A Few of My Favorite Things/Winner Announced

THE WINNER, as selected by Random.org, is comment #16 from Samantha S.: I absolutely LOVE my kitchenaid and ninja blenders! Congratulations, Samantha! To collect your prize, just send me a note.

TODAY, I’d like to show you a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets. And then, because you took the time to read this life-altering post, I’m going to offer you a nifty kitchen appliance in a random drawing. Are you ready for a little show-and-tell? Here we go-go:

I love spatulas of all kinds. Sure, they are essential for stirring and mixing. But I also use them for folding egg whites into bechamel. And for smearing great gobs of whipped cream on Queen Victoria’s favorite tea-time treat.Β 

I’d be lost without this pastry-crust measuring sheet…

Or these wire whisks…

Or this egg shell piercing-device.

Recognize this gadget? It’s a Spaetzle-maker. And if you haven’t tried Spaetzle, you must do so at once.

I love this electric kettle, which we discussed back in October

And this Presto electric skillet, which I purchased 5 years ago.

The skillet is jumbo-size, so it can handle big cooking jobs. It’s also nonstick, and a cinch to clean.

I use it for frying Butternut Squash pancakes…

And for making English Muffins

And for browning the main ingredient in this outrageously-delicious and fragrant Thyme and Wine Beef Stew.

Would you like to own a nice, big (16×12-inch) electric skillet? Good. Because I’ve purchased one to give away!

For a chance to win, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post. You can say anything you’d like. Or, just mention a few of your favorite kitchen things.

The Rules

One comment per person, please.

Enter soon! This drawing expires at 11:59PM on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

As always, I’ll use Random.org to select a winner.Β  The winner’s name will be announced on Thursday, February 6, 2014, so be sure to check back!

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  1. Lauren Shuman says:

    Love all my kitchen gadgets and tools but especially my huge assortment of Griswold cast iron.

  2. Linda Anderson says:

    Been learning how to use a pressure cooker I’ve had for a while, and can’t believe how much I actually like it!

  3. Deb Nelson says:

    Oooh, I am such a “gadget girl”. I have all kinds of things. I have three sets of pots, one Tfal, one stainless steel (that I got with Green Stamps, for those that remember them) and a cast iron set. A new electric skillet would be very nice!

  4. Evelyn H. says:

    What does the egg shell piercing device do for you? Do you blow out a lot of eggs to decorate? Never seen anything like that!

  5. Kevin, I love various whisks and hardly a day goes by that I don’t use one. A couple of years ago I bought a Danish dough whisk and it’s become my favorite whisk of all. I use it making dog treats, bread, cupcakes, you name it. Do you have one?

  6. I love my CafΓ© Froth…when I want something sweet and don’t want the extra calories I will have to burn I use it for cappuccino.

  7. oh how i would love to have that….. made your monkey bread the other night and it was DIVINE! love following along on your culinary adventures!

  8. Would really love to have this!!!

  9. Ever tried making sukiyaki with your electric skillet? That’s the first dish that comes to mind when I see one. πŸ™‚

  10. Brenda Johnson says:

    I LOVE my stone wear…easy to clean, great crust, even baking….

  11. I have this peeler, its red, its beautiful and it peels like no other <3

  12. Carol Dobbins says:

    I have one of these and love it! But I need a wedding gift soon and this would be perfect! Thanks so much for your blog. I get such useful, fun , and welcomed ideas!!!!

  13. I would love an electric skillet!! I wore mine out, and never got a new one!

  14. I have a lot of favorites. Most used is a small pancake turner>

  15. Carole Bryan says:

    Greeting from frozen “Chiberia” where we added another 10 inches of snow yesterday to melt and water my gardens! Love, Little Mary Sunshine

  16. Samantha S says:

    I absolutely LOVE my kitchenaid and ninja blenders! And thank you for all the delish recipes you give us! The orange marmalade is definitely one of my favs!

  17. Michelle Snow says:

    I have a lemon juicer gadget that has an arm like a slot machine, when DH brought it home I laughed and thought “Why do we need that?” Now I love it, gets every little bit of juice and filters out the seeds. I find myself making a lot of dishes with lemon juice now. Also have an awesome rosemary lemonade recipe that is so refreshing.

  18. Jackie Leib says:

    I have always wanted to purchase an electric skillet, but always refrain. Would love to have. I have two kitchen drawers devoted to gadgets and six shelves in the mud room part of our garage dedicated to appliances. Thanks for the drawing. – Jackie

  19. Your site is just the greatest. Enjoy it very much.

  20. Rita Simmons says:

    How do you make English muffins in the electric skillet?

  21. Ooh, this looks great. I would use it to make delicious garbanzo pancakes….via your recipe. Thanks!

  22. LOVE my wodden spoon collection!

  23. I love my French Press coffee maker and my slow cooker — making Chicken Quinoa in it right now! Do not own an electric skillet, but would love to!

  24. So many utensils. So little time. <3

  25. I love my Kitchen aid mixer! I don’t know what I’d do without it at holiday time! I also love my electric skillet for making pancakes…It’s getting a bit old and it’s kind of small…a new one would be lovely!

  26. I love my gas oven, electric kettle, peeler and my Wagner cast iron skillet! Thanks Kevin!

  27. Cathy in Cleveland says:

    My best kitchen “gadget” is a husband that loves to cook!

  28. have a spiral whisk – long handle, spiral bottom. Great for whisking when only a small amount. Just move it up and down!

  29. I made that thyme/wine stew. Amazingly delish.

  30. Ooh, how I would love the electric skillet. I try the beef thyme and wine recipe first off.

  31. Katherine C. says:

    Your information is diverse and delightful. My mother used her Presto for many delicious meals. I think it’s time I got one too! Your photos are stunning! I don’t know how I found you but I am glad I did!

  32. Kris Whitby says:

    I love the spaetzle maker – I’ll have to find one of those!

  33. Sandra Sather says:

    It is always fun to try new gadgets. I love whisks, and very thin turners.

  34. My favorite items in the kitchen are my cast iron skillets…love making dips and desserts in the oven in them.

  35. I love my silicone spatulas and my whisks as well! Two things that my kitchen cannot be without are my single serve coffee cone and my favorite chef’s knife.

  36. Oh, that would mak a great NEW gadget.

  37. My favorite tool is my zester – don’t know how I managed without it. Thanks every so much for the giveaway!

  38. Hi Kevin,
    My most favorite gadget right now is a whisk that i got at Sur La Table. the whisk part is round and compact, and you press the top down and it makes the whisk part spin! stick it in a mug of hot chocolate to make frothy or in a small saucepan to quickly mix/break down flour, etc. heart, heart…

  39. The egg piercer is so great for keeping boiled eggs from cracking in the water, love the design on yours! I have a love for great spatulas and tools too – and lately have gotten hooked on unusual bundt cake pans….

  40. I enjoy reading your blog site.

  41. I love my assortment of Wusthof knives.

  42. My favorite kitchen tools are the ones I inherited from both grandmas. The egg whisk and spatulas with the wooden handle, the flour sifter where you turn the crank and a HEAVY cast iron frying pan. Love to use them all.

  43. Lucia Haskins says:

    In my downsized kitchen, my microplanes are used almost daily. Tammy, I miss my Danish dough whisk which got lost in downsizing.

  44. Some of the things I’ve invested in have truly been my favorite: (1) FoodSaver; (2) Wondermill; (3) Victorio Food Mill; (4) KitchenAid mixer (although it’s about gone kaput and I’d really love a Bosch).

  45. Annette Guilfoyle says:

    I have never met a kitchen gadget I did not love. I have not had an electric fry pan for several years and think that may need to be on my list. I am in a “new to me” kitchen, and just learning how I will navigate it. Hoping for it to be a nerve center for cooking for my grand children. I moved here to SC to live near them!

  46. I would definitely use this to make English muffins!

  47. loved the stew

  48. Stephanie Pichner says:

    I never thought about an electric skillet! My mom used one all the time when I was growing up. I bet it would come in handy while we remodel our kitchen. Without a stove and oven, a skillet would be better than having to eat take out!

  49. Linda Recht says:

    I had an electric skillet years ago, but it was so hard to clean that I gave it away. I love that yours. Is non-stick and easy to clean.

  50. Ah! So many useful utensils! Some of my most-used: my VItaMix blender (which I use for EVERYTHING), a Braun hand mixer with this handy attachment that becomes a mini-cuisinart with a single click, high quality spatulas, and good quality hand graters for cheese and such. The list could go on….. I used to have an electric frying pan years ago, but I never replaced it when it died. Would love to have another! Thanks, Kevin, for your creative giveaways!

  51. I love kitchen gadgets! The more unique, the better. I haven’t had an electric in many years, and I know how handy they are. Best of luck to everyone.

  52. Mimsy Marsden says:

    I’m saying “anything you’d like.” But seriously, your blog is worthy of the Pulitzer prize for blogs. Just love those spatulas.

  53. My numerous cast iron pans and my two slow cookers get the most use in our kitchen.

  54. Jan Evancho says:

    My favorite kitchen gadgets are: 1. Spoonula, 2. Dough scraper, 3. Olive oil spritzer. And a runner-up would be my specially designated and used for nothing else “stirring chopstick.”

  55. Emilie Unkrich says:

    You and your blog are the best!
    I adored all your gadget info.

  56. I love my instant hot water dispenser. Thanks so much for always brightening my day.

  57. Janet Moebes says:

    I really like your cinnamon roll recipe. I now make orange rolls with it, omitting the cinnamon, adding marmalade and orange oil, etc.

  58. Those Butternut Squash pancakes look so good! I’d love to have an electric skillet. It’s something that just seems to stay on my wishlist but doesn’t make it to the “need” list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Joni Davis says:

    I LOVE my “smart stick” immersion blender! Has to be my favorite …. or maybe my micro-
    planer ????

  60. I’d love an electric skillet. Mine broke years ago and I never replaced it!

  61. Awesome! I gave my electric skillet to a friend in need & I think she really liked it. :o) Thanks for the Spaetzle recipe!

  62. I love my steamer–for rice, for veggies. I also love my old-fashioned flour sifter because it reminds of the one my mom used when I was growing up.

  63. Lisa marie lech says:

    wish I had the room for more gadgets dont have enough counter/cabinet space

  64. I could SOOOO use an electric skillet. As it is now I cook one pancake at a time πŸ™

  65. Manette Gutterman says:

    Thanks, Kevin! I’d love to try spaetzle! And an electric skillet because I don’t have one!

  66. Janet Phipps says:

    Hey Kevin! I have most you’ve shown except for the egg piercing device and, of course, the very nice electric skillet! Do you find a lot of uses for the egg piercing gadget? I might have to look into acquiring one! Love your blog!!!

  67. Kevin, I love whisks too! Where did you get that wonderful contra-angle whisk?
    And Tammy, I’m going to to look up what a Danish dough looks like. : )

  68. gladys banta says:

    Kevin, I always look forward to Sunday mornings to receive your E-mail. I have used many of your recipes. I also have my milk bottles and seeds ready for winter planting…1st time for this.
    Thank you for the time & effort you put in to keep us informed. I suppose my favorite kitchen gadget is my stand-up mixer.

  69. All kitchen gadgets make life in the kitchen easier and more fun.

  70. You make English Muffins in this thing???? I would so do that!!

  71. oh, I forgot. My fav tool is a yellow colander that my mother in law gave me years ago. She said it would be “my go to” & she was right – use it all the time

  72. I love my grandmother’s cast iron frying pan.

  73. Barb Freudenmuth says:

    I received a tera cotta tortilla warmer as a gift, and discovered I can bake deliciously moist potatoes and sweet potatoes in the microwave with it, never could do a decent microwaved potato before…and sometimes I am in a hurry!

  74. Kitchen gadgets – I love them all! I currently have a fondness for fun spatulas πŸ™‚

  75. My Electric Pressure cooker Rules!

  76. I love my KitchenAid mixer-24yrs old and still going strong! Also couldn’t live without my French press for a great cup of coffee and my digital scale-best way to “measure” dry ingredients! Thanks for a great site-another one of my indispensable tools!! D

  77. Oh, I love your spatulas and wire whisks!! I love my kitchen gadgets as well… and whenever I visit a 2ndhand store and find one of my gadgets, i buy it and give it to a friend or relative (or to keep- in case mine breaks-lol). I’m very intrigued with the Spaetzle maker…

  78. My mother had an electric skillet (not non-stick). Wonder what became of it…
    An electric skillet would be great to have during kitchen remodeling planned for this spring – hadn’t thought of that before.

  79. I’ve never had an electric skillet, but would like to have one. It would open up new areas of cooking for me.

  80. Elizabeth heelan says:

    Cooking is passion!!

  81. I love my crockpot.

  82. Would love to replace my 70’s era ( you read that right-my electric skillet is over 30 years old) skillet with a new one!

  83. Hilary McDaniel says:

    My favorites are: BREVILLE toaster oven, Omega Juicer, lemon squeezer, and my Vitamix I bought in 1980 at the Texas state fair. Thats a blender that has paid for itself many times over. The first order of business my folks taught me was to do the research and buy the best quality possible even if that meant saving for a long time. You usually only have to buy quality once in a lifetime. Ive found that to be true.
    My kitchen is the one area I splurge as its not only the wisest thing, but its where I get great enjoyment. I read cookbooks like most read novels. I explore all avenues of cooking even though I tend toward vegan/veggie eating. My genetic code is predisposed to heart disease so I stay away from meats of all kinds. Its proving to be the best thing for me. There are so many ways to dine I think everyone has to find what best serves their health. I was raised with the mantra “pay the farmer or pay the doctor”. That being said before I grew all my own I haunted farmers markets since the 60’s long before the current “go green, eat local” movement. Theres a reason we get citrus in the winter, exotics in the summer, greens of all kinds in the fall and all lovely fresh produce in the spring. Its how our digestive systems and bodies prefer to eat. I’ll get off my bandbox now. Love reading your blog. I hope your partner wasn’t stuck in the city while you had to ride out this winter alone in the burbs. Your winters are long and tedious. While you lay low, I’m in the garden in the 70’s.

  84. Angie lawrence says:

    I would love an electric skillet!

  85. I love my All-Clad cookware and my Pampered Chef mini whisk, I use it all the time. My electric skillet is more than ready to replace and I’ve been wanting one of these!

  86. Electric skillets are awesome!

  87. Egg shell piercing device?

  88. Old waffle irons-I have three-one was my mother’s shower gift in 1948-All work beautifully and keep the brunch crowd happy.

  89. Most used in our kitchen is our cast iron skillet.

  90. Diane H Hinkle says:

    I love kitchen gadgets. I collect kitchen gadgets. I have a funny item that is plastic and when you push down on one end, four fine steel fingers come out. Remember when olives came in tall skinny bottles? Well, that is what it was used for…….to retrieve one at a time neatly. My grandchildren always inspected my kitchen when they would visit to see what new items I had found. What do you need an egg piercer for? Just curious? Enjoy your website so much and have passed it along to others who sent thanks to me.

  91. Hi Kevin – I love kitchen gadgets too, it’s the first department I head to in any store I visit. I especially love the shops that specialize in all things “kitchen”. I’m interested in how/where you store all of your great gadgets.

  92. Kevin, Happy Groundhogs Day! My most used item in my kitchen is my Farberware stove-top stainless steel coffee percolator. After reading poor reviews for most all of the drip machines and being low on money, I decided to try something different and have loved it. I also like knowing that even if the power goes out, I can make coffee on the side burner on my propane grill outside. Can’t be without my coffee! I’ve never had an electric skillet, but it looks like it would be really useful. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  93. Kimberly K says:

    Every time I go to a kitchen gadget store my husband becomes afraid as it is my toy store πŸ™‚

  94. KitchenAid stand mixer & food processor

  95. I remember my Mom using an electric frying pan. Haven’t thought of that in a long time.

  96. Eddie C. Jordan says:

    I would be lost without my whisks, I use them to mix just about everything. And I like making
    English muffins, homemade is better than store bought …..

  97. Jo pernice says:

    Oh pick me!

  98. I used to have an electric fry pan and wore it out. Great for fried chicken. I’d love a new one. Thanks!

  99. Hello Kevin! I just recently was divinely directed to find you and your site. I was searching the web looking at sites for propagating African Violets, bounced into your post and fell in love. I signed up to receive your newsletter. I absolutely adore your tongue-in-cheek humor. I burst out laughing reading your comments posted under pics in the tutorials. You make me smile, you make me laugh-out-loud, you are just wonderful. Thank you for all the time, effort, meticulous attention to detail and thoroughness you apply to each task at hand. You, my friend, are most assuredly a class act!

  100. My electric skillet died many years ago, and your recipe suggestions make me realize how much I miss this versatile kitchen must!

  101. I have way to many gadgets for one person, but can’t seem to part with any of them “just in case I may need it someday” I use my electric skillet when I make chocolates… Love your site.. made naan bread this week was gone in 1 day..
    Thank – You Kevin for taking the time

  102. Thank you for the recipes and inspiration, Kevin! You rock!

  103. Thanks Kevin,

    My favorite gadget is my coffee bean grinder which I only use for coffee πŸ™‚ I got it as an engagement present for my first wedding, some 29 years ago. It has outlasted that marriage by 25 years!!

  104. Would be a nice addition to my kitchen. I rhymed.

  105. By far favorite is my crockpot. Helps make life a little simpler but still able to get a homemade meal!!

  106. I really do enjoy your blog so much! So glad I found you!

  107. Kevin:

    You are the best!


  108. Since I’m up and enjoying my first cup of coffee from my single cup paper cone drip thinga magiggie…. that is my most essential gadget I have! Have lots of variety of other gadgets I can’t live without! Actually need more kitchen cabinets as my oven stores a lot of my larger pieces!!

  109. Happy Sunday! I LOVE kitchen gadgets, especially my silicone whisk which is great for my teflon frying pan. My newest is a little pastic block that makes sushi from regular rice and you don’t need nori … haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on the try-it list for next weekend. Would love to add your electric frying pan to my cooking arsenal !

  110. I had an electric skillet some 20 years ago- wore it out!!! Would love to have one again.

  111. I have so many things I would not go without (now that I have them!). Just to name a few – waffle maker, food processor, slow cooker, pressure cooker, stand mixer, and my Vertical Rabbit corkscrew and pourer.

  112. Diane R. Ecker says:

    I never new that zesters were even out there untill I started following your web site. I’ve always just used a grater. I have since bought one an can not believe the difference. I have been in the food business all my life an am still in the dark with different gagets.

  113. I loved looking at all of your gadgets on here…would so love the large skillet and the spaetzle maker….thank you Kevin for sharing all of these wonderful gadgets…

  114. Karen Preston says:

    my Le Creuset stock pot, thanks for the chance to win the skillet

  115. I’m with Evelyn! What do you use the egg piercer for?

  116. My favorite spatula came from Thermoworks … great balance. A new electric skillet might work beautifully with a new recipe I want to try for Scottish eggs. I’ve never had them, but the look intriguing.

  117. Paulette Bledsoe says:

    I love all who enjoy gathering in my kitchen.

  118. I also love spatulas especially the one-piece cutie on the right. There’s no way for liquids to ooze up in between the handle and the blade. Yeah, yeah we all have our phobias.

  119. So glad I signed up with you. I’ve so enjoyed cruising around and learning something new each time. I have my Mom’s gadgets (and some of Grandma’s) and cut my biscuits with a VERY old cutter. I smile each time I use it.
    Thanks, Kevin.

  120. Mary-Anne DiBlasio says:

    Kevin, I have a game I play with my family. More of a challenge really. I see something that looks good on line, usually a recipe of yours, show my family, and they tell me I can’t make to look like that or taste as good as they say! And I’m off! I show them! I LOVE to cook, and this is a fun way to involve the family… Next is me trying to find a chicken tortilla soup for my husband, so, if you have a great recipe for me to try, please post! :-). Thanks!

  121. Linda DeVona says:

    Everything looks so good! The spatulas look like eye candy! The eggshell piercer looks intriguing! Have a great Spring!

  122. Diane Wirth says:

    I could use any of your favorite items. I haven’t had an electric skillet in over 30 years!

  123. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite gadget. It would be like trying to pick a favorite child. Just can’t do it. I love them all. πŸ™‚

  124. My mom use to make the “Best” fried chicken in an electric skillet. Yum!

  125. What do you use the egg shell piercing-device for? My son said that he pierces the end of eggs before he boils them and then they are really easy to peel. I haven’t tried that yet, since I haven’t boiled any eggs since he told me about that.

  126. Mary Moonflower says:

    My favorite gadget was my mandolin until I forgot to put the guard on and sliced open my finger. That happened another time, too, when I got a new knife set and pretended I was Wolfgang Puck in the Kitchen and ended up in the emergency ward. (Finger was saved – hallelujah!) So I guess my favorite gadget would be the lowly egg slicer. Haven’t sliced off any appendages in there yet!

    But my favorite ‘utensil’ is my porcelain cast iron pot – heavy as the dickens, but food simmers and cooks and tastes so much better cooking in this type of cookware.

