a family. I’m amazed at how my priorities have changed and my life has improved. Happy Valentines Day!

  353. This year we are having a Valentine dinner party for 4 of our good friends. Serving your Easy-Peasy Cheese Crackers with champagne, dinner and then a gluten-free heart shaped chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and raspberries for dessert. This lovely kettle would sure be handy for after-dinner tea! Thank you again for all you say and do. Reading your blog is the favorite part of my email!

  354. Quiet evening at home

  355. Jennifer Saines says:

    Your salmon almondine is on the menu, so long as we are not stranded up in MA/VT on Friday due to the storm. Fingers crossed….

  356. dinner and home and watch baskbetball games on tv!

  357. My husband and I are going out to eat with friends..

  358. My Sweetie of 42 years whisks me away to the beach every winter. We will be having a Valentine’s treat by dining out at an exceptional restaurant in the area.

  359. Baked Ziti, salad, bread…of course some wine. Chocolate chip cookies

  360. A nice home cooked dinner for 2! Maybe lamb chops with mint and rosemary and a glass of Merlot

  361. I am a floral designer and will be spending my 40th Valentines Day in the floral industry helping make others day even more special !

  362. Insanely, we’re driving from the FL panhandle to Chicago for my nephew’s wedding. One of my Master Gardener friends told me there was medication for that kind of craziness! But we do love our nephew and the Windy City as well. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

  363. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I am making cupcakes with the family and doing some fun crafts with my son…that is going to be all I need for Valentine’s day.

  364. We will start it out right with out to eat breakfast with my husband!

  365. Christina Pearson says:

    Together, my hubby and I are going to prepare our Valentine’s dinner. This is special for us because he’s the cook at our house and he doesn’t even usually let me go anywhere near the kitchen!

  366. Its my birthday also. So who knows what the 3 boys in my life will come up with. Sometimes its good. Sometimes questionable….. 🙂

  367. I having dinner with a dear sweet friend.:)

  368. Ouida Lampert says:

    I don’t know! I am being surprised by me sweetie. And, probably shoveling snow.

  369. No special plans. On Sunday, we are hosting a 95th BD party for his mother. I have done all the prep and cooking so I guess that is love enough!

  370. My husband is planning our Valentine Dinner for our first married Valentine’s Day, I am sure he will make something very yummy on the grill.

  371. Shoveling a bit of snow near the doors and preparing some things ahead for a special dinner party I am giving on Saturday. 🙂

  372. Visiting my mom who is not feeling well. No big plans for a special meal. Probably rent a movie, a glass of wine, and a cozy evening at home.

  373. It’s usually a quiet day for us with dinner at home – the mushroom tart looks amazing as does the wild thyme beef stew. This year we will also be going to see our daughter’s play.

  374. Dinner and wine with my husband at home. Maybe something Kevin-y for dessert………Happy Valentine’s Day to you, your partner and Lily!

  375. Hanging out with the ones I love (hubby and 6 kids) while it’s snowy/icy outside. Perfect night.

  376. Today I found a beautiful and sentimenal Valentine Card on my desk, among paper work and bills, from my Honey. It doesn’t matter what day it is…Surprise! It must be love:) Keeping with tradition, a heart shaped meatloaf, heart shaped carrots, cukes and cheese for the salad and kiss cookies are in the plan for the 14th day of February.

  377. Steak house with my main squeeze!

  378. Kay Crichton says:

    So far, nothing. My sweetie will be working late.

  379. My husband and I are taking a Valentine’s Day cooking class together.

  380. Brenda Donovan says:

    I’m single and feel kind of pathetic on Valentine’s Day. One year, the only chocolate I received was from the Mail delivery lady (she left a couple of Hershey Kisses in the mailbox) who lives up the street! LOL! Well, at least I did receive chocolate. Think I will go and visit friends and have a cocktail.

  381. Having my mentally handicapped sister over to spend the night and taking the family over to view the snow sculpting contest in Loveland CO. It will be fun!

  382. This is our first Valentine’s Day as empty nesters. Instead of the heart-shaped meatloaf, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm etc. menu that amused our children (until one of them went strictly vegetarian) we will enjoy lobster tails (great price, frozen, at Trader Joe’s) and maybe some nice wine. The rest of the meal isn’t planned yet but we will definitely binge on the new season of House of Cards on Netflix. I hope you all have a warm and loving time.

    I am, as always, counting my blessings.

  383. It looks like my husband and I will be shoveling snow (our teenage son, daughter and her boyfriend will have to help us). Hopefully a warm dinner and then a movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. And we just will be happy if we don’t loose power

  384. Susan Kennedy says:

    So……..we’ll go out to lunch if we don’t get snowed in. Gifts already purchased: a 2014 golf membership for him and a new bird feeder for me!
    btw, love your emails and website!

  385. I have a heart shaped cake pan somewhere in this kitchen. I think I’ll find it, dust it off, and put it to good use.

  386. Shoveling ——then watching the just released season two of House of Cards with my honey!!

  387. Picking my honey up from the airport!

  388. We will have two grandsons here while their parents celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

  389. Dinner, dancing, and who knows what else with my honey.

  390. I think I’l take in a movie and then to get a bite to eat. Remembering many years working in my husbands flower shop on that busy day. I even remember a customer needed a coffee cup with hearts on it and I looked around and saw the perfect cup. My sister’s cup filled with coffee and she blinked and it was sold. LOL She will never forgive me for that 🙂

  391. Lynne Kuntz says:

    Trying one of your dinner recipes!!!

  392. I wish it was a candle light dinner with my hubby. He is not a candle light dinner kindof guy!! But at least dinner on Valentine Day will be with my hubby…at the local pizza place here in small town Indiana. Dinner at the pizza place every Friday is a ritual for us. But on Saturday we will be going to dinner with many others from our Church at a wonderful eating establishment in a near by city. Then an invitation to play games at one Church member’s home. We do exchange Valentine Day cards every year. We celebrate our love every day and have for almost 39 years!!! Happy Valentine Day to you and yours!

  393. My husband and I will be cooking crab cakes at home and having tiramisu for dessert. After all, it is winter and snowing at the moment so we have decided to stay home and stay warm and cozy. If I had one of those electric kettles, I could brew up some nice cocoa. I hope you will be warm in front of one of your fireplaces along with your four legged “comforter”!

  394. A quiet night at home since we are having a major winter storm! Thanks for the giveaway!

  395. Lynn Paterson says:

    Hubby and I, and another couple are having a BBQ ! Hah ! Snow , wind, will be about – 10c ! But thats no biggie for us Canadian Polar Bears 😉 Steaks, breaded shrinp, spinach/mushroom salad, and a vat of Jackson Triggs Sauv Blanc !
    (South Okanagan BC Wines, try some 😉
    Cheers Doll, and a very Happy Valentines Day to you and your sweetie ! xox

  396. My husband and I are going to the Symphony with a show title of ” I Love You…For Sentimental Reasons”, and we’ll probably have to shovel snow to get there. I’d love to have that Kettle to make some hot tea.

  397. I will be spending the day with my Love, moving cows to the south pasture. Hoping for a romantic dinner for two in the evening.

  398. Jackie Peschong says:

    We’ll let our son and daughter-in-law have a few hours of adult time while we do our magic with our Grands, ages almost 5, almost 3, and 1! What fun!

  399. Tina Knowlton says:

    Hello! Since we are supposed to have 7-15 inches in CT, I’ll be keeping the three woodstoves going. Kitchen wood cookstove (87 years old and still going strong!) will give us heat and food! I suspect we’ll have venison something, leeks a la Julia Child, Hasselbeck potatoes followed by a lovely recipe for Bacon Brownies. However, I will review your romantic recipes this afternoon and some of the above may change. We do have a generator if necessary so I COULD use my lovely electric kettle…if I had one… Maybe you could help out with that dilemma?

  400. Deanna Jolly says:

    My husband are going to a Valentine Dance……friends, food and wine!

  401. I will be watching the Ace Classic Golf tournament.

  402. Joyce Brennan says:

    I plan to snuggle under (was -2F this morning) and work on the afghan I’m making for my sister who is fighting breast cancer. Would love to be able to make her some hot chocolate while making myself green tea, without having to reheat the teakettle every time we need a new cup, and we can sip and chat while she snuggles under the finished afghan.

  403. Eating out with friends and we are finally going to have a decent weekend—-gotta do something outside!

  404. Nothing in particular, probably be snowed in!

  405. Will probably spend the majority of the day at work, then will come home and indulge in some smoked salmon my cousin sent me from WA state. I crocheted some slippers for her and her daughter and I requested the smoked salmon as my “payment”……may have it with a bit of fettucine. A good cuppa tea will also be enjoyed. I’ll finish out the day with a little knitting or crocheting.

