Organic Garden Starter Kit Giveaway: The Winners

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Comment # 626 from Jean K.: Winter in very, VERY windy S.E. South Dakota – my daily ritual, no matter the weather is a trip outdoors to my beloved Potting Shed… and Comment #149 from Keila: We cook a lot, trying new recipes we’ve collected over the holidays…

Congratulations, Jean and Keila! To collect your prize, just email me.

TODAY, because it’s raining outside…because Lily the Beagle is napping…and because I’m pondering the produce I’ll plant in my Kitchen Garden when spring arrives…I’m giving away two Organic Garden Starter Kits!

The kits in question come from High Mowing Seeds. Are you familiar with this Vermont company that offers over 600 heirloom, open-pollinated, and hybrid varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs? If not, I encourage you to visit their website.

Here are the organic seeds you’ll find in the kit:

•’Provider’ bush bean
•’Detroit Dark Red’ beet
•’Danvers 126′ carrot
•’Marketmore 76′ cucumber;
•High Mowing Mild Mix (‘Red Russian’ kale, Mizuna (delicious!), Tat Soi, Spring Raab, Pac Choi, and other greens)
•High Mowing Gourmet Lettuce Mix (includes ‘Black Seeded Simpson’, ‘Paris Island,’ ‘Rouge d’Hiver’, Red and Green Salad Bowl, and ‘Lollo Rossa’)
•’Cascadia’ snap pea
•’Cherry Belle’ radish
•Sweet Basil (the same kind I use for this fabulous Tomato Pie)
•Dark orange Calendula

For a chance to win one of two Organic Garden Starter Kits, just answer the following question:
What keeps you sane during the dark days of winter?
Do you escape to a warmer climate? Do you spend your time cooking (tip: try these luscious lamb chops), decorating, winter-sowing or tending houseplants? Mention your winter sanity-preserving project(s) in the comments field below, and you’ll be automatically entered in this week’s random drawing.

Details for Entry

Post your comment only in the “Comments” section found at the end of this post (Hint: Do not click on a picture to comment).

Only one comment per person, please.

Enter soon! This drawing expires on Monday, January 20, 2014 at 11:59PM eastern time.  I’ll use the little number device at to select two winners. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 21, so be sure to check back!

Appreciated but not required: Click the “like” button below.

This giveaway is sponsored by Kevin Lee Jacobs and High Mowing Seeds.

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  1. I’m ready for spring too!

  2. I actually like winter however the cloudy and dreary skies do get a bit irksome! My winter projects always include winter seed sowing as well as some indoor seed starting. It is also a time to do lots of baking! Cookies always make the day better! I do plan to make some garden trellises too.

  3. Nancy Jalaty says:

    Hi. Being in Southern Ca means not much cold winter. But I look at my empty tomato patch and dream of the tomatoes that will be growing there soon!

  4. Joy Harvey says:

    I adore Detroit red beets! Great fresh or husband always says “bloody Detroit” would be a better name….not so great for marketing though, lol.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for another fun giveaway.

  5. Joy Harvey says:

    And to answer your question, I’m outside playing in the snow and watching the landscape change as much as Michigan and Mother nature allows. Plans for the veg garden and orchard are still in the back of my mind. Planting time is too far off. 🙂

  6. I do like winter, but as the days get longer, my mind dreams of my spring gardening, seed planting and just diggin’ in the dirt. So naturally the seed catalogs are a must and the planting begins (in my head), so when the weather is right for planting I am ready with a plan of action and the energy to get started. Whoo Hoo, can’t wait!!!

  7. Jan Evancho says:

    In Washington State, we deal with many gray days and it drives lots of us bonkers. I get through them with happy pills, full spectrum lighting, good books, rented films, art and sewing projects, my teeny little indoor greenhouse set up (for starting seeds!) and lately I’ve been daydreaming about building a small open concept cottage as my next and final abode. It’s been fun to design it in my mind! Hurry, springtime!

  8. teresa barnard says:

    I me make sure I bring in lots of plants for the winter, it helps beat blues. I also plant cherry tomatoes to have in the house during the winter months, it also helps beat the blues and taste great too!

  9. I would love to create a garden such as yours.

  10. read,read a good time to learn new things

  11. I don’t escape the winter. I live in Central Ohio and this has definitely been an unusually cold snowy one. I keep busy reading lots of escapism fiction, quilting and cooking cold weather dishes.

  12. Crystal Sperber says:

    I live in a Texas where we don’t have much of a winter. I spend this time of year airing out the house, cleaning up, and de cluttering.

  13. I get the kids off to school and go back to bed with the three dogs (all great nappers!). Then I get up, do some housework, replenish the firewood and clean the wood stove, read/surf the web and get dinner going. Always have a cup of tea just before the first school bus is due. Evenings are all homework and school prep until the kids go to bed. Then I can read and fantasize about how wonderful the upcoming garden will be. 🙂

  14. Baking keeps me sane during the winter – that and some tea and a good book!

  15. While sitting out a winter storm warning…think blowing snow and no visibility….I am menu planning for the next three days. I have a great northern bean soup just starting to simmer on the stove. I also love planning my summer gardens!

  16. Here in Central Florida the dark days of winter start my gardening season. All cool weather veggies. I have carrots 2 types , 3 types of kale, leeks,red onions, sweet onions, fennel, acorn squash,pole beans,kidney beans, sweet peas,Jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, ancho peppers and red and green peppers,Tomatoes, Brussel sprouts,white cabbage,Broccoli , beets, broccoli romanesco and a fully stocked herb garden. 🙂 whew…I’ve been busy this season.

    Love Love Love my garden

    and I love seeing yours. Thank you!

  17. I’m already planning my Spring garden. Can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt again.

  18. Actually love the winter. And it IS more fun cooking when it’s cold, but no lamb…ever ever ever

  19. Luckily winter is not too harsh in the South. So I can get some garden tidying-up duties done when the wind is not blowing or a new cold front comes through. Otherwise I think about missing the snow, since I used to live in the Northeast. But not missing the shoveling out.

  20. Memememeeeee! Oh I want this! I love planning the gardens. It is the best part of January

  21. I plan my garden and look at seed catalogs right before I go to sleep. Gives me creative and happy dreams and I wake up feeling optimistic. High Mowing is my favorite source of dream material!

  22. I knit and quilt, so winter offers me time to work on those projects when the garden is quiet.

  23. Karin Gateless says:

    I cook tons of soups and stews, weave, knit, haul water, read and watch mindless tv on occasion (only on snowdays!) mostly I teach school

  24. I have been tending to my inside plants (blue sky vine, Passion flowers, begonias and African violets to name a few). I am longing for the warmer weather and look at catalogues for inspiration!

  25. Dia Koether says:

    I am anxiously waiting for Spring and would love to plant a variety of new seeds from High Mowing Organic Seed Co. We have a good size garden and love the reward of fresh veggies 🙂

  26. I grew up in NW PA but now live in NC. We don’t have extended deep freezes so it’s a lot easier to handle. I’m getting ready to start my seedlings so I’m trying to declutter to squeeze my light table in! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Julia Vitale says:

    Started my first real garden last year and this summer I’m going BIGGER!

  28. I garden. In another couple of weeks, I will plant Kale and lettuces in my Garden Tower and also start my second crop of tomatos. Herbs and Peppers and Beans in the summer.

  29. Sonya Bouchard says:

    Roaring fires in the wood stove, watching my kids play in the snow, good books and COOKING!!

  30. we stay “planted” here 🙂 It’s on the cold side, but we’re used to it. When not at my job, I enjoy the quiet pastimes of crafting(quilts,etc). However right now I am redoing a room top to bottom!

  31. Cherylann says:

    The dark days of winter are used for cooking in the crockpot and planning next spring’s garden! Thanks for this opportunity, Kevin.

  32. shannon a says:

    Reading old garden journals and chuckling at (and learning from!) old mistakes. Reading the 2014 seed catalogs and planning this year’s garden!

  33. I live in sunny Florida so it’s stays pretty nice. I love taking care of my houseplants….orchids, african violets.

  34. The winters here have recently been mild. I try to get outside every day. Other than that I plan for this years garden.

  35. Hilary Seiler says:

    Veggies! Yum! 🙂

  36. I live in Texas….so we don’t have a lot of Winter Weather. Instead of developing Cabin Fever, I work on one of my “projects” that have been sitting in the garage all summer. I love refinishing antique furniture, and creating things from Farm Implements.

  37. I am ready to garden! I am working on expanding my gardening area. I want it to look neat and put together, rather then a hodge podge it is not. My sister calls it a country garden. I call it a mess. Ha

  38. Definetlhexcited for gardening this spring.

  39. As the nasty, cold fog closes in for another long term stay, I spend LOTS of time with my seed catalogs and graph paper, trying to fit in everything I want to try – along with all my favorites from previous gardens. I’ve discovered we now need two acres to fit all the veggies I want to grow!

  40. Thank you for being so generous.

  41. Embracing the fact that I am a born and raised Midwesterner I try to enjoy the weather no matter what it is, it changes quickly. Cold days are perfect for daydreaming, sorting through photos, and future garden planning. I know that spring is on the way when the seed catalogs arrive and the sun stays up past 4pm. It makes me smile.

  42. I look forward to spring to start planting ,looking at all the beautful pictures in the spring garden catalogs

  43. Sue Sifakis says:

    My husband always starts seeds inside and just went through his seed catalog !

  44. Garden seed catalogs and live cam shots from cruise ships.

  45. Iam so excited to start my garden! This is my second year of trying to grow enough produce for my family.

  46. Gay sullivan says:

    Wine and a good book and I am a happy camper!

  47. Pamela Dorfman says:

    Winter is a time of reading, dreamin and trying to keep my patio plants alive!!! Love our Hill Country (TX) location, but the weather is pretty unpredictable. The good news is that when Spring is sprung, we have incredible native wildflowers and great temperatures to enjoy getting the yard back in shape. In the meantime.. enjoying reading about possibilities!

  48. michelle harrison says:

    well, i am pretty nuts regardless of season, but the november-december does really get to me – i was VERY aware of the solstice and since then i have FELT myself improve as the days have lengthened – even without much sun. Also, my 3 year old, 95 lb, rottie mix pup is always good for a laugh. I love, love, love your blog – your recipes have certainly helped in the happiness dept. i plan on getting some lamb shop next i go to the butcher. And that rye bread appetizer you posted a bait ago! OMG! to. die. for. i have made it 3 times now and i will probably make it again in the next couple of days – so freakin’ good! (btw, i used regular big rye and cut 3 little circles from each pc – this worked out very well. thank you for a fantastic website.

  49. Terry Stites says:

    I knit and crochet. I also like to dream about the perfect garden while looking at the seed catalog s that fill the mail box.

  50. I think food keeps me sane during the winter. Making soups and stews and melty cheese sandwiches. Oh, and of course dreaming of spring!

  51. In Northern California I tend to house plants and my winter garden. This year I’m attempting to grow beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic and lettuce!

  52. I am in the process of learning how to zentangle. I also dream about my next garden and am gathering my items for my winter sowing. Tried it for the first time last year and was able to have 100% success rate. For the first time I had too many babies. I did lots of sharing with friends.
    Thank You !!!

  53. Love Snyder says:

    Bright lightbulbs, hot baths, cooking and tending the indoor plants; herbs and baby asparagus waiting to go outside. Reading a lot about everything, and planning the future garden. This year we did your milk jug greenhouse winter sowing! And will do more in time. If it works out well, I know I’ll spend all next winter canning!

  54. Would love to try some new seeds!

  55. Jackie Isler says:

    I knit…..winter sew……and walk the dogs….=)

  56. Laura Bremer says:

    Winter is time to sew (costumes for a local ballet and Rotary club.) But winter is mostly to dream of warmer weather, plan my garden and landscaping projects. This spring I will be utilizing my new greenhouse that my DH has crafted from recycled doors and windows.
    It promises to be a great growing year.

  57. Nothing keeps me sane during winter. I am mad as a hatter until Spring. I do love that I am getting seed magazines now.

  58. Judy Shepherd says:

    I am anxiously waiting for warm temperatures 🙂

  59. badger gardener says:

    I spend my winter shoveling snow and winter sowing. My first jugs are out there now in our current snowfall. Most of the space in my little garden is already spoken for although I could use some new radish and greens seeds. If I should win this starter kit it would be perfect for our school garden.

  60. I do a lot of reading…mostly seed catalogues. 🙂

  61. Jackie Lehr says:

    Indoor seed starting, and this year, outdoor winter sowing.

  62. I like to get out and go on nature walks. As long as it is over 30 degrees, it is nice to get the fresh air and sunshine.

  63. Erin Brady says:

    I love thumbing through seed catalogs. So so many options. I’m a huge fan of Pinetree seed co.

  64. Jane Rutkowski says:

    Winters are long in northeastern Pennsylvania, but I’m always thinking “green”. I do a bit of winter sowing, look at my garden photos on my computer from seasons past, and take care of my houseplants. And my hubby and two cats … :>)

  65. THis particular winter, I am dreaming of our vacation to the Keys at the end of February 🙂 Last year was baaaaad, so this year, we made plans 🙂

  66. Lauren Michelle says:

    I have been making homemade products since I’m stuck inside. I’m trying to perfect lip balm, body butters, scrubs, and such!

  67. Lately it’s been spending time baking bread and planning my 2014 garden.

  68. Joan Fletcher says:

    Like Jan what keeps me sane is happy pills, full spectrum lighting, good books. I also dream of spring and start making plans for the garden.

  69. Robin Graber says:

    I am studying to be a nutritionist, so I have been doing a lot of reading on lipids, proteins and amino acids. Along with calculating carbs, sugars and fat in my own foods! I could use a Florida vacation! Hahaha!

  70. Winter is not very long here in South Carolina so as soon as Christmas/New Years is over, I get into my organizing mode. Once I’ve organized closets, cabinets, drawers, etc., I begin planning our spring vegetable and flower gardens. My favorite winter project this year is to organize all of my family recipes to store online as well as to produce a family cookbook to give to my son and his wife and to my newly married daughter and her husband. This has been a topic of discussion every holiday for years, so this is the year to make it a reality!

  71. I love the quietness of winter, home fire burning, delish dinners & baking

  72. I use the down time of winter to plan, to read, to knit, to tend the wood stove. Winter is one of my favorite seasons, right up there with spring, summer and fall.

  73. Jackie Leib says:

    This looks like an awesome kit! What keeps me sane during the winter months is planning for the summer months ahead and looking at pictures I have taken the previous summer seasons.

  74. I count the days until winter solstice when the days get longer. I wander around my sleeping garden and think about where to plant spring and summer crops. This year I pray for rain. Northern California is suffering from a serious lack of precipitation. I love the warm, sunny days, but we desperately need rain or there will be no spring, summer gardens.

  75. Living in the South (originally from IN) I get to enjoy two growing seasons and although there is not near as much work in the garden in the winter as in the summer I still stay busy! I am a programmer for our local senior center and this winter they are being taught seed starting, bokashi composting ( EVERYONE needs to know how to compost this very simple way) and aquaponics/hydroponics. Before I know it we will be planting our gardens in the soil for the summer!!

  76. Candles in the evening, good books (and seed catalogs), and lots of soup keep me going in the winter.

  77. MMmmmMMMM……gardening and dreams of tomato pie….. 🙂

  78. Seed catalogs keep me sane :+)

  79. A cup of hot tea, a good book and a roaring fire keep me sane at this time of year.

  80. I spend my days looking forward to each and every second of increased daylight. The craziness of the holidays is behind and I am now ready to get a head start on the much easier to do in the daylight!

  81. Seed catalogs and sprouting seeds in the back room.

  82. Aimee Cleveland says:

    Cooking soups, exercising, and snuggling with my love keep me sane in the winter.

  83. We have a rather large garden that takes up a lot of our time in the Summer, followed by canning and freezing in the Fall. I have gotten to enjoy my down time in the Winter months to delve into creative stuff indoors, and then of course to plan for the next garden. Right now I’m just tired of the cold and am looking forward to Spring. High Mowing is an awesome company ~ thank you for the opportunity to win seeds from them.

  84. I’m a weaver. I weave to stay sane in the winter. Plus I administer judicious amounts of chocolate.

  85. Wish I was as good at gardening as you are. I really enjoy all the information and photos. Thanks!

  86. I’ve been swanning around my apartment wearing a red turtleneck and red socks in homage to the fabulous Lupita Nyong’o at the Golden Globes.

  87. Physical activity!! I miss my time in the garden in the winter so I try to walk and swim to fill in the void. Then I try to get my mind started on a project at 5pm that will keep me stimulated for a couple of hours so the days don’t seem so short

  88. I clean and tackle fun projects!

  89. Louise McGrattan says:

    The winters here in the maritimes (New Brunswick, Canada) have a tendency to be either very cold or just cold with some sun or snow or rain to make every day different. I work in an elementary school and we bring our house plants and some tender outdoor plants to school and put them in the library in the fall. I tend them daily and we are now thinking about starting some geranium cuttings and some mandeville vine seeds that we took off the plant. We have a compost program that the grade 3 students look after and we have small perennial gardens around the building that don’t always survive the winter.

  90. rayraycartucci says:

    I clean house,pick up sticks and limbs from the yard and rake leaves,sometimes if it’s a very bad day I stay in drinking cocoa and watching old movies.

  91. Carol Wiggins says:

    Well, since I am in south Texas, the cold dog days of winter don’t last very long. It was sunny and 70 degrees here the last two days. The kids and I spent the day doing schoolwork outside, baking and just relaxing. Girl Scout cookie season starts today and I have two girl scouts! Thank goodness Cub Scout Popcorn season is over as I have two cub scouts as well.

    To pass those really cold days (you know, those that get below 50), we love to bake and cook. My oldest want to be a chef and just loves trying new things. I have to fight her to cook myself. We try a lot of your recipes and they always turn out great! I fact, I got on here today to get the recipe for your Gluten Free pancakes when I came across this.

    We are already prepping our garden and will start planting in about a month. I have four kids to do the manual labor for me. 🙂

  92. Michele Steele says:

    On Vancouver Island our winter is wet and damp, although not particularly cold compared to the rest of Canada. I get through the dull days of winter with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace with seed catalogues and gardening books dreaming about the spring.

  93. I dive into the reading I don’t get to during gardening season! Catch up on my UFOs (unfinished objects – knitting, crocheting, etc.). Start knitting the slippers for my 23 grandkids for next Christmas. Seed catalogs! Winter sowing! Oh yeah, there’s also that job that takes 10 hours of my day with commute. Stretch and strengthen exercise class 2 nights after work. Gotta keep busy to keep the winter doldrums from attacking!

  94. We don’t stop gardening here in Texas. Our fall/winter garden is our most productive. The summer we fight extreme heat and the plants shut down. I envy your cold. I’d love to see snow like you see. All we get is a rare occasion dusting. Not much to play in. But, while everyone is shoveling snow, we are in lovely 70’s and by Feb. the 80’s. I’m cleaning up the garden now getting ready to plant as soon as the Farmers Almanac says its a go. Your seeds would be timely. Thank you for having this drawing.

  95. Oh spring! please fly this way on speedy wings! I’m tired of the ice and snow and really just want to garden outside again.! 🙂

  96. Dreaming…

  97. And what a winter it’s been. This year, I am trying winter sowing in milk jugs and followed your instructions to the letter. I’ve ‘planted’ 24 jugs and can’t wait. I also took a zillion pictures of my extensive perennial beds each month last year and am now plotting and planning about what to move where…how to fill in that empty spot….and best of all, where my newly conceived raised beds will go. I’m very excited for Spring, but do love the endless cooking, and reading by the fire that winter gives us permission to do.

    Organic veg seeds would be a wonderful gift for my new raised bed, but I wish whoever wins the best!

  98. brittany o says:

    We are lucky enough (this year) to retreat to a warmer clime – south america! I would love to win this package for our new garden in our new house!! we move this spring.

  99. Monica Wiechmann says:

    Gotta hit the gym on dreary days…I also love to go to my craft room and make homemade cards for friends and family.

    Also, planning the spring raised beds just got easier by looking at the Starter kits you’re giving away.

  100. I can’t wait for spring!!!

  101. Carolyn Riccardino says:

    Some interesting items in the kit. Would love to experiment.

  102. Francine Farmer says:

    I live in the Detroit, MI area and winter can seem very long! I love to look at gardening magazines and catalogs, start purchasing seeds online, and to grow tiny tomato plants under lights in the basement. I am new to your page and am looking forward to trying your winter sowing strategy this year with milkweeds 🙂

  103. I dread the winter. So to keep sane I read … a lot. Also I do either P90X or NordikTrack. Oh yeah and there’s always beer.

  104. Yvonne Joy says:

    Even as I enjoy the serenity of the winter landscape, I dream about what vegetables to grow in our raised garden beds & what to add to our flower beds. Having grown up in the tropical city of Singapore, to have a space of our own to grow such a variety of plants here in NY is such a rewarding experience… from being able to pick our own berries, grow our own tomatoes and carrots, to having tulips, lilies and rose bushes. It’ll be our 2nd year gardening this coming spring & I’m sure it’ll be another year of creating precious memories.

  105. I like to knit & quilt, I enjoy looking at seed catalogs and my collection of garden books to make plans for my garden, and I get outside everyday to walk my dog.

  106. Christina says:

    I ski and snowshoe if we get snow. Otherwise,

  107. I have a little indoor garden with herbs and I go visit them in our sun room a nd that gets me through the winter.

  108. Dreaming of what I will grow next spring and summer. Planning, again and again… I baby some herbs in the bathroom and they remind me that this weather will change and then it will be spring and the world will be green again. I also bake but I do that year round even in the heat.

  109. Dee Brown says:

    I maintain my sanity by forcing tulips, amaryllis, and paperwhites as well as caring for other house plants, making sure the bird feeders are full, monitoring all my gardening blogs and YouTube subscriptions, updating the list of ‘Plants To Add In 2014’ and ‘Plants To Add In 2015’, strategizing a landscape design for said plants, figuring out which cultivars are the best, finding reputable suppliers of seeds or liners, discovering methods for growing seeds such as winter sowing or using rope lights to warm trays for improved germination, checking Pinterest for DIY garden decorating projects – gathering supplies and completing projects. I’ve also been brushing up on how to prune – and when. In addition, I’ve been studying the care required for the peach and pear tree we planted in 2013. When it isn’t too cold out, I take a walk outside to see how the plants are surviving winter.

  110. shirley a says:

    Looking at all the seed company website, and making up my plan for the gardens in 2014!

  111. During the dark days of winter I keep my sanity by enjoying the taking out the bulbs that I stashed in the back of the deep, dark cold cupboard and letting them bloom. I also try to slip away to Florida for a few weeks to get a good dose of vitamin D. Great giveway. Thanks.

  112. I used to Loathe winter and count the days till spring and gardening season, until I started skiing. Now I anxiously await the snowstorms of winter so I can ski, downhill and x-country, snow shoe, hike, anything outdoors. I also knit, so plopping myself in front of a good movie with my knitting and being able to sit for hours without guilt of what weeds are popping up their heads is wonderful. Cozy crackling fires, stews and chili’s…. winter is a good season, but come April I’ll be itching to get my hands in the dirt again!