  127. Joanne White says:

    I’m not the best cook, my hubby loves to cook and he does the majority of the cooking! But I do have special meals that I make for special occasions and I always enjoy making and everyone enjoys eating!!

  128. What an awesome giveaway. My favorite gadget is my Kitchenaid Mixer. πŸ™‚ LOVE it.
    I love gadgets.

  129. Greetings from the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast! Love your blog! I really like the bright colored spatulas! It would be cute to put a bunch of them in a tall basket on the kitchen counter for some color to brighten up the kitchen, especially during winter. Keep up the good work!

  130. Alyssa Brookshire says:

    I love kitchen gadgets almost as much as office supplies! πŸ™‚ I remember making homemade doughnuts in electric skillet like that when I was younger with my Mom. My favorite thing lately has been my water canner. I’ve enjoyed making all sorts of jams.

  131. Nancy Carr says:

    Love your assortment of kitchen goodies and have been wanting an electric skillet. Thank you for the ideas you shared today.

  132. Just jumped on to check your recipe for the ‘bacon wrapped thingies’ – you are becoming my go-to place for good stuff to eat. Absolutely bonus to find this giveaway.Thanks !!

  133. I love your garden. Can’t wait until Spring when I can think about planting my own again. I’m getting a hankering for fresh herbs and tomatoes.
    My favorite kitchen gadget is a Traex Spoon-Stir spatula.

  134. Rachelle DeLaurier says:

    Thanks for the great recipes! The item I most use of your favorites ones are the spatulas. I use them for everything! And the wooden one is my very favorite.

    Happy cooking!

  135. Made the garbanzo bean flour pancakes for breakfast in my smallish skillet…would love to have a real electric skillet for that. It wouldn’t take me nearly as long to get breakfast ready!!!

  136. Our family of six survived a lengthy kitchen remodel with the help of my mother-in-law’s electric skillet. Great appliance!

  137. I would love your skillet to fry your English Muffins.

  138. Donna Rensel says:

    Kevin, I love reading your articles.They make want to be gardening and baking bread again, the two things I used to love doing the most. Alas my physical abilities won’t allow much of that anymore. I am kinda stuck with a bread machine and indoor plants. I grow lots of things inside and am just fixing to start a bunch of African Violets from leaves and dividing my one plant I have. I always have great luck with the African Violets. So I decided to try and fill up my windows with them.
    Anyway just wanted to say thanks and let you know you inspire me to try some things again. I think I will try the nooks and crannies…Keep on with your articles.
    Have a great day,

  139. I would like to own a skillet like yours,M thank you for the chance! I will spread the news to my friends!

  140. i love my hamilton beach kettle too…

  141. Lori aka 7nflgirl says:

    Oh Kevin! I have my mom’s GE electric skillet from the sixties and and it still works! I am due a new one though but I might have to bronze my mom’s and display it!

    I love to cook but would much rather be playing in the dirt. Actually I’m a gourmet cook but it is comes in second to dirt!

    I would have to say that my favorite kitchen gadget is an old Presto Presser Cooker! That too was my mom’s! I reckon I have a lot of bronzing to do and need to build a display cabinet! That goes on my list for things to do by spring!!!!! Gotta get to testing my seeds and planning my beds and turning my huge compost piles!!! Oh and lest I forget, start my seeds!!!!!

  142. I luv the gadgets and some of them are new to me.

  143. Joyce Bradley says:

    I don’t know anything about an egg shell piercing-device. How have I missed that in my 45 years of cooking?? I’ll look it up and see what I’ve been missing.
    The rubber spatulas are of such different quality. Just don’t know what I’m getting anymore. I like the scoop type and could have used that design a long time ago.
    Thanks Kevin! Your’re the greatest!!!

  144. David Ford says:

    Regarding your egg peeling device, have you ever tried this?
    How To Peel Hard-boiled Eggs Without Peeling
    Let us know how it turns out!

    Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of my Sunday morning ritual…great coffee, classical musical, the NYTimes (online) and Kevin’s weekly fun and informative post!

    I, like Cathy in Cleveland, have the best kitchen gadget…a husband who loves to cook!


  145. My favorite kitchen gadget is my coffee maker. It has a carafe-type pot so I can sip hot coffee as long as necessary while trying to cook or bake. Trying is the operative word here.

  146. I had to laugh, Kevin. Just five minutes before I read this post about gadgets, I had just pulled out all my colorful spatulas/scrapers because the drawer was jammed–again. I had the idea to buy eye hooks and install them on that lip beneath my upper cabinets to hang these beauties on. Out of the drawer and handy. Then, I saw your first photo!

  147. gadgets….we all love them!!! thanks for offering the give-a-way…

  148. I love all the gadgets. Some I wasn’t aware of.

  149. Love my electric tea kettle also & this year we bought a spiraler to do some veggies & thats fun. Wouldn’t mind having an electric skillet which would make for less clean-up. All about low maintenance…lol

  150. I love my kitchen scissors! I have several so one is always handy. I use it for everything, from opening packages to dicing meat, quickly snipping herbs, etc. Couldn’t cook without them!

  151. Favorite gadget is dough mixer (manual, not electric! )

  152. Michael Hylton says:

    I would love to try the spaetzle and will, very soon! Gonna do some Butternut Squash Pancakes today! Thanks for All the Great Ideas!

  153. Not sure it qualifies as a “gadget”, but my favourite thing is my blue and white egg coddler.
    Love all your recipes, love all the step by step photos with funny comments, and love that you include photos of Miss Lily, looking up expectantly. πŸ™‚

  154. Sheree Ashapa says:

    One of my favorite gadgets is my stainless steel bench scraper. I make a lot of salads and soups and it always comes to my rescue when moving vegetables from the cutting board. I I also use it for smashing garlic and chopping.

  155. I can see great cooking happening in this skillet

  156. I have online shopping for a elect. skillet. I have gas cooking stove and there is a gas shortage so this would be perfect.

  157. Rose Marie says:

    I love, love, love to cook! One of my favorite things to do is try new recipes. Yours always turn out very good. Some of my favorites!

  158. Kim Fletcher says:

    Just love kitchen gadgets! However, I’m running out of drawer space to put them and containers to hold them. It’s a terrible dilemma when I see a new gadget I can’t live without!

  159. My next gadget is going to be one of those flat whips. I have seen them used many times and want one now. So I will be investing in one soon.

  160. Love the polka dot spatula!

  161. Dear Kevin,
    I am sure you didn’t know, but we have been having coffee together in front of the fire most Sunday mornings. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life. Susan

  162. Maureen WALL says:

    I love the colorful spatulas!

  163. Love, love, love kitchen gadgets! Just bought a pasta roller for the KitchenAid yesterday. One of my favorites is our “boiled” egg cooker. Never thought I would use it but was I ever wrong! How do you suppose it is that I don’t have an electric skillet? Hopefully that will be remedied Wednesday! :o)

  164. Food dehydrator. Makes the best cinnamon/sugared apples.

  165. Marilyn Farmer says:

    I love all of my ‘gadgets’… but most of all my RADA Tomato Knife which was given to me as a gift. I use it for everything, not just for slicing tomatoes, and would be lost without it. RADA knives are made in the USA, which is a big plus!

  166. Diane Richards says:

    I am a Gadget girl….

  167. My favorite is my food processor.

  168. Karen Ramsay says:

    I have several kitchen gadgets that were passed down to me on the shelf above the cabinets. Some of these are kitchen scales, coffee grinder, spice grinder, a McCoy mixing bowel. And several copper pieces such as a coffee pot, pans with lids, and a biscuit barrel. Also, there are several hand held gadgets in my drawer, and I still use all of these with pride. I have a two step ladder (also an antique) for the pantry I use to get these down.

  169. My favorite kitchen tools are mostly for bread baking. Dough is made in an old metal bowl that had come from my mother’s kitchen, it is well used and dented. I stir the dough with a wooden spoon from my grandmother’s kitchen, a wonderful heavy spoon that was originally a giveaway from Kellogg’s. I knead my dough on a laminated piece of a kitchen counter, actually a sink cutout that came from North Carolina, not from my house but from a burn pile at a new construction. My favorite new tool is my rasp grater that I use on oranges, lemons, and that reminds me I should go make orange cinnamon bread!

  170. Donna Rensel says:

    Kevin, IO also meant to tell you about my experience with an electric skillet. Many many years ago my mother and I lived in a house that had no stove and we could not afford one. My mother had seven kids and I had one so that made ten of us to feed. We did it all with our electric skillet. We sure learned to use our creativity. At the time of course it seemed like a burden but now I know it was a great experience in life. I learned a lot from that old electric skillet cooking including how to bake bread, make coffee and everything else you would use a stove or oven for. This was before microwaves and bread machines had ever been heard of, around 1965. Thanks for bringing the memory back to me.

  171. So I bought the spaetzle maker, used your recipe, and I guess they turned out OK because we ate them all. But I didn’t mix the batter in a blue bowl.

  172. Love your spatulas! It’s difficult to chose a favorite kitchen gadget, isn’t it! I love them all and when I don’t like one, I get rid of it. Happy Cooking in Your kitchen!

  173. My fave is my cuisinart juicer. There is nothing like a smoothie .

  174. Caroline D says:

    I love my spatula collection

  175. I, too, am a gadgets person. I liked all your faves except for the egg piercer. I don’t think I would ever use it, although I have quite a few nifty gadgets I don’t use but I will be ready if I ever need one. I especially liked your spatulas. I favor the small ones. They are on my “must have” list of cooking essentials. I would love the electric skillet. I used mine literally to death and never replaced it. They are so handy, especially for fried chicken, which I haven’t made in eons. I am SO glad I found you! Love your posts!!

  176. I would love a new electric skillet. I wore mine old out while using it during a kitchen remodel. I REALLY miss it.

  177. I love spatulas, too, especially blue ones, in various sizes.

  178. I love gadgets! I especially love to buy wooden items because they display so nicely in the kitchen. I am using an old electric frying pan that I received from my mother years ago. I would love a new one! Thanks for all of your hints and ideas!

  179. Your array of spatulas are a work of art. Who knew there were so many different kinds and colors. I like wooden spoons and have quite a few. I hate the sound of metal spoons in a metal pan but the wooden ones are so quiet in comparison. Oh and thanks for the breath of spring in your February Garden Fun posting. My eyes watered at the sight of all the colors. Thanks for that!

  180. Regina Eckle says:

    I could really use and electric skillet.

  181. Cyndy Rediger says:

    I’ve never had spaetzle, I’ll need to try this Thanks Kevin!

  182. Elizabeth Fox says:

    I love by chopper with the Bakelite handle.

  183. I love my MagicBullet. Have used it daily for over a year. Beating eggs, whipping cream,and every morning regardless of weather I make a Ice Mocha(don’t like hot coffee) of which i have a great recipe. Good as Starbucks. But aside from all of this i had an electric skillet many years ago wore it out and never got around to buying a new one. l would love to win your give away

  184. I would love an electric skillet! Had one years ago, and used it all the time! Don’t know why I haven’t bought another. Thanks!

  185. Love your website! Glad you’re posting. I learn tons from you.

  186. I love kitchen gadgets, I am on my way, later today, to buy the electric kettle, I am planning a party, and this will be a much needed item, as most every one coming is a tea drinker. Love all your stories, and garden tips you share with us.

  187. I love kitchen gadgets. I have tons of them because I love to scour the thrift stores & score many brand new, never used & still in the box. I just finally tried my cavatelli maker that I purchase for $1.61! Makes me smile every time I use one of my thrifted gadget. Love your blog! I’m about to go plant some of my wintersown milk jugs,

  188. Along with your many other talents, I can see that you are also the “Gadget Guru”. πŸ˜‰
    Love the blog, as always- stay warm.

  189. All of my kitchen gadgets are from the past century. I have none as fancy-samshey as yours. They are beauties aren’t they.

  190. Caitlin Haworth says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget would have to be my slow cooker!! I love being able to just pop stuff in there and forget about it till meal time! Definite life saver on busy days.

  191. I love, simply love your emails! And your recipes! And your gardening tips! And I cannot live without my food processor!

  192. Jackie Isler says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my food processor!!

  193. I love my dough board!

  194. Wouldn’t be able to function in my kitchen without my cast iron!

  195. I love all kitchen gadgets! I would have to say that whisks are one of my favorite things. I have a bunch and all the different types I could find!

  196. Sue Bingley says:

    Most used is a set of assorted kitchen knives and stone in a wooden block received over 20 years ago as a gift from local grocery store for being a loyal customer! Giveaways have now terminated at this store but I still shop there.

  197. Hi Kevin,
    I do like your measuring sheet. I thought that was clever. Then your electric skillet is nice. The muffin rings are handy as well. But the butternut squash pancakes are the best. I travel all around the world and right now I am in Ghana. So your recipies are always welcome and gives us good ideas what to make if we get the ingrediances.

  198. Love my spatulas. My favorite has an owl on it and makes great scrambled eggs. Your recipes are great.

  199. Deborah Rosen says:

    My favorite kitchen things are my Zojirushi bread maker, my small cheepie blue spatula, my bench scraper and my 40-year-old can’t-find-anything-like-it-today jar opener.

  200. Love kitchen gadgets!

  201. Hi Kevin, your site intrigues me! I am a gadget girl and love my Pampered Chef garlic peeler, while preparing 8 cloves for my pulled pork marinade. You make everything look effortless,
    thank you !

  202. maralee thompson says:

    Love the egg piercing device…a great helper for the Easter holiday! Love your website too!

  203. I love my kitchen gadgets even the ones I only use once in a blue moon. I don’t have an electric skillet though ;).

  204. Just recently purchased my first cast iron dutch oven. Trying it out is proving to be interesting…xx

  205. A couple years ago I bought a mini spatula because “it was cute”. Ended up being something I use constantly! Also really like my new food processor.

  206. BETTY CODY says:

    Now that you mention it (electric skillet), I haven’t had one in years. Don’t know why, but would sure enjoying having one again. Thanks for the opportunity.

  207. I thoroughly enjoy your website!!

  208. Mom loved her electric skillet. I still use her’s but it is small and well over 50 years old. I still use her ancient electric egg-cooker. LOL

  209. I love kitchen gadgets!

  210. I grew up with an electric skillet. My mom worked and it was my job to start dinner before she came home and it was always in the electric skillet. I haven’t had one since I moved out many years ago. Think it would come in handy once again. Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration.

  211. Robin Hamann says:

    My new favorite thing is my pressure cooker. Don’t know why I waited so long to get one!

  212. Maryann Massar says:

    I’m a new convert to your gardening and cooking blog, love it! I love to cook and one item I can’t do without is my cast iron frying pan. I love that you can put it on the stove or in the oven. Also, I’m with you on the spatulas and whisks! Don’t know a lot about using an electric skillet but I’d love to find out more! Thanks, Kevin!

  213. That electric skillet has me intrigued. My gadget door and little carousel are always in use it seems but I have yet to use any type of skillet. I’m already reaching for my larger sizes non stick pan with a clear glass cover, so a skillet like that may be handy to use as well, and I would be able to two twice the work!

  214. Wish I had room in my kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

  215. my son bought me a mini pie maker recently and that has been a really fun new kitchen gadget for me! πŸ™‚

  216. Louise Brouillette says:

    Lately, my favorite gadget is my hand-held blender. It performs a multitude of tasks!

  217. Love all kitchen gadgets. Use them all the time. My favorite was my electric skillet but alas it has finally succumbed to old age. 30+ years old. Would love to win this one. Thank you for this opportunity. Love your tips for gardening, recipes, etc. Keep them coming.

  218. Barbara Ann says:

    I just love kitchen gadgets. Please share your recipe for making English muffins. Nothing is better than a warm English muffin on a cold day.

  219. I have always wanted to make english muffins. Great pics and tools.

  220. Lori Savoie says:

    I love kitchen gadgets. I have a drawer full. Whenever I go to a kitchen store, I always come home with a new one. Matter-of-fact, I’m going to a mall today and will be looking at the kitchen store. Looking forward to a new gadget for my drawer.

  221. I don’t have one of those! My husband would love this! Great giveaway!

  222. Carol Ann Gregg says:

    I wore out an electric skillet in my farm kitchen.

  223. Patsy Brown says:

    My favorite things- vitamin blender, kitchenaid mixer, and electric pressure cooker. I dont have much drawer storage so am very selective on what gets a permanent home there!

  224. Robin Gray says:

    I just love my Asian chef’s knife and would be lost without it. The chopping of veggies is so satisfying with it.

  225. My favorite kitchen gadget is my electric egg cooker. It was a gift over thirty years ago. It makes perfect poached, eggs, perfect hard boiled eggs and perfect soft boiled eggs. I could not do without it!

  226. I love my spatulas, wire whisks, pie crust measuring sheet, and many other useful gadgets. Do not know the egg piercing gadget though. I would love an electric frying pan. Haven’t had one in years.
    Ps love your winter sowing garden. My next project!

  227. Linda A. Fleming says:

    Never in a million years would I have thought of a heating pad to rise my bread dough. I love to make Jane Smiley’s French bread several times a week but have been struggling in my kitchen this winter to make it happen. I decided to try the heating pad and no one would ever find out if it didn’t work because when you are in your 70’s they would think it was a little senile if you told anyone. Well, today I am singing y our praises to everyone because my French bread turned out beautifully. Thank you for the tremendous idea. My favorite kitchen gadget is hands down my pressure cooker.

  228. I have never used one, always like trying out new kitchen stuff!

  229. Marilyn Elliott says:

    I love all these things! Especially the spatulas and the whisks — can’t have too many! Haven’t had an electric skillet in years but this one looks so nice, I’d love to “win” it.

  230. hmm…I’m a NUT for gadgets. They are ALL my favorites—emotional attachment to an object? Unfortunately, all too true. I actually have the same little egg piercer gadget that you have. My current gadget that I love is: Breville hot tea maker–it’s really cool, it has a basket that submerges and brews any kind of tea (it’s programmable) and you don’t have to brew at all if you don’t want to, you can use it for boiling water just like an ordinary kettle. My other gadgets are acting quite annoyed now because I didn’t mention them……lol

  231. Haven’t seen an electric skillet since my mom used one to fry chicken in. That was about 50 years ago & I’m not kiddin

  232. Elaine Renaud says:

    Your emails are always so interesting and colorful and full of good information. I don’t have time to try all your tips and recipes, but they do encourage me.

  233. Have never used an electric skillet – maybe this will be my great opportunity?

    Pretty basic here: wooden spoons, wooden citrus reamer, a few great knives … what am I missing?

  234. Marcia from Northern Indiana says:

    Just really like your Sunday morning cheer.


  235. I love my aero press for single cups of coffee. It is the best.

  236. I love gadgets – My Mom always gave me gadgets for Christmas and I do the same now for my daughter-in-law and she loves it too. Thanks for the new ideas.

  237. My wife has a 4″ round soft plastic tube that
    removes garlic skin. Put the clove of garlic in the tube,
    press down & roll it & the skin comes off the garlic.
    prest-o,chang-o magic!

  238. I always enjoy various means a styles of cooking – especially when it comes to kitchen tools and accessories.

  239. I really enjoy your posts…thanks for sharing all the great cooking/gardening tips. I love your colorful collection of spatulas!!! Peace~

  240. cookie scoops, all sizes!!!!

  241. Ah Kevin…You are my Sunday morning delight. I get my coffee and clear out all of my other new mail, saving yours for last. Then I take my time and enjoy every morsel of your email/blog.

    I love my kitchen gadgets too. Most used? Probably my crock pot…since no one else in this house cooks (willingly at any rate), I can guarantee that there is a hot meail waiting when I get home from work.

    My cast iron skillets get a regular work out too.

    Have a great week!

  242. Bacon.
    Yes, bacon…Bacon Wrapped Grissini.
    Absolutely delicious and easy.
    Huge hit.
    Love your recipes.

  243. Chip Barkel says:

    I love my VitaMix blender, my cast iron pans , my wooden spoons , and my Henkel paring knife.

    My Mom had an electric frying pan and used it all the time. I have never thought I needed one. Now Kevin you make me think I am missing out in something great.

    Love to win one. Live your blog so much.

    Thank you

  244. ceci groce says:

    I have to ay, I hae 2 favorites, depending on the time of year. My kitchenaid (all year) and food processor in the summer!! I just love gadgets tho, I AM the gadget queen ya know!!

  245. I’m loving the marathon of Oscar nominated movie classics playing on Turner Classic Movies right now. Watched The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind yesterday, and King’s Row this morning. I also love kitchen gadgets, especially my garlic press handed down from my grandma.

  246. Hi Kevin,
    I was just aware of your newsletter, didn’t know you had a blog also. will have to find it!
    I love kitchen stores and finding time saving gadgets. I saved for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer because I like to make big batches of cookie dough. I use my spatulas, whisks, and wooden spoons often as well. I too had a electric skillet years ago, but didn’t enjoy the cleanup. Remember that they did make the best fried foods and kept my kitchen cleaner!
    Happy Ground Hogs Day everyone!

