Halloween Movie Quiz & A Giveaway

October 25, 2013

(This giveaway has concluded.) TODAY, because Halloween is around the corner, and because I’ve just set a motion-activated skeleton on my front porch (it sings and dances as you climb the steps), I’m giving away three sparkling new Microplane Zesters. For a chance to win one of these indispensable gadgets, just take my not-too-scary Halloween movie quiz!

The microplane zester is a terrific invention. It removes only the fragrant peel of a fruit, not the bitter pith beneath. I use it for all kinds of  delicious eats, including Polpettine and Marmalade Cake.

To take the Halloween Quiz, just click the link below. No matter how you score, you’ll automatically receive a chance to win one of three stainless steel Microplane Zesters.

Winners names (chosen by Random.org) and the answers to the quiz will be announced on Tuesday, October 29, 2013. So be sure to check back! (Update: Winners names and quiz answers.)

Take the Halloween Quiz!

In the comments field below, I hope you’ll share your score (don’t feel bad if you didn’t receive 100%). Also, tell me what, if anything, you are doing for Halloween!

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  1. Vicki says:


  2. James Creel says:


  3. Mary says:


  4. Lori Mancini says:


  5. Emily Phillips says:

    I scored 90%.
    I like this zester. I have a cheap one and managed to zest my finger with it the other day. OUCH! This will be the first Halloween we have been home. Events will be on Wed night. In 9 yrs of living in the only house on the dead end street that sits in the woods, we have never had a single trick or treater. Hmmmm. No wonder I have gained weight. Never let a piece of chocolate go unconsumed!

  6. Sarah says:

    45% two parties dressed as a hobbit!

  7. Harleygalnc says:


  8. moyra says:


  9. Missy says:

    55% Samhain Rituals of course!

  10. Alecia says:


  11. Heidi Haas says:

    75% -

  12. Christine F says:

    50% Wow I’m a good guesser! I don’t watch scary stuff because I stay scared for ever!! I read Salem’s Lot in 1978 and I still think about little Danny Glick knocking on my window!

  13. Carol M says:


  14. kris says:

    40% going to a party dressed as Ms. Kay Robertson

  15. Teresa Barnard says:

    100%. Can you tell what my favorite holiday is????????? haha probably going to a haunted house for Halloween.

  16. Jenn says:

    65% – eek.

    And the only plans I have are handing out candy – our new neighborhood looks like the kind to get LOTS of trick or treaters so I’m pretty excited about that!

  17. Louise Brouillette says:

    I scored 85% (I surprised myself!). We’re just hanging out on Halloween, not doing anything special.

  18. Gail says:

    40%! I am a witch with other Soroptimists judging the local parade and tossing out candy. I’m also attending the First Annual Witches Brew party!

  19. Lisa F says:

    90%. Not surprisingly, Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  20. Kattrinka says:

    Boooooo hooo…..65%

  21. Katreader says:

    60%-not bad since I’m not a film buff and only knew 6 of the answers for certain! lol I hope you’ll tell us the answers after the giveaway ends. I want to know what else I got right!

    As for Halloween. No plans now, but Sunday a friend and I are going to the Winery at Marjim Manor for a haunted tea. It’s a Victorian tea with wine tasting before or after and talk of local ghost stories. The winery happens to be haunted as well!

  22. Deborah says:

    Scored 90%! – We are going to stay home and hand out candy.

  23. Sharon says:


  24. Susannah says:

    65%. On Halloween we’re having some neighbors over when I’ll be serving your Lemon Ice Cream Tart to the grown ups while the kids go trick-or-treating. (I’m most looking forward to giving the recipe a trial run this weekend!)

  25. Bobbi says:

    Booooo 75% Not a big fan of the scary movies….They give me nightmares and scare the daylights outta me!
    Thanks for the fun quiz,Kevin & happy Halloween!

  26. Marie says:

    70% Watching Halloween movies!

  27. Joyce Bradley says:

    40% and most were guesses at that!!! I find I’m not a horror movie fan!!

  28. Mary Ellen Hern says:

    60% — but I made the Marmalade Cake and it was amazingly delicious! So I could really use the zester! Happy Halloween!

  29. Marjean says:

    80% — I don’t watch “slice ‘em/dice ‘em” at all so I had to guess on them.