  406. This little would be really nice to have for valentines dY to be able to make a hot cup of tea for my beat friend & girlfriend she stands by me always I love her very much thankswe love reading your web site thanks we learn a lot savid

  407. Sad to say we will be home nursing a cold and missing a great dinner at Bistro LeRue in Queensbury. Maybe buried in snow.
    I wish the 3 of you a Happy Valentines Day with the power on enjoying your kettle.

  408. This little would be really nice to have for valentines dY to be able to make a hot cup of tea for my beat friend & girlfriend she stands by me always I love her very much thankswe love reading your web site thanks we learn a lot david

  409. I will be spending Valentine’s Day with a lovely dinner at home with my honey.

  410. Ellie Getchius says:

    My husband and I are spending it at home with our 7 month old girl. Homemade steak dinner, rice pilaf, salad and a bottle of chianti we got for Christmas. Heaven! And attempting your creme caramel renversee as dessert! We had a kettle similar to this one…worked AWESOME for warming up bottles!

  411. Andrea Taylor says:

    Knitting & watching “Call The Midwife” next to an electric fire 😉

  412. Spending a quiet evening at home… I have a delicious looking local grass fed steak that I am planning on for dinner, with baked stuffed potatoes and salad. The gas grille is buried in snow, so will be cooking inside where it’s warm.

  413. I will spend it with two of my girlfriends that are now single. We are going to prepare a nice meal starting out with steaks and vino of course! Dessert is still undecided. We will watch some Chic movies and laugh and tell stories. I’m 61 and they are near my age. You don’t have to have a special guy in your life to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Special Friends are important too! Happy Valentine’s Day Kevin!

  414. Jeanna Allen says:

    Will be spending Valentine’s Day with my grandson from Michigan!

  415. Dola Johnson says:

    Will be spending a long weekend with family-identical twin granddaughters, lovely daughters, wonderful son-in-law and terrific husband. Great time.

  416. My Mother is 92 years young and I always take her to lunch on Fridays. What with all this snow I really don’t know what I will be doing. I hope I can take my Mother out and spend time with my husband at the same time.

  417. Oh I hope the random thingy picks me, because minenis on its last legs… for Valentine’s Day, we’re going to be buried under a mountain of snow, so celebration shrimp n grits will have to wait til we can get back out.

  418. Joan Niland Crowley says:

    We spend Valentines at home every year.

  419. My husband and I will be taking our 12 yr old daughter and 2 of her friends to see The Lego Movie – I’m so happy that 12-yr old girls are excited about seeing a cartoon movie still! (We 50-yr old parents are too :))

  420. Susan in S.W.Mass. says:

    Always wanted one. I think I would love it. Looking at 10 to 20 inches Thursday through Friday afternoon. Ouch it will be a lot of shoveling I’m afraid. I’ll need lots of hot liquids, pick me?

  421. I’ll be spending the day with kids and then with my 4-legged furry kids at night. I love them all.

  422. After shoveling our driveway, my husband and I hope to have a romantic dinner out – If we can get there through the snow!

  423. Hubby and me make each other a special dish, and we have champagne. We definitely stay in! Would love this pot because I work at home and drink tea all day!

  424. We’ll have a nice quiet meal at home on Valentine’s Day. Better Homes and Gardens featured a cherry pie in a jellly roll pan in their February issue. They cut out 2 hearts from the top crust and laid the dough hearts next to the holes to bake with the pie. Very easy and cute. However, that makes a LOT of pie for 2 people, so I’m going to make a smaller one in the little tray that came with my toaster oven. We needed a new stove, so we’re calling that our Valentine’s Day gift to each other. I also scheduled a free e-card delivery…lol

  425. I’ll be with my 4 little grandchildren so that my son and daughter-in-law can go on a “date”. We may take in a movie or we may play “Chicken foot dominos”! Whatever we do, this Grandma and Grandpa will be very content – Children are 5, 7, 9, and 10!

  426. Barb Polski says:

    We will be snuggling in front of the fire.
    Maybe Maryland Crab Cakes or Chili!!!
    Every day is Valentine’s day with my honey.

  427. I have grass-fed steaks thawing as we speak. We will have a delicious home cooked meal.

  428. Probably shoveling snow with my hubby!

  429. shovelling snow and hope the electricity does not go out have no fireplace to cook on

  430. Thanking my lucky stars for my sweetie!

  431. Staying home and hopefully finding some CHOCOLATE to eat. lol

  432. Is the snow comes as expected, Valentine’s Day evening will be spent by the fireplace . . . and if the electricity leaves us, as it did for 5 days last week, we’ll be cuddling up extra close!! Hot tea or a lovely glass of sangria and the night will be lovely . . .

  433. Starting with a nice dinner..

  434. Terri Akin says:

    I am driving to Santa Barbara, CA from San Diego for their first English Country Dance Ball: the Winter Dreams Ball. Should be glorious!

  435. Don’t know.

  436. Stating in side with my sweet hubby and our canine,and enjoying watching the snow falli, and hoping electricity stays on. 🙂

  437. Sandra Shanti says:

    I always get fresh bagels and yummy local chocolate milk from my sweetie. Nothing beats Chocolate and “flours”!

  438. Taking care of my customers that are checking in to our motel and fixing dinner for my husband and mother-in-law 🙂

  439. Talking with my grand children on FaceTime . We are 3,000 miles apart

  440. Aussiegirl says:

    I will spend the day with my Certified Therapy Dog, “Dr. Casey,” and visit Carolinas Medical Center. We are there every Friday and hope to bring smiles to faces and hearts. What a good boy he is!

  441. Cathy in Cleveland says:

    We will be cranking up the heater, making mojitos and preparing a Caribbean style dinner as we pray your storm misses the Cleveland area. Stay warm and safe.

  442. Patty Bertolino says:

    I will probably be shoveling more snow!! ;p

  443. Valentine’s Day will be spent at home with the kids! We’ll be snowed in and tired after a day of shoveling. So we’ll sit by the fire and eat homemade pizza and my love and I will toast eachother with a glass of Cabernet. It’ll be a fun family night. I hope yours is awesome too! I’d love the tea kettle!! I’m a huge tea drinker!!:)

  444. Tracey Santi says:

    We are selfishly shipping the kids off to grandma and grandpa’s so we can have a quiet date night…dinner and a movie. Let’s not go CRAZY or anything! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!

  445. Robin Gray says:

    valentine’s day at home…plan to make a veggie lasagna as the snow and ice have just hit Raleigh, NC and that should hit the spot.

  446. Susan Nebrick says:

    Spending a quiet evening with my favorite hubby of 40 years & sweetest dog- Crissie. It has already got 2 inches of the 10-12 inches predicted…. hope the power holds; or plan B- woodstove that I can cook on. Love watching a romantic fire but don’t want to cook like a pioneer woman ! 🙂

  447. Donna Cota says:

    First I am going to go out to lunch with one of my daughters and my 90 yr old Mother. Then I will spend the remainder of the day with my Mother. Would love to be able to give her one of the kettles for her new apartment.

  448. Jon Shileny says:

    Romantic dinner with my fiancée .

  449. on Friday morning Valentines Day, I’m gonna have a romantic tryst with my snowblower…
    we’re expecting 10 – 16 inches down here in LaGrangeville, Dutchess county.

  450. Heather Crable says:

    My husband will be home for once this year, so I am going to bake our family’s traditional cookie thats from Czech that he love love loves!

  451. It’s my birthday and if the weather doesn’t get horrible for travelling, I will head to Johnstown PA for my grandson’s hockey tournament.

  452. Spend the night with my new daughter and hubby.

  453. Stacia Sauerwein says:

    we generally don’t do much for valentines day, so we will probably make a nice dinner at home together friday evening. our birthdays are sunday and monday, so we will eat dinner out at a restaurant later on this week!

  454. Deirdre Smith says:

    Sweets for my sweets, all day long.

  455. Spending the night with great friends in warm weather!

  456. Mau in SoCal says:

    Sharing chocolates.

  457. Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs for the entire weekend!

  458. I get to spend 10 hours in a car with DD driving her to an out of state college music audition, then we are taking the long way home to look at another school. Love DD but gonna miss Dh. 🙁

  459. I bought the ingredients today to make the chicken meat balls, I will serve them with pasta with an Alfredo sauce, green salad and my husbands favorite pie, cherry.

