Giveaway: The Backyard Parables, by Margaret Roach

LATELY I’VE BEEN SHARING MY BED WITH MARGARET ROACH. If this comes as a shock to you, just imagine how Margaret must feel. But the truth is, I’m currently devouring — you guessed it, in bed — her third and latest book, The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life.Β  This fun-to-read memoir/gardening tutorial is the subject of my latest giveaway:

Most of you probably know Margaret through her popular website, A Way To Garden.Β  Or from her long and impressive career as a wordsmith (an editor at the New York Times, fashion and garden editor at Newsday, the first garden editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine, and the editorial director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia). Or from her two previous books, And I Shall Find Some Peace There (2010) and A Way To Garden (1998).

I know Margaret through her sister, Marion. Margaret helped me organize my own website when I migrated from Google Blogger to WordPress. What a generous soul!

In The Backyard Parables, Margaret walks us through four seasons in her garden, where, especially in winter, all is not sweetness and light. I actually shuddered as she described a daring frog rescue. During a monstrous snowstorm, and with darkness rapidly descending, she noticed the deicer in her pond had stopped working. Lest the hibernating amphibians suffocate, she dug a trench through 13 inches of snow,Β  and, laying on her stomach, located and disabled the electrical outlet. Unable to make repairs at that time, she hammered a hole in the ice. But that hole, of course, would soon freeze over. The solution? Every 3 hours from dusk to dawn she hammered openings in the ice in order to protect her beloved frogs. “Who needs beauty sleep when potential princes are at risk?”

The book is rife with gardening tips. For instance, here is Margaret’s advice on buying seeds:

For a chance to win The Backyard Parables, just do these 2 simple things:

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2. In the comments field below, tell me which plants you are anxious to see when spring arrives. Or, just say “hello.” I’m not fussy.

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Enter soon! This random drawing expires on Friday, January 18, 2013 at 11:59PM ET. As always, I’ll use the number gadget at Random (dot) org to select 3 winners. The winners will be announced on Saturday, January 19, so be sure to check back!Β  Update: The winners.

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  1. Which plants am I anxious to see when spring arrives? The tulips, daylilies, and garlic mustard. πŸ™‚

  2. Priscilla says:

    Looking forward to all of the spring flowering bulbs like crocus, daffodils, and tulips and of course my favorite flowering trees Japanese Magnolias and my peach trees! (okay, the more that I think, the more comes to mind…let’s just say that I LOVE Spring!!)

  3. Stephanie White says:

    I especially like blooms on trees: cherry and dogwood are two faves!

  4. Paulette Beckerink says:

    I eagerly await the snowdrop, crocus, daffodil, pussy willow, forsythia, volunteer lettuce & dill, paperwhites and all plants that begin “stirring” in the early spring.

  5. I am soooo anxious to see my new Hellebores emerge this spring. Also, I bought a new yellow Magnolia and I surely hope it will survive the winter and show me some beautiful yellow this spring !!

  6. Crocus! The first sign on Spring in my area.

  7. I’m anxious to see all the plants in my garden this spring, as I moved into a new home in Colorado in the fall, after a long draught. The previous owners’s grandson had mulched everything with grass clippings. I poked around in the fall & revealed tons of Irises, native plants, & medicinal herbs. I ‘m especially anxious to see 4 peony bushes burst into bloom. Hope I win πŸ™‚

  8. E L Raborn says:

    I look forward to seeing the crocus bulbs poking their heads out each spring, letting us know that winter is nearing an end.

  9. Thank you for a chance to win. I will have to check out her website. The kids and I want to start a garden this spring and have already gotten two raised bed planters ready. Now the fun of planning what all to put in them. Can’t wait!

  10. Hi Kevin! I know this is silly but I’m excited to see some grass! See we bought our first home and it had hardly any so I’m excited to see of our TLC has paid off!

  11. I’m looking forward to any new green growth peeking from under the winter snow.

  12. I love the first glimpse of daffodil leaves, because it brings promise of winter ending. I love to find new growth pushing up through the mulch. But my very favorite, columbine, comes a little later.

  13. I can’t wait to see my Mertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells) this spring!

  14. Trilliums on the forest floor, Lilly of the valley and peonies, in particular my “bowl of beauty” variety

  15. Barbara Hess says:

    I am the most anxious to see asparagus! I began growing my own vegetables two years ago and this will be my first harvest of asparagus – my favorite vegetable. I can’t wait!!

  16. Just looking forward to spring weather and the blossoming of my crabapple tree in my backyard. I really going to can’t wait to enjoy a new garden book.

  17. Thanks for this opportunity to win Margaret’s new book!!! I always enjoy seeing the new growth on the trees turn greener and greener and all of the different colors of green!!!!
    Have a great day and thanks again.

  18. Anxiously awaiting the first daffodils to peek from the ground here in North Carolina. Also love to watch the hosta candles peek out and unfurl. Sure signs of spring here!

  19. Love when the dogwood and redbud trees bloom!

  20. Looking forward to all the flowers in the garden blooming.

  21. Have spent the past 20 Springs in Florida. This is my first year back in NY and I can’t wait to see the crocus, the tulips, the dogwood, the forstyhia – anything with color after this black and white season!

  22. I love it when the daffodils bloom, then my tulips.

  23. Robert Meehan says:

    Each year it’s always the Hyacinth. More so this year as, for the first time ever, I’m attempting to “force” bulbs. Got them in gravel and water and with fingers crossed I’m waiting out the winter on the Eastern Shore of VA/

  24. Julia Vitale says:

    any spring flower.I just love all the colors!

  25. I love seeing the yard burst open with blooming fruit trees, forsythia, redbud & dogwood,but I think my favorite is our mini blue iris

  26. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    I am looking forward to all the flowers, but especially the daffodils and tulips!

  27. I too plant a ton of basil every year, have developed a fondness for the large lettuce leaf type…great for sandwiches and salads. We always have a lot of tomato plants, nothing like vipe-ripened. This past summer we grew a ton of egg plant. We grilled it a lot, filled up on this with peppers etc, lost a lot of weight. I’d love to win the book but I am also happy to become aware of another good author regarding gardening. Stay safe.

  28. I love the wild forthysia ~ not all pruned ~ wild & lovely!

  29. Daffodils always trumpet spring’s arrival for me!

  30. Lynn Barthel says:

    daffodils, tulips, dogwood, freesia, anything that blooms

  31. I’m DELIGHTED to have found you… last evening I melted over ALL your WONDERFUL gardens & the wisdom you freely share with other gardeners!

    I get Margaret’s newsletters & read her blog, she TRULY is an inspiration to me & I’m EVER-SO grateful to have the chance in adding her book to my library.

    For spring… I’m anxiously waiting to see & SMELL the ‘Hyacinths’, they are like the icing on a cake… making spring COMPLETE!

    THANK YOU, for this opportunity & I will definitely be here often to take ALL of what you have to offer in & contribute to my garden!


  32. I’m a New Yorker who moved way down south – a whole new brand of spring blooms greet me, but I still miss lilacs and forsythia! Dogwoods and redbuds just can’t quite take their place!

  33. Thanks for hosting this contest.

    We had some major landscaping done this fall. Unfortunately, it was completed too late to do any planting, but I have 5 new flower beds and 6 raised beds to play with come spring. Looking through all the gardening catalogs is great fun and at the same time, a bit overwhelming.

  34. Good Morning Kevin! I anxiously await the dogwood blossoms each spring.

  35. I’m waiting for my hellebore ( Ms Roach gave this to me from her own garden
    2 years ago) to finally bloom this spring….

  36. Lee McLean says:

    I’m always optimistic, the first time I see windblown prairie crocus out in the native grass pastures, that honest-to-goodness spring will arrive. Living in Alberta, Canada, the winter truly feels like it’s eight months long, with four months’ poor sledding, as the old joke goes. Right now, the arrival of the fuzzy crocus, or pasque flower as we’re supposed to call it, is well over three months away – and staring out the window at my garden, I can hardly imagine that it will ever again be green.

  37. Every new bud and shoot as Spring approaches excites me. I love seeing it all. But, the one thing I am most anxious to see this year, after living away in FL…where I couldn’t get them to grow, for 8 yrs… LILACS!

  38. Thanks for this terrific description of Margaret’s book, Kevin. I love her blog but have never read one of her books. I must read more of her and because of you, I will definitely seek her books out. I most look forward to my Walter Knott’s seedless boysenberries coming this spring. I imported plants from San Diego and have nurtured them along under Connecticut snow and now cannot wait for this year’s harvest. Fingers crossed!

  39. Our dozens and dozens of hellebores are the harbinger of spring in our gardens. Once they emerge, I then start looking for the emergence of that beautiful purple haze on our redbuds. Then everything takes off! I would LOVE to have a copy of Margaret’s new book!

  40. I like to follow Margaret Roach’s site also. I’m looking forward to anything green showing up because that will mean that this really cold weather we are having is finally warming up. It’s 9 degrees right now at my home in central AZ. Yes, that’s Arizona. It’s not all desert here.

  41. I am looking forward to seeing the snowdrops, pussywillows and forsythia. I have brought some forsythia in to force, per your instructions on your blog, and am awaiting some blooms in the next week or so. Also last spring we planted a redbud tree so very excited to see how it does.

  42. Anything that can break through this cold on the AZ strip and apparently everywhere else!

  43. I miss the changing of the seasons. I always love to read about gardens and gardening.

  44. First thing I look for in the garden when the snow leaves and the ground begins to warm up, is the garlic popping up from their winter nap, after being planted in the late fall.

  45. I love seeing the crocuses pop up, quickly followed by the other spring bulbs. My favorite spring blooms are lilacs though.

  46. Peas! Fresh Peas! They are like candy. I’m guilty of never having enough to cook for dinner since I eat them while wandering among the garden beds in the early morning. Normally, I would plant the seeds in the fall, mulch them before the frosty weather hits, and sit back and wait for spring. This year I was unable to garden in the fall due to a shoulder injury, so no early peas. I will plant seeds as soon as I think the soil is warm enough to have them sprout.

    I’d love to read Margaret’s newest book. Perhaps the number gadget will pick me. It would be exciting to win.

  47. I’m so looking forward to reading this book! I love seeing the spring bulbs coming up of course, but another one of my favorite things in the spring is seeing the first stalks of rhubarb breaking through the soil in the vegetable garden.

  48. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for offering Margaret’s new book to your followers. I’m anxiously awaiting anything that will bring the butterflies and bees back to my yard – even dandelions! Some color would be nice to see, as well – basically any sign of spring would be welcome.

  49. I’m looking forward to almost anything green, although we have not had a true winter here it is still grey and brows that dominate the landscapes. But if truth be know I long for daffodils and buds on my new Serviceberry tree!

  50. Dina Chiappini says:

    Crocus! Then forsythia and lilacs!

  51. I look forward to the bulbs’ arrival!

  52. I am excited for spring vegetables!

  53. Looking forward to seeing the hellebores and camelias blooming this spring.

  54. hellebores & my overwintering swiss chard

  55. I can’t wait to see my crocus! <3 them!

  56. Right now my garden is buried under 3 foot snow drifts, and will be inaccessible until the end of Apr, so anything green, even a dandelion, well maybe not a dandelion, would be welcome. The first tree buds, our prairie crocus, pussy willows, rhubarb shoots, tulips( if the moles didn’t get them) – even some grass would brighten things up.

  57. The first blooms of my TΓͺte-Γ -TΓͺte miniature daffodils brightens the gloom of late winter waterlogged garden beds. They are so cheerful!

  58. The Daffodils
    by William Wordsworth

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Continuous as the stars that shine
    And twinkle on the Milky Way,
    They stretched in never-ending line
    Along the margin of a bay:
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

    The waves beside them danced, but they
    Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
    A Poet could not but be gay,
    In such a jocund company:
    I gazedβ€”and gazedβ€”but little thought
    What wealth the show to me had brought:

    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

  59. Yay! I can’t wait to get Margaret’s new book too! I recently discovered her work “again” searching for garden blogs in the Hudson Valley (zone 5) . I once saw a spread of her beautiful gardens in a past issue of Martha Stewart Living, which I kept because it was so inspiring. Someone else who has dry shade conditions like I do! I’m hoping that I come and visit both of your garden’s this summer. This Spring, I’m anxious to see all of my woodland garden treasures you inspired me to plant last year. Virginia Bluebells, Tiarella, Primula and the big blue Hosta’s ravaged by the slugs and the deer last year πŸ˜‰ Spring fever abounds! Back to wintersowing I go!