    As for Hallowe’en this year, it will be the first that we don’t give out candy to our local kids. I can’t support giving GMO laced junk food to children anymore. I guess that makes me a wicked old witch, but I’ll live with it.

  30. Mary says:

    80% Wish I knew which ones I got wrong! That was a fun quiz. You should do that more often. ;)

  31. erin says:

    55%… not so good.
    We never, ever had a trick or treater come to our door, but every year I wait around for them while eating the candy I bought for them…..

  32. Karen says:

    wow 40%. The only question I knew for sure was about You’ve go Mail. Romantic me.

    For Halloween — standing at the front door admiring cute kids, and giving out lots of candy! Cheers.

  33. KaeleyAnne says:

    I scored 45%, and most of those correct answers were guesses. Needless to say, I’m not a movie buff. And I can never keep track of actors names.

    We don’t have anyone come to our door on Halloween, and our daughter is only 2 years old, so we aren’t going Trick or Treating. I’m trying to find some event that I can take her to so that I can dress her up in a costume.

  34. Abbie says:

    Oh gosh. Only 30% I guess I am not much of a movie buff either.

    For Halloween: I’ll be staying home and giving out treats. I love seeing the children in their costumes.

  35. Karen Ennenga says:

    55% I am not much into thrillers and horror movies, so I guess I am happy with that :) .

  36. Kimmer says:

    100%, I love the movies

  37. Mary Ellen says:

    45 %…….egads !….but that was fun ! Kevin….are you going to let us see the answers ? We live in the country and don’t get any trick or treaters….:-(….but this way we can sit and watch some great spook movies !!!

  38. Nancy H says:

    45% I dont watch scary movies, so I guess that’s not too bad for just guessing. I enjoyed the quiz.

  39. Betty G says:

    65% That was fun Kevin… Thanks

  40. Betty G says:

    Oh, and I might go in costume to work…

  41. Robin says:

    75% – way better than I expected. I’m thinking I’m a good guesser. On Halloween we’ll stay home and watch The Uninvited and eat way too much chocolate. [I highly recommend the movie, btw. Classic B movie ghost story.]

  42. Joan E says:

    50…..I was surprised that it was that high.

  43. Jo Pernice says:

    35% I stink! On Halloween I will be passing out candy!

  44. Sandy M says:

    50%…I was amazed…thought it would be much worse!

  45. Ava says:

    60% Fun quiz. Not bad since I am not into scary movies. I do love Halloween though. Not sure exactly what I will be doing yet but handing out candy will be part of it.

  46. Kellie R says:

    Only 45%. Could have been worse!

  47. Adele says:

    30% proof that I have no interest in Halloween and watch movies just for the enjoyment of the story, I never remember anything about the cast!! I guess Hollywood doesn’t like me ;)

  48. Janet H. says:

    Only 45% for me! No plans for Halloween, but loved it when we used to dress up. We even won contests!

  49. Susan Gunther says:

    55% … not bad for someone who doesn’t watch scary movies! Halloween will be spent at home with a hot toddy, hubby, 2 dogs & 2 cats.

  50. SN says:

    Only 30% but lots of fun. Always enjoy your blog. Thanks so much!!

  51. Maria says:

    Just 30 % but a lot of fun! Thank you!

  52. John H says:

    45% – Hoping the goblins don’t scare my new baby.

  53. badger gardener says:

    75%- Trick or treating is Sun. afternoon for us. As a kid I would have thought that was lame but as a parent I love that it is conveniently scheduled on the weekend. The boys are going as Homer and Bart Simpson this year. For Halloween night the kids have a costume party at their school, then we’ll come home w/ more candy and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. After their bedtime my husband and I will watch a scary movie but still undecided on whether to go w/ a classic favorite or a new one. I’m leaning toward The Hunger or The Shining.

    Love your motion activated skeleton!

  54. Vicki says:

    35%. I’m surprised I got even that, as I never watch horror movies! I will have to stay home on Halloween as half the kids in the county come to trick-or-treat on the 2 main streets of Kinderhook. But I’m going to a party tonight, Kevin – guess where? Can’t tell you the costume ahead, you will have to guess the word play….

  55. Helen says:

    I got 75%. Are you going to tell what the answers are cuz I’m an overachiever and I want to know!