  460. Nothing! Don’t have a date.. So I could use a great coffee maker.. Maybe I’ll get lucky! That way!

  461. Planning go out for a dinner and movie

  462. This year for Valentines Day- I may be in the hospital WELCOMING our 3rd child (she is due any day now!!) However if not, I will be at home with my husband and our other 2 wonderful kids eating McDonalds!! Yes, I said McDonalds LOL- My husband has been making a joke about the new FAMILY PACK McDonalds is offering for $9.99 and I thought it would be a good joke to finally buy it for him and of all days on VALENTINES DAY- Not romantic but will be a Valentine Day dinner to remember 🙂 LOL

  463. As my hubby will be at state wrestling this weekend, i will be alone. But will go out for Lobster Dinner with friends.

  464. Jackie Isler says:

    We will be trying a new restaurant in town…..

  465. I’m probably going to take my mom some chocolates and flowers and spend some time with her (probably last year I’ll be able to do this). Then, home to shovel as well… but since I’m in So Cal, I’ll be shoveling manure to help fertilize my garden!

  466. Ava lansbery says:

    You are so sweet!!!!
    Hopefully my sweetly will surprise me with candy, his favorite kind of course.

  467. I will be baking a sinfully chocolate flourless cake with mascarpone cream and fresh fruit on top for my sweet husband!
    During the rest of the day I’m sure I’ll be shoveling snow, feeding the cozy fire, knitting with a kitty by my side and sipping hot tea while watching a movie!

  468. I would love an electric kettle!!

    ❥ ღ ❥ Carol
    Whitfields Home In The County

  469. I am hopeful we will FINALLY have decent temperatures this weekend (after nearly 2 months in the DEEP-FREEZE!), so I will finally get around to doing some of the things I’ve been putting off….like winter-sowing!!

  470. Our church Youth Group is having a Valentine’s Dinner and we are attending this. Good food and fellowship.

  471. Our weather is finally warming a bit so we will be dining by candle light♥♥♥♥

  472. Spending the night with my sweetie and some dear friends – Dinner and card night !

  473. I sure would love, love this kind of always there, hot water for my tea and other cooking use!!
    For Valentine’s Day, I will be spending it with me, myself and just relaxing and thinking and reading to good peaceful music!

  474. Gillian McM says:

    Oh, my old kettle is about to give up the ghost. I’m British, I drink tea all day, I don’t know how I can live without an electric kettle. But perhaps I’ll win one of these beauties and everything will be all right again. I can but hope…

  475. I have classes all day and then I work 4pm – midnight. Not one exciting iota! lol I hope your Valentine’s day is fabulous!

  476. Nancy Carr says:

    No plans yet. Will share it with my 3 little girls. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  477. I will be volunteering at the local arts center for a “kids” performance. So much fun!

  478. Lourdes Fay says:

    Letting my husband take me out to dinner… tee hee

  479. i will be with my 1st and 2nd grade students….the best kind of valentine’s day.

  480. We will order take out and watch a movie 🙂

  481. Pete Kinyon says:

    Shoveling snow and making bread.

  482. All the years my husband and I have been married, he has always surprised me with a quartet singing old fashion love songs, so this year, because we are getting older and on more of a budget, I am making him a Valentines dinner at home just the two of us and I found a bunch of old fashion love songs to play while we eat.

  483. What a nice idea – have loved reading everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans – best wishes that all of you have the very best times following through on these plans 🙂

    My DH of 31 years and I will be home, as will our son, shoveling what could be a foot of snow…and I’m thinking of roasting a turkey if the power stays on – the smell in the house is always so lovely!

  484. Wallace & Nancy Braud says:

    Have a short road trip that day, but will be rushing home to spend the evening with my beautiful, sweet wife of over 34 years! Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day, too ! !

  485. Hanging out with my sweetheart of 16 years. That’s if we can dig out from this snowstorm.

  486. I’m making a lovely dinner for two. A little candlelight, a little music….

  487. Lois Flynn says:

    We will be spending a quiet night at home.

  488. I don’t t have anything planned, and I don’t think he does either. We are just being together. Because that’s the most important thing.

  489. Being Indulged at a French restaurant with family from out of town (boyfriend’s cousin and her hubby). If we can get a reservation, nous allons etre tres heureuse!!

  490. Cookbook Collector says:

    Dinner for two – at home. Menu of oyster stew and/or pork tenderloin with a nice bottle of wine.

  491. Judy Kirchner says:

    I’m making some delectable chocolate desserts (dark chocolate truffle cake, decadent raspberry chocolate cheesecake) and taking them to some sweet widows in my neighborhood who no longer have a sweetheart to remember this special day.

  492. Hanging out with the hubby and the kids. The best kind of day =)

  493. Sherlie Magaret says:

    Going out to eat at a local place to eat.

  494. My husband and I are driving to Pelham, New York (weather permitting) to celebrate our grandson’s first birthday.

  495. Liz Stasieczko says:

    My husband is coming home from a month long trip so romantic meal at home.

  496. Staying cozy at home 🙂

  497. Going alone to a church social, which will include a lasagna dinner and a movie. These are the kind of things one does when your husband doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day.

  498. We plan to go to Manchester, IA, if the weather is clear to visit my hubby’s sister and brother-in-law and have lunch. The kettle would be wonderful, so good luck to everyone who enters.

  499. We don’t know what we’re doing. But most likely will stay home and make a nice dinner.

  500. Spending the early evening with my husband and his 100 yr old mom.

  501. Diane Amick says:

    My adorable husband of 43+ years ALWAYS takes me out to dinner on Friday evening, so we’ll be going out to dinner (if in fact we can due to storm/snow headed our way). I’m a landscape designer, so I always get flowers of some kind (usually a houseplant or perennial) and I still love it.

  502. Probably a slushy re-freeze on Valentine’s Day in SC. So maybe it will be home canned marinara for two…. and some kind of special pie made with whatever I have on hand??? Not going anywhere! Need that electric kettle right now!

  503. Having dinner with friends and dancing the night away… it the weather cooperates!

  504. One of your readers suggested celebrating Valentine’s Month.– I LIKE that idea!
    We will be attending the Northstate Symphony.

  505. Nothing exciting. On the road home after a medical appointment….so 6 hours in a car together!!

  506. Hahaha … that’s IF the weather cooperates!

  507. Having dinner with friends and dance the night away …IF the weather cooperates!

  508. NO I haven’t been drinking!!!

  509. A bottle of wine (red of course), fire (in the fireplace of course), and dogs to snuggle with (not in the fireplace of course).

  510. Sitting by the woodstove, with a mug of hot chocolate…

  511. We are supporting the local wineries here in Hill country, dinner and wine at Woodrose winery, Fredericksburg, tx. Better than Napa

  512. Javier J Echavarri says:

    Once I am done shoveling I will make my wife dinner – don’t know what yet but I will be making your milk chocolate cake for dessert – which is the most important part!

  513. Using the last of summer ’13’s sour cherries for tarts to share with my fav sister!

  514. I will be fixing a special dinner for a special man, my husband! Dessert will be something chocolate!

  515. Getting together with friends for a home cooked meal. Start winter sowing!

  516. First, my husband is cooking ‘egg in the hole’ for our grandkids making a heart shape hole with a cookie cutter in the bread. Then my granddaughter and I will make heart shape cookies to share with the neighbors who are even older than me!

  517. my hubby is off Thursday so we will grill fillets in the evening. we live out in the country so with this big snowfall go for a walk and play with our dog pumpkin in the snow.

  518. My family and i have decided to spend valentines day taking flowers,cards,and ballons to my fathers grave that passed on december 13,2013. We miss him dearly and he has our heart and all our love!!

  519. joyce fleming says:

    We have plans to go out for dinner but we’re waiting to see if Mother Nature has different plans for us.

  520. Will have to see how by dear husband feels later in the day. He is having surgery bright and early on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully we will be all snuggled in back at home by dinner. We will make it special!

  521. shoveling again……and looking for a sweet rescue kitten or cat….. lost mine last summer…..and with him gone, “mickey and minnie” have just been spotted coming in from the freezing cold and snow that we’ve had all winter….
    love your newsletter !!!

  522. Spending it with the love of my life

  523. Denise in Colorado says:

    My fiancé and I will be going out to dinner at the Wines of Colorado with my childhood friend from KS and her husband! Looking forward to visiting with them and sitting by the cozy fire! Valentines Day was my Dad’s birthday so I will always think of him on Feb. 14!

  524. I’m single and I gave to work. 🙁

  525. I can’t type is suppose to be “have” to work.

  526. I don’t have a valentine presently, but love this electric kettle! I’m visiting friends & was just asking about the electric kettle they use which just happens to be a Hamilton Beach. The style is a little different, a little sleeker, taller version. If I don’t win this one from you, have full intentions of buying one! 🙂 By the way, dealing with the snow in Asheville, NC, for the next couple of days, a huge storm system going through!