  60. Jackie Lehr says:

    We just moved, so are looking forward to seeing anything that comes up. This, of course, leads to what we will plant and look forward to seeing the following spring.

  61. Jonquils! If they can make it–they’ve already sprouted in our warm-cold-warm-again winter.

  62. the buds just showing green reassures me spring is on the way. My bulbs are already peeking up and it’s just January, so that doesn’t say spring to me!

  63. Can’t wait for daffodils; the color, the scent, balm for a winter-weary soul.

  64. Deanna Attai says:

    asparagus! it’s been in the ground for 2 years so this year i’m expecting an edible crop

  65. Una Turley says:

    i am anxious to see the Astible, the new and the old ones.

  66. Melodie Grabner says:

    As I sit looking out my window to the three feet of snow covering my garden I look forward to any little shoot that has had the fortitude to survive in this zone three. Living in the high mountains just above the grasslands that I love so much I can only dream of the wild natural joy that is my garden.

  67. tulips, I love all the colors

  68. I love seeing my garlic poke up out of the ground, and the first buds on any tree.

  69. The first flower

  70. Erin Brady says:

    Hey Kevin, I can’t wait for spring! I just want to see beautiful flowers blooming and eating yummy veggies straight from the garden. I also gave your info to the Germantown garden club, I told them how awesome you are! They should be in touch with you for an upcoming demo. Hope you don’t mind… The world needs to know all of your wisdom!

  71. Hope arrives with the snow drops!

  72. Lois Flynn says:

    I am anxious to see the fiirst crocus. That means spring is about here. Love your website.

  73. I am looking forward to lilacs and daffodils! We are having a freaky warm spell the last 2 days, I do hope they don’t pop out too early.

  74. This spring, I’m eager to see strawberries, because they’ve got a brand-new raised bed and I hope to get enough of them, that everyone in the family gets to eat some instead of all going right into the mouth of my 3-year old grandson.

  75. Daffodils, everywhere daffodils. And Pussy Willow catkins.

  76. The camellias are budding and blooming now in Central Florida. Azaleas are usually our first flowers of spring (March) and I’m seeing some buds on them already. We are having a mild winter this year, so far and just might be surprised with a freeze though!

  77. Daffodils and Columbine are two of my favorites.

  78. Angela Willis says:
  79. Susan Keirn says:

    I have recently begun to grow asclepias (milkweed) to attract Monarch butterflies. Currently the stems are stripped bare due to fall and winter eating by the last of the catepillers but when spring starts here in West Los Angeles, the first regrowth is often on these plants. I hope we are still on the Monarch’s GPS for their spring flights.

    I DO understand Margaret’s efforts to rescue her frogs. I have a Monarch castle in the house, raising chrysalis and have released 10 Monarchs so far.

  80. Judy Henderson says:

    Love the forsythia, Japanese magnolia, daffodils,

  81. Sally Stafford says:

    I currently am an apartment dweller so have no “proper” garden. But I still love reading about them ! Just bought some cut tulips at the store and look forward to seeing them pop out of the ground.

  82. Elizabeth Fox says:

    I wait for any and all bulbs in the spring.

  83. Damaris Reid says:

    I promised myself that I would start a garden this year. I am an apartment dweller but I have resolved to begin container gardening this year. Im not sure of what flowers or vegetables to start with –any suggestions?

  84. Susan Cox says:

    I’m looking forward to the daffodils!

  85. Tracy Gonzales says:

    I’m a rose girl. Unfortunately – I moved a little over a year ago and had to leave behind my favorite bushes. New house has lots of climbers, which I am not as fond of. Must go buy some new favorites and get them planted! πŸ™‚

  86. My two favorite gardeners!

  87. I’m not fussy at all! I love all my treasures and so look forward to (hopefully) all coming back this year. It is so exciting to see each and every one of them popping their tiny little heads up… I took a walk outside today and πŸ™ nothing yet… Except! Wa La! My Arum Italica is out there and looking very good.

  88. Ps… I am making my PΓ’tΓ© Brisee today and then tomorrow will make the chocolate filling for it – yum!

  89. Purple crocus peaking through the dead leaves and left over snow!

  90. I’m looking forward to when the asparagus pokes out of the ground! Can’t wait.

  91. Kevin I would love to come home from sunny Mexico to find Margaret’s book in my mailbox! Spending my time on the beach poring over my seed catalogues right now. (LOL) Seeing my daffies in the spring is the best – I always know we have made it thru another winter. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  92. Jackie Isler says:

    I can’t wait to see the snow drops – my first flowers of spring…

  93. Melissa Horton says:

    SNOW DROPS, Lilacs, any tulip at all! Helebores ?

  94. Sharon Curley says:

    Buds on my miniature roses of all colors. I love this site.

  95. Linda Parker says:

    For the first time, I’ve planted daffodil & grape hyacinth bulbs. The grape hyacinth has already sprouted. I can’t wait to see the blooms on both of these plants.

  96. I am always delighted to see the first rhubarb of the year – it’s always the most tender and tasty.
    [email protected](DOT)com

  97. I do subscribe and thank you for the notes. When the pussy willows pop we know that Spring is here…looking, looking, nothing yet but cold temperatures and sunshine.

    And a copy of this great book will be perfect while soaking in the morning sunshine..:)

  98. Lilacs!!!
    Oh, how I love them so! I live in a 3rd floor loft style apartment and no longer have my own lilac bushes. My three lovely daughters and their handsome boyfriends scout out and procure (with permission) lilac bouquets for me.

  99. Definitely daffodils!~

  100. Barbara Shoemaker says:

    redbud trees and daffodils and the Northern California coastal range turn with spring green grass on the hillsides along I 80 West to San Francisco! Then I know that spring is on its way

  101. I am always so eager for Spring to arrive, as I am sure most people who love flowers and gardening are. After my forced paperwhites perish, I anxiously await the first daffodils to bloom. Their cheerful color and wonderful fragrance feeds my soul. Surely, they must be my favorite. But there are many others that I count as favorites as well. The tiny crocus that is so brave to push through snow or rain. Forsythia, and an apple-blossom-pink Flowering Quince, that willingly bursts into bloom in a vase indoors. Hyacinths, that are not only beautiful to behold but the fragrance is unmatchable. My birthflower, the Violet, looks shy and delicate, but ready to spread throughout the beds if left unrestrained. My Daphne’s are a favorite as well, three blossoms alone of pearly, pinkish-white, filling a room with their fragrance, especially the earliest one, February Daphne, which is planted close to my door. That one flowers with tiny, purplish blossoms that are powerfully scented. Many, many more, are my favorites. How can I choose just one or two, that I wait in anticipation to see? I’m a mother and a grandmother. I’m not being fickle when I think each one, surely, has to be my favorite. Just as when I anxiously await a plane to touch down to deliver my children or grandchildren, into my embrace again, and I think surely this must be one of my favorites, I know each one is precious to me. A mother’s heart has room for many, many, favorites. And so it is with my favorite flowers, plants and trees, each one bringing that touch of renewal to my soul. Each and every Spring.

    Thank you Kevin, for your lovely newsletter, through which you share your many favorite plants, recipes, thoughts and pictures of your beautiful home.

  102. First sight of my forsythia !!
    And of course everything I cannot think think of at this moment !!

  103. Spring in eastern Australia means jasmine and jacaranda – scent and humming purple – so thrilling, so joyous.

  104. I eagerly await my Februrary Gold daffodils and any and all green leaves!

  105. looking forward to abeliophylum – the smell of it, mostly… like heaven.

  106. Spring comes with the happy blooms of crocus in the lawn on a sunny day.

  107. The 100 tulip bulbs I got in Holland last spring!

  108. I like hellbore as that is the first flower of spring, I love hyacinths for their smell. I planted a circle of crocus bulbs under the grass in my front lawn and call that my fairy circle because it is only around for a short time.

  109. Jed Swift says:

    Hi Kevin,

    This book looks delightful so enter my name. I love this website and read it every Sunday am. Jed

  110. I am craving the tulps and the hyacinths and the frogs we can name.

  111. Julie Ann Hanks says:

    I am ever so grateful to see the crocus as the first blooming flowers; they beckon that we’ve made it through another winter and now spring is on its way!

  112. Lilacs. When I smell them, I am eight years old again.

  113. Linda Corbin says:

    I am enjoying hellebores right now, but they seem lonely. I particularly look forward to the sweet smelling , very early blooming shrub in my front yard. When purchased, I was told it is jasmine of some sort and it looks very much like honeysuckle-I don’t know , but it cheers me up πŸ™‚

  114. Sunny (Marilyn) says:

    I love the wild Violets that bloom in our area in the spring. I can’t wait until I see them. They were my Mother’s favorites and now mine too.

    I’d love a copy of the book.


  115. I planted garlic for the first time in October according to your website. I can’t to see how it does come spring. Tried your winter gardening last year and it worked great. Very excited

  116. Nancy Carr says:

    You are liked on fb.

  117. Nancy Carr says:

    I follow your blog.

  118. Hands down it is azaleas and rhododendrins here in the south.

  119. Nancy Carr says:

    I am so happy to see spring that anyything green is a welcome sight to me. Would love to win the book, and I appreciate your blog.

  120. Wanda Graves says:

    Hello Kevin, I love them all !

  121. Tiny, tender leaves on aspen, birch, oak and maple….the fine delicate beginnings of a glorious, healthy forest with all the joy that it holds…and NO GARLIC mustard!

  122. I am anxious for daffodils, forsythia and lilacs!!! Actually anything spring is good!

  123. Hello, I would love to win one of Margarets books. The advice you gave me on several of my house plants was right on. Thank you ever so much.

  124. All of them! πŸ™‚

  125. Grape hyacinths, I think they are called. I started with just a handful of tiny bulbs about 10 years ago and now they have divided. In the spring it is a sea of blue when they raise their heads thru the frozen earth. It is a beautiful sight to behold……………just the lowly hyacinths!

  126. Top of the morning to you all! I’m not fussy at all. Anything to do with Spring is just fine by me. Look forward to seeing tulips!

  127. I look forward to everything blooming in spring.

  128. I’ll be looking for a new rose bush to plant!!!! Happy Sunday!

  129. Lucy Kline says:

    I love when the trees start to bud!

  130. Carol Wichman says:

    Of course in Texas we wait for the blue bonnets. Loved the frog story as we have frogs who have come to our patio fountain in the drought.mthey are so fun!

  131. I love yellow in early Spring – forsythia, daffodils, and of course sunshine! Later Spring is the time for lilacs as I live next to a lilac farm. Wonderful to smell when I venture into my backyard.

  132. Hi Kevin,
    I would love to win this book! I’m waiting for Spring daffodils, hyacinth and forsythia! Thanks for everything on your blog! I love it!

  133. I’ve been so busy enjoying my (semi-drunk) forced bulbs in my house that it already feels like spring in Colorado. But, my miniature iris always makes me and my neighbors excited when they emerge!

  134. Charlotte says:

    Love Hyacianths, and Crocus popping up early spring. Wild Violets always catch my eye. Thank You for sharing Your newsletter, I look forward to reading it each week.

  135. It’s 57 this morning, so these may appear this afternoon: daffodils, hellebores, forsythia, lilac, then peonies.

  136. daylilies! green grass! and anything purple…spring is my favorite time of the year.

  137. I like to see the first vegetables come into the garden center. It’s too early to plant them. As a former nurseryman, I remember the struggle to keep them alive. Still, the first veggies and the violas are my favorites.

  138. Carla Smith says:

    I am interested to see if my transplanted bluebells come back up!

  139. All the daffodils we planted this Fall.

  140. I just discovered your newsletter through a Pinterest pin and am looking forward to reading more. I eagerly await the blooms on my spirea. A small start was given to me by a generous gardener (aren’t they all, though?). It is a hand me down plant and the exact species is not known for sure by the giver. However, it’s dainty, but plentiful, white flowers mark the beginning of spring for me.

  141. All the daffodils we planted this Fall

  142. I love the smell of newly mowed grass….to me that is the start of a beautiful spring once again.

  143. FreshChef says:

    The front yard brings naturalized crocus. Back yard is swamped with Siberian squill and snowdrops. These tiniest treats begin to light up the growing season here in Northern Columbia County.