  56. Brigitte says:

    Well, I failed that one! But it was fun! :) :o

  57. Helen – Correct answers will be announced on Tuesday, Oct. 29. Thanks for playing!

  58. 55% … will be reaching through the veil. BB

  59. Kathie says:


  60. Deb says:


  61. linda says:

    45% Just enjoy the southern fall weather!

  62. Lauren says:

    50% :) That was hard!

  63. Samantha L says:

    45% guess my plans should be catching up on some scary movies!

  64. Karin Gateless says:

    I don’t really like scary movies. I got 35%,
    Oh well, for Halloween I will go as Autumnal Madness” appropriate for a teacher!

  65. Janice says:

    40% and loved this quiz!

  66. Lois says:

    35%, but I guessed at 100%, so that’s not bad! Ha!

  67. Karen says:

    50%. I’ll be at the Houston Quilt show on Halloween – no tricks just lots of treats!

  68. Pam says:

    40% Good guessing, lol.

  69. christina says:

    45% ….I am spending halloween at home.

  70. Lori says:

    OOF! 55% Ah well. I’m not a huge movie buff. Halloween I will probably be at home handing out treats to all the little ones in town. At least until my bag of Snickers is gone. Did I mention I have to wait until Thursday after work to buy my Snickers? I would eat them all between now and then. I tried getting candy I don’t like but apparently I will make the sacrifice when necessary.

  71. Kay Crichton says:

    77%. Fun quiz. We never do anything for Halloween. We live out in the country so never even get any trick or treaters coming to our house. Kind of not my thing anyway.

  72. Juanita Trent says:

    60%, mostly guessing, as I am not a movie person.

  73. Elizabeth Fox says:

    I scored 65 and I have not seen most of the films.

  74. Bob says:

    70% – Stay home and watch romantic comedies ;-)

  75. Gay Reece says:

    50%… Wish I had the answers though. At work I send out a quiz weekly and this would be perfect for our Halloween Day Party! Darn, oh well it was fun!

  76. Karen says:

    20% Guess I’m not a movie buff, especially on Halloween!

  77. Kate says:

    45% who-hoo!

  78. Rhonda Strahler says:

    75% – where are the answers – and which ones did I miss???

  79. Abby Ross says:

    50%. (With my eyes shut). We have the scariest 350 feet of driveway in town. We have full grown oak trees that hang over the driveway reaching over to grab whoever dares to venture down the drive. We’ll be home, eating all of the candy we bought for all of the no-show trick-or-treaters.

  80. Hope says:

    50% I must not watch enough movies.
    On Halloween, we will stay inside and enjoy the new Chow Chow dog I will pick up tomorrow.

  81. Addie B in FL says:

    I got 35%, which isn’t bad for me since I NEVER watch horror movies (I can make my own nightmares, thank you!) Elizabeth Fox et al who scored high without seeing the movies must be psychic.:-) We live in a 55+ gated community so no trick-or-treaters here, although I look forward to photos of my two grandkids in CT in their costumes.

    Cheers, Kevin!

  82. Annie says:

    80%…fun quiz! Halloween, there will most likely not be any kiddies coming to our front door! So few go tricking and treating anymore…kind of sad! But I am always prepared just in case. Lots of Snickers and Almond Joys will be awaiting them if they decide to show up. My husband and I will enjoy a few cocktails and laugh and remember the good old days of Halloween back in the 60′s and 70′s …….so much fun! As they say, that was then, this is now! Thanks Kevin!

  83. Jackie Peschong says:

    40% but so much fun. Since Halloween lasts now far beyond just one night, I dressed as a witch-my husband sewed my costume, my neighbor did my makeup, and my brother bought my elegant witch hat-and we took our grandchildren on a haunted trolley ride! Happy Halloween to everyone! Thanks, Kevin, for the contest and great recipes.

  84. Gayle says:

    50%-will be handing out halloween treats

  85. Bonnie S says:

    60% which really surprised me. Pass out candy and enjoy all the cute costumes.

  86. Mark Aaron says:

    I would enjoy a recap of the correct answers next week, too.
    This is my favorite blog. I enjoy reading it and sharing your thoughs with my wife each Sunday over lunch once the kiddo is anap.
    Mark Aaron

  87. Victoria says:

    85% some I thought I knew and some obviously I didn’t Fun stuff!