  527. Norma Coates says:

    Valentines Day………..well……working for a few hours……..buying groceries on the way home……….having friends over for ribs, potato salad, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, garlic bread and strawberry short cake……….BAM………and wine/beer………goes without saying of course…….and a fun night of Shanghi Rummy ………..FUN NIGHT!!!!!

    Would love the pot!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO EVERYONE!!!!!

  528. No plans YET!

  529. working, then probably shoveling snow. nothing planned.

  530. Regina Miller says:

    I’m eating with my 2 sons, their wives and my 1 year old grandaughter.

  531. Sharon C, best of luck nabbing your rescue(s)! I’ll be administering/ running an educational conference for 400 people beginning tomorrow afternoon. Alas, I will be by myself in a big ‘ol hotel room. or at my office making last minute changes. But at least no (new) snow storm is predicted! We have had more than enough of that already this winter. Can’t wait to get gardening.

    Love your newsletter and posts. Thank you so much. I love your writing, your gardens, your wonderful historic house, and of course, Miss Daisy.

  532. I work that night, but will celebrate with the wonderful senior residents that I work with and will enjoy hearing their valentine stories!

  533. Geez. That should be Miss Lily the Beagle. Maybe I was tired enough to think I was driving Miss Daisy?! Guess it is time for me to head home this evening. Whatever is left to do can wait until morning. Have a great evening, and hunker down in front of (one of) your fireplaces.

  534. Trudi Dido says:

    I will be clearing off the last of Ga’s snow and hunting for the dratted nut that fell off our bird feeder when the snow is gone. and cooking a valentine dinner for my husband .,

  535. Staying warm and roasting carrots & sprouts!

  536. I’m planning a nice dinner……something with shrimp and champagne!… front of our fireplace!

  537. We will be handing out chocolates to our bank customers that day. In the evening I plan to have a lovely dinner with my husband.

  538. Cooking for my honey and wine and chocolates for desert

  539. I’m not making any plans for Valentine’s Day. That day is to be with your special love. I don’t have one.

  540. My daughter’s significant other – the love of her life – just left her, and broke her heart. So St. Valentine’s Day will be difficult for her. So we will spend it, probably snowed in, in front of the wood stove, mushed in with the dogs, figuring out the best ways for her to move forward — the best Valentine for her will be taking care of herself.

  541. will be sending out a few “cat’s box of LOVE”…a bakers dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies, sent thru the USPS mail…fills a small priority box…with love…SMILE

  542. Rose Marie says:

    We are still in the turmoil of remodeling our kitchen. So we will be home, eating a meal cooked on the little hot plate (stove still on the floor in the l.r. along with the kitchen sink!) or maybe we will order a pizza or best of all, maybe we will go out for dinner.

  543. Nancy Mosson says:

    Taking hubby out for dinner to an Italian feast — afterall, he takes care of me all year, my turn to do something nice for him. A nice card will accompany the dinner along with a red rose.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all as well.

  544. Robin Hamann says:

    I am spending it with my parents in the nursing home in Iowa.

  545. Wanda lang says:

    We are taking my daughter, her fiancé and his 3 yr old daughter to dinner, we’re in the midst of planning their wedding and we’re all excited

  546. Lori Schmidt says:

    I get to spend it with the loves of my life, my 11 horses who i will scoop poop for and feed with joy, then going to a nearby chinese restaurant for lunch, that’s about as romantic as it gets for me LOL Happy valentines day to you and your partner.

  547. My husband will be out of town, but my 15-year-old daughter and I will celebrate. I plan to cut a sweet red pepper into little heart shapes with a cookie cutter for her lunch box and throw in some fresh strawberries for a Valentine surprise at school. I’ll also give her a four-pack of her favorite grapefruit soda (because it’s pink).

  548. I have 3 days to celebrate! My husband’s birthday is the 13th, Valentine’s the 14th, and my birthday the 15th! How sweet is that?

  549. Holy Moly! That must be some kettle! Contestant #546 signing in to say Valentine’s Day will be celebrated here with seeing a show! Good luck everyone! And thank you Kevin -enjoy your Valentine’s Day too! <3

  550. I don’t care for eating out on Valentine’s Day, so it will be a BBQ for us. Just bought some great steaks. Now to ponder what to have for a nice light side dish.

  551. Donna Dunbar says:

    Hopefully by then I will be almost over this nasty upper respiratory infection…could really have used this kettle over the past 2 weeks for all the tea I’ve been drinking.

    Hope your V-day is full of Love !!!

  552. Diane from Boston says:

    Cooking Indian food for my husband! Curried red beans, with a side of spicy cauliflower.

  553. In remembrance of four of our best of 35 years we’ll focus our meal on memories of England where we first encountered Steak and Ale Pie at a quaint little pub in Cambridge.

    I always begin with quality cut of beef in 1 1/2 ” cubes, mushrooms, onion and garlic stewed slowly in a dark rich ale like Newcastle. Always tuck a bouquet garnis into the stew pot and depending on mood that means sage, parsley and thyme, or rosemary, lavender, and something. I prefer a rich savoury crust over puff pastry. Thicken the stock so it will hold up in a deep dish pie crust with top crust pinched into rustic thumb prints around the edge.

    We’ll have ours with well chilled Chateauneuf du Pape or Cotes-du-Rhone rustic red wine.

    On the side will be crusty roasted potatoes English style, with beef gravy from the stew pot.
    And Fragrant Asparagus Salad.

    With some wonderful harpsicord music we’ll settle in for the evening with Coffee Hazelnut Trifle.

    Kevin I really do fancy one of your kettles!

  554. Hubby and I decided to take our grand daughter to eat lunch with our grandson at school. He gets so excited when someone comes to eat with him. The look of surprise and smile on his face will be all the valentine I will need 🙂

  555. Boyfriend is taking me out for a lobster roll!

  556. I work in a flower shop so needless to say we will be making everyone else’s v-day special. After returning home I will spend it with my son, who is recovering from surgery, he fell on black ice.

  557. Kevin,
    I love your newsletter and your blog. Both of them always make me happy! 🙂

    On Valentine’s Day we’ll be digging out of the snow and ice – hope you do not have too bad of a storm. It will be made better by something hot to drink made with your lovely kettle!

    Best wishes to snowy NY tomorrow from snowy NC!

  558. Linda Stone says:

    Doing my usual; taking care of my nursing home patients. Will bring valentines to them ;o)

  559. Pam Hanson says:

    Planning on some sweet truffles for my love, and enjoying Friday (at last) night! Hope yours is sweet as well. Always amazed at how many followers you have Kevin – your blog is always so inspiring, thanks.

  560. Not anything special, just getting my greens ready for spring planting.

  561. Will be cooking for all the loves of my life– hubby, Kevin and teen sons, Graham and Ethan; after we shovel out from the snow of course. Stay warm!

  562. Charmeigne says:

    Since, it will be my friend’s birthday, I will celebrate it with her. We planned to invite our loves to have group date on her birthday.

  563. Folie a deux

  564. Cindy Faulkner says:

    Shoveling snow followed by hot cocoa with my family.

  565. Hi Kevin,
    I am so happy that Valentine’s day is just around the corner! My husband and I will be babysitting our 5 month old granddaughter while her parents go out .

  566. Deborah Raduka says:

    I will celebrate Love with husband Gregg and a few friends.We will honor the New Moon as we walk the Labyrinth together.

  567. Since we will be having snow all day tomorrow, I will be baking a cake for my granddaughter. Then on the 14th, I will take her her first Dollie and a cake.

  568. Baking a carrot cake for my hubby of 43 years! Life just gets better and better. Would be so happy happy to win that kettle.

  569. Sally Norris says:

    Staying home on advice of DOT due to ice and snow here in good ole’ South Carolina. I’ll just sit back and enjoy looking up some of your latest recipes. Thanks for everything you share with us.

  570. Charlotte DeBoer says:

    I will most likely be shoveling snow most of the day and then will snuggle with my honey by the fire and maybe do popcorn and a movie in. Just having the one you love near you on Valentine’s Day is a blessing.

  571. For once the Rochester area is NOT in line with the storm !!
    Happy Lupercalia!

  572. My husband and I will be picking up our daughter and grandchildren at the airport as they join us for a week of fun and sun in Florida! (Sorry northerners.)

  573. Hopefully home with grandkids around! Nothing is better!

  574. we will go out for dinner and then home to watch a movie!