  144. Even though its January, I can’t help but gaze into my winter sown milk jugs. I’ve got all sorts of veggies and flowers seeds distributed among them but my favorite this year will be the cool wave pansies. They were the most expensive – at $5 for 15 seeds, but if the hype is true, the plants should be glorious.

  145. Lea Ekman says:

    I have a hill facing east that is planted with crocus and daffodils and hyacinth. They all look so happy in the early morning sun. I also still have swiss chard and lettuce in my gardens along with dill and onions. Surprisingly, I also have a geranium still alive in front of the house that has not yet been bit by any frost this winter! P.s. would love to win her book!

  146. Kris Rich says:

    Hi, already seeing the Snowdrops because hear in southeastern Wisconsin no snow!!!

  147. Elaine Renaud says:

    I love to see the azaleas in bloom.

  148. Andree in Spain says:

    The moment I see the almond blossom I know that spring is around the corner. This year with the Sierra Nevadas covered in snow on the horizon I spotted the first almond blossom on jan 2nd. Very early but awesome as it lights up your mind and imagination to the delights that will follow.

  149. virginia t. says:

    I can’t wait to see the tops of our lilies peeking out.

  150. Beth Jamieson says:

    The hundreds of Spanish Bluebells I planted under the oaks and maples in my wild garden.

  151. Lilacs!

  152. Dawn Trainor says:

    the first breath of spring air – everything is new again – and holds the promise of a whole new season of wonder and beauty! Cannot wait for hellebores, crocuses, quince, forsythia and daffodils to start the show!!

  153. Timothy Poirier says:

    I am anxious to see all the weeds that descided not to grow in my yard anymore.

  154. My prunus mume!

  155. Snowdrops by my door, sheltered by shrubs and a true signal that spring is on its way!

  156. Ruth Weber says:

    I always look forward to the swelling buds on the trees. They give me hope, even before the redbuds bloom!

  157. I’m a huge fan of daffodils. They’re such happy flowers. I love to plant them in small masses all over the place.

  158. Tulips I planted over twenty years ago when I first moved into this house….

  159. I eagerly await the delicate snowdrops, by far the earliest blooms, along with the wild violets and trillium in the woods.

  160. puschkinia……..planted the small bulbs over thirty years ago under red maple
    sapling and they grew together and now have a wonderful
    first color of blue and then I know Spring is near!

  161. Sheryl Mackey says:

    Serviceberry blooms.

  162. I look for almond blossom and cyclamen.

  163. Charyn Tietge says:

    Am starting to see signs of green tips poking through the soil here and there…soo exciing can’t wait to see more.

  164. Susan-Marie says:

    Everything! I look forward to every bud, blossom and bloom! I look forward to puttering (and laboring) in my gardens, too.

    … and hello to you, Kevin. Your fb posts & site are delightful.

  165. Christine Reid says:

    I love watching for the first signs of coral vine (Antigonon leptopus) coming back to life. The vine is glorious in its lushness and really makes me feel that spring has arrived!

  166. Linda Fuller says:

    I love spring and always look forward to my first load of fresh mulch!!! It just makes anything coming up in the garden look wonderful!

  167. Lisa Pizza says:

    Hello, Love your website. I am new to gardening and enjoy reading your posts. You offer a little bit of everything – gardening, cooking, decorating. Perfect !!!

  168. Sue Nichols says:

    Hi Kevin! I’m anxious to see how my succulent garden I planted in the fall will do!

  169. The carpet of wild SWEET VIOLETS in our wild backyard!

  170. sharanne99 says:

    I just love to see the new green growth on…..anything! Signs of a fresh new season….

  171. Theresa Posluszny says:

    I’m so not picky. I treasure anything that grows in my garden πŸ™‚

  172. I am always amazed and delighted when the yellow crocus, and tulips start to poke their heads through the cold earth! I dearly love your site, although I moved to a condo last fall and will be exploring balcony options for adding freshness to my home, I live vicariously through you and Margaret! You feed my soul, thank you.

  173. Any and all flowers!!!

  174. Karyn Clark says:

    Let me say first how much I look forward to your newsletter every week. A great variety of topics and so informative.
    I love seeing all the various shades of green as spring arrives. Then the daffodils, forsythia, crocus and wisteria hanging from the trees. Redbuds and dogwood dot the woods around our house. What a colorful pallet God has painted from for us!
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy all your recipes and gardening tips.

  175. Emily Phillips says:

    I love the lilies, especially the Stargazer lilies that I have planted.

  176. I love seeing the first shoots of ANYTHING start pushing up through the ice, snow and hard winter ground: crocus, daffys, hostas, hyacinth, tulips and so on. I love spring!

  177. I can’t wait to see all the new tulips I planted (if the squirrels haven’t dug and carried them all off LOL). I also just love to see the leaves budding out on the trees!

  178. Madeleine Lewis says:

    This spring I look forward to seeing the snowdrops I planted this fall.

  179. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter for some time; I love to garden but it’s always a trick when you are a military family and moving every 3 years. About the time your long term items really start to show off, you have to move.

    I love to see peonies in the spring. Someday I’m going to break down and buy 4 year old plants when we first move to a new place so I get to see them. I haven’t seen them in years.


  180. Lisa Hansen says:

    Tulips, Tulips, Tulips!!!

  181. Hi! I’m looking forward to the fruit trees blossoms, the jonquils and the dandelions!

  182. Nancy Fopeano says:

    I enjoy the bulbs but especially look forward to the lilacs and first of the roses… and the very rare spring in which they bloom together for the perfect bouquet!

  183. All the beautiful spring buds and blossoms. I live in a wooded area so spring is often the only time I see flowers and bright color.

  184. Crocus, definitely the crocus.

  185. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the daffodils and tulips we planted last fall!

  186. Linda P. Strangio says:

    Hi Kevin, Any and all newly emerging green is a thrill for me. Bring on the bubs and sprouts! Peace, Linda

  187. I look forward to anything blooming in the Spring, but my favorite is the elaeagnus. It smells so good and my bees love it.

  188. Debbie Staton says:

    I love peonies! Have ever since I was little and we had one outside our front door.
    I have 2 peonies in the front yard, and can’t wait for them to peek through the ground this spring.

  189. Linda Recht says:

    Irises! Especially the purple ones. They bloom around my birthday in May. We used to call them flags in Maryland where I grew up. I also love dogwood trees and azaleas.

  190. As I sit at my desk and look out, a Cornus mas is right outside the window. Also known as Cornelian cherry, it’s a dogwood, and during the winter I watch birds at the feeder on a branch about eight feet away. Sometime in March, day-by-day it becomes a vibrant cloud of gold. For 20+ years this has signaled turning the corner from winter into the hope of spring.

  191. Living in the South, always love when the dogwoods bloom.

  192. Dale from Shenandoah Valley in Virginia says:

    I planted some Lenten roses last summer. Can’t wait to see what colors they turn out to be. Actually, any sign of life poking up from the ground is a thrill.
    Thanks for the time you put into this blog. It’s a Sunday treat!

  193. Anything. I will take anything that shows its pretty little glint of color in the Spring sunshine. By the time it does I am desperate for color.

  194. i am anxious for the grapes and garlic!!! and of course to win the book.

  195. Kathy Faller says:

    I look forward to Witchhazels and Hellebores!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  196. Love to see all my daffodils in the Spring in their glorious yellow.

  197. Toni Gandel says:

    Well, the early ones I love to see are my lilac bush in bloom as the fragrance of lilac’s are my all time favorite. Then, I’ll wait for my peonies. Hoping my garden didn’t suffer as badly as my trees did from hurricane Sandy. Happy Spring planting!

  198. Planted soft neck garlic so very much looking fwd to seeing those! Thanks for the chance!

  199. Songbirdteri says:

    I just love the sight & smell of the Lily of the Valley. Lilacs, & ….. Morels!!!!

  200. I love to see my grape hyacinths and daffodils, such beauty!

  201. Annette Cooke says:

    Planted a fig tree stump from a friend! Anxious to see if it roots here in Ruidodo,N.M.

  202. Snowdrops, of course! They are a true harbinger of spring.

  203. Since subscribing, I look forward to the latest edition of A Garden for the House, an enjoyable garden blog. Spring in my garden reminds my of a line from the song….I’ll be Seeing You….that says, I’ll be seeing you in everything that’s light and gay, I’ll always think of you that way. That’s the Houghtlin Garden in Spring with the bulbs leading the parade.

  204. I’m looking for the snowdrops to start blooming and for the asparagus to start poking itself out through the mulch.

  205. Hi Kevin,
    Your emails are awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your love of gardening. I can’t wait to see my sweet daffodils bobbing their lovely heads in the spring breeze. They are valiant troopers at times as our weather does not always seem springlike to me. They sure do hang in there..
    You are blessed! Have a lovely day.

  206. Lenora Brown says:

    Hi, I already get the newsletter. I LOVE when the spring flowers ( tulips, jonguils, snowdrops,crocus etc. in my front garden ( lots of sunshine) begin to poke their heads up through the earth. It tells me SPRING is here!!!

  207. The first plants I look for in the spring are the crocus and my asparagus.

  208. Christmas is over…. so now I await spring! Anything that can poke its head out of the ground to see if its safe?… is life renewed… and so am I!

  209. Do me! Do me!

    Hi, Kevin. I relish your missives filled with enticing home-and-life-enriching ideas and projects! Thanks so much for doing what you do… and sharing it with the rest of us.

    Now gimme that book! ;o)

    (Just kidding.)


  210. Forsythias, daffodils, grape hyithsents, hyithsents, tulips and any other flower that grows. I enjoy reading all your newsletters and all the wonderful recipes. Your spice cookies were a hit at a grand opening of a friend’s insurance office. In all you’re a hit in my books.

  211. Janet Cawercko says:

    Look forward to roses blooming

  212. I am not fussy about what comes up, I love it all. But I especially love to see the herb garden start to come back to life, never knowing what surprisingly may start to grow again. And then filling it all back in with my favorite herbs, some edible and some just for the beautiful flowers and greenery.

  213. Rosemarie Carvalho says:

    I absolutely love it when the daffodils start popping up along with the crocus. They always bring such beautiful color! I suspect that they’ll be early again this year in the Northeast as the temperatures have been warmer than usual and the snow cover is almost non-existent.

  214. Carol Dobbins says:

    I love the forsythia and lilacs. But the snow drops are our first sign of spring and today in NE Ohio, they are starting to peak thru. 60 deg here for the last couple of days!

  215. susan leonard says:

    Just saying hello

  216. I miss all the plants in the garden, but if I have to choose, the bulbs, roses and clematis and the newly planted wisteria. O spring where art thou?

  217. I have a few fragrant viburnums I’m always glad to see, and smell. Also the jasmines when they bloom.

  218. Sharon Crosswhite says:

    I love the daffodils of spring, lilacs (they are a fragrant reminder of my mother, who loved lilacs!), and watching for the signs that tell me I may now plant. All that being said, I love the cold and waiting of winter too…especially time spent with the seed catalogs!

  219. Mignonne Swilling says:

    Always look forward to seeing the Redbud trees in bloom each Spring.

  220. I am longing to see those first peeks of Virginia Bluebells… tiny little buds just little by little lifting thier almost pink heads until they finally burst forth in the prettiest blue in creation.

  221. crocus…..I would love a copy of the book.

  222. A week ago I underwent painful shoulder surgery. My goal is to be able to dig in the dirt again come spring. I’m looking forward to the first crocuses to pop up. Reading your newsletter gives me hope.

  223. I am looking forward to my forsythia blooming. When the forsythia blooms, my peas are ready to go in the garden! I also love the crocuses and daffodils!

  224. Jann Walter says:

    I have begun WINTER SOWING in my new green houses MILK JUGS. I can’t wait to see my perennials to add to my garden, my annuals to refresh my containers. waiting for March and April to set out my herbs to cook with and for the first time I will be diving into a few veggies and a variety of tomatoes. Anticipation is making me wait!! Thanks Kevin for a new adventure. Blessed planting for all!

  225. Beverly, zone 6 eastern PA says:

    In spring, I am most eager to wake up stored bulbs and pot some early to go under grow lights:
    Fuchsia Calla Lilies, Peach colored Dahlias, Mirabilis tubers (huge! like a cantalope) and best of all, Canna ‘Pretoria’ with its striped foliage. Later these bulbs and tubers will be placed right into the ground, but waking them early makes me feel optimistic and ultimately gives them an earlier bloom.