  247. Cathy Manny says:

    Hi Kevin,
    My first time leaving a comment, I’m kind of shy.
    I so enjoy your Sunday newsletter! My favorite kitchen ‘gadget’ is my 1950, robin-egg blue, Western Holly stove. I designed the entire kitchen around it. It’s classic, it’s gorgeous. Its fabulous. By the way, the original Presto plant is just a few miles down the road from my house. Thanks gain for all the practical & wonderful gardening tips.

  248. I, would love an electric skillet. Thank You.

  249. Heidi Haas says:

    Kevin I SO cannot wait to buy your new book….

  250. I had an electric skillet many years ago, which I had forgotten about until I saw this picture. I used it for so many things It was great!

  251. Hi Kevin,
    I love kitchen gadgets & utensils. I am the proud new owner of a VIt-A-Mix blender. So far have made smoothies & soup but will be trying frozen yogurt very soon. It sounds like you are a fabulous cook & that you enjoy it. I also collect cookbooks but now mostly gluten free ones.

  252. Linda Handel says:

    One of my most indefensible kitchen gadgets are my small ladles. I use them almost daily for salad dressings, gravy, etc. love them!!

  253. Love your website and look forward to it every Sunday’s update. Thanks

  254. Patty Gaspar says:

    Not only a great blog the prizes too!

  255. My favorite gadget are my ??? Just about everything I use the most for cooking and baking. The only thing I don’t own is an electric skillet, but I would love to win yours.
    Back to my wintersowing πŸ™‚

  256. My crock pot has become my favorite to use the last few months. Southern Style BBQ and soups have been flowing. Thanks for the opportunity to win the skillet.

  257. If I don’t win, I sure would like a source for obtaining an egg shell piercing device. I had one years ago and I loved it, haven’t been able to find another since it wore out! Love your newsletter:)

  258. Donna Augenstein says:

    My kitchen essentials? There are two, the Nutra Blast and a very fine mesh strainer (to rinse the quiona). An electric skillet, hmmm… grilled cheese, Masala burgers, pancakes, black bean burgers…yes please! I always look forward to hearing from you. Bon Sante’

  259. Put me in a kitchen store and I’m like a kid in a candy shop! Love, love, love all things kitchen. Would love to add that beautiful electric skillet to my collection.

  260. I, for one, NEVER imagined that i’d ever be so emotionally attached to my kitchen gadgets! my absolute FETISH zone is wooden utensils! spoons, and forks and those flat spatula things!! omg i’m getting flushed just thinking about them!
    anyway, i’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I LOVE IT!

    have a super super bowl sunday… Whatcha’ makin’ ?

  261. Ouida Lampert says:

    I think my most used kitchen whatnot is my 8 cup Pyrex measuring cup. I seem to always have it in the dish drainer because I have just used it.

  262. I love my simple plastic juicer for 1 lemon/orange that has a strainer and a pour spout on the little dish below. The English muffin recipe is on my to try list. I have always made the bread and never used potato flakes. Thanks for the blog.

  263. Ann Marie B. says:

    I absolutely love my cast iron comal but can only fit a couple of whatever I’m cooking on it at a time (pancakes, tortillas, french toast, grilled sandwiches, etc.) so I would love a bigger skillet!

  264. Lisa Pizza says:

    Pizza cutters rule !!!

  265. Martha Starks says:

    I love all your gadgets! I do have several of them and use them often. Love your website!!!

  266. Rita A. Walker says:

    The best ever gadget I have found is an OXO Goodgrips Avocado tool. It is the oddest looking thing, but it cuts through the outer layer, removes the seed and in one easy motion removes the flesh in slices.
    I have given a minimum of 20 as gifts and everyone loves this odd looking wonder.
    I had one person tell me her husband refused to help her with avocados till I introduced this tool to her kitchen. Now he has chosen that as his job.
    Love avocados? … this will make you love them even more.
    If you do not have one, just let me know and I will send one your way.

  267. Sally Norris says:

    Can’t wait to make your Thyme and Wine Beef Stew in this wonderful pan. Love your site!
    Look forward to buying your new cookbook – soon I hope.

  268. I have your Challah bread in the oven right now

  269. Have you tried the silicone coated flat wire whisk? I got mine from Chef’s Catalog. I think you’d love it for your frying pan. Ours is about ready to bite the dust so I’d love this one. Thanks for all your yummy recipes and gorgeous pictures.

  270. I agree with you… too many to pick one!

  271. Linda prater says:

    I love electric skillets. I have been looking for a new one. This one looks like it woul fill the void nicely. Linda

  272. Kevin, I LOVE your ‘Garden for the House’ website. Everyone of your posts are a sheer
    delight and make me feel as if we are next door neighbors!! You inspire me and encourage me to be creative.
    My favorite kitchen tools are my crock mixing bowls. I have them in every size imaginable.
    So looking forward to purchasing your cookbook and appreciate every recipe you have posted.
    Blessings and peace, SueEllen

  273. I love my blendtec blender/mixer!! I use it for everything!!! I also love my revile juicer!! Don’t know what I’d do without them!!!

  274. A set of good sharp knifes, is my absolute have to have device. Silicon spatulas get a good work out too. A new electric skillet would be nice, I won’t fry bacon without it the one I have is getting very worn after the 25 plus years I’ve had it.

  275. Sandra Strandebo says:

    I love my salad spinner!

  276. I’m starting over after a house fire so would so love to win this!!

  277. I love my immersion blender and panini press. I guess i love anything that does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. My cheese cutter is a washout as well as my last grater. I’ve given up on garlic presses and just smash and press cloves with my knife. Lots of tuff out there is a colossal waste of money.

  278. I like to collect spatulas…all colors and kinds. Thanks for your generosity.

  279. I am using a very old and grungy electric skillet. I would love a new one !! As much as I love your Sunday letter !!

  280. My best kitchen gadget? A quick phone call to my mother, she’s a walking talking cookbook.

  281. Sylvia Crawford says:

    I love what #27 had to say. For myself I have every gadget I need even an electric fry pan. Just wanted to comment for the fun of it.

  282. Lee Ann Phillips says:

    I love my silicone spatulas, spoons, and whisk. They work so well for non-stick pots and pans! Mine are in different colors because I like color in my kitchen – I keep them all in a big empty can with a Mexican beans label on it, which is also colorful! I’ve been receiving your newsletter for quite awhile now and love all the garden and cooking tips. And I LOVE Lily Beagle, too! Thank you for the opportunity to win an electric skillet. I’ve never had one and I’m sure it would be very handy!

  283. I have a spaetzle maker too! One of my favorite kitchen utensils is a hand carved wooden spoon a young man made for me while I was in college. He knew I enjoyed cooking and it was his way to charm me into dating him. The courtship never blossemed but I have kept the spoon for over 30 years

  284. Would love to try this! We love pancakes, and they are always best right off the grill. I am also a spatula and whisk girl.I love kitchen gadgets that don’t do the work for you, but make working in the kitchen more fun: an old vegetable peeler that never goes dull, a microplaner, a zester, a hard cooked egg slicer, a peppermill, wooden spoons that are just right!

  285. I would love to make my own spaetzle. I received a Kitchen Aid food processor for Christmas that I love. After 40+ years of chopping everything by hand, I am amazed at the miraculous amount of time that can be saved. Just when some of my enthusiasm for cooking was tapering off, my desire to cook has returned much to the delight of my husband, family and friends. Those favorite dishes everyone loves are now a breeze to prepare!!

  286. Lori in Nebraska says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget? Oh goodness. Tough call. But, if pressed, I’d have to say my Farberwear knives. You can’t beat a good, sharp knife. I’m also partial to my spatulas and my pressure canner.

  287. I’d be lost without my Chinese cleaver, I eat a lot of greens and it makes chopping a breeze. Thanks for the giveaway, Kevin!

  288. Marie Tapp says:

    Fresh idea to make those English Muffins in the skillet. I could really use one.
    xoxox marie tapp

  289. I’m a kitchen gadget freak. My specialty is measuring spoons – never met a set I didn’t like. I haven’t had an electric skillet for a long time so one of these would be a great addition to the kitchen!

  290. I love kitchen gadgets. The best part is that I use them.

  291. Why are you peircing eggs? Time flies, but… is Easter already here?

  292. Love my iron skillets! Btw, the Tuscan flatbread was outta this world!!

  293. Edward Zabel says:

    I love my Preethie Indian Mixer. It is totally awsome so many things. By far surpasses american style Blenders/Mixers

  294. Love your newsletter! Would love to win the electric skillet.

  295. I love your useful & fun ideas!

  296. Pam Hanson says:

    OMG, Kevin….you make your own English muffins! Sounds SO good, I’m a huge fan of warm bread just out of the oven. Have to search out the recipe and give a try
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  297. Judith Kane says:

    Your blog and FB page bring me so much fun and pleasure!

    I thought I was the only one with a million spatulas–some work better than others for certain things, and when you’re cooking a lot, it’s so nice to reach into the bucket and have a fresh one at the ready. But you’ve got me on the egg piercer…I’ve got those funky English egg scissors that cut the top off a soft boiled egg, but never herd of an egg piercer.

    Anyway, I haven’t had an electric fry pan (a New Hampshire term) since I got married in 1969 (Harvest Gold in color), and think I lost it in the divorce 22 years ago. that Presto is a sweetheart!

    Keep up the good work, Kevin!


  298. Found you just recently when I was searching for winter sowing information and signed up for your emails. I’ve found your instructions on winter sowing very helpful, and I’m looking forward to trying your recipe for Cinnamon Rolls. Thank you! Gadget wise, I LOVE my assortment of silicone spatulas, and my crockpot is a lifesaver.


  299. My favorite kitchen appliance is my daughter’s ancient laptop. It can’t do much other than surf the net, which is all I need in the kitchen. I pull up things like your website, menu ideas, recipes, check to see what’s on sale at my local grocery stores, find substitutes for missing ingredients, research cuisines, and play music. It’s survived the occasional spill, and the keyboard is pretty grungy, and I’ve been amazed at how much I rely on it.

  300. Love my dutch oven. Thanks Kevin for the giveaway.

  301. Patricia Schroeder says:

    There are certain kitchen gadgets that I simply could not do without! I love your blog and your delicious and simple to make recipes are great. Please keep them coming. Of course your Giveaway’s add a lot of fun and excitement to your site. Please add my name to your drawing. I would love to be a winner! Thank you kindly, Patricia

  302. I have alot of kitchen gadget and love all of them. But i dont have a electric skillet would love to have oneI wasgoing to buy me one but i took my grandson in to live with me and we just get by. Sawthis and maybe i could get lucking and get it. Thank you Debra

  303. I love all of these gadgets you showed but have never made spaetzle!! Something new to try πŸ™‚

    the electric skillet brings back wonderful memories but I have not had one in years and would LOVE to win this!!

  304. That egg shell piercing really does work. You need to boil some eggs!

  305. Penny Simmons says:

    I, too, am curious as to why you are piercing eggs! Love your blog and have made many of your recipes, the latest was the Thyme and Wine Beef Stew – wow! Loved it!!

  306. I love your website!

  307. Duan White says:

    Commenting to enter for give-a-way. I enjoy your blog.

  308. Jeannette T. says:

    My Mom used to have something similar. I’d love one. Thanks for the chance.

  309. I think our electric kettle is our favorite – tea every morning to wake up!

  310. Liz Stadieczko says:

    I use a wok shaped skillet everyday.

  311. I have an old (from the 60’s) spatula or pancake turner that is relatively small, very thin and flexible, and works like a dream for turning eggs, pancakes…anything that needs a deft turn.
    And, best of all, the handle is pink plastic! How retro πŸ™‚

  312. Hmmmm…..favorite kitchen gadget. Well, I’d be lost without my garlic press because life without garlic is simply not worth thinking about! But, I also love each and every one of my whisks from the littlest to the biggest. I guess if you forced me to pick (which would be very unkind), I’d have to say my Cuisinart food processor would be most missed. That baby does everything from making pie crust to pesto!

  313. Hi Kevin love your site, ideas, tips, and recipes! My go to gadget is my blender – we make soups, sauces, smoothies – would be hard to be without that one πŸ™‚

  314. I am learning to use a Vitamix. I also love spoons and spatulas all colors and shapes.

  315. Ava lansbery says:

    Love my lemon squeezer, love your blog.

  316. Just found this site looking to find what seeds I need to stratify. Can’t wait to read all that you have posted!

  317. I couldn’t be without my Henckel knives and Le Cruset casseroles.

  318. Sandy Sebold says:

    I love all my kitchen gadgets and my favorite has got to be my Krups Coffee maker!

  319. Lori Mancini says:

    I would have to say my favorite kitchen gadget(s) are my crock-pots. I have 3 all different sizes depending on what I am doing. One even says you can use it as a griddle if you take the crock off the base although I have never tried that. I love all kinds of kitchen stuff and can wander around in a kitchen store for hours. I am sadly also a sucker for those late night TV infomercials and have a few of them stuck away in my closet. I would love an electric frying pan, I used to borrow one from a neighbor when I needed it but they have moved and I have not gotten around to getting one of my own.

  320. I prefer spatulas with a rubber handle from a restaurant supply store. I dislike the wooden handle ones whereas the actual scraper can’t be removed to be cleaned. The space between the wood and scraper collects gunk and moisture.

  321. I love my inexpensive low tech glass juicer. It strains while it juices and then it pours. What’s not to like. I also could not live without my immersion blender. I use it at least 2 times a week.

  322. Kitchen gadgets of any kind!

  323. I love my mandoline and chef’s knife!

  324. Love the nonstick skillet AND the see through top…….which means no necessary peeking at the goodies………..that Beef Stew sounds amazing. Have a great day……….donna

  325. my dear one, is the cook. Absolutely loves it and has just about every kitchen gadget! I am the washer…..I would love to have a new electric fry pan that is easier to clean( ours is very old). Love hearing what you and your partner are up to! Thank you πŸ™‚

  326. Oh wow, kitchen gadget freak here also. Always on the hunt for something I don’t have
    In the kitchen πŸ™‚

  327. I used to make roasts with potatoes, onions, carrots, and cabbage in my electric frying pan, and they turned out soooooo good! I’d love a new pan, as I haven’t had one for a long time!

  328. Love gadgets ,bring them on!

  329. I made your heavenly Challah yesterday.. delish!

  330. Hi Kevin! I love your blog!! It has kept me happy and motivated through out this long, harsh winter. πŸ™‚

  331. Love my flat bottomed Pampered Chef whisk, it’s small but powerful. Rounded spatulas are my fav. “Core and more” is used for not only rounding out the apple and pear cores and melon balls, but the other end is used for cutting the tops from tomatoes and strawberries. Use my electric teapot multiple times each day (my son and I are hooked on Tao Passion tea). Love my reusable parchment, never bake without it. Not sure if my 6qt Kitchaid mixer and my food processor qualifies as gadget (appliance, I know), but can’t live without them. Also use my Pampered Chef stoneware set (they don’t sell it anymore), but it’s most versatile with the large dome and round straight sided ‘bottom’ where each piece acts as a top or bottom. The list goes on and on…

  332. Not really a gadget per se, but I love my Le Creuset 5-1/2 qt round Dutch oven. I use it all the time rather than any of my other stock pots. Uses so much less heat to cook, and it feels so solid on the stove. Oh, the handles don’t get hot! I got one in Aubergine, which I love saying.

  333. Can’t live without sharp knives.

  334. Pam Whitman says:

    I could put it to good use……..

  335. I too have lots of spatulas, wooden paddle utensils and whisks. My favorite other kitchen tool is a salad spinner. My Mom used an electric skillet lots, but we don’t have one.

  336. Great giveaway! Thanks! I need one of these!

  337. Deanna jolly says:

    I’m an older person but a new cooker. I love my grader for my ginger, lemon, etc. love my electric teapot. Love my oven….not only does food taste good, but the smells are so inviting! I would adore an electic skillet. Love your site.

  338. I love my George Forman Grill! And, this year I have found extra uses for my Cuisinart like making bread crumbs from fresh bread! Made Thanksgivukah so much easier!

  339. Judi Oldridge says:

    I also adore electric kettles, and may I add, an old fashioned kitchen gadget, the mortar and pestle. With today’s spices including things we don’t necessarily need in our foods, drying and grinding our own from organic/toxin free fresh herbs is an essential! Love my mortar and pestle.My triple mini crock pots have sooooooo come in handy for sauces, gravies, and may I say, a household divided by one vegetarian, one meat eater deluxe, and one gluten intolerant individual! Love your site, too!

  340. Norma Coates says:

    Wow…….lot’s of responses to read….enjoyed those too………would love to have the electric skillet…….pancakes sound great….haven’t had those in about a year.

    Look forward to the weekly newsletter …..so enjoy the tips, recipes and information on plants. Sometimes………I even “peek” on Saturday…….lol lol.


  341. Gale Thomas Osborn says:

    In my fifty’s and finally having my children raised, I decided to learn more things that I’d not had a chance to learn, I spent my time seeking how to be as frugal as possible and feeding my family healthy, I grew up with a mother who canned and I picked up on all she taught me, I searched for free food and preserved it, I was able to acquire fruits and vegetables that were unwanted by others. My parents always had a big garden and were foragers, mushrooms, wild greens etc. My kids were not picky eaters!! Now in my sixty’s I am a soap maker, a cheese maker, can and dehydrate, make my own spices and cleaning products . I’ve even learned to sew!!I get asked all the time if I preserving food for zombies and I say yes,but I call them kids and grand kids!!! I have 6 children, 4 biological and 2 are chosen kids. We have 18 grandchildren!!!We LOVE it!!!

  342. I use to have an electric skillet. I don’t know what happened to it. But would love to get this one. Thanks. I enjoy your emails.

  343. You can never have too many mixing bowls, but I love good knives!

  344. I’ve misplaced my pie crust mat and cannot find another one. Mine was canvas which would retain enough flour while rolling out the crust to prevent the crust from sticking. Any ideas for a source. I’ve tried Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, Sur le table, King Arthur Flour, and Crate and Barrel with no luck.

  345. Jackie Peschong says:

    My favorite gadget is my pizza cutter. Love your blog!

  346. Sherlie Magaret says:

    If I had to chose a favorite kitchen gadget, I couldn’t, some I use all the time, some I use once in a while and some I have never used but I thought they would be good when I bought them. Being used all the time doesn’t make them my favorite, it just means they have a job to do. I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing with us.

  347. when I didn’t win one of the Hamilton Beach kettles, my son went our and bought me one. I don’t have a griddle and that one looks super. I’d love one of those.

  348. Love all your gadgets! I have a lemon/lime squeezers that is my favorite.

  349. Susan OBrien says:

    Love all my gadgets.

  350. Colleen K. says:

    I love all gadgets! Can never have too many!

  351. This is a blast from the past for me. I used to have one many years ago (35+ yrs) and would make Chicken a la King and Lamb Curry in it as well as other stuff and it was a great kitchen tool. Since then I’ve accumulated All-Clad and other more pricey stuff but that old skillet was a fun and useful thing. Really thought it was a thing of the past buy then again…maybe not! πŸ™‚

  352. Hi Kevin,
    I look forward every Sunday to receiving your newsletter. Your recipes are the GREATEST!


  353. I love my rubber gripper to help open jars!

  354. Love my cast iron dutch oven – from soups, stews, pot roast and even bread! Couldn’t live without it!

  355. Mary Ann Donaghy says:

    I love kitchen gadgets & cookware. Used to have an electric skillet and loved cooking in it. We moved a few years ago from Texas to Florida. I am still needing kitchen stuff to replace a lot of my old things I had to get rid of during the move.

  356. I would love to win this…I wore my old one out a few years ago, I haven’t been able to afford one since.

  357. Louise Graham says:

    I really love and enjoy the time-saving with my small kitchen chopper – called Black and Decker Handy Chopper Plus. Small enough to just go into a cupboard – but brawny enough to finely chop beets, onions, etc etc.,.

  358. Jennifer H says:

    My favorite is the slow cooker! I use it a minimum of once a week!!

  359. I would love an electric fry pan. My mom had one, and used it for making Chicken adobo, which she learned to make from a Filipino exchange student. Probably the kitchen item I use the most is the set of nesting bowls, used daily but not exciting.

  360. Jo Ann Smith says:

    Go go gadget… I love your newsletter… I read every one of them! I would love to win any gadget as I am old and so are my gadgets…. :- )

  361. Gladys Rellinger says:

    I have never had an electric skillet. Saw them but never bought one. I can now see many uses for it from your readers. I love you Sunday e-mails

  362. I can’t wait to get email notices or facebook post from you Kevin…..you have so many great recipes, and wonderful suggestions from cooking to gardening.

  363. I adore all of the vintage kitchen items that my Italian Godmother, an amazing cook, passed down to me which cannot ever be improved on in my mind, but I did recently acquire a new, hand-powered item that I use all of the time and I think is a terrific addition to the kitchen. It’s a Pampered Chef hand chopper and it makes amazing salsa, olive tapenaude, chops onions with ease and no tears, among other great uses. Love it.

