Halloween Party!

I DON’T MEAN TO FRIGHTEN YOU, but last night a gaggle of ghouls arrived at our house. The occasion? A Halloween party to benefit the Columbia County Historical Society. We ate. We drank. And oh, how we danced! A few scenes from this masquerade ball:

Me, as Captain Morgan (or possibly Louis XIV with a hangover — I’ll let you decide) and my partner, Will Swift, as Napoleon.

Here are David and Vicki Smith, dressed as Nuts & Bolts…

And Loyita Woods, the loveliest witch you’ll ever encounter.

Loyita cast a spell on her husband Bob (Woods), and turned him into a biker for the evening.

Diane Schewchuck, left,the (glamorously-gowned) Director of the Historical Society, with Tom and Stephanie Puchner. Tom’s costume is certainly appropriate: He’s on the November ballot for Town Judge.

Clowning around in the dining room: Larry Steele and Lyrysa Smith.

A ghostly vision? That’s Ashley Benton descending the staircase. I love the hoop skirt. And the gloves.

A very horny Michael Laudati, holding a glass of wine in one hand, and a killer rabbit in the other.

Unfortunately, Michael’s rabbit attacked one of the guests, leaving only a pile of bones behind.

Fortunately, even a pile of bones can have fun at a party!

Here’s Anne Schomaker, as a geisha…

And Hugh Hefner, who brought along his favorite Playboy Bunny.

And guess what? Liberace and Scott Thorson are back together again!

I’ve never seen so many dead people standing up. Here’s Ed Parran, who died, rather tragically, from a gun-shot wound…

And Despina Leandrou, who died from…well, obviously too much partying.

Dead or not, we all feasted on terrific hors d’ oeuvres, including the Bacon-wrapped Grissini you see pictured above.

We drank, too.

On staff (or should I say “staph”?) for the event: Michelle Hotaling and her brother Bryan.

Here’s Jim Guidera, who arrived earlier in the day to set up speakers and a mixing-board in the Music Room…

And who later managed to get everyone on the dance floor…

Including the aforementioned Killer Rabbit.

Honestly, this old house has never witnessed such frivolous frivolity. And it was all for a good cause.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Looks like a great time!! Wonderful costumes! Thanks for sharing Kevin. 🙂

  2. Juanita Trent says:

    Love to have been. Bet it was a lot of fun. Thanks

  3. So much fun to see this! Thanks!

  4. Looks like fun! And your home is the perfect backdrop for a party. Congrats!

  5. What fabulous fun! Kevin, I loved all the photos! Some wonderful costumes! Thank you for sharing!

  6. A party to die for, for sure!

  7. Addie B in FL says:

    P.S. Love your party pics! And, I’ve already bought the ground chicken to make the Polpettine for our next dinner party – thanks!

  8. Loved your costume, I am definitely going with Louis the XIV with a hangover! Great fun!

  9. Rosalinde says:

    You are totally Louis XIV. Absolute perfection. mmwah !
    What a wonderful party, thanks for sharing the photos.

  10. F A B U L O U S!!!! It is nice to see people still having fun parties and costumes too. Great time, I am sure!!

  11. That must have been one hell of a party! Great costumes, great cause.

  12. Mary Ellen says:

    Oh my……what a perfect setting for a goulish Halloween party ! All the costumes were fabulous . I am partial to Ashleys costume though ! Reminded me of Gone with the Wind !

  13. I’m thinkin’ my invite got lost in the mail 😉

  14. Tina Knowlton says:

    What a wonderful time it seems you all had! How terrific you could open your beautiful home for an event like this.

    However, Will’s chapeau does seem more reminiscent of the Cisco Kid than old Napoleon….

  15. At the risk of revealing my inner OCD, do you find it a little difficult to relax with so many people in your home? I know Halloween is all about ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties, but do you ever worry about dents and dings and broken things?

    Wonderful party, and wonderful photographs! Thanks for sharing them.

  16. Valerie C. says:

    I love the photos! You really have great parties!

  17. How fun! I love the one from Monty Python—-“you silly sod! and It’s only a rabbit!” LOLOLOLOL!

  18. Gay Sullivan says:

    Love all the costumes!

  19. Michele Layne says:

    Looks like you had a spooky good time Kevin. Happy Halloween!

  20. Happy Halloween to you and all the Mansion ghost Love all the pictures………….

  21. Judy walker nalda says:

    This looks like a very elegant and fun party. I’m sure it was a delicious one as well.

  22. Judy walker nalda says:

    Your house is the perfect place for this party.

  23. I loved the pictures: thank you for sharing your party with us.

  24. Thanks for sharing…lots of fun!!

  25. Dianne Rabchak says:

    Thanks for sharing your frivolity!!

  26. Best party I’ve visited this year! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Doris Lindsey says:

    I bet that your neighbors were “Dying” to peek in your windows!

  28. Adriana Fernandez says:

    Great party!!!! Everybody looks great and happy. Congratulations for a wonderful time. I love costume parties. I have been to many, loved to make my own costumes, won some prizes. I still like them but my new husband doesn’t, so I just watch, although I was invited to a big one 2 years ago, I made my costume (old fashion bathing suit) and had lots, and lots of fun.

  29. Laurie Jimenez says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love,love,love Liberace and Scott!!!

  30. skigin neela says:

    Enjoyed the pics..next time do a Downton Abby at a party…love the ball dresses from that era.Your house would be perfect ..ie stairway ..than post the pics for D.Abby fans like me..Thank you .

  31. Naomi Shelton says:

    Gosh, I wish I’d been there! I would have been the ugliest, most frightening witch ever, giving rides on my broom! There would only be a few takers, though, as the initial riders would never be seen again. Cackle, cackle, cackle.

  32. Cathy Haynes says:

    what a fun party!! Looks like everyone had a great time!!

  33. Hi Kevin I love the party pics, especially the goat with the killer rabbit. You might enjoy perusing the Macabre Family Photos my sister Irene has been posting on her site and on Facebook. It is Jackalope Moons Vintage and art gallery gift shop in Snohomish Washington. She uses an effect, so the pictures look old. It’s cool. Thanks for this evenings entertainment! Karen W

  34. Great pics! Obviously a great party!

  35. I love, LOVED everything about this party and the commentary on the party!

  36. Michael Hylton says:

    Looks like everyone had a Great Time! Great Pics! Love your house!

  37. KAY WHEELER says:


  38. I started my Monday morning with a huge dose of fun thanks to you! I love your pics and laughed soooo much! Thanks!

  39. Mary Quite on the Contrary says:

    Kevin – for a minute there, I thought I was looking at at Howard Stern, except for that darling, dimpled chin of yours! You crack me up! You are totally hilarious and such an outrageous, but so generous of a guy. Bravo for you! Thank you for all your great posts, the time uploading and downloading all your photos, the clever humorous writing you inject into every article. Such a joy to read!

    My wish for you this Halloween is this: May you be blessed with wicked chickens who always lay you delicious deviled eggs!

  40. badger gardener says:

    I can’t decide which costume is my favorite. Everyone looks fabulous!

  41. I’m so bummed that I missed it!!! Looks like a great time!

  42. Oh, good Lord….you look like Howard Stern’s much handsomer brother with that wig!

  43. Christine says:

    Kevin, how do you win the invitation lottery for next years Halloween party?

  44. Now that’s what I call a REAL Halloween party!!

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