  226. I read you every Sunday, thank you. In Wisconsin, I love bluebells and muscari.

  227. Norma Coates says:

    LOVE all the flowers and CANNOT WAIT for each newsletter to come out!!!!! I live in middle Florida…….so would love to hear sometimes how to grow some of the flowers in zone 9. Love tulips, day lilies, daffodils……what am I thinking……..I love all of them… all the colors.

    I have a lot of plants on my back porch…..but not many flowering plants. That’s why I would like to know about the ones that are good for zone 9.

    I have great luck with tomatoes in planters…….have narrowed my favorites to Beefsteak variety and Roma’s…….

    Keep the newsletter coming!!!!!!

  228. Barb Roberts says:

    Without a doubt, it is my dogwoods that I look forward to seeing in bloom I have four and am very fortunate that I am able to grow them in the Bay Area when many of my friends here have absolutely no success. Springtime in the Smoky Mountains is quite possible the closest to heaven I’ve experienced. Thanks for the opportunity to win Margaret’s book, but mainly, I wanted to again tell you how I look forward to reading your blog. Your ideas are wonderful and your writing style really makes me feel as if we’re just chatting as we putter together in your garden or whip something up in your kitchen.

  229. Dianne Rabchak says:

    Daffodils please

  230. Jenn Elliott says:

    I am most looking forward to the crocus, and seeing the mysterious new places they will pop up thanks to the industrious squirrels!

  231. spring bulbs are emerging (too early!) and American gold finches are yellowing up.
    Spring is on it’s way.

  232. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    Kevin, I was reading your newsletter again this morning, just can’t keep from coming back to reread it. I was really thrilled to see your recipes for popovers and English muffins that don’t require a stand mixer to make. I intend to try them soon and look forward to enjoying fresh made bread. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes, gardening advice and decorating ideas you send my way.

  233. I am looking forward to the crocus and the lilacs, my herb garden and the birds to come back. Running/walking/riding without all the layers on πŸ™‚ I FINALLY got some work done late last fall to the backyard and am very excited to see where that path takes me, I have sooo many ideas spinning around in my head. With all the pinning and posting I am going to have to add another acre! I plan on an antiquing trip to the town next door (they have two!) to see what I can dig up. Have a great day! Maribeth

  234. Primroses in the store and rhubarb in my yard make ms know that soon I will be digging in the dir hopefullu planting many winter sown starts!

  235. Tulips!

  236. Pulmanaria, & Trillium

  237. Love your newsletters. I am not very picky about what comes up first. Here in the Texas Panhandle, I am so hungry to see anything fresh and green, I will take anything!! Happy Gardening!!

  238. Jan Evancho says:

    The first signs of spring in my snow covered garden will be little green heads of daffodils peaking out and the odd nubs of rhubarb approaching the light. Sadly, those miracles are still a few months away– but I can dream!

  239. Reading about gardening is my favorite thing. I just love to see anyting that starts to grow after long Maine winter.
    Glad to see more and more followers of your site even though it diminishes my chances to win. Keep it up.

  240. Forsythia x intermedia, Cercis canadensis and Narcissus spp. will welcome me in early Spring…

  241. Marilyn Foster says:

    As I sit looking out the window at the ice in my birdbath, I can see tiny shoots of dark green crocus leaves poking up out of the soil in my flower pots. Spring won’t come soon enough, as it never does, but the crocus tell me that spring is indeed on it’s way.

  242. Gina Davis says:

    Oh! The lovely crocus bravely pushing through the last of the snow! It makes my heart happy!

  243. Linda lloyd says:

    I love, love, LOVE your site! I am looking forward to daffodils ….and tulips…and peonies ! And daylilies…and if the truth is to be known, EVERYTHiNG.

  244. Julie MacRae says:

    Spring is a long way off here in Minnesota. I love the fragrance of lilacs and the blooms of my crabapple tree.

  245. Ava Crawford says:

    I look forward to seeing & smelling my Daphne Odora’s! Their fragrance fills up my courtyard! I love seeing the Lenten Roses, Camellia’s, Peonies & watch the bulbs start lifting their heads. I just want to be outside all the time, but I need sunshine!

  246. Kevin,

    The book looks wonderful and I would love to have a copy of my own! I cant wait for my grape hyacinth to bloom! My favorite spring flower that makes me smile every time I see it. πŸ™‚

  247. i’m anxious to see so many plants when spring arrives- my early spring delicacies of dandelion and malva, definitely the daffodils & lilac, and am very excited about getting the family garden going!!
    thanks so much for the lovely giveaway- this sounds like a wonderful book!

  248. I look forward to waking up each Sunday to this charming newsletter.As far as Spring is concerned, I look for blooms on my two Dogwood trees. I planted both in memory of two of my dogs.

  249. Holly Rose says:

    Living in Florida, winter isn’t a real issue, and even doing gardening for a local French Bakery and The Wicker Basket Boutique, in our beach-side town, the likelihood of a freeze is usually very unusual. But, having said that, it is always a treat to see the budding crepe myrtle, and the irises beginning to return for their spring review.

  250. Susan Glave says:

    Maybe after 50 years of gardening I have grown past wanting to grow everything. But, then again maybe not. But at the top of the list is a hummingbird garden with plants that will actually thrive in my hot, windy, arid climate.

  251. I always look forward to seeing the Forsythia and, we have what looks like Lily of the Valley but blooms much earlier. These are my favorite harbingers of Spring. Love your blog!

  252. Living in Arizona Spring is right around the corner. I can’t wait to see the wild grasses on the mountains. They make the mountain look like it’s covered in velvet.

  253. John Pecorino says:

    In New Orleans, it’s either still Autumn or already Spring!

  254. Tulips, in all their varieties.

  255. Morning Kevin,

    I went overboard last year and planted a huge kidney shaped flower bed with crocus, tulips, lilies, and lined the horseshoe drive with more daffodils, so I am anxious to see them all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win a great read.

  256. Adriana Fernandez says:

    I love all flowers!!!! But I always wait for my beloved bougainvillea which I bought full of flowers 3 years ago (same colour as the one I had in my backyard in Argentina, huge and full of flowers). The first year, nothing! Second year! 1 flower, after talking endlessly to it, last summer 2 flowers!
    I sure hope she will start giving us more each year!!!!
    If any of you have any tips, I will be grateful to listen to them. Thank you!!!!!! I love this site!!!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

  257. I look forward to the wonderful smell of hyacynths..and mine are just barely peeking their little heads above the soil now!

  258. I am anxious to see if my second year fruit trees have much of a bloom.

  259. Maureen WALL says:

    Green leaves on anything!! Looks like a beautiful book.

  260. I love all God’s creation of beauty. Much too many to name off hand. Love your blog.

  261. Hi Kevin,
    I just wanted you to know that it would be cool to win a book; but the real reason I am writing is because I wait for your blog to come out every Sunday. Thanks!

  262. Jeanie Quimby says:

    Love to see all the tree leaves starting to bud out, know it won’t be long before color comes back to the land.

  263. Ouida Lampert says:

    I have to say asparagus, though ANY green is exciting to me!

  264. One hellebore has bloomed & another is showing fat buds. The witch hazel planted last April is just about to burst, but the cold snap forecast for this week may slow it down a bit.

  265. Nancy VanDyke says:

    Daffodils and then my fruit tree blossoms.

  266. I love the flowering dogwoods. And daffodils!

  267. Grandpa Ron says:

    Just seeing spring for a 82 year old gardner is a Accomplistment——

  268. Wow look at all the comments. I can’t wait for anything lol. I love the first few crocus and daffodils.

  269. Nina Hedrick says:

    I impatiently wait for the bloodroot, Virginia Bluebells and Primrose for my first Spring blooms!

  270. I look forward … to the sweet green leaves and the lovely brown earth … to a season of new beginnings and renewal … to lovely flowers and returning birds. Our rebirth, our reward, after a long winter of hibernating quiet and reflection. Yes, I look forward to Spring!

  271. Marissa Reynolds says:

    I am very anxious to see Crocuses, Tulips, Daffy’s and Hyacinths! Then I know Spring is not far behind!!!

  272. I would love to get in bed with Margaret as well!

  273. Big fan of Margaret. Read her blog daily.

  274. I love the redbuds and dogwoods!

  275. I love your website! I am looking forward to the cherry tree in our front yard.

  276. Laurie Rice says:

    Once the tulips pop I know the Redbud trees won’t be far behind. Yay!

  277. Lourdes Fay says:

    Spring is my favorite season. Just seeing any signs of life does my heart good.

  278. I wait for the winter aconite.

  279. Forsythia!!!! Like beautiful sunshine awaking the rest of my garden to a new season of flowering. I am also excited to see what my first winter sowing using your method brings to my garden.

  280. Lilacs!

    Love love love your blog! It is the only one I follow.

  281. Mary Connacher says:

    Last autumn I planted an Acer “Deborah” and a Davidia involucrata for my daughter Debbie and son David. I can’t wait to see some buds!

  282. Daffodils, of course!

  283. The question really should be “Who wouldn’t want to win this book?” I am in the process of moving so I am not sure what new garden surprises I will find in the Spring but will be happy with just about anything right now …. except weeds, of course. My only concern is that when you announce the winners and if I am lucky enough to win, I may not have internet connection for a few days at the end of the week so here’s hoping you will hold the prize for me. By the way, I absolutely love you website. I will be devouring it over the next year or so in particular as I will have a nice veggie garden area and plant area too in the new house. Thanks for all the info. you put on your website for all of us novices.

  284. Darlene Shannon says:

    Like most of the other folks that comment I love the spring time, it is my favorite time of year. Sad this is my last few weeks at my home (i won’t get to see the spring again here) but since my husband died my own health has deteriorated to the point I can no longer live there. Will always remember my large hydrangeas (Nikko Blues) and my Flowering Peach and Yashino Cherry trees. I planted each with love of all that blooms within each person. The world is a much better place because people garden. God Bless and Happy Spring.

  285. My HERBS!….anxious to see which ones survived. Also I have many many hostas.

  286. Kathy Kilbourne says:

    I love to see the crocus and daffodils bloom. It is like an awakening from winter to spring and what lies ahead. Then there is the forsythia and voilets. Then comes one of my favorites…..lily of the valley….just love the smell of them!!

  287. Let it grow, let it grow !!!!!!!!

  288. I can’t wait for my lilacs to return. I lost 2 due to a nasty disease, but planted a new one, which I can’t wait to see in bloom!

  289. Love em all, but especially anything with blooms

  290. The trilliums and mertensia.

  291. Mermaid Deb says:

    I love spring so much as we live in Nebraska which is much like your state, weather wise. I love the trees budding out, the daffodils, the tulips, the crocus, the rosebuds; the peach, cherry and pear blossoms. Most of all, it awakening of our souls to a new fresh season. Thank you, Kevin for inspiring all of us:-)

  292. I love Lily of the Valley! I am a new subscriber, but I really like your website!

  293. I am eager to watch bulbs bloom this spring. But, I always enjoy the emergence of forsythia in our region. The bright burst of yellow, delicate blossoms is always my favorite. I isn’t quite spring to me without a really showy presentation of forsythia!!

  294. I love your website. Spring has always been my favorite gardening season. Seeing new plants and flowers emerging from their winter slumber is so heartening to me. Down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, my favorite bulbs are already peaking through the ground. Daffodils, Paperwhites, and Tulips are my favorites. I also have many different varieties of Lillies showing off. This Spring is especially poignant for me, as I am recovering from a recent divorce, and just like for my flowers, Spring will be a time for renewal, new life, and a fresh beginning. God Bless.

  295. I, too, am looking forward to all things Spring. Daffodils and trillium say it’s here for me.

  296. I am looking forward to seeing the crocus begin to bloom, that is when spring starts for me.

  297. Laura Stetzel says:

    Looking to plant shade loving plants along my wooded path and re-work some landscape lighting along the path. Also planted tulips in some pots and am curious to see if they come up! Bring on Spring!!!

  298. I always look forward to seeing the hydrangea leaf buds just starting to show. Also love the cover of the book–frog is my totem animal. πŸ™‚

  299. Your blog today is a special joy to me here in NW Ohio, as your pictures of forsythia and fireside tea brighten the drab winterscape.

    Yesterday it was an amazing 60 degrees but still dull and gray, and there are daffodils sprouting a few inches already. They are as confused as I am! For today we are back to cold rain and ice and temps diving to the teens again. Be patient Spring flowers!