  364. Lanie Watkins says:

    I’ve started canning, freezing, and generally doing what I can to feed my family as healthily and in expensively as I can, and gadgets sure help!

  365. Laurie Jimenez says:

    My family laughs at all my kitchen gadgets…but I think they are secretly envious of them. I simply could not live without my Microplane for zesting Citrus to give that bright pop of flavor. I currently am in love with my new Nutmeg Mill, what a joy it is!

  366. An electric skillet brings back many kitchen memories. Favorite kitchen gadgets? My Joyce Chen kitchen scissors and my Mouli food mill.

  367. PS I’m starting to use my slow cooker more, but would love some healthy, yummy and easy recipe suggestions, Kevin! Maybe you could post some of these cozy recipes, now that the Groundhog has doomed us to a longer winter than we deserve.

  368. I would be lost with out my “Barry Minkoff” custom knives! As always Kevin thank you for the great idea’s and advice! You rock. πŸ™‚

  369. My favourite kitchen gadget is my garlic mincer from Lee Valley, best purchase ever!

  370. I’ve never heard of Spaetzle. Sounds delish! I love A Garden for the House blog. He posts some really great stuff.

  371. Ginny otto says:

    Use my mini cutting board that looks like plastic. I use it daily. Use it and rinse. Great for salads and stir-frys.

  372. Valerie C. says:

    I love my gadgets too. I used a whisk this morning making eggs. I remember my mom using an electric skillet πŸ™‚ I’ve always meant to get one.

  373. I want to know about spaetzel! I’ve got lots of kids and would love the griddle!

  374. Henrietta says:

    I like my tongs which I use to turn over bacon that I am frying.

  375. Patricia Miller says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my vitamix blender because it is so versatile. I am curious what the egg piercing gadget is for…..

  376. Anne in Vermont says:

    Hi Kevin, seeing that I share some of your favourites made me feel like a cook. For myself, I would not like to be without the Leifheit garlic slicer I bought on clearance and now buy for others. It does a great job slicing frozen ginger too and cleans up so easily.

    I echo the question of another commenter, for what do you use pierced eggs?

    Best wishes, Anne

  377. Mememememe please… My Kitchen Aid mixer is my baby… had it forever.

  378. Judy McCarrel says:

    I like the idea of the non stick electric skillet. I think this would save time and wear and tear from lifting and dealing with heavy pans. We seniors are always looking for handy gadgets to make cooking easier.

  379. I love whisk and wooden spoons the wooden spoons are my favorite although any new kitchen gadget gets me going. Thanks for sharing all yours thoughts and special ideas.

  380. Would love this to make pancakes for bk

  381. I am crazy for cookbooks and one of my favorite gadgets is a large pastry “peel” which us used to pick up my pie dough to put it on the plate.

  382. We received the electric kettle for Christmas. It is fast and easy. Love it for morning coffee and afternoon tea.

  383. Robin Vereen says:

    I had an electric skillet many years ago and lost it in a divorce. I would love to have on again and your posts are always so inspiring!

  384. I love ALL my kitchen gadgets. Love your page <3

  385. Patti Holahan Doi says:

    I love all kitchen gadgets. I’m almost obsessed with them. My hubby thinks I am nuts most of the time. I would sure love to win one of your favorite gadgets !

  386. Celine Holloway says:

    Love my family-size George Foreman grill.

  387. We love your informative and imaginative e-mails and website. Your recipes are yummy too.

  388. Laura Bremer says:

    You’re a very generous man Kevin! thanks for the chance to win!

  389. Maureen P. says:

    My face lights up every time I see gardening ideas on here. My favorite gadget has to be my Bosch Mixer for making bread.

  390. Janet Ortega says:

    I love my cafe ole coffee, hot chocolate heater and frother. I love it on weekends when I mix myself a Starbucks “like” concoction without all the fat and calories and best of all without the $$. Thanks Kevin for all you do and all you show us how to do.

  391. Kevin, one of my favorite kitchen gadgets is your blog! And it’s also my favorite garden gadget! I love your recipes, advice, and wit. Yay, you!

  392. Rhonda Strahler says:

    Lent my electric skillet to a “friend” a few years ago ( their gas was disconnected temporarily) but I never got it back!! Sure would enjoy another!

  393. Joy Smith says:

    I’m a big fan of kitchen gadgets and my favorite is which ever one I need for the task at hand, but maybe the Pampered Chef kitchen shears in their handy holder are used the most.

  394. Would love to try some of your recipes in an electric skillet!

  395. Allison K says:

    One of my favorite gadgets is a simple wooden citrus reamer that cost me ~$4! When I read a recipe that says “juice of 1 lemon, approx. 2 Tablespoons” I roar with laughter, knowing I can get at least twice that amount from a lemon using my citrus reamer!

  396. Denise in Colorado says:

    Love my ancient Kitchenaid Mixer! I have never had an electric skillet but that would speed up my one pancake at a time skillet! Love reading your posts! Getting me through dark cold February days!

  397. Hi Kevin…..My favorite kitchen gadget is my little pasta machine. I’ve cranked out some pretty good pasta with it even though I remember my mother cutting the pasta with a kitchen knife and it was sooo good. Thank you for sharing all of your receipes….

  398. Joyce Hice says:

    My favorite NEW gadget (if a cooking appliance can be considered a gadget) is my induction burner. It is amazing.

  399. This electric skillet would be wonderful as I am currently without.

  400. Martha Henley says:

    I love my immersion stick blender. Creamy potato/broccoli soup, sweet potato corn chowder wirh kale . . . So easy and efficient.

  401. Oh I haven’t had an electric skillit for yrs would love to win this. Want to tell you l love your house , love ging thru the rooms when you let us go inside

  402. I love my kitchen and my gadgets, especially my electric skillet of 45 years. Probably time for a new one πŸ™‚

  403. The butternut squash pancake recipe looks yummy. i happen to have several from my fall harvest in the pantry-so if i win that skillet I will christen it with that recipe!

  404. Robert Meehan says:

    This would come in handy for me and would go well with my new food processor (my Xmas gift to me) One thing I’m having trouble finding locally is a metal spatula only a coupld inches wide to do like icing and some lifting. May have to go to amazon and have a look see. I’d rather purchase it locally as I try to buy as much as I can locally.

  405. I like the meditation and peacefulness of chopping, mixing, grating, etc. by hand. But when I have a big job, nothing has been better than my food processor. Your website makes me want to try new things–thanks!

  406. Elise Zimmermann says:

    I couldn’t survive without my micro plane or my cuisinart speed stick! Have tried many of your recipes, not one I don’t love!

  407. I love spaetzle but always have made it using my colander, so this little gizmo looks much simpler.

  408. I mirror your thought on spatulas (and I LOVE the red and white polka dot one; might have to search for that one, myself).

  409. Lorena Keech says:

    Gotta have my cast iron skillet. If the house caught on fire, I’d probably grab it (after making sure the hubs and the pets are safe of course!)

  410. I love your blog and have shared it with my favorite Aunt! She has introduced me to a pressure cooker which I don’t know how I ever lived without it…….my favorite gadget! And it’s in RED! πŸ™‚

  411. Stella Michel says:

    Those butternut squash pancakes look delish! And those appliances are beautiful. I know I don’t stand a chance, but I do enjoy your blog!

  412. Love your recipes and your garden stories. Perfect together

  413. i LOVE spatulas too. My favorite is one my Grandmother had – it is solid plastic. Kind of a creamy white color, and it was something that came to me when she passed away. I use it frequently!

  414. Laura Kowalyk says:

    Love the poka-dot spatula. It looks so cheerful.

  415. I use my electric kettle everyday, love it. Also could live without my toaster over. Genius who invented that!1

  416. I just love kitchen gadgets of all kinds, and use most of them quit often

  417. Couldnt live without the toaster oven, sorry

  418. Love checking out your newsletter for information and recipes

  419. I love my spatulas & cheese graters!

  420. I love kitchen gadgets. I am always wandering around in kitchen stores to find out what’s new. As we have 7 children , 7 children-in-laws and 16 grandchildren I could really make use of a super-sized electric skillet. We both love your informative postings and really look forward to receiving them.

  421. Cherry dearie says:

    Pick me please!!!!

  422. Michelle Melson Mock says:

    Love the “chop chop” micro mini food processor by Hamilton Beach my aunt gave me. Minces ginger in a flash.

  423. Jennifer Murray says:

    Love my small spatula and tiny whisks!

  424. Marty McDaid says:

    I NEVER met a kitchen gadget that I didn’t like! m

  425. Kevin,

    I think your newsletter is great and I am going to try the early planting in milk and water jugs this year.

    I received a Kitchen Aid Artisan for Christmas 2 years ago and I love it!

    I have never seen the eggshell-piercing gadget you have! Where did you find it?


  426. Most of your gadgets remind me of so many that I had before I downsized. Still have several wooden spoons, including one with a face carved at base of spoon as it curves into the handle. Have a Farberware electric skillet that has stood the test of time, maybe 20 years or more. Have the Tupperware pastry sheet and a metal roller. Don’t know what you are giving away but I can find a use for it.

  427. Embracing my midlife crisis by throwing out the old horrible useless kitchen things and starting fresh. An electric skillet would be a great start!

  428. We have a gas stove, which is nice because you can so easily and quickly regulate the heat, but my favorite appliance lately is an electric saucepan that I found at an estate sale. Boils water for tea in a heartbeat!

  429. Electric skillets are so great for camping! If the camp site is electric.

  430. I love gadgets, and there is no such thing as too many! I had an electric skillet for years and when it quit, I just have never taken the time to try to find a replacement! I would love to have another one! Thank you so much for all of the great things you share!

  431. Rebecca Madon says:

    I also love spatula’s. I need the polka dot one so I’ll be on the look out for one. I use them for everything..

  432. Melissa Landon says:

    I love to use the old gadgets from grandmas kitchen.

  433. BJ Foster says:

    A pastry fork has become one of my newest “use it all the time” gadgets

  434. Georgia Lewis says:

    Due to health issues, unable to cook anymore, but teaching my husband how and he would love that cooker!

  435. Hi, Kevin — That’s so funny that you have an egg-piercer since about an hour ago, for the first time ever, I saw the trick about using a push-pin to poke a small hole in the eggshell before you boiled it. Who knew they actually made a tool to do this! I love my microplane, and my immersion blender (picked up for $4 at a yard sale) has *transformed* the experience of making mayo or hollandaise sauce. Love me a good whisk, too, and I’m totally jealous of your spatula collection. That’s something I’m weirdly short of. Fun post, as always.

  436. Angela Creais says:

    I had an electric skillet in the 70’s and loved it because I could control the temp. I used to make fried chicken in it all the time. Love this site Kevin!

  437. I enjoy your post every week Kevin. I learn so much.

  438. That looks like the perfect skillet for making my Cuban sandwiches when the gang comes home or the fried mush suppers that my family loves. Can think of a lot of other uses also.

  439. Kayce Messer says:

    All my kitchen gadgets and pot and pan are at least 30 years old and I love them all. But would love to have some new updated one’s. I have some cast iron skillet’s that were my Grandmother’s that I still use today and will use until they crack like the last one did. And I still have it to loved it and can’t get reed of it. It stays in my storage room now.

  440. Heather MacKeigan says:

    My new favorite kitchen item is my Omega VRT 400 Juicer. Love your Spaetzle maker. The one I have is quite different. Most used item in my kitchen is the toaster oven.

  441. Tracy Soule says:

    I never would have thought about the english muffins in the electric skillet! What a great idea.

  442. Leslie Thistle says:

    I love kitchen utensils. This whisk is one of my favorites. Gets into the edges of the pot. http://www.radacutlery.com/kitchen-utensils/rada/handi-stir-whisk

  443. Missy Harper says:

    I have sooo many gadgets and utensils! My favorite is probably this simple little all metal thin spatula that was my granny’s. I use it for everything and they just don’t make em like that anymore!

  444. My husband also cooks and we love our collection of cast iron frying pans, some of which date back to 1928 and were in our mothers’ trousseaus. I also love my assorted knives that I pick up at estate sales —-much beter quality blades than most of the new ones and certainly cheaper!!!

  445. Yvonne Shelley says:

    great give away thanks for the chance

  446. Lori Pross says:

    My favorite gadget is a potato peeler that doesn’t move. The peeling section is solid on the handle. My husband has at least r regular ones, but I can beat ANYONE – and do a cleaner job with MY tool!

  447. Lane Recker says:

    Never made spaetzle so looking forward to something new,

  448. Nanci Burtman says:

    Everyone in the kitchen has their favorite gadgets-they make cooking and baking fun! What I like is your website-your wonderfully delicious and easy to follow recipes are great and are just the thing I needed to get excited about spending time in the kitchen again! I look forward to seeing what you’re up to next, and I only wish I lived closer to your state so I could visit your gardens in the warm winter months. Thank you for your inspiration(and your recipes!)
    A very happy follower of yours,

  449. My mother had an electric fry pan and used it for years, She loved it because of its versatility!
    When she passed away my brother took it for his use! I would love to have one for my kitchen collection. Love those gadgets!

  450. I have a nice collection of wooden spoons. I love the color as they age. I may have to start a spatula collection, too. Yours was interesting (and colorful).

  451. Denise in NJ says:

    If I had to pick one gadget that I can’t do without, it would have to be my Vidalia Chop Wizard. That thing makes chopping onions and other veggies an absolute cinch.

  452. Ah, an electric kettle – i understand no kitchen “across the pond” is without one, but they’re not too terribly popular here. I’ve often thought i needed one, if only to make the process of French Press Coffee a bit easier.

  453. My all time favorite kitchen tool is my 25 year old Kitchen Aid mixer. Together we’ve mixed up some delicious desserts.

  454. thanks for the giveaway and sharing your favorite things. I’ve never had an electric kettle, now i’m going to have to check them out.

  455. I love my milk frother, hot chocolate and/or cappucino, yay!!

  456. Jeanine Padilla says:

    Really enjoy your posts Kevin! I am getting ready to start our container garden this next week. Can’t wait to see how it works! As for kitchen gadgets, my all time favorite is the pressure cooker. We can have a Sunday-worthy meal ready in 20 minutes on a weekday!

  457. Would love to own an electric skillet.

  458. Hi Kevin,

    I love my food mill. Best $25 I ever spent and still going strong 20 years later.

  459. Martha Helin says:

    Would love to make buttermilk pancakes in a new skillet. Please!

  460. Enid Albat says:

    I love kitchen gadgets! One of the advantages of getting old(er) is you have the necessity and if you were careful and bought quality they last so now you can get the gadgets! My cast iron frying pans, Cooks Country for other pans and especially my RADA cutlery have been proven over the years. I could really use a good electric skillet to go on the road like my mother did when they retired.

  461. Rita Chalfant says:

    YAY kitchen gadgets!! I have perused the list to see if I am missing any. I finally bought an electric kettle per your advice! (It came in handy when the water heater took a vacation in heating water super duper fast!!)

  462. Theresa Cooper says:

    Love the skillet! Been meaning to get one for some time-would be handy when I have all of the burners going – Ha!

  463. The skillet would be lovely, but I just wanted to say hello and to tell you how very much I love your blog! I chuckle, oooh and ahhh and just plain enjoy my time with you! Keep up the great work.

  464. Love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer!

  465. That electric skillet would sure be fun to have in the kitchen today for our Super Bowl feast!

  466. Nancy VanDyke says:

    I love all kinds of kitchen gadgets.

  467. I could not live without my cast iron pans, in various sizes and shapes, as well as my very old and well used Kitchenaid mixer.

  468. Love your recipes and gardening tips thanks for your tips and treats

  469. Some of my favorite utensils are on your list!

  470. My favorite kitchen gadget is my cast iron piggy bacon press!
    I am eyeing you electric skillet!

  471. Tonya Rust says:

    I am with Denise on the Cast Iron. The older stuff. And I also use hand tools that were my mom and grandmother’s. But I do love my Kitchen Aid mixer.

  472. I love my Petite Pizzeria Countertop Pizza Oven!!! Makes amazingly crispy, chewy crusts in 5 mins! No need to dine out at expensive pizzeria’s anymore:)

  473. My favorite kitchen thing is my food processor.. I dont know how i could live without it.

  474. I enjoy your site very much. One of my favorite gadgets is the electric kettle. I also love the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker. Had mine for 45 years, it is the very best time saver! Would love to own the electric fry pan.

  475. Judy Shepherd says:

    oooh, pick me, pick me πŸ™‚

  476. This May sounds silly but I love my kitchen tongs. I have short ones and tall ones and some with rubber tips so my cookware doesn’t get scratched, they are like an extension of my hands. I also love my mothers old orange le cruesette Dutch oven.

  477. I would have to say my most used kitchen gadget is my micro plane , but I love my citrus juoicer, my whisks, my potato masher…gosh, I love them all!

  478. wee love our commercial grade kitchenaid mixer, with dough hook which makes for excellent bread.

  479. Linda Stone says:

    I love my collection of copper cookie cutters ;o)

  480. Sonja Jones says:

    I love kitchen gadgets! I have many whisks too (can’t have too many). I bought an egg cracker (it opens the eggs) for my hubby because he couldn’t stand cracking eggs open but I use it the most! My friends and I use to have (dare I say) Pampered Chef parties all the time so we could earn free kitchen gadgets! Yes, I like free stuff.
    I use to have an electric skillet years ago – got it for a wedding present 30 years ago. I loved that thing. Used it till it died. It’s gone but my marriage isn’t. πŸ˜‰

  481. Have an eggshell piercer (no idea what else to call it) my Daddy gave me 25 or so years ago. Love it. And whisks…and wooden spoons.
    It’s snowing. Happy Sunday.

  482. I never knew that an egg piercer existed. My favorite gadget is a mini whisk. I use it all the time for whisking small things like eggs, dressings and marinades.

  483. Shirley Long says:

    I find in all my years of cooking and preparation of foods, I could not, nor would I do without my “gadgets”…I adore this column so much and you have taught me so much, yes, I am a senior citizen, I hardly can wait until there is a new posting…Bless you, and looking forward to many more ….oh, the electric skillet,,,oh, boy, could I use that…love you…keep up the good works…

  484. love my herb shears! Like scissors but 4 blades on each side. Cuts from the plant then slices so easily instead of chopping.

  485. I would love to try a spaetzle maker, and my many colored spatulas are beautiful and functional.

  486. I certainly love kitchen gadgets! The item I use every day is my coffee mill.

  487. As a tea drinker, I swear by my electric kettle. I have bought one for everyone I know!! But now I want an electric fry pan. I want to make English Muffins!

  488. Years ago I had an electric skillet and gave it to one of my kids when they moved out. It would be nice to have one when the family, 4 kids and 12 grandkids come over to eat!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  489. Hi Kevin, I love reading your blog.

    I use my kitchenaid stand mixer a lot, to make yeast bread, muffins, cakes…I also use it to mix italian sausage meat. I put ground pork and all the spices in, use the padle, mix for a few minutes, then store the meat in containers and freeze them. I use the sausage meat to make spaghetti sauce. I also have a cast iron pan that I like, and am thinking about buying a carbon steel skillet. Would you reccomend a brand? Lodge or De Buyer?

  490. Love my utensils–favorite are the silicone spatulas–would like the skillet too.

  491. Regina Miller says:

    I love my kitchen Aid mixer. Makes bread making a breeze.

  492. I Love our smoker, nothing like smoked ham & turkey…

  493. Grace White says:

    I have a small parry knife and mini spatula that I use a lot.

  494. I couldn’t live without my kitchen gadgets. Love your spaetzle maker.

  495. Caitilin Weber says:

    This made me remember my mother’s electric skillet and so now I wish I had one! She made applesauce in it…and all other kinds of things.

  496. OOH, I would love that electric skillet – mine ‘bit the dust’ a long time ago – but it would be fabulous for making Gingerbread pancakes with sautΓ©ed apples-maple syrup-butter – mmm! I currently cook for a professional couple 2 evenings a week so they can eat good food instead of carry-out or fast food. I enjoy doing that and also enjoy dinner with them – works for both of us. I make everything from scratch, non-GMO, organic and gluten free. This has been a wonderful experience for us all. I make a wonderful quinoa-Swiss chard, rosemary chicken meal that is awesome. Always focusing on nutritionally dense low sugar foods. It is a great gig. The skillet would be wonderful when entertaining their guests – range gets really crowded.
    I love your website – my family and I garden, we can, dry, freeze and preserve constantly for our use and to share with family and friends – surplus always goes to the ‘food pantry’ on a weekly basis. Please continue to encourage people to grow their own food – it’s the only way to know what you are eating. If you can’t grow your own – join a CSA

  497. Spatulas are my weakness.

  498. Your newsletters have replaced the Sunday Morning newspaper that used to be on my front porch! I look forward to Sunday mornings now with no more depression after reading! Thank you!

  499. I love my Vita-mix blender. I use it everyday!

  500. I love my electric skillet so much that I’ve worn it out….it’s great for bacon, chicken, pancakes…you name it!!!! I’m soooo lost since mine bit the dust.

