My Birthday & A Cuisinart Giveaway

Update: selected comment #249 as the winner of this giveaway. Congratulations, Christine B.! TODAY, because it’s my birthday…and because my partner presented me with a very nice gift…and because I’m madly in love with each and every one of you who read my site…I’m giving away a 12-cup-capacity Cuisinart Food Processor. Who’d like to win this super-duper kitchen gadget in a random drawing?

To enter, just do these 2 simple things:

1. Subscribe — if you haven’t already — to my weekly email newsletter.

2. In the comments field below, tell me which topic at A Garden for the House interests you the most. Food? Gardening? Domesticity? Perchance all three?

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Enter soon! This random drawing expires on Thursday, December 13, at 11:59PM ET. As always, I’ll use the nifty number gadget at Random (dot) org to select a winner. The winner’s name will be announced the following morning — so be sure to check back! I’ll post the winner’s name at the top of this post (winner will also be contacted by email).

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Have a great day! Oh, my goodness ~ I could make my own pesto w/that! {{YUM}}! ~ <3's

  2. Brightest blessings on your birthday!! <3

    Which topic at A Garden for the House interests me the most:

    Food? Definitely.
    Gardening? Affirmative.
    Domesticity? Da!
    Perchance all three? Unquestionably so. πŸ™‚

  3. Louise Brouillette says:

    Kevin, although I love all the topics you cover, I’d pick gardening as my favorite. My garden is an urban one, but I love looking at your property and all the wonderful things you grow.

    I subscribe to your newsletter, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and tweeted your message.

    PS: I think I can speak for all of your fans and say that we’re all “madly in love” with you as well!

  4. All Three! Thanks for such a great site! πŸ™‚

  5. Hilary Seiler says:

    Happy Birthday! All three topics interest me but I might enjoy the food the best! Everything always looks so yummy.

  6. I like the gardening posts the most, but all of them are great. Wouldn’t miss a single one!

  7. Kevin, there isn’t much I don;t like about your newsletter….we could be friends in real life πŸ˜‰ And I would love to help you celebrate your birthday with a new cuisinart! Many Happy Returns!

  8. sasha sanchez says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN.. I love everything about you and would love love love to win that processor…. Good luck everyone…. Enjoy your day your way Kevin…

  9. Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope you have a fantastic day! While your gardening topics lead me to your sites years ago, everything you post about (food, gardening, and domesticity) is worth the read! I’ve found the gardening tips very helpful and have employed many in my very own first gardens since we moved to a house – invaluable information, I’m sure we’re all thankful for you site! <3

  10. Well Happy Birthday Kevin. May it be a day filled with great food- either your cooking or a nice meal out at one of your favorite restaurants. BTW, my tomatoes are still hanging in there despite our high desert of SoCal temps of 40s. I guess they just want to make sure I have ripe tomatoes for Christmas. Thank you for all the gardening articles.

  11. Happy Birthday Kevin!!

    I enjoy your posts about all three topics, but I do like your gardening posts the most! πŸ™‚

  12. Diane Kratz says:

    Have a happy birthday and a fabulous year to come!
    I was drawn to your blog by your Gardening tips and the became a devotee after trying one of your Food tips. One of my favorite emails to get and posts to read. Always something to interest me!

  13. I lenjoy the gardening info best… but everything really! Your home is charming. It’s fun seeing the house and garden through the seasons.

  14. Best birthday wishes Kevin! I have to say that your recipes are my favorite. Not only are they easy to make but are so delicious and give a lot of bang for the buck.

  15. Jo Sevastakis says:

    Have a great Birthday! I love all the topics,you do a wonderful job!

  16. Food and gardening. Specifically how to harvest greens for the table and keep the plants growning so you have a constant supply. What are the logistics. How many kale plants or leaf lettuce plants and how to harvest sustainably.

    That would be of great interest to me, as I am very bad at it.

    Happy B’day. Hope you enjoy your day with a great celebration.

  17. Dara Gianotti says:

    I love everything about your website,cooking is the best. Happy Birthday to you!

  18. Karen Preston says:

    All 3 topics interest me. Thanks so much!!! Happy Birthday.

  19. Wishing you the best, today and always. I like your gardening tips best….but love the recipes and learning about your lovely home! Happy Birthday!

  20. I love gardening and watching things grow! I’ve been eating about 60% raw the last few months, so my love of my fresh garden food has increased (as if I could love a garden fresh tomato more!). I love food and cooking generally, and find it is a favorite way to share love with my family and friends. Your posts about all three are inspirational! Happy Joyous Birthday! So glad you were born and share with us your passions!

  21. Lori Rose says:

    Happy Birthday to you !!! I enjoy all three topics Kevin, but gardening first, recipes second. I’m a relatively new gardener and I’ve learned so much from your easy to understand articles. My garden is tiny in comparison to yours and still a work in progress. There is nothing more gratifying than digging in the dirt and coming up with your very first potato – thanks for your help!

  22. Michele Steves says:

    I love your posts on gardening and food the most. Happy birthday!!

  23. Happy Birthday! Food and Gardening for me. Everything you make looks delicious and I made your cheese straws for Halloween and everyone loved them. Now I just need to apply some of your tips for violets! Hope you have a great birthday!

  24. Happy birthday!! All your posts are great. I have tried some of your recipes and loved each of them!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  25. Happy birthday Kevin. Love all 3 , but garden and houseplants is my favorite.Flowering houseplant info is the best I’ve found.

  26. Debi McGowin says:

    Happy Birthday! Food is always my favorite topic! My birthday is December 15, so this would be a nice gift for me too!! πŸ™‚

  27. Happy Birthday, Mr. Kevin! Hoping this year is even better than last! I adore your posts on flowers…inside….outside….just flowers. Thank you for the opportunity!

  28. Happy Birthday Kevin! I enjoy reading all your posst and especially about dear Lily! Thanks for sharing and caring! Have a wonderful day!

  29. all three!

  30. Initially I came for gardening tips in the northeast because I was new here at the time but now I enjoy all 3 topics and especially you’re recipes!

  31. Melissa Landon says:

    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…you can’t hear me singing out of tune but with feeling….how lucky for you!

    I love to read your posts on Gardening the most, Domesticity second and Cooking third….but it is quite unfair of you to ask because I read your blog in its entirety and enjoy it all so much! Love your sense of humor and would hire you in a minute to be my household man-of -all -work because you outfit yourself so well for the job!

    Awesome blog! Love to you on your birthday!

  32. Donna Clary says:

    Happy Birthday. I look forward to all your posts and have used them consistently for my kitchen and garden. Now, if you just reviewed books….my life would be complete!

  33. Happy Birthday, Kevin. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love all of your posts. Keep them coming. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your newly papered entry way.

  34. Julia Vitale says:

    I love all 3 πŸ™‚ A Garden for the House is one of my favorite places to go!!! Happy Birthday and enjoy the day with your lover!!! Have a good one and i love you too πŸ™‚ β™₯ Julia

  35. Tracy Soule says:

    Happy Birthday! My favorite is when you post updates to the work on your house, I love old houses. But I also really enjoy your recipes and garden info.

  36. Happy Birthday! I have to say all 3! enjoy your day

  37. kevin, a happy birthday wish to you:) hope your day is all you want it to be.
    as for what i like about your site…i love it all. that wonderful house you live int…oh, my, how i love old homes. the quality of workmanship has changed w/the american way of doing things. our older homes even the ones that were not ”grand” like yours, well, they were built to last! no longer done that way:( thank you for pics of your home and grounds, and i hope you continue to do all those pics!:)
    and the gardening! i am learning a lot from you. have always gardened here in, but i love raised beds and trying new methods of more in less space. your garden is beautiful.
    and the indoor gardening…..i have bulbs in glass containers now:) and some are to be gifts to friends in jan. at a gathering of 4 couples(old army buddies and the wives), and i know they willl love them.
    hope i win the coffee pot, but if not, i still love and look forward to your emails. again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.:)

  38. Suzanne Bennett says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!! I love your style,recipies and gardening tips. Your house is fabulous and the thing I like best of all is your sense of humor. It shines thru all your post.

  39. Happy Birthday, Kevin! I hope you have a really great day! Thank you so much for your inspiring and informative posts!!

  40. I love the winter planting in the milk cartons, actually I love your whole website. Happy birthday

  41. Hopefully this isn’t the gift your partner just gave you?!

    [And don’t enter me in the drawing, I’ve already got one of these! Hee hee hee~]
    I’m honestly scared of my food processor… it’s only a 5-cup one, and I make little things here and there with it. But it’s really fast, and frightens me when I make nut butters and whatnot… hehehe!
    But you are really wayy to generous!

    My favorite content on your site? EVERYTHING!! I learn so much from you, from cooking/baking, cleaning, and gardening! I take a lot of influence from your daily domesticness… it’s really inspiring. So much β™₯ β™₯ β™₯!

  42. I love reading up on your food & gardening experiences! Such writings inspire me to try new recipes and give me great ideas to incorporate into my growing edible landscape.
    I also have a soft spot for house and patio plants, so those posts are fun too!
    Thanks for all the insight you give, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kevin!!!

  43. I would have to say I enjoy all three!

  44. Happy Birthday Kevin,

    I love to cook, and I live in an old house with lots of gardens… so I have to say, the whole enchilada! Just bought LaBelle Orange yesterday to make your Cognac cookies. Have always wanted a cuisinart… will cross my fingers.

    Best, Paula

  45. All three!

  46. Food! Cooking, growing, perserving…it’s all about food!

  47. Happy birthday Kevin! And many, many more.

    My favorite part of your website is whatever section I am moseying through, although I have an extra appreciation for any entry that includes the charming Lily.

  48. Happy Birthday Kevin! How fun to have your birthday near the holiday season. I really love all of your posts but particularly love the food and gardening topics. Hope you have a great celebration today!

  49. Happy Birthday! Love everything about your website! Very helpful information! Have a great day!!

  50. Oh, I love all three! I live in the desert so I read your gardening posts with envy! But I love your information on indoor plants. It was a search long ago, for advice for my African Violets that brought me to your site. Thank you for the great information! I love your sense of humor when you let it show in your posts!! Happy Birthday to you!