  88. 60%. I’ll be home, hoping for Trick or Treaters to come to my door!

  89. Karen L. says:

    A measly 45%!!! Can you tell I don’t watch many movies and especially scary ones? We will hopefully be opening the door to a lot of kids looking for candy on Halloween. We recently moved from an area where we did not get even one kid to come to the door. I am hoping to see some cute costumes this year. I sure have missed that!

  90. Lesley says:

    55% which is more than I thought I would get considering I don’t watch movies much and I never watch horror movies.

  91. Kathy says:

    50% I had better pay closer attention to the credits in movies instead of making popcorn and stuff. No plans for Halloween as of yet :(

  92. Carol Hanson says:

    40% not into horror films nor oldies much either! we live at the end of the road in a very rural area so haven’t had trick or treaters but once in 22 years. do enjoy seeing kids in their costumes however. I remember the good old days of trick or treating in a very small western town and getting full candy bars in our sacks plus whole bottles of soda at the local bars!! before cans were used

  93. Sharon says:

    Got a 55% too. Hmf. Still would love to win the contest though! :)

  94. Deb Guy says:


  95. Suzanne K says:

    45% – amazing since I was/am clueless! I’m going to be having a quiet evening in.

  96. Joanne Yates says:

    Loved the quiz, LOVED the photos of your party, wish I had the energy to host such a lovely affair. You have a real zest for life ;-) . Tell me how you made it a benefit for your Historical Society? We have a budding non-profit and what you did seems like a very nice way to build camaraderie for a common cause. What are we doing for Halloween: dressing up our dogs and watching Young Frankenstein!

  97. Terri says:

    Not to bad considering my mind is too full!! 45% Not to good with the new movies I suspect!! Thanks for the chance, I’ve been thinking of marmalade cake all week!!

  98. Julie Hester says:

    35% I’m terrible at movie trivia!

  99. Vicky T says:

    30% Not into horror flicks but I like zesting lemons. ;o)

  100. Lynne Kuntz says:


  101. Toni says:

    40 percent

  102. Carol says:

    40% Better score than I thought I would get!

  103. Tiffany says:


  104. linda h says:

    45% :(

  105. Laura Kowalyk says:


    Going to give out candy at son’s house so they can take the kids around.

  106. Suzi Jackson says:

    45%. Guess I’m not such a great movie buff.

  107. MaureenM says:


  108. Brenda says:


  109. Theresa Taylor says:

    45% surprised it was that good lol

  110. Rhonda says:

    I got a 65% didn’t think that was too bad. No plans for Halloween but some baking

  111. Valerie C. says:

    85% That was fun :)

  112. Gay Sullivan says:

    50%…will be home.

  113. Susan says:

    90%. That was fun!

  114. Lane Recker says:

    Ouch 45%

  115. Gianna says:

    You scored 45%!

  116. Karyn C says:

    50% I knew the Steven King answer for sure, he is my fave. Have only had 1 trick or treater in 38 years. We live in the country and dont have them. I try to buy some candy just in case….but usually end up eating it. Auggggghhhhhh

  117. Karen L says:

    Scored a 95%. My husband helped

  118. Sue says:

    35%. Spooky!

  119. Joan says:

    60%, but since I refuse to watch scary movies, I think I did surprisingly well! Happy Halloween to all, and I hope there is left over chocolate for everyone!

  120. Elizabeth H says:

    My phone would only show me the first 3 questions! Samsung……how you doth vex me. I’m sure I got one of those right.

  121. Dina says:

    60% – and no scary movies any more!! I’ll never be the same after ‘The Ring’. No thanks! Never. Don’t it. Just don’t do it. But I would love to zest some lemons. :-)

  122. Jane says:

    :/ 35%

  123. Pat Falk says:

    I scored 50%. I love your newsletters and the great tips. Keep them coming!

  124. Marija Benson says:

    40% OUCH!!! Must have a spell on me! Would love a zester, working on a bunch of recipes that use zest.

  125. Donna Viar says:

    I feel better knowing that others are in my group of scoring 50%. Fun to take but obviously not in the theaters a lot. Thanks for still allowing me to enter the contest.

  126. Toni Burgau says:

    50% was my score – surprised me at the percentage !!! I am not totally
    brain dead yet. That was a “fun” thing to do. It’s been a “LONG” time since
    I’ve even watched a movie.