  113. Get through the winter? Clean and organize and plan. I start planning what needs to happen as soon as I can start working outdoors in the yard and garden. Prepping tools so I am ready.

  114. jessica jm says:

    Here in Michigan winter is long and cold! Usually, I don’t mind it so much from Nov to about . . . well now. Mid Jan I start to go bonkers, thank the gods for lovely needlework (my brain is starved for COLOR!) And our several species of non migrating birds, and the few crazy birds that actually migrate to Michigan for the winter! Of course, right about now is when I start planning for the garden, currently I’m working on my timetable for the growing season. I had surgery this December so its particularly trying this winter as I can’t even get out of the house!

  115. I spend my time obsessively planning my gardens for next year. Then, when the time come, I will completely disregard my own plans and just start planting seedlings wherever I can fit them.

  116. Kevin, count me in on the giveaway. I need to learn how to start from seeds!

  117. Alicia O'Neal says:

    I am getting ready to plant my spring seeds into milk containers and later transfer them into my boxwood raised beds. I am also making new boxwood raised beds to to my gardening. I just finished making a pot of cabbage sirloin roast cubed cut delicious spicy soup for my neighbor Friday social gathering- topic gathering is why we dream certain dreams.
    I bought lots if new herb seeds and veggie seeds. Looking for flier seeds and rose bush
    My compost is looking really really rich and nice.
    I will be making onion soup for Friday dinner.

  118. I keep my sanity by planning my garden and shopping for new chicks! WInter sowing doesn’t work as well here for most things…probably because we don’t get as much snow and everything gets dried out, or germinates and then terminates because of a cold snap. But I love browsing the seed and poultry catalogs, picking out a few new varieties, and laying out my garden beds on my iPad.

  119. I keep my sanity by reading and planning for next spring.

  120. Who said I’m sane?!

  121. Lynne James says:

    I actually like winter and the fresh air. The winter skies and sunsets keep me awe inspired when I take my sunset walks! And love those roosting crows along the Hudson River….flying in every night at dusk.

  122. Martha Rhodes says:

    how much fun to find your website. A Garden for the, just was flipping thru the pages of FB, I have only been retired for one year and am enjoying loving my plants. I keep cuttings to give my friends when they need cheering up. I keep them either in water or in soil for them to enjoy right away or watch the roots begin. I brought some of my plants in the house and have snipped them for starters. I take and cut the roots off every once in awhile to keep them small. ( never had time to play with them like this ) it is fun.
    I shall enjoy your web. I love the windows you have with the flowers. so pretty . thanks for the encouragement to look forward to our Spring.

  123. Winter is a time to dream. It’s the start of a new year; another year of life and of planning what I would like my garden to look like this year. It’s a time to enjoy the season. What keeps me sane while inside when not at work during the cold winter months? The crisp fresh cool air, fresh fallen snow, a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea; Sitting by a warm fire with paperwhites, amaryllis, and spring bulbs in bloom; winter sowing and seed starting. This is the first time I have winter sown seeds. I still have more to do.I hope my seedlings are as lovely and healthy as yours looked on your blog. I went out to the yard today to peak in the containers. No surprises but I was excited to see that my garlic had reared it’s head above the soil. This is also my first time planting it. The arrival of seed catalogs is exciting as well as waiting for the first gardening magazine at the book store. Reading other gardening blogs make me smile and feel like I have visited these garden.

  124. Jeffrey Hernandez says:

    Spring is coming soon and I can’t wait. I do a bit of seed trading til March then I get rolling. I’ve already started hot peppers because they take forever to grow. Thanks for all the information you provide everyone!

  125. Pati Lanphear says:

    My winters are spent with knitting needles in hand cuddled up on my couch and pondering over seed catalogs and gardening books dreaming about my spring/summer garden. This late winter I also plan to start a lot of seeds indoors. Hoping for a larger, healthy, variety packed garden this summer.

  126. As soon as the garden comes out in the fall I start planing the next one, whether or not that actually helps keep me sane or whether it tips me the other way is perhaps a good question. When I’m going through my year’s worth of notes and figuring out what worked and what didn’t it does seem easy to forget the snow and ice that loom large outside.

    The garden is the silver-lining for almost every event that happens in my daily life. We had an ice storm a few weeks ago and one of our humongous willow trees came crashing down, having split right down through the stump and into the ground. My first thought was “what a mess!” me second thought was “but now the garden can be 30 feet wider”.

  127. Once a week I go to a tiny local gardener who sells gorgeous bunches of flowers that are quite inexpensive. I think she should charge more but she’s such a sweet gal, she just want others to enjoy her flowers! That keeps me going back every week!

  128. I keep sane by planning my garden and a trip to somewhere warm!

  129. I live in the Bay Area and there are barely any seasons where I love. It’s cool all year round. We do have a nice late summer, though, and I had my very first vegetable garden. It’s a lot of work! It’s also fantastic fun. It was nice, though, to have a break this winter. I always like trying new things and this year I wanted to learn to use a knitting machine. I love it and think it’s something I will be doing every winter from now on.

  130. My usual smart ass answer would be along the lines of, “I live in south coastal Georgia, what is this dark days of winter that you speak of ? ” 🙂 However after a month of unusually cold (FRIGID) temps, I’m starting to appreciate your question! Thinking and dreaming ahead always helps my sanity! 😉

  131. To stay sane in the long dark winter days I love to paint pictures that remind me of the days when I can once again get out in my garden.

  132. I keep sane by baking lots of goodies and giving them to friends, elderly shut-ins and those struggling with homelessness. It brightens the day and my life as well as others’. I just planted some lost bulbs that surfaced in my basement. I would love the garden treats you are offering Thanks for so much inspiration and FUN with your site.

  133. One of my winter projects is to decide what to plant in my upcoming garden, design the garden, inventory seeds on hand, and acquire the seeds that are still needed. A new project that I’m also enjoying is trying to avoid buying any groceries this month by planning all meals around what is already on hand. (Money is extremely tight right now!) Sixteen days down, 15 more days to go, and it still looks possible.

  134. I cook a lot and drink lots of wine!

  135. What keeps me sane in the dat days of winter? Making hearty soups from last year’s preserved garden bounty, reading gardening books and magazines, and planning next season’s plantings and garden expansion. Every year, a new or expanded bed. When I reach the property’s limit, I’ll have to move!

  136. Reading. Where would we be without books? My local public library is my second home, year round, but especially in the winter. The library’s local history reference room, even has a cozy gas fireplace.

  137. I try to get a lot of indoor projects done in the winter since it is too dark outside to get any fun outdoor projects done after I get home from work. Can’t wait for spring!

  138. Getting sun on my face when possible, walking my cocker spaniel-Zack, British TV, Lady Grey Tea, fleece clothing, seed catalogs and Kevin’s wonderful website are keeping me comfortable and sane until the weather warms up. I’ve been doing some cleaning & organizing inside but am dying to get outside for pruning and some work in the woods behind my house – adding mulched paths, picking up fallen limbs, removing ivy from trees, etc. Maybe someday it can be called a woodland garden. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  139. I do lots of reading. Of course, some of that includes catching up on cooking and gardening journals!

  140. Maricela Infante says:

    I like to do a lot of cooking and cleaning. These two activities take the stress out of my bones!

  141. I sew, cook and read to keep busy and to relieve stress.

  142. It certainly is hard staying sane during a long Wisconsin winter, but I keep busy, and spend plenty of time daydreaming about and planning my garden. I miss the dirt and bees and fresh air and plentiful sunshine so much!!!!! Wah!!!!!!!! 🙁

    Thanks for the give-away, Kevin! Your blog is still my favorite ever!


  143. Rebecca Reich says:

    Phoenix here I come!!! Polar vortex is coming back according to Mr. Weather Guy. One was enough!

  144. A cozy pastime of mine is reading some non-fiction from the public library. Currently reading about the 1888 blizzard in SD/MN/NE.

  145. We just moved into our first house and I’m so excited for spring to come!

  146. Beverly, zone 6, eastern PA says:

    Sanity in winter is a tall order for one whose gardening defines her.
    I attempt to keep my wits by reading piles of gardening magazines that were not read upon their arrival because I was planting, harvesting, weeding, dividing, raking, etc.
    I look at tapes of gardening shows online (growing a greener world – pbs).
    I fuss over my houseplants and propagate them.
    I look for garden ornamentation at flea markets and antique malls.
    I cook more lavishly and indulge in best-selling novels.
    I walk my dog along the wintry creeks in many local parks and watch Great Blue Herons, ducks and geese.The sound of the flowing water is especially restorative.

    I succumb to Netflix !!!

  147. K Fischbach says:

    I read and plan during the winter.

  148. The two things that keep me sane in the winter are planning my garden and getting outside as much as possible. I ice skate on my lunch hour, I’m lucky enough to work near the state Capitol where there’s a free rink so I force myself to get fresh air and exercise.

  149. We cook a lot, trying new recipes we’ve collected over the holidays. We also tend to our inside plants, keeping them healthy. Tulips and hyacinths are already coming up! Spring will be here before we know it! As always, thank you for your wonderful blog, Kevin. I always look forward to reading what you have to say every week.

  150. I try to keep my orchids alive and I knit a lot!

  151. Getting all of my inside projects done during the winter months…so when spring/summer finally arrive, I am outside to greet it!

  152. I feed the birds, cook, read and dream of the gardens — vegetable and flower — that I’ll tend in the spring. The winter birds make the non-grow season worthwhile.

  153. Play with the Chihuahuas x2!!! The girls make me shovel the snow off the grass tho before they’ll use it for business. Spoiled. But such good little heaters in bed!

  154. I use the winter months to catch up on my reading. I also enjoy snowshoeing and coming home to a crock pot filled with soup!

  155. In the cold Montana snow storms, I love sitting by a fire, drinking hot tea and looking over the sleeping garden while reading seed catalogs and planning my attack!

  156. Wood carving… this weekend I’m finishing the articulated rocking horse for my daughter. Yay.

  157. Cindy Merrill says:

    My husband and I planted our first garden last year; a dismal failure, got a handful of green tomatoes and a few sprigs of Swiss chard, not much else, our summer squash died. I would be thrilled with this starter kit, hopefully our next garden this spring will be better yielding.

  158. Greets from SouthEast Europe, waiting for the planting season soon 🙂

  159. I like to cook, sew and knit. And a wee bit of running if the weather allows. then it is gardening all spring and summer to feed us throughout .

  160. Lori Savoie says:

    I’ve been saving my gallon milk jugs to plant seeds like you suggested. Can’t wait to see what happens. Very good picture instructions on doing this on your website. I also look forward to getting your newsletter every Sunday morning. I live in NH where there is lots of snow.

  161. Great looking kit! I spent my winter months cooking (trying new recipes, including many of yours 🙂 , perusing seed catalogs and ordering some to start early indooors (like leeks, peppers and eggplant), and reading. What could be finer! Thanks again for a great site.

  162. Judith Detert-Moriarty says:

    Hydroponic gardening in my kitchen keeps my gardening alive during Wisconsin winter and also provides us with great, fresh veg and herbs even in the coldest months.

  163. Winter sanity is easy – I focus on cooking and music! I practice singing every day, and wor on new repertoire, and I try out new recipes all winter long. Last night I invented a stuffed pepper dish involving leftover turkey, brown rice, kale, leeks, ginger, garlic, lime juice, wine, and mango chutney. It was spectacular! And I would simply LOVE to have an organic garden starter kit, to help the garden planning along. Thanks for your creative and clever giveaways, Kevin!

  164. Reading and cooking are two of my favorite winter activities.

  165. Sheryl Graves says:

    Typically, I get outside and snowshoe or snowboard, but our Vermont winter has been soooo yucky (alternating rain and then bitter temperatures that turn everything to ice!) that I am doing more knitting, quilting and reading…and roaming through your website to help me plan for the gardening season. Thanks for all the great stuff you post – this will be my first year of winter sowing!

  166. I love winter, the snow the warmth of the fireplace burning. I love to go out for walks and to play in the snow. Then come in for some hot chocolate, a good book, movie or games with my family. As spring gets closer I start thinking of the fresh produce the summer will bring and looking a the seed catalogs that start coming in the mail, and planning my garden.

  167. I winter clean rather than spring clean! Dream of warmth and do a little sewing.

  168. I escape the dark days of winter by cooking, reading and exercise (to shed the pounds gained by cooking so much!!!)

  169. I studied Ruth Stout books 30 years ago and developed my love of organic gardening from her. Laine

  170. I stay sane dreaming of the beautiful garden I will plant in the spring. Perhaps these would grow in my garden of clay – can’t grow potatoes, radishes, carrots or onions as they all grow at the top of the soil and die of sunburn, and we’ve been amending the soil for 29 years. So ground crops are grown in the porch tubs. On to another year of amending and hoping.

  171. I live in Northern Minnesota, so I won’t be planning/planting for a long time yet. I love our sunny winter days here. Perfect for snowshoeing in the woods behind our house.

  172. Enjoying the sun when it does shine and looking at seed catalogues.

  173. I’m quilting!

  174. I live in the NE OH snow belt on the south shores of Lake Erie. I still sneak out to the beach (which is just 5 mins away) when the winds are out of the S/SW. Otherwise, I spend time reading blogs (like yours!) and scouring the Internet and YouTube for every piece of gardening advice I can get my hands on! I’m counting down the days until I can get my hands back into the earth.

  175. Keeping sane in winter in New England? Pouring through the seed catalogues that have started arriving. Also getting the kids involved with picking which seeds to plant in our two small raised beds. Thankfuly the cafe I work in has a wonderful huge sunny window we grow things in too! I can’t wait to start tomatos soon!
    We also love to make snow forts in our back yard. Winter is so much fun!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  176. pauline baldry says:

    Always helping others in their gardens ….. would love to be able to create for myself Xxxxx thanks for the chance of your lovely giveaway xxx Good Luck everyone xx

  177. What gets me through the dark days of winter? I distract myself with seed catalogs, garden planning, crafting warm things from yarn and fabric, and cooking deliciously filling meals for my spouse. I also like to tease my dogs. Mercilessly. They pay me back by loving me anyway.

  178. Escaping to warm weather & sunshine a couple times in the winter! Also, bouquets of fresh flowers!

  179. I tend to read, cook and snuggle up to good movies with my honey.

  180. Jayedee DeWitt says:

    i dream. i long to live some where that the seasons actually change. i’d love to live somewhere that the earth actually slumbers during the winter and new life bursts through in the spring….but until then, i’ll make the most of our long growing seasons and the bonus of having citrus trees on my property

  181. Sleep more, cut wood, take saunas, snowblow, and, like Angie, plan gardens.

  182. During the dark days of winter I love to cook, watch the birds at the feeders in the front of my home, read and just spend time with my husband 🙂

  183. wonderful giveaway—especially on this bleak winter day. hopefully, it will brighten soon and maybe even the sun will come out. great dreaming of spring with a wonderful set of seeds. thanks for the opportunity and have a great day

  184. Easy, I live in California! The winters here are like summers in the East, but we’ve been having a drought so I suspect that our summer will feel like we live on the sun. :/

  185. Over the winter we like to try new recipes and usually I go on a diet so I need to find some good recipes that are healthy. Also, we begin planning our garden for this year.

  186. laura jensen says:

    I cook and plan my garden for next year.

  187. I quilt “Cuddle Quilts” for the Veterans

  188. Barbara Lawson says:

    I have heard of only a few of the heirloom seeds mentioned, but just recently started exploring the idea. In winter where we live, so only tending basic herbs we hope will overwinter.

  189. Cindy Thompson says:

    I read lots of books in the winter time. Then as the days edge toward spring I start reading the seed catalogs and spend lots of time planning my garden. Usually I think about the usual problem in Wyoming…how to protect my veges from the wind and how to keep the cats out of my raised beds and….

  190. I catch up on my reading and we go to preserves in the area to view the birds and water fowl. Got a good look at Snowy owls this past Friday.

  191. Though I miss being able to spend the better part of my day outdoors, I keep busy. I take courses at the community college–Public Speaking and photography this winter, and photography courses offered through my town. Also spend time tending to my houseplants which get neglected when I’m in the garden during the summer. I also volunteer, and lots of other things.

  192. Barbara Hess says:

    WHat keeps me sane during the winter? A brisk daily walk with the dogs.

  193. Very ready for spring. Our season is fairly short so often I have to get creative. Ihavenotyet tried winter sowing. Is it too late?

  194. I love winter, even the arctic version we’ve had this year! I have books, tea and dogs (not in that order) to keep me sane since my husband went to Florida for the month!

  195. Bambi Lynn Lewis says:


  196. katrina diller says:

    awesome tyty

  197. I can’t wait either! This year, my 6 yr old will be doing her own garden. I can’t wait to see the spoils of hers, too!

  198. I read, feed and watch the birds, walk the dogs, feed the chickens (waiting for the eggs to start up again), try new recipes and plan the upcoming garden.
    I’m also checking out where to buy local mulch and planning the flower gardens. They will be expanding this year!
    Enjoy the season of quiet~

  199. What keeps me sane is baking and cooking, as well as playing with my 37 different varieties of tropical hibiscus, tending my 8 brugmansia plants.

    What drives me insane is battling the white fly infection I received from a friend who gave me a cutting.

    I can hardly wait until spring.

  200. attempting sanity in winter:
    stacking the wood to keep moving
    play with cats
    savor the sunny days
    watch stand up comedy to laugh out loud
    write gratitude lists when the “inside weather” gets very bleak

  201. Amanda Wiersma says:

    Lots of baking! :). Come on spring!

  202. Counting the additional minutes of daylight in each lengthening day.

  203. What keeps me sane? Planning my spring/summer garden, doing outdoor chores (weather permitting) and taking care of/spoiling my pet chickens!

  204. Thanks for all the great stories, recipes and ideas!

  205. Lisa in CO says:

    We still enjoy sunshine, so I spend as much time outdoors as possible. Includes firewood, x-co. skiing, walking, hanging clothes on line. Indoors I tend plants and prepare lots of good soups! Already thinking about and planning this year’s garden! Happy New Year!

  206. Beth Elsbrock says:

    I think about the warm days to come, and look at my seed catalogs!

  207. Annette Guilfoyle says:

    We have just moved into a 30 year old home in Columbia SC. Moved from Grand Rapids, Mi where I have gardened for years. Here I am in a new zone, with a large yard that needs everything. Current plantings are over grown and woody…need to be removed…only a couple of neglected trees in the back yard. Plan on simple perennial gardens, accent on simple, but am looking forward to building an organic vegetable and herb garden to share with my grand children who live nearby. This would be a great start!

  208. Susie Marie says:

    Th things which keep me busy in Winter are my family, my pups, and my birds/photography….I have been planting more and more plants which fed my birds in Winter. Yes I feed them in feeders also. I really spoil them. I have so many different kinds of woodpeckers. But a bonus to me this Winter has been a blue fruit bearing Red Cedar, Juniper tree right off my front porch. Hundreds of birds have been visiting that tree and I have hundreds of photos…my favorites are the Eastern Bluebirds….I am always perusing the magazines and sites for new bird plantings and veggie garden plans..I love my veggies especially my kale!

  209. Fantastic giveaway! The snow this morning is pretty, but I wish spring would hurry up and get here.

  210. I don’t mind winter. I enjoy crafts and am now planning my garden.

  211. Decorating projects. Right now I’m taking down wall paper from the 90’s in the powder room and mud room and getting ready to brighten the areas with fresh paint.

  212. California Dreaming….no, really, I love Michigan winters…gorgeous scenery,fun activities, time to cook, catch up with inside put- off chores, garden planning. Bring it on!

  213. Janet Maulick says:

    7 weeks til we turn the clocks ahead !!! I’m not good at starting seeds indoors, but I’m giving it one more try……..I say that every year. Started with 18 basil seeds yesterday. Using plant lights this year. Luckily my son, Ed, can grow anything. (He keeps me supplied with fresh veggie all summer.) I have 2 apple seedlings planted in the yard to prove it. I’ll be happy if they just flowers.He’s an hour east & south of here., In my part of N.E. Pa. the growing season is short. We had frost May 21, 2013.

  214. Living in the South for years has changed my attitude toward winter. Many plants still grow but others need the respite after mild freezes. I just expectantly to see if they return while watching the lettuce and pansie flourish. It is a wonderful blend.

  215. Kimberly k says:

    Getting my milk jugs ready for winter sowing an then heading out to take photos of the wildlife on this beautiful sunny and snowy day.

  216. Heather O'Shaughnessy says:

    In winter I keep sane knowing that the days have begun to get longer again. I walk my dogs in the woods taking pictures of the trees coated in fresh snow and the woodpeckers, cardinals and chickadees at the feeders. Inside I start to plan my spring cleaning and what things I will get rid of. Lightening my load and being able to share with others is a good thing.

  217. Erin Henderson says:

    Spring cannot come soon enough! I’ve been salivating looking at my gardening magazines and catalogues!

  218. I have been winter sowing, on days that it is above freezing, I have been trying to get my garden shed all straightened out & ready for spring. Lots of cooking & baking. I agree with Angie about the birds. We enjoy them too.

  219. Dexter Craig says:

    Im SOOOOO ready for spring… some of my garlic has already started coming up even tho we have cold temps… I just wish I could get me a greenhouse so winter wouldnt my green thumb all jumpy 😀

  220. Mugs of tea and lots of knitting!

  221. Shirley Goff says:

    My husband and I try to plan one mini adventure per week. We try to find a new place near where we live that we haven’t seen before, or try out a new restaurant.

  222. Lorraine Roberts says:

    I love cooking and eating frozen veggies from my garden in the winter!

  223. Winter is a favorite season for me…great cooking, reading, wearing sweaters and snuggling next to my goldendoodle for warmth weather! I grow plants year ’round but some of them don’t survive because of the darker days of winter (guess I’ll have to get a grow light one day).
    In the meantime I’m looking forward to my garden. Seems every Spring is filled with excitement, especially the day our local garden store opens with all of it’s hopeful and desirable plants. Really hard to control myself. Seems everything is necessary and I usually break my bank with all I buy.
    But seriously, how does anyone not enjoy gardening? That is something I’ll never understand. Love reading and putting into practice all the recipes (which are great!!!) and helpful hints you give us Kevin. Thank you so much…your Newsletters are full of good info. I really look forward to reading them and now this giveaway. How kind you are. I’m sure whoever ‘wins’ this great gift is will be thrilled! Good luck everyone!!

  224. Brenda Donovan says:

    Learning to play bagpipes this year. Books and DVDs from the local library. Cooking and baking have taken a back seat since I’m on a diet. Designing my garden since I will be moving the existing garden in the spring.

  225. Watching each day as the snow slowly shrinks from my greenhouse roof, enjoying the beautiful wildlife that come to greet me each day at the back of our yard. And looking forward to helping my son plant his first garden in his hew home.