  51. Linda Totten says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin.. I love all of your recipes and I covet you gardening abilities.

  52. Kay Rasmusen says:

    I love both the food and gardening posts!

  53. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I’m interested in EVERYTHING you post!

  54. Hands down all three with an special interest in gardening:) Happy Birthday

  55. Happy Birthday!!!! I love all your posts, but as a gardener myself, my favorites are always about the garden. Have a lovely day!

  56. Happy Birthday Kevin!

    All 3 for me too! But your food posts are especially near & dear.

  57. I enjoy everything on your site. Thank you, Kevin.

  58. Happy Birthday Kevin, your post are a delight to me, I enjoy all of them and share them with my friends.

  59. Judy Shepherd says:

    Happy Kevin! I love reading everything u post πŸ™‚

  60. Happy Birthday! I enjoy reading all of your posts!! My particular interests are food and gardening. By the way thanks so much for sharing how to conquer and divide african violets.

  61. Happy Birthday!
    Gardening is why I tune in here. I like that it is simple and you provide pictures:)

  62. Happy Birthday Kevin! I love all three topics, but especially gardening. I am learning to grow food in my urban garden and look forward to fresh veggies during the growing season.

  63. Happiest of birthdays to you, good sir! I read the entirety of your posts each week, but get really jazzed about your gardening tips because you make things seem simple. Also, I “trust” your advice as you live in a northern climate like me. I’m very much looking forward to trying winter planting in milk jugs in a couple of months!

  64. And Happy Birthday to you! Like so many others I enjoy reading all of your posts for all interests but I’m particularly fond of the Gardening posts. I’ve learned so many tips and have marveled over how you’ve turned your parking lot into such an exquisite garden. That transformation has given me hope and inspiration that I’ll be able to turn this plowable farm field into not only a diversified garden for myself and my partner, but to share with those who have and those who have not. Passing it on. Thanks, Kevin.

  65. Happy Day, Kevin! Gosh, you gifting us? It should be the other way around!?! Love all your posts, especially recipes (have made many of them.) Your sweet beagle who helps in the kitchen is always a delight too.

  66. Gianna and I send our best birthday wishes to you, Kevin! Birthdays or no, you never seem to age. πŸ™‚ We love your blog, especially the recipes, and the wonderful photos of the delicious food that you make! Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas and experiences with us.

  67. Marjean Cline says:

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Kevin! May your special day be filled with love and laughter shared with family and friends!

    I love all the posts!

  68. Happy Birthday!!

    I love veggie gardening, but my second love is cooking.

  69. Happy birthday! Love all your info and ideas, thanks for sharing!

  70. Love the garden topic the most, especially all the winter-sowing info πŸ™‚

  71. Happy Birthday Kevin
    I love all your posts, and appreciate your sharing so many practical as well as fun and do-able gardening and food things. Its hard to pick what I love the best. I would love to win the cuisinart for sure!
    Best wishes!

  72. Valerie C. says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all the features here and the photos of your beautiful home. But, I have to say, the recipes with photos are the best! I have made many and you’ve helped me become a better cook. Thank you πŸ™‚

  73. Happy Birthday! Oh, I have been looking for a food processor. I love your gardening and food information. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  74. Gladys Gilbert says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin. I hope this is a good day for you. I enjoy reading all your posts, you bring out the Domestic Goddess in me!

  75. Happy birthday! I love your gardening posts

  76. All three! I’m a Foodie gardener…And may your birthday be full of wonderful surprizes πŸ™‚

  77. Happy Birthday to you dear boy! You have become a real light in my day. I learn sooo much from you and we really are kindred spirits. I can’t tell which of your offerings I like best, I’d guess veg gardening and food, but tours of your house, tips on housekeeping, and all around cool outlook on life, I could not do without! I would LOVE to give this gorgeous Cuisinart to my daughter. You are so sweet to offer it. Have a terrific day celebrating!

  78. Love it all.
    This is a turnaround…
    your birthday and you’re giving the gift?!!!

  79. Happy Birthday!

    I love the variety of topics you share, so please continue.

  80. JoAnne Matzke says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all of your topics, and I save all of your newsletters!

  81. Happy Birthday, Kevin! I love all of your posts. You create the nicest feelings with your words and pictures!

  82. Nancy Hickman says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’ve been a “lurker” for over a year and this is my first comment I love your website and enjoy reading posts on all three topics.

  83. Marylou Smith says:

    First of all, have a Happy Birthday and make sure someone else, besides yourself makes and cooks your dinner! Second of all, I love your gardening! I particularly loved your winter sowing and think it’s genius! I am sooo doing that. Thank you for your giveaway.

  84. Happy Birthday Kevin! Love to read your blog. You have the best advice, ever! I refer to your posts all of the time. My favorite would definitely be the food section, followed closely by the gardening tips. And then the domestic stuff, only because I am not much of a domestic goddess at all. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

  85. Well, Kevin, you keep me hangin’ on because of YOU, birthday boy! I’ll take whatever you feel like presenting here on your blog…you are very entertaining, whether home, garden, or kitchen, mixed with swirls of Lily, spouse, and guests. I would tune-in to your TV-cable-sattelite show, too, if it existed. You must be contagious, as it was my sister that insisted I visit your website about a year ago. Now, about that food processor…

  86. Kevin, just love your website. It is my go-to spot for a much needed morning break from my hectic, very demanding job. Like having a spot of tea with my best friend! I love all the articles – just keep doing what you are doing – you keep me sane!!!

  87. Janet Ortega says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin. I love all 3 but if I had to choose just 1 it would definitely be Gardening for the House! Love it!

  88. Happy birthday, Kevin!!! How nice are you, giving us a present on your birthday.

    I love pretty much everything you write but hold a special place in my heart for your gardening advice and ideas…I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kevin.

  89. i think you know how i feel about your gardening & your cooking articles. Have a wonderful birthday, Kevin.

  90. Bobbie Floyd says:

    Happy, happy day! I love every single post you make and have learned so much from your great projects and beautiful home.

  91. Happy Birthday Mr. K.,
    I read all of your topics but focus mostly on gardening and your home. One day I will come down and visit when it is on the tour again. Not sure when, still looking for a job.
    It would be grand to win the machine. Mine is like over 30 and went thru catering and many parities and so needs to retire. crossing my finders…

    have a great day!!!!

  92. Christine Dias says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all three! You ways have the best ideas and recipes!
    I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!! πŸ™‚

  93. I enjoy all the great things that you share but especially appreciate the gardening information!

    Hope your Birthday is most enjoyable!

  94. I am fond off all three categories . . and Lily the Beagle.

  95. All three, but mostly cooking….and gardening….oh all three!

  96. joy harv ey says:

    Hippo Birdie to EWE! πŸ˜‰ Hope your day is grand.

    Now, the food posts are my all time favorite. Ive tried several of your recipes and loved them.
    Gardening posts are second

    But I read all three!

  97. Jan Evancho says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Kevin! I always enjoy reading your newsletters. Gardening and food prep are the topics I relate to mostly. (You’ve turned me into a home cheese maker!) Also, you have an easy and likable style to your writing. You feel like a friend who lives down the street. Keep up the good work. You’ve obviously found your life’s calling.

  98. Shera VanGoor says:

    Hope your birthday is wonderful and full of blessings! I like all three topics! The recipes are fabulously delicious and I am always looking for garden tips! I need serious help being organized in the home, but getting better at it. thanks for sharing all the info that you do. It is obviously a labor of love for you to do all this. The passion and excitement shows! πŸ™‚

  99. Brenda Johnson says:

    Happy birthday to you kevin! I love all you offer.,…but love my taste testing most of all!! πŸ™‚ I have a card for you….will get it to you one of these days soon!

  100. Happy Birthday. So glad to hear you got a nice gift. My own birthday is MUCH closer to Christmas and so I usually loose out in the gift department. Oh well, I figure just being around to celebrate another birthday is a gift in itself, right ?? πŸ™‚
    That being said, a Cuisinart would do wonders to make up for all the birthdays sans presents that I have had in my life. Plus this is a big one coming up for me ……. the big five oh!!
    I love your recipes and your explanations always make me smile. But the gardening is fabulous too and I’m going to use your tip next season to increase my boxwoods for sure! I absolutely love hearing about your house too, so I guess all three topics interest me …..
    Thanks so much.

  101. I love all of your posts!

  102. Happy birthday to you, Kevin! I like reading about all three areas but especially love your recipes! Thanks for such a great site!

  103. Happy happy birthday! Already get your email! Have a great day

  104. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with warm wishes, delicious eats and beautiful blooms! These are the things that you share with us every day and I love all of them.

  105. Hope you’re doing things you enjoy on your birthday! We’re friends on fb! Thanks for chance to win.

  106. Kevin, have the happiest of birthdays, and enjoy sharing it with WIll! And Lily, of course…. I love all of your posts, but recently I have been focusing on the food topics, for you keep coming up with the best darned recipes! Those cognac cookies – Yum! I am making some for the annual cookie exchange I go to every December…. (Along with some fabulous gluten-free almond cookies….) Keep up the great work on your blog. Your readers love you!

  107. Happy Birthday Kevin,
    I love the garden info the most…although I’m a sucker for a good recipe too. Thanks!

  108. I like almost everything you have to offer on your site but probably love the gardening best!

  109. Happy Birthday Kevin!

    I am so happy I found your site! It is the best one I have found for gardening information and advice, and I love the way you write — very down to earth and friendly. I am most interested in gardening, but I love the recipes you post as well as your house tours and, of course, I love to hear about Lily!


  110. Denise in NJ says:

    So far I’ve enjoyed it all, as you are as much entertaining as you are informative. Thank you for spending so much time with us and enjoy your special day!

  111. Happy birthday Kevin. I so enjoy all of your posts and often find myself inspired to try something new. I love all of your areas of expertise. I garden, I cook and preserve, and I love all of you decorating ideas. I have started my own window of african violets. Thank you so much and hope your day is wonderful.