  575. Leslie Wager says:

    If the weather allows, we will spend Valentine’s Day in the yard, beginning to clean up a bit from the 2 hard freezes we’ve had here in Jacksonville Beach. That’s always good for my soul!!

  576. Staying home with wifey.

  577. I’ll be spending the Valentine Evening at home with my husband and teenage son watching a movie. Friday is family movie night and we’ll just enjoy being together. No special dinner plans yet because of a busy work schedule but I’m I getting some great ideas from Kevin for a late Valentine dinner on Saturday perhaps. Thanks!

  578. Sandy Johnson says:

    I will be enjoying a romantic dinner at the fabulous Four Leaves restaurant with my sweetie! Perfect Valentine’s Day!

  579. I’m getting married to my best friend, Mike, for real and for keeps!

  580. I will be at church!

  581. Had it been last Friday I would have had snow shoveling to look forward to. As it is, Steve is playing a nice gig that evening (which I’m invited to attend) but I think I’ll spend the evening working out instead. Kettlebells need love, too, you know. 🙂

  582. I will be spending part of the day with my darling daughter, shopping and having lunch. Then spending the evening with the love of my life, my husband of 24 years : )

  583. Honey Gene and I will spend the evening together eating some good food and enjoying each other’s company.

  584. We should be finished shoveling the snow by Friday evening and making some romantic pizza at home accompanied by a nice glass of cabernet! Sharing our, can it be, 33rd Valentine’s Day together. Perfection!

  585. Hubby and I will be clearing snow together. For 30 + years, he plows, i shovel. Wait? somethings not quite right with that!
    Oh well, we will be thankful we are safe and hopefully warm……definitely hoping to get a gas insert for the fireplace for next winter. This has been too much!
    Kevin, your postings really cheer up a long dreary season. i cannot wait for the first crocus!

  586. Teri Dalco says:

    Spending the evening by the fireplace, especially if there is no pwer….

  587. Betty Blalock says:

    Because of business travel, we don’t get to celebrate until Sunday. It will be a nice drive over to Solvang to our favorite pub. And happy to say we have no snow out here! Thank you!

  588. I am sending valentines and love to my 3 sweet grandchildren. What can get better than their big thank yous and love returned!

  589. Cozy evening in with a nice meal I have yet to plan!

  590. Probably shoveling snow …

  591. We are due for 1-14 inches of snow. IF i is cleared by riday evening, we plan to go to our favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner. If we are house bound, I will cook him a beef tenderloin with a broccoli soufflee If we lose power again, we will be eating tuna fish out of cans.

  592. 42 married years with my Valentine… we share the same heart everyday, but Valentines Day always brings flowers and a special meal. Thankful each day for the blessings in our lives – we don’t need special occasions to know that , but it does make life more fun!

  593. We are in Texas, we’ve sent the weather your way . . . looking to have weather in the 70s this weekend. The plan is to have a nice quiet evening at home with the husband, keeping it simple.

  594. Jane Rutkowski says:

    My hubby and I will be married 15 years on Valentine’s Day! The big “snow” is probably gonna keep us housebound. Gonna make some popcorn, pop in some dvds, and snuggle on the couch.

  595. I’m going out to dinner with my boyfriend and then we’ll probably just have a relaxing night afterward.

  596. Staying I and cooking big pot of vegetable soup. Been cold for so long I need soup to warm my tummy

  597. Spending the evening with my sweetie and my mother in law and sister in law who are visiting. Love the all!

  598. Christine Thiessen says:

    I will celebrate the day with hubby of 47+ years by going to the LAWN & GARDEN show!

  599. Maureen P. says:

    I know hubby and I will be home, but not sure of the meal. Have to figure that out tomorrow.

  600. I don’t have any plans for Valentine’s day.I might go to the gym.

  601. Got to go for this one–thanks Kevin! OK Valentine’s Day will be quiet this year as my gift will not be here given this crazy southern storm, so I will have to just curl up with my beau of 34 years and enjoy real sweetness. Happy Valentine’s Kevin; enjoy that crazy weather headed your way!

  602. Hi Kevin,

    This valentines menu will include venison prime rib with roasted potatoes and some kind of salad or roasted vegetables. Here in SE Alaska fresh vegetables are hard to come by so it will depend on what the grocery store has in stock. My husband and I will top the celebration off with some homemade rhubarb/salmonberry/huckleberry wine!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  603. A juicy steak on the grill, fresh asparagus, salad and baked potato are on the menu for Valentines Day!

  604. Will be cooking dinner for my son and his girlfriend. We don’t have a lot of money and thought by cooking them dinner would be more meaningful than an expensive dinner out. Baking a cake and making Chicken Alfredo with fresh bread and salad!

  605. Dawn Monroe says:

    Its my husbands turn to plan the night so Im hoping for a dinner at least.

  606. Here in the Northern California Foothills, we are high and dry. Doin” the rain dance.

    All is good.

  607. Terry Stites says:

    I am going to have supper with my grand kids. Then founder ourselves on candy.

  608. Linda Karosic says:

    My Hubs and I both work on Friday, but after work I’m making a big salad with “the works” and a chocolate layer cake. (Unless I stop at Bella’s in Windber PA and get two pieces of Tiramisu…:)) Then we’re going to huggle up with our four little crazy dogs and watch movies that I recorded on the UP channel!! 🙂

  609. I work at a Ski Resort, so the 14th begins our busiest 10 days of the Season / Washington’s Birthday week. Hoping to bake some blondies and chocolate chip cookies, or red velvet cupcakes with my children after a simple dinner.

  610. Margo Pohland says:

    I’ll be mowing the grass ! Florida y’all !

  611. Babysitting my great niece and making valentine cookies with her!

  612. Lorena Keech says:

    I’m cooking dinner for the hubs and then we will probably rent a movie. Not too exciting.

  613. emaline freisinger says:

    My husband and I will celebrate with the grandkids and let the ‘youngsters’ go out on the town 🙂

  614. Making a fabulous dinner of New York Steak, mashed potatoes with dill, and fresh asparagas. Of course, with some good wine and my honey!

  615. Sonja Jones says:

    For some reason my boss gave me the day off. I don’t have any plans. Probably just hanging out at home with hubby looking for a place to live in San Antonio.

  616. Diane R. Ecker says:

    Living in Chautauqua Co. NY Friday night is fish fry night. The love of my life and I are going out for fish dinner ,topping it off with a hot fudge sundae. Then home to my pillow and blanket. Can’t handle much more excitment than that.

  617. Staying in (snow is coming our way too).

  618. On Friday I get my stitches out! I know that’s not much of a valentine, but afterwards we can celebrate!

  619. No valentine sweetie so I’ll drink hot cocoa by the fire in my pajamas!

  620. Cyd, Chicago says:

    Baking several batches of cookies and delivering them with Valentine cards to my neighbors.

  621. Right now I am wondering if 625 Sonja Jones is my facebook friend… But what I am doing on Valentine’s Day? Well my husband passed in Oct 2012. I went to the church Valentine Party several years and was “stood up” when he didn’t get off work in time to come. Never a problem, I was with people I loved and loved me and I told him about it afterwards. So I went by myself last year. It was not the same, even though the love was still there, knowing there was no one to go home to and share it with was something I don’t want to do again. So I am staying home reading a book this year. Having read your post I am also going to be wishing I win one of the kettles. I used one at my sisters house this Oct and have wanted one ever since. I heat water in the microwave all the time and this kettle is SOOooo much nicer…..

  622. Going to make my honey some lobster takin and twice baked potato. For dessert I will make him a strawberry pie. With a few candles and some music it should be a romantic night.

  623. I will be with my daughter and her family at the ice festival in Quebec City.

  624. Wendy McBride says:

    Probably won’t be doing anything except watching tv since my sweet husband passed almost 2 yrs ago. Sure do miss my Valentine.

  625. I’m spending a long weekend in Dallas with a good friend! I have had enough of cold & snow in Michigan!!

  626. I’m in Boston for a couple of weeks, but, my children are coming up and will be with me on Valentine’s Day. Yay!

  627. Deborah Roberts says:

    My husband and I are going to eat a light meal and then take a walk along the ocean.

  628. Lisa Grandstaff says:

    I will be spending time with a dear, long-time and very creative friend of mine on Friday. Perhaps we will help her do something pragmatic, which is what she likes me for, sometimes, or perhaps we will do something creative. Either way, the conversation will be fun, sometimes deep and other times adversarial, then we will relax with tea and chocolate. (Then I have to go to work that night!)