    When the time is right, the first to greet me will be an abundance of Grape Hyacinths sprinkled throughout the flower beds and along the front walk… Soon followed by the bright yellow of the daffodils and jonquils.

    But my favorite is the Weeping Cherry tree which is 20+ years old now and towers above the front of my little house in the woods. That huge wispy cloud of pink delights me every Spring! I can’t wait!!

  300. Deb Cawley says:

    We had to have some foundation work done on our house a few weeks ago and lots of digging was done — I’m hoping my tulips and daffodils weren’t disturbed!

  301. Krysia Mnick says:

    Anything that sticks its head up out of the mud reminds me to be brave – patience is rewarded and warmth is coming!

  302. I planted some crocus and tulip bulbs in the fall, first time in this spot, impatiently waiting. I guess I should plant Impatients instead, I have lots of that. lol. Love your newsletter, I wait impatiently for that too. lol

  303. I look forward to my little girls’ faces full of awe and amazement when the bulbs peek out from the snow. πŸ™‚

  304. Here in Manitoba we’ve just had another blizzard; the yard is knee-deep in snow, and the thermometer reads -26Β°C today. So I look forward to that ‘feel’ you get when you step outdoors and suddenly you can just tell that it’s not winter – even if there’s still a lot of snow. It’s a softness to the air, and a promise of warmth. And suddenly you’ll see a tiny patch of green where the snow has melted from a spot – just enough to see that the grass is there, and that soon we will return to a world of colour.

  305. Have just put in a herb garden area. Laid out in four large adjoining sqaures of recyled red brick. In middle an old recyled bird bath . Just awaiting spring to fil each area with kitchen herbs n flowers! This an area visible from my breakfast nook on west side and diningroom on south side. Can’t wait to start,

  306. Crocus and tulips in the Northeast Wisconsin area

  307. I love your blog and do subscribe and I liked you on FB some time ago. Always happy to spread the word!

  308. All the bulbs i planted last fall…..especially before the deer see them….

  309. Crocus! The first sign of Spring πŸ™‚

  310. We add 200 daffodils each year so I am always anxious to see them bloom. Here in GA they should start blooming in March. Love you blog!

  311. I’m looking forward to the lilacs coming into bloom and, hopefully, my garlic coming up so I can make your garlic soup. I look forward to your letter and, because of you, I now have 5 miniature African Violets to light up my life. Also, Hello Kitty growing chia and a phalaenopsis.

  312. Have just put in a herb garden area. Laid out in four large adjoining sqaures of recyled red brick. In middle an old recyled bird bath . Just awaiting spring to fil each area with kitchen herbs n flowers! This an area visible from my breakfast nook on west side and diningroom on south side. Can’t wait to start, (trying to to post this n says I have already! No so…just a function problem on my part)

  313. I am looking forward to the Forsythia & Lilacs, as well as the croci…it is hard to choose with so many wonderful plants surrounding us!!

  314. forsythia, daffs & quince say spring to me

  315. i am really looking forward to my butterfly bush blooming

  316. Hi! I am looking forward to the daffodils πŸ™‚

  317. I look forward to my daffodils. I plant more each fall.

  318. Joyce Spindler says:

    Am so looking forward to all the spring flowering trees and shrubs

  319. Hi Kevin,

    I suppose the first purple crocus is alway a joy to see. But I have a bed of Eyptain onions outside my kitchen door, and when they come up, I know spring is here.

  320. I always look forward to the chick weed coming back. When it gets tall enough, I harvest it for my baby chickens. Then there are my lovely dogwood trees….got to love them!

  321. I am working on perennials in my garden. This year I will focus on raspberries and blueberries.

  322. The smell of the west wind-the sound of the first peepers in the bog-and the color of the willow bark as it greens up. Bring it on!

  323. Sonya Maness-Turner says:

    I can’t wait to see the crocus and to force twigs of forsythia indoors. These are two plants full of childhood memories for me as my mother had a rudimentary garden in which she coaxed her favorites, but never in a fussy manner.

  324. Leslie Stewart says:

    Looking forward to my rose bushes blooming and their wonderful smells in my home.

  325. Anything that shows signs Spring is on it’s way. I’m not really fussy.

  326. I just discovered yesterday that my hellebores are beginning to bloom and I live at 2000 ft. in the western NC mountains. Blooming for a week or so now is my Lonicera fragrantissima wihich is so heavenly scented and much loved. Thanks for introducing me to this author and I look forward to reading her works.

  327. Here in Hawaii there are always things blooming. This morning I enjoyed watching the bees flit from flower to flower in my Okinawan Sweet Potato patch. They are part of the morning glory family and the blooms only last a few hours. I have been waiting for the Hibiscus to bloom though some have already come and gone. Waiting for the big bloom when the whole bush is filled with flowers.

  328. After a long cold & snowy Canadian winter I love to see that first bit of greenery show on the tree’s. Probably my favourite event is not until mid-May when the large lilac bushes that surround our house fill our open windows with their sweet scent. However, I do know that the deer who wander through our yard every day are really looking forward to the tulips poking their heads up : )

  329. I want to see it ALL!!!

  330. I can’t wait to learn more about gardening so I can create a beautiful, happy place for my friends and my new neighborhood.

  331. Crocus and muscari and all the spring flowers!!!!

  332. Kevin firstly must say how much I enjoy you” popping” in to my house for a visit. Thoroughly enjoy your articles and hand onto every word. Crocus is the little flower I look forward to seeing when the snow decides to finally leave us.

  333. The flower/plant choices all sound lovely, I’d be happy to see any of them growing in my new yard here! I’m not sure what the spring will bring. Thank you for putting my name in the hat for your drawing.

  334. Green…I want to see the vibrant green that only appears in the spring. Narcissus, Jonquils, Tulips, Grape Hyacinths, Giant Crocus, Snow Crocus, Grecian Windflowers, Snow Glories, Stardrift, and all of the early spring bulbs that have blooms that peep out of the grass.

  335. I look forward every week to your postings – have learned so much from you! First time I’ve entered one of your contest offers – thanks for the chance to win this book. So far north as I am, there is a late and limited springtime, so I love to see the spring bulbs. They don’t last long but are so welcome. Longer daylight hours always welcome, too.

  336. Linda in San Antonio TX says:

    I’m always thrilled to see which plants survived the winter (sigh)

  337. Gretchen Mercer says:

    My choice of special flowers that announce Spring are Snow Drops, followed by Spring Beauties, Dutchman’s Breeches, then Trilliums.

  338. I look forward to Scilla, from my Mom’s garden, Ginger Lily and the beautiful roses, which put out buds, whenever we have a warmer day.

  339. Grape hyacinths — just lovely!

  340. Luv it all, the very first hint of green, breaking thru the the ground, working in my little greenhouse, the smells of the spring rains, last but not least, luv discovering an annual seed that has decided to spout in my garden.

  341. Beverly Nolan says:

    I can’t wait for the peonies. I got some stunning red ones out of my grandmothers rockery beds so they have been around for 50 years.

  342. Cindy Williams says:

    I love all the trees in bloom in the spring! Reminds me of my mom, because spring was her favorite time of the year because of all the lovely trees!

  343. Cannot wait for the smell of hyacinths and the delicate beauty of lily of the valley.

  344. I would be so very excited to get Margaret’s new book! Spring is my favorite season, and I look so forward to each and every bloom. While they are not the first blooms I see, I wait anxiously for the daisy garden blooms. My grandchildren and I love to play there among the blooms and make our yearly pictures amongst them. I’ll check back and hope to see my name among the winners!

  345. Looking forward to receiving your newsletter. The first thing that shows up in the vegetable garden is the garlic and I’m always happy to see it.

  346. Diane Kratz says:

    I am excited to see my hollhyocks grow that I winter sowed for the first time Kevin!
    I hope I have many blooming!

  347. Scott Trudell says:

    Looking forward to the galanthus I put in last fall. I planted several different varieties in various areas of my shade garden.. Aside from the common Galanthus nivalis… I also put in Galanthus flore pleno(Double snowdrops), and Galanthus elwesii(Giant snowdrops). It will be interesting to compare the differences in flower form and size.

  348. Hi, I am enjoying your weekly newsletter! Thanks!

  349. I am looking for information on gardening with raised beds but with limited sunlight.
    Love your webiste-seeing your weekly mail is one of the best!!

  350. Phyllis Hollinger says:

    I love when I spot the first bloom and it can be any of the Spring bloomers after a long winter. Love your newsletter!’

  351. Dulce Solis says:

    I am awaiting the beautiful purple flower from the Texan Mountain Laurel. They bloom once a year in the Spring.

  352. Teresa Sopher says:

    Lilacs……always lilacs.. I enjoy Margaret`s website and he books…..

  353. merrykevin says:

    I adore your website and newsletters!!!
    What am I anxious to see in bloom?? Why, my winter sowing plants!! This is my first attempt at winter sowing (inspired by your meticulous instructions, of course) and I can’t wait to watch my sweet peas and larkspur flower!! Whenever I have a chance, I love to peruse your website! You’re Amazing!!!! Thank you!! Your devoted fan…

  354. I am looking forward to seeing the daffodils and the flowering trees. Thank you for providing this give away.

  355. Green ones! I’m tired of these dreary grays and browns …

  356. Hetty Stuart says:

    Allium & wygelia. Gorgeous combination.

  357. The first flower blooming here is the grape hyacinths, then crocus, tulips, daffodils. Oh, I forgot the primroses, which are already out. It’s Jan. on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest.

  358. I don’t have any favorites. I love all of natures gifts of Spring. I love Spring, period!

  359. debbie wallace says:

    I just get excited to see any bud on any plant open up with it’s spring surprise. After the drabness of winter, any spring growth looks so vibrant and fresh!

  360. I am anxious to see the sprout from the lupines and batchelor buttons that I’ve already winter sown as well as the blanket flowers and sunflowers that I’ll be winter sowing in early March πŸ™‚

  361. Spring is my favorite time of year! My first love is the beautiful, new, green grass color.

  362. Jeanne Collins says:

    I’m looking forward to getting my tomatoes going! And in the yard I have these exquisite wild Mexican plums that make the most heavenly jam. I’m nearly out of last summers jam.

  363. I have this tiny spring bulb that comes up each year first thing in the spring. I don’t remember what it is but we always look for it and know that winter is almost over!

  364. I am looking forward to seeing my hellebores, Peppermint Ice.

  365. Lilacs!

  366. Lynn Orson says:

    I love when the crocus pop up!

  367. Already my magnolia stellata is full of buds. As an accountant heading into another tax season, who will not even see my garden in daylight for several months, I look forward to those white blossoms, fortunately front and center right in the front garden where even I cannot miss them, visible even in the dark by the glow of the porch lights. Enough commas in that sentence?

  368. Suja Karuppaswamy says:

    Hello Kevin!

    I’m already a subscriber .. and I already like (love!) all your newsletters .. so, what do I want to see growing first in my backyard ?.. tomatoes, peppers and all my tasty sweet smelling herbs.. so i can make the most delicious home made salsa again!!!

    I hope I’ll win that book !!!! πŸ™‚ ..I read a few pages that are visible in Amazon – and I already loved what I read. Keeping my fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  369. Kay Crichton says:

    Here in the Pacific NW we have lots of green all year round, so anything with color is always oohed and ahhed over. I have my fingers crossed to win. She is new to me and it looks like a delightful book.

  370. Leilani Herbert says:

    I eagerly await the sweet smell of my Carolina jessamine, the sun on my face, and the earthy smell of soil under my nails.

  371. DeeJay Knowlton says:

    I love the watching the snap peas grow.

  372. SC state flower, yellow jessimine, wisteria, and huge 9′ tall azaleas in full bloom.

  373. Katherine says:

    I love the spring flowers and can’t wait for them to bloom…tulips, irises, and lilacs. Heaven..

  374. Laura Redmond says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Your site is such a comfort on this dreary day, Thank you! I can’t wait to see my bulbs that I planted in planters for the first time to come up. All color tulips, daffs, irises, crocuses , etc. I have a wonderful dog named Harriet who loves to dig and therefore prohibits me from planting directly into the ground.

  375. Margaret Fast says:

    I look forward to green grass, the first hint of rhubarb stalks poking through the soil, hen and chicks brightening up, and lilacs and saskatoon berries. Welcome, Spring!