  112. Happy Birthday, Kevin!! Hope it’s just a wonderful day for you. Love all three topics.

  113. Happy Birthday! I love the recipes and the garden info equally πŸ™‚

  114. As much as I love seeing the indoor progress of your beautiful home, and making the yummy recipes that you post so well..I would have to say GARDENING! I am saving my plastic milk jugs and getting ready to start some seeds soon. Thank you for all you do.

  115. Cherylann McGuire says:

    A big happy birthday to you! Actually, while I like all three areas of your blog, I most love the cooking – you make things I never would have thought of doing and suddenly they are the thing I need to try RIGHT NOW!

  116. Have a phenomenal birthday! love ALL your topics, but really devour all the gardening tips and pictures of your wonderful landscape, and love the recipes using home-harvested ingredients. I have a small but productive urban garden but also plant vicariously through you πŸ˜‰

  117. Happy Birthday Kevin.
    I’ve made use of all three. Bought the leaf mulcher you recommended, made the patato croquettes and have given my paperwhires a shot of gin. Next I’m going to propogate my African Violet. Many Thanks

  118. Happy Birthday! I enjoy your gardening posts. πŸ™‚

  119. Happy Birthday! I definitely enjoy all three topics. Gardening and the food often go together. Heck, you even answered my planting question.

    A food processor would be loveRly!!!!


  120. Happy Birthday! I have to agree with everyone else and love all three topics! Great page.

  121. Have a great day Kevin, Happy Happy Birthday, I love your newsletter, and blog and facebook page, my favorite things are the pictures of your renovation and gardens. I’m a local who has watched the property over the years and your efforts are impressive, and beautiful!
    I’ve prepared a few of your recipes too! Keep up the great work, and enjoy your day!

  122. Happy Birthday Kevin! Since I am new to your site I look forward to becoming inspired in all three categories. Can’t think of a better way to spend the cold winter days.

  123. Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday. I love all three and will be making cognac cookies with the cognac my daughter gave me as a birthday gift yesterday!

  124. Birthday Wishes Kevin! Gardening is my passion, but I’m coming around to the cooking and the domestic stuff as well with all of your recipes. Just realized the other day that my 4 cup Cuisinart is in need of replacement as I can’t quite fit some of your recipes in @ times! Then I noticed the little pin in the lid is cracking and ready to bend off, what will I do when I can no longer make Julia Child’s Mayonnaise!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my name comes up on your nifty number gadget!!

  125. Happy Birthday! Love all 3 topics & I already enjoy & love getting your email newsletter!!!

  126. Happy birthday! I do read all your postings, but look for gardening ideas the most. Thanks!

  127. Birthday Greetings all the way from Northern BC Canada. I love all three categories. Sure could use a new food processor – mine has cracks from so much use. Thank you for the contest – great way to celebrate.

  128. Sharon Curley says:

    Thanks for thinking of us all on your special day. I love all of your posts especially the way you take us back to when houses were so warm and homey and said “welcome” when you walk in. You show how much you love doing all things to your home and around the outside.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  129. hi kevin!

    happy birthday!! may the best of your past be the worst of your future.

    i love all 3; depends on my mood. generally though: gardening, food, house.

    have a great day!!

  130. 1) Food
    2) Blue spatulas and towels with fleur de lis
    3) scrolling through 129 comments to get here.

  131. I enjoy all your post topics. You are so well researched. Sharing that information with us in a interesting, fun and entertaining way. You just have the touch.

  132. Happy Birthday Kevin! Although I enjoy all of your posts and find them inspiring, I especially enjoy indoor gardening as a post topic.

  133. Gail Metzgers Woodside says:

    Kevin, Happy happy birthday! It sounds like you got a wonderful gift. Do we get to know what it is?

    I happily look for your every post…gardening, food, home…everything is a delight. I can hardly wait to get home from this long trip to try some of your wonderful recipes.

    All special wishes for the holidays to you and yours, Kevin. I know you’ll have a wonderful Christmas season!


  134. Happy BIRTH Day and if you were looking for responses, 133 is it!!!

  135. Michael Hylton says:

    Happy Birthday again! I love all of the categories that you write in, but Food and Gardening are my faves! Keep up the great work (it’s really fun isn’t it?)!

  136. Lisa Fernandez says:

    Happy Birthday! I have to agree, I love all your posts whether they are food, gardening or just about anything. It is always fun to read about other people’s perspectives on life in general. So neat that you are actually giving away on your birthday. Rock on!

  137. Kelli Patton says:

    I actually already have one – so if I win, give it to the NEXT person. I just wanted to say

  138. Well, what do you know–today is my birthday, too!!

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!!

  139. Happy Birthday, and I just love ALL of it, but particularly gardening, I think.

  140. Happy Birthday, Kevin! I hope your day is perfect. Thank you so much for all the “goodies” you treat us to on your blog. I can’t say which topic I like best – each one is great. I’ve learned so much about cooking, gardening and decorating – plus other tidbits that I didn’t know I was interested in until you pointed it out! Keep up the good work!

  141. Your birthday is enormous with all the birthday greetings….Happy Birthday. I enjoy your cooking, and gardening the most. You have inspired me in many ways. Where do you get the time to do what you do?

  142. Gardening, then recipes, then domestic hints – in that order. Have learned lots about gardeniong from you and tried some really good recipes.

    Sooooo….what was the really cool gift???


  143. Carl Simmons says:

    Definitely Gardening. Happy Birthday!

  144. PlanoCelloMom says:

    Oh, happy, HAPPY Birthday and I Looove all three!!!

  145. Marita Flett says:

    Happy Birthday! Love your page, house and garden too!

  146. I am a subscriber and I like all your posts! It’s interesting to see your home and hear about the gardens, especially because I live in Alberta, Canada which has a much shorter summer. Happy Birthday!

  147. Happy Birthday! Gardening is a passion of mine but I actually love reading about all three on your blog, makes me feel at home. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  148. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great giveaway….I could definitely put that to good use :0) I subscribed to your newsletter and I already liked you on FB.

  149. Happy Birthday. I subscribe to your newsletter. I like all your topics. I really enjoy seeing pics of your african violets. They remind me of my mother who raised them & she adored her violets. Sadly she is gone now, but it’s nice to see someone else who adores them too.

  150. Hi- I especially love the garden and food ideas you share. I lived on the zuke fritters for days. And was so glad I had so many flowering chive plants in my garden . I hope your birthday was grand. I love to give things away on my birthday, too. It expands the celebration. Thank you for your great site.

  151. Happy Birthday! I would love this processor. I was making pizza dough and my old processor quit. I looked at this one but this is just not in my budget. Would make a nice Christmas gift for me. Love your site.

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    Hope you had a fabulous day yesterday, Happy Belated Birthday!!

  153. Gardening. I’m giving winter sowing a try today. Happy birthday

  154. Happy Birthday! I love to read all your gardening thoughts.

  155. Happy Birthday – I first read your website when I stumbled across the winter sowing. I like the gardening posts, but love the recipes. The snowshoe naan is my husband’s favorite. My dog Bailey the Labradoodle shares Lily the beagle’s love of cheese.

  156. Happy Birthday Kevin! A co-worker shared your site with me and I have many pages bookmarked. It’s a toss up between food and gardening, so I will choose BOTH as my favorite topic here!

  157. Happy birthday! I love all three areas of your website and often try new things because the pictures make everything so easy to follow….from popovers to winter sowing.

  158. Hope your Natal Day was blessed.

    What do I enjoy about your site? Do I have to choose?

  159. Larry Doyle says:

    My favorite part of the site is the monthly chores lists. Not only for a reminder, but for the gentle kick to the rear I need monthly so not to fall behind.

  160. Carol Quakenbush says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!! I hope you enjoyed your day!!!
    I LOVE every category you mentioned—my favorite being gardening.
    I get so excited when I know you have posted a new recipe or new gardening information—and WOW—I LOVE all of the tips you give us!!!!
    I check your blog every day and you are my very favorite site that I check daily.
    Thanks so much for all the good information you share with us. You present the contents so simply—thanks, too.
    Have a great day and please keep up the great work!!!!

  161. all three!!

  162. Sandy Staples says:

    Thank you for your wonderful site. I look forward to Sundays to read what’s new. I have no favorite of what you send us, I enjoy all of it very much. And a very Happy Birthday to you! Sandy

  163. Happy Birthday Kevin…and thanks for all your great ideas, pictures, writings, etc.
    I look forward to all the updates via email and enjoy the recipes, gardening and decorating ideas.

  164. Kevin, I love all areas of your blog, but since I already subscribe to your newsletter, and I’m not on Facebook anymore, I will say that my favorites are food and gardening. I have gotten some awesome recipies from you that I use on a regular basis, and gardening is what brought me to your site to begin with. Happy belated Birthday Kevin! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  165. Happy Birthday, Kevin! (A teensy bit belated, but nonetheless sincere!)
    A few years ago, I was lucky enough to meet you and tour your beautiful gardens on a Kinderhook Garden Tour – I immediately went home and made your blog the homepage on my browser, and it’s been that way ever since. (Can’t believe I didn’t get to the newsletter ’till now, but that’s been remedied.)
    As to topics, the gardening posts are very much my favourite, but I do like the food and domesticity ones, too (especially the house tours).
    Thanks for the contest – very generous!
    And thank you, too, for your blog – it is always so very nice to sit down and read your informative and fun posts (and look at all the lovely photos. too).
    (Oh, and if I had a Facebook account, rest assured that I would certainly click “Like” for you, but alas, I am among those stubborn few who aren’t part of the Facebook world.)

  166. BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!! And the best in the years to come!! Your newsletter gives me a reason to get up early on Sundays. I don’t receive a newspaper (usually) so getting to read about delectable foods, gardening tips (just getting started on that) as well as interesting decorating techniques really makes my day start off so, so, contented??, well, definitely positive!! It makes me want to go out and get my hands dirty, whether in a recipe or in the dirt!! Love seeing what you are doing in your home as well.

  167. Ellen Henry says:

    I’m pretty random..Pick Me! I like the gardening/landscaping the best…though with a degree in Culinary, I think your recipes usually rock! Hope your birthday is spectacular and the talk in NYC goes smoothly.