  501. English muffins in an electric skillet…….interesting! Would love to give it a try. Thanks for the chance!

  502. Cherylann McGuire says:

    I would love to have an electric fry pan to try the English Muffins from home. Was just mentioning to my hubby this morning that the ones we purchased tasted remarkably like what I imagine cardboard or sawdust would…

    My favorite accessory at our home is all of my hand carved wooden spoons – I have lots and use them!

    Thanks for this opportunity, Kevin!

  503. Brenda Donovan says:

    On the small side: Spatulas, Small Ice Cream Scoop for making cookies and freezing cookie dough balls to give away as gifts,

    The big guns: Cuisinart Food Processor, Food Dehydrator, KitchenAid Stand Mixer

    These are a few of my favorite things.

  504. Love a good sharp knife!

  505. So many wonderful kitchen gadgets! One of my favorites is an apple wedger and I recently got a juicer.

  506. Made your Monkey Bread for Christmas breakfast. Everyone fought over it, especially the 4 year old and the 94 year old. Next time I will have to make a double batch. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  507. I love spatulas too and can’t seem to stop collecting them. I love your site also and will be making your beef stew with thyme, without the electric skillet or the purple pot.

  508. j. jackson says:

    So, sign me up along with the other 495 readers. Your web site is fun to read. Thanks.

  509. My mom had a big electric skillet like this in which many of our family dinners were made.

  510. Lori Schmidt says:

    OM Gosh love the Spaetzel maker and the recipe linked and who would have thought an Egg Shell Piercing thingamabob!!!!

  511. Karen Carpenter says:

    Your Thyme and Wine Beef Stew looks scrumptious, I am going to make it asap!
    My favorite kitchen thing is . . . definitely my wire whisks, I have a few different sizes. I use my whisks so much, I have to keep gluing the handles back onto my favorite two whisks.
    My next favorite thing is my box cheese grater. Then my melon baller, which I use for more than just making melon balls.

  512. It’s so much fun to use our gadgets to create yummy food that we grew!!!

  513. dolores crawford says:

    Love reading your mail every Sunday. And I always make hard copies of your recipes for my future cooking ventures. Delicious, every one of them.
    Last night we had the lamb chops from a week ago – and wow!!!

    Super Good!

  514. I love my hand held stick blender, my Old Hickory knives, and my little Mini Electric Chopper. I have Fibromyalgia and these babies save me a lot of pain. I would love one of every thing you showed, but I would settle for the electric skillet! Love your blog.

  515. Hi from Negril where I am escaping my frozen homeland. Would love a skillet to be able to try making squash pancakes and English muffins. I want to be just like Kevin if I ever grow up.

    Your old pal,

  516. I don’t know if this counts as kitchen gadgets, but I love jars! I use jars of all sizes and shapes in my kitchen and pantry.

  517. Donnella Bryce says:

    There are a few kitcheny things I really wouldn’t want to be without, my teapots being number one. However I have a thing about peelers – a peeler is not just a peeler! Mostly they do not work effectively. My most fav or all time went in the compost to be found some time later in a nasty condition in the garden.

  518. Dinah Crutcher says:

    Hi Kevin, I love your website! And your home, it’s beautiful. My favorite appliance right now is my Vitamix. I used to have an electric skillet and enjoyed it too. Wore it out and never replaced it. I am the sole caregiver for my 90 year old mother and would very much enjoy having another
    Skillet. Makes one dish meals easy.

  519. Love my cast iron pots for making no knead bread for grand kids. They eat a loaf a day if I make it.

  520. Jo Helen M says:

    Agree with most of your favorite things. just got a pressure cooker it if going to be fun to learn

  521. My ex got custody of our electric skillet. Would be great to see it’s square pancake-ready face on my pantry shelf once again.

  522. My new favorite kitchen gadget is a set of 3 spatulas that my daughter gave me for Christmas. There is a small and medium size and a spoon spatula. What makes these special is that they have weighted handles and a tool rest that elevates the spatula so it does not touch the countertop. Love it.

  523. Hi Kevin,

    I sold my home of 12 yrs., 6 mos. ago. I had to put the contents of 30 years of collecting kitchen and entertaining pieces into storage, before my next close date.

    Guess how many boxes were labeled “Kitchen” and “Dining Room” ? So many they could have filled their own storage unit. OUCH. I couldn’t part with a single inch of it. I started gathering kitchen and entertaining pieces in my early 20’s at ‘ Goodwill’. Remember that place? Great starting point for glassware and gadgets.

    My latest kitchen gadget obsession is miniatures of regular sized items I already have. Miniature spatulas, finger bowls, whisks, and such. I see them as little puppies or kitties or babies, so to speak ( πŸ™‚ ) of their adult versions. Love it!!

    My Name is Theresa, and I am, ” All things Kitchen and Dining-aholic”

  524. I couldn’t cook without my gas stove top, electric oven. off set spatula and wine bottle opener.

  525. I love gadgets too……my kitchen shows it!!!!
    I have had a electric frying pan and a 5 qt cooker for eons……..
    boy howdy, do they ever show their age………
    My most recent favorite gadget is a set of measuring spoons that are magnetic, and stay together, and not only that, they are double ended, one is round, and the other is elongated for getting inside the spice jars easily! They are great!!! Some genius thought of that!!!!

  526. Judy Beauchaine says:

    Would love a new electric skillet as I haven’t been able to make a decent chicken cacciatore since my old one died. I could make it just by seeing how it looked in the pan. Love your newsletter – I think the outdoor starting seed garden is my favorite tip of all time.

  527. Kay Crichton says:

    My favorites are my wooden spoons, my wooden cutting boards and my mother’s cast iron skillet. Workhorses all, not sexy but supremely useful and always at hand.

  528. Gene Wells says:

    Because I often purchase a half steer or pig, most on my meat is frozen. And when in a hurry the tray that I purchase as “A Thawing Tray” is invaluable.

  529. Rhonda Browning says:

    I too love all my kitchen gadgets. You have some nifty whisks and spatulas that I dont have yet. Spaetzels are great but never tried to make them home made thats next on my project list. Thanks.

  530. My mother has had the same elrctric griddlefor about 49 years. At least once a week she uses it either to cook fresh cod, salmon or yummmmmmmmmie pork chops. It is a must have in the kitchen. Love your site and check it often.

  531. Would have to say my pampered chef hand chopper I use it more than anything.

  532. No kitchen should be without an electric skillet! Thanks for the opportunity to win one. And thanks for your garden and kitchen recipes and tips. I make potato dumplings for my husband, and am seriously thinking I need to try spaetzle. I love my starches!

  533. Claudia Black says:

    Large wooden spoons, a good skillet, and a deep pot are necessities in my kitchen. Good recipes on A Garden for the House are the icing on the cake!

  534. I love my digital kitchen scale. It’s my go-to gift for all of the other kitchen-gadget lovers in my life.

  535. Whisks, and spatulas, and kettles Oh my…now I’m in need of a pan to fry!!
    Love your recipes and gardening advice. Lookin for the Cookbook!

  536. Helen Small says:

    Looks like it could easily be a “go to” pan! Would be able to do most any thing in it!

  537. I’ve never owned an electric skillet but love my countertop roasters so would love this too. πŸ™‚

  538. Laura Redmond says:

    I would love to have an electric skillet! Thanks, Kevin for your inspiration!

  539. Use my enamel roaster a lot. I think it is almost spring. Love all your information and tips.

  540. Victoria Ladd says:

    Hi, Kevin! First, I want to say how much I enjoy your home and garden website and how eagerly I look forward to each issue! I love gardening and love reading all your wonderful tips! I made your Blueberry Yogurt Pie for July 4th last year, and needless to say, it was a HUGE hit! There was only one leftover slice for me to bring home for me!

    My mom used to do much of her cooking in an electric skillet, and my favorite dish she made with it was Chop Suey. I’ve never owned one myself, but would certainly use it if I were lucky enough to win this one.

    Thanks for such a terrific home and gardening site and for providing your readers with all your great wisdom and information!

    Austin, TX

  541. Teal Lockard says:

    I love my garlic press. Double garlic goes in everything savory!

  542. Was given my first electric skillet when I married – in 1966! Have used them ever since – love them. But I’m about to replace my last, old Farberware electric skillet and your bigger Presto would be a perfect replacement. Also love my egg piercer/slicer/chopper/quarter-er and my spaetzle maker. Oh, I have lots of gadgets that I love!

  543. I love kitchen gadgets too! When I make little crusts in my mini muffin pan, I love the little wooden dog bone-looking gadget to smooth them into into shape! Enjoy reading your posts!

  544. My favs like many others have said are spatulas. I love they have hi temp ones now and my scrambled eggs are better. I love my compact Pampered Chef whisk that gets into the corners of a saucepan for a perfect bechamel, my hand grater whch I also grab for draining pasta so I don’t have to wash a collander. My Henckels 4 Star knives and the Henckels paring knife set that have color coded handles so I know what I am grabbing out of the drawer, oh and my Pampered Chef scissors that mount on the side of the fridge that I can grab and put away in a second. My mother used her electric skillet 4 or 5 times a week when I was growing up. Fried chicken, Enchildad casserole, pancakes, pork chops you name it. She also used it as a hot plate at gatherings as well.

    Thanks for the newsletter and the blog. I really enjoy it! Strawberries and rhubard are waiting for me to transform them into jam today. I should make some of your challah for a perfect match! Happy cooking and eating!

  545. Hi Kevin,
    I love my cast iron Dutch Oven–I use it all the time for roasting chicken.

  546. Loved the Butternut Squash pancake recipe. Yum! Would love to make them again with the electric skillet!

  547. I remember fondly the great fried chicken my mom used to cook in her favorite “new” gadget, her electric frying pan! There was a time when these were the nifty new kitchen tools!

  548. Christina says:

    I did make your delicious thyme and wine beef stew-everyone loved it. It would be great to have a skillet for this dish.

  549. Lauren Michelle says:

    My husband would LOVE to own this. It’s on his (very short) kitchen-wants list.

  550. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    I love all of your kitchen gadgets. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up with 5 whisks in my kitchen. I have an electric griddle that I love and use it for a lot of different things. One thing you have that I’ve never seen before is the gadget to punch a hole in eggs. Looks interesting so I might have to find me one.

  551. Looks like a great pan, one worth making room for.

  552. Mariana Mill says:

    Kevin: I have a file with all your recipes. I love and am trying them as I go along. Can’t wait till the cookbook is released… I am waiting patiently. Hope I have a bit of chance to win this time. Sure could use it. I still have to get the Spaetzle maker. I really look forward to Sunday to see your email. I love it. Mariana

  553. I enjoy my food processor and the iron frying pans/skillets that my grandmother (born in the 1880’s) used.

  554. Virginia Neihardt says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kitchen gadgets!

  555. Love your recipes but its your garden I lust after. Awesome awesome awesome

  556. Sandy Douglass Abalos says:

    Favorite kitchen gadget…so many to choose from, so little time! I’d have to say my mother’s old biscuit cutter. Doesn’t get a lot of use nowadays, but I’m sentimental & can’t part with it!

  557. Just a note on your black pepper cookies. They are the all time favorites of my fellow employees. The plate empties fast on Cookie Sundays!

  558. Love kitchen gadgets. The recipes are awesome. Thanks for such a great site.

  559. My favorite gadgets would have to be my Vitamix blender, Breville juicer & my whisks. I could sure use an electric skillet. My electric griddle & my oven are both not working well. Once the oven dies, I’ve considered not even replacing it. So, an electric griddle would be wonderful as a replacement. Thanks for all your tips. I’m now saving milk jugs to use next year for seed-starting.

  560. That looks perfect for cooking my bbq wings that are always loved. I’m betting it would work well for country style ribs, scallop potatoes with ham. The list could go on.

  561. I love all my kitchen gadgets, but couldn’t live without my crockpots. They save my life every week. Also my flexible cutting sheets, they make life so much easier!

  562. My favorite gadget is my pressure cooker! My mother swore by her electric skillet but I’ve never had one! Would love one

  563. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome electric skillet!!!!
    Thanks for your post. I really do enjoy reading and using some of your recipes.

  564. Linda P. Strangio says:

    Hi Kevin, A must for me is a good paring knife. Happy trails!

  565. I would like to have another spatzle maker. I gave mine away before I moved and now I want one back! Jo

  566. joyce fleming says:

    Oh my…that pan would certainly make my life a bit easier. Love, love. love your blog. I look forward to it every week and some of my best recipes have come from it. Thanks for your efforts.

  567. That electric skillet looks awesome! I’m still using the one I bought 30 years ago when I first got married.

  568. Thanks for this opportunity to win a cool electric skillet. I would use this to make those delicious zucchini fritters for my family πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week.

  569. I have fond memories of my mother using her electric skillet. She even used it to make lasagna! My favorite kitchen gadget is my coffee grinder – definately needed for a great cup of coffee!

  570. I could not live without my bamboo utensils. LOVE them! Also, my mother’s old rolling pin gets used regularly and brings back fond memories.

  571. Carol Hanson says:

    I’d love a new electric skillet; mine bit the dust years ago. gadgets are an essential kitchen tool; every last one of them! love your blog! living in the middle of MT in zone 3-4 I’m envious of your gardens.

  572. Janet Livesay says:

    I WANT an electric skillet!
    And my favorite kitchen gadget is an immersion blender from Bed Bath and Beyond.
    I sent you a comment last week Kevin, that I used it making your Roasted Butternut Squash soup.
    Saves blending in batches and it is a cinch to clean.

  573. Have always wanted an electic skillet. Do love my pressure cooker.

  574. Bonita Watts says:

    I really like my Microplane zester. I appreciate your tips in & out of the kitchen. .

  575. Christina says:

    Well now looking at your beautiful pictures…I’m starving! Gadgets I love them all, but especially my food processor.

  576. This Italian cook loves gadgets of all kinds and tries every one of them. I love your favorites!

  577. I love my Kenwood mixer! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚ Dana

  578. Would love a new electric skillet-mine is so well used the handle is broken off so I lay it on the counter and balance the skillet on it! Love my $6 tomato slicing knife-so love it!! Use it for peppers and bananas and celery and of course tomatoes.

  579. I love anything that makes eating easier, especially a high speed blender for smoothies!

  580. My new favorite utensil is my spurtle set from the Mad Hungry lady, Lucinda Scala Quinn. I’m surprised you haven’t discovered them yet since you love spatulas and wire wisks!

  581. I learned to cook in an electric skillet, its my go to tool. But when the power goes out, I’m screwed. Then it’s outside to the grill, my second favorite tool.

  582. Hi Kevin, my mother had one of these skillets and used it all the time! I wonder which of my sisters got it when mom pass away? Thank you for your wonderful posts; I look forward to them every Sunday!

  583. Happy February & Valentines Day Kevin! A big skillet for those big family dinners would be wonderful. Thanks for your giveaways & fun site!

  584. Susan in S.W.Mass. says:

    I would love to re-gift the skillet to someone who really needs it. I like all of your recipes and the photos are wonderful.

  585. Maricela Infante says:

    My favorite thing in the kitchen is my knife set, given to me during Christmas by my daughter! But I have to say ur website! It is so easy to understand and full of great ideas! Thank you so much!

  586. Diane Kaufmann says:

    I love my husband’s grandmother’s iron skillet.

  587. Erin Brady says:

    Kevin, you are so generous! I love my flat square frying pan/griddle. I’d be lost without it. Also a mini spatula, a must!

  588. I have recently discovered the wonder of a pastry blender! How did I ever make scones before this??

  589. Jean Dowling says:

    I used to have one and I loved it. With that and a good knife you are set to do so many things.

  590. Helen C. Kyle says:

    That lovely electric skillet reminds me of a wonderful beef stew I used to make when the children were little. I used it for 35 years to make all sorts of things. It finally gave out. I’ve been looking for a replacement, sort of waiting for a good sale.

  591. Georgette says:

    Hi Kevin, I also love kitchen gadgets. My favorite is my potato masher. It seems people don’t mash anymore ….. they whip. Thanks for showing us some of your favorite gadgets.

  592. I love your selection of favorite kitchen gadgets and would love to win any of them. I especially like the electric kettle for the reasons you listed on your post.

  593. I do love kitchen gadgets, but usually find myself going back to the basics–a few really good knives, some wooden spoons–oh! I do love my ‘Messermeister’ serrated peeler!

  594. Barbara Davidge says:

    Those are great gadgets. Many of my favorite utensils are made by Rosle, their garlic press is amazing. Thanks for doing such a great job on your blog, let us know when we can pre-order your book. I will be first in line! Have a great week Kevin. -Barbara in rainy CA

  595. Sue Lefeber says:

    I’m telling everyone that will listen to me about you and this blog! Thanks for the info and inspiration! Sue in Madison

  596. Donna Cota says:

    I would love, love to be the winner of this drawing!! My daughter’s birthday is the 11th, mine the 12th, would love to give her this lovely kitchen must have as a gift. Then I could enjoy the fruits of her labor as a guest!

  597. I love my garlic press. I use it for pressing fresh ginger into my stir frys. The kids don’t like big bits of ginger and I refuse to leave it out. So we get the juice and small pieces of ginger. The taste is amazing, too. And the kids love it.

  598. Marilyn Purdy says:

    Every morning I have oatmeal for breakfast…except Sundays, when I haul out my Belgian waffle maker. My sons are grown, but my husband and I still enjoy Belgian waffles on Sundays!

  599. Lorraine Roberts says:

    I love my curved knives!

  600. I practically live on soup and couldn’t live without my sock pots, cutting boards and wooden paddle.

  601. Shelley Boucher says:

    I love my Cuisenart and use it to make Moosewood’s Cauliflower Cheese Pie with grated potato crust ! I also use it to make uncooked low sugar cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. I also love my stainless, seasoned wok with a handle- I use it to make a huge batch of sausage stuffing at Thanksgiving.

  602. Kimberly Turpen says:

    I would love to have this! I think I’ll try making your english muffins–looks fun and interesting!

  603. Susan Fogarty says:

    One of my favorite is my mini whisk.

  604. My very favorite kitchen helper is my Atlas pasta machine. Perfect for making all types of pasta with any type of grain! I’ve served the Garbanzo bean pancakes twice now to the grandkids and they loved them both times. I told them they are called “Gonzo” pancakes. They may not have tried them if I had told them they were made from beans! Thanks for the email signup. I love your blog.

  605. Heather Schlerf says:

    I collected cooking gadgets like I do gardening tools !! You can never have enough. My other obsession is cast iron pans πŸ™‚

  606. Donna Tew says:

    Love your emails. Also love the Presto skillet,have their pressure cookers in two sizes,good products. Thew away my skillet ,it lost two legs. Probably my favorite gadgets are my grater and my Mandolin….Thanks!

  607. Wow…594 comments thus far! Kevin, you are well appreciated! From kitchen gadgets to gardening ideas, I enjoy your website and posts. Whether I should be so fortunate to win this lovely pan or not, thanks for sharing your humor and knowledge!

  608. Jan Jacklin says:

    Gadgets…It is so fun to browse the “kitchen” stores….especially in other cities from where I live……My other weakness is cast iron pans….Now you know my weakness….

  609. Mary E Knox says:

    I have a wire whisk with metal balls attached to varying length wires – so great for stirring polenta and making gravy. I probably use it the most of all my kitchen gadgets.

  610. My favorite kitchen gadget is my Capresso milk frother.

  611. My favorite is my dehydrator , my bread machines, and my electric stand mixer. I have bread baking in the oven right now. I would knead the dough my hand, but it is too hard on my wrist so I depend on the machines for the kneading process.

  612. I love all my kitchen gadgets and never get tired of getting new ones. Currently my favorite is my new cast iron dutch oven. I am busy making yummy soups, stews, and even sticky buns. Can’t wait to see what great gadget your gonna give away this time Kevin.

  613. Warren Dahlstrom says:

    Hmmmm, som pretty neat stuff!!

  614. Everything you post makes me drool. I am currently drooling over Dreamy Cinnamon Rolls. I hope to be baking some soon. I will be using my old worn out kitchen equipment. πŸ˜‰


  615. My favorite kitchen gadgets are my Kitchen Aid Mixer and my recently purchased Vitamix. I believe with these two appliances you can do most anything in the kitchen provided you have several of the attachments. My that electric skillet looks almost futuristic compared to my Moms harvest gold model back in the swinging 60’s. I have never owned one and it would be a good addition to my kitchen , I too make English muffins and have to heat up a couple of skillets to make them.

  616. I would love the electric skillet! My mother used to always use one. I don’t know why I don’t!
    I just love your site! It is one of the best parts of my weekend!

  617. My favorite spatula is the one piece silicone because there is no wooden handle to retain moisture inside That part can get yucky!

  618. theresa wega says:

    all good……..

  619. Use constantly my 3 cup chopper

  620. Shelli DuBoff says:

    I love my set of Kuhn Rikon knives. They come in beautiful colors, interesting shapes and sizes and they’re very very sharp. Kevin, I have beautiful plants now living in my kitchen. It’s because of your wonderful newsletter that I became an indoor plant person.