  226. I do a lot of reading and plan what to plant in the spring garden…

  227. Read, snowshoe, x-country-ski, knit, shovel snow — not necessarily in that order!

  228. I actually like winter. I like to bake and cook so the cold weather makes it much easier than when it is hot outside.
    I wait anxiously for the seed catalogs so I can start planning my garden. Every year I must think I have 10 acres to plant. I use to have a very large garden when we lived on the farm. Now I have a 20 x 40 foot plot at community gardens. I am thankful for it but seem to try and put to much in it.

  229. tery bigley says:

    So ready for spring! After two artic blasts I’m truly wondering if it will really thaw out again.

  230. A lot of soups & stews cooking on the stove keep me busy until I can play outside.

  231. IThe older I get ( have now reached 84) the more I detest the wonter months) It is snowing in Eastern Ontario, my neighbour is blowing out the double driveway and I am making individual freezer meals for my grandkids’ lunches) I keep busy but can’t wait to get into the garden, I keep hoping my abilities will keep upwith my need to garden I find it so satsifying. Margaret

  232. Katie Zack says:

    In Southern California I can garden year round. My kale, Swiss chard, cabbage, fava beans, etc are doing great! Started tomato seeds last week and am planning a straw bale plot for my new bed. Running out of room. Started sifting the compost bins and just started getting eggs from my lazy chickens! Walk 4 miles a day with my ‘best dog ever’ Pippa a energetic senior Australian Shepherd! Bake as much as I can and make soups when it is cold enough.thats enough.

  233. I love winter- Sit by fire, read veggie and flower catalogs, murder mysteries and watch the birds.
    It’s a time to clean out drawers and catch up with tons of little projects that never get done during warm season- Time to enjoy my solitude and self.

  234. In January – when the fun of the holidays is past and there are still no signs of life in my little milk-bottle winter-sowing greenhouses (thanks for the tip – it works great) – I spend every weekday evening rehearsing dance and chorus numbers for a cabaret show which helps fund our local Community Center. Hard work and long days/nights – but it sure makes January pass in a blur

  235. I am accumulating garden catalogs like crazy. I want to see how high the stack will become. I am also going to save some of the pages to use as gift wrap! I am deeply into the canned bounty of last season’s garden and looking forward to creating more in the spring which must be coming, though right now it is hidden by snow, cold and wind! Think warm thoughts!

  236. I am SOOO ready for Spring! Love reading all your posts.

  237. I am running out right now to rake up the horse chestnuts and dream about spring. Yard cleanup helps me to pass the time–it’s when I do my best creative thinking…

  238. My wintertime activities include designing a better garden plot, spending more time with my cats, feeding and watching the birds, attending symphonies, ballroom dance lessons and practice sessions, sewing lessons, knitting, cooking — not enough — so I invite friends over for weekend lunch. I wish there was more time for reading and a book club, seeing all the Oscar-nominated movies, getting a subscription to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD at the movie theatre, …, …, …

  239. Sandy Douglass Abalos says:

    I’m lucky to live in deep east Texas, zone 8b, where I can garden year-round since winter passes us by most years. But I do enjoy perusing the colorful seed catalogs that arrive in the mail during winter so I can plan my spring planting!

  240. Spinning, weaving, knitting…….all winter or objects…..I look forward to spring and early sumner in western Kansas to be back outside more often!

  241. I’m not so certain that I DO stay sane during the winter months! However, I’ve been pouring over seed catalogues and websites like yours planning to start a brand new garden. I promised my late husband when we bought this 110 year old house to build him a turn-of-the-century English rose garden and to plant lots of vegetables in raised beds. I’m reading about square foot gardening and excited to learn more. I think this must make him happy to honor his memory this way.

  242. I take to my bed. Really. I figure the whole natural world is hibernating, and we humans just continue to go, go, GO!! Especially around the holidays. It’s exhausting and counterintuitive. I used to suffer from pretty severe seasonal depression, and one year I decided to just stop fighting it and go into it: I basically got in bed each evening from whenever I felt a bit tired after dark until morning. Even if not sleeping, I rested or meditated. Since then, no seasonal depression. Can’t say it will work for everyone, but it did for me.

  243. I like winters in VA. But instead of enjoying the colors in the garden, I use the indoor time to make quilts.

  244. During the winter I try to clean out closets & cabinets so I can spend time outside when warm weather returns.

  245. Verilee Herpich says:

    I cook up all that produce I froze from my gardens…soups, stews and today rhubarb pudding cake! yum. blueberry muffins already made and several eaten. I also walk with my dogs, every day over 15 degrees…enjoying all the seasons as best we can. I’ll be growing some microgreens this month and thinking about tapping trees next month…then starting seedlings soon after that. winters are harder when older, but I still enjoy them most of the time. High Mowing is a good seed company. 🙂

  246. We have a garage full of empty milk cartons waiting for our winter sowing to start!

  247. Baking and planning my new garden keep me sane!

  248. I spend my days mixing up some great soups and stews. I like to make the house smell good.
    And then watching the flock of cardinals that I have in my backyard.

  249. Good morning , Kevin…….You light up my Sunday morning!
    I have been gathering my milk jugs for the miniature greenhouses……going to plant them today……..Love to see a list of your favourite seeds…will definitely follow the link . No seasonal temps here on Vancouver Island this winter …way too warm and not enough rain nor snow….the summer could be scarey with low well water and fire hazards……hopefully, we will catch up between now and the summer. Should be interesting to see how our gardens fare.

  250. I spend a lot of time sewing and playing with my little dogs. They really love warmer weather when I go outside to garden and play.

  251. Stella Michel says:

    I paint still lifes using flowers, bottles, fruit, vegetables and other things. I’m also revising a novel I recently completed. On nice days I get out and run.

  252. Liz Barrett says:

    I really enjoy your blog. You have beautiful gardens! I love all things gardening and cannot wait to plant veggies again this spring. Keep up the inspiring work!

  253. To shorten the winter blues, I love reading your e-mails and follow your winter sowing advise. I am a novice, and appreciate all your help in the garden, as well as in the house! Your my teacher in many tasks. I am getting better through your mentoring, and hope you will choose me to win, because I’m trying to improve my garden each year. Thanks for being there for all of us Kevin!

  254. Danielle petersen says:

    In the winter months, I enjoy slowing down. I read more for sure. I still try to get outside as much as possible. It is a bit of time to reflect and plan…..dream. Keeps me warm inside.

  255. Rebecca on Cape Cod says:

    Keeping sane during the winter months here on Cape Cod can be difficult at times because I am not a cold weather person but this year my friend Daphne will be teaching me how to start sowing my garden seeds indoors to give them a head start once spring arrives and I can start playing in the dirt again.
    I live for the spring/summer months so I can be outside working in my flower/vegetable gardens.
    I also spend quite a bit of time at the gym and playing indoor volley ball to keep those endorphines flowing.
    One day in the next few years I hope to move to a warmer climate where I can play in my gardens year round.

  256. I have a large lovely plot that is currently home to kale, lettuce and kohl robbi, I would love to expand with some beautiful heirloom seeds!!!

  257. ingmarie peck says:

    Living in Florida ,this winter is ambivalent ,to say the least , cold one day warm the next.
    The Azaleas don’t know what to do LOL.
    Love to plan my spring garden of veggies , can hardly wait.

  258. Jeanne Dwyer says:

    Dreaming of warm sunny days, keeping the house clean and full of light and tantalizing smells, planning the garden and destinations for our family…it will be here before we know it!

  259. Sheree Ashapa says:

    Winter allows for more time to spin wool on my spinning wheel. It’s put away during the long days of summer when I spend more time in the garden.

  260. Read, read, read!

  261. I tend to my blooming winter orchids, baking breads and cookies.

  262. Lahna Brown says:

    I do lots of crafting, crochet, cooking, reading (especially my seed catalogs) & tend to my little indoor garden! I’ve recently started some mesclun greens in a little container! Soon I’ll get to start sprouting lots of little seedlings!!

  263. Although I am fully enjoying winter here in MN, the thoughts of a growing a garden is making me long for spring

  264. It’s too early to even think about Spring. I get through the winter enjoying my collection of orchids. I now have thirteen of them. All but four of them have sent up flower spikes which are so rewarding to see.

  265. I love winter but I also enjoy looking at seed catalogs sitting by the fire. I’m a bread baker and a quilter so that fills my days. I have just learned of High Mowing seed from my son (also a gardener) he seems to really like this company. Cant wait to see what kind of yield he gets this year.

  266. Kevin, I enjoy making my own chai, and if the sun is out, I relax with two or three cups on my front porch. That helps with the sanity.
    The insanity involves moving houseplants from the porch to the inside, and then from the inside back to the porch, depending on the temperature here in S.C.

  267. Jane Truesdell Ellis says:

    If there is enough snow I cross country ski, if not walks, swimming indoors and thinking about the layout of my garden and what new things to plant! Not sure I am sane, though!

  268. Ready for the planting!

  269. Winter can be really cold with lots of snow here in central Alberta. I really don’t mind winter as it is a time to enjoy cooking using the labors of the summer garden. It always amazes me how the birds survive the cold and snow so I try to keep their feeders full. In the evenings it is relaxing to look through the seed catalogues and plan the next garden. Won’t be long until I can start some seedlings under the grow light. Move over herbs.

  270. I have a small green house, so we have fresh greens year round. My fennel & green onions did really well this year!Already anxious to get started in the garden :o)

  271. The short days of winter really get me down. And if there are too many dreary days in a row I really feel the loss of sunshine. I am in Montana so winters seem to last forever. I try to spend as much time outside as I can walking my dog or doing winter sports. I also get all the indoor things done that I don’t/won’t do in the summer like cleaning out closets, deep cleaning house, all the boring stuff!

  272. It won’t be long now- I’ve been planning and plotting as well.

  273. I wanted a garden like that. Thanks for the pictures, I hope you don’t mind my copying them. and the list of what to plant.



  274. Marie Jordan says:

    Just started planting my garden yesterday, as winter never came to California. My peaches have already blossomed . Love your site!

  275. I keep a year-long, running list of winter projects which, at the moment includes refinishing a couple of pieces of furniture (that one has been on the list for at least 2 years), covering chairs, clearing out closets, a bit of painting — all of the things I can’t seem to get done in the summer. Mostly, however, winter (after the holidays) is a comforting and relaxing time.

  276. To get through the northeast winter I plan my garden (and plan it again and again), winter sow, lose myself in the “garden porn” of seed catalogs and do colorful paintings

  277. Tamara Berthelson says:

    Baking, cooking soups, workin’ genealogy on the computer.

  278. Christina Pearson says:

    Here in western/central New York this winter has been kind of wacky…..very cold for a few days, then we get some snow, then it warms up and all the snow melts and makes a mess, then it gets cold again, etc. I’ve been tending to houseplants and within a couple of days the forced bulbs should be blooming!

  279. i use winter to dream, plan and winter sow next years gardens!!!

  280. mary thompson says:

    I read lots of novels but sneak in a few seed catalogs to dream about.

  281. My sweetie warded off this morning’s cold with breakfast in bed–fantastic garbanzo pancakes and a side of bacon! And of course, a hot cup of coffee. Heaven!

  282. It’s spring in Southern California, let the digging begin.

  283. I’m a visual artist, so, i paint…..anything but winter scenes!

  284. Trying to “grin and bear” this crazy winter weather this year. Online gardening catalogs and crafting pull me thru the dreariest days. Figuring right now, where to plant the Sunchokes and what compatible veggies will grow with them.
    Kevin, are you going back to your “tried and true ” tomato trellis this year? It worked great for me. Supported a couple of 6′ tomato plants all the way up to the first killing frost in my South Jersey garden.

  285. Watching my clivia start to bud up, and working on my seed order 🙂

  286. Baking lots of fattening things!! On a less weight gaining hand, we are in a new house, with a blank slate of a yard, so the thought of trying out new plants and garden designs is getting me pretty excited. And the thought of just picked tomatoes, eaten out of hand like an apple.

  287. 1) The love of winter that brings a time of quiet so I can plan
    2) The enjoyment of some items I bring into my kitchen in late fall for winter
    3) The acceptance of the changes in season and what they bring
    4) The understanding that when I use my time wisely, my goals get accomplished
    5) The different things I can learn from others about gardening
    6) The pictures I take and go through during winter that I take as the first seedlings come up to remind me why I love gardening so much.

  288. I have been learning and practicing how to can fruits in a water bath and vegetables, soups or meats in a pressure canner! I did a lot of canning for many years with my Mother and Grandmother but the technics have changed and I am learning ….

  289. I save my sanity by cooking hot soups and stews, lots of comfort foods

  290. It doesn’t get terribly cold where I live. My office is in the sunroom and I try to keep the curtains open aa much as possible.

  291. I bake and i read. It keeps me calm and relaxed.

  292. Planning the garden and waiting for the sun to shine.

  293. Deborah West says:

    On my dining room table is a pretty hand-painted wooden bowl a friend gave me. I arranged an assortment of vegetable & flower seed packets. I love to pick up the little packet of seeds, read the brief information on it, shake it to rattle the seeds (I feel so wealthy!) & dream of warmer days to come. A packet of seeds make me happy. I love to write notes to friends & family & include a packet of seeds. It is the best pass along plant!

  294. Ah winter, spend lots of time getting firewood and keeping the wood stove going as well as feeding the animals. Reading and taking a long winter’s nap are also on the agenda for these cold, cold days.

  295. To wile away the cold dreary winter months I set up a metal shelving unit with fluorescent lights & I grow micro greens. Amaranth, beets, kale, broccoli, etc.. I also do some dehydrating of fruits & roots & cook up wonderful pots of soups & stews. Other pleasures are doing some crafting & settling down with a cup of hot tea to browse thru seed catalogs while planning my garden beds. :~)

  296. Sledding, skiing, winter sowing and reading seed catalogs!

  297. Catherine Miller says:

    Cooking warm comfort foods, knitting, and dreaming of summer!

  298. Louise Brouillette says:

    I’m in Cozumel right now while back home in Cincinnati it’s cold and snowy! I have one more warm weather trip planned for February, then I’ll be revived and ready to start planning my garden! Keep the wonderful stories (and giveaways!) coming, Kevin…we love them!

  299. I am soooo ready for Spring. In the winter months I sew and read.

  300. In the winter I’ve been trying to be more active. This year I’m trying snowshoes to get me out in the beautiful snow.

  301. I bake and dream of getting outside again! Have high hopes for my garden this year!

  302. Betty-Anne says:

    I have a long list of fun things to do and learn during winter. This year I am baking spelt bread in many forms, made some gluten free sour dough starter, trying out new vegetable recipes, sewing with my vintage Singer, and I have been planning and dreaming about what I can grow in my two square foot gardens. And I am thinking of how I can grow more root vegetables and who I can get to build some deeper containers to accommodate them.
    I also started growing vegetables from scraps. So far, green onions, celety and romaine. That has been a fun indoor growing project. I am also trying to source out a bay laurel plant to grow in the house so I can have fresh leaves for soup and stews over the winter. I have been saving vinegar jugs over the past year for mini greenhouses, our milk comes in bags. Thank you so much Kevin for your wonderful recipes and your gardening tips. I always look forward to your e-mails.

  303. MARY HINDMARSH says:

    I don’t have a lot of spare time in the winter or summer but when I can stitch a few minutes together, I read email letters about gardening, cooking and other small diy home related articles. Sometimes I even find one that is new and not been tried. Those are of particular interest to me. As an older person, one see’s many “new” articles recycle over the years and simply rebranded as a new or fresh idea… I particularly like Kevins letters as he creates newsletters that are broad in scope and rich in detail. good luck to all entrants.
    sincerely, Mary

  304. Gratitude helps me get through the dark, cold times. Appreciating the beauty of life, whether it’s the sparkly snow or the kind people I know and love or the cuddly animals who live in my house. Laughter too, and simply letting myself be happy.
    Fingers and toes crossed that I win this time — I’d love to use this starter kit!

  305. Toni Burgau says:

    I enjoy “reading” the garden seed catalogs this time of year…helps us through the
    Minnesota winter we are having right now – lots of snow this year and “cold”.
    My husband and I try to grow something fun and different each year. We have tried our
    green thumb on sweet potatoes (not long enough season here – but we tried) and we
    grow celery (good for soup in the winter). Thank you for the opportunity to “maybe”
    Keep up the good articles you produce and the recipes – especially LOVE the chive
    pesto. Got a few of my friends to try it and they liked it also.

  306. Lori aka 7nflgirl says:

    Well, as you can see from my alias I spend my winter time here in SC watching college and pro football. Oh and tending to the multitude of plants I brought in for the winter. I am known around these parts as Dirt Girl! I ain’t happy unless I’m playing in the dirt. Also I spend this time pruning and readying the yard for spring. I got me 3 HUGE Compost piles that I started this fall that will be utilized in a most glorious way this Spring.

    I also start seeds to be used this spring and summer. My hubby just shakes his head as I have mostly made the house a Mud Room! 🙂

    Hubby bought a big boy tiller and a small roto tiller and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of both! Got my dad’s trusty mattock and told my hubby I wanted to be buried with it! I can flat tear up some stuff with that baby…LOVE IT! Just be sure you are not too close to a fence when you sling it as it will ricochet back on your head as I found out last year! 🙂

    People think my hubby does the tilling….I am quick to correct their thinking! I do the plowing and I work on the trucks and keep them up to snuff!

    Dad didn’t want a baby boy and told Ma so! He said baby boys were too whiny! So out I popped and he raised me like a boy hence I am a tomboy through and through!

    Can fish and clean them and cook them and I can flat plant a garden the old fashion way!

    Oh Geez..I’m rambling again! Sorry ’bout that!

    Anyway, love your website and all that you do and provide to us! You are such an inspiration and this dirt girl can always use a bit more polishing! Thank You!

  307. To help with my winter blues, I go through seed catalogs and plan what I will try to grow in my garden this summer. I also plan what to change in the garden this season.

  308. I quilt year round, but in the winter it’s nice to have the warmth of the quilt on your driveway lap as you bind it.

  309. Donna Allenbaugh says:

    Reading, taking my dog Bailey for walks, dreaming about gardening

  310. I’m ready for spring and gardening.

  311. Linda Prater says:

    Looking at anything that has sunshine and plants and chickens or farm animals in it.

  312. During the winter I look at seed/nursery catalogs and dream! And I love the look of snow…

  313. Baking, cooking, crafting, and planning my garden

  314. Well, I’m in So Cal so we’ve not have much winter this year. But, when we do, (and even when we don’t) I cook! I imagine that it is cold outside and I get in the kitchen and cook. I’ve made some of your recipes and others. I love to feed my family well. I dream about a garden too. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t

  315. I love High Mowing seeds!! Especially their calendula flowers. Once those plants get going, you cant keep em down; just keep cutting them for bouquets or dry them for an oil infusion. Their sunny faces brighten my day every time I see them. What a wonderful give away, thank you!! I can’t wait for spring!

  316. We have few dark days in the winter, thank God! If it becomes overcast for three days, everyone here in central New Mexico starts complaining about the darkness!! I always have a good book to read, winter or summer!

  317. Marcia from Northern Indiana says:

    I try to find a bright spot in my day, even if it is getting past the longest day of the year. I listen to happy music and check out the new garden catalogs. My front porch is heated so as to not chill the African violets, trying not to kill too many as I hurriedly transplant them before their time. With the advent of the internet, I find that I’m spending a lot of money on future orders of delicious lilies and strange things I’ve never grown before.

  318. We’ve had some amazing warm spells here in MA where most of the snow has melted, so I always go visit my gardens, I love the fact that my feverfew leaves are still intact just waiting for Spring. I enjoy the beauty of snow and birds crowding the feeders BUT I can’t wait to start digging again!

  319. Gladys Rellinger says:

    This winter I have knitted wool head bands for my granddaughters (6). I also spend a couple of days a week scouring thrift stores for sweaters which I make into skirts for my daughters and granddaughters to wear over their tights. I am also busy collecting containers for my first ever winter sowing project. I am also in Zone 5B and follow your planting schedule. I am now selecting which seeds I will plant. Thank you for al of your advice. I am really excited to get ready to plant the containers.

  320. My thermometer read 30 degrees this morning and I am in central Florida!

  321. Pond hockey, seed catalogs, music.

  322. I dream of spring….

  323. Reading, shoveling, reading, shoveling…

  324. Pam in Wimberley, Tx says:

    We get mild winters and I notice how sad I feel when we get just 3 or 4 days of cloudy weather. I retreat to my books and good food! Happy postings of your flowersand home help too, Kevin!

  325. Amy Kolzow says:

    Jigsaw puzzles! Plus the usual farm chores. The livestock still need to be fed regardless of the season.

  326. Cooking great food, reading and planning for the coming Spring/Summer & fall keeps me sne during our long & dark Canadian winter.

  327. Elaine Renaud says:

    Not too many dark days here in NW Florida … though we have been getting some cold weather. trying to get the yard cleaned up for spring and would love to have it looking as nice as your kitchen garden.

  328. I guess I wouldn’t live in Minnesota if I didn’t enjoy winter for the most part. But since it does kind of seem to go on forever here eventually, I try to make it go by quickly talking about all the fun summer things we’ll be doing with our grandkids. Gives some light at the end of the tunnel!!

  329. I carry a research for any upcoming theater projects. And I go through seed catalogs selecting seeds that I will be planting in the spring, keeping an eye out for things that I have never planted before. And I tend to (and eat) the sprouts and the greens that I have growing inside the house. This time next year I will have a hoop house my backyard so we’ll see how winter 2015 goes.

  330. Love this site! Ready to dig and grow spring veggies!

  331. I love to make plans for yard and have an idea where everything will be planted. Also love looking at pictures of remodels and the great ideas everyone has.

  332. We love browsing the seed catalogs in front of the fireplace. Dreaming is allowed this time of the year; too busy later in the year!

  333. Planning my gardens, cooking and lots of projects. I like winter but it gives me plenty of time to plan what I’m doing with the gardens and yard come spring. Boy am I going to have a lot of work this year!

  334. Cathy Haynes says:

    Hi Kevin!

    Thanks for the heads up on the seed company. I will definitely check them out!

    In the nice weather I am so busy working in gardens, that I barely have time to do anything but eat, sleep and work in gardens. (not complaining…I love it) So, what do I do to keep my sanity in the cold weather? I catch up on everything else! I love to bake in the winter, so I do quite a bit of that. (And it’s not really healthy stuff either! “Knock you naked” bars come to mind – OMG!!!) I also make quilts in the cold weather – something I can’t fathom doing in the heat!
    Off to go look at seed catalogs now!!!

  335. Hi Kevin,
    It’s snowing here today so we are enjoying the way the snow is adding texture to the leafless trees and pines alike from indoors!! Though I miss the grassy backyard, the snow is a fun place for our four dogs to romp and also takes less time to make them tired as they have to work harder in the snow!! This garden looks very inviting though and thanks for the tip on this seed company!

  336. On Sunday I look for Kevin’s newsletter. Working on savory dishes, reading, and planning the spring garden help pass the time.

  337. A starter set for a brand new year. That would be so awesome to have this to get it going.

  338. Elizabeth Fox says:

    My Meyer Lemon and orange trees, amaryllises that are staged to bloom from now until March and planning to grow new plants in the milk jugs!