  168. hope you are having a wonderfully happy birthday week! actually… i really do love all three aspects of your site for different reasons…

  169. Happy Birthday. What fun ( for us) to have one of us receive a gift because it is your birthday… My favorite is your food recipes . OH YUM…

  170. Hi Kevin,
    I have been meaning to write to tell you how much I have been enjoying your Sunday posts. I am entralled with all that you do and so wish we lived closer so I could meet you in person to talk shop. πŸ™‚

    Love the relationship stuff, gardening, cooking, etc. Wish I could make your talk at the NYBG! Good luck!

    You rock, baby!

  171. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the sight and would be interested in whatever you feel you would like to share with us, as I enjoy it all!

    Thank you and namaste ~ fran

  172. May you have a blessed birthday & keep up the good work!

  173. Happy belated birthday, Kevin! What I like about your newsletter is: the way you write–it feels like you’re writing to a friend and sharing all your favorite ideas about cooking and gardening with them (ME!)

  174. Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed all 3 types of info but probably have most used the gardening tips. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  175. Happy Birthday :-*

    I love your garden section but, I have learned so much from you in all.
    Thank you & good luck in NYC!

  176. It’s hard to pick one, but I will go with gardening. Do have a happy happy birth day.

  177. Oh, I would so appreciate if I won this. I “lent” my food processor to my youngest niece & since she is making good use of it, am loath to ask for it back. A new one would be heavanly. Thanks for the chance.
    As to you: all three, most definitely. I *adore* seeing you in my inbox & have a file set aside just for you.
    Thanks for being your wonderful self.

  178. Happy Birthday to YOU!
    I especially like the gardening topics. Bht then that leads me to the food topics for the recipes you share so I can get creative with my garden harvests. As far as domesticity… my house is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy. LOL

  179. Happy birthday dear Kevin, I’m visiting my daughter in Greenwich, CT for the holidays and we made your wonderful Butternut Soup twice already. In one month I’m going back to Klagenfurt, Austria. I love your newsletter! Have a merry Christmas and all the best, Inga

  180. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a warm, wonderful day!

    I love your gardening section.

  181. Happy belated birthday Kevin! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog with your readers. I love your food topics and your garden topics. Although, I have a hard time following your garden advice since we are in such different zones,I love all the little tips you throw out there. Thanks!!!!

  182. Happy birthday! I enjoy all three parts of the newsletter but am especially fond of the gardening section!

  183. Thank you for the opportunity!
    Love the blog. We love various items homesteading and canning are my favs

  184. Happy Birthday, Kevin! I love your site and am so glad that I discovered it!
    As an apt dweller, I prefer reading about your wonderful cooking and baking!

  185. Yep, I think I’d have to pretty much vote to “all three” — I really enjoy the recipes, you do such a great job of describing (and photographing) the procedures, the gardening stuff is absolutely inspiring, and everything else is just plain fun.

    Thanks for ALL of it.

  186. I subscribe to your email and love it!

  187. Love, love, love the gardening. Happy birthday!

  188. Julianne S. says:

    Love your gardening and recipe posts!

  189. Suzie Winslow-King says:

    Happy birthday, Kevin! I enjoy all three, but most especially the Gardening because that’s my passion! Mostly, I like reading your responses to your readers’ questions and comments, because you exude kindness and It is obvious what a likable person you are. I have truly enjoyed my subscription to your weekly newsletter. Thank you!

  190. Happy Birthday. I love all three too but especially love the chance to see the inside of your wonderful old house. I love hearing and seeing how you fixed it up. Thanks for the chance to win. I look forward to your post every week!

  191. Barbara Howitt says:

    I love the entire newsletter!! So glad I stumbled upon it . . .Liking you on Facebook too!

  192. Happy birthday Kevin ! Hope you have a wonderful fun filled day!!! I love all aspects of your site!

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    I enjoy all of your articles. Especially the gardening section. I have learned several key facts, and get more ideas than I can do! Recipes are awesome. Happy Birthday, and enjoy your time in NYC!

  194. Laurie Dimino says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! I just love everything about your newsletter- it is a highlight of my Sunday mornings- I really enjoy the different recipes that you share with us, and of course I love all of your useful gardening tips. You continue to inspire me to do great things!
    I always anticpate the latest peak inside of your beautiful home….I usually have to wipe the drool off of my keyboard when I am done! LOL
    Thank you again for the chance to win this awesome gift, and good luck in NYC with your presentation- I’m sure you will enlighten all of those garden designers with your amazing tips and helpful information.

  195. Hi Kevin. Happy Birthday! I like and use all of the content but I pay most attention to the food articles. David

  196. Bonnie Shileny says:

    Happy Birthday! I have been sharing so many of your ideas and recipes with my walking buddies each week. Thank you for sharing your recipes, gardening ideas and decorating ideas. I have my milk jugs all cut and ready for soil and seeds. Really excited to see what happens in each of them. Its a tie in my likes – gardening and recipes! Thanks!

  197. I love all of your topics, but I’m most inspired by your gardening tips and your sense of humor. I hope your birthday was terrific! Please keep inspiring me!

  198. I joined for the garden but I love all 3. I love your house it is beautiful. Happy

  199. Happy Birthday Kevin!!

    Favorite topic(s)-
    Definitely food and gardening!

  200. Happy Birthday. I’m learning great things from all 3 of your topic areas. Don’t have a food processor, so this would be spectacular. Happy Birthday and Enjoy NYC.

  201. Happy Birthday!
    If I had to pick….so hard, it would be food. Love your recipes. I love the entire site!
    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

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    The information about gardening is my favorite part, and although I’m not much of a cook, I love to read your recipes. I also love your domestic tours, etc. Keep up the great work. Donna

  203. Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great week! I enjoy all 3 topics however, gardening is my favorite.

  204. Happy birthday, Kevin! Hope it’s a great celebration! And how to choose my favorite? Can’t be done. I appreciate your willingness to write on so many topics. Thanks for inspiring!

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    I enjoy all three topics. When sharing a recipe, I love your detailed, visual explanation. I always learn something new. Thanks!

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  207. Happy Birthday!

    All three!!! I read everything you put in the newsletter!

  208. happy birthday. i’d say gardening, then food. thanks! have a great celebration.

  209. Larry Gilbert says:

    Happy Birthday.
    As gardening is my life, it comes to the top of the list, but everything about your blog is of interest to me, keeps me well informed. Thanks for all you do. If I don’t get a chance later, I want to wish you and your partner a very Happy Holiday Season. (Winter Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, New Years, etc. etc.)

  210. Happy Birthday!! Love all three but my favorite are the recipes πŸ™‚

  211. Leonard Koenick says:

    In order: Gardening, Food. thanks for the site.

  212. I especially like the garden advice and recipes. Living in a 1950’s ranch house makes the decorating less applicable!

  213. Happy Belated Birthday Kevin!!!!

    I am a sagittarian too. My birthday is at the end of the week, although my husband is planning a week of celebrationing events for me. Today we are going a revolutionary house built in the seventeen hundreds to have a special tea. I am really looking forward to it. It is a fund raiser for our local historical society.

    Any way, I love it all, the gardening, the cooking and the decorating. I love your monthly tips on what chores to pay attention to, as I like in a similar climate.

    I don’t know how I stumbled across your site, but I am glad I did. I have tried so many of your great recipes; and as a humble gardener of flowers, herbs and vegetables, your emails often give me great inspiration to try harder or try something new! So glad you choose to do such a great site.

    I know any cook will love this give away! I will keep my fingers crossed!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and I send good thoughts fro a successful talk to all those designers! I am sure they will enjoy what you have to share and will probably learn a lot from you.


  214. Happy Birthday! Gardening, without a doubt gardening. Cooking and gardening are both my passions. Recently I’ve been landscaping my yard which is primarily shade. I appreciate any help with that.


  215. lisa adinolfe says:

    Happy birthday Kevin! I love love love your newsletters! I especially love the gardening info and the monthly garden chores reminder! Everything is just so timely.

  216. I thank my friend, Carole, every time I see her for sending me to your site. Garden design is my passion. Oh! How I wish I could hear your presentation (and, of course, go to the NYBG). Happy Holidays!

  217. Kevin-

    Happy Birthday from Cleveland! I like each and every posting on each and every subject. You have inspired me to cook, bake, make cheese, force bulbs (yes, they are lapping up the Gin as we speak), do my monthly garden chores, and fill my home with flowers. You are a weekly inspiration and I look forward to my Sunday greetings and marching orders!

    Enjoy your day off and know that your loyal followers will slog through this Sunday without a fresh recipe or new chore to complete. Perhaps we can all be bad and put our feet up and drink the liquor rather than cooking, sauteing or baking with it this week!



  218. Bonita Kempf says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Love all three areas. Thanks.

  219. Sharon dittmer says:

    My favorite on your site are the recipes posted along with the pictures of how you do things. I copy the ones I want to try, into a file so I can access it anythime I want. Thank you for your site it is enjoyable and interesting.
    I have learned a lot from it.

  220. You are a young man with a lot to teach. I would not let my interests narrow yours for all the world, and cannot imagine all the topics you will have investigated and conquered 10 years from now, but if you are still blogging, I will still be following. So with that said, I send you joy filled wishes on your birthday and my vote is for any topic you feel like covering : ).

  221. Sarah-jane de Havilland says:

    Happy bufday , Kevin :

    Thanq for yr posts …
    Most enjoyed xx
    defo:: GARDENING , but all r great reads & very informative
    & interesting like all three :: with thanks …….

  222. Happy Birthday!!
    December 7 is my birthday as well and it was fabulous. My husband gave me a pair of beautiful Ginko Biloba leaf earrings from Morris Arboretum and a wonderful dinner.

    I love your entire blog so I cannot select just one subject. I have branched out into other blogs that you have listed as well – all of this makes for fantastic Sunday morning reading!

    Thank you for doing what you do and good luck with your talk at BBG! I have been there – what a beautiful place.

  223. Happy Birthday Kevin! I love all your topics, but do enjoy your gardening section the most! Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas.

  224. happy birthday!!! love love love ALL three of your topics!!!