  621. Love the kitchen gadgets!!! I love my electric skillet. Lately, every time I use it, I think ” I need to replace this, I believe it is on its last leg.” Wouldn’t it be nice to win one?!!! Love all your tips and recipes.

  622. Catherine Miller says:

    My blue Emile Henri mixing bowls!

  623. Karen Hermansen says:

    My last purchase was a silicone baking mat. Love it rolling out pie crusts, cutting out cookies, really helps to have good equipment

  624. Sonia Shapiro says:

    I like my food mill. What I miss is spatulas made from real rubber. They did melt and they didn’t last for years but they were better at scraping. Rubbermaid was made of rubber!

  625. Ann Brown says:

    I love kitchen gadgets and when they are offered in a variety of colors. My favorite is…ummmm. hard to choose. I guess anything that will help me cook a little easier.

  626. cynthia shultz says:

    an old fashioned jar opener. works every time. Cynthia

  627. Liz C in Salem says:

    Kevin, I changed my week’s menu 3 times just cruising your site, we love your recipes! My favs..my grandpa’s 100 yr old iron skillet, mom’s lime green glass Sunkist juicer. And, like you, my collection of colorful spatulas. you can’t have too many! Thanks for the opportunity on the skillet.

  628. one of my favorite gadgets is the Wizard chopper-dices onions, apples and other things in seconds!

  629. I could say my pressure cooker (which would be true, because I do love it!) but in reality the one thing in my kitchen that I LOVE is my Keurig! Does that count??

  630. Hi Kevin,
    Favorite kitchen gadget – a sharp knife.

  631. constantine says:

    Someone gave me a Ninja chopper for Christmas……. I think I prefer my knives. Never had an electric skillet……………

  632. I really love kitchen gadgets!!!!!!!

  633. I think my two favorite gadgets is my good, non-electric can opener and the wood knife block. Sooo handy. My well loved/used, hand-me-down electric skillet I received in 1987 could possibly be replaced, tho.

  634. Dolores Clifton says:

    I use my silicone spatulas daily; I prefer them to using any other tool for tending the food as it cooks. My favorite electric appliance is my pressure cooker. Unlike the old stove-top models, I haven’t had to replace the rubber ring as I frequently used to. It was a very scary thing to have the rubber blow-out and the pan leap from the stove!

  635. I’ve never heard of an egg shell piercing-device. I love kitchen gadgets-I which I had a bigger kitchen with more storage…and a dishwasher. I really wish I had a dishwasher!

  636. diana murphy says:

    I love my electric griddle, we have the nicest blueberry pancakes. Think spring!

  637. Hi Kevin,
    I LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer! I could definitely
    Use a new electric skillet- I think mine is over
    30 yrs old!
    Thanks for your Wonderful blog!!

  638. Kevin yours is the BEST blog I read. I love the way you explain everything, and my “Kitchen Aid” mixer is my favorite. THANKS

  639. Hard to choose between my Cuisinart and KitchenAid. Both are great. Never had an electric skillet but my mother did and cooked many a meal in it.

  640. I love all things kitchen. I have many fun gadgets….and more than 250 cookbooks (can’t wait to add yours to my collection). But I have never had an electric skillet. I know it would be well-used at our family gatherings.

  641. My current favorite gadget is my George Forman roaster! It makes it so easy to roast a whole chicken, and they always turn out very moist, and delicious!

  642. Helen Leeper says:

    Would love to win the skillet. My new curved grater is my favorite right now.

  643. I don’t have an electric frying pan. Your recipes all look delicious, and I’m looking forward to trying them. Thanks so much for a great site.

  644. Donna Viar says:

    I really enjoy your post. I am trying the dividing of my African Violets now per your instructions. My favorite cooking utensils are my heirloom knives. My grandfather was a butcher and his knives are of outstanding quality. I treasure the memories of seeing him use these knives everyday of his career.

  645. I love your articles and recipes and garden! I am a gadget addict! lol My dream kitchen would have shelves and drawers to make them all easily accessible so I don’t have to dig anymore! My Mom had an electric skillet and for some reason I have never purchased one…maybe time I had one! lol

  646. Kevin, I love your blog – so much fun. It’s difficult selecting one favorite but I really love my ceramic knives, oh– and my Fagor pressure cooker. And my All Clad square skillet for pancakes. I used to have an electric skillet when the kids were around and I really miss it. Thanks for the oppty.

  647. sheila hines says:

    My fav gadget is my tomato thingy that takes the end of the tomato off without wasting precious tomato meat!

  648. I’m planning on making soups and breads this week so my favorites at the moment would be my spaetzle hobel and my Danish dough whisk. Your spaetzle recipe looks more interesting than the one I’ve been using ~ so time for a change!

  649. I have always loved to cook but since my wifes stroke in 2011 I have become the chef in our home and I find that I can’t have enough gadgets to make cooking more fun. At 74 years old I grew up with Griswold cast iron skillets and dutch ovens . Nothing else makes meat and/or pan gravy better.

  650. Your polka dot spatula is the cutest! I love my knives and I have many useful gadgets the most important of which is the wooden juicer.

  651. Dianne in Ontario says:

    My favourite kitchen gadget is my slow cooker- great on days I work late to come home to a delicious roast or stew ready to eat by the whole family!

  652. Michele Reeves says:

    Just love your posts and all the neat stuff you have in your kitchen!

  653. Jeri Erman says:

    I love kitchen gadgets!! I have a special weakness for adding spatulas, measuring spoons, measuring cups, cutting boards and knives whenever I am out shopping. I am especially thankful for my immersion blender and food processor ~ they make life so much easier!! I also love little collanders for some reason.

  654. Ramona Welden says:

    Love your blog. What a giving person

  655. I have an inexpensive yellow plastic collinder shaped like a large sunflower. It makes me happy every time I use it and it makes a great bowl on the kitchen table filled with green limes! Could use a large electric skillet for those times when family and friends come for a week and cooking becomes a real challenge. We can sleep 11 comfortably and 20 uncomfortably!

  656. Bonnie Netherton says:

    Love your gadgets and giveaways, Kevin.

  657. Wow , I’m #657! You have lots of fans! I used to have an electic skillet back in the 70’s-80’s when I had a full house of kids. Loved it, as much as I now love my slow-cooker.

  658. Great gadgets and gear! Love your giveaways!

  659. Cindy Faulkner says:

    I love all of your spatulas!

  660. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    My favorite kitchen thing is MY HUSBAND DOING THE DISHES, 6 nights out of 7.
    On the seventh night, he cooks and I wash up.
    What a guy!!!!! :>)

  661. Audrey Popp says:

    I enjoy using my KitchenAid mixer, a real wrist saver. I also like my pastry cutter and antique rolling pins. Your spatulas are lovely!

  662. Kevin = Heaven! πŸ™‚ For those of us who are inspired every single post, I thank you! What a wonderful resource – and thanks for making me glad all over again for my Grandmother’s wooden-handled potato masher. πŸ™‚ Thanks for being a smile in many people’s day.

  663. I win all the time simply by reading your blog! I love the recipes and ideas you share. I especially like the polka dot spatula!
    Thanks for sharing!

  664. Deborah West says:

    I love kitchen tools & gadgets especially my Galloping Gourmet bench scraper, egg slicer, apple slice & core & favorite veggie chopping knife. Looking forward to trying your recipe. Thanks!

  665. Beverly Camp says:

    Kevin’s emails are always a treat. Love the gadgets. When I moved, I gave away all my crockpots, aka slow cookers, because I didn’t think I would need them in my retirement life down South. I was wrong. I own two now and I really use them, for many types of occasions.

  666. Mike Billett says:

    A man sized piece of equipment. That’s for me!

  667. Barbara O'Brien says:

    My heart is going pitter-patter … the electric fry pan reminds me of my childhood! — when my mother would make chicken cutlets, brown meatballs for spaghetti/meatballs and serve potatoes and onions (from our garden) from her electric fry pan. Thank you for reminding me of those yummy foods we ate while growing up! Making wine/thyme stew to take to a dear friend — all your recipes are delicious! Thank you again!

  668. I have never thought of making English muffins. I may never buy another one.

  669. I remember my Mom’s electric skillet she got as a wedding gift in 1962 – she wasn’t a big cook, but when she made her stroganoff, it was in her electric skillet and it’s such a great memory. I thought electric skillets were an outdated machine, but I see more and more of them being used these days. I get the idea.

  670. Sherrie Holtkamp says:

    Can I raid your cupboards .. such neat items you have !!!!

  671. Jayne Chandler says:

    Had one of those electric skillets 50 years ago, when I first married. It’s long gone now, along with the hub. Would love another; Electric skillet, that is. I’ve been wanting to make your english muffins.

  672. Javier J. Echavarri says:

    I love my parry knife, my Le Creusset Dutch oven, All Clad Saucier pan and my cast iron pans.

  673. I love my mandoline slicer. Such a time saver!

    Finally got over bronchitis so I’m eager to start my winter sowing. Bring on the seeeeds!

  674. Look forward to Sundays to see what you are sharing. I always have loved my old cookie cutters. They are my favorite gadgets. Takes me back to my childhood.

  675. Melissa H. says:

    I used an electric skillet back in the ’70’s….loved it. I should get one again. My favorite gadget is my wine opener!

  676. Mary Ann Z. says:

    My Griswold cast iron skillet is my favorite piece of cookware. Whether I use it on the cooktop or in the oven, the food browns beautifully and tastes delicious.


    Griswold cast iron? I inherited my mother’s old Griswold cast iron skillet about 30 years ago when she passed away. I don’t think she used it after her previous home had burned to the ground a few years earlier and it was rusty. I knew nothing about cleaning or using cast iron cookware and it took me two years to learn to clean it correctly so I could use it. It is the best gift my mother could have given me. I had not used this skillet as a child so I assume she bought it after I left home. I love using it. I do not know anything about the Griswold brand name nor have I seen any other Griswold cookware. Do you know anything of the history of Griswold? I have looked in antique stores, second-hand stores, etc., and I have not found another piece of cookware with the Griswold name.

  677. I would love the electric skillet as much as I love your blog. Thanks.

  678. Donna Besst says:

    My Vitamix…..and garlic press….and you…Can you be a gadget in my kitchen? I love everything about you, My favorite Sunday read!

  679. Cleanne Schieber says:

    I am interested in the way you use your electric skillet. I used one an entire summer when I could not use my kitchen. You can really do a lot with one.

  680. Love all the gadgets and would love to win one. Hoping to start my winter sowing this week. Thank you for your wonderful weekly postings. I look forward to them.

  681. Among my favorites gadgets are the microplaners. I buy Parmesan cheese in a wedge and grate it when we want it. The one favorite are the silicon spatulas. Would love an electric skillet.

  682. I love my new food processor and would love to add this electric skillet to my gadgets!

  683. I reach for my 2qt. glass measuring pitcher the most.

  684. I’m going to have to look back and see how to make English muffins. I think my favorite gadget is my garlic press. I love how easily it takes care of mincing garlic. Thank you for the beautiful and inspirational posts and an opportunity to win the skillet.

  685. i love kitchen gadgets, but i have to say, my favorite kitchen item is my Grandmother Maggie’s rolling pin…it has rolled many a pie crust and for me, many a tortilla and frybread…
    smile…congrats to the winner and greetings from the smoky mtns of east TN…

  686. I love my mandolin and my grill pan!

  687. Cassandra Early says:

    I have a super large heavy plastic splatter bowl that I bought 40 years ago to use to make my own bread. And to this day I still use it. Great for raising bread and makes wonderful choco chip cookies!!!

  688. I just loved my electric fry pan. But after years it has seen better days. Like I don’t have one anymore. Sure would love one again.

  689. Barbara Brock says:

    I got two pastry mats that needs to be put in the trash. have not found a replacement I like.

  690. I have been collecting older gadgets and utensils. I love the history and simplicity behind them. My latest find was a large set of wooden spoons in all sizes and shapes.

  691. Naomi Shelton says:

    Well, I’m not really a kitchen gadget person, but I do love the cast iron skillets that were my beloved grandmother’s. I also really love my stainless steel pots and pans and mixing bowls. I don’t know if these qualify as “gadgets”, but they are my favorite things to use in the kitchen. Oh, yes, and I do like spatulas a lot, especially the short, narrow ones. Once I owned an electric skillet, but it was in a car accident and I never replaced it. But I’m sure I would love having one again. Please, may I win!

  692. I’ve outlived two electric skillet. I tried replacing the last one with a griddle and the pancakes just aren’t as good. So, yes, I’d love a new electric skillet.

  693. Carol Murry says:

    Love my spatulas, whisks, and my cast iron. I used to have an electric skillet I used all the time until it quit working (I think it was about 10 years old?!!) Love your blog!

  694. I love kitchen gadgets, and your website. Had an electric skillet some years ago and would love another one.

  695. Just sneaking up on a kitchen remodel – already got new appliances in July. Now we are moving everything in prep for the tear-out. An electric skillet would be helpful during the wait for the new quartz counters! Here’s hoping! — And, I still have to get the potting mixture for my winter sowing! Yipes, it’s Groundhog Day!

  696. Anne Callaway says:

    love your blog! My favorite utensil has to be my chef’s knife. I use it every day! Many times per day. It is the Victorinox Forschner, which won the recommendation of the Cook’s Kitchen tests. Not too expensive (40$), and it is great. Have wondered which one you use? I inherited my sweet Mother’s Presto skillet and you are right-it is fabulous for all kinds of searing, cooking, frying. Thanks for your hints on cooking and on gardening.

  697. patricia z bautista says:

    Kevin I am 68 yrs old and love reading your blog. It would be nice to have an electric skillet. Thanks for your weekly postings.

  698. My favorite kitchen thing is my Bosch Universal kitchen mixer. If that machine breaks, we aren’t eating any more!

  699. Mona Tammaro says:

    My favorite utensil is my mom’s antiqure sugar scoop. She is no longer with us , but I always think of her when I use it. Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  700. Dianne Swayne says:

    I, too, am a kitchen gadget freak. But occasionally I revert back to the old stuff. I love my wooden spoons made from Olive wood, they still look like new after 10 years of use. Your colorful spatulas are adorable.

  701. I don’t have a favorite thing for cooking depends on what i’m fixing. it might be a pan or a whisk or a knife. I just like cooking gadgets of all types.

  702. I love my crock pot.

  703. I smiled to think of the electric frying pan I used as a young bride, newly moved to our farm. We didn’t buy an electric range for about five years and I learned to cook almost anything on the electric fry pan. My husband, who is still with me after 45years, survived many a culinary disaster. The worst was when I followed the directions in the little instruction/cook book which came with the pan. I dutifully heated the oil and browned the chicken breasts until they were golden and served them to the husband who thought they might be underdone, but ate the chicken anyway when I assured him that I had followed the recipe. It was some time later that I realized that I should have turned the page to read the rest of the instructions!! Fortunately no harm was done to either of us.
    I really enjoy your winter sowing site and am quite excited about the coming year’S crop, not having tried this before, but having had disappointing success with starting seeds under lights in the past. Have just finished setting out 12 containers with mostly perennials in the snow of Eastern Ontario. Thanks!

  704. I love all gadgets. You can’t have too many.

  705. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips and recipes.

  706. Jean Stewart says:

    Love your sense of humour. I’m British by birth (Canadian by choice) and have the Northern England dry wit, which very few people seem to get. I laugh out loud reading your comments. Thank you.

  707. Mercy Maude! Just offer to give something valuable away and people come out of the woodwork! (um, yes, that would include me)

    Here’s my favorite gadget: http://www.amazon.com/WMF-Profi-Plus–Inch-Stainless-Steel/dp/B00004S4WO/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8&qid=1391394857&sr=8-21&keywords=whisk

  708. I love kitchen gadgets! I love the old as much if not more than the old. I have a wonderful collection of primitive kitchen utensils that have much life left in them. Some of my favorite gadgets are the cookie cutters and rolling pin that belonged to my great grandmother. Great memories are made in the kitchen…just ask my 14 year old son who is my biggest helper and baker!

  709. Can u believe I am #703 on comments? I love my iron skillet, my Kitchen-Aid mixer, my Rada stainless knives, and my Danny Duzit pot scratchers. They are stainless steel scrubbies that dry out in the sink with no rust, etc. They are 200% better than the Walmart pads!!

  710. My favorite is my cast iron Japanese Tea Pot.I also love my chopping board that is made of bamboo. Your photo’s of all of you are the best!

  711. very nice!

  712. This would make a great replacement for my ancient pan that lost a leg many long years ago.

  713. Veronica Erdmann says:

    Thanks for sharing ‘your favorite things’. I’ve just acquired a stick blender of my own. I was using a borrowed one and find it to be an essential.

  714. I’m in need of a new griddle. Now that we are empty nesters maybe a extra large skillet would be a more versatile option.

  715. Just got my Angel Wings, sure could use the Presto Amen

  716. New would be good.

  717. Couldn’t live without my cast iron skillet!

  718. Jo-Ann Mon says:

    I’d love to try english muffins in one of these!!

  719. My husband married me for My Things. I love to add a few more.

  720. Mmmm, favorite memory! Visiting my grandmother and having Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts heated to just crispy in the Presto electric frying pan!

  721. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. I have had it about 35 years and still going strong. But best of all it has many memories with my children and now grandchildren.

  722. Lori Goodlander says:

    Your emails always give me inspiration and something to strive for. I’d love your posts even without the giveaways but with them, it just goes to the next level.

    Thanks for the interesting recipes and “to do’s”. Please keep ’em coming!

  723. Cathy schutzenhofer says:

    Never tried an electric skillet but would love to!!

  724. My 3 favorite gadgets: VitaMix blender for making smoothies, KitchenAid Pro. 600 that I use to mix up batches of 4 loaves of bread, and the Cuisinart electric pressure cooker that is great for cooking the butternut squash we raised in our garden. I’ve saved your recipe for Buttewrnut Squash Pancakes and would love to win an electric skillet to fry these pancakes.

  725. cool gadgets!

  726. Christina Pearson says:

    My favorite kitchen thing is my husband – he’s the cook at our house and I would love to win this skillet for him!
    And thanks for sharing your wonderful kitchen and garden and home with all of us, Kevin!

  727. I too have a lot of your favourite gadgets. One I really like is a whisk, which you didn’t display.
    Would love to win the electric skillet! Barri

  728. Diane McDaniel says:

    I loved the stew recipe. Made it the day after your post and we ate it for three meals! It got better by the day with flavors mingling. It would be great to have an electric skillet to make it in! Love your site.

  729. Thanks for the cooking/gardening ideas.

  730. What would we do without our marvelous cooking gadgets? I would be lost without my favorite wooden spoon (for some reason I always use the same one, even though I have at least five), my offset spatula, adjustable tongs, and herb scissors–to name a few. Thank you, as always, for a great blog.

  731. Been without an electric skillet for too long!

  732. Lisa Marie says:

    I love everything in my kitchen because it’s my favorite room in the house, but if I have to pick something I think I’d have to say that my Kitchen-aid mixer and my cast iron frying pan are definitely on the top of my list. πŸ™‚

  733. Cooking is always a blast when you have just the right gadget. Still adding to my collection and amazed at how many more kitchen gadgets are out there. May have to add on to my new kitchen !!!!!!

  734. Pretty cool gadgets, love them all! never have seen a English muffin recipe, gotta give that a try

  735. I enjoy your posts so much. I have learned lots and also just had fun reading them! Your pictures make me dream of what I can do. My son gave me the best veggie chopper I have ever used. Vidallia Chop Wizard. You chop onions really small in just one press per half onion…also other veggies and cheese, etc. Then you turn it up on end and it measures how much inside the collector.

  736. I really enjoy your recipes and the gardening information.

  737. My favorite gadget is my little plastic measuring cup that is marked for tablespoons made by Oxy. It goes up to 4 tablespoons and I use it daily to measure without dripping liquids from a spoon. I have several and they take up no room in a drawer. Easy to pour also into a bowl. They are the size of a shot glass.

  738. I do not have an electric skillet, and did not know that you could make English muffins in one. We did some winter sowing this weekend, it was so nice to play in the dirt even when it was 12 degrees outside. Thank you for sharing!

  739. Laura Graham says:

    I love love love the electric skillet. I would first make English Muffins. I have never tried them before. Thanks for the contest, Kevin.

  740. Started my bottle garden today and when my back door unfreezes I will plow throughout the snow and grab a branch off my tree to force. Thanks for the promise of spring. Spent the rest of the day cooking sweets.

  741. teresa sopher says:

    Couldn’t get by without my wooden spoons……

  742. Enjoy your website and such good tips about gardening and cooking. Thanks!

  743. I love a lot of my kitchen “stuff,” but my husband constantly muttered about the hard butter from the frig so I got a Le Creuset butter keeper for his use and all is happy now – he has soft salted butter and I have the hard unsalted butter!! Yum.

  744. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes … and the great gardening advise. I could use a new electric skillet as our house burned down on Thanksgiving morning … a total loss, so when our new house gets built later this year I will have to replace EVERYTHING!!