  339. Susan McMurray says:

    Living in drought-ridden Northern New Mexico, I spend a lot of time wishing for snow, lots of snow, so all of us here in New Mexico can have beautiful gardens come spring & summer.
    I also love winter cooking — lots of warm soups, stews & pasta. Other than that, it’s a great time to read, listen to music, plan my garden (& hope I can water it) & read your wonderful blog. Thanks Kevin!

  340. Raised beds come spring!

  341. Alice Freismuth says:

    During the winter, I’m planning my container garden. I grow my plants on my deck because I’m handicapped and it’s easier for me when things are waist high. I’m always looking for better containers and easy or helpful tips as I just started my garden last year. Your website has been very helpful, thank you!

  342. virginia mckay says:

    I sort thru stuff and downsize. Take a walk every day. read books and look thru my garden books. I like to bake also.

  343. Nick Pross says:

    Since we are having an AWESOME winter (again), I actually get to go out and play in MY garden :). Getting rid of deal leaves, mounding up the earth that the rains always seems to wash down into the paths – and this week, I actually moved a couple of the plants that I know are hardier & can re-root easily n this weather. Just running my little hand fork though the earth & seeing it nice & dark & black & fresh looking is so exciting. I have been trimming the grass edges & pulling out any weed that has dared to grow back! Only get an hour or two in at a time, ’cause it is still REALLY damp, but love seeing all the tulips etc. poking up so early. Also, and even more fun, I am making up my lists, so that when the sun finally does arrive I will be off and running.

  344. Nanci Burtman says:

    I like to try out new recipes! That always gets me through any cold and/ or dreary winter days. Plus your house smells so good from what you are baking or cooking and makes home so cozy with those warm, delicious smells coming from the kitchen!

  345. Pat Mulligan says:

    Reading seed catalogs, caring for houseplants, winter sowing, plant propagation, cross-country skiing, cooking (and eating too much), all keep me sane until spring arrives (although it keeps popping up – 16 robins in my yard today, along with a red-breasted woodpecker). Your newsletter certainly helps, too.

  346. Bonnie Straut;mann says:

    During the winter I spend more time cooking, cleaning, and reading than at any other time. When the weather is nice out, I’m out in the garden or walking our country roads. My reads always include garden planning as well as best seller or classic ‘hand me downs’ from my daughter. I really enjoy your site. Keep warm!

  347. Lois Flynn says:

    I knit and also like to curl up with a good book.

  348. I love browsing books and internet for gardening and house ideas. I get obsessed with strawbale houses. And I love to take a trip or two to somewhere. This November I went to england. And I hope to get to Mexico before the spring work starts. And pottery in the meantime. I want to make some pagodas for the garden.

  349. I have just began to start seeds inside. It gives you something to look forward to until spring.
    I also read a lot, like your site.

  350. Renovating and sprucing up our retreat center. Planning the plantings on the farm and snuggling with the animals!

  351. Edelle Rose says:

    I am already so excited about my garden this year. This garden starter would be great.

  352. looking forward to spring! My favorite time of year, can’t have spring flowers without the winter rest.

  353. Sarah Freeman says:

    Read, drink wine and eat soup by the fire. Not necessarily in that order.

  354. Winter days are spent reading, playing with Smokey (our Pekingese), baking and enjoying indoor time with the family, and brisk walks with Smokey too!

  355. I love long slow cooking braises, soups, stews, roasts, that make the whole house smell wonderful. I peruse seed catalogs and websites and start purchasing seeds getting ready to start some seeds indoors in a couple of months. I also have houseplants that my granddaughter helps me tend, she loves seeing things grow, too. Kindred spirits! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  356. Jan. 15th I begin my brain storming to improve my garden.I love to try new things and happy when it turns out well. I listen and ask advise on how not to make the same mistake over.Would love some from you.<3

  357. Like reading all your wonderful tips. Always Look forward to your postings.
    Looking outside at today’s blizzard and realize it is time to start sprouting this years garden.
    I would love to receive your organic garden starter kit to help me along.

  358. I crochet during the winter-hats and scarves for myself and loved ones, booties for babies coming this year, and sweaters for Rocky the Boston terrier mix. I also pkan my beginner garden-last year it was only tomatoes, time to step it up a notch!

  359. Patricia Miller says:

    The winter is such a great time to plan my garden, but living here we have cold, but no snow. Personally I think if we have to put up with the cold we should have the reward of snow! We get ice and that is no fun, it just breaks tree branches. My garden is sort of year round, right now I have some broccoli, onions and cauliflower which I planted in October growing, but the brussels sprouts were killed by the freak, prolonged freeze we had in early December which was tragic because I love them so.

  360. Have collected my jugs for winter sowing and have been getting organized to start! Sure could use the seeds from the giveaway to do that – organic and heritage are the best! Great idea Kevin!

  361. I’m a snowbird now. Still have huge garden but rely on neighbors for alot of plants from their greenhouse. I need all new seeds this year and will look at this company.

  362. Marti Meyer says:

    I read my 25 seed catalogs and confuse myself about what to plant, I watch my bee hives carefully and give them candy canes when I see them getting out and about, and I plant perinneal seeds in milk cartons for outdoor sprouting, (as I learned from Kevin Jacobs), while dreaming of wonderful summer harvests.

  363. Robert Nichols says:

    I am not a big fan of winter, I spend most of my time thinking of spring. This winter I have ordered seeds, built a couple of trellises. I am also trying your winter-sowing with plastic water jugs. Looking forward to spring.

  364. Christina M. Giordano says:

    Can’t wait to start my spring seeds!

  365. Can’t wait until spring to plant where I live or you have missed out. A garden starter kit would be amazing!! I am already polling the family on what we need to have in our garden and our new garden placement this year. Exciting!!

  366. Cheryl Bengtson says:

    Hi….I long for green in the winter…Have a little green house that I love. Another 6 weeks and it will be time to start seedlings…Spend lots of dark winter days “reading” the seed catalogues! I like to snow shoe when we have snow and quilt and bake when we don’t. Love the recipes and pictures that you post. Happy New Year!

  367. Pat Sevchuk says:

    How will I ever win with all these great ideas. Decluttering and reading is how I spend dreary days. Also sleeping late is great too!!

  368. The amaryllis plants in my bay window and my photos of my summer flowers keep me going thru the winter. I also really enjoy my window bird feeders which constantly have cardinals, juncos,finches,and titmouse fighting for the sunflower seeds.

  369. Kathy Anderson says:

    Go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, remember last summer’s garden and ponder what new plant to grow the next summer, cook, eat chocolate chip cookies, read and sleep.

  370. Judy Brown says:

    Here in the Sierra foothills, we are having a very spring-like winter so this year we’re spending lots of time outside.

    Thank you for this lovely website. It’s my Sunday church service.


  371. Organize and reorganize the garden shed and play with my goats, Chewbocka and Princess Leiah

  372. Song Bolin says:

    Escape back to California and lots of Vitamin D!

  373. I found your site this winter and it has kept me sane. Your pictures are beautiful, your recipes great and your ideas inspire me to”try.” Keep up the great work.

  374. I drool over seed catalogs. I design rough drafts of veggie and ornamental beds so prevent having to figure it our later. I read my notes on what worked and did not work last year so I hopefully won’t make the same mistakes and I read a lot of garden blogs.

  375. I read up on homesteading and pour through my seed magazine’s. Keep the dream alive.

  376. Charyn Tietge says:

    Perfect timing just started browsing catalogs and daydreaming about this summer’s crops

  377. These are the things that help me get through the gray winters in the Pacific NW . . . The fireplace, tea, books, the latest episode of Downton Abbey, cooking, ordering seeds for the garden and reading your blog!

  378. My kids keep me busy with basketball season and desire to play in the snow. And cooking yummy soups or delicious meals in the oven and then leaving it open to cool (and heat the kitchen).

  379. I live in the Rockies , real winter for sure , so I just sort of hibernate and dream of summer.In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer,Albert Camus


  381. This email JUST came in today so am barely in time! I LOVE WINTER and it’s resting, observing, peacefulllness. Time with ArtistryFarm herd/flock/pets/family becomes slower and more meaningful for me. I do keep holiday lights up all year round in the house and on the barn so on dull dark days they often highlight my spaces. Happy Winter!

  382. Hi Kevin,

    Well we’ve had tons of snow this year but the sun is shining today and that makes me happy. I can almost see the sunflowers growing out my back door in the garden that I’ve been planning in my head this past month. I am getting ready to start my winter sowing and have a neighbor child save my milk gallon jugs for me. Can’t wait to see everything growing in the garden and eating that fresh tomato, spinach, chard, kale, raspberries……… I making you hungry yet? I so much appreciate you and your wonderful blog which has given me so much help the past year in my first year of gardening. I had enough produce to share with 5 neighbors as well as ourselves and family. I have signed up for the Master Gardener Course that starts in February to learn even more so Spring will be here soon by the time the course is done and I will be ready!!!! Watch out deer, raccoons and bunnies, I am glad to share but you can’t eat it all!!! I’ve got my Liquid Fence in the garage ready for you as Kevin suggested it to keep you critters out of my garden and it did a wonderful job. Thanks so much Kevin and happy gardening.


  383. Reading by the fire, gardening blogs, seed catalogs, knitting, soup, walking and appreciating the beauty winter can bring and the honking of the Canadian geese as they daily go between Plum Island and wherever their day takes them.

  384. I stay sane by tending my lettuce I grow under the lights in my mudroom. And also be making fresh pesto whenever I can find basil at the market

  385. Reading, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, knitting.

  386. To deal with the dreary winter days I checkout new recipes, catch up on some reading and try to plan what I want to plant in the spring. Attending garden conferences is also a good moral booster.

  387. More snow today. (Sigh) I have every parent in my department collecting milk bottles for me. I want to start my milk jug green houses next month. Thanks for a great idea Kevin.

  388. I like to read and look at White Flower Farms catalogs!

  389. Knowing that Spring is around the corner and my beloved gardening will soon start! Nothing better!

  390. Rose of Sharon says:

    I do a couple of things to keep the blah’s away during the winter. Cooking and baking on those snowy days. Knitting and crafting when there is simply nothing to do. Puzzles and games with the kids when temperatures drop to low to go out and play and indoor house projects, since I’m stuck inside I might as well use the time wisely.

  391. I spend my time during the cold, dark days of winter going through the house and cleaning, organizing, redecorating… It is nice and comfy inside, might as well take advantage of it and show the place some attention!

  392. annette turello says:

    how happy my stray cats are,they are inside and well feed and WARM and of course LOVED

  393. Perfect timing – I have been contemplating this years garden too. Hope I win, hope I win, hope I win…

  394. I’ve started ordering from my seed catalogs already. It’s 21 degrees and very windy here in upstate NY. Can’t wait for planting season to start.

  395. brenda says
    me and my dog pumpkin take advantage of no bugs ticks and snakes and walk walk walk no matter what the weather rain snow cold wind. she loves running free through the woods and fields. i laid down in the grass by the creek this morning and enjoyed the earths healing energy it was only in the 20’s but the sun felt warm. we are still eating arugala kale and collards out of the garden. they survived 7 degrees last week in nc

  396. How do I stay sane…I clean closets and drawers and DREAM of spring 🙂

  397. what keeps me sane on Alaskan winter days is spending time in the kitchen cooking. then going to friends houses and sharing that food. Yea!!!

  398. Seed catalogs are filling my mailbox, too. Looking forward to planting…

  399. Marcella Prestianne says:

    I am not fond of the cold. I look at seed catalogs and decide what I will be planting in the spring. Last night I made your Orange Cranberry bars and they are wonderful. I bake more in the winter, crusty homemade bread, cookies, deep dark chocolate brownies, bread pudding, all of which are not good for the waistline. In the spring working in my beds will help with that problem. Love reading A Garden for the House and all your great ideas. Keep them coming.

  400. Teal Lockard says:

    I’m not familiar with High Mowing Seeds. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful kit! We live in SC so our winters winters aren’t too bad. I do miss longer days and fresh produce terribly in the the winter. I read a lot of books and cook!

  401. What keeps me somewhat sane during the dark days of winter is adding to my own blog cheerful posts filled with summer photos.

  402. I stay sane by planning my spring garden. I’m also planning on getting some indoor lettuce and some other plants gong as soon as I can find some good organic potting sol. I found some organic seed starting mix, so I’ll be starting some seeds for later transplant soon, but that’s too expensive for a larger pot in which I can actually grow veggies indoors.

  403. I spend time making plans for my garden, cooking thick comfort soups & hearty stews & casseroles, baking goodies, cuddling wirh my toddler grandson, curling up with a good book, giving our kittehs extra snuggles, & trying to find time to sew. I also give the kitchen cupboards a good cleaning out & if necessary, re-organization. A lot of my canning is done, so I have the dehydrator going a bit more on soup blend veggies when they’re on sale.

  404. I just keep getting up and going to work and looking for signs of life in the garden.

  405. Kristina T. says:

    I spend my cold Canadian winter days dreaming about spring, reading online seed catalogues, planning my gardens and starting seeds (soon!), and of course every Sunday I look forward to the newsletter from A Garden for the House! 🙂

  406. Barbara Bruneau says:

    What keeps me sane (besides seed catalogues, of course) is the chance to do some weaving.

  407. Mary Hoehmann says:

    As much as I dislike winter, holidays and family gatherings get me through the first half. If I can afford it each year, I try to plan a vacation someplace warm in February or March. I selfishly hope for snow to blanket my hometown while I am cruising the Mediterranean on some ship or sipping something tropical on some beach!

  408. Jeanne McCullough says:

    My survival skills for winter doldrum is to dress in my woolies and SHOVEL! SHOVEL! SHOVEL!
    I like making paths around all the gardens , dumping the snow onto the gardens and creating mounds. It not only helps with winter blues, but creates a beautiful wintery oasis to meander through with or without a glass of wine. ps. the other added bonus watering the gardens when snow melts! Spring is almost here!!

  409. In the winter I cook pot roast and warm bread to help wash away the winter blues. I also plan my garden out and decide which type of tomatoes I want to try for this year. The seed catolog and garden magazines are my best reading. And of course, your wonderful website! Cant wait for spring.

  410. Karen Hermansen says:

    Ready to see the snow disappear and start planting! Will have to wait awhile since early Spring seeds do not go in until April. Drat!

  411. My winter sanity is spent planning my garden. I also enjoy having a hydroponic garden indoors. And really delving into polishing my students’ piano pieces in preparation for upcoming music contests. Busy busy busy

  412. Lori. Anderson says:

    We have so much snow! The temperature has risen to a balmy -14 C after a stint of being colder than Mars. I guess there is no up without down, no black without white…….

  413. Donna Dunbar says:

    During the winter months I think about the warm spring days to come, the arrival of the many hummingbirds and what I’m going to try planting this year. I also take my wheelbarrow on long walks over our 40 acres picking up free range cattle manure to put in my compost.
    Here in the high desert of Snowflake,AZ we still have horizon to horizon sunshine through the winter. We can pretty much start planting hardy things very early. Of course the earlier we plant, the more watering we have to do. We don’t get rain until the end of June through October. There are many gardening challenges here. This will only be my 3rd yr here and putting in veggies. so far both the 1st and 2nd year were abundant crops.
    On the few days we have during winter that are too cold to be out side, I sew , quilt, and of course look forward to my emails from you. I love the recipes and step by step commentary, the garden tours, the cocktails you offer during the tours, and your sense of humor.

  414. Brandy Plummer says:

    We moved to a new place in the middle of last year and I had to leave my wonderful garden. I am excited to start my new one soon. This would make it even easier…

  415. What keeps me sane is enjoying our wood-burning stove! Helping hubby to haul in the wood that he chops and just sit and enjoy the warmth of the stove with a good book and a glass of wine – winter just can’t get any better than that!

  416. Charlene Borden says:

    I spend a lot of time on line looking at the many seed companies and trying to decide what I want to plant in the spring. Also I look at seed catalogs I get in the mail.

  417. Marie Tapp says:

    Time for winter pruning and thinning the fruit trees. And a good clean up in the veg garden. Happy New Year ahead for all gardeners. Marie GT

  418. I see myself already out in the gardens with the smell of the fresh spring soil in my nose. It is what keeps me going when I look outside and see my gardens covered in several feet of snow!

  419. Case Vanderbijl says:

    I do prepare for spring during winter time, somewhat: When to do dormant spray; when to prune the fruit trees and other books, beside a pleasant, easy to read, novel or historic detective.

  420. I start planning my gardens in Januaryby looking through all of the seed catalogs I receive. My father, a 60+ year organic gardener and I sit down and decide what we will order and start to plan. We have aded my sister and her husband to the group and now have an annual “seed meeting” to review good and bad from the previous year and what we’d like to do for the new year. It’s just a great way to get together and look forward to the Spring and Summer gardens!

  421. As others have mentioned, Pacific Northwest winters are long and dreary. The only things that continue to grow are the unrelenting weeds! As so i turn my attention indoors, where it’s cozy, warm, and fragrant with something simmering or baking in the kitchen.

  422. Debbie Staton says:

    I wish I had a sunny spot for a garden…. I would have to put it in the front yard. I wonder how that would look. hmmmm…

  423. I am one of those northerners who hates winter and yet cannot imagine not living where there are 4 distinct seasons. I survive winter by allowing myself to hibernate and self-indulge. I go to work, purchase groceries and take kids to ballet etc. but not a lot more is accomplished. Nothing that is not absolutely required gets done. No major house projects are undertaken. I play with the Mother Earth News garden planner almost once a week to redesign my spring garden plan. I winter sow. I force bulbs. I crochet while watching my VHS home-made Masterpiece Theatre collection. I treat myself to lazy Sunday mornings reading old favorites. Come April I feel supercharged and wake at 5 AM and work till 10:00 PM catching up with all I let slip by in the proceeding months. I am never tired while in the April and May garden. I resent having to stop to fix meals! Can’t they just eat cold cereal for dinner?

  424. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kevin, Fortunately I don’t mind winter too much as long as i don’t have to go out too much. I live in Ontario, Canada & we have had a brutal winter so far so I am looking forward to hopefully planting some veggies in my small garden & looking for ways to expand my planting space. Want to try some winter seed planting but I am having trouble locating some opaque ones. I don’t drink milk or pop so have to find a source for some battles. Would love to try some of those different vegetables.

  425. Use the time to get rid of clutter, read and spend time on the net. I enjoy the rest from weeding.

  426. Spend the winter months trying to get stuff done inside so that as soon as the weather is better, I can spend my time out in the garden. Looking at seed catalogs and decided what I’m going to plant and where.

  427. Living in Alaska, our winters are long and dark! The best thing to do is get outside as much as possible in the middle of the day, and I also have a house full of indoor plants so I get my fix of green all winter. I’m looking forward to starting my seedlings soon!

  428. stephanie kaplowitz says:

    To have your help with a new garden would be heaven sent. I just moved and had to leave 13 years of gardening behind. My new place I must start from scratch. I would be delighted and very grateful to have your help..I have been an avid gardener all my life. I do know how hard it is to break new ground, especially as a single woman. I’ll be hoping, wishing, and praying. Whomever wins, God Bless them and may they Bless others

  429. Diane Kaufmann says:

    I have a sunroom with earth boxes in it so i am able to harvest red peppers, beans, lettuce and tomatoes! That keeps me sane 🙂

  430. I stay busy sewing and reading, dreaming of sunnier skies and warmer temps. I break it up with a visit to Arizona to see the sun and blooming flowers…….

  431. Jeannie A says:

    I keep a full spectrum light bulb shining in the afternoons and evenings, volunteer at lunchtime at a soup kitchen a few days a week, take short walks and do stretching exercises indoors, play crossword puzzles, and watch a bit of silly tv in the evenings. I’m in a downtown studio apartment, not even one plant has made it here!
    Dreaming of soon returning to my home in a mountain valley in Panama, and planting herbs, veggies and flowering plants! The land is a bit rough, with slopes and huge rocks and pine and cedar trees. I love walking on the land.

  432. I try to get as much sun as possible. If it’s a nice day I go for long walks. I make sure I remain social as well.

  433. I run the clock for the local high school hockey team while my husband does the announcing. On other nights, once the papers are graded, you can find me curled up with a good book or taking in a Bruins game.

  434. I spend a lot of time perusing the internet looking at pictures of flowers, veggies etc to add to my garden “bucket list”. Michigan winters are long…so my list continues to grow 🙂

  435. Trying to plan a garden for my new yard. This will be raised beds garden. The picture above gives me some good ideas. Hope I am chose for the organic garden! I have just started to enjoy A Garden for the House, and look forward to each new email newsletter you send. Thank you! Ronna

  436. Diane Kratz says:

    Collecting seeds, planning my beds and anticipating spring helps keep me out of the doldrums in winter.

  437. I hole up in the warm house with a good book!

  438. Laurie Jimenez says:

    I pore over all my new seed catalogs and fantasize what my garden will look like this Summer. Warm Sun on my back and the sounds of Birds with my hands in the soil.

  439. I love cold winter days spent sitting on the couch, sipping hot tea and looking through seed catalogs, and planning on what I am going to do in my yard! So many great ideas, coming up with a plan and putting it in place.

  440. I’m an accountant and, just like magic, when tax season is over, so is winter!

  441. Grace White says:

    I am so ready for spring.

  442. Linda Paulette Romig says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway!

  443. Judy walker nalda says:

    I live in a warmer climate. I live in heaven, on the island of kauai. Since i am not well and am on oxygen 24/7, i have caregivers. I spend my time overseeing the watering of my house plants, and the planting and care of my garden, and the cooking of my recipes, which are sometimes your recipes. I can no longer play music with my friends or swim with the fishes like i used to do, but these present activites keep me pretty content.

  444. Winter is soup season and lots of reading by the wood burner. However, am writing this from Costa Rica where we are escaping the cold for a while.

  445. Dee Otness says:

    My husband, son and myself just built six raised beds to use for this years garden. It would be wonderful to be able to plant all those amazing seeds in your giveaway in them for our garden. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be able to do that if I win.

  446. Between my herbs growing wildly in my AeroGarden and the lovely seed catalogs that come in the mail, the outdoor birds at my feeders and water station, and the sun climbing up in the winter sky – those are my winter sanity keepers! Tending my indoor plants in various rooms of the house gives me a ‘touch of gardening’ all winter long. The snowdrops will appear soon, and spring will be here before we know it!
    I heard a Robin chirping in my driveway Saturday. I think it was a Great Northern Robin who believes Indiana is in the south! I hope he finds food, as the crab-apples on my Prairie Fire Crab are just about gone! Off to the store for a fruit mix and maybe some of those worms my feathered friends like and need in the winter.

  447. remodeling, construction, and planning the new garden and raised beds to go in when the ground begins to thaw.

  448. ruth denney says:

    It is very cold in georgia today!!!!!!!!!