  225. Always depends ont he topic so it has to be ALL THREE!

  226. I am interested more in the food and gardening. Always looking for better ways to do things

  227. Happy Birthday! I look forward each Sunday morning……………..just to see whatever you have come up with to excite our taste buds or please our eyes or whatever. Your simple, but wonderful, recipes always give me something new to try. I learn tips about flowers………….like giving bulbs a nip of vodka…………to keep them short and not long and spindly. I do enjoy your site.
    And I hope your birthday is the best of all you have had so far.

  228. I love the gardening guidance and your virtual home tour is just breathtaking and it would be lovely to hear more of your renovation/restoration stories!

  229. πŸ˜€ Happy Happy Birthday to You, Kevin!! πŸ˜€ I enjoy ALL of them!! πŸ˜€ PLEASE, Random (dot) org, Pick me!! πŸ˜€

  230. Happy Belated Birthday, and thank you for the opportunity to win the great machine! As for which aspect of your newsletter that I like the most: food first, gardening second, being followed by domesticity. Although there wasn’t a “pretty” category, I do enjoy the photos very much. It is a very pretty website. Good luck with your talk and enjoy the visit.

  231. Happy belated Birthday Kevin,

    I love the cooking but enjoy everything!

    Thank you!

    Jennifer Hart

  232. terri akin says:

    I love the recipes and did the pumpkin muffins for friends last month. They were a hit. I also love all things domestic, so keep all your categories. Some of the gardening doesn’t apply or work for the San Diego area, but I still enjoy them!

  233. Kathy Antonovich says:

    First, Have a wonderful Birthday! I love your site and found it interesting and informative and kinda cool that you live in the same area. I’ve also been cooking/baking for 40 years and have never had a food processor so I hope I’m lucky!!!!
    Although I love all three topics, what I have USED most from your site is the recipes!!!! When you think of it you have recipes from the garden’s summer vegatable abundance which can be used to entertain, so you’ve incorporated all three topics!!!

  234. I love all of your posts. Thanks for the great opportunity to win this machine.

  235. Kevin,

    Happy birthday tooooooooo yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!

    Your gardening topics are my favorites!

  236. Cathy Evans says:

    Happy Birthday! What a fun giveaway. I’ve subscribed to your site for about a year and I love it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I love your recipes and gardening articles. Your American Biscuits and Cinnamon Rolls are the best! My family asks me to make them all the time.

  237. Happy birthday Kevin!
    As a mom of 2 teens who love, love, LOVE junk food, I know I can count on you to share recipes that not only taste better than McJunk, but are much healthier and also inexpensive to prepare.
    Have a great time in New York, Happy Holidays, and here’s to a super 2013. ^.^

  238. I love it all, thanks for all the excellent info.

  239. Hank Wolgast says:

    Happy Birthday ! May it be one for the record books. I already subscribe to your newsletter and anxiously await each and every one.My favorite…How can I possibly choose between such wonderful choices ? I would have to say all of them. Enjoy your trip to New York and good luck with your presentation.

  240. Happiest Birthday to you, Kevin! I wish you a fantastic and wondderful year ahead. Although I am not really concerned with winning, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your wonderful blog … I stumbled upon it, quite by accident about a year ago, and have enjoyed it heartily, exploring each part of it; it’s like an exceptionally good book, only better. I have learned so much, laughed often, and am always anxious for the next installment. Peace and blessings to you, today and always!

  241. Happy Birthday! I like all three!

  242. And Happy Birthday to you!!!

  243. Katie Spyke says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!

    I enjoy all “3”! And, have tried many of your recipes!

  244. Happy Birthday to you. I love the gardening tips. Very helpful.

  245. Birthday wishes! I love everything about your site, but your recipes intrigue me because, well, they are classy. I haven’t made any yet because i’m not the best in the kitchen, but am making a list of foods I want to try….hummus first!

  246. Mary Anne Cella says:

    I love to see what you’ve done with your house.

  247. I would definitely say garrdening. And food in the winter when i can’t garden.

  248. β™«β™«HapPy BiRtHDaY!β™«β™« I love all 3 topics and look forward to your emails but gardening is my passion.

  249. Christine Baird says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin! Wishing you all the very best, even though it’s a little late, πŸ™‚ As far as which articles I like best, well, I have tried just about everyone of your recipes and they are all “keepers!” And for gardening advice, I can use all the help I can get! Ditto all the domestic articles. I have told umpteen of my friends about your site. And, whether I win or not, you are always a winner in my book!!

  250. Happy Birthday Kevin! My favorite part is the recipes; second fave is gardening. Thanks so much for your contributions to my recipe box!

  251. Every week I like something different from your site. Nothing bad to see. Not even once. I look toward to Sunday to check my email to see what wonderful things you have posted.
    Thanks for all your wonderful work.

  252. D Crawford says:

    Love reading all the categories every week.
    Food looks and is delicious
    Gardening is my husband’s department, and he reads it too
    And the rest are all bonuses.
    Thank you and Happy Birthday from California

  253. Pat Gilbert says:

    OHHHH, I had wanted to put one of these on my Christmas “wish list”, but didn’t cause the finances just won’t work for it, at least this year.

    I started out following this for the gardening tips and have swung more toward the recipes now – which have all turned out perfectly lovely and am highly entertained by the commentary associated with them. I went out and found a pullman bread pan just for making the french sandwich bread which has now become a huge hit in our house. πŸ™‚ I figure what I save in buying bread will pay for the pan in no time.

  254. Happy Birthday Kevin!

    Everything you write about interests me … gardening indoors and out, fab recipes, around the home, your wonderful newsletter. Thanks for sharing it all ! I look forward to my weekly readings.

    And I would love to have a Cuisinart in my little house πŸ˜‰

  255. My favorite topics are those involving gardening. We have a new home in the country, and I am trying to establish several new garden beds – flowers, shrubs, perennials, with some annuals tossed in during the summer months. I also have enjoyed several of your recipes, though don’t enjoy cooking as much as I do gardening. LOVE the house tours also! Thanks!

  256. Happy Birthday Kevin,

    I enjoy all your tips but probably the gardening is the most useful to me.

  257. Carolyn Yost says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Love all your sections and learn from each of them.

  258. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kevin!!

    I am interested in all three, but mostly the gardening with cooking a close second.

  259. Happy happy birthday!! How sweet of you to give us a gift on your birthday! I like all 3!

  260. Well, Happy Birthday!
    Congrats on the speaking engagement in NY, as well!

    I so enjoy getting your newsletter! Your recipes and gardening tips have been wonderful. I now make my own yogurt and have grass-free, mulched areas under my trees in the front yard!
    Seeing your house is also inspiring.

    So, I guess all three topic areas are of interest to me! Thank you for sharing with us!

  261. Claire Morrison says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Enjoy your day!

    I look forward to your emails every Sunday. My favorites are the food and gardening. I have tried and enjoyed your recipes.

    Good luck in NYC.

  262. Happy Birthday to you Kevin!
    My favorites from your site are the outdoor gardens, the recipes and I especially love your updates you have for your home. Enjoy your visit to NYC…especially the Christmas lights!

  263. I enjoy ALL the topics in your newsletter and I save them for later reading and reference!! I also forward to friends.

  264. Marge Bomford says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin and congratulatiions on getting asked to speak at NYC botanical gardens – good luck!
    I thoroughtly enjoy your weekly newsletter, all three topics, but my favorite is the gardening sector.

  265. Carolyn Walden says:

    Love the newsletter and have an interest in all three areas and all things that promote a peaceful, productive, creative lifestyle.

  266. ~~Happy Birthday~~

    I discovered your site about 6 months ago. I have spent hours clicking and reading so many of your great articles.
    My favorites are the gardening articles.
    My husband loves to cook and has tried a bunch of your recipes.

  267. Birthday greetings from New Jersey!
    I love ALL your topics but I especially love the photography that accompanies everything. I sometimes find myself saving the e-mail when it arrives so I can pour over it when I’m enjoying my coffee. It’s like visiting with a dear friend as I read them. Thanks for all that you do and share. Best wishes for the coming year!

  268. Happy Birthday!

    I love all three -your photographs make everything interesting!

  269. I like them all, but I get the most practical use out of the gardening and the food topics.

  270. Happy Birthday to a sweet Sagi! Domesticity is my fav, and by the way, thank you for letting me enter the give-away. I’ve wanted one for years, and who knows this may be my lucky Christmas?

  271. Hi Kevin,

    Happy blessed Birthday!
    Your posts are yummy like dessert. πŸ™‚ In the last few years, I’ve been getting into gardening and good home cooking~ and thank you for the step by step helpful advice that you share!

  272. Happy Birthday, Kevin. I so enjoy your sharing of garden, kitchen, house…You have taught me many things an I am grateful for that. I hope your day gives back what you give us…

  273. i want to win cuisinart f.p.

  274. Hi Kevin,

    Happy Birthday!
    Your posts are yummy like dessert. πŸ™‚ In the last few years, I’ve been getting into gardening and good home cooking~ and thank you for the step by step helpful advice that you share!

  275. Happy birthday Kevin.
    Gardening and Cooking πŸ™‚

  276. Thanks for all of the interesting topics and awesome photos too. Recipes tend to grab my attention first, but all 3 topics are interesting to me.

  277. Happy Birthday Kevin! I enjoy all 3.

  278. Gardening and food. and happy birthday!

  279. Happy Birthday!
    I love all the topics here, they are all of interest to me.
    I always envy your gardening, only in my dreams. The wild life in my area just don’t allow me to get to that point.

  280. Elaine Bainbridge says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, I love your pages, even though we live in the very hot caribbean, some things I can adapt for here, some I just love reading and dreaming. Keep up the good work, all the pages and posts are great to read.

  281. Fascinated what you have done with the House!!!
    Also love ALL your Garden info.
    So much cooking suggestion
    Quess I appreciate all of the above
    Can’t forget the amazing pictures you share!!!

  282. Happy Birthday!!

    I absolutely love your recipes and the fact that you include photos to demonstrate how to make the food!


  283. mary kennedy says:

    I like all you do and presently am looking forward to having a veggy garden and need all the help I can get on that!

    Thanks for all you do.

    You will be very successful on your presentation.