  376. Oh, Kevin. How kind of you to introduce the Roach sisters to all your fabulous readers. Thanks so much. Hi, everybody! I love this blog, but you need not enter me in the give-away. I’ve already got my copy. But thanks again for the shout-out. I will say that I look for my hellebores in spring. Love mine. Loyal plants, they are up and ready for work early and stay late. Can’t wish for more.

  377. I would say I’m more “eager” than “anxious”! I look forward to fresh greens from my garden. I put up lots of veggies in the freezer, but nothing quite substitues for fresh greens!

  378. I love it when I see the blossoms on the fruit trees and berry bushes.

  379. Greatlakesgram says:

    Hellebores! The colors and the plant’s shape are just so SUBSTANTIAL!

  380. Theresa N says:

    I’m a subscriber and I’m looking forward to the azaleas blooming.

  381. I have a huge bed of daffodils of many varieties and I already see their tips pushing up through the soil. So, I always get excited to see them start to bloom and continue to bloom for quite a long period. The deer don’t eat daffodils, but tulips??? Well, I grow them in pots and pray, because they have been known to come right up the walks and onto the patio and they do love tulips.

  382. Spring is not too far off here in the Coastal South, and my strawberries already have blossoms. I can’t wait to taste them.

  383. Cynthia Shultz says:

    I think azaleas,,dogwood and the new growth on the trees. Thanks for your newsletter.

  384. Leslie Collar says:

    I love your newsletters! I learned so much about growing tomatoes this summer – Thank You! Here in the Rocky Mountains we have such beautiful wildflowers at 9000 feet. I can’t wait for the first purple pasque flowers, and the bright yellow lupines, and wild iris…….

  385. K Fischbach says:

    Rhubarb! But not too soon. I want a good snow pack to supply the summer water.

  386. I look forward to the first trees blooming and the arrival of the robins. We have wild plum, pear and apple trees in the edges of the evergreen forests and hayfields that have been carved out. A friend sent me your website and I immediately signed up. Have enjoyed it ever since.

  387. Jane Seaver says:

    I love it all. Miss it so much. I love when I can gather daffodils and tulips to bring indoors. I can’t wait to smell the Lily of the Valley near the porch. How can I decide? I even love the buds on the bushes and trees. Can’t wait to see the colors all return!

  388. Thanks for the possibility of the book Kevin–Joan

  389. Juanita Trent says:

    I don’t care what comes up first, just as long as spring comes. Such a wonderful,colorful and full of life time of year

  390. Paula in Oh says:

    I am anxious for any little heads to begin to poke thru but not too soon! I hate to see them begin to appear only to be damaged by the cold snow & ice! We have some bulbs starting to come up this week and we all know winter will return in a few days. Love your site!!

  391. Phyllis Bartram says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the blooms from my 4 new lilac bushes I purchased last Spring from Hulda Klager’s Lilac Gardens in WA. One of them is called “Nonamy” (No Name) because the name of the plant was lost so I have to wait to discover the color and variety. Also, I need to plant flowers for hummingbirds. I have been feedone which decided to winter over in our back yard! I am eagerly searching Margaret’s web site! Thank you so much. I eagerly await all of your newsletters.

  392. Donna Bandy says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the red bud & dogwood! These two are my favorites. I would love to win the book.

  393. First it is the smell of the earth, then it is the appearance of Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica) scattered along the forest floor in many unlikely places, and the Hepatica [Americana] that sort of snuggles back in the untrodden places. There is one small area, no more than 20 sq.ft, on a deeply shaded slope I always search for the Dutchman’s Breeches (Dicentra cucullaria). They move around a bit each year and, I fear, are decreasing in number. This may be the year I get the courage to move one to a safer hillside that is watered during droughts.

  394. Daffodils!

  395. Hank Wolgast says:

    I love the lilacs and I have loads of them around the property It is heaven to sit on the swing in the garden and to be able to smell their perfume.

  396. I love all flowers big or tiny ,my favored in spring Peonies ans Johnny jump-ups,love to win the book,thanks

  397. Here in the Arizona desert, in the Spring, I love to see my lettuces grow fast and furious, see the orange tree blossoms, and watch the geraniums soak up the sunshine and be happy the winter is over (if you can call it winter here).

  398. Hello Kevin Lee, Being here in the South, today we have the windows open to enjoy the 73 degrees. Our jonquils are showing about an inch or two of green stalks. The “yellow bell bush”- forsythia, has small buds on some of it’s branches. We are all hoping these early spring gifts do not get their little heads frozen should Ma Mature turn back the heat on them-as she is want to do from time to time.All I can say now is : pick me pick me pick me. Thanks, BjT.

  399. What do I want to see first off this spring? I want to see how many of my herbs made it thru the winter, especially my mint! Thanks for asking, and thanks for what you do!

  400. Carolyn Yost says:

    I’m looking forward to two hellebores transplanted last fall. Enjoy all your tips.

  401. Im always on pins & needles to see the crocus bloom.. thats how I know that Spring shall truly be here soon!!

  402. Hello~
    Can’t wait to see my little magnolia with the tulips and grape hyacinth below….all blooming together. The vision of it sustains me through the long Minnesota winter. As do the seed catalogs. πŸ™‚

  403. Last year I surrounded my iris with bulbs I can’t wait to see how beautiful they will look this spring.

  404. Cathy Schutzenhofer says:

    Hello & Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas, recipes & your home with us!

  405. Carmella Fatland says:

    I’m waiting for winter sown seeds to sprout. Planning to prepare beds in a new greenhouse and of course all growing things. Our garden is organic and we plant seeds that are only organic. Hate that Monsanto has purchased so many of the smaller seed companies….
    I love your newsletters and get many wonderful inspirations from it. Thank you.

  406. I love reading your blog/newsletter. I’m ready to have a tea party….

  407. I guess I would have to go with crocus, since that’s the first flower here. But I also get pretty excited when I see the smooth red knuckles of rhubarb poking through, with the promise of home-made pies.

  408. cathy miller says:

    My favorite flowers to see in the spring are pussy willows and lady slippers

  409. Spring… can’t wait for sunshine and of course Dafs, Hyacynths & crocus’s. I’ll take anything actually.

  410. I can’t wait to see the many plants I winter sowed last year…looking forward to their second year!

  411. I eat a lot of Yard salads in the spring…chickweed, baby dandelion leaves, plantain, baby dock…so I am looking forward to those especially.

  412. I love those baby wild greens like little dandelion, dock, plantain, chickweed, nettles.

  413. I look forward to fresh new asparagus, and green onion tops form winter onions we have in abundance. As the daffodils, peonies, red-buds, iris and lilacs bloom they are each a favorite. I’m happy to see again each year.

  414. Corinne Rossi says:

    I am patiently awaiting the heady smell of spring more than anything else. That wet, earthy scent that breathes its way through my limbs and finally curls up somewhere deep in my core. Making warm promises of bright color and new beginnings. Prompting me out of bed to share coffee and birdsongs…whoops! sorry, lol… lost myself there for a moment πŸ™‚

  415. We are having unusually warm weather now, so the small trees are blooming early and such a delight to see, though we will surely have cold days ahead here in FL. I really enjoy your zest for life and enjoyment of nature – brightens my day!

  416. I love to see my Easter Lillies start emerging through the mulch and my Asparagus, too!

  417. I’m always excited to see my beautiful parrot tulips from a generous daughter – in-law emerge both brilliant and exotic!

  418. Here in Brazil anything grows, the weather is right for any kind of flowers, they blossom all year long. I have some troubles about roses, they are too delicate I guess but I keep trying. Flowers are God’s messengers, we all must have them as much as possible! I’d love to win the book and learn more…

    best wishes of summer

  419. I am such a nerd and neophyte when it comes to gardening. A person would think this impossible for a seventy year old. I remember my parents gardening; but I was raised in a era when many mothers stayed home. My father was a farmer until I was about the age of ten. Eventually we moved to town. My parents did not do so much gardening after that. I also became a working housewife at a rather young age. Later in life I went to nursing school which was actually a lifelong dream. Because I became a nurse and worked almost twenty-five years as a registered nurse I did not get very involved in gardening. Since retiring three years ago I have found myself becoming more and more interested in this wonderful occupation and pastime. I have been blessed because my neighbor, my oldest son and even my sister share this interest. It is because of my interest that I came across your website. I must tell you I read you instructions about forcing forsythisas. Because of you article i tried it and have actually forced some blooms on “twigs”.

  420. Kevin,
    Snowy (MUCH needed and 14 i Colorado. Cheers!

  421. Donna Allenbaugh says:

    Baby lettuce starts the spring here in Colorado. The book sounds wonderful. I love good garden writing, including yours.

  422. Most definitely daffodils, followed by crocus and hyacinths. When I see the daffodils emerge in the Spring I just feel a sense of renewal.

  423. I love spring and anything green or blooming is looked forward to!

  424. Can’t wait for my gorgeous peonies!

  425. We moved to Tennessee from Upstate NY 3 yrs ago. We just can’t get over the warm winters. Today I have Hyacinths, tulips, Hellebores, ground covers, English Daisies in bloom and happy parsley. I’ve even seen a couple of bushes blooming!! Weird but wonderful. I didn’ realize how many sunless days there were growing up in NY. I still love the beauty of the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks but boy the sun sure feels good here πŸ™‚

  426. Tulips! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome read πŸ™‚

  427. Nancy Gladden says:

    Hello, I really am not ‘fussy’ but I love everything about spring. The warm spring rains, new blooms, my veggie garden, and my bare feet in freshly turned dirt. I so much look forward to your newsletter……Keep up the great work!


  428. I look forward to seeing any of the survivors in my shade garden after the removal of the spruces and pines that subcumbed to a heavy wind storm on Dec. 21.

  429. Lynn Rector says:

    The asparagus. It’s the first thing to pop up in my vegetable garden. Also looking forward to the blueberries and really wish my cherries would finally do something but that might be wishful thinking only.

  430. Kathy Antonovich says:

    Daffodils and Forget me nots are my favorite spring flowers!!!!

  431. I planted two small forsythias last year and I’m eager to see them bloom for the first time!

  432. I especially like blooms on trees: cherry and dogwood are two faves!

  433. Cassandra Early says:

    Any thing with color to brighten up the garden and to get me in the mood to start the gardening.

  434. I love to see the first peony growth pushing out of the earth. Not that I don’t also adore the snowdrops and crocuses before the peonies!

  435. I REALLY do not know which, I am just so excited to see everything returning after a long cold Winter!

  436. Anne warren says:

    Looking forward to daffodils and being in bed with the witty Margaret Roach.

  437. Zoe Williams says:

    crocus, daffodils and forsythia bushes are usually first, a lot of daffodils/jonquils have been spread over this part of the earth and grow wild as does the forsythia, and redbuds. and the fall pansies will be twice as big and wonderful. love your site.

  438. Cathy Fruhauf says:

    periwinkle – vinca minor – is always the first to appear in spring. It first blooms on the south side of my house.

  439. Sharon Watrous says:


  440. Giant alum bulbs I planted in the fall.

  441. I await the pussywillows, daffodils and forsythias.

  442. Peg Mattson says:

    I love seeing the hint of primrose and crocus pushing through the ground. Down by the creek I watch the yellowing of willows to know spring is on its way.

  443. I know I don’t have a chance of winning, but love Margaret Roach anyway–and of course, “A Garden for the House!” I can’t wait to see: first the snowdrops, underneath the silver maple in the “back 40.” Then, of course, my favorites: the golden daffodils (thanks for the reminder of Wordsworth πŸ™‚ Followed closely by the magnificent magnolia–and who could forget the redbud, dogwood, scilla, crocus…and everything else πŸ™‚ I, too, am in love with spring!

  444. Can’t wait to force some forsthyia. Will get some tomorrow.

  445. I was expecting crocus but it might be daffodils first this year. I love the yellow faces on cloudy days.

  446. More veggies but have to rethink which ones. Found a lot of companies are being bought up by Monsanto. Don’t want to support them so throwing those catalogs out and ordering from others.

  447. I look forward to the tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and the smell of hyacinths. Oh, wait. I love them all!!!

  448. I love my daffodils as I can share a bouquet with daughter in laws. My husband keeps the salad greens growing in our cold frame most of our WI winter. In fact we have arugula ready to pick now! Can’t wait for Mother Nature to warm up the earth.

  449. Hellebores, snowdrops, daffodils, and snow peas; I adore my hopeful spring flowers peeping out of the snow!

  450. Vicki Yanda says:

    I will be so hapynwhen the tulips bloom again!