  449. Winter is my time of hibernation, reflection, inner work, sowing seeds in the field of new vision…feeling the rhythm of Mother Earth as Imbolc is almost upon us signifying the stirring within her womb. Winter is not a dark phase … it is a welcome part of the wheel of life which I have learned to embrace rather than get thru it 🙂

  450. Linda Paulette Romig says:

    I use wintertime to can beans and meats for future meals to save time in the summer while I am gardening. After a hard day of digging in the dirt it is nice to pull out a jar of canned goods and tell my family…Supper is 10 minutes away!

  451. Dee Otness says:

    To keep sane in the winter, I’ve tried to do some winter sowing and pay much more attention to my indoor plants. This year I’m also trying to re-vamp or clear out the clutter one room at a time so when spring comes I’ll feel really light inside and out. I’ve been a packrat most of my life and I’m learning that less is more.

  452. Sharon Watrous says:

    Snowy and cold days are great for cooking and reading.

  453. What keeps me sane during the dark winter months? EASY! I make a GROW ROOM in my basement. NOW I can grow FRESH and “ORGANIC” all year long. Hydroponic’s = the way to flush the winter blues away! 🙂

  454. Kay Crichton says:

    I hibernate in the winter. I hate the gray skies and the rain here in WA state. I try to remind myself that all the rain leads to the green lushness in spring and summer. I use good books, warm slippers candles, a warm fire, and my beads to get me through the winter.

  455. During the “dark” and “cold” months, I crochet, read gardening books, and read a lot of fiction.

  456. I actually cherish the seasons, having grown up without them in Southern California. But to combat the dreary dark I make sure my home is always filled with candles and fresh flowers.

  457. Doing my best to grow salad greens via hydroponics! And winter in this part of NJ calls for lots of baking….

  458. Winter is a time to slow down, to curl up next to a fire with a good book or a seed catalog. It is time to think about the mistakes of last seasons garden and plan for the next. Cooking and baking also fill the time, today it was banana bread with bananas from the freezer.

  459. The dark winters of northwestern Washington State are particularly difficult for me, in the dead of winter we have less than 8 hours of daylight. Of course, the reverse is summer with less than 8 hours of darkness. To survive, I escape to visit my sister in Hawaii in February to jump start my spring, and in October to extend my summer! While at home, once the holidays are past, I fill my days with quilting, sewing and needlework.

  460. Marjorie O'Keefe says:

    I’ve spent this winter enjoying all the produce that I canned and froze last fall. I love making soups and chili. I never make a pot of bean soup without a quart jar of my canned tomato preparation. It’s the “magic” base of so many of my recipes.

    I potted up my bulbs a little late this year because I was waiting for the sales, so it’s about time to bring them out so they can do their thing in the sunny windows. I also have just about finished planting my jug greenhouses with mostly flower seeds. I need some more milk jugs, but I have people saving them for me. But, mostly, I’m sitting here reading seed catalogs and hoping for an early Spring in Wisconsin.

  461. Listening to blues on Pandora, trying new recipes (and muttering about why I did not use all the sweet potatoes from our CSA share earlier than now!) and finalizing design decisions for our kitchen redo (everything!) that is starting in about two weeks. We live in an early 1960’s split level and this is the first new kitchen since its birth. The planned work is gradually moving into the living room – new engineered wood floors for this whole level so that means painting everything before the floor is installed. On top of moving all the antiques and knick-y knack-ies out and down the stairs. ARG!!!

    I am looking forward to getting my fingers back into the garden. And, doing winter sowing in my plastic jugs now that I have rounded up enough through – last summer we added our first raised beds using discarded cedar boards from a fence that was torn down by a neighbor. When the Polar Vortex hit Ohio, I harvested the last of my kale as I was afraid that it would get zapped. I shouldn’t have worried! I left one in and some leaves just lying on top of the garden. Still usable!

    Hope to get to your place this summer – I attend a month-long retreat in Binghamton in July!

    And the seeds would be awesome!

  462. One of the benefits of living in TN is that our winter is not too harsh. I typically have a cold frame and grow greens and use it to start spring plants. I keep a stack of seed/plant magazines by my chair (along with a notebook for making my wishlists) and spend many a cold winter evening dreaming about my summer garden plans! Oh, we cook a lot of great stuff too!

  463. Georgeann Brown says:

    Always making sure a bottle of Cotes du Rhone is never far away.

  464. Michael and Loretta Ferraro says:

    We’ve had no snow or much rain here in the SF Bay area this year so far. We have two 300 gal. truk tanks to store what water we get this year as rain to help the garden.
    Our Governor has already declared a water state of emergency for this year in California. That means that rates will go up but little will be done to solve the problem for the future. Rates increase when there is too little water, too much water and when water is just right, but they never come down and the politicians never seem to fix the water problems. Our Governors and State Politicians just divert more and more water from the rivers and send to the South to keep the lawns, and their pockets, green. Soon fish in California will have to develop feet to walk the dry rivers and carry “Avian” to keep hydrated.
    I think “Water” is an easily milked “Cash cow” excuse for State Government revenues. Why fix a “Water Bank” that pours money into State Coffers anytime they want it? Maybe a portion of Politicians Salaries should be deleted for every problem they don’t fix while in office.
    Thank you.

  465. I live in Hawaii so fortunately I don’t have too many dark days of winter. I get to enjoy year round gardening! Lucky we live Hawaii!

  466. Christine says:

    What keeps me going during the winter months is basically planning for spring planting. I have 3 raised beds. Apprx 3×10… That’s about all I can handle. I save my seeds and also get some from my organic – non GMO friends. My eyesight is too poor for leisure book reading or my crafting, (beading and basket making) so my evenings are spent cuddled up to the warmth of my wood stove w/my Jack Russel, Jimmy Jack, and we watch TV programs and movies I have recorded. I can’t stand the commercials !! Yup … Looking forward to spring gets me through the winter.

  467. I spend my winter trying to keep the rosemary from last summer alive, any suggestions, planning my garden and baking but sadly my husband has decided to go gluten free so I am a bit frustrated.

  468. It’s the lack of light more than the cold that gets me here in Philadelphia. But the days are getting longer, sunset is after 5:00 p.m. and we think ahead to being out in the garden. We have a third of an acre, and I can’t wait to get out there again. Decorating and cooking (making soup!) and keeping the plants going that I brought in this fall keep me feeling grounded. I’m overwintering geraniums, begonias, ferns, even some volunteer tomato plants that are thriving indoors! And growing paperwhites, orchids, and African violets that I’m coaxing to keep blooming.
    Thank you so much for your website and great tips!

  469. Sunny day today, but windy and in the 30s. It helps to think Spring and your next garden. Thanks Kevin

  470. Debra Gresh says:

    I try out new baking recipes and create a working budget for the year to come. Around mid-January I dream of my coming garden. I was introduced to winter sowing recently and have been becoming educated with that! 🙂

  471. Connie Cochran says:

    Thumbing through the garden seed catalogs that arrive daily. 🙂

  472. I love the winter weather and outdoor activities, but when we’re forced inside I spend my winter reorganizing and planning next year’s outdoor projects. There also seems to be a lot of time spent reading in front of the fire…

  473. i would love to have a garden with fresh vegetable.

  474. I too live in Washington State where the days are usually gloomy and rainy. However, the last few days have been a bit sunnier and warm….can you say in the 40’s? So in the winter, we catch up on all our tv shows, read, cook and dream about the upcoming spring/summer…and this year planning our new garden! I’ve had to garden in containers for the last few years as the maple trees took over the old garden area…shade that is. this year we had them cut down, so I’m finally getting my garden area back! yahoo….so time to get the winter sowing done and the garden plans done, ‘cos before you know it, it will be spring!

  475. Vicki Geho says:

    Residing in Florida our winter experience is quite different from the folks we call “snow-birds”.. It is said your blood gets thinner down here so when it does get cold, as it is now, we pile on extra clothes and pull out the blankets. If there’s a freeze warning as we’ve had for the last 3 days we cover up our tropical plants that cannot be moved inside, wear socks and watch the weather forecasts. Fortunately for us the cold weather is usually over in a few days and we can go back to year-round gardening. Grateful to live in the Sunshine State – ya’ll come on down.

  476. Sage Mann says:

    I am not fortunate enough to be able to escape these craze winter days we are having here in Ohio but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of warmer days to come. I’ve spent the last two days making out my huge wish list of seeds for my garden!
    Can’t wait!!

  477. I always mix up several batches of wine in the spring and summer then taste, test, rack and bottle throughout the winter. Right now i have some rhubarb, dandelion, sauvigon blanc and rhubard/salmonberry/huckleberry going. I always look forward to planning my spring garden too!

  478. Winter sowing, houseplants, planting under lights, and drooling over gardening books, magazines, and catalogs keeps me going. Oh, and early-spring garden shows!

  479. I’ve got the winter blahs and we have another inversion coming in so I could use a cheer me up spring time thought. Thank you

  480. Ah, another give-away that I won’t win but will still enter. As far as the question goes, I walk my dogs to get some air and sew/quilt/crochet to maintain what little sanity I have left. Reading your blog and looking at all the colorful photos of both gardens and food certainly doesn’t hurt keeping my sanity in check.

  481. Sue Lefeber says:

    I am very happy to hunker down with novels, seed catalogs and cookbooks to get through the long, cold winter here in Wisconsin. A lot of soups, a little baking, then seed starting to get over that last hump!

  482. Chuck Spalla says:

    What keeps me sane during the dark days of winter is trudging through the snow once a week or so to walk through my garden….imagining what it will start to look like a few months from now!

  483. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    I actually feel better when the weather is cooler, and I tolerate winters better than stifling summer heat. What always keeps me a little saner, is enjoying my grandchildren and spending time with them in the kitchen. I have been teaching 11 year old granddaughters how to read recipes, measure ingredients, and bake. They also help me with most food prep for casseroles, entrees, etc. My 5 year old grandson loves to help also. He is getting quite good at simple cooking tasks. It won’t be long before I start him on other things (when he learns to read a little better).

  484. I am attending some Aquaponic classes re: fish and gardening Through
    Also learning more about how to keep garden pest free.
    Companion gardening, etc.
    What do I want to plant in addition to what i have planted in the past.
    I actually find a lot of things to do in the winter months, including hiking in our vast forest areas

  485. I read websites which list their favourite catalogues & i read up on organic non GMO seeds & dream.

  486. I beat the winter doldrums by walking outside on sunny (however cold) days and by reading Kevin’s lively, upbeat comments in A Garden for the House.

  487. I live in north Florida so we get rain, lots of rain. This year also it’s been colder than usual. I keep sane by scrapbooking, reading, and this year adding new roses and a cocktail tree to my yard. The new rose trees have 3 different types of roses on them. So all new plants this year were grafted plants to create new plants. My cocktail tree has oranges, lemons, grapefruit and something else (I forget what) so it will be exciting to see what the upcoming year brings.

  488. Mona Tammaro says:

    In Minnesota, planting is a ways off, but can’t help looking at the websites of cool ideas for the garden. Passing the time having cozy dinners with friends and trying to keep Mother Nature at bay. Love your newsletter. I look forward to it like dessert !

  489. alyce poalillo says:

    I use the darker days of winter to do “clean up and out” projects and also to catch up on my reading.

  490. I live in a south suburb of Chicago. Need I say more. I love the snow, but hate the brutal cold and wind that always seems to come with. I try to embrace winter activities like snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding with the kids. Getting ready to head outside now to clear off the drive and play a bit in the snow. I get through the long winters here with hot drinks, good books(reading all of Jane Austins again), watching a marathon of Mad Men, Downstairs Abby and Treehouse Masters. On paper, I am already reworking flower beds and planning what new veggies to plant come Spring. In my head, I am dreaming of lying in my hammock and listening to the birds. Please hurry Spring!

  491. Last winter I learned to make underwear for all the women in my family. It was great fun working with beautiful laces. This winter, I’m going to turn my wood ash into lye, and make body soap.

  492. Reading, especially seed catalogs and gardening websites and planning for spring planting!

  493. I gave winter sowing a try this winter. Very eager to see what develops! When I’m not deep in a good novel or drooling over seed catalogs, I snoeshoe to keep active.

    I’m a big fan of High Mowing seed company. They are so knowledgeable and offer a wide array of items – all with a belief in ethical and sustainable practices.

  494. I like to browse seed catalogs and gardening Web sites to get new ideas. Moved to a new part of the country so things will be different!

  495. Looking forward to planting my garden this year! And plan to start seeds early using your milk jug trick. 🙂

  496. Love the winter in NW as I browse and order my new seeds for the year; a
    lot of catchup reading; making (drinking) wines from my herbs, flowers
    and frozen & juiced berries; quilting; and working on story of my hubby’s WWII
    experiences as a Pearl Harbor survivor and and story of my family’s 22 year
    experience of exchanging make, bake or grow it gifts drawing only 1 name
    for the year!!!!

  497. How I survive winter: catch up on reading, home projects, relaxing 🙂 trying different recipes, plants indoor basil, not feeling guilty lounging around the house..

  498. I would love to win this fantastic prize. As a Sr. my resources are limited & this would help me so much. I love to garden eve though I am handicapped. Gardening makes me feel so much better . Thank you for this opportunity to win. Love this site for tips & info.

  499. I do a lot of bread baking, other baking, soup making and lots of other cooking. Most of my reading gets done in the winter too!

  500. We like to go for a good hike. It’s a great way to keep warm and the exercise helps in the colder month when you want to eat all of that wonderful comfort food. I grow sprouts more often in the winter just to have green growth in the house. Outdoors my cold frame supplies kale, chard, creasy greens, and bokchoy.

  501. I spend a lot of time in my sewing room love to make quilt so I am always busy also I have been planting my milk jug.

  502. I like to plan for the garden I’m going to build on my patio. Cozy dinners like homemade soup and bread really help fill any darkness. Darkdays occur even if it is sunny in So Cal. This year I’m planting on time and hope to make the best of my small space. I really am looking forward to a good year. 🙂

  503. I pass those bleak days reorganizing my house and cleaning out closets, drawers, etc. Getting rid of the old and get ready for the new. I love to bead and other crafts, like wood-burning, painting with water colors, and planning my spring garden. I am ready!!! I am going to try planting a border garden this year. It is all cleaned out, just waiting for the soil to warm up. I also purchased a seed warming matt to get those babies started. I have amended my garden soil with bio char and seaweed minerals. I am excited to see what difference it will make.

  504. Michele Layne says:

    We’ll Kevin we have always lived on the west coast of California, eastern part of Idaho in Boise, and now are retirement home in the high desert of Sierra aVista, AZ. Idaho got the coldest but the weather including the snow was awesome! Skiing 1 hour up the local mountain in Boise,full of powder snow, snow never stayed longer then 3 days on the ground at the house and summers were very warm with daylight til almost 11 pm. Idaho was all about the great outdoors. Now that we live in the high desert Sierra Vista, AZ the days here in mid January have been in the upper 60’s low 70. It is cold at night with freezing temps periodically but so far this winter it has not gotten down to the 3 degrees we experienced a couple three years ago so it has been great. I know I don’t do well in dreary, cloudy winter areas having lived in Spokane, WA for a winter. I seem to be affected by (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder. So how I cope is by living in the beautiful Arizona high desert now.

  505. Because I love to garden so much, I have to plan lots of distractions for the winter months! That’s when I catch up on my scrap booking, reading, looking at seed catalogues,catching up on my garden journal, baking, anything to keep me interested and feeling alive!

  506. I am ready to grow, grow, grow…this time I want to try growing indoors

  507. Sounds great — keeping my fingers crossed.

  508. peg mckenna says:

    Watching the birds at my feeders on the deck. They seem happy no matter what – and bring me peace and happiness just watching them.

  509. It sounds a little crazy, but my work keeps me sane during the winter. I’m a tax accountant, so I have little time to dwell on grey days of winter or anything else until April 15. By then, it’s time to start thinking about working outside.

  510. Leaving in Down East Maine is not easy. Winter is very long. I will not start my seedlings till the end of March or they will get too leggy and week by the time they can be put in the garden in the second part of June. So now I’m looking through the seed catalogs, ordering seeds and tending to my house plants and some plants that I overwinter in the basement. It’s a long way to spring.

  511. Pat Martin says:

    I dream of what the fresh French filet beans will taste like and how many zucchini recipes I can come up with. I also refinish some furniture and do some painting as nothing inside gets done once it’s garden season! Dream on everyone!

  512. After living in Florida for a few years ready to try my hand at gardening here. Lived in IL for 50+ yrs and always had a garden there, so really looking forward to starting it here.

  513. I like to organize cabinets and closets during cold winter days.

  514. I am dreaming of what I shall plant next month. I’d love some free help.

  515. Lois Gibson says:

    Canadians probably don’t qualify for winning giveaways but I do love to garden, and enjoy your ” Garden for the House” letter. I have already sent a seed order even it will be four months before garden season here.

  516. We spend our winter keeping us and all the farm animals comfy. Oh, and planning for the summer garden!

  517. Poring through the seed catalogs and reading the newsletters from A Garden for the House while planning this year’s garden helps living through the Winter days. We are going to try some Winter sowing, as well.

  518. I take frequent naps to fight the “winter blues” and in between I read Organic Garden magazine and dream of planting in the spring!

  519. Looking forward to winter being over so that I can go out gardening again, nothing like fresh vegetables.Yum Yum.

  520. I spend my winter talking myself into exercising when I don’t want to, and finding indoor projects that need attention. So far so good! 🙂

  521. In my cozy NJ cottage I enjoy Kevin’s blog, cook his recipes, sketch out my 2014 kitchen garden, nurture my orchids and find new trails to walk my Frenchies.

  522. Deanna Henderson says:

    I am actually fairly new at gardening but I do have a bed of Marigolds and a couple of peace lilies. During the winter I spend a lot of my free time reading and doing indoor home improvement projects.

  523. I choose to Win, Win, Win ! ! I used to garden and need a jump start to resume. This would do it!

  524. Caitilin Weber says:

    This winter in California, it’s actually spring. Or summer. 70 degrees today, and still no rain. I’m thinking about planting tomatoes today. Just kidding. But seriously…we’ve had no rain and temperatures are ridiculously warm.

    Today, I’ll clean up my potted plants, which were killed by the one frost we had earlier in the “winter”. Thinking of starting some seeds using the milk cartons I’ve saved, per your suggestion.

    But the primary thing I usually do in the winter is think of creative ways to use all the things I froze and canned in the previous season.

  525. cynthia shultz says:

    reading, cooking and gaining wt.

  526. CAN’T WAIT FOR SPRING! Snowing again today

  527. I am blessed to have a small greenhouse that allows me to garden through our winters here in Arkansas. I grow lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots and kale. On a 30 degree, sunny day, it will be 84 degrees in the greenhouse. I garden outside in the summer and these seeds would be awesome! Thanks for a chance to have them!

  528. Sandy Sebold says:

    I live in Colorado and we have had a fairly mild winter, so far, in fact it is supposed to be in the low 60’s today. I have spent some time cleaning out my sun room and keeping busy with all my geraniums and other plants that need occasional water and care. Still have lots of cold days ahead but am already thinking about this coming Spring!

  529. How do I keep sane during the dark winter? I have been richly blessed this year in that I have not seemed to have been affected negatively this winter with the shorter daylight days. We had an early snowfall with a HUGE amount of snow all winter and that for some reason has kept me very happy!!! Our snow is light and not too difficult to shovel and I have a really warm jacket so being outside was great! Now our days are beginning to lengthen as well as warm. We have several grow boxes that we are excited about planting in May and harvesting even more than last year. We loved our produce and look forward to fresh salads, smoothies and juices with our own produce.!!!

  530. Researching and planning gardens and permaculture designs as well creating artwork sure helps to enjoy the winter.

  531. Scouring seed catalogs for my spring garden. Maybe winning will make some of my decisions for me! 🙂

  532. Baking bread and preparing pots of soup brighten my gray winter days. And, of course, dreaming of springtime!

  533. Dark and dreary is more than just winter on the northwest coast for someone from all seasons Eastern Washington. My therapy for the nasty weather is indoor hobbies like crocheting and quilting. What helps the most is researching ways to get the most out of my short and warmish growing season. I keep a digital scrapbook of ideas and plants that might work.

  534. Joanne La Vergne says:

    Here in Alberta we have very short winter days but a very active and caring community. I do a lot of knitting, quilting and reading alone and with community organizations. And then planning for my garden which is challenging at best here in Chinook Country.

  535. We have about 2′ of snow on the ground now, just got 6″ a couple days ago. Taking care of my houseplants is my green fix for now. I typically grow all those vegies you are giving away the seeds for, so I’d love to win!

  536. During the winter, I LIVE for gardening catalogs, or as I refer to them, “Vegetable Porn.” I also crochet and bake, and I love to make a different soup every day!

  537. Jan PalasekDunn says:

    I’m planning on trying to grow a garden this year so a free starter kit would be great!


  539. Happi Shopr says:

    music keeps me sane during the dreary days

  540. Linda Handel says:

    My kitchen window herb garden which is enhanced with my favorite picture from my garden of a particularly beautiful sunflower along with a photo from my daughter’s garden of a magical humming bird. My herbs r surrounded by a delightful rainbow painted ceramic ice cream cone created by my grandaughter. All these treasures surround me with comfort & coziness especially when it has been below zero lately. Of course, an extended vacation at me sister’s in Las Vegas helps, too!

  541. I’m a teacher, so I’m pretty busy in the deep darkness of winter. However, I have plants both in my classroom and at home. I try to keep my herbs going because we do not go out to eat….I cook every night. In a month or so, I will be starting my tomatoes…winter is just a time to renew , revive, and recharge for a busy spring and summer in the garden.

  542. Soups and stews with warm crusty bread shared with family and friends. Cozy and comforting!

  543. I feel the SPRING 🙂

    Love and kindness

  544. Jeanne Collins says:

    Wow!! So happy for you to see how popular your blog has become! Seems I had to scroll forever to get to the comment form!! I’ve been spending the winters campaigning for GMO labeling in the United States. We may have lost the battle called prop 37 here in California, but we haven’t lost the war!! The diligent fight wages on. I make phone calls, write letters, and whatever else is needed.

  545. I changed the furniture around so that I have a sitting area in a sunny window overlooking my snowed in garden. I sit there and crochet, knit, journal, read, or use my laptop with a few house plants, and my wonderful dog, Lilly for company. If it is not too frigid outside, we go for a walk.

  546. Sherlie Magaret says:

    What keeps me sane is knowing that spring always comes.

  547. I spend so much time on your site here, Kevin, and I daydream and learn from it for which I THANK YOU. Also quilting, baking breads, coffee cakes, blatz kuchen, soups, and anything else I can take over to my ‘shut-in’ neighbors. Also making plans to build our very first raised-garden beds!! 🙂

  548. Right about now, I start dreaming and planning for the Spring and Summer as well. Stacks of seed and plant catalogs give me plenty to ponder on what new things I might try this year!

  549. Two feet of snow on the garden. Time for winter dreaming. An organic starter kit would be a wonderful catalyst!

  550. Jean Dowling says:

    I just have a small area and this would be perfect for me.