    Mary Kennedy
    “A Spark of the Divine”

  284. Hey, great way to get tons of birthday greetings. Happy Birthday! I originally subscribed for the garden news, but have found your recipes inspiring. My wife knows when I forward a recipe from this site it will be a hit with the family.

  285. Happy Birthday!!! I love your entire site!

  286. I agree.
    I love all three.
    I read each section faithfully!

  287. Happy Birthday !!!

    My vote is ALL 3. Love to get my newsletters with new ideas & information.
    Please keep it coming !!!
    Hope you have a great Birthday πŸ™‚

  288. happy birthday!
    i love all three areas you cover in your newsletter.
    enjoy the city, alicia

  289. So hope you had a fabulous birthday!!
    I am having a very difficult time choosing which part of your newsletter I like best. Simply cannot do it as I like all of it. It is never deleted until fully read. I “cut it apart” and save it to folders for future reference! Each one brings delight to my inbox!
    You will do great speaking. Wish you all the best!

  290. Nancy Miller says:

    Happy Birthday dear Kevin! Seeing A Garden for the House in the Inbox always makes my heart sing. I am inspired by your garden creativity (aahhh!), your kitchen prowess (mmmm!), and your charming home restoration (ooooh!).. A perfect balance of all three in my opinion. Have a wonderful time at the New York Botanical Garden…and please tell us allllll about it.

  291. Have a fantastic and beautiful birthday, Kevin! Wishing you a blessed day and a perfect year to follow.

    I especially love your recipes and cooking posts. You write so well about the way it tastes that I’m usually salivating before I even think of cooking it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous food processor. I’ve always wanted one of these to do my vegetarian pate’.

    Have a lovely holiday season. I can’t wait to see how your entry looks after the renovation.


  292. Happy Birthday Kevin! from Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! I love everything about your site and your newsletter. I have shared so many of your articles with friends and now we get together and work on some of your projects together. Facebook is so great for getting the word out about gardening, food, home projects…we have a great time with it. Our most recent favorite and tops on our project list in the Winter Gardening, we are busy collecting milk jugs to start in a couple months and can’t wait. Last year we got started too late and the garden was a big disappointment. This year we are hanging in there with you and it is going to be the best garden we have ever done. My canned food storage is dwindling…time to get busy. Have a super holiday season!

  293. Kevin I enjoy your newsletter so fun to read so helpful love all three . Hope you had a special birthday. I love hearing about Lily

  294. Happpy Birthday (belated but heartfelt!) I love everything about your site; the food & gardening inspire me to get my butt outside & replace weeds with plants, though the S FL environment is a bit intimidating to me…and, since my husband is the cook in our family (I select the recipes and then get to eat everything!), a Cuisinart would be a great birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift to him! Yes, his birthday is Dec, as well as mine on 12/24, so we have more in common! Anyway, your home is magnificent and I love being able to see all the transitions. The best to your famiy for 2013; may it bring peace throughout the world.
    Cissy from Boca Raton, FL

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    Thanks for great info each week!

  296. Happy Birthday. I read all three sections and love every bit of it. Thanks.

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    I enjoy your blog and site so much. Thank you for all the time, energy and obvious passion you put into it- it’s really quite amazing. You’ve given me so many excellent ideas, and i absolutely love getting to peek into your lovely classic home. I’m currently an urban gardener so i really value your tips, suggestions and ideas for coaxing sustenance and beauty from the earth.

    You are appreciated! I hope your birthday was wonderful.

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  301. Happy birthday kevin, gardening topics are a definite favorite!

  302. Happy Birthday! I enjoy all things you discuss. But the garden is the greatest!!!!!

  303. Janet Baglione says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I enjoy your entire newletter. Keep them coming all 3 topics:)

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  305. Sandra van den Brink says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope your day is filled with rainbows and unicorns : ) oh, and yummy birthday cake too!
    What interests me the most….gardening, cooking and imagining what life is like in a gorgeous house like yours?
    Thanks for your great site!

  306. Beverly Metcalf says:

    I enjoy doing all three, so they all interest me.

    Thanks for the nice articles and the contest!

    Happy Birthday to you!

  307. Happy, Happy Birthday Kevin!!
    I hope your birthday is as wonderful and special as you and your awesome web site! I look forward to getting your email so I can try your amazing, easy, delisish reciepts and to share with my family and friends! You make me look impressive to them with the food I create!
    Although I live in Northern Ca and I don’t have to do 1/2 the work you do to get ready for winter.
    I love all your neat tips on how to bring the garden inside! Iam no longer afraid of African Viloets and my window sill in my office make my day! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for being you! Enjoy your special day my friend!
    Best regards from N. Calif,
    M.Bale Connolly πŸ˜‰

  308. Marilee House says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin. I enjoy everything on your web site. The gardening tips are invaluable, I even signed up my brother for your site. Keep up the Great Work and have a wonderful time in New York!

  309. Sandie Filiberto says:

    All three for me & a very happy birthday..

  310. Bonne Anniversaire. For me: gardening & how to process garden goodies into yummy things to eat, or make oneself beautiful, or do something otherwise useful. Viva fun and abundant self-sufficiency!

  311. I wait impatiently for your email every week, clicking to the recipes and then reading with envy about your garden. Although I live in an apartment with little light, my building allows me to plant an herb garden for all which assuages some of my frustration.

    Wishing you a happy birthday and thanking you for hours of pleasure.

  312. p.s. i really think #310 is the lucky one!

  313. Oh well, the chances are better than in the Powerball.
    Happy Birthday Kevin. Keep on doing what you do.
    I enjoy the cooking section the most as I have a very small house and old age prevents me from doing much of the gardening. I enjoy all three of them though. You’re always full of great ideas.

  314. Jodi Galanis says:

    Hope you had a very happy birthday and best of luck with your speaking engagement! I really love everything about A Garden for the House. I’ve tried some of your recipes, read and applied gardening tips and I love what you’ve done with the place! Thank you for all you do.

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  316. Kevin,
    Gardening and food would be my picks.
    Good luck in NYC and have FUN.

  317. Linda P. Strangio says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin, I like every aspect of your site. I often share with friends. You have a great sense of humor. Enjoy NYC! My birthday is 12/12, I’ll be 60! Happy trails and Peace. P.S. I really was hoping to get a Cuisinart for a gift. Maybe this is fate πŸ™‚

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    My husband is the one who could really benefit from this food processor! I would love to give it to him as a gift. He’s the ‘creative’ cook in the family. hehe

  321. Happy birthday!
    I have loved your recipes and gardening tips! I check out yor site every couple of days before the newsletter arrives! Thanks for all your articles.

  322. HAppy birthday Kevin!
    I love all your posts, especially the food and decorating ones.
    The gardening posts are great too.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  323. Jennifer Gale says:

    Firstly, very best wishes for your birthday and good luck on that presentation. As for my fav part of your newsletter, that’s not fair to ask! All is informative and just plain special. I always look forward to hearing from you.

  324. Happy Birthday! I like all of your topics, but gardening is my favorite! I have shared your wisdom with friends and family alike.

  325. Domesticity. Domesticity?? Haven’t heard it put that way but I like it…you have a way with words. Thank you for the chance to win such a nice item.

  326. I enjoy the food and garden aspects of your site. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the great info and Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  327. Michelle Snow says:

    Happy Birthday!

    My favorite is the gardening. You were the one who turned me on to winter sowing.

    I like to look at pictures of the house and food. I’ve pinned a couple of recipes that I hope to try this holiday season.

  328. Happy Birthday Kevin:

    I most enjoy the gardening and cooking. Your cognac cookies are on my list for this year.
    Your site is very inviting and a wonderful “mental health” get away!! Thank you

    Happy Birthday and wishing you a Blessed Christmas.

  329. Kay Peachey says:

    Happy Birthday, I am a resent follower and am amazed at some of your great ideas. I did the paperwhites watered with gin and had wonderful results. I planted 4 bowls with paperwhites, two I watered with the gin solution and the other two I watered with plain water. They all started out the same but very shortly you can see the leggy plain water flowers verses the shorter fuller gin flowers. Great idea, you now have a faithful follower and look forward to new ideas. Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you, Kay

  330. I love how you continually find ways to bring the outside inside. Living in Seattle, this is key for helping combat the 6mo of nearly perpetual gray & drizzle. This month, my home is full of fragrant, forced bulbs thanks to you! πŸ™‚

  331. Nancy Paine says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin. I love the gardening the best, then the restoration, and of course food is good. But your garden is heaven. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do.

    Hope your birthday was awesome.



  332. Ouida Lampert says:

    Happy “You Day”! I hope you make it memorable.

    I would say that the posts on growing things most excite me – especially the pieces on forcing bulbs and growing indoor plants (I don’t have a garden just now, but still love to read about yours) as those are relevant to my life. Having said that, I should also say that I enjoy all of your posts – it’s good to see you in my inbox.

  333. I like the gardening tips, especially combined with harvest/storage advice and recipes!

  334. Happy Belated Birthday! I love all your posts. Usually, the gardening is what gives me ideas for my own home, but I recently made paillettes for my son’s homecoming. They are wonderful. I have made them again-half as cheese and half as cinnamon/sugar. They are wonderful and everyone loves them. Certainly can’t beat how fast and easy they are either. I will be making these often.

  335. Happy Birthday, Kevin!

    Your blog is the perfect balance of all things homestead. I’m not the least bit surprised you were asked to speak in New York City. Have a great time there!


    I love whole newsletter!! so much i share it with friends, its a wonderful email to get every week!! i look forward to getting it!! Not like all the other crap i get and just delete before reading, i actually take the time to read it and click through to see your beautiful pictures!!

    Thank you very much!!!

  337. Happy Birthday Kevin!
    I love your photography and your great gardening ideas.

  338. I love everything about your site, Kevin! You are awesome! Hope your birthday was a memorable one!

  339. I can’t tell you how many times I stand in my kitchen thinking “I need a good food processor” and wishing that one would suddenly appear.
    Love your blog, it’s so entertaining and fun and I have shared some of your tips with friends. It’s all good.
    Best wishes for a happy birthday and success at your NYBG lecture.

