Halloween Movie Quiz: Winners and Answers

“MR. DE MILLE, I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP.”  Did you take my recent Movie Quiz? Good for you!  Here are the winners names, along with the correct answers to the quiz:

The winners, as selected by Random.org:
Cherish Newman, Jules G., and Shannon Kelly
Congratulations Cherish, Jules, and Shannon! To collect your stainless steel micro-zester, just send me a note.

And here is The Quiz, with the correct answers in italics:

1. Which horror film has the most sequels?
a. Nightmare on Elm Street
b. Halloween
c. Friday the 13th

2. In Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows,” what did Barnabus Collins say when he heard The Carpenter’s “On top of the World” play on a radio?
a. “Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!”
b. “You call that music?”
c. “I need a drink.”

3. The romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail” was based upon which earlier film?
a. It Happened One Night
b. The Shop Around the Corner
c. Desk Set

4. Which movie ends with this final line: “Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly” ?
a. Psycho
b. Fandango
c. Scream 2

5. Which movie tackled the problem of alcoholism?
a. All About Eve
b. The Lost Weekend
c. Ace in the Hole

6. Which of the following films was based upon a best-selling novel by Agatha Christie?
a. The Man Who Knew Too Much
b. The Egg and I
c. Murder on the Orient Express

7. “After all, tomorrow is another day” was the last line from which Oscar-winning Best Picture?
a. Great Expectations
b. Gone with the Wind
c. It Happened One Night

8. What was the name of the killer clown in Stephen King’s “It”?
a. Pennywise
b. Pinkerton
c. Pumpernickel

9. Who are the only actresses to win the Best Actress Oscar two years consecutively?
a. Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Taylor
b. Katharine Hepburn and Luise Rainer
c. Joan Crawford and Julia Roberts

10. Which of the following actresses did not star in “The Witches of Eastwick”?
a. Molly Ringwald
b. Cher
c. Michelle Phieffer

11. In a famous film from 1950, who said “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up”?
a. Gloria Swanson
b. Bette Davis
c. Ingrid Bergman

12. Which two movies have received the most Oscar nominations ever?
a. Ben Hur and Gone with the Wind
b. Schindler’s List and Forest Gump
c. All About Eve and Titanic

13. Who is the oldest actress to win an Academy Award?
a. Jessica Tandy
b. Helen Mirren
c. Maggie Smith

14. What is the name of Alfred Hitchcock’s last movie?
a. Frenzy
b. Family Plot
c. Topaz

15. Who is the first African-American actor to win an Oscar for Best Actor?
a. Sidney Poitier
b. Denzel Washington
c. James Earl Jones

16. Which future superstar made his feature film debut in “Nightmare on Elm Street”?
a. Johnny Depp
b. Matt Dillon
c. Adam Sandler

17. In what classic horror film is the killer’s name Michael Myers?
a. Halloween
b. Friday the 13th
c. Nightmare on Elm Street

18. Who played the vampire in the original (1985) film “Fright Night”?
a. Chris Sarandon
b. Jonathan Friday
c. Colin Farrell

19. Who played Angelique in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”?
a. Helena Bonham Carter
b. Lara Parker
c. Eva Green

20. In which feature film did Doris Day sing “Que Sera, Sera” ?
a. Pillow Talk
b. The Man Who Knew Too Much
c. Calamity Jane

What’s your favorite kind of movie? Do you prefer romantic comedies? Thrillers? Anything starring Cary Grant? Speak up in the comments field below!

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  1. My favs: All classic horror movies (not the bloody new ones), 60’s sci-fi, every John Hughes movies, anything with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. And, of course, Hitchcock.

  2. I gravitate towards cerebral flicks unless I’m too tired to think. Then I’ll watch a scifi or action film.

    All that said, my secret passion is for spaghetti westerns. 🙂 I can lose an afternoon if I happen upon The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

  3. I do love almost anything with Cary Grant. I love old films-screwball comedies from the 30s and 40s and fun stuff from the 60s. Some favorites include The Party (Peter Sellers) Bedazzled (the one with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore), The Wrong Box (also with that duo), Murder By Death (Truman Capote), What’s Up, Doc (Barbara Streisand), The Trouble with Angels and Where Angels Go Trouble Follows, many of the classic Disney films from the 60s and 70s…..

  4. I love Doris Day! Would rather watch of the classics than almost anything else.

  5. badger gardener says:

    I enjoy movies of all kinds excepting the blockbuster action genre. What will actually get me out to the movie theaters is anything with Daniel Day Lewis. He is such a master of his craft.

  6. Anything at all from Merchant/Ivory productions tops the list (because they have always been soooo gorgeously filmed!). Beyond that, romantic comedy. If I am going to go to the movies, I want to be entertained………. not scared witless, not bored to tears, not preached at….

  7. Love musicals.

  8. Rhonda Strahler says:

    While my favorites are usually GOOD Sci-Fi (think the Minority Report and Avatar) , I enjoy all sorts of movies if they are “unpredictable” (like you, Kevin!) I loved “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou” and “Inglourious Basterds” – but the animated “Up” is one of my “best”….

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