  745. Kevin, you have such an informative site that is sooo much fun to read and learn from! Thank you for sharing! I like all my kitchen gadgets, especially my big 4 cup measuring ‘”bowl,” my non-slip hand mixing bowl and a manual ricer. Oh, and my half-width spatula – couldn’t do without it. Like you, I’ve been baking – a lot – must be the cold weather; the oven helps heat up the house nicely and produces such mouth-watering aromas! I’ll need to switch off to cooking soon and try out a recipe that I came across for cabbage steaks, a meatless recipe. Thanks again, Kevin. Gotta go find my earplugs; the kitchen is calling me again and have loads of other things that need to be done – so, any kitchen gadgets that are good helpers would surely be welcome here…

  746. Jann Walter says:


  747. Love alll your recipes/hints—my favorites are: Old or even young kitchen glassware!! I have lots of measuring cups—especially love 2 and 4 cup ones, old Glasbake, old pyrex mixing bowls with colorful patterns, lots of neat odd patterned, different shapes, sizes and colors ofl canisters w/ metal-hinges to fasten the lids and almost daily find a use for my handmade ceramic colanders. And my newest use for the small handled salad spinner—I dry off lots of kale before it magically becomes kale chips in the oven—did you know that not only do they taste incredible/are healthy, but, you can also crumble them to put on top of or mix into all kinds of things like: soups, mac & cheese, and even tuna salad!! Especially great flavor to use less salt—a quick, cheap way to enhance and doesn’t cost or wilt like herbs! Would love, love to try your English muffins in that electric fry pan!! I have some crazy allergies, but I can eat lots of dark greens and all kinds of beans—make my own soups a lot in this very cold winter—soup hint—roast the chicken first, then use breast for meals and throw all the rest into your soup pot—much tastier than using raw!!

  748. Luved my electric skillet when I made molded candy….but, now it’s broken so hope to win this one!! Have a great week in the upper NE

  749. Love my santoko knife…I do everything with it !

  750. What great recipes and ideas! Love your emails

  751. hi kevin, i have been enjoying your blog for some time now… Finally learned how to clean windows without streaks from you. I live on vancouver island BC canada so i may not be eligable for your contest, but i thought i’d let you know how much I appreciate you anyway… Cheers!

  752. Just the thing I need to fry up an entire pound of BACON!!!!

  753. You are so wonderful! Love your blog, your recipes, your gardens, all the wonderful hints and your humor! I too am a gadget lover. My favorites in the spatula section are the small ones I just found at a kitchen store. I had an electric skillet when I was first married 44 years ago, but unfortunately, it hasn’t lasted as long as I would have liked! I love the Spaetzle-maker, I thought it was a grater!! I can’t wait to make some spaetzle (but I will have to use the colander option!) Thanks for all you do!

  754. Arianna Norris-Landry says:

    My mom has one (she’s 86) and I had πŸ™ one, mine bit it at Xmas time for some unknown reason. I’d love to get another large electric skillet, though finances at this time prevent it, as I can’t make half my mother’s recipes without them!

  755. Rachel Clark says:

    My cooking life has changed for the better since I got my microplane. I use it every day and couldn’t imagine doing without it. Love you blog.

  756. alvin rutledge sr. says:

    I am a gardener and I love cooking so I would LOVE to be a prize winner…..help an old guy out!

  757. My most interesting gadget is an old italian chitarra that was my grandmothers, it cuts several strands of homemade pasta at one time. It is strung with piano wire and looks a little like a harp or guitar.

  758. I’ve been looking at electric skillets for several months. Enjoyed seeing all the ways you use yours. Winning one would be a treat.

  759. Cheryl Wells says:

    My favorite items in the kitchen are my Foodsaver and my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I too love going into a kitchen gadget place and seeking out my next item to add to my gadget drawer, LOL! I would love a new electric skillet, it would help out a lot.

  760. Hey Kevin, I’ve loved your emails for a couple of years now, at first for my passion of gardening and I have learned so much. And recently you have inspired me to learn to spoil myself with fine cuisine. Living alone and cooking for one I have to admit my microwave is the most used gadget but it is time to change that so an electric frying pan would be the best. I also took my year old never used Cuisinart Food Processor out of it’s box for New Year’s Eve and made fresh ground meatloaf at a friend’s home and so I’ll be using that gadget much more often. I’ll be clipping Forsythias today and paying attention to my neglected African Violets, sometimes it all gets so overwhelming but your emails/site always cheer me up. Look at all the fans and friends you have, I love to read all their comments too. πŸ™‚

  761. Angelica Menpes says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Firstly I would just like to say that I really enjoy your website.I love reading your recipes and gardening tips. also the beautiful photos especially the snow.

    My favorite item in my kitchen is a very old wooden spoon which belonged to my grandmother in Germany. She passed away in June last year . I love using it as it makes me feel close to her. The wooden spoon is so worn away it’s about the size of a twenty cent piece – Australian coin.

    Obviously I am not trying to enter the competition as I am not in America but Australia .
    I don’t normally posts comments but wanted to share my favorite cooking item.

    Once again thank you very much .
    Perth, Western Australia.

  762. Love kitchen gadgets! I had a small box grater/slicer that I used all the time. It finally broke and I am having a hard time finding a simple replacement. It was nice having graters and slicers all in one small box. I have been eyeing up the microplane handheld adjustable slicer. I have a larger mandolin slicer that I hate to use. It’s so big and bulky and I cut myself on the julienne blade once while cleaning it. Nastiest cut I ever had. I also have a french fry slicer I use alot. Makes perfect little potato cubes for stews and soups. I also slice the ‘fries’ into very thin little square slices for hash browns. I did try Spaetzle once. Without the ‘gadget’ it didn’t turn out so well. Would love to try them again with a real Spaetzle-maker!

  763. I would love to own the skillet. I have a mini chopper I use a lot and stainless steel spatulas are amoung my favorite things.

  764. I have to say my favorite is my set of knives. I would LOVE an electric skillet-have not owned one for years, now.

  765. My nifty little garlic roller – a green silicone tube that rolls the peeling right off garlic in seconds. We love garlic in the Bertling house.

  766. Laura Swieton says:

    I love many kitchen gadgets, but in winter for a family of 5 I adore my crockpot!

  767. What would you use for the egg piercing gadget? Really curious. Have a great day!

  768. My favorite is the Thyme and Wine Beef Stew but I love reading all the recipes. Wonderfully good.

  769. I love my pressure cooker. I don’t have a skillet like this but think it could come in handy.

  770. I love your blog and share it with all my friends……. but that makes it harder to win. πŸ™‚

  771. Boy, I’d love it!

  772. Kevin, I really enjoy your blog. The information you share is always useful. I am currently getting my jugs and seeds together to try the milk jug greenhouse. I would dearly love to have a new electric skillet.

  773. And once more into the frey! Thyme and wine looks delicious. Will try it in my new frying pan you are giving me.

  774. Cathy O'Daniel says:

    Love all those gadgets…..the skillet would be so awesome. This is one of my
    favorite websites.

  775. My favorite gadget is a lid popper for those hard to open jars.

  776. Anne Quinn says:

    Love your newsletter -even if you don’t pick me.

  777. I love your blog and all the recipes you post it. I have tried few of them and my family loved it. Thank you

  778. Linda Dion says:

    The spatulas were the first thing that brought me here, love them!

  779. Erin Morrison says:

    Love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer! And I love baking, so I use it all the time.

  780. Happy Monday,

    I really do love reading your blog and receiving your newsletter as I always have an “A-HA”
    moment. Love the pictures….recipes…suggestions…etc.etc.etc. Have to say the egg piercing device has me quite excited….I have so many kitchen gadgets that I wouldn’t part with, but have to say I use my Cutco chef knife for everything…..can’t seem to break myself of the habit….it’s a bit extreme for slicing olives…LOL

  781. maria rose says:

    Oh, Kevin Lee

    I was going to write you anyway to let you know that I’ve made your beef stew and your rosemary mint lamb chops in the past week and how very good both were. I served the lamb chops to elderly Greek relatives—I was a bit concerned about the mustard—and they loved them! I did bake them at 375 deg for about 1/2 hour–careful not to over-cook—rather than broil because of smoke alarm concerns in my little condo.

    Your ideas have spruced up my little condo as well. The African violets and your Christmas mantles. I still hanker to have those glass shelves across a window bedecked with flowers…


    Maria Rose

  782. My mother had a skillet like this when I was growing up. I would really love having one myself. πŸ™‚

  783. Love kitchen gadgets!!! And I love to shop and browse kitchen stores! This frying pan looks amazing! Great giveaway!

  784. Kip Morrissette says:

    Like many others, I am a ‘gadget queen’. Love my latest, Vidalia Chop Wizard, from Bed Bath & Beyond (use a $5 coupon and it’s only $15.) Comes with two size blades. I slice my veggies and feed them into this gadget and everything is uniform in size. If you make salsa, pile a ‘stack’ of cilantro on the blade and a slice of onion or some other harder surface veggie and that will help push the cilantro through the blade and not stick in the ‘teeth’. It is not elec or battery dependent..just works by hand. My next gadget, to me qualifies, is a gadget or HINTS. I love learning tricks to make anything easier. My daughter in law who is a great cook, lives in China, told me about slicing a small piece of fresh ginger and placing it in my pan when cooking or broiling fish…you won’t taste the ginger and you will NOT have the smell of fish in your house!
    I use a Mini Elec Chopper for mincing…that gadget is priceless also. I also have a small chopper/shredder that is no longer available but it is great for making your own shredded cheese, or a batch of chopped nuts etc! OK, I’m going to close now as I’m coming up with more gadgets that I love!
    There isn’t anything I enjoy reading more than your Sunday emails…and the comments from your fans; they too have a great sense of humor i.e. #27. OK, now you can send me the elec fry pan.

  785. my most-used small kitchen appliance is the crock pot. I imagine this spiffy electric skillet would give it a run for its money though! πŸ™‚

  786. I love kitchen gadgets and think I’ll look into that Spaetzle maker. We just made it the other night the old fashioned way by pushing the dough through an old strainer pot.

  787. A new electric skillet would be awesome!

  788. Love It ! Just like the one my mom had when I was growing up.

  789. Love my juice steamer for making blueberry, aronia, blackberry juices (full of vitamins &
    anti-oxidants; and my new wine bottle corker (spendy) but fast.

  790. Christine says:

    Hello Kevin, I really enjoy your website. This is my first time commenting.
    Please give Lily a hug from me, she is adorable! I always enjoy seeing her looking to see what you are making in the kitchen. My Black Lab mix is my baby and always involved in whatever is going on. They are part of the family for sure.
    That is a nice giveaway too!

  791. An electric skillet would be great fun!

  792. I LOVE my hand held lemon juicer! I have a recipe for Larb which calls for 3/4 cup of lime juice & it was a chore with my citrus reamer, now it’s easy-peazy with my squeezie πŸ™‚ LOVE your blog, Kevin! xo

  793. I need all the help I can get in the Kitchen!!!

  794. I smell pancakes and fritters on the back porch with this little guy!

  795. Couldn’t live without my cast iron cookware and my garlic press.

  796. Pam Jacobsen says:

    My favorite kitchen gadgets are a collection of vintage bowls, and I love spatulas! Never had an electric skillet and would love to win one!

  797. Paula Wolff says:

    My electric tea kettle is my favorite right now–I use it every morning to make tea. But my crock pot comes in second–it’s nice to have dinner come out of that at the end of the day with very little prep. Loved your array of spatulas, especially the one with polka-dots.

  798. Cristina E says:

    I love your blog, thanks!

  799. Lots of gadgets!!!!! Love them. Drawers and drawers full.

  800. Tammy Ledvina says:

    My husband married me for my gadgets!! lol I have a kitchen full and I am always looking out for new ones. My metal strawberry slicer is my favorite, it has metal slicers instead of the wire ones and works great on all kinds of stuff.

  801. Dee Otness says:

    Love kitchen gadgets! Jucier, blender and wooden spoons get mega use at my house!

  802. I use my egg slicer quite a bit and also really like a lovely Swedish cheese slicer which slices thin, uniform slices so easily. Last, but not least, I love my 1940’s era Mixmaster. It was my Mother’s and it is still working perfectly!

    Love your blog!

  803. Linda K. Dodd says:

    I love my electric skillet and would love a new one.

  804. Home made English muffins – I’m impressed. Love all of your gadgets

  805. Gotta use my Vitamix everyday!

  806. Leslie Underwood says:

    I’ve learned a lot of new culinary and gardening tips from your informative
    and entertaining site. Love my new baby violets. My 30plus year old electric
    Farberware pan has bit the dust, a new one would be greatly appreciated

  807. Suzanne Bennett says:

    I couldn’t cook without my iron frying pan. I bake in it, fry and sautee and even reheat pizza in it. Kevin, hurry up with that cookbook, can’t wait to buy it. Love to Lilly!

  808. You have quite a following and I know there is no chance…..NO CHANCE…..of Hubby and I winning the Electric Skillet… but it looks so very nice. Would be great for a senior citizen couple like us to use and enjoy. Thank you for the heads up on the nice gadgets. XO

  809. I’m really intrigued by all the coffee paraphernalia that people mentioned. I’d love to see a roundup of those kinds of things (e.g., the brother (damn spell check!!!!) f rather) (NO, not rather!!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!) f-r-o-t-h-er, etc.). Anyway, I love my immersion blender, my cast iron skillets, my columbian black pottery stew pot, and my le crust (spell check again!!!) blue pitcher.

  810. Homemade English muffins, nice. My favorite gadget is an open tabletop electric grill, one that works more like an outdoor grill rather than the dual-faced type.. It’s great for grilled meats and veggies on cold winter days!

  811. Love your messages and your wonderful inspiring directions! My collection of Wagner and Griswold skillets are among my kitchen faves. Have been looking for a cast iron dutch oven for years and when I find it, my cast iron will be complete. Among my spatulas is a straight edge softly-worn wooden one–my go-to for almost every mixing job.

  812. Hi Kevin,
    your website is my go-to site when I want a “treat” with a good cup of coffee. I just love the diverse topics, the beautiful photo’s and the things I learn. Thank you for letting us into your Garden For the House!

  813. I have always wanted a skillet but never quite got around to buying one. I also love spatulas and all kinds of kitchen gadgets. Love the recipes you give us. Thanks Kevin. Also the gardening hints.

  814. Myra Hickman says:

    I have been looking for a good beef stew recipe!

  815. Dolores Curbis says:

    Being an older woman,I love the new gadgets that have made my cooking so much easier.
    Thanks for sharing.

  816. Nelson Powell says:

    I’m nuts about kitchen gadgets, Great Site Kevin!!

  817. Betty Heptinstall says:

    My mother always used an electric skillet. I have fond memories of the good food that was cooked.

  818. Betty Heptinstall says:

    My mother cooked with an electric skillet. I have fond memories of the good food. Wish I had one.

  819. Annette Falkevitz says:

    Love my Kitchen Aid mixer and Vitamix. What fun to use! Would love to have an electric skillet! Thanks for sharing.

  820. I am kind of an old school cook, enjoying the process of cooking as much as the result. Having said, I love my electric skillet! It is definitely not “old school”.


  821. My mother SWORE by her electric fry pan ~ I have neevr had one. PICK ME – PICK ME πŸ™‚

  822. Carolyn Riccardino says:

    cool spatula collection

  823. My mother always swore by her Electric Fry Pan…. I have never owned one – but would like to. πŸ™‚

  824. Sheri Hagwood says:

    I try not too collect too many gadgets but an electric frying pan would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen!

  825. I adore kitchen gadgets! Can’t get enough of them! And I really love your newsletters! Keep up the good work! Woohooooo!!!

  826. I love your colorful spatula collection. I love my cast iron griddle and pans.

  827. My most bizarre kitchen gadget is a little contraption that makes square hard boiled eggs! It’s like a little square box with a removable lid that is like the top to a cheese press. You put a peeled, hot hard boiled egg in it, screw down the top, let it cool and “ta da!” – a square egg that can be sliced to fit perfectly on top of a square cracker! It actually won top prize in a “useless kitchen gadget” competition at a “Simple Living” seminar I attended!

  828. I can spend hours in a kitchen store browsing their gadgets:) and I can spend hours on your page dreaming of gardens.

  829. I, like you, am a spatula addict. In the 1970s they cost .99…now they cost $5. I purchased one for a non-cooking friend for a holiday gift and had to include a ‘stickem’ indicating that it was a ‘cooking utensil’…..ha.

  830. Michelle L. says:

    I’m always inspired by your posts. I love your beautiful photos of all of your projects *;)

  831. It was a lot of fun to see what favorite kitchen items people chose. πŸ™‚

  832. Tracy Sbresny says:

    Haven’t had a skillet in years, mine gave out and I never replaced it. Until now forgot how much I used it.

  833. Toni Gandel says:

    I love electric skillets for any sort of frying as the temp remains constant.
    Best for potato pancakes too. Love your posts Kevin.

  834. I also love kitchen gadgets, my newest find is my T-Fal ActiFry for french fries (sweet potato my favorie) to kale chips,

  835. Glynnis Neilson says:

    The food you show and tell is exquisite. It’s dangerous for me to venture in, but i do it anyway. It’s a siren song.

  836. Love my crock pots. Working all day and being gone 12-14 hours they are a life save for healthy meals. I use mine multiple times a week. for cooking meats and full meals. I have even made apple crisp which turns out great.

  837. Charlene Borden says:

    I have always wanted an electric skillet. But never bought one . That electric kettle would be nice too. The pie crust sheet would be handy to have too.

  838. An electric skillet is on the top of my list – your Garden for the House is on the top of my readling list each week.

  839. Wow! I haven’t had an electric skillet in years! I would love one – what a nice idea. Also have the Electric kettle on my list. My daughter started using one in Germany & I’ve always been so jealous….gotta get one.

  840. Oh Boy- this would be super for so many things! thanks for this chance!

  841. Love your gadgets and your site love your gardens and your recipes tried few of them loved it thank you

  842. Yvette Jones says:

    I just love your blog. My favourite gadget is my apple corer/slicer. The kids lunches are made in a snap. I also LOVE your milk jug perennial starter, what a great idea!

  843. maybe you should come visit us here in southeast Alaska, and give me some garden ideas.thanks! love your site, and look forward to each and every posting. cheers!

  844. Would love to have this! I can see it making my life so much easier. Love all your posts. Keep it up

  845. I know someone who would love such a skillet. Thanks, Kevin, for your wonderful blog! Today is a good day for winter sowing some Brassicas.

  846. I am lost without my electric frying pan. I used it for everything and now the teflon is coming off. I also have alot of the gadgets that you have .

  847. Hi Kevin,
    My sister just introduced me to your website & I’m really looking forward to reading everything on it. Last year my sis & I used your vinegar & dish soap weed killer in place of traditional ones and found it works really well, is inexpensive & best of all is ecofriendly. Thanks for the info! Also, I’m looking forward to trying many of your recipes.

  848. Margie S. says:

    I can use all the help I can get in the kitchen …I would love that skillet. Just started my winter sowing, this is year 2 for me, one thing I need to do is plant less seeds per jug. Last year I had a Roma tomato forest in one of my milk jugs… lol

  849. What a great kitchen gadget!

  850. game on!!

  851. Fav gadget is a corkscrew to open the wine that must be part of every cooking adventure!

  852. What a gold mine of stuff to use to create experimental foods for the soul!

  853. Tamara Berthelson says:

    Luv your sense of humor…gadgets are wonderful! Next on my long lists of me wants: crockpot and mandolin.

  854. Ann Honer says:

    The thyme and wine beef stew was delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  855. Love my egg piercer too but the garlic mincer is the best.

  856. I LOVE my Cast Iron cookware!

  857. Bonnie Shileny says:

    Love my kitchenaid mixer!

  858. Julia Hofley says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I also love the Presto electric skillet with the glass top. I use it for a buffet dinner when we are having a party and it keeps food warm while letting the guests see what is in the dish when they are passing through the buffet line. We pre-grill chicken legs (Bobby Flay’s recipe) and then serve them warm in this skillet.
    I also love the Pampered Chef tools like the cookie spatula and meat mincer.

  859. Jen Shileny says:

    Love my garlic press from pampered chef.

  860. Deb Rogers says:

    Maybe someday you can offer a spatula collection like yours. They are so colorful and fun!

  861. Jon Shileny says:

    Love my smoothie blender!

  862. Tina Shores says:

    Love all my gadgets, but most of all I love my toaster/convection oven. There’s not a day I don’t use it. I also love my round flip waffle maker. Could use a new electric skillet.

  863. I love my Cuisinart Griddler. I made sandwiches, grill burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes. It has many uses.

  864. Dola Johnson says:

    Kevin, your kitchen is stocked with some pretty cool gadgets that I don’t have!!! Love the ones I do have though and thanks to my girls, my stocking is full of nifty ones every Christmas.

  865. Kathy mcmanus says:

    I love my new Spirooli machine! Makes great Zuchinni “pasta!”
    Thanks Kevin for your great ideas!