  451. Vicki Yanda says:

    I will be so happy when the tulips bloom again!

  452. My poor lilac had 2 trees come down upon it, so I will wait anxiously to see how brave it has been all winter. Also, love to see where the purply-blue anemones pop up in the beds and the lawn. Don’t mind them a bit! Love your newsletter – thank you for keeping us so well informed.

  453. Where I live in Australia we are just moving towards the end of Summer but Spring was much anticipated before it, for the lovely green shoots which would herald new vegetables for our table and flowers to delight the eyes. We enjoy real change of seasons here in the coldest place in Queensland, Stanthorpe.

  454. Charlie Barnett says:

    Can’t wait to see my beloved hydrangeas!

  455. I am most anxious to see any of the shrubs/trees that I did not get planted and are on a wing and a prayer at this moment. Viburnum, 2 Prairie fire Crab apples, a Hydrangea…OH..the mock orange! The ball root ,bristle pine I bought for a living Christmas tree but did not have enough time to transition it inside and now the goats think it is their snack….

  456. Love your weekly newsletter and am anxious to see my paperwhites bloom. I gave them some gin so they won’t get too tall. Also anxious to see my daffodills and tulips pop up. Hope Spring comes early!

  457. Ellen Henry says:

    I always look forward to my flowering quince. such vivid color and early too! Then my spring bulbs, muscari, snowdrops, crocus, narcissis, tulips, then the Iris take up the parade. It’s been horribly cold here…much more than usual, so I am really looking forward to spring!

  458. Thanks Kevin for the chance to get a free copy of Margaret’s newest book! I have enjoyed your blog/newsletter for some time now and it’s one of my favorites.

    We are spending the winter in Florida. Before we left we had our landscaping redone and that included new beds with plantings of a multitude of spring flowering bulbs. I’m anxious to see those new flowers waving in the wind! We added more flowering trees and ornamental grasses as well. I missed my cotton candy like rose grasses this fall, but Florida had them in many commercial plantings and of course in developments they are popular too. I’m also anticipating more blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and figs this summer. Winter before last when my everbearing strawberries starting to blossom early I said I was greeted with snowflakes ! Isn’t nature amazing?

  459. Love my neighbors Dogwood trees in the Spring. They brighten the gray days in Portland!
    Thanks for your newsletter. Enjoying every issue!

  460. I love your newsletter. Looking forward to daffodils blooming.

  461. lovvvvve to see anything green raising a sweet little green shoot from the ground. I get so excited to see my hostas poking thru. Speak to them daily as I get the mail. Ohio can be depressing, but days are already getting longer, the best is just around the corner

  462. Hello Kevin! I’m most anxious to plant my tomatoes, basil, and green peppers. I’d love to grow Kabocha squash but I live in an apt. Complex where I rent a 4×8 plot from the landlord so don’t have enough space at this time. I also do as Margaret Roach and grow the vegees I eat most of and also I grow organic green peppers which in the summer here in Southern Cal are very expensive. I think I will try bush beans this year. I tried peas but they didn’t do well last year.

    Well Kevin have a lovely week. As always I love reading your news letter.

  463. I always start hunting for my snowdrops first – but relish the turning of the willows and the sound of the peepers back in the wetland! The pussy willow seems to pop before everything! And oh, the beautiful redbuds! Then there’s my magnolia – more glorious with every year! And the blue carpet of scilla that pushes out its boundary every year….. and then there’s the first blooming dandelion! I welcome with joy every blooming thing. Thank you for bringing spring a little closer!
    ps. I love your blog and hope the computer comes up with my number for the book – sounds great!

  464. Jonnie Maunder says:

    I can hardly wait for the aroma of basil

  465. can’t wait to see how my aspens babies (2nd year) have held out this winter. I didn’t cover them as much as I did last year and this is a much colder winter. They are such amazing trees.
    love your blog and would love a good read. Friday the 18th is even my birthday so maybe it will be a lucky one for me.
    peace n abundance,

  466. Vicki Clark says:

    Cannot wait for crocus and what we call snowbells.

  467. I subscribe!

  468. I love your site! I really enjoy your posts!

  469. Rachel Clark says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the happy colors of spring–the bulbs; the blossoms on my plum, apricot, pear, and apple trees; the blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, and sugarsnap peas; the forget-me-nots and baby blue eyes.

    I’m not complaining because I know it’s so much colder in other parts of the country, but we’re having a freeze for the next few nights and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee and The Backyard Parables. What a perfect time of year for a book giveaway! Bless you, Kevin.

    It is such a treat to read your newsletter. Thank you.

  470. linda scherm says:

    I want my 30 year old grafted red delicious …golden delicious apple tree back. It passed last year. I always looked forward to it’s blooms and the smell and the honey bees.

  471. Georgette Tefoe says:

    Bloodroot is my favorite sign that Spring is almost here.

  472. Susan Ramirez says:

    Hello! lol
    You have no idea what your writings do for my life! And for that I want to say..thank you.
    I love to see the hyacinths come up in the spring. I was so fascinated seeing these as a child. “Little purple trees”. When I see one..I am that child again…

  473. Karen Witek says:

    Spring = the hint of vibrant green!

  474. Always look forward to reading your comments.

  475. Diane Altomari says:

    The first thing I look forward to are the crocus blooms.

  476. I always look forward to the tulips and the South Dakota State Flower–pasque–they are so delicate and pretty:)

  477. I really enjoy crocus, but winter aconites are strongly favored as well.

  478. badger gardener says:

    Reading gardening books is my favorite Winter activity. Posting for a chance to win, but may have to just go ahead and order as I was just looking for something to read.

  479. hellebores. I just love my hellebores.

  480. I love seeing the daffodil blooms!

  481. Darcie Rzomp says:

    I love all the spring bulbs, but I think daffodils are my favorite.

  482. “I actually shuddered as she described a daring frog rescue.”

    Sentiments like these are why I love you πŸ™‚

    Will put this on by Amazon wish-list, so I will be reading her one way or another!

  483. Since my favorite flower is the rose, in all its variations, I always get tremendously excited when I see them start to bloom. But when the tulips start to show up, that’s when I know Spring has sprung and beautiful weather is right around the corner!

  484. I live in an apartment and it has a beautiful patio, but it gets no sun, so I force paperwhites and other bulbs to bring Spring alive…

  485. Of course the crocus is the first that makes me feel that love of spring and I love to see all the plants waking up after the winter…. with the promise of beautiful colors everywhere…..but what gets me so excited is the rhubarb! I can’t wait to break off the stalks to cook up in compote, crisps or pies. YUM.

  486. Barb Polski says:

    I love to see the daffodils – they add such a riot of color to the usual dismal landscape and
    I can’t wait for the beautiful and fragrant lilac.

  487. Here in Florida I can’t wait to see the trees begin to bud & blossom in the spring. I also look forward to hearing about my daughter’s garden in North Dakota where they have to wait until the ground is unfrozen to begin planting vegetables again. Love your newsletter!

  488. Well I LOVE your blog! You are so much my “soul sister!” So let me thank you thank you and I’d love to be able to go to bed with Margaret too! (giggle). Spring flowers…let me count the ways!!! Who doesn’t love the first flowers of spring? Such a delight! I love them all but LILACS and Lilys of The Valley take my breath away!

  489. I really enjoy learning from your blog. Thanks for posting, I look forward to this. I went thru my email accounts recently and unsubscribed to so many things I no longer have time for, but your blog is one of the few I will keep because it serves to feed my mind and soul.

  490. Our daffodils, all 1,500 of them! And the dogwood blooms.

  491. Lois Hougland says:

    I am anxious for the daffodils and hyacinths to appear, especially today as I shiver from the cold!! I adore Spring!! Thank you for giving us hope!!

  492. Peg Franko says:

    I truly love the daffodils in bloom welcoming spring to Long Island, along with the diehard hostas and their lovely early pale green leaves.

    As a “Newsday” reader for many years I remember Margaret’s columns with great fondness.

  493. Dandelions! Lilacs,rhubarb,rat tail radishes. And your website to keep me inspired.
    And now Margaret’s website. Thank you.

  494. I live for the sprouting of my crocuses that signal the end of winter. This year has been especially harsh. Probably won’t see those hearty little bringers of good news as soon as usual.

  495. Teri Hardman says:


  496. Can’t wait for the bulbs and for the forsythia! Will definitely try that early forcing in the house thing! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  497. Angela Hedgepeth says:

    Hello! I look forward to all my daisies that do so well in my yard and the Yarrow and Balloon Flowers!

  498. I look forward to…. GREEN! The first leaf tips , bulbs,Veggies! Love it.

  499. Dana Hutchinson says:

    I, myself love to see my primrose in full bloom it has 10-12 stems loaded with brite & happy fushia pink with yellow & white colors…makes me smile;)

  500. Spring? It’s hard to think that far ahead. Right now I’ll be happy to get a whiff of sarcococca wafting its way around the garden.

  501. Dana Hutchinson says:

    I love to see my brite & happy primrose…makes me smile!

  502. Susan Dollard says:

    Love all the great ideas I get from your website. I can’t wait for spring…looking forward to my primroses to bloom!!!

  503. Deb Nelson says:

    It’s the hyacinth that brings me spring joy.

  504. I just look forward to the green mist; everything coming back to life. Especially my herbs!

  505. Here in Santa Barbara my paper-whites are already in their full glory. So, I guess for Spring I really look forward to all the California Poppies in my back meadow.

  506. Thank you for introducing me to Margaret and her web site. Fingers crossed I win!

  507. Since we’re having crazy weather in Atlanta, bulbs are already coming up and Lenten Roses are already blooming- I love to see the Hostas coming up! (and the Japanese toad lillies and the ferns and the wood poppies….)

  508. Hello there:) If I had to chose from the abundance of spring itself the choice would be difficult. But the one that pleases and inspires me the most is the snowdrop. So simple and delicate looking but having such incredible strength to stand again after the late winter storms. Choosing after them would be snow crocus and the daffodils:)

  509. Susan in MI says:

    Ah thoughts of Spring.. While it’s a thrill to see the snowdrops, crocus, and flowering trees,
    what sends me straight to Heaven is the sight of the thousands of daffodils lining both sides of the long driveway.

  510. susan margetts says:

    My beautiful happy bright yellow daffodils

  511. Flora Vasquez says:

    The little buds on the trees, all the the little spokkies lefting up their stems and leafs and heads. The sounds of spring, brids calls out saying come out, come the sunshine is out!.
    Oh the flowers , the fruit trees, and look at that rabbit eying thoes vegetables! Now which of all is my favorite ? The fragrance of it all ! I am so great to Our Heavenly Father for cerating this just for us all.

  512. Courtney Ryan says:

    I’m in my first home and excited to start my first garden!

  513. Jean Carter says:


  514. I love the Buttercups or Daffodils here in the South!

  515. I am eagerly awaiting the dwarf irises and hellebores as they are the first signs of spring in my garden.

  516. Cathy in Cleveland says:

    My hostas!

  517. Nancye Motley says:

    Crocuses and tulips!!

  518. Linda Shore says:

    Any sign of life! After the dark, dull winter of Chicago; anythimg living is thrilling, even better if it has a bright colour.

  519. Dru Pritchard says:

    I always look forward to the Forsythia’s and most of all my Bleeding Hearts!

  520. Looking forward to seeing the multiplying greens of the rows of garlic planted in September, the fresh green shoots of tasty chive plants, and the freckled pink up and down the limbs of the red bud tree.

  521. It’s January in Chicago and I found my crocus up a good inch. Can’t wait to see them in bloom. Love that the days are already getting longer.

  522. dgdeutsch says:

    Thanks for sharing Margaret and her great advice. The spring flowers I most look forward to are daffodils, iris, and tulips. A little later, I’m smitten with peonies.

  523. Ann Knott says:

    I’m just looking forward to the myriad shades of green that spring will bring!

  524. Trudy Rangel says:

    Crocus is always the first to take a peek but daffodils have always been my personal harbinger of spring: I’d come home from school to fresh bright yellow daffys on the kitchen table told me that Aunt Lil had come over from Swansea (Illinois). Yea! Don’t see a lot of forsythia around here lately but early spring my front lawn is a frothy sea of purple and lavender wild violets. And can’t wait for the scents of spring starting with the garlic and wild onions I may just force some forsythia-(per your notes) if I can find a friendly donor.