  127. Elissa K says:

    75%. I LOVE scary movies, but it’s been a while since
    I’ve watched any so I was a bit rusty on some of the answers
    I am taking my 2 boys out trick or treating, then
    going to a neighborhood Rocky Horror Picture Show Party!!
    I could really use that zester, I’ve been struggling along with
    an old box grater that is scarier than any Hallowe’en movie!

  128. Sandy Douglass Abalos says:

    45%. I live down a dirt road in deep east Texas, so Halloween will be be spent alone with my hubby & I chowing down on candy!

  129. Jodi says:

    65%. i never watch scary movies!

  130. ER says:

    35% – most were guesses since I don’t watch horror films

  131. Ellen Byrum says:

    Love these give a ways! Need so many of these kitchen items!

  132. Earen Hummel says:

    I did terribly! Only 35% correct. I guess it is time to brush up on my movies!

  133. Linda Cooke says:

    Hah, only 50%. Guess you can tell I don’t watch horror movies… can’t stand the violence and sight of blood! At least that won’t eliminate me from winning… looks like a nifty tool unless you’re a piece of citrus!

  134. Sara says:

    Only 30% – I am such a loser!! The contest was fun – just points out how ignorant I am of Hollywood facts. This Halloween – will be home. Live in a c. 1852 home on Lake Huron in the middle of the country between towns. Sadly – no Trick or Treats here! Will keep a keen eye out however for ghosts of the old shipwrecks.

  135. Diane Ecker says:

    I watch very little tv so as for the quizz I didn’t have a clue! As for Halloween, it’s pizza and wings and mulled cider with our adult children and hand out candy to all the children we have never seen before!

  136. Sunny Stitz says:

    I only got 45% but I really would love a zester! :)

  137. Kim says:

    90% WooHoo!

  138. CF says:

    Wow, I thought I knew my horror films better!
    I used to run home from school, get a snack and watch Dark Shadows – I loved it!

  139. Jim says:


  140. Betty rohr says:

    35%. Glad I was a better guesser on school quizzes.

  141. Adrienne says:

    60% We are hoping we have a Halloween this year. Was cancelled two years in a row, once for Hurricane Sandy and once for the freakish snowstorm in Oct. (here in NJ)

  142. Kathy says:

    I scored 55% which is a lot better than I thought it would be.

  143. Angel B says:

    I scored a big, whopping 50%. :)

  144. Patty says:

    55%. Hmmmm pretty good at multiple choice :-) Walking the neighborhood withmy grandbabies . Doesn’t get any better!!

  145. Dawn says:

    70% taking the kids trick or treating

  146. Cindy Faulkner says:

    35% Oh well.

  147. Kathleen says:

    65%. Thought I knew more than I did! Ha

  148. Jean Wood says:

    Pretty good at 45%. Especially since I seldom see horror movies.

  149. Cate says:

    Ah phtt I got 65%. Thought I’d do a little better, but it was still fun! I’ll be celebrating with Samhain rituals. Happy Halloween!

  150. Susan L. Espersen says:

    Yikes, only 35%! I was a blank most of the time, but it was fun! Thanks Kevin! :-)

  151. kat says:

    65%-Halloween movies aren’t really my thing. Love vintage movies!

  152. Jana says:

    30% LOL! I’ll be giving out candy bars as usual.

  153. Denise says:

    45%. I am excited I knew some of the answers. Halloween and scary movies are not my genre. It was fun. I am not sure what I am doing, I thought I was working but I am not. Maybe the surprise party I got invited to. I have spent less than $5 on my costume. I am going to be caught in a spider’s web.

  154. Maureen WALL says:

    50 now bad for not seeing any of them!

  155. Elizabeth says:

    Didn’t do very well, only 40%! Guess I am not much of a movie buff. Had to guess at a lot of them.

  156. Naomi Shelton says:

    50% I’m amazed! I was guessing on more than that!

  157. Janet Ortega says:

    55%? I thought I was better than that?? We live on 2-1/2 miles of dirt road and no one comes to see us. We are about 10 miles out of town also. So we don’t do anything for Halloween. Last year though we went to Sedona, AZ and hung out on their main drag and what a great scene that was. Street demonstrations with fire and music with people dancing. It was great!