  629. I get to sit thru 4 basketball games. Maybe can go out Saturday. Your word. Are the highlite of the week.Enjoy

  630. BBQ steak and watch the Olympics

  631. Get to sit and watch 4 basketball games. Love your words of wisdom,

  632. Enjoying being at home.

  633. Donna Besst says:

    San Francisco….here I cme!

  634. We haven’t decided yet, but we are thinking about going out to a restaurant, but not on Valentine’s Day as they will all be busy. We may go to a couple’s potluck at a local church and then go out on another day-leaving the kids at home.

  635. Having pizza with my hubby and watching the Olympics!

  636. I will be spending Love Day with my Husband, at home, making each other happy and watching Les Miserables because we love it!

  637. dan mckinnon says:

    Some good friends over for dinner … but first a couple goodies to snack on before hand. One is a crazy sounding one but it’s wonderful … wrap some good thick cut bacon around some ‘dill pickle spears and put them on the grill turning often until the bacon is done … The next is a mixture of butter, crab meat, Kraft Old Fashion English Cheese and a little garlic all mixed together and spread on halves of English Muffins and placed under the broiler … That and some good wine or non filtered Sake …

  638. Would be nice to have a hot cuppa tea, hot toddy, hot chocolate, with my husband, made with a new Hamilton Beach electric kettle!

  639. Joyce landry says:

    Making a special dinner for hubby, having wine and listening to blues music

  640. We will be getting over the flu and bad colds and having Grand Boys over so Adult kids can relax…..getting warm in Michigan COLD

  641. Lizzie McNett says:

    It is our oldest daughter’s 30th birthday! We’ll be celebrating with dinner out at a local Mexican restaurant where we have a long standing family tradition of celebrating birthdays with gatherings of family and friends. On Saturday we’re hosting a birthday party for her (it is my birthday too). Great food and drinks with loads of friends. Fun, fun, fun!

  642. Arianna Norris-Landry says:

    Single and snowed in.

  643. Crystal Sperber says:

    Baking up a chocolate storm in anticipation of Valentines! Fresh truffles and flourless chocolate cake!

  644. Family will take center stage and complete the day. Pineapple upside down cake with tons of whipped creme` will be served…..homemade of course. Happy V Day to all.

  645. Elaine Parent says:

    Going to have bite of dinner and the see Romeo and Juliette at the concert hall that the RWB is putting on.

  646. I’ll be cuddling up with my dog and watching movies! 🙂

  647. Chuck Rasmussen says:

    Going somewhere warm.

  648. Sheila castellini says:

    Spending it with the one I love. I guess that makes everyday like valentines day for me, and aren’t I lucky ?!

  649. Spending the night with my Valentines; my Grandson Malakai and Granddaughter, Peyton!

  650. Cecile Moore says:

    I will be having a nice, quiet and simple Valentines day with my wonderful husband of 42 years! He still makes me feel so special!

  651. Naomi Shelton says:

    Well, I have a spectacular Valentine’s Day planned. The 3-yr-old twins will arrive around 3:00 p.m. and Gramma will give them a snack. Then some play time and dinner. More play time, perhaps a bath, then jammies and some stories and if I’m lucky they’ll settle and go to bed and to sleep. Their parents will be having a V-day date and getting to spend the nite w/out children. In the morning, after sleeping with one eye open and one ear cocked I will be awakened by my two little cupids and know that I’d better get up as bad things can happen when the boys are unsupervised! I will make breakfast–probably gluten-free pancakes–the children will play, torment the dog and hopefully “take turns” without harming each other. Snacks around 10:00, perhaps some coloring, stories or a little TV, lunch and hopefully Mom and Dad will show up soon after that.
    Then Gramma will retire for a little nap! How’s that sound for a Valentine’s Day filled with LOVE?! They are pretty affectionate and if the mood strikes them, give sweet little kisses.

  652. Karen Dykstra says:

    I’ll spend Valentines Day with my hubby.

  653. Not much really. I am baking an angel food cake though! (my husband loves that stuff and it’s so easy)

  654. BBQ with my hubby… it’s his birthday too!

  655. Connie Sartain says:

    I’m making raw hart shaped meatloaf for the small dogs. I’ll be serving them on antique cafe ware plates and they are allowed to eat at the table [Valentine’s night only] and they will clean their own dishes!

  656. Nancy Braud says:

    Dinner with my husband of 34+ years at our favorite traditional Mexican restaurant and give him a red Kitchen Aide chopper (so that he can make fresh salsa and guacamole).

  657. After some minor surgery, not doing much, but making chocolate lava cakes for my hubby.

  658. I will be traveling across the state of Washington to spend it with my daugher, 2 granddaughters and my unborn grandchild… I made fudge and sent it to my husband working out of town. I would love your tea pot as I drink several cups of tea a day.. I always drink tea while reading your newsletter.. My break for the day…;-)

  659. Christie McCann says:

    After shoveling the snow, my husband and I will be having a home-cooked meal of shrimp alfredo.

  660. Nothing romantic. Watching the girls dance in a competition.

  661. I’ll start the day off by fixing my wife, of 44 years, a breakfast of corn waffles. She loves them (can of drained corn into the waffle mix, stir and make waffles). She likes the little crunch in the waffles. Then I will go shovel snow.

  662. Trying desperately to get back to NY after two days of cancelled flights!

  663. There isn’t a man in my life and I am finishing up a year of cancer treatment soon
    So I think it will be some special me time. Make a shrimp salad Mom used to make with a glass of white wine. A girly movie and my current needlework project. That is how I plan to celebrate.

  664. Glenn Dickerson says:

    Taking bride of 42 years out for a romantic dinner!

  665. Laura Harrison says:

    Valentine’s Day has always just came and gone like any other day in my 20 years of marriage so it was not surprising to me that my husband told me he was filing for a divorce on V-Day 2011.
    I have a new person in my life now and we plan to make dinner together and go to a local park and play ball with the dog. We live in AZ so no snow shoveling for us.

  666. I will be enjoying snow days /Valentines day with my grandchildren ,we’re going to bake cookies and make valentines day cards and crafts.Thursday morning in Va.and already have16 inches of snow and still snowing

  667. Fixing steak and home fries with salad have a glass of wine coffee and for dessert cutout sugar cookies and brownies

  668. Linda Gattiker says:

    First, feeding and taking our 5 year-old grandson to school. Then my husband and I are driving a few hours away to spend the weekend with my sister. I’m on the Fast Metabolism diet, and we don’t want to go out on the big day, so Valentine’s Day dinner is up In the air. This is day 11 with no caffeine, alcohol, sugar and anything else worthwhile.

  669. Not sure yet. We have lots of snow and ice, so we may have to get creative.

  670. Julie Hamilton says:

    We will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day with a quiet evening at home. One evening next week, when the restaurants are not so packed, we will go out for dinner.

  671. I’m thinking about doing some baking for my favorite Valentine……ME!! 🙂

  672. Donna Viar says:

    We will be having a quite dinner at home. Celebrating in a restaurant on Sunday.

  673. Unfortunately I will be working late and have no sweetheart currently…..but I did send my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some chocolates !!!

  674. Attending a wedding, if dug out from the blizzard…

  675. Daisy Skelly says:

    My 16 year old and I are going to spend the afternoon and evening together as my husband and other two kids are going to visit his mother out of town.

  676. Dinner at home with hubby. Breakfast out on Saturday for Valentines day! Thank you for a chance to win! Patricia

  677. Spending Valentine`s day with a wonderful bottle of wine and my amazing best friend.

  678. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and our cats. A nice dinner and some wine. Can’t wait!

  679. Shoveling snow. Sigh.

  680. rahan artfa says:

    I’ll be going out to dinner with the family!

  681. Nereida Vazquez says:

    Valentine’s date with hubby on Saturday. We are having dinner and some dancing!

  682. I’ll be making pork and napa cabbage pot stickers from scratch with my husband for our tenth wedding anniversary.

  683. Kids – all four will be home out of school on Valentines Dayl! So today, they, the three older ones that are in school are celebrating their Valentines Day!! Don’t have any plans as of yet for me and my husband. Already got my present – one of those machines that makes one cup of coffee at a time. My husband, who normally never drinks coffee, is now drinking the strongest coffee available with this machine. Maybe because it’s just so simple to use and a pretty cool machine as well.

    Happy Valentines Day to You and Your partner! Hope you both have a relaxing cup of coffee by that awesome wood burning fireplace of yours!!

  684. We are in the middle of lambing season so Valentines Day will be spent welcoming new lambs! They will melt your HEART!

  685. I am making dinner for my husband and grandchildren. Always appreciative guests.

  686. My romance of 20 years (husband, Mark) and I are going to dinner at a Cajun restaurant, and then it’s off to a local biker bar to hear local band, 45th Parallel, perform.