  551. Casey Cavasher says:

    In the winter months, we enjoy a fireplace fire using the wood we’ve collected over the previous months. Hot beverages, good books, home decorating, slow food cooking and lots of baking keep the house smelling enviously divine! Had a few neighbors over for game-playing last night so added laughter to the good food smells and happy times.

  552. I love the cooler weather…& I love to read so that is what I do on dreary days & any other time I have a chance.

  553. Cynthia Cox says:

    I am a CPA so I am stuck inside most of winter anyway 7 day a week. Gratefully, busy season is mostly during the cold season and not in spring when I would rather be outside. But I have a calendar that is on my wall right next to my desk at work from my favorite travel agent. Just looking at the pretty pictures of the beaches and warm sunny places keeps me sane from January-April. Luckily for me April 15th coincides with the average last frost date here in Oklahoma and I am not tempted to put those precious tomatoes in the ground before their time. We always have some 70 degree days in February and March (and then some 30 degree days in April). I am sure the garden center makes a lot of money from poor people who buy two sets of veggie plants to those who take a chance that March 15th really will be the last frost date.

  554. Moving to Florida 13 years ago has kept me sane during winter months!! 🙂

  555. I go to my grandchildren’s basketball games, spend some time each day reading some really good blogs (like this one) getting some great recipes, decorating tips, and garden ideas! I love to try new recipes and I always have a good book to read.

    Thanks for all the info you share!

  556. My lab, Zeke, lots of good books and keeping my violets and other houseplants healthy and flowering keep me going. Also, social networking with family and friends who have moved South brightens my days.

  557. I love to work on the inside of my house in the winter. My husband and I pick a room and do it over. Then when the weather warms enough to be outdoors, we head out there. This year the yard is getting a makeover along with a greenhouse…can’t wait!

  558. I read, knit, sew, bake, and prepare for the onslaught in spring–both garden and wildlife as I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and baby season coincides with planting season!

  559. Norah Haislip says:

    I still have to get outside so I walk every day that weather permits, and soak in the rays. When I can, I start all my seeds indoors. Last year we lived in an apartment so no planting, but this year I am planting a new garden, so I will have work to do very soon!

  560. I’ve heard great things about High Mowing School and their seeds.
    Looking forward to a wonderful, warmer growing season!

  561. Claudia Black says:

    There is a sunbeam that turns my sitting area into a summer porch where I sit and knit or crochet. When walking my dog, Clancy, around the flower beds on our outside journeys, I peek under the layer of snow or leaves to see the beginnings of spring growth. Even the weeds that I will be battling this summer give me a mid-winter smile.

  562. I am planning on doing a bit of winter sowing this year and will build a couple more raised beds once things thaw out a bit here. As always, I’m anticipating the arrival of spring!

  563. While I don’t totally hate winter, it DOES get old – and more quickly each year. The plant and seed catalogs that used to hit the mail box the day after Christmas used to be the highlight of the season. Nowadays, however, they’re mostly veggie seed catalogs and I’m more interested in perennials and shrubs. 🙁

    I do find that forcing branches and bulbs indoors helps a lot – as well as tracking the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels in the garden.

    When all else fails, I pull up my photos of Fiji for a mini-vacation. Tahiti works, too.

  564. I enjoy winter, have 107 houstplants to tend, enjoy the new seed catalogues in the mail & making my orders, drawing out my garden plans, love to quilt, bake & entertain guests.

  565. Ruth Wright says:

    The South East of England has had so much rain that flooding is a big problem, so a large part of this winter has been spent looking out of the kitchen window at a very neglected garden. However, on a drier day, I am glad I planted leeks, black cale & purple sprouting broccoli. they all help make interesting meals which need to be hearty & filling as the central heating has died and the logs are down the bottom of the garden and soaking so the log burner isn’t much use.
    Perhaps a little gift from the USA might raise the temperature a bit!

  566. Ann Honer says:

    I don’t get your Post ’till Sunday, so am always near the end of your list!
    I have already started collecting and preparing ‘milk jugs’ for winter sowing. I also prepare more meals from scratch, in the winter, using up veggies that I grew over the summer, and yes, I will try ‘lamb chops with rosemary and mint’. Thanks for the great recipes.

  567. I keep semi sane by cooking great soups for those chilly days, baking and reading! I get to celebrate my birthday too which is today! 🙂

  568. Jacqueline says:

    I tend my indoor plants, read seed catalogs and dream of future gardens.

  569. Ah! Love this reprieve from broiling days of August. The sun is gentle the air is fresh – perfect for walking the dogs. As others have said this is time for soup, lots of baking and in my case procrastinating the remaining garden chores.

  570. This is the time to turn inward: rest, revitalize and read.

  571. Starting in January I start going through the seed catalogs I have gotten and dreaming and planning what I will plant as soon as the weather warms up. In Georgia our winters are not usually this cold so it is especially fun to look at the seed catalogs and find new website for rare and heirloom plants.I am gradually switching over to gardening in containers and raised bed. Arthritis does not limit my dreaming and planning, just garden a little differently now.

  572. I live in sunny Florida. Athough we’ve had a few record lows lately, my poinsettias are still beautiful and my camellias are coming into bloom, as well as a few azaleas. I still enjoy my indoor violets and other assorted air cleaning houseplants.

  573. I love seeing seeds grow.

  574. Winter in North Mississippi is relatively mild. This year has been the exception as it has for most of the country becaure of the Polar Vortex.. We lost some patio plants that we had stored in the greenhouse, smaller patio plants that were brought into the sunroom are still surviving. Occasional watering (when I remember) is working for now, but it will be so much nicer when spring arrives and they all go back out on the patio. I fill my days with crocheting, quilting/sewing and my internet reading on various subjects. Looking forward to Spring, but I am OK with winter, as long as I stay inside.

  575. Patt Reid says:

    I let (?) my husband tend to the cooking while I work. But, when we’re relaxing, and the lake is frozen, and there’s a bit of snow on it, my husband and I like to go snowshoeing on it. We take our dog and play ball with her. It’s great fun to watch her skitter to a sliding stop as she tries to catch the ball. She uses her nose to ‘plow’ the snow away from the ball when she finally gets to it, then shakes the snow off the ball and herself, and runs back to us, ball-in-mouth, ready to go again. We follow this up with a hot buttered rum (we use apple cider and Mount Gay rum, butter, cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves), while we sit around the fireplace. We give Hannah a treat to celebrate with us.

  576. I whittle, take care of the winter birds, and enjoy planning my spring and summer gardens.

  577. THURITA GRAMMO says:

    I enjoy fruits & vegetables during the winter that I grew during the summer.
    This keeps me hopeful for the next year’s bountiful crop.

  578. I become obsessed with seeds! Looking at seed catalogs, buying seeds, making seed tape with my three year-old, hoarding all our milk jugs for winter sowing…

  579. Hah! Nothing keeps me sane during the winter! I;m in MA, where winter lasts from Oct-May! AHHHHHHHH!!!

    Reading “beach read” type books helps, and dreaming of being able to retire (in 30 years!) to VA!!

  580. Linda A. Fleming says:

    January is the month to sit by the fireplace with a stack of seed catalogs and plan for spring. I look forward to this each year after the excitement of the holidays is over and all decorations are packed away for next December

  581. Lee McCann says:

    I, too, am dreaming about my garden and how tasty is can be. It’s grand to share with the
    grandchildren and great grandchildren. the garden revives me. The brightness of a cold day is also revitalizing. I have some outside kitties that have adopted me so I have to be careful how I feed the sweet birds that still come to call. Thanks for the recipes and new thoughts for spring. Lee

  582. I daydream…. alot! 😉 I dream about what I’ll plant, and how I’ll change my cottage garden… all whist listening to my basset snoring infront of a roaring fire!

  583. Sonja Jones says:

    We are going to be moving to San Antonio in a couple of months (crossing fingers) and I can’t wait to start a garden there, since the weather is a bit nicer than Tulsa, OK.

  584. Out here in northern California, we are in an official drought which is expected to last a few months. Although we can’t complain about the warm weather – yet!

  585. We keep feeding the birds. We have 3 hummingbirds again this winter in southern Georgia!

  586. I survive the dark winter months by cultivating my indoor garden of African violets and an orchid, by forcing hyacinths and paper whites, and by counting down the days until I can get back outside in the sun and sink my fingers back into the earth.

  587. I spend the long winter planning my summer gardens. Each year I expand and grow new things. For Christmas I received a grow light to put under my cabinets to help my seedlings along. Only another month before I can start them – these seeds would be perfect! Thanks for a great blog!

  588. Sylvia Piche says:

    Enjoy eating all the goodies from last year’s garden and am thinking of what to plant in the spring.

  589. I spend my winters cleaning and cooking! Since I am indoors more than outdoors, I like to try warm reciepes, especially soups, stews, and trying my hand at baking bread (still struggle with that one.) Also, I clean out my reciepes, and this is why its a wonderful time to sit with a cup of tea or hot chocolate (with a “tiny” bit of cinnamon and cayenne red pepper!) and listen to some music or put on some Sherlock Holmes old black and white DVD’s and enjoy! Also, I exercise, I love food, but I have to exercise to enjoy it!!

  590. Keeping sane in winter: My husband and I both like to cook and entertain, so we try to plan a lot of “dates” with our friends and family in Jan/Feb before everyone gets too busy with outdoor chores. Heating with wood also helps; we hang out downstairs and do our computer stuff, he has his ham radio “shack” down there, the TV is there, and the washer/drying/sewing machine/iron are also there. Having to bring in wood for the stove gives us a good reason to get moving and be outside. We also have 7 chickens that need daily attention, as well as our lab who gets a daily walk in the woods.

  591. I sew bright, colorful quilts or kitchen accessories and wall hangings. To break up the monotony of white snow and gray days.

  592. We bundle up and try to take a long walk come home to a hot cup of herbal tea. Then I’m inspired to make soup and muffins from overripe bananas. Enjoy looking at old spring time magazines to continue to stay warm.

  593. Kevin,
    I tend to cook! And just love your recipes … have made most of them! Also, I am the lead gardner for a community garden near our house and this winter am re-thinking the configuration and some of the content. Have lots of graph paper on my desk! Happy winter!!

  594. The garden picture makes me want summer all the more. I miss it terribly. I have a greenhouse but it’s not the same as summer.

  595. Dolores Clifton says:

    Winter is my time to get crafty, and I turn my inner Betty Crocker into a full blown perpetual motion device. I bake non-stop, or so it seems… Nothing beats the freezing cold blahs like hot offerings. This year I’m also planning for my spring planting in my new veggie beds – I’ll have 64 sq ft of new space that I didn’t have last season!

  596. Jo Bourget says:

    I am a “techie” as much as I am a gardener. My television, computer, Kindle, iPod and iPhone keep me as busy in the winter as gardening does in the summer. Needless to say, both get neglected during the other’s season. It’s a win, win situation. My nickname for both of these hobbies is “Therapy”. I’m one happy camper 365 days a year. 😉

  597. My livestock keep me sane, but they are looking forward to spring more than I am!

  598. My winter sanity-preserving projects include trying out at least one new recipes each week. This week, I think I’ll try a recipe for Sunflower bread (I staying way from wheat, not gluten free, just wheat free). The recipe I like the best so far is Cranberry Coconut Cookies. I confess, I’m made the recipe three times. The cookies disappear too quickly.

    Also, I’m surveying a new garden plot. It’s been filled with flowers, so I need to prepare the soil. Learning about that will keep me busy enough.

  599. A trip to see family in Florida keeps us sane as we live in the snowbelt 🙂

  600. Thank you Kevin. I really enjoy your website and your tips and advice. Thanks so much!
    I hate snow and winter!

  601. Baking, baking & more baking mixed with painting/creating with my daughter. Also making plans and getting things in order for a remodel/restoration to our 1918 bungalow.

  602. Reading, web surfing, or dreaming of a sunny beach helps on those short winter days.

  603. I remind myself every morning that the day light is lasting longer. I also make sure toenjoy a great read lounging on the couch on the days when the sunlight streams through the windows. Makes me feel closer to summer on those days.

  604. Stephanie says:

    I do a lot of knitting and sewing for my kids, and I plan my garden! as soon as christmas is over it’s time to research new ideas, start gathering milk cartons for winter sown crops, and pour over seed catalogs. I also take care of chickens, pets, and kids. Never a dull moment around here, and looking forward to a long season of green and growing things (even in upstate NY!).

  605. Even tho day light is lasting a little longer, We have two feet of snow and can expect several feet more before winter is over. I’m just learning how to garden, but here in Alaska we are very limited in what grows fast enough for a short season. An a window garden for herbs just won’t happen no matter how I try.

    Thanks for all your good stuff.

  606. Robin Gray says:

    I play with string….by knitting and crocheting, that is. The brighter colors, the better, although in NC, we do get a fair amount of sun in the winter months. Not like what I left behind in Western NY. Love your blog and website.

  607. joyce fleming says:

    I’m already winter weary and we have a long way to go here in New England. I need to think of warm weather and spring flowers!

  608. Karen Murray says:

    Quilting and preparing comfort foods from my canned goods from garden 2013, needs lots of comfort food to endure Minnesota winter and luckily had a bountiful garden with lots of canned goods

  609. Adriana Fernandez says:

    Hi, Kevin! I have been searching for information about organic gardens and how to grow produce at home. We live in the Ottawa area country side and have some space for that. I was remembering how my Mom managed when we were kids, my dad cut 2 big oil metal barrel in half, cleaned and painted them, my Mom put soil and planted veggies and herbs on the roof, we didn’t have a lawn, only patio. It was great! Thank you for all the tips and recipes, it’s fun to try and enjoy them. Now is time to plan for Spring! Cheers!

  610. Taking geranium cuttings, and blooming orchids keep me sane in the dark days. Four male cardinals with their lady friends is nice too!

  611. Tracy Moore says:

    Hello, my name is Tracy, I live in Oklahoma. I had in the past Roll Garden and this year decided to do a Square Ft raised bed garden. Just purchased my cedar boards for the beds and getting the things I need to start seeds indoors. I would love very much to receive one of the Giveaways for Organic Garden.
    Thank you

  612. I read your blog to stay sane. 🙂 It reminds me of warmer days to come.
    I also use winter to catch up on indoor projects, because as soon as I can start digging again, I’m outside.

  613. Naomi Shelton says:

    Well, here in Michigan this Winter has been especially harsh. Freezing and below for weeks. I pass the cold, cloudy days by reading, fantasizing about redecorating my house, on-line shopping and thrift-shopping. Also, I am beginning to think about planting and how to manage my much-too-large yard this coming summer. I’m sure those seeds would come in handy. And I love High Mowing. I get their e-mails. Good choice!

  614. Hi Kevin! Love your blog. In this particularly gloomy winter, I am enjoying planning my veggie garden for spring (mostly by learning from past mistakes.) And literally browsing photos of flowers I’d like to plant. I’m attempting this spring to spruce up an ugly north facing-privacy fence with plants, which might be an impossible challenge.

    Question – which seeds do you sow directly into your kitchen garden, and when? (I’m same zone as you).

  615. Theresa Silver says:

    I’m seed shopping and looking for new varieties of heirlooms to try. I evaluate what worked well in my garden last year and plan my garden for next year. I’m in zone 5. It’s too early to plant seeds…but I’ll probably try it anyway! If the weather doesn’t turn fast enough, I’ll just feed it to my chickens.

  616. Debi Yount says:

    Starting to make my garden plans. I am going to have raised beds this year, my soil is clay like and not very friendly for gardening. Winning this contest would certainly help out tremendously! Thank you for your fun giveaways.

  617. I live in Florida, so we don’t have too many dark days. On those days I read and play with the cats and the bird.

  618. Reading books, playing with my kids!

  619. I have been redecorating the house. Painted two rooms and made window treatments. Still two to go. Gives a great winter lift.

  620. Even here in north Florida, I’m able to play outside in the garden most days. In the winter I do jobs in the sunny areas that are too hot during the summer.

  621. Cool!

  622. There always seems to be winter chores for spring planting. Tending the mulch pile, starting winter seeding and preparing the garden spot have kept me busy the last couple of weekends. I am so ready for the warm spring sunshine and morning dew!

  623. Linda P. Strangio says:

    A good book or movie can keep me going when it’s cold outside. A hot mug of tea too!

  624. Lucinda Reams says:

    Oh my! What a package of gardening stuff. I love it and really look forward to gardening season again. This is a wonderful selection of seeds. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  625. Cindy Fink says:

    I like to browse the seed catalogs and plan my garden,which never ends up quite the way I think it will! I was disappointed to today when I went my local Agway to browse through the garden section and dream of spring, only to have to turn around and go home because they were closed 🙁

  626. Winter in very, VERY windy S.E. South Dakota – my daily ritual, no matter the weather is a trip outdoors to my beloved Potting Shed (a chicken house in it’s first life) my husband dug ‘trenches’ all the way around where it sits, put railroad ties in the trenches, so it does not ‘sit’ on the dirt where it would potentially rot the wood. I ‘found’ numerous windows in good shape, and he reconfigured the vertical 2x4s to make them all fit and workable. And the creme de la creme – – – covered the dirt floor inside with a pick up truck load of pea gravel! read: no need to sweep a wood or cement floor 😉 And the Grandchildren enjoy scooping the gravel into a vintage, metal child-sized wheelbarrow – they like the sound of it I guess. Now I have a vintage day bed in there & Mr. hung a ‘mosquito net’ over it. HEAVENLY place to be! And to clarify the name Potting Shed – I don’t pot in it, I use it just for fun – like having friends for coffee, that’s where we head! And to sometime nap, other times just to think of our gardens – – – a BIG vegetable garden, and numerous flower beds.

  627. Making fondue for my family! And roasting marshmallows. And planning for Spring.

  628. I confess. Winter is NOT my favorite time of year. However, I make lots of cookies and brownies. I use organic coconut oil instead of butter (or half/half) to keep the pounds off. This year, I added something else to my winter repertoire – LIMONCELLO! I made some as a Christmas gift and that has already become a holiday favorite. Of course, I still have plenty left! Thanks for the contest. Have an amazing week.

  629. I am a woman of the south and our winters are usually 3 to 4 days in Feburary. this year we have had winter since mid november till now almost the end of January .. and let me tell you this sends us southern woman into a kitchen frenzy. soups, italian everything, cajun gumbos , stews., jambalaya, ,warm cornbread, big flakey biscuits . comfort , comfort comfort. thats what happens in long cold winters in the south. and sad to say after one of these we are all on the walking, biking trail, march to june at least. much fun, much life and long live.

  630. When I am not planning what to grow in my veggie garden next season I turn to “winter projects” indoors. We have an old cape style house and each year we take on a pretty good sized project so there are always things that need to be completed. We just remodeled our upstairs bathroom so we have painting and plenty of “touch up” things to do. I also love to antique so that is always a winter activity that I love 🙂

  631. I SLEEP…………………………………………..a lot!

  632. This winter I have been kept busy driving back and forth to Kansas to see my new grandson!!!
    Yay! The other thing I have done is research and plan raised garden boxes for my backyard. I love to garden, but the soil where I live is very poor. So, this year, I am doing raised boxes and heirloom seeds. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  633. I’m excited about planting a small container garden this year. My son just got his own backyard and will be planting a nice sized garden. I really love the tips and information on your website and all the love of gardening you share. Thanks.

  634. Linda Noblin says:

    Sanity is a good cup of tea and a good book, cuddled up in my recliner with a soft throw and dreaming about a lush garden and fresh herbs and veggies .

  635. Audrey Popp says:

    I’ve requested a catalog from High Mowing Seeds and can hardly wait for it to arrive! It is cold in Ohio, but I am looking forward to starting some seeds. We have a home wedding to prepare for later this summer and will need lots of flowers.

  636. Allison K says:

    I read a lot (both plant-related and just fun fiction books), leaf through seed catalogs and websites, and draw up plans for this year’s garden. I also seem to have at least one (if not both) heat-seeking cat on my lap when I am home!

  637. I cook. I share via Pampered Chef parties & cook for my family as well.

  638. Laura Graham says:

    I love winters in NE South Carolina. We have some cold temperatures that are usually punctuated with temps in the 60’s and sometimes 70’s for a day or two. It snows a few inches once or twice a winter if we are lucky. So far this winter, not lucky. I like to bake the winter blues away. Last week I made Paula Deen’s grandmother’s sour cream pound cake with the addition of some rum and brandy for extra flavor. Yum. I made two loaf pans instead of one large hole in the middle cake. I gave one and kept one. Can’t wait ’til garden time.

  639. cookingmama001 says:

    When it’s dark, cold and dreary, I research the internet for gardening/cooking ideas, and look what I found recently! You! Love your site! Already tried the chickpea pancakes and love them! Can’t wait to try out other recipes!

  640. Florrie McGinnis says:

    I read read read, and swoon over the lovely garden catalogs!

  641. I stay sane during the dark days of winter by cooking hearty soups and breads and by sewing warm quilts.

  642. I actually love all the seasons but I’m in the DC area where the temp only drop to about 30 degrees. We will be getting lower this week and I’m hoping for snow. In the winter I like to make soup and chili like my dad did when I was growing up. I also make this peach dumpling my mom use to make when it got cold. I’m planning on a more successful gardening year by including my neighbor’s kids in the garden. I’m so excited and they’re eager to have there own garden. I’ve been doing my research and reading books and blogs so I know I’m ready to get started this spring.

  643. Extra sleep,long walks,long johns,and good books. Thank you for a chance to win great seeds from a great seed company!

  644. I keep my sanity by cooking and imagining and planning my summer garden.

  645. ikkinlala says:

    I keep sane by knitting. It’s just the right kind of distraction from the cold weather outside, and then when I’m done it keeps me warm.

  646. ready for spring–flowers,vegtables planting and fun!

  647. Cooking and eating my way through winter. lol

  648. I’ve been spending my weekends lately outside in a tree stand hunting deer. I don’t mind the cold too much. However, I am getting excited about planning my vegetable garden this week.

  649. Rhonda Strahler says:

    Can’t wait for spring!!

  650. I Love winter-watching the snow and sipping a cup of tea helps keep me sane and reading your newsletter. Thinking about my gardens too!!!!!

  651. Elaine Sipe says:

    Being in Northern Maine….I can only dream of spring……

  652. emaline freisinger says:

    I try to get out as much as possible! The dark doesn’t bother me too much, I love watching movies 🙂
    I dream about planting and have tried some winter sowing this year so am excited to see how that worked!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  653. We finally have a great area to begin a new garden at my grandmother’s home. Now that she has passed on, we intend to do her garden justice. ANy help would be wonderful! It’s out first go round… 🙂 Welcome Spring…

  654. Jean Kahler says:

    How could I tolerate S.E. South Dakota’s cold and windy weather without my beloved Potting Shed, just a short walk from the house?! My Potting Shed was a chicken house in it’s first life

    MY DH has, with love , patience, and hard work, fixed it very nicely. He installed ‘found’ windows I brought home, built a Dutch Door to accommodate a 36″ vintage screen door I had. Hauled in a pickup truck of pea gravel to make a ‘floor’ on the dirt – I did not want a floor that needed to be swept! Grandchildren enjoy using child-sized shovels to dig the pea gravel & dump it into a vintage, metal, child’s wheelbarrow I keep in the Potting Shed.