  158. Martha Starks says:

    Boo 65%

  159. Mary says:

    60% – that was fun. Staying in on Halloween. I live in an apt and never have any goblins visit.

  160. Michelle says:

    50% Bummer! Would have been nice to know the answers. Education is priceless! Thanks for the fun and hopefully the zester!

  161. Kathy says:

    50% wow

  162. I got 30% which is one of the lowest but then again, I haven’t watched an adult scary movie for years…now it’s all cute spookie movies from Disney. I am joining with my kids halloween activities and dressing up as a friendly witch.

  163. Colleen Peck says:

    70% That was fun!!!! Thanks for having it!

  164. Georgeann says:

    35% thank goodness I am not alone with this score.

  165. Kimberly says:

    35% bummer. I thought I did better. On Halloween, taking the kiddies trick or treating.

  166. Beverly Smucker says:

    Hey there Kevin, So much fun to wonder what you will come up with next. Love this place.

    I scored 50%. I do love my movies and actors and actresses, my all time favorite might
    be Katharine Hepburn. Not so much the scary stuff. Love your porch person.
    Happy Halloween! Give that beautiful dog an extra treat !

  167. Phillis says:

    I always look forward to Sunday when I receive your newsletter Kevin! Thanks for the fun quiz; I scored an 80% — I had to guess on all the scary movie questions—the movies based on books I did a bit better on. I bought candy for Halloween, but we don’t get many trick or treaters—too far out. Anyway we will be at my daughter’s field hockey game — Go Lady Hornets!

  168. 100% – but that’s because Pat and I did it together and he is a movie trivia expert!

  169. Nikki G says:

    40% That was tough! Not really a scary movie person! No big plans for All Hallows Eve!

  170. Tassie says:

    50% with my son’s help. What fun! I do not know a thing about the scary movies..as I stay scared forever if I watch one. Thanks for adding some fun this Halloween…a day we do not celebrate.

  171. Donna says:

    Wow! Tough questions! I’ll have to brush up on recent horror movies!

  172. Brenda Johnson says:

    Yikes! A shameful 30%…. I will be working…. volunteered so my coworker with young children can be with them. We did a practice trick or treat with my 2 year old granddaughter over the weekend- that way I got to see her in her costume, and she wasn’t super tired from a late night on Thursday! (she received a can of green beans from me for her goody bag… her favorite!!!)

  173. Victoria says:

    I scored 100%. I love horror movies, especially the older ones! I’ll spend Halloween passing out candy and watching ‘Young Frankenstein,’ one of my all-time favorites!

  174. Suzan says:

    60%. My 15 yo son will have friends over.

  175. Dale says:

    40% and now I want to know the actual answers!!

  176. Renee G says:

    Only a 45%, – and we’ll probably be home.

  177. Mary says:

    60% — surprised I did that well. Must have scored with the oldies!

  178. Annie says:

    30% I am obviously not a big movie fan. I’m either gardening, cooking or quilting. For halloween I will be home greeting trick-or-treaters, including my 20 month old grandson.

  179. Karen Wright says:

    50% How mediocre
    I’m such a middle of the roader!

  180. Diann MacRae says:

    45% i never watch horror movies. On Halloween my dog, Eirick, and I will hand out candy!

  181. I don’t watch to many movies , But t like reading what you do ;like reading about your flower ,see your home ,garden,/may I win next time have a great Holloween.

  182. Let me know if I win !

  183. 35%

  184. Donna Cota says:

    Very surprised to score 60%, don’t watch many horror movies. I am dressing up as a medieval sorceress for work and then visiting a senior center.

  185. AmyO says:

    I scored 50%. Not too great , but not too bad either. It was fun….thanks!
    No plans for Halloween…we live too far out in the boonies of Vermont.

  186. Virginia Mayer says:

    Ouch! 30%! Think I’ll have to watch some movies! Absolutely love your blog!

  187. Peg says:

    80% – some great scary films asked about.

  188. Lori K says:

    I scored an ebarrasing 40%.
    Halloween festivities have already began around here…we joined a neighborhood costume parade Sunday. Beggers night is Thursday and our 6 year old is ready to terrize the neighborhood begging for candy. Fun times!

  189. katie says:

    40%——taking my son trick or treating

  190. Beth Emhoff says:

    50%. If it doesn’t rain, we will be taking the kids trick or treating on their haunted wagon!