  687. Hoping the snow won’t keep us for dinner reservations at a favorite restaurant.

  688. Starwisher48 says:

    We will exchange the homemade valentines we make each other every year, and spend the morning preparing for a talk we will be giving together on Perennial next week. We plan on going out to eat.

  689. Shoveling snow might be pretty accurate for me, if it’s warm enough to go outside.

  690. Valentine plans are tentative–intimate dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant downtown if roads clear or intimate, candlelight dinner at home if not, gift of book about new ways to show love/romance after 37 years, then two little grandchildren overnight to watch Olympics while parents work. Daughter , granddaughter, and I have tea cup collection and love tea parties. An electric kettle would be Devine for hi kenning our tea party brewing time. Fingers crossed.

  691. Valentine plans are tentative–intimate dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant downtown if roads clear or intimate, candlelight dinner at home if not, gift of book about new ways to show love/romance after 37 years, then two little grandchildren overnight to watch Olympics while parents work. Daughter , granddaughter, and I have tea cup collection and love tea parties. An electric kettle would be divine for shortening our tea party brewing time. Fingers crossed.

  692. Hanging out with my sweetie and kitty cats. The perfect kind of day.
    How will you be spending the day? Thanks again for a terrific giveaway!
    Substance of Living

  693. Because of impending bad weather, we’ve decided to stay home and cook for ourselves. Clam chowder to start, then my husband’s favorite – meatloaf. Dessert will be a cherry pie (I pitted and canned the cherries last summer), with a pate brisee crust. I’ve been making pies for a long time, but after learning how to do the pate brisee from you , I will never make anything else. It’s that good! Thank you for all the valuable info and the fun and generous give-aways.

  694. Monica Gray says:

    Sorry to say, since I am a widow, I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my furry family, my 3 dogs….Briley, Jackson and Daisy. They are the best valentines ever!

  695. Making a special dinner & enjoying it with my wonderful husband

  696. Linda Noblin says:

    Valentines with my friends – dinner plans and sharing homemade cards with my family

  697. Kaleena Soorma says:

    For Valentine Day we plan on staying in with the kids for some indoor camping, we have a star projector to set up the outdoor ambiance, sleeping bags, yummy snacks and board games for fun!

  698. Going to be snuggled up with my 3 grandchildren.

  699. Taylor Cassel says:

    My tall man & I will meet for beers, take a freezer pizza home & binge on Netflix!

  700. Sharon Barnes says:

    Dinner out with my husband of 44 years and still counting.

  701. Staying warm and off the icy roads.

  702. kathy passie says:

    Romantic dinner in ONLY local fine dining restaurant with my dear husband, and
    hopefully NOT shoveling snow!

  703. Spending a nice quiet evening at home with my loved ones.

  704. Becky Wallace says:

    For the Valentine snowpocalypse blizzard of 2014 I will be shoveling out my car to take my son to the hospital for his tonsillectomy

  705. Beth Emhoff says:

    I am spending Valentine’s Day going to The Lego Movie with my Son and Husband. Then on Saturday I get a date night out with another one of our favorite couples.

  706. My 94 yr old mom just went to a nursing home for rehab. After shoveling out, I think I will take her your monkey bread, which she just loves, and watch An Affair to Remember in the recreation room with her. Then some take-out with my husband.

  707. Spending the day with my love as I did 38 years ago at our wedding! Hearts rule!!

  708. Snowed in….chilling and munching on the Valentine Sugar Cookies (my fav) that my Hubby baked for me!

  709. So very fortunate to be escaping the brutal weather back home. Heading to our favorite Tiki Bar in Punta Gorda, FL with 3 other couples, then off to dinner nearby. I still love my hot tea, whether it be in upstate NY or here in Florida. Thanks Kevin! Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

  710. Working and then with my do. Hope yours is wonderful.

  711. My husband will be hunting wild boar in Alabama………..sound romantic? I will be curled up in front of a fire with my kitty cats and a bowl of popcorn.

  712. Snuggle up with my baby, a miniature schnauzer named Piper, a book and a cup of tea.

  713. I bought my husband some books he’s been wanting and we’re going to head up to the mountains to get away for the nice long weekend. I dont think there will be any snow…so can you send some our way here in CA? We could really use it!

  714. I’m hosting a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for my family and all the in-laws.

  715. Work and a special supper later!

  716. We are having a family Valentine dinner.

  717. Rhonda Strahler says:

    Going to be playing bass with one of the 4 bands I play in at a Sweetheart dance (and my sweetheart will be there too!)..

  718. Mike Bratek says:

    Unfortunately, i will be working, but plan to make it up to her when i get paid to go out somewhere nice.

  719. Elizabeth Piazzola says:

    I will be making your beautiful lemon meatballs, chive pesto and serving it with zucchini “noodles” from my new spiralizer. Actually I’m cooking them today for dinner with my daughter and 4 year old grandson tomorrow. …and of of course I will be shoveling! Lol. Thank you I live your blog, your home and all your wonderful ideas. Happy Valentines Day! xo

  720. I will be working and preparing for the PRAXIS…yay me!

  721. Maureen Winkler says:

    Romantic dinner at home in front of the fireplace. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

  722. Cyndy Rediger says:

    My husband works out of town and wont be home, but I sent him the the best melt in your mouth Whipped Sortbread Valentine Cookies.

  723. We are spending the day with our dear friends that we have known for over 50 years!

  724. My husband and I are planning on spending a romantic weekend alone in our cabin 🙂

  725. since my hubby passed on, i have spent the day with either my daughter or helping out my mum. it’ll be a great day!!

  726. Leslie Underwood says:

    Spending it at the best place, HOME w/my honey

  727. as I look out the window at our 100 plus inches of snow this season, I’m pretty sure it will be a night out on the town for some good food with friends. 🙂 tired of being cooped up inside

  728. Probably going to have to use wood stove as power will probably be out as we are in line for up to 15 inches of the white stuff followed by so much rain, I cannot even imagine. We live in rural New Brunswick, Canada and lose power a lot too! We will be able to cook a nice meal on the wood stove though. Maybe a nice stew….

  729. Jason Sellers says:

    My wife and I are going to watch a romantic movie together during the day, eat plenty of candy together and with our kids, and then go watch our friends’ kids that evening while they go out on a date. We trade-off babysitting each other’s kids every Friday (plus, our kids and their kids are great friends!), and this Friday just happens to be Valentine’s Day, their turn to go on a date, and their half-anniversary. Our half-anniversary was last Friday, so we got to go on a wonderful pre-Valentine date together then! So, given all that, we’re really looking forward to tomorrow! 😀

  730. Jamie Smith says:

    I’m spending the evening playing 500 bid cards with 7 girlfriends, we all put $10.00 in the kitty & winner takes home the pot. We start with appetizers & drinks, then dinner, play our rounds with partners, and finish with dessert. We play on the 2nd Friday of each month and it is always a hoot!

  731. Meryl Oliver says:

    My 5yr old daughter is home from school so we are going to bake heart shaped cookies and then go for high tea with her best friend. I’m hoping it’s a special Valentine’s Day for her:)

  732. Janet Cswercko says:

    It would be great to have one of these the bre my herbal tea and save some energy. Stay warm and safe.

  733. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    For Valentine’s Day we will be shoveling snow AGAIN !
    Then we’ll exchange handmade cards in handmade envelopes and *small* gifts.
    Our 25th wedding anniversary is 5 days away and the *big* gifts are coming then.

    I feel like I have been in suspended animation for weeks, have not seen my grass or gardens due to multiple storms in an endless parade, suffering from cabin fever, this winter is doing its best to make a lot of people miserable.

    Thank goodness for you, Kevin.

  734. My husband bought lobsters and asparagus for our home cooked meal. We’ll exchange cards and have a delicious meal. We’ll probably be shoveling snow too.

  735. Maureen WALL says:

    A restful evening at home.

  736. Good home cooked dinner and a movie

  737. I will be sitting in front of my fireplace sipping a nice cup of tea and working on my latest knitting project, a lace wrap!

  738. After working on the house all week with the flu, I will be going home to share the evening (and preferably NOT the flu) with my best friend, my husband.

  739. My husband passed away suddenly last year. So no Honey to cook for. My DC daughter was supposed to come tonight but the storm has delayed or changed this plan. I live at 2800 ft in Appalachian Mountains and we have 24″ of snow just today. That fell on 6-8 inches previously on the ground. It will snow until 10:30p and another round of snow in the a.m. Guess I’ll be shoveling 🙂

  740. Love your website. Since my hubby died on the 20th of Dec. four years ago, Valentines day has gotten lost at my house. My granddaughters have different plans however for this year. I don’t know what they are planning so I am a little apprehensive if you know what I mean.