    It’s a wonderful place to take a cup of coffee to share with friends who come to visit. When we hosted my husband’s son’s pre-nupital dinner (an out door picnic), the Bride’s father and uncle spent most of the evening in my Potting Shed!

  655. Northerner says:

    I am from ‘up north’ in Canada and discovered your website through this weekend’s newspaper describing and recommending Winter Sowing. I have been winter sowing for several years (8 at least) and that keeps me busy during the winter. I research plants from my ‘plants to try’ list and decide which ones I wish to try this year. Update my gardening binder which is detailed; complete my seed-saving; make my ‘offer’ lists and trade seeds; browse the new catalogues which arrive; wash and ready my containers and pots for indoor seed starting; winter sow all my hardy flowers and veggies; do a lot of cooking, eating, and watching tennis, my only sports passion. We try to escape to someplace warm for a week each winter.

  656. christina loge says:

    I spend a lot of time in our Missouri winters preparing for spring planting. I bring all the plants in that I want to save to replant in spring and place buckets outside to catch snow and rainwater to water during the winter months. I also save all of our coffee grounds to mix in the soil for a little boost when planting. I have several trumpet lilies I cut back and save the cuttings to root in water over winter and if you have ever seen them you know how beautiful they are. the prepping you do during your winter months help save time when spring arrives.

  657. here in NY its a LONG way til spring and garden season…i cant wait to expand mine for more canning foods

  658. Love to spend time reading, crocheting, cooking and pouring over seed catalogs. Can’t forget seeing my grandchildren!

  659. Cruises.

  660. I’d have to say the Hallmark and LMN channels! I curl up on the couch with my computer, researching all the things I’d like to grow next year.. My four-legged child cuddled up beside me, and about 3 pots of coffee a day!

  661. normally my cats. but they are being watched by a friend….burst pipe still need to be taken care of and lost my job recently…my kids help to keep me focused….am being optimistic for a great 2014 none the less. Keeping my chin up.

  662. This year I am focusing on cooking. We are trying a gluten free diet and your Garbanzo Bean pancake recipe is a big hit, thanks!

  663. Marg Buck says:

    I walk and do indoor things. I also enjoy Baxter the golden retriever.

  664. Deb Rogers says:

    I live in Texas where cold hardiness doesn’t matter but heat tolerance does (I am always SO jealous when my Facebook friends post pictures of their lilacs or peonies that don’t survive here) My husband and I have an organic garden, although the last few years we haven’t grown much besides tomatoes and basil and sage. Your wonderful seed varieties would be a wonderful reason to get up and enjoy the garden more this year.

  665. Debbie Delcamp says:

    I get though the winter reading and knitting and cooking and now that is is January with the seed catologs coming I am starting to plan my (all organic) garden this year so to win this would be wonderful 🙂 Just read about High Mowing Seeds today in my Organic Gardening magazine:) Thank you for your wonderful website and blog I so enjoy coming here you give me hope and inspiration that I too can have a great kitchen garden. Debbie from COLD Michigan

  666. I’m in Georgia, so I’ve been trying to walk/jog outside so I get some sunshine and exercise! I love fresh air so I try to get out each weekday if I can. It’s especially nice to see the sun rise and bluebirds every once in a while too.

  667. I love reading about all the ideas you have. My husband is sold big time on your milk jug plantings. Last year he started 100 tomato plants that way, so needless to say we had our share of tomatoes. We start just about everything using the milk jug containers.

  668. Linda lloyd says:

    I’m so ready for spring! I read a lot….especially garden catalogs!
    I dream about my perfect garden. It would be great if I won on Tuesday because it’s my birthday!!!

  669. I am not familiar with this company; but I do believe in organic gardening. I became interested in gardening after I retired from nursing. I never had the time before except for a few flowers planted around my house. Since retiring in March of 2010 I have been increasing my scope and interest in gardening. I have not got into canning as yet; but I want to raise as a much of my own food as possible. I share my space for vegetables with my neighbor Joyce. She has taught me a lot; but then I have so much to learn. I am convinced it is going to become essential as much as possible to grow our own food. Besides there is something very satisfying about raising a person’s own food.


  670. What keeps me sane during winter months. Well I can fill a book on pictures of what I want to plant and how to increase my garden. We built our own greenhouse a couple of years ago and it’s gone crazy. We’re thinking about adding on so we can enclose for winter time here in Utah, and maybe try some in-house gardening. Hmmmm, something to think about some more.

  671. Jackie Peschong says:

    We live in Minnesota and this is a hard winter. My sanity is preserved by ice fishing, browsing and drooling through the seed catalogs, and planning my winter sowing. I followed your blog last year and had great success! I was especially proud of my Missouri primroses and my calendulas, and my double hollyhocks! Thanks for all the great information.

  672. Read books, make soup, read books, make soup, read books…….is it spring yet?!

  673. I live in Florida so the winters are not so dark. I enjoy the cooler weather in Winter. I am now on my second round of tomatoes and the cold just makes them sweeter. I’ve only had to cover them once due to frost. I love eating fresh veggies and can’t believe that from one tiny seed a great bounty springs forth. Truly a miracle and never fails to bring a smile to my face! Happy growing everyone!

  674. Getting my garden ready for planting. Watching over the garlic and kale. South is great for that! Would love a package!

  675. Dana Hutchinson says:

    I spend a ton of time cooking up 20 to 30 quart stock pots of all different kinds of soup and break them down in different sized containers too freeze and of course share the love as well. I graduated as a Baker but love the challenges of pulling off a 7 course meal and nailing it everytime. I enjoy my 2 vegetable gardens I have during the summer months and have actually come up with a all time favorite food that I will even share with all of you. Take Hot Hungarian Peppers cut the tops off and clean out with a potato peeler, then you take string mozzarella cheese and cut it into 5-6 pieces, and the Little Smokies Sausages cut them in half too, then you start with the cheese and alternate with the meat, ending with meat on top. Then you cup the top with a thick slice piece of bacon toothpick it through the bacon, pepper, bacon, wrap the rest around the pepper going downward, toothpick again and throw it on the grill or you can put them under the broiler til bacon is done. You can also use the mild peppers if ya can’t handle the heat! ENJOY!!!

  676. I plan for spring planting.

  677. Vicki Shires says:

    Hi…..I usually dread the winter and can’t wait for it to end. All I want to do is sit on the couch and read, peruse my garden books and the internet for ideas and bake. It’s the baking that will do me in because you have to eat what you bake, oh well! I usually need to beat it out of town in February for some beach and sun. Fortunately, I live on the south shore of Long Island so winters are not to bad. I do enjoy a good blizzard! I have decided as I turned 57 this year to not wish winter away but to enjoy it as best I can. So thanks to you Kevin, one of my projects is to do the winter sowing. I have purchased seeds from Summer Hill and can’t wait to get started. When the sun is shinning I put on my under armor and go for a brisk walk, I find this very energizing and helps to keep the winter blues away. I am a project oriented gal and really enjoy your website. It is very personable and warm, Keep up the good work! Happy winter!

  678. I love taking my dogs to the dog park after a fresh snow and watching them romp around and make dog snow angels, then going home where we can all warm up in front of the fireplace and drink hot cocoa!

  679. Denise in Colorado says:

    I hate January and February but this year the temps are pretty mild so far! I survive these dark cold months by taking care of my house plants, cooking a lot, watching Downton Abbey and dreaming of Spring! Thanks for your giveaways! 🙂

  680. John Stark says:

    I kick back and watch football.

  681. catherine halvorsen says:

    I live in the redwoods in California’s far (almost Oregon ) coast. Poking around in my yard today and found bulbs starting up. If that wasn’t enough to make my day a red tailed hawk sat near by and watch me. Life is good if you just look around.

  682. This is a good time to clean out a lot of closets that I didn’t get to when I’m out working in my garden and yard.

  683. I like to work on indoor projects that organize and declutter my home. In the summer I want to be outside, so it’s a good time to focus on inside projects. I also like to read, sew and knit in the winter. And I still go outside to snowshoe. Thanks for a great blog.

  684. Stephanie says:

    Warm soup and a sun lamp helps to keep me and my partner sane during the dark winters.

  685. On a certain level, there’s not a second to think about it: the holidays run fierce, fast and lovely through the first week of January; and it this economy, working two part time jobs, running here and there with the four little ones it’s gone with a breath. But by February the mind is full of plans and schemes and seeds a-startin’ as Dylan used to say, so Primavera springs eternal. That other level, though, each morning I drive down my gravel road and stop at the corner to turn, there along Painter’s farm, with the sun just up over the Blue Ridge, mystery fog one day, scintillating ice another, thick white bank of snow the next, most days just a soft orange-yellow sun that I can even look into longer (say, than summer) without pain or blindness and all is well, so well.

  686. Mary Ann Z. says:

    To Jan in Washington State – I can relate to the gray, gray winter days because I used to live in Montana. Here in Wisconsin, we have cold winters but much more sunshine which helps make through to spring. I am not a winter person. In fall, I finish harvesting my garden and freeze plus a little canning makes my gardening worthwhile. I pour through my recipes in advance to plan my holiday meals in advance, take time to bake old and new recipes, and prepare for the holidays. In December, my seed catalogues arrive and with pen in hand, mark all of the flowers and garden seeds which interest me. In January, I am making plans for my garden i.e., this year, I plan to do some extra tilling in the garden by adding some sand along with horse manure to loosen the clay in the soil. I will also be planning the layout of the garden for this year. In a couple of weeks, I will be ordering some additional plants for the garden. Doing these things help me get through the winter months. Throughout the winter months, I read about new vegetables in various articles. As with much of the country, it has been very cold here so I have not been able to spend any time working with my horse. Once the temperatures moderate, I will also spend time in the indoor arena training my mare. All of the above helps me get through the winter months.

  687. Central Florida doesn’t have much of a cold season, but I spend my winter juicing willd muscadine grapes harvested during the brief summer growing season and making 4 gallon batches of homemade muscadine wine.

  688. Tami Wilde says:

    Normally (we really haven’t experienced winter weather yet–drought!), I find a sewing/craft/lap project to do, sit in front of the fire and watch mystery or who-dun-it movies. Mind you, this would have to be on the weekend when I’m not at work.

  689. I love hibernating in winter and so much to do w/the homemade breads, soups, hearty meals, sewing, bead work, learning the harp and playing with the two cats: Princess the Siamese and Greedy Gus the feral cat. Then there is designing curtains for my home, decorating, quilting and such like. I’m gathering milk jugs now for Kevin’s idea on winter sowing….can’t wait to see the results. Hopefully we are done with the minus 29 degrees F and -49 wind chill.

  690. denise smith says:

    what keeps me sane is snuggling with my 3 kitties, chilling with our 2 family dogs, forging bonds of friendship with my neighbors and instead of formal volunteering just doing good things for the elderly people in my family.

  691. Heidi Young says:

    I work a lot. My husband and I manage a distribution warehouse for a mail order lobster gourmet company. Christmas season to Valentine’s day is very busy. we aren’t working, I bake and spend time with our children and grandson. I’m planning on my winter sowing soon. It really was great last winter..

  692. Denial is what keeps me sane. While in my nice warm house, I convince myself that it’s beautiful and warm outside. Then, when I need to actually go outside I’m in shock. 🙂

  693. I work too much to even notice that it’s winter. 🙂 Actually, I almost got frostbite when the bus didn’t stop a couple of days ago and I had to stand out in the almost zero real temps and wicked wind. This winter, I’m also looking forward to planting my first garden of my own. I’m renting a place with a yard where I can have one, and my mom is going to help me with the expertise. Although my mom has a lot of the seeds we’ll need, and is planning on giving us some plants,she doesn’t have seeds for most of the plants in this kit, so winning this would be GREAT!!! I think it will be incredibly fun to have my own garden!

  694. I spend the winter catching up on reading and finishing the quilt of the year.

  695. Time is well spent connecting with other people leaving my life on an upbeat note

  696. I am beginning my winter sowing tomorrow with flower perennials. 🙂

  697. I am trying the winter sowing that you have talked about. I also keep sane by getting outside for some fresh air everyday walking my dog. The lamb chops I can attest to. They are wonderful! I make them the same way but add a bit of honey to it. Really wonderful. Look forward to your weekly posting.
    Enjoy the rest of the winter and thank you for the wonderful recipes, gardening and decorating tips! Love it!

  698. I bake alot to pass the time. I would like to have 1 good snow and then it be spring!!

  699. We enjoy reading, playing games, cooking, baking, sewing and crafting with friends and family. Also plans for spring and summer.

  700. I plan on starting a garden this year. This would be great!

  701. Sitting here pinning on pinterest the things I want to, or dream of, doing this spring and summer. Been a long day of wedding planning with my daughter, now is some times for me 🙂

  702. I go outside everyday of the year no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature is throwing at me. I do like to bake more in the winter and spend more time on the computer reading up on organic gardening.

  703. I spend the winter enjoying outdoor activities, spending time with family, catch.up on housecleaning, baking, and planning my garden.

  704. Sewing, volunteering and reading seed catalogs.

  705. Although the temps here are heading down to the single digits, I’m ready to plan my garden. I’m spending this winter as my first year in the Master Gardner Intern program offered by our local cooperative extension. I LOVE GARDENING!!

  706. Deb Hornick Gotham says:

    I can’t wait to play in the dirt again in the garden! C’mon Spring!

  707. I play some classical or New Age music on my box and cook up a pot of fragrant herbs in the BIG soup pot, like pine, lemon and lavender. Baking if company is expected and crafting or reading or napping if not.

  708. Winter is when I jump in and clean out closets and drawers. What a great feeling when it is all done and the clutter is gone. I also enjoy sipping on a cup of cappuccino and reading a good book, while a pot of warm soup simmers on the stove.

  709. Deborah Spake-Goodnight says:

    Keep sane during the winter? Reading, working out, cooking (lot’s of soups) and tending to my herbs throughout the winter 🙂

  710. Therese Jones says:

    On cold, snowy days I like to knit by the fire and reorganizing my home. Thanks for the great information.

  711. My ways of staying sane through the winter doldrums: I walk in the rainy redwoods, make the very best bean soups ever, drool over seed/plant catalogs and do a small bit of yard maintenance. Thanks so much for your lovely recipes and houseplant tips!!!

  712. Mary Boucher says:

    I like to bake and dream of spring… Perusing seed catalogs, knitting, playing with the puppy, cutting out paper dolls with my daughter, cooking lots of soup… Oh, and trying to learn the mandolin and hand weaving… It’s pretty fun, really.

  713. I spend my winter days completing house projects so I can spend the warm sunny days in my garden. This winter’s project is scraping popcorn off the ceilings of my kitchen and bathrooms. What an adventure!

  714. Gardening as a path to self sufficiency and quality food for my family would be such a blessing.

  715. While recently snowed in here in St. Louis, I roasted the last of my tomatoes which have been ripening in brown paper bags, and made them into a yummy red & green tomato & corn soup! & now I will begin winter sowing, with anticipation of spring.
    Thanks Kevin!

  716. Beverley Patrick says:

    Hi Kevin et al
    We live near Mt. St. Louis ski hills in Ontario and I start off every day snowshoeing on our farm in the back fields and woods where I often see deer, coyote and wild turkey. Funny, but I don’t ski – go figure!!
    I love receiving your newsletters and trying your recipes (absolutely loved the tomato pie) and I created a window garden with african violets, not as nice as yours, but still, looks wonderful and inviting. Thanks for the idea.
    I’m planning a wildflower garden, approx. 1500 sq. ft in the spring a would love your insight and expertise on this. Thanks for sharing.

  717. Love my garden! and the inspiration I get from your site! I live in UT & so we are eagerly awaiting winter to be over; however, now is the fun time too. I love planning our garden & where & what we will be planting. Actually, it is almost time to start the seedlings!

  718. I start buying my seeds and sowing them indoors for summer veggies and flowers. This keeps me sane during the snow and cold!

  719. Carol Ballard says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m going out tomorrow to get soil to start planting with the jugs I’ve saved most of the winter. I’m going to try that winter sowing. Other things, besides lots of snow removal in NW Ohio, I’m scrapbooking for 5 grandkids and am a quilter. Since the weather has kept us in a lot this winter am taking advantage of time by cleaning out closets and drawers.

    Love your website.

  720. Constance Ali says:

    Getting read to plant english peas soon here in TN but mostly during the winter i work on this house painting dry walling repairing and so on . Do some quilting and sewing.
    My mouth is watering for summer squash with sauted onions . I can still see my garlic is doing fine.

  721. Diana Raidy says:

    I live in So.CA, so don’t experience the cold and snow as others do and our spring comes sooner. During the winter I direct sow onions and garlic, sow veggies in my small greenhouse, and get the other gardens ready for spring – taking out fall’s veggies, trellises, and adding compost while I make notes of what I should plant where. A couple of my gardens are a constant challenge. Seems no matter how much compost I put it them, I always end up with the decomposed granite popping to the surface. Each winter I plan ways to deal with this constant headache. This year I’m leaning towards treating it as weeds – laying down wet newspaper and put the compost on top of it. Love your web page and that you share your gardens, recipes, and home with us. Also, your photos and directions are GREAT! Thanks!

  722. Staci Meek says:

    Each day of winter that passes brings me closer to Spring. The time I can put my hands in the rich soil to plant the yummy food for the summer and next winter. For bright spots in the winter, i watch the birds gather around the suet feeders when they are unable to forage for food. I am in awe of the beautiful colors they were blessed with.

  723. I dream and plan for My backyard and updating and making My front yard look much better. I enjoy the birds and I work outside so I try to see the BEAUTY IN MICHIGAN cold…..

  724. read, bird watch, surf the garden websites!

  725. Denise in NJ says:

    During the winter months I spend most of my free time sewing, knitting, or crocheting. I also map out my garden beds according to the rules of crop rotation. I’ve never had any luck whatsoever with seeds, but I keep trying. Every year I’ve tried a different approach but so far none of my seedlings have thrived. This year I took the courses at my county extension office and became a Master Gardener so I’m hoping that my new knowledge will help me see success this year.

  726. Lynn Orson says:

    Winters here in Oregon can be pretty dreary.
    About Sept 15 I start using my full spectrum light
    And up my vitamin D. Then I pull out some books
    From my tall stack and start reading. Then garden
    Catalogs come and it’s fun to see new plants and flowers.

  727. Days like today …it was 66 degrees here in Nebraska and just last week we had a minus 22! (YIKES, that was a roller coaster ride.) We’ll drop back into the teens by the end of the week. So I think I’ll start doing some winter sowing this week and looking through the seed catalogues keeps me sane (but especially beautiful days like today).

  728. I’m in South Florida so it’s gardening time for me. The better question is what do I do during the summer when the heat and humidity kills everything in the garden? I stay busy inside loom knitting, reading and quilting, and dream for the cooler months when I can be out in the garden.

  729. Hey Y’all

    I live in Myrtle Beach so i can keep doing some garden . yard work on mild days, i have carrots, and cabbage, some greens alive some times all winter, this year we hit 17f it killed all but the carrots, they are tough!

  730. Jan Jacklin says:

    I’m starting my seeds in the gallon jugs & setting them in my square foot garden….Doing a little house restoration & bathroom remodel…..with 1 bathroom this will be complicated….Do you think they may have portable rent a showers….
    Lots of broth making & slow cooking in my gas oven…..keeps the house warm & toasty plus smells great too…

  731. Enid Albat says:

    This year I have a new treatment for winter sanity. Oh the bird feeder. books, garden catalogs and especially internet have worked fairly well in the past. But this year… Our community opened an indoor swimming pool and a therapy pool! I have been refreshing with water aerobics, laps, and just hanging out talking with friends in front of jets. I feel so good ! The work will come soon but I will have a place to cool off and relax year round!

  732. Up until Christmas I’m planning for that holiday with food, friends and decorations. Then after the first of the year the seed catalogs start coming and I start dreaming. Sometimes I start things in the basement but this year I am doing the winter sowing. Looking forward to the results. Thanks for the directions. We’ve had some pretty cold days here (Central Kentucky) recently with many days below ‘0’ so not much has been done outdoors. Looking forward to spring. Love your weekly newsletter. Thanks, Verla

  733. Cooking, reading, walking, exercising and visiting my daughter in southern CA!

  734. I stay sane because of the bright red geraniums that are blooming in my sunny windows and under the lights in the basement. They have been blooming ever since I took your advice on wintering geraniums and I started the tops as well, so I have 50 or sixty healthy plants waiting for warmer weather to go outside. Oh, make that 40 or 50 since I gifted quite a few to brighten friends’ dreary days this winter. It’s hard not to love a bright red geranium in the dark of winter. Thanks for the great ideas on wintering them. It really works!

  735. Kandy Staples-Cooper says:

    I don’t keep sane in the winter…that would bore me and my kids would think something is wrong with their mom. I do start dreaming about next years garden and how to try to keep the cat out. I love cooking comfort foods doing the winter months and snuggling with my bassets hounds. I also create and play with new recipes for lip balms and such.

  736. For starters I have lots of lush plants in my house to help keep my spirits up. We live in Fairbanks Alaska where you see sun only for about 3 1/2 hours a day during winter! Yes we travel to warm sunny spots for 2 weeks every winter. By the time we get home we are ready to start planning our garden starts. we travel in Jan. or Feb. so as not to interfere with planting our seeds.

  737. Ben KARLIN says:

    Prayer and lots of sleep … I hibernate for much of the worst of winter.

  738. How lucky I am to live where there is snow and sunshine to lighten the dark days! Most days I get out snowshoeing, cross country ski-ing or just walking. The winter days fly by and I hardly notice the dark.

  739. Victoria Rose says:

    What keeps me sane during winter? Living in sunny SoCal.. I did my stint growing up in Wisconsin and then living in NYC and upstate. Happy each year I’m not scraping a windshield!
    We could use some rain though. <3

  740. Stef Mowry says:

    My 25 or more house plants keep me busy in the dark winter days. I also have herbs growing in the kitchen window.

  741. In winter I have more and more time for cooking veggie recipes, baking beautiful cakes and pies, and for drawing and painting. And although it’s cold, and hardly anything happens in the garden, I love a small walk trough the garden….. <3

  742. Arianna Norris-Landry says:

    I’m saving up jugs, looking at seeds and plotting a garden for a yard that will, hopefully, be different than this one. I need a new start this spring.

  743. Cleaning up the garden in winter, constantly adding to the compost pile, and a glass of wine watching the sunset; these keep me sane. But the -3 degree temperatures that unexpectedly blew through here may have offed my Rosemary.

  744. Thanks ,Kevin. I didn’t know about this seed company. I”m going to check them out. I’m tired of winter & spring can’t get here fast enough

  745. I always look forward to your postings and hope that as each year progresses, my vegetable garden will look more and more like yours. I look forward also to the summer months of fresh vegetables from the garden which compliment the fresh eggs from my hens. I know that your vegetable garden starter kit would be a gift I would enjoy for an entire summer. I can already smell the freshness!