  340. Laura Kowalyk says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin, and many more happy ones!

    Obviously, I love the gardening section, that’s what brought me to this sight but I find I really look forward to your recipes. Keep all the pictures that you attach with the recipe. I find them very helpful. And, of course, I’m always interested in what you are doing around your beautiful home.

  341. Happy Birthday Kevin, thank you for sharing all your great recipes and garden tips and ideas.

  342. Anna Lapping says:

    Wow! Look at all those Happy Birthday Wishes for you! Here’s another one, Happy Birthday, Kevin. I love all three topics, but especially cooking and gardening.

  343. Happy Birthday! I couldn’t choose between categories..I love them all. I’m a celiac, so it’s tempting to read your recipes that I simply cannot have..but I’ve actually adapted a couple of them with gluten free flours and they’re still delish! Awesome gardening tips, I love african violets but never could successfully grow one. Your information has yeilded me a beautiful flourishing plant! Thanks!

  344. John A Root says:

    I’ve been getting your newsletter for quite some time now, and I am intrigued with your food and your gardening ventures. Your interests are so similar to mine in the food prep and the garden designing sense. Alas, I don’t have as much gardening space as yours, and mine is almost entirely on a steep slope heading down to the river just below us. I’ve got a lot of neat recipes of yours which I have tried and they have been a great sucess.

    The cuisinart would be a godsend to me, as my poor old 65+ year old arms are getting tired of cutting pastry by hand, not to mention chopping the veggies for soups etc.

    I’m sure you’ll do well talking to the gardening designers today. Have a GREAT Christmas!


  345. Happy Birthday ! I confess I like all of them but I suppose gardening is the best without it we couldnt enjoy all the great food and a garden is one of the most beautiful places there is to be in. Love all the information you give out. πŸ˜‰

  346. Happy Bday!!! I love the food and gardening and the crossover of them both!

  347. I have already used some of your ideas and information on gardening. Love my christmas cactus blooming first time in 5 years. I am definitely am going to LIKE your facebook page

  348. Roxanne Raymer says:

    I look forward to your post on gardening. Your recipes are excellent too! Thanks for taking the time to post! Hope you have a happy birthday and a very Merry Christmas!

  349. Nancy Carr says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Talk this week. I know you will be dynamic and a blessing. I have never had a food processor and would love to have one. I appreciate a variety of topics in your blog and suggest you listen to your heart to decide what to share with us. Happy Holidays!

  350. Have safe travels, Kevin!
    As for your site:
    My interest began with all things gardening but quickly grew to whatever you were writing about!
    Thanks for another year’s worth of filling my head with great ideas!

    And, as for that food processor, I really need a new one! I struggle with the cuisinart that my mom gave me 30 years ago! The motor is as strong as the day I got it but I have to wrestle with getting the top off. Fingers and toes crossed that I win a new one!

  351. Happy Birthday, Kevin!

    I enjoy all your topics but I think I most appreciate that you so willingly open your home to us. I love the home tour, your party pictures, your beautiful Christmas tree, and your recipes.

    I still can’t get over your 57 windows!!


  352. Happy Birthday Kevin!! Wishing you a most wonderful new year!! What a great brithday present! I know you’ll enjoy it to the fullest!

    Its difficult because I love everything from your emails/blog.. but I think the gardening posts are the ones I love the very most.. I’ve learned some great stuff from you.. so thanks!!

  353. A happy happy birthday wish for you!
    Love, your entire newsletter, but have to admit that gardening is my very favorite.

  354. Birthday good wishes to you. I started reading your newsletter for the gardening tips, but then I found the food ideas and recipes just as appealing as the gardening tips. What I like most is that the newsletter is full of ideas that no other website covers and that they seem personal from you. Thanks ever so much.

  355. Late Happy Birthday Wishes ! Kevin I found your site by accident this year and just love it.
    I like to spend Sunday mornings browsing your updates with a cup of my favorite hot chocolate.
    I get something from all 3 of your features, I have plants in every room in my house and can’t understand how some people can live without a house full of them! Since I collect cookbooks I love the photos you include with your recipes.

    Maybe you could give all of us an update on the impatient blight that hit us this year, I only planted a few in containers this year because I had heard about it, even though several garden centers said they knew nothing about it. Later in the summer they just disintegrated! I love planting these in my hosta beds, they bring color to shady areas. Thanks for doing a great job.

  356. Happy Birthday wishes to you, Kevin. I enjoy reading all your articles, as well. Yet the gardening ideas you recommend are ones that I try in my own garden here in the Northwest, where Winter is mild in the Puget Sound. Congratulations on your invite to talk in NYC. Take time to enjoy all the holiday decorations there!

  357. Jennifer P. says:

    gardening!! and domesticity too. πŸ™‚

  358. I like everything about your newsletter…..all three topics. Happy Birthday!

  359. Wishes for a Happy and Successful Year.

    While I am a dedicated fan of your gardening tips, I read it all and love it. I vote for all 3. You weren’t trying to do less, were you?

    Enjoy your Christmas and have a fabulous New Year.

  360. Happy Birthday!! I enjoy the food and gardening topics the most. Well, really I enjoy all of it! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  361. Aww Kevin…Although it’s not an official topic, i love hearing the little ways you and your partner respect each other. It’s always nice when a blogger shares a bit about their personal life, and in my fantasy some day I’m going to bump into the two of you and you are going to invite me over to share a baked creation. (Of course with me in Colorado, I don’t think that’s gonna happen)

    I am also amazed at how you can put out a weekly post with such a variety of topics. Oh how I wish I could see your place.

    Have a wonderful year and try to treat each day as a birthday!

  362. Becky Bischoff says:

    All three, of course!

  363. All three….love it all. Happy Birthday!

  364. Donna Smith says:

    HAPPY HAPPY birthday! Hope your day is a great one. How gracious you are to share a gift for your day. Enjoy your newsletters especially like gardening and have become fond of the recipes. Love the things around your home also. Like visiting with you from here.

  365. A very happy birthday to you! I hope your day is filled with those you love and who love you back.

    I like the gardening tips the best but also have tried most of your recipes so it might just be a toss-up.

  366. like when you talk about ways to keep food after harvest…also love flowers so this is what I enjoy the most…see gardeners as Creators hands on mother earth..hope you had nice birthday.

  367. I originally signed up for the gardening ideas, but I do love to look at recipes too. Happy birthday. enjoy your holidays.

  368. Mary Ellen says:

    Have a very happy birthday, Kevin. I really enjoy your column/blog, but I guess I use the Gardening the most. However, I have saved a number of recipies, too, so I love Food, too. I am NOT a Domesticity goddess, but I’d love one in my future…. Thank you for your energy and your wisdom. Mary Ellen

  369. I knew there was an extra special reason why I love your newsletter – my birthday is the 8th of December πŸ™‚
    I love your newsletter – especially the tips on growing my garden and canning foods!

    Hope you had a very special birthday!

    Keep it growing,

  370. Kristin Smith says:

    Hello Kevin,
    I appreciate all of your topics. What I find the most inspiring are you home enhancement projects, how you make your rooms lovely places to be. Tips on managing plants and maintenance tricks such as window washing bolster my courage to try things. When you serve it all up with your good nature and sense of humor and goodies from the kitchen it becomes a visit to a good friend.

    I hope you keep all 3 topics.

  371. Happy Birthday my fellow Sagittarius. I originally subscribed for your garden tips and your sense of humor and then here came the recipes. I also like seeing the improvements and changes to your home. You have a kitchen to die for.
    I hope you have an awesome day. Thanks

  372. I do like all your entries, but as I love to cook with home grown vegies and gardening, those would have to be my favorites.

  373. Kevin,

    Happy Birthday!

    I enjoy reading all your posts. As a newish CSA subscriber though, your posts about how to store herbs is one I not only frequently reference but to which I have also directed friends.

    Thank you and please keep the great info coming!

    Wishes for a successful talk in NYC!

  374. Kathy Kilbourne says:

    I love all the gardening tips!!

  375. Thank you for making the world a brighter place by sharing so many great tips in gardening, cooking, decorating and homemaking! May this Birthday bring you life’s real gifts…good health, friendship and love!

    Every Sunday morning I can’t wait to open up your website and see what gift in information you have to share with us today! What a surprise when you really were offering a “gift” of a Cuisinart Food Processor… since I spent the evening last night searching the web. It was the exact one I had decided on. I can just picture all the wonderful things I could do with that, as cooking is such a passion of mine.

    Gardening and then cooking (and preserving) with all that fresh produce is my favorite past time. I do so enjoy seeing photos of your home and seeing that sweet little Lily. We also have a Lily, a miniature donkey and a loyal dog named, Nikki….animals bring such joy in our lives.

    Last winter I experimented growing mixed baby lettuce underlights and we had fresh cut lettuce until it was ready in the outdoor garden again in the Spring. I’m going to try spinach, arugula, radishes and green onions….starting them today. If you haven’t tried it, you might find that a fun adventure.

    Have a fun & festive Birthday and Christmas!

  376. Happy Birthday……love the site and like a true mother

    I would not say which I love the most, nor could.

    enjoy it all, you have given me the courage to try new things

    in garden, kitchen and home……a big thank you.

  377. Pat Travis says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I hope your birthday is as special as you are! btw, I love everything that you post. I wouldn’t be able to decide which I like more. I’ve made a lot of your recipes and they’re always a hit. Your gardening tips are always spot-on, and I adore seeing what you’re up to with your house renovations. I loved your post about african violets. And on top of everything else, beagles are my favorite dog lol. All the way around, I get more inspiration from you than anywhere else.

    Thanks for the contest and for everything that you post.
    Merry Christmas!

  378. Erin Brady says:

    Happy birthday Kevin! Hope it was wonderful! You know I just love the blog and love all the topics!

  379. Marie Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin. I love your entire site :). I’m 77, living in Santa Barbara, 36 years (Paradise), dsabled in a wchair past 12 years…but…I’m originally from New England where I landscaped two homes. Grew up in an 1875 house. Your garden & home are wonderful walks down memory lane!! Gardening and cooking were my joys…oh..if I had known about newspaper mulch way back when!? I would love to be a fly on the wall for your NYC presentation.