  741. My anniversary is the 13th (21 years) then Valentines on the 14th. My husband worked from home today because of the snow. The kids went to school, and we had some home alone time in the house. Later he cleared the driveway, and I made pecan/ raspberry thumbprint cookies. We’ll have a red-themed candle-light dinner: salad with beets and pomegranate, steak and wine. We only exchange cards and chocolates between us and with the kids. Low commercial holiday.

  742. Happy Valentine’s everyone. I am baking bread for my three families, and of course a treat for the grandkids. Keep warm and have a fun filled day.

  743. Nancy Boller says:

    I’ll be enjoying my husband’s company. 🙂

  744. I will be enjoying your recipe for lamb chops with my husband of 51 years! My daughter has an electric kettle and adores it. I’d love one too.

  745. Working and spending time with my favorite valentine, my dog, Sophie. Love to all.

  746. Katy Brown says:

    I will be sharing a nice dinner with my two valentines, my husband and 13 year old son. 🙂

  747. I’ll be working. We have plans for a special dinner at home on Sunday night, though. Better late than never!
    I’m wearing out my microwave boiling one cup of water at at time for tea. An electric kettle would be great.

  748. Carolyn Riccardino says:

    Going to snuggle with my hubby in front of the fire.

  749. I think I’ll make myself a BLT sandwich for Valentines Day dinner – that’s a special treat for me! Warm Hugs and Purrrrrrrrs from here.

  750. Shoveling then champagne

  751. Cathy Schutzenhofer says:

    After work I will be relaxing in a nice and quiet house as all the kids have dates! 🙂

  752. My husband and I are having a lunch date, dinner will be at home with the kids.

    Happy Valentine to you and your love ones!

  753. Hopefully having a romantic night out. It’s nice not to have to cook once and awhile.

  754. My hub and I are supposed to go out for lunch, but this weather may cause us to reschedule… what a Winter! Good thing I have your website to remind me what I have to look forward to… Spring…. Summer!

  755. I’m going to stay in with the collies and watch the Olympics. 🙂

  756. Valentine’s day 2014 is my 27th anniversary of lovin my man, Peter. Snow will keep us snuggled in I do believe. Not a bad thing!!

  757. Quiet dinner at home with husband & family. Dealing with lots of snow & bad weather.

  758. Lauren Michelle says:

    We’ll be doing chores! Is that sad?

  759. Karen Thomas says:

    I’m my own Valentine! I don’t have to be to work until 10, so my Valentine treat to myself is more favorite coffee and a baked treat from Starbucks.

  760. I’ll be getting ready to fly to Florida for a delayed Valentine’s celebration in the Keys!

  761. Dinner out and a movie with my sweetie.

  762. A warm night with my husband, son and 3 kitty cats watching the snow!

  763. Visiting my sister in Hawaii, so I’ll be snorkeling! Then some FaceTime with my sweet husband who had to stay home and go to work!

  764. I actually have no plans at all. I hope I won’t be shoveling snow – again. 🙂

  765. I am volunteering at a food bank on Valentine’s Day.
    No better way to tell people we love them!

  766. Heather Andersen says:

    I have to work but then having a girls night after work. Super excited, yay!!! Happy Valentines day, i hope its marvelously magical.

  767. Nothing! My husband has to work all day (and night), but we went out yesterday and shared some great chocolates tonight.

  768. I will be spending it with my granddaughter!!!

  769. It will be a romantic night with my girlfriend …

  770. I will be working, as usual, but will be celebrating with my hubby on Saturday.

  771. I’m a florist. Will be making other people happy! Then collapse.

  772. My daughter texted me Tuesday and asked if I would like a date (my grandson) for Valentine’s day. I said sure! Make sure he is freshly showered and brings a takeout supper. I do have standards you know. Lol

  773. Not doing much out of the ordinary. Will make dinner for my family and maybe a special Valentine’s cake.

  774. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure what I’ll be doing later today, but at this moment I’m hoping to win the electric kettle! That would make it a memorable day. xoxoxoxo

  775. Happy Valentine’s Day! I have the ingredients out to make a cake. We will have dinner at home and breath a sigh of relief that we did not lose power again with the storm that came through yesterday.

  776. Shoveling out from under 15″ or so of snow in Grafton, VT so we can go home!

  777. We will simply be shoveling snow, grilling chops, and going to a ball game. Chocolate martinis later on?? Perhaps! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  778. Will be having cocktails with our 84 and 91 yearold neighbours.

  779. For Valentine’s Day i’ll be home, tending to an injury.

  780. Elizabeth Markwith says:

    Woke with a headache. Am just glad I am inside.

  781. Elizabeth Markwith says:

    Woke with a headache. Am just glad I am inside. I tried but won’t take my comment. So goes the rest of my day.

  782. Baking biscotti – plans for grilled asparagus and steak tonight with your little cheese crackers! Woo Hoo! Love trying new things!

  783. I will be shoveling and then I will shovel some more. But I will be thinking of my husband who is working far away in Australia. AND I just got a call the florist is on the way!
    How SWEET!

  784. Dia Koether says:

    I would love to win this kettle for my hubby, today is our 14th anniversary! 2/14/14 🙂

  785. Shoveling snow. Feeding the wood stove. Feeding the kids and dogs. Hoping the roof holds. Going to bed so I can get up and shovel some more tomorrow.

  786. I’m shoveling the drifts (not much snow, but the wind is blowing it all in large drifts in my driveway and walkway-don’t need to do the driveway at least). I’m abut to pick up pizza and wings. I don’t have, and never have had a Valentine. I’ll cuddle with my fur kids and watch a Brit Com on TV…and read a cozy mystery!

  787. Making gumbo for the very first time as Mother Nature delivers 18″+ of snow to the coast of Maine!

  788. Deborah Rosen says:

    Rod and I are celebrating with a nice dinner at home.

  789. jeannine s says:

    I amde cupcakes for the kids and we are ordering out for dinner.

  790. Had dinner out with the whole family yesterday and an Indian lunch with my honey today. After lunch we bought groceries. 😉 We have 2 coffee drinkers and 2 tea drinkers in the family and could certainly use the tea kettle. 🙂

  791. Making treats to share with family and friends. Would love to win the kettle to share with my son who is in college. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  792. Alone at home with a good cup of tea. 😉

  793. Homemade dinner right after repairing the rain barrel. First things first. Happy Valentine’s to all.

  794. My hubby and I will be ordering Thai take-out and enjoying a movie night at home. We prefer to stay in on V-Day 🙂

  795. Having dinner at home, just put the apple pie in the oven!

  796. My kids are all coming home for the weekend!

  797. Watching a movie at home.

  798. Leslie Thistle says:

    Nursing my partner who just had a knee replacement. Valentine’s dinner is grilled cheese 🙂

  799. It’s my kitty’s Birthday! his name is Beau and he is 7 yrs old.

  800. Yvette Jones says:

    Popcorn and movie night with my 3 boys (hubs included)

  801. Will be spending Valentine’s Day at home as my boyfriend has the flu but rescheduling another day to celebrate with dinner out.

  802. Doris Troxell says:

    Spent the evening at the movies with my boys 🙂

  803. Spending this Valentine’s evening with my family, drinking a cup of tea and enjoying a piece of Key Lime pie!

  804. Kevin, today I worked on taxes, washed two loads of clothes, watched a show, had two cups of pumpkin spice tea, cleaned snow off of my car, shoveled the drive a little (in SC) and went out for Mexican food with Hubby. My indulgence was churros! Happy Valentine’s and Full Moon Blessings to you!

  805. Local cafe where they’re screening a Pete Seeger documentary.

  806. Quiet night at home with my love. Roads are still sketchy from the storm this week. North Carolina just isn’t equipped for this. Would have loved to have had an electric kettle tonight when I made us each a spot of white tea.

  807. Pizza with friends. Thank you for your generosity.

  808. Single here, so no special plans. It was a special day here in the deep south…90* and lots of sun for a change. I do have two very loving critters…they had a very nice dinner and are snoozing now.

  809. I am working until 9pm and then chauffeuring around some people who don’t drive.

  810. Lynn Hufsmith says:

    Re-cooperated from all the snow removal!!! Hubby was out all night plowing…so we just hung out with a bowl of soup and watched some TV.

  811. Enjoying a cozy night in with loved ones. And yes, recouperating from snow shoveling : )

  812. We will visit our daughter and her family and celebrate there.

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