  191. Kay J says:

    45% – Handing out candy and watching the RED SOX win the World Series!

  192. Kelli B. in Avon Lake says:

    35% was about what I thought I’d get, and I did! I suppose I missed most of the answers because I watch the movies with my hands over my eyes or my face in my husbands chest! If I won the Zester I could go whip something up in the kitchen when the music started to creep me out! Thank for that entertainment, and all the work you did putting that together for us! Happy Halloween!

  193. lee says:

    50%, much higher than I expected

  194. Jennifer says:

    45% – I don’t watch horror films ~ I am more of a comedy person.

  195. Jennie Ragsdale says:

    65% – Guessed alot.

  196. Karen Carpenter says:

    I scored 45%

  197. Darcie Rzomp says:

    Scored 55%. Guessed at most of the questions.

  198. Barbara Petersen says:

    Well, I only scored 55% but I really don’t like scary movies. I am going trick or treating with my great granddaughter. What fun!

  199. Susan in S.W.Mass. says:

    I’m surprised at myself, with 90%. Score one for the old fart. Hah.

  200. diana murphy says:

    45% Oh well, not may strong point. Hope you have A nice Halloween!

  201. Donna S says:

    well I scored 40%. Don’t watch a lot of horror movies. Did Halloween with my garden club.
    That was fun!!

  202. TexasBelle says:

    Only 35% – not too bad for someone that is not a movie person and DOES NOT like horror anything!

  203. Karen says:

    75% without looking anything on the web

  204. susieQ says:

    55% I am surprised I knew that much ;) good luck everyone

  205. Madelon says:

    55%. I need to watch more movies.

  206. Sportsmama says:

    Ugh!!! Only 40%! Great questions, lots of fun. Thanks Kevin!

  207. Judith says:


  208. TNMeemaw says:

    45% – I’ll be staying at my Son’s home while the parents go out with the 4 grandchildren to “Trick ‘R Treat”! Their family is a blended family – and this year the children (ages 6, 8, 9, and 10) will be going out together for the first time. Halloween is their favorite holiday, so they will be doing it up big! Sure hope the storms hold off until the next day! Hope that I win!! I’d love one of these.

  209. Jeanne Collins says:

    Only 55%. Probably should have done better.

  210. Lynda B says:

    Scored a 55. Will probably spend the evening at my neighbors Halloween costume party.

  211. Liz Stadieczko says:


  212. sandrine says:


  213. Jamie says:

    I got a sad 55%. I am no good with scary movies.

    I am taking my kids out trick-or-treating on halloween.

    I’d love the grater! I bake a lot and only use a big cheese grater, which has a not so great effect :)


  214. Rosiland says:


  215. Scott Trudell says:

    95%…. I watch way too many movies

  216. Norma Berg says:

    I got 100% on the quiz

  217. Erika says:

    45% – disgusted with myself, though I enjoyed doing it! :-D

    Loved that so many of the questions were about films from the (distant) past – too often forgotten!

  218. Lea shelton says:

    35% yikes!

  219. Lisa F says:

    95%-Handing out Halloween candy

  220. bn100 says:

    got 50%

  221. krystyna says:

    just 30%,but my birthday the 1,nice present

  222. Carrie says:

    85% That was fun. Although I do wish i knew which ones I got wrong. Happy Halloween

  223. Diane Kratz says:

    55%. I have to work Halloween but I work in a lab, and I’ll be sure to answer the phone in my best Dracula voice and say “LABORATORY”.

  224. Katherine W says:


  225. Margie S says:

    I did terrible only scored 45.
    I think I’ll be going to a costume ball on Saturday night instead of Thursday the 31st. On Halloween night I will dress up and give out candy to all the little spooks that come to my door.

  226. Debi Beeuwsaert says:

    25% – I’m not much of a movie buff.

  227. Paula Y says:

    50%! Just shows that I usually watch comedies and adventure stories – I want to be entertained, not scared to within an inch of my life; it’s scary enough in the real world! I hope that you’ll share the answers with us Kevin!

    No plans yet for Halloween. I live in the country and get no trick or treaters; I don’t have to worry about contributing to health problems of kids. The surrounding towns usually have Halloween events for the kids – seems a little healthier!

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