  746. Carolyn "Kelly" Crowley says:

    Hello Kevin, I absolutely enjoy and appreciate your website!! In the winter, I spend much more time on the computer researching ideas for gardens, home improvements, recipes, and self-improvements — professionally and personally. Again, your website is a treat. I am a transplanted Vermonter and hope to move either South or Southwest at some point in my life. Way to go Kevin!!!! Wishing you the best in all of your personal and professional pursuits.

  747. Where I live in Australia the daytime winter temps get down to about 7 degrees celcius and that’s when I put on a woolly hat, a woolly jumper, coat and rubber boots and head out into my garden and prune my roses, berries and fruit trees. It’s when I grab my shovel and dig holes in my clay soil and plant new trees or shrubs. In no time at all I’m peeling off my coat and hat and am enjoying the brisk, fresh air. If it starts to rain I go inside for a cuppa until the rain stops or sometimes I just keep on digging or piling up prunings to be shredded or turning over the compost. I’m never bored in my garden in winter.

  748. In the winter months I scan the internet for new ideals in gardening and outdoor spaces.

  749. I’m excited to try my hand at a veggie garden this spring! Thanks for the great ideas -Love your blog!

  750. Darlene Bronson says:

    east coast weather has been all over the place so far. not loving the ice. took a mixed painting class for a few weeks, and also picked up the knitting needles again.

  751. Glenn Dickerson says:

    Reading! Me and my Kindle, warm and cozy, waiting for Spring…

  752. Sue Duckworth says:

    I cut out pictures from the catalogs and start planning my gardens. I also start seeds in plastic jugs to put out side later.

  753. James Creel says:

    Checking out the new seed catalogs and planning for a spring garden.

  754. I am looking forward to spring. Although the drought here in CA makes me want to tear out the lawn and just grow edibles. Send some moisture to the west coast. We sure would appreciate it. Looking forward to more of your garden photos.

  755. I like curling up in front of my woodburner with a blanket and hot cup of soup while looking through garden books. My first seed cataolgs came last week so Spring will be here before you know it! Ohio winters are harsh but like all seasons here, once you get used to it, the weather changes 🙂

  756. Cheryl B. says:

    “Life is short. Make the most of everyday”. That’s what I was always taught while growing up. Even at “55”, I try to stay child-like by playing in the snow as much as possible. I am looking forward to spring, but it sounds like we are in store for some very frigid temperatures in Ohio before we get to spring.

  757. Barb Conrick says:

    have just heard that our winter is the worst we have had in 35 years on both the snow and cold parts. when i let the dogs out back i can see my raised beds waving at me. what a lovely selection you have picked out for the lucky winner. thank you for the offer and hints for us.

  758. Laura Johmson says:

    Warm fires, good books, seed catalogs. Plan a lot for the coming year. Also, do some winter cleaning. Too busy in the Spring.

  759. Love looking at gardening catalogs and dreaming of days to come…

  760. Shera VanGoor says:

    I love sitting in the sun room with my houseplants, doing some knitting or reading! I am also planning my summer garden and deciding which herb to add to the herb bed and learn to use.:)

  761. I live in the south, South Carolina to be exact, and it is usually mild in winter. This year it has been cold! I am looking forward to spring. I am going to start my seeds in the small greenhouse milk jugs this weekend, and I must say, I’m pretty excited 🙂 I am also completely overhauling my bedroom for crafting and storage. Time to build!

  762. Theresa N says:

    I stay home and don’t mind the cold to much, I spend the time reading and planning my garden.

  763. I live up north, I am usually at work all day, so I only have the dark time for free time, so I sew, read, play games, cook, exercise. So I am very excited at the prospect of SPRING!

  764. Beth Robertson says:

    Bring on spring! Gardening brings a consistency to life despite our everchanging circumstances. New 1st grandchild, 2 kids off to Peace Corps service, 16 yr old driving on her own…get me in the garden! I’d love some seeds to go with my new birthday tiller:)

  765. Kevin,
    I was just looking at the High Mowing site yesterday and pondering ordering a vegetable Garden Starter kit. Since you’re giving them away; they must be a favorite. I ordered half a dozen petunia seed varieties from Summer Hill and have my milk jugs prepped for my winter sowing project. I’m so excited about this!

  766. Definatley house plants and seed catalogues. couldnt get through winter without them.

  767. Penny Simmons says:

    To keep my sanity during winter, I use my imagination to envision the gardens and grounds in their hope-filled and invigorating Spring glory as I trudge by them, toting water to the livestock whom are huddled near the heat lamps, and collecting eggs that I hope have not frozen yet!

  768. I keep my sanity by sipping martinis and reading travel books about warm places!

  769. oh wow Kevin, what perfect timing for sowing seeds. this is so so motivating that I want to get ready for spring right now.

  770. last year my we were invaded by “17 year cicattas” (not sure if I spelled it right). for weeks on end, I was dive-bombed just trying to get into the car! Can hardly wait to plant my garden this year; it’s been really cold here in New York, with lots more cold weather to come; I enjoy your website immensly.

  771. Patti Beth says:

    After getting all caught up on dusting … awwww that’s a lie! Have taught myself to knit. So much fun! I have made scarves … cowls … and maybe will try a hat. Hurry Spring!

  772. Maureen Winkler says:

    I bought a 7 foot press and seal zipper and I am going to apply it to translucent plastic and use it as a cover for early lettuces in my raised garden beds. Can’t wait to see if it works. Thanks for all your inspiration and recipes to get me through the winter, Kevin!

  773. I have been playing outside with my kids going on ‘adventures’ in our back yard and daydreaming about spring so we can start our flower and vegetable gardens. We’re planning great things!

    Is it too late to start winter sowing, and can I do it with the spring bulbs I was not able to get into the ground in time?

  774. Joyce Hice says:

    I am so ready to garden that I go around and dig in the soil of my house plants just to get the feeling of garden dirt on my hands!! LOL

  775. I look at seed catalogs, grow herbs in the windows, and this year, move my Urban chicken tractor all around on my raised beds. The 3 hens are giving me eggs, eating bugs out of the dirt, and fertalizing the space that will soon be growing yummy stuff.
    I can’t wait for Summer!

  776. Cheryl Hartig says:

    Poring through seed catalogs and planning for spring gardening!

  777. Just got back from Savannah GA-great fun. Ohterwise I knit and hike in the woods!!

  778. Working with my collection of bonsai, both indoor and outdoor, keep me busy while the snow falls and the cold wind blows!

  779. Dark and dreary, windy and cold. The deep days of winter can get under your skin. I go to my studio and work with bright colors. I walk past my garden and remember how well it did last season and hope that we have enough water that it does well this season. I take walks in the hills around my town and look for whatever the thaws reveal, or if it hasn’t thawed, I ski or snowshoe. Listening to music with a great beat and Latin flavor helps.

    I appreciate your blog. Thank you for all the work you put into it. And it is great fun watching the renovation of your house. Cheers!

  780. Sit by the fire, read and plan my garden for the spring.

  781. Dreaming about and planning my Spring and Summer garden. I live in the deep south so not much longer to wait. Yeah!!!! My grand-daughter keeps me busy also. She loves gardening and is well on her way to becoming a future homesteader.

  782. diana murphy says:

    Feed the wood stoves, read, and I really enjoy baking and cooking for anyone who we eat. Stay warm!

  783. I catch up on my garden magazine reading and lose myself in dreamy seed and plant catalogs.

  784. Martha Henley says:

    Salad garden!

  785. I am sooooo looking forward to spring – I will be planting seeds soon to get ready for spring time planting. My organic garden provides delicious, fresh and good for us vegetables every year. Can’t wait to get started

  786. Winter in Central Missouri is forever changing–high’s of 60 today and 18 tomorrow. No matter the weather, I pretend it’s a beautiful day and spend time in my conservatory tending to my plants. I built a beautiful room to save them from the crazy weather. After I finish trimming stems, tilling the soil and performing plant maintenance, I make a big pitcher of adult coffee and salivate over plant catalogues, planning spring time projects. PS Kevin I love your website!

  787. Great way to get prepped an in the mood for spring!

  788. Carol Anne says:

    I force myself to get outside, hopefully in sunshine, regardless of the temp, for ten to thirty minutes a day. I will walk to the post office, or to the market, or on better days, take a two or three mile powerwalk.

  789. Cathy schutzenhofer says:

    I love to work out at the gym to escape. Can’t wait until spring to run outside!
    Love your newsletter Kevin!

  790. I go to visit my parents in Costa Rica and fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables from the best farmers market I have seen so far! =)

  791. I winter sow a lot!

  792. I am planning my winter sowing experiment and will be growing herbs under lights. Up here in northern MI we tend to go a little stir crazy, but I take out my frustrations in the bakery-if it’s warm enough to raise some dough! Not so today. The high will be about 7 degrees. Time to hibernate.

  793. Cathy Lewis says:

    During our Winter season, I love to cook a big meal with lots of veggie dishes and invite our friends over. We all look for to these gatherings. These dinners ensure the help of my friends in preparing my gaden in the Spring.!

  794. Cooking is the best!

  795. Just musing about how we kinda lost out on winter here in sunny California. Feeling out of sorts. Hey where did all that time go, sitting by a fire, reading seed catalogs ( yes I like the paper version),dreaming of great spring gardening adventures? Feel like I’m a month behind and have to literally look at the calendar, goofy it’s January! Still would love the free kit, guess I better get on the hustle the weather is just about perfect for spring planting! Thanks!

  796. I like to cook and bake……gives me something to work off in the warmer months. A viscious cycle but delicious!

  797. I would love to have these seeds. I am preparing to start some winter seeding using old milk jugs and using them outside as little greenhouses. Thanks in advance 🙂

  798. Living on a ranch in SW OR there is rarely any down time. This year has been incredibly cold & dry-I’ve actually had to water my outdoor plants in pots-frustrating. Walking the dogs, feeding horses, making new soup recipes, reading when I can keeps me going along with the lengthening of the days. So looking forward to spring.

  799. Love your giveaways!

  800. This winter has been especially trying: Lots of snow & very cold!

    To combat this, I am painting my kitchen/dinning area. I’ve chosen a very soothing cream color (like creamy cappuccino). Painting is very relaxing for me & makes the dreary days pass quickly. I love the clean fresh look after the project is completed. If all goes well, I’m planning on surprising my daughter by painting her room the colors she selected. (She’s away for an internship & won’t return for 7 months…ugg. Another reason this winter s**ks!) By the completion of these projects, it should be almost spring! (I hope!)

  801. Since I live in AZ the winter days aren’t too dark:) I love to bake during the winter and force all my neighbors to sample whatever new thing I try:) Like your cinnamon rolls–they received an A+ rating by everyone who ate them.

  802. I’m getting ready to begin my winter sowing in milk jugs with the seeds I just received via mail this weekend. Next month, I’ll begin my tomato and pepper plants under lights in my basement. These activities help me get through the cold winter months here in NE Ohio.

  803. Georgette says:

    I keep sane by watching the different birds that are in my backyard. They change over the seasons but there are still my year round favorites(including the robins which do not migrate in my area)

  804. Winter has been miserable in Ohio this year! I’m dying for the farmer’s markets to reopen and delicious yummies to available! I prepped an area of my flower beds for spring planting and veggies are high on my priority list. This starter kit would be wonderful to win!

  805. We have had nutty weather this year in Louisiana some days you have to heat in the morning and put on AC by bedtime to be able to sleep. It’s 80 out there today and will be freezing in three days. My poor plants have been to hell and back and I’m afraid my mulching may not have saved all the perrenials

  806. Susan Dollard says:

    I am dreaming of a beautiful veggie garden. Getting my hands in the soil. Can’t wait for spring. We could put that organic garden kit to good use.

  807. Jo Pernice says:

    Ohhhhh I am so ready for spring!

  808. Martha Helin says:

    Spring will be here soon enough. Today I am enjoying the snowfall, watching birds at our feeder, and sipping on a green smoothie made with home grown kale. I have enjoyed the chard and kale I put up with your freezing method. Thanks!

  809. I love to bake like crazy when it gets cold in the winter! I’m also on a clean, declutter & organize kick . Reviewing seed catalogs & planning the layout of my veggie garden is fun too!
    Thank you, Kevin,for another great giveaway!

  810. Diannalynn says:

    I love your garden! This time of year I spend a lot of time doing handwork… crocheting, knitting, etc. Helps me through until those lovely sunny days!

  811. I think about gardening and what I’ll be planting. Start a detailed sketch and enlarging the garden. Then I go down to the basement to look at all of the produce that I had canned and have been using. Makes me think about those nice sunny days.

  812. Looking forward to another healthy, happy year!

  813. Being a landscape designer and choosing plant palettes all year keeps me sane during winter!

  814. I love winter but it does seem to get a little too long at times. Last week I was on your website beginning to dream of what I will do in the garden this year. So, I took your suggestions and subscribed to websites and seed catalogs!

    I also love to bird watch. I put up extra feeders this winter. I retired last year so I have more time to enjoy watching!

  815. Karyn Harrington says:

    Growing your own food is the one sure way of knowing what you are eating. It’s so fun to watch the seeds turn into plants and then the plants bear their fruit. It’s the best therapy for your soul along with the grace of God that supplies the rest!

  816. Various things that are ongoing: Plan deck for the spring, plan garden for the spring, plan an electrical fence to keep the deer and bears out of garden, paint the living room and dining room and straighten the basement. Not necessarily in this order, tho. Good thing I’m retired!

  817. I am spending the cold winter months making soap, canning bacon, and also making jam from blueberries that I put in the freezer when they were in season. I was too busy canning beans and tomatoes to do anything with the blueberries and strawberries, so Winter is the perfect time to make wonderful jam. I’m also enjoying all the seed catalogs and making lists for my garden. Everything looks so wonderful in the catalogues that it is sometimes difficult to make the proper choice. Looking forward to Spring!

  818. Karen Carpenter says:

    I spend a lot of time cooking and a little time tending to houseplants. I also spend time plotting out spring and summer projects, (the old fashioned way) using my graph book. I try to put some time aside to fix anything inside the house which needs repairing, that won’t get done once spring rolls around.

  819. Karen in NC says:

    Hope to win the Giveaway! In another month I’ll be planting and dreaming of a lovely spring. That time of year is absolutely gorgeous in NC. But for now, I’m ready to begin sewing with my 45 year-old Singer.

  820. Cold winter days are offset by keeping the fire going in the wood stove, reading a variety of books that always include a rotation of a novel, something to further my spiritual practice, and something related to good health! And then I’ll occasionally indulge in a sappy movie or two . . .

  821. Sewing projects ,”weeding ” out areas in the house that collect clutter and dreaming of the upcoming garden which is always perfect right now !

  822. I spend my winter days longing for spring. lol I also tend my houseplant community. I say community because they grow in number every year. I have a very large Boston fern in my garden tub and it fills the entire tub!

    This winter I have added two African violets, a croton and some chocolate mint. Still I long for Spring.

    Kevin, I really enjoy your website. It is something I savor and take my time reading. I stroll with you through your garden and traipse your halls viewing the lovely things displayed there and the projects you do.

  823. winter in Western North Carolina could mean anything! this year it’s cooking, choir practice and cleaning up the yard on nice days. seed catalogs are fun too!

  824. I tried a mini green house this winter and ate romanine lettuce, cilantro, carrots onions all winter out of it. I have already replanted with radishes, lettuce and bok choy. I am so excited to be able to walk outside knowing it was 28 degrees outside the night before and pick a fresh salad. I love your site keep it up.

  825. I am so ready for the spring garden planning, and have already started my onions…to fight the winter blues I have been baking bread (sourdough today!), crocheting and spinning fiber into yarn, and dreaming of spring…

  826. Dola Johnson says:

    I love January and February because they’re quiet months-not a lot of socializing going on and that’s a welcome relief after November and December!! These months are perfect for looking over notes from last seasons endeavors and planning new beds and getting ready for spring.

  827. Michele Reeves says:

    Kevin, I am ready to garden, just send the kit! Pick Me!!!

  828. Marisa Wilsom says:

    Ooh, I just heard about High Mowing–they sound like such a good company!

  829. Ann Hunting says:

    Wanting to get my milk jugs planted also the self watering 2 liter bottles for the window sill.

  830. Kay daniels says:

    I do more genealogy and reading in the winter! thanks for the give-away – you have so many interesting ideas!!

  831. Cooking, sewing, reading, watching the birds at the bird feeder and standing by the fire!

  832. Lori burns says:

    The winter months are good for knitting and crocheting, organizing and purging and going to the gym. Once it starts warming up in April, my son and I will be in the backyard getting the
    Garden started.

  833. Vicki McMahon says:

    Work which involves lesson plans. Cooking and dreaming about spring. 🙂

  834. What keeps me sane through winter is knitting. 🙂

  835. Ngoc Nguyen says:

    To get myself through this long winter, I’ve been tying no-sew fleece blankets, wearing a lot of floral prints, cooking comfort foods like pho, chili, bittermelon soup, and mac & cheese, baking Brazilian cheese bread, watching holiday and feel-good movies, downloading music, yoga, and staying inside as much as possible!

  836. Charisse Sick says:

    I like the fact that a flower seed was included in the seeds. I’m also ready to start planting, but I’ll have to wait a lot longer. I do enjoy reading to get ready.

  837. I try to stay busy making rag rugs, reading books, crocheting and searching the internet
    for gardening tips and homesteading tips.

  838. Jann Walter says:


  839. I love the winter. Love to cook and bake more during the cold days

  840. Just heard about you through Margaret Roach.
    Looking forward to ordering.

    Thank you!

    Amen K.

  841. Last year and this year I have kept myself busy learning about gardening and how to start the seedlings indoors. My goal is to have raised gardens like the ones shown in your pictures. I try to do inside cleaning projects inorder to have time for the outside when the weather turns to spring and summer. Also, signed up for a bunch of exercise classes to keep in shape and cooking different recipes. I’m liking the presentations you have that includes the pictures as well as the recipes listed at the end. I admire your knowledge and energy.

  842. Leslie in Ontario says:

    Exercise with my Personal Trainer, Phoebe Jean Marie, is my winter blues antidote. We start our days right: At 6:30 when it’s still dark. We like it best when there’s new snow before the plow goes by. We walk at least twice a day, regardless of the weather. When it’s bad, 10-12 minutes. When it’s not painfully windy, and below zero F, 45 minutes or more. No, I’m not insane. I’m not even a glutton for punishment. My PT just doesn’t give a woof that I don’t have fur on MY face! We’ve had LOTS of snow this winter, and that equals a lot of upper body exercise, too, because I get to shovel — and maybe I AM a bit crazy, because I LOVE to shovel snow. My PT snoopervises that workout…. Back inside we really appreciate the warmth. As my Personal Assistant, she curls up under my desk where she multi-tasks, keeping an eye on me, planning our next walk, OOF-ing in her sleep as she chases those snow bunnies… BTW, Phoebe weighs just 14 pounds, and she’s been briskly walking my legs off for 13 years; her hearing is gone but it hasn’t slowed her down any. Life is good. Even winter here in Southern Ontario. (With 2′ of snow, it’s hard to believe our Zone 5a is “warmer” than your 5b, eh?)

  843. Jessica Coker says:

    I live in Louisiana…there are very few “dark days of winter”…lol. We have been spending time outdoors trimming trees, mulching our garden bed with the last of the fallen leaves and tree trimmings….getting ready to plant our first garden in years. We are excited! Today the high was 72 degrees. It’s not that warm every day but we take advantage of them and spend them outside.

  844. I have witnessed that the “dark days of winter” seem far less dark if one gets out into that winter in some fashion. While sanity may not be at stake, feeling depressed when the days turn grey seems far more likely if one sits inside, watching through the windows.
    I try to get out and be active at least once every day during the cold winter months. My outdoor activities include, pruning grape vines, splitting fire wood, general property maintenance and snow removal when needed.
    More fun things include cross country skiing, hiking, sledding and snow-shoeing.
    Inside activities include, wine tasting gatherings, throwing pot luck food parties and baking. Nothing changes the mood on a blustery winter day like the smell of something baking in the oven!

    We also have a bright-light box to make a little sunshine in the house when the grey days tend to follow one after the other.

    Of course, it also helps to keep me sane that I get to head to warm & sunny climates at least once every winter!

  845. Working up a sweat on my treadmill keeps me sane and healthy during the colder winter months

  846. I enjoy the winter as a time to slow down and rest from all the yard work and gardening and canning. I like to sew, watch tv, and read. January is when I start thinking about all the activities I am involved in and pare down to keep things manageable. I also clean out the files, back up the computers and do general housekeeping things like that.

  847. Winter in Connecticut means sewing, baking and as much Downton Abby, Revenge and The Following, as I can get. Winter sewing captured my interest, so I’ll add that to my “sanity” list.

  848. Susan L. Golden says:

    WOW! Over 847 comments! I guess those of us that need to find a ‘source of sanity’ in the midst of winter know where to go to find it…your blog!!! Decorating, cooking, and wonderful garden ideas in the midst of sub zero wind chills are just what we need to keep our eyes focused on Spring! Thank you Kevin!!! 🙂

  849. Sane – I’m unfamiliar with that term. 😉 I took up knitting about 2 years ago, so that keeps my hands and my mind busy during the winter months – and it’s great for feeling like you’re getting stuff done when waiting for dr’s appointments! I also love to read and to ‘create’ – the library is a wonderful source for cookbooks, craft books and magazines, and for finding a book on anything that I want to know more about.

  850. Winter-Sowing keeps me sane. It would be great to use these new seeds this year!

  851. Glenda standish says:

    I would so love to have this little gift of seeds. I am so ready for spring and to feel the earth in my hands!

  852. Karen Ennenga says:

    We have unfortunately not had a winter this year. Except for a long cold snap in Nov that killed even my hardiest plants, we have been unseasonably warm and sunny this winter. Our lakes are drying up and with no hope of rain or snow in the mountains in the near future we are looking at a major drought here in California. You would think that with the weather being so nice I would be out working in the yards, but I don’t think I will be able to water them this year, so I am too depressed to tend what little has survived in my flower garden. The roses will survive a drought, but won’t bloom much. With mandatory water reductions, my gardens will have to wait for a better year.

  853. One thing I love about the Gulf coast – in another month, 6 weeks at most, it’s time to plant tomatoes in the garden. The thing I don’t like about the Gulf coast is the need to plant early to beat the heat.

  854. Here in New York City we have had snow, snow and more snow, with more coming overnight. I am collecting milk jugs to sow my seeds for the spring garden, as you advised last year. My sister did this, and had loads of flowers and herbs to plant whtn the weather warmed! I enjoy your site; everything is orderly; I am plotting out my herb garden; last year I planted peas, but we had the ciccada invasion; I was literally dive bombed for weeks when I went out; couldn’t enjoy my yard. By the time it was over, the peas had overtaken my garden into a tangled mess. I use lots of basil, cilantro, parsley; I want to “branch out” with some new ones. Thanks so much for your web site; I enjoy it tremendously. Sincerely, Carol Belvedere Staten Island NY

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