  525. I love an old bush that fills my yard with the scent of cloves.

  526. Elfrieda Tullar says:

    For me, living in Florida, spring came early. I forced some paper whites, with the gin mixture, as you had suggested, and I’ve had blooming bulbs for weeks now in bowls on my window sills. I took one of the bowls to a Gsrden Club meeting, and they were so impressed.

  527. Elfrieda Tullar says:

    Sorry, I meant to type “Garden”.

  528. Margaret’s video has me all atwitter to get out in spring sunshine – which isn’t here (it’s 23 degrees outside). Thank you for including that link. The first veggies I will see popping up in 2013 will be peas and arugula. The first ornamentals are starting now – hellebores. Snow drops won’t be far behind!

  529. Kay Daniels says:

    I always look forward to the daffodils. They start teasing before we even get to the middle of winter by sending up green shoots. I cover them with leaves or other mulch and hope for the best – and am usually rewarded! I also love the iris when they start blooming – they just SMELL like spring!

  530. I love red tulips in the spring! And I love this newsletter! Thank you, Kevin!

  531. Every Spring is a challenge, hoping and wondering what survived the winter. Seeing the Forsythia blooming is always the clue to get the spring cabbage and brocolli planted.

  532. Living in Edmonton Alberta and putting up with 7 month of brutal winter has me waiting patiently for life to push through the ground in spring . Tulips are my favorite flower because to me they are signaling that warm summer nights are soon to come

  533. Liz Messick says:

    For me, it’s always seeing the first daffodil in bloom.

  534. The aspen trees on the mountains – which seems pretty far off with the several feet of snow outside.

  535. The cheery forsythia….but I mostly love to see the herbs green up!

  536. alexandra day says:

    I like watching them all grow. I really like watching the food and herbs grow.

  537. Laura Servey says:

    It’s been such a warm winter in SC and I didn’t harvest all my seeds when I should have, so I should have carrots, fennel, and tons of broccoli by spring. With any luck, I may see the beginning of garlic and potatoes before I expand the gardens. My favorite piece will be vanilla orchids.

  538. Maria Guadalupe Flores says:

    Hello, good to be bere πŸ™‚

  539. I am waiting to see my peach trees blossom!

  540. Cathy Furrey says:

    crocus shyly poking through the snow!!

  541. I always look for the daffodils and tulips, but perhaps this year I will finally have pink anenomes, too!

  542. Paula Jeanne says:

    I am most anxious to see my morning glories. Not exactly an early spring flower, but always one of my favorites.

  543. to see and smell our sweet violets

  544. Me, sadly enough, I am looking forward to planting some grass on my lawn! New home! Also, I love to see native Wyoming beauty! Love those Prairie Coneflowers and Indian Paintbrush!

  545. Prize me! Or rather my husband whose bday is coming up- he’d love this, (and so would I!)

  546. I moved into a new home in November, and only got to see a smattering of the plantings in the backyard. The previous owner was a Master Gardener, so I am looking forward to see EVERY one of the wonders planted there!

  547. I’m excited to have raised beds with lots of plants. I’ve always planted directly in the ground and my results have been kind of sad.

  548. Lilacs and peas

  549. Patty Hinger says:

    The many daffodils and Dutch iris! They are so cheerful and elegant

  550. Geri Morrison says:

    I can’t wait until my beautiful PeeGee Hydrangea trees blossom!

  551. I planted six more baby figs this past autumn, and i’m so eager to see if they’ll show signs of life this Spring. I hope they’ll be happy with their new place on the earth, in the company of so many other fruit trees.

  552. I planted LOADS of white daffodils, purple coneflower and Happy Returns daylilies and I can’ t wait to see how they fill in the beds I am creating. Thank you for all the great info, pics and recipes – I so enjoy it all!

  553. Margie Gordon says:

    Are you kidding? By the time spring arrives I am so anxious to see anything bloom! I live in the northeast and I just love to see the first hint of anything green, any color. Spring is new beginnings.

  554. In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan I enjoy every bit of spring green. All the volunteers in the garden from the self seeding salad plants from last year — spinach, lettuces, etc. And the volunteer flowers — nastursiums, violas, marigolds as well as Jerusalem artihcokes, nettles, herbs such as mint, garden sage, and wild sage and of course yarrow and wild strawberries.

  555. Kristin Smith says:

    Hi Kevin, I enjoy your writing and photography. Your cheerful spirit gives me courage and enthusiasm for tasks which are a little daunting.

    I love dandelions and grape hyacinths which crowd our lawn in spring with a riot of intense color. In the woods we look forward to fiddleheads, bracken fern sprouts, which we collect and prepare in the Japanese way to make a number of delicacies. It’s fun to hunt them along the trails here in Port Townsend WA.

    I hope I win the Margaret Roach book, but in any case it’s nice of you to introduce it to us.

  556. Vicki Sprague says:

    I look forward to any and ALL Spring growth. The first sign of a crocus bloom popping from the earth is always exciting!

  557. As I’m in zone 10b, I’m starting my warm weather crops. I really, really want to grow cucumbers – I haven’t had luck due to bugs getting them.

  558. I’m anxious to see my bed of daffodils along our split rail fence that I dug up and replanted this past fall.

  559. Happy New Year! I can’t wait for my lavendar to start blooming! I didn’t cut it back in the fall, spring is the right time, correct??
    Love your blog!

  560. Judy Brown says:

    I have my fingers crossed

  561. Ashley Pauls says:

    I love this! Would LOVE to win πŸ™‚ Excited to see my tulip garden this Spring!!!

  562. My columbine are one of the first things to start leafing out, so early that it always surprises me. But my favorite flower is lily of the valley, so I’m in heaven when they bloom. Thanks to your advice, I brought some petunias inside last fall, and they just started to bloom. What a treat! Thanks for the giveaway.

  563. I am looking forward to the beautiful rainbow of irises.

  564. LindaSonia says:

    Love all spring flowers and anxiously await the return of them all, but my favorite is my sky blue creeping phlox!!

  565. GARLIC ! It’s the last thing I plant in the Fall and one the first things up in the Spring.
    Also once you’ve had homegrown you can’t go back to store bought. Love your site
    Kevin, especially on these snowy days.

  566. charlotte says:

    Garlic…is always a done deal… to get the book

  567. Christina says:

    Any sign of Spring is fine with me!

  568. I am ready for spring, period. I want to see everything popping up. I am new to gardening. My first veggie garden was a huge success, and this year I am anxious to see how many of the plants my friends have given me will come up and what colors I will have. I am in the high desert of AZ. We have mostly clay, sun packed soil. I have enriched it with lots of manure from the free range cattle that love to visit my property. My compost heap has been started with all of last years garden greens left over from all the plants…I love getting your email.

  569. Crocus of course! I’m also eager to see if the iris we planted will come up.

  570. Kelly Ledsinger says:

    Any of the spring bulbs bring a smile to my heart . I still have kale , bok choy , lettuce and broccoli growing in my garden . I even have a small red geranium proudly holding it’s head up in this bit of cold weather that is passing for winter in Texas ……

  571. Flower = hellebore
    Veg = asparagus and chinese celery!!

  572. Crocus and daffodils πŸ™‚

  573. Frankly, I am a little worried about Spring coming. We have lost 5 big trees due to the fact that we are still 17 inches behind in rain for the year even though we watered like crazy every day during the summer. I just hope nothing else is dead! I can’t wait for daffodils, my favorite!
    Love your site!

  574. I enjoy all the flowers that raise their little heads as spring arrives. As a side note, we have tomato plants coming up and bearing fruit. We have no clue where they came from but they are delish. Nature always finds a way!

  575. I love the first fragrances of Viburnum bodnantense and Sarcoccas. Snowdrops and Hellebores soon follow and give me hope that winter is waning. Longer days help, too.

  576. I look forward to seeing the Daffodils bloom here in my CA garden, usually in Mid to late Feb. here, announcing the beginning of Spring.

  577. Can’t wait for the wisteria. Right now my yard is in shadow and as soon as the sun crests the hill,the wisteria will open their blooms.

  578. Kelly Hughes says:

    Just seeing the tip of a daffodil or crocus pushing through the frozen ground here in Central Pa is enough for me.

  579. The harbinger to the blossoming of Natue’s glorious bounty..when the crocuses poke their heads out of the soil!

  580. The harbinger of Nature’s glorious bounty….when the crocuses poke their heads out of the soil!

  581. bright colors of tulips.

  582. I love A Way To Garden!! You have great taste, Kevin.

  583. Hi Kevin.
    I have Lily of the Valley under a Japanese Ceder at the front steps.The scent of their perfume is heavenly and most welcoming. They are a great awakening to the spring.
    Cheers Kevin

  584. Tulips!

  585. My husband and I don’t have the pleasure of home ownership at the moment but our rental house has a wonderful south-facing front yard and every spring/summer we manage to plant both flowers and tomatoes, basil, parsley and even some squash in the summertime. My husband was raised in Tuscany so he craves fresh vegetables; our goal is to buy a house with enough space to grow as many as we can eat and share with friends/family!
    The book sounds amazing, it’s on my Amazon wish-list now!

  586. I love to see my crocus and daffodils start to pop up because I know Spring is on its way.

  587. Always love your ideas. Keep up the great stuff! Can’t wait for springs first blooms. I am going to start a lot more seeds this year. I am making a growing shelf with lights. πŸ™‚ so exciting.

  588. Marcia Hicks says:

    I have a tete a’ tete narcissus planted just outside my back door. This is the door that we use 100% of the time to access our home from the garage. When these sweet little daffodils start popping up out of the ground and their sweet yellow blooms unfurl, I can help but smile!

  589. Linda Totten says:

    Hello Kevin..

    I love coleus, dragon wing begonias and diamond ice.

  590. just harvested about 5 lbs of carrots from a pot in my from porch! Planted carrots and Potatoes in a tower in the basement! I think I see the tips of crochus peeking out! our back yard is a mud slick from all the NC clay and rain. My ducks love it!
    Thanks for sharing your green thumb with us !

  591. Jackie Isler says:

    Can’t wait for the daffodils!

  592. I love all the plants. I can’t wait for spring for the brilliant burst of color after the long drab winter. I’ve subscribed to both your face book page and your newsletter. I enjoy reading your stuff and seeing your pictures.

  593. I’m excited about all the perennial leaf-lings breaking through the ground! the hosta’s, bleeding hearts, and ferns.

  594. Crocuses and daffodils.

  595. I can’t wait til I see blue scilla all over my yard!

  596. Nancy Elson says:

    I’m just thrilled to see what survives the roller coaster winter! I’ve gardened most of my life in the deserts of Texas, Arizona and California. Now I live and try to garden in the mountains of New Mexico–’tis a learning experience to be sure!

  597. Shannon Ashworth says:

    I want to see if my garlic starts to come up. This is the first time I’ve ever planted garlic

  598. I am looking forward to my flowers trees and bushes actually blooming in the spring and not in February

  599. Just noticed this morning that my Hellebores are already blooming here in the south! How I love seeing them as they grow huge and last for months!

  600. Daffodils. Hundreds of daffodils, also fruit trees in my garden.

  601. Jan Evancho says:

    I am waiting for the first little nubbins of rhubarb to peak their heads out of the ground. To me, this is one of the first signs of spring!

  602. Always, I am so ready for the beginnings of the new season – tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and all the early bloomers. gives new meaning to “life”.

  603. Carol Will says:

    I am in need of some good advice as we are beginner gardners!

  604. Hi Kevin,

    I am looking forward to the coneheads emerging in my microclimates: Lilium, Hosta and Tulips.
    Last year this was late March because of the consistent days in the 80’s.
    Their little heads coming up out of the soil remind me of ‘coning up’. And I cannot wait to see the Snowdrops appear.

  605. Thank you for your great posts! I bought a copy of this book for each of the libraries where I work!

  606. Love Love Spring. I planted 13 fruit trees last year and am very excited to see the blooms on them. I also planted around 1700 spring bulbs: daffodils, tulips, crocus, allium… I am so looking forward to the new flower beds. I love spring, summer and fall. Winter is ok because of being able to prepare for the next exciting year of color and scents. Winter sowing has helped me get past the winter blues.

  607. tulips and herbs

  608. I love purple and I love crocuses–so that is my first harbinger of spring!
    (and in the fall I have my culchicum to look forward to!)

  609. Julia Rosenthal says:


  610. Greetings from Florida! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I
    get home. I’m surprised at how quick your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI,
    just 3G .. Anyhow, very good site!

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