  866. I can’t cook without my favorite paring knife and veggie peeler. Thanks for the give-away!

  867. Debra Baumert says:

    Love my electric kettle. So easy to use. I do not have an electric skillet. Sure could cook up some fun things in it.

  868. VickieH.P. says:

    I love all kinds of kitchen gadgets and I can spend hours in the kitchen section of a store just looking and not buying a thing, well that’s rare! Favorite kitchen gadget: all of them!

  869. Tami Wilde says:

    Loooooove my fierce garlic press!

  870. Dana Hutchinson says:

    My favorite gadgets are my zester and hand grater, use them a lot and would be lost without them!

  871. Found your blog site via your lamb chop recipe and think you may be my favorite new friend! Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship- yay!

  872. Jane Seaver says:

    I would love to try an electric skillet!

  873. Love the items! My mother has passed down an old electric deep fryer (still works perfectly!!), and just a couple of her classic metal whisks, plus some beautiful ceramic cooking bowls from her mother. Sometimes I hate to use them, but when I do, I always remember the family gatherings in the kitchen when I would watch and learn, and imitate my mom, Aunts, and Grandma in my bedroom with my plastic bowls and spoons. My mother still has some cooking knives she will not part with, but I remember using when I was at the age I was allowed to cut up potatoes, she still has many, and the one I used to cut up the potatoes, well, I still use it and smile everytime I do.

  874. Darcie Rzomp says:

    Just made a comment to my son last night on how I love my electric teapot. I got the idea from you. Also, I use everyday is my salad spinner. I couldn’t be without one. Nothing worse than soggy lettuce.

  875. Anne Efron says:

    I love cute little bowls, I’m so particular I have to measure everything out before start a recipe, so the more coloful the bowls, the better!

  876. Amazing! My 18 year old son just asked me yesterday if I’d find a large skillet for him. He’s beginning to show signs of ‘chefs-ness’, as he calls it, and is getting fed up with the two pancakes at a time skillet now he has a six pancakes at a time appetite! His next present from me is to be a toque to wear at school when he prepares snacks for the student body (bodies…)
    Personally, I’m in love with your red polka dot spatula, better hang on tight to that one.

    My favorite kitchen item is my grandmother’s egg beater, and since she was a true Victorian lady, this came from her 1900 kitchen. It’s still the very best for any whipping activity, though I probably should put it away to preserve it, I think it will outlive me no matter what. I love to think of her using this beater in her big (very big) farmhouse kitchen where there were no electronics, and electricity was “new-fangled”.

  877. Rhonda Coombs says:

    I really love my spatulas. I have all kinds and sizes and pretty much use them all. I also use a whisk a lot. The one thing that I had that I truly miss was a small handheld mixer for little things. I seriously burnt mine up I used it so much. LOL! Love the kitchen

  878. Meryl Oliver says:

    I got myself a cheap mandolin and I have to say, I love it…despite feeling like I’m risking a fingertip every time I use it, I like being able to turn out paper thin potato chips, shred cabbage for slaw and do a million other delicate cutting jobs in a flash!

    I could definitely use an electric skillet as a pancake helper to make them more uniformly golden than my pan and stove currently do! Thanks for this wonderful site and for the contests you come up with for us all:)

  879. Janet G. Metzger says:

    hot chocolate in your electric kettle! Thanks for the link back to the Hamilton Beach kettle. The skillet would be nice, too. Maybe it would not hurt me to buy a 2nd spatula……and I am dreaming of your forced crabapple. My violet is still alive. Only One bloom this year but alive.


  880. My 2 favorite things in my kitchen are my RED Professional Kitchen Aid Mixer – no hand mixing of meatloaf again! I also love my Pampered Chef Measuring Kitchen Strainer. It holds up to 2 cups of beans, berries or canned whatever that needs to be drained or washed. It makes using canned items a cinch and it goes in the diswasher too! With numerous health issues, these items make my life easier, as well as tastier!

  881. Your recipes and gardening tips are the best! I could use an electric skillet, still enjoy cooking after 56 yrs. of marriage!


  882. Theresa Ryan says:

    My favorite kitchen things are my wooden spoons and my wine bottle opener!

  883. Brenda Miller says:

    I am new to your site!! I Love All the ideas and All Of the information that’s useful and saves money!! Would love to win!! But if I don’t i will still Love your news Letters!! Thanks for all you do πŸ™‚

  884. I love reading about eveyrones “favorite things” in their kitchens. I have to many favorites to name……but since I used these a few hours ago…..microplane graters. I have several different ones and love them all. Happy day!

  885. Just found your blog today while googling gluten-free potato croquettes. Glad I found you, we obviously think much alike.

    Favorite gadgets: A great lime squeezer made in Mexico from solid aluminum with a sturdy steel pin in the hinge. Have crushed every squeezer I ever bought in short order. This one’s lasted 25 months and going strong. Mason jars – these are so handy for pickling, or making Moroccan preserved lemons or canning home made cranberry relish for year-round enjoyment. A really old-school Mandoline with flat edge and crinkle cut slicing blades, small and medium julienne settings makes super thin potato slices a breeze.

  886. Hi Kevin! I love kitchen gadgets… they make my kitchen time fun!

  887. Robin Graber says:

    Love gadgets for the kitchen! It is hard to pick just one favorite! I use my mandolin a lot and I also love different sized wire whisks. I also have a passion for mixing bowls of all shapes and sizes. From antique to glass to bamboo…so many choices!

  888. My life is altered forever, thank you!!! πŸ™‚ I love kitchen gadgets, too!

  889. selina Donohue says:

    awesome how wonderful! I love my wood spoons!

  890. I love kitchen gadgets. Those colorful spatulas are very cute

  891. I would love to win an electric skillet to make english muffins!

  892. They are all great and that Spaetzle maker I have to get one for me and a couple more for my brothers… lol

  893. I absolutely love your newsletter and website. I have used many of your recipes and various suggestions for houseplants.

    I would so love to win this prize, I hope you pick me!

  894. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  895. Diane from Boston says:

    Sign me up. Kevin!

  896. My very favorite tool is an old fashioned cooking spatula with a wooden handle that has slots and fits my hand perfectly. I also have a wooden spoon my Swedish grandfather carved. More on the modern side, my silicone spatatulas and my new Cuisanart Food Processor.
    Love your recipes, but don’t entertain much.

  897. Wendy Bellovary says:

    That electric skillet would make my life complete!

  898. Kevin – enjoy your site and all the varied topics. Learning as well. I enjoyed this post due to the items that I used to see in my Ma’s kitchen and now I see them in my wife’s kitchen. It looks you put that skillet to great use. Steve

  899. Janet Rinn says:

    I love all of your gadgets!

  900. Bonnie Strautmann says:

    My favorite kitchen tool is my mother’s rolling pin but I also love my wire whisk! Really enjoying some new recipes this winter which is the first winter of my retirement. I actually made a decent panettone bread for my son in law for his birthday. I love ‘A Garden for the House’

  901. I am saving milk jugs and getting ready to sow my spring garden experiment.
    My small raised bed winter garden surrounded by hay bales, old windows and on extreme days a layer of straw and tarps survived two bitter weeks with sub zero temperatures with leaf lettuce and chard in fine shape. We should be over the hump now so will be reseeding lettuce in the next couple of weeks. I thought all the plants would freeze weeks ago. I am delighted!

  902. Michele Shaffer says:

    I love the spatulas!

  903. LOVE the polka dot spatula!. It looks ready for fun food.

  904. I couldn’t live without my Stand Mixer!

  905. love , love, love my juicer, and food processor also i have been collecting glass containers of most kinds for food prep and storage.

  906. Peggy T Rickard says:

    I love. love all of the information form your weekly posts. I really love the gardening aspects and learn so much.

    Thank you for doing this.

  907. I totally love gadgets for the kitchen. And most are from the thrift store. Newest addition is a pomegranate juicer I got yesterday. Now we will see if it was there because it didn’t work or if some one no longer needed it. I have 2 bags of pomegranates ready for the test. I would love the electric pan. But maybe not for pomegranates!!

  908. Margo Pohland says:

    I love the variety you have on your website. I garden, cook, bake, and like decorating
    and you have an endless variety of articles and tips. Thank you!

  909. My toaster oven is my most coveted kitchen item. Sadly its almost reached the end of its use.

  910. Totally random comment… the latest addition to my kitchen toys are mini muffin pans… 24 in each pan… now to find recipes/baking times for the minis! Hmmm I see an entry for your blog… mini cupcakes… the dos and dont’s!!!!

  911. Every morning I get a work out from a kitchen gadget that most every home had in 1902: a wall mounted coffee grinder. Something cathartic about cranking out your beans. Pleasant and quiet; no screeching or loud grinding from the electric machine. A great way to get the day going.

  912. It’s amazing how many delicious meals a person can cook, bake, roast, twirl, swirl and all the other wonderful methods used to prepare a repast fit for royalty while using very simple tools. Just a quick note of thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your recipes are easy to follow, fun to read and always cause my taste buds to salivate (sorry, but it’s true – ha!).
    Keep ’em coming Kevin.

  913. Wow, everything looks great but the spatulas have the most personality…..like you!

  914. I love gadgets. I use them all from time to time. Never used an egg piercer before. Would love to own a Presto fry pan.

  915. I love my nonstick skillets and my paring knives!

  916. Tracey Santi says:

    My 3 year old daughter is now the same age I was when my wonderful step mom would let me choose the color for her homemade pancakes….she ALWAYS made them on her electric skillet. I had forgotten about this until I saw your pancakes up top. Mmmm, thanks for the fond memory recall!

  917. I’ve enjoyed so many posts here. Thank you, Kevin!

  918. Melanie Lahman says:

    Ooh! Butternut squash pancakes. I think I’m in love.

  919. I just want to say that I love your website! I made the delicious cinnamon rolls you had on a few weeks ago. They were delicious; my family loved them. Next, I am going to try the egg bread recipe. Also, I do not own an electric skillet and would love to win this one. πŸ™‚

  920. My coffee pot! can’t cook unless I’ve had my cuppa!

  921. Donna Dunbar says:

    I will keep trying until my name is announced as a winner…lmao. Love your emails, they brighten my day.

  922. I love to collect kitchen gadgets also, the most fun is when my Grandkids go thru the kitchen and ask “what is this thing?” or “what do we use this one for?” We have a lot of fun in the kitchen.

  923. Love having the right tool for the right job

  924. I’m forever in the kitchen and have too many so I asked my husband what his favorite gadget is and he said, without hesitation, “The electric can opener. ”

    Thank you Kevin for another wonderful post and giveaway!


  925. love those spatulas!

  926. sharon c. says:

    I think you should win an award for the best newsletter ever !! Look forward to all of them. The step-by-step photos and amusing comments are well worth waiting for to brighten the day. Love when Lucie looks in…(.and the brief glimpse of the kitty cat }.
    Winter sowed 1/15/14 ….coreopsis, delphinium and coral bells. Will try annuals in March.
    Have many kitchen gadgets , but my latest favorite is the Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup with the measures that you read from the inside…makes it so much easier…..

  927. Gladys Rellinger says:

    I look forward to your e–mails. I am just planting my flower jugs. I would like to know if there are any seeds that I can plant that I can transfer into hanging baskets. Do superbells work for this? What about the green stuff that is hanging from the baskets. I don’t know the name but is it hardy enough to plant in the jugs. I do not own a skillet and it would be new to me. A wonderful giveaway for someone.

    Can any one give me some ideas for plants that will do well in hanging baskets in a partial shade area.

  928. Gladys Rellinger says:

    I am in zone 5B

  929. That would be so great for one pot meals!

  930. My favorite staples are the trio of cast-iron skillets passed to me from my mother-in-law who had them passed to her from her own Mother~ Over 100 years of meals in the making~ whenever in use, I smile enjoying this connection to the past.

  931. jessica jm says:

    I could not live without my kitchen aid stand mixer love love love!

  932. Earen Hummel says:

    I have never seen en egg shell piercer and I am a connoisseur of kitchen gadgets myself.

  933. Esther Vavalle says:

    I can not be without my KUHN RIKON peeler!

    Makes peeling anything so quick and easy

  934. Love the photo of the spatulas! Could be an art poster.

  935. Carol Reynolds says:

    A friend recently shared your blog on FB. I enjoyed reading it so much that I signed up for it. It is the highlight of my week. I still use my electric skillet for certain dishes. It was a wedding gift from 1967. We also got an electric griddle at the same time which makes great pancakes and French toast. The plugs need some adjustments now when cooking so a new skillet would be great.

  936. I love kitchen gadgets too – but struggle with storage space! I eagerly shook my head and agreed with your list of faves! Such great choices when we create in the kitchen!

  937. Mau in SoCal says:

    That electric frying pan looks great!
    I’m going to add one to my stock of cooking gear.
    My favourite gadget is my Oxo GoodGrips “turbo” vegetable peeler….use it all the time.

  938. I made your Thyme and Wine Beef Stew and it was fabulous! Love your tips!

  939. codi ruth says:

    so many more comments than usual! πŸ™‚ you really know how to draw us in, don’t you! πŸ™‚ I asked for a large griddle for Christmas but didn’t get one. πŸ™ I did, however, get a new food processor which is now my favorite new gadget! It makes all the difference in food prep! Toodles!

  940. Pat McGee says:

    Hi Kevin, My very favorite gadget is the Galloping Gormet set of spurtles that I got years and years ago. I don’t know anyone who makes them any more or I would replace my set. Everyone I know who has a set says the same thing. Wish they were still available. Love your site and have sent it to may friends. Thanks.

  941. In addition to regular spatulas, I have some very small (1 1/2″) ones which I use often.

  942. Am finding more uses for my immersion blender every day! Couldn’t cook without it now. Tried your garbanzo pancakes and loved them, then made them for dinner with veggies and savory herbs which my family loved.

  943. It’s snowing here today and it is supposed to pick up in intensity this afternoon. A day like today would be a great day to cook on the new skillet. In fact, I was thinking of making the butternut squash pancakes because I have some squash left after making a very excellent butternut squash soup with a spicy sausage & red pepper confit. Let’s eat!

  944. Deanna Gilbert says:

    I love your bolg and useful tips. I took a picture of your African violet shelves and it in on my \hubby’s Honey-do list. Might have to do it myself. Would love to win the skillet and make homemade english muffins.

  945. Linda Noblin says:

    I am fond of my avocado slicer among many things already listed.

  946. I love new gadgets – I just bought a couple of things from Pampered Chef. They will be delivered soon. Now….to remember to use them all!

  947. Cynthia Cox says:

    My favorite gadget has to be my microplane that was given to me by my stepmother years ago.

  948. Christina Lawrence says:

    I really need a flat surface to cook on (my electric fry pan is 43 years old, but it still works). My favorite tool is my new kitchen aide mixer. It’s gorgeous to look at and works great.

  949. Will need to look up a egg shell piercing-device. Love the spatula with the polka-dots!

  950. Awesome giveaway. My garlic press ranks pretty high!

  951. Dale Gasque says:

    When I was in college, I used our electric frying pan to make donuts out of refrigerator biscuits with elementary school kids. It was the language experience approach: doing something fun and then writing about it. Sadly the cord went missing during a move and I’ve been electric frying pan-less every since.

  952. Laura Divin says:

    I would love to have the new electric skillet. Mine died but it was a wedding present and 40 years old! I love all kitchen items and need to double the size of my kitchen.

  953. Fingers crossed!

  954. Tracy Ediger says:

    My current favorite kitchen gadget is my “Clever” immersion coffee maker. Love it!

  955. I love my cast iron skillets, but sometimes an electric skillet comes in handy.

  956. I really love my Pyrex liquid measuring cups. It is so handy to mix small amounts of things in them with the measurements on the sides and are so nice to pour!

  957. Hi, Kev, hope the snow isn’t too deep. i’m browsing your recipes to see what i shall do while i’m cabin fevering it. πŸ™‚ As for my favorite gadgets, the Ninja Ultima and my Keurig. – KT

  958. Would love the recipe for the English Muffins.

  959. Christine says:

    For me it’s all about the “spreader”. You can’t have a biscuit or scone without a proper spreader! . . . in pinch it’s also a very classy screwdriver.

  960. I am such a sucker for “kitchen gadgets” ! I just love all the kitchen stuff. I have to stop myself from buying every time I’m in the kitchen dept. or I’m going to have to move to a new house with a bigger kitchen!!!

  961. Joni Prescott says:

    I love my wooden spoons, our kitchen-aide and my little “egg head” that has feet to mash avocados perfectly for guacamole!

  962. Love my Vita Mix and my gas stove.

  963. Madi Winslow says:

    I absolutely love my bamboo wooden spoons!

  964. Linda Boyer says:

    Hi, Kevin. It’s finally cold here in California, after the record-breaking warm temperatures in December and January. Now I have a motivation to prepare your comfort-food Thyme and Wine Stew! Yummy.

  965. Sarah Batzloff says:

    I LOVE that flat wire whisk you pictured – I have one just like it. My daughter got it for me for Christmas from her employer (Pottery Barn/Williams-Sonoma) – it is the perfect whisk – not too big or too small – perfect for any job!

  966. sarah jamesse says:

    I love to cook whatever idea pops into my head…… makes me happy!

  967. Would really love to have this!!!

  968. Beth Emhoff says:

    Love kitchen gadgets! Thanks for having another great contest!

  969. Nancy Eldridge says:

    Love your polka dot spatula and your newsletters. I tried winter sowing this year thanks to you. So exciting to be gardening in January! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love you and the adorable way you give garden tours, etc. I am hooked!!!

  970. My mother used to have an electric frying pan. She made a lot of salmon patties in it. Yum!

  971. Pamela Pearson says:

    I love my brightly colored paring knives and couldn’t do without my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  972. Karen Ames says:

    Would love anything for my kitchen, I do so much baking and cooking especially with my grand kids.

  973. Heidi Young says:

    My favorite thing in my kitchen is my bundt pans. I use them for everything. I love how they make the best banana bread.

  974. Denise Goodspeed says:

    Love your blog & your emails. I also love kitchen gadgets. I have many different spatulas, an electric kettle & I use the rings to cook round eggs. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful
    recipes & gardening tips.

  975. My favorite things are my small roasting pan and my flat griddle for making french toast!

  976. Love your blog, Kevin, and could REALLY use this skillet as my stove is sucky πŸ˜‰

  977. Doris Troxell says:

    I love my kitchen aid mixer. I don’t have an electric skillet so this sounds like a great addition to our kitchen!

  978. We love our new butter keeper and especially our new herb grinder!

  979. Synde Pietrowski says:

    I love spaetzles…and make them a lot! Your articles are great!

  980. shannon a says:

    I’m so glad you included the link to your English Muffins recipe. I’m definitely giving those a whirl this weekend!

  981. Tamara Springfield says:

    My dad and I both LOVE your website and your awesome sense of humor. Plus, I love your polka dotted spatula! Thanks for all your hard work! :)!
    Now I want to try my hand at English muffins!

  982. Susan Bryan says:

    It is so good to know that someone, besides me, loves kitchen essentials [otherwise known as kitchen gadgets to those with a lesser appreciation]!

  983. While moving last year I step in and broke my electric fry pan. Would be nice to replace it.

  984. Crystal Sperber says:

    You have the same electric kettle as me! Love it!

  985. My parents always used an electric skillet. I think I’ m ready to try one.

  986. Christine says:

    My fav is a simple measuring cup that measures wet on one side and dry on the other.

  987. I love all of your gadgets. I hope you get an early spring since you have had such a snowy winter.

  988. Would love this! My electric skillet has never recovered from the melted crayon project I did with my 1st graders.

  989. Aimee Cleveland says:

    Bonjour! My 95 year old French grandmother Odile had the best garlic press. Now my mother uses it. It’s the one kitchen tool I can’t seem to convince her to let me have.

  990. Love my cast iron skillet, and my stand Kitchen aid mixer—never had a electric skillet would be super nice to have one–anyway love reading your articles!!

  991. Christina liebler says:

    I love my griddle. I take it with me everywhere. I would love an electric skillet!

  992. I love my electric skillet, unfortunately it’s on its last leg and getting a new one would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  993. I just cleaned out the closet where I keep my larger kitchen “gadgets” (blender, crock pot, KitchenAid mixer, pasta machine, stock pots, etc.) and I have a perfect spot for this electric skillet. I love it. I need it. I will have it!

  994. Hi Kevin, My list of faves is not at all unique, but it still baffles me what I ever did without a wire mesh sieve. I simply must have at least one on hand at all times!

  995. Blessie Nelson says:

    The one item I can’t live without is a handy silicone spatula that never wastes a single drop of food!

  996. Patti Teeters says:

    Hi Kevin! I know I am late with my comment, but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I think you would be an awesome person to hang out with. And I just love your recipes and gardening. Thanks so much for sharing. You have a beautiful house, garden and you are a beautiful person.

  997. Holly Rose says:

    I’d love this skillet for my amazing life partner who is a fabulous cook and works 2 demanding jobs and yet still manages to be supremely creative in the kitchen. Love how many things this electric skillet can do. This one is for Tom Terrific!

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