    My 3 granddaughters have Dec. bdays. We do a small, family 1/2 bday every June.

  380. I already receive your newsletters and love them. I’d have to say I like the gardening tips the best but I also enjoy your recipes. I read everything you post though.


  381. Marilyn Elliott says:

    I like all your features…and love the photos. They are always so well done! I recently made both the popovers and the pumpkin muffins. ( I needed to use up some pumpkin from a Halloween pumpkin I laboriously peeled, cut up, and cooked.) Both were excellent but I really liked the popovers because they are so easy and look so elegant when done!

  382. Krysia Mnick says:

    hey Kevin – I so look forward to your newsletters! I’ve tried recipes, stolen decorating ideas and am forcing anemones for Easter, all with your help. I find myself referencing back listings as questions come up. Now it’s time to replace my 35 year old Cuisinart!

    And BTW, Hope you enjoy MANY more romps around the Sun!

  383. Happy Birthday! Although I enjoy your all your posts, I use the receipes offered most. I really enjoy looking with jealousy at your gardening stories, even though a lot won’t apply in the heat of Texas.

  384. Renate B Simsa says:

    Dear Kevin,

    congratulations. I am so glad I found your site, what you say makes more sense to me than information on the other gardening sites. I will try winter sowing this year. II like the gardening information like what to do when, raised beds, vegetable suggestions etc since I am new to gardening.

    I also like your recipes with the pictures of each step because cooking is a challenging to me, the last bran muffing I made were glued to the pan and I had to throw it away, because when I tried to pry them out the pan was damanaged. So with your instructions I can put something eatable on the table and even get a compliment from DH.

  385. I love variety of topics. Keep up the good work

  386. Happy Birthday Kevin, thank you for each weeks posts. I make every single recipe you post and my girlfriend asks me every week, “what are we having today from Kevin’s recipe file ?” I mostly use your recipes but am an avid Gardner too so I appreciate your whole blog. Thank you again and merry Christmas.

  387. Nice gifty for your birthday Kevin and nice generosity too. I like every single thing you post! Recipes, woof pix, house pix … whatever, I’m good. Happy Birthday and happy speech giving.

  388. Mary Abbott says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve enjoyed the whole year with you. From forcing bulbs to cookies. Love it all!

  389. Kevin,
    Happy Birthday and hope you have time to celebrate in NY! Like everything, but my favorite is the gardening.

  390. Deborah Rosen says:

    Hi Kevin – I’m most interested in food, gardening and your home remodeling. Happy birthday!

  391. Hope you r birthday and the coming year are absolutely wonderful. I love all of your posts – food, gardening your home tour – they are all great. I am so glad I found your blog.

  392. Christine Hollman says:

    Happy Birthday!! I love the gardening information the most but also have saved recipes and ideas for around the house. My very favorite info was on winter gardening … I passed that along to lots of people. I also learned how late in the season I could garden … that was new to me and inspired me to check our local extension center and found out exactly how I can grow items in this area. Thank you!!

  393. Rita Chiquita says:

    Hi Kevin!
    I found your site while looking for gardening help and love the House & Garden Inspirations you offer, so signed up to your newsletter…and yours is the only one I follow and I really do enjoy it!
    Happy Birthday and Sto Lat!
    That’s Polish for “may you live 100 years!” which I think is the best wish anyone could receive!

  394. Living way north of you, on the seemingly desolate Canadian prairie, the gardening section interests me, but often only as a fantasy. I love your recipes, and I really love the sweet glimpses into your life.

  395. Happy Birthday, Kevin! As for me, all three! And your step by step presentations are wonderful! Keep the good stuff coming!

  396. Happy Birthday, Kevin…I like everything you write about, right now the English Muffin recipe has made me so hungry I have to go make them. My husband and I run a 3 room bed and breakfast and we so enjoy your recipes.
    Thanks for everything you do,

  397. the garden posts are my favorites – but the recipes are good, too!

  398. Hey Kevin, Aren’t Birthdays wonderful? Life is so precious and eh birthday a special gift!! Good luck with your speech! I am sure u will do great . You have a natural ability or gift with writing these weekly newsletters, and am sure it will spill over into your speech. . Your a natural!
    I like the food and gardening the best, all are good. Love your asides with your pup!! Lots of smiles for sure. So throw my name in the hat, maybe someday….
    Crossing my fingers in Texas…

  399. Jane Newby says:

    I love all three topics – all very informative and interesting!

  400. Susan Freund says:

    OMG! OMG! Which do I like the best…hmmmm hard to choose, but today I am in the mood for food so the recipes etc. I love the best!

  401. Happy Birthday! Wonderful newsletter, so much awesome info. I love all of it.

  402. Lisa Connolly says:

    I love all of your gardening posts! I read them religiously in hopes that my garden will flourish just as yours.

  403. Kathy Anderson says:

    I am a compulsive gardener, so while I also love to cook and look at houses – a lot, gardening wins out easily.

    Happy Birthday.

  404. My absolute favorite things in your weekly News Letter are the Recipes, which are fail proof, and the Gardening sections…..

    Way to go, and keep em coming.

  405. Don’t know how I found your site but glad I did. Gardening and cooking organically and vegetarian are my focuses. Have a great next year!

  406. Happy! Happy! Happy day!

    I originally subscribed to your newsletter because of your gardening tips but the recipes have helped to sustain me through my pregnancy and first year of being a momma (as gardening has taken a bit of a back burner, but food never will).

  407. Donna Smith says:

    ((Happy HappY Birthday))!!! How very gracious to share on YOUR day. I enjoy each week especially the gardening and have grown fond of the recipes. Also enjoy things around your home, it’s like being there from here.

  408. Lynn Filipowicz says:

    Happy Birthday, Hope it’s all you want it to be, and I am crazy about the recipes, I can’t work in yard now but love the information you get about the yarrds and plants. But I especially love the recipes and have tried some of them, would love to win the processor.I could cook a lot more with it. take care!

  409. Happy Birthday Kevin, wow 400 entries so far. Congratulations on your success. I love the whole newsletter. You write about the best projects. Celebrate well.

  410. Happy Birthday fellow Sag! I love your site, especially the recipes, and I would LOVE to win a Cuisinart: ) Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas.


  411. Happy Birthday! #401 …. Must be the lucky number. (I didn’t realize the popularity of your blog.). My favorite is GARDENING, and the PLANT WINDOW.

  412. I’ve made one or two of your recipes, I’ve mulched my raised beds with shredded leaves and started to force bulbs, but I really enjoy your Vicgorian decorating ideas. Happy birthday!

  413. Amy Kefauver says:

    Hi — I would love to enter your drawing (very generous of you, by the way), and I would love to see crafts with herbs — I’m interested in using herbs to decorate a home and home/business for any time of the year, and would be interested in a list you’d suggest for gardeners that want to grow herbs for decorative uses. (wow, long sentence. sorry) What herbs are especially good for wreaths, topiaries, pressing, etc. etc. Love your newsletter — Thanks, Amy

  414. Thank you for all your. hard work on this site and best wishes for a happy birthday. I love your gardening and food segments. Keep them coming!

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    Sorry… do not Facebook but love your site!
    Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!
    Bernadette Bullock/Houle

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    My favorites have to be your gardening, food storage tips and your wonderful house tours. I’ll just say you have the most well rounded site I’ve seen. Always something of interestl in every newsletter and I forward your site to everyone.

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    And YES … I’d love to win the 12 Cup Cuisinart Food Processor! Draw me! Draw me! LOL!

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    I do cook for myself ragther than eating ‘packaged’ stuff.
    I look forward to your weekly newsletter…….thank you.

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    Happy Birthday!

    Personally, I love all your informaton on gardening. You’re in a completely different zone than I am (I’m in 10) but I’m able to use your information to help my garden grow.

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    Your gardening tips and also the recipes are both favorites of mine on your website and they keep me opening your emails each and every time!

    Keep them coming!


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    Altho its all we can do to keep up w/ our small home, ha ha! Ah, me, the grass is greener, and all that?
    Happy Birthday, and have a blast giving that talk! What an honor!!!!
    Merry Christmas too!!

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    I love all your different topics, but you have taught this old gardener a new thing or two.

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    I initially subscribed for your gardening tips but have discovered so much more. You treat us as if we were old friends.

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    I am sure your presentation will be a great hit.

    My favorite topics from you are your recipes and your gardening advice. I don’t remember how I came across your site, but I have loved being on your email list ever since. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Jen in San Diego, CA

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    Happy Birthday Kevin!
    I hope your day is spectacular and full of much love, joy, and surprises!!

    I couldn’t possibly choose just one of the three!
    we use your popover recipe weekly in our home, and my beans finally came up for the first time because of one of your tips, and I love reading your ‘domesticity’ posts too (your house & garden are gorgeous!)

    I could certainly use a food processor! (I’ve been chopping by hand or using a blender – would love some versatility!)

  498. Lynne Kuntz says:

    I love just about everything you post but if I have to be one it would be the food.Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

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    Now….for the hard part……because I love all the segments……but if I’m having to choose…….I’ll go for gardening first. Love the tips and pictures!! BUT….have tried some of your recipes and have really enjoyed that also…….AND… the humor you bring to all your presentations!!!!

    THANKS for them all……….I can’t wait until I get the next news letter!!!!! Happy Happy Happy

  502. Judy Brown says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin

    Let’s see, I have used so many of your ideas. My garden is bedded down for the winter with newspaper and straw mulch. My kitchen window is dressed in Narcissus and Violet. I have Hyacinths chilling in the wine cooler. We have enjoyed zucchini fritters, carmelized butternut squash soup, pumpkin muffins.

    Need I say more??

  503. I like all 3 topics. Cooking and gardening are my passion, but truely enjoy all 3…thanks for sharing your knowledge on all subjects, the recipes have been awesome! Happy Birthday & Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! My very favorite is your gardening tips, and when ever I have a question, I look forward to your quick response. I look forward to seeing and reading your newsletter and I enjoy the pictures of your home and garden window, which is truly beautiful. Your pride in your home shows to all of us, faithful and sometimes, I’m sure, envious readers!

  505. Charlotte says:

    Wow Kevin, Amazing articles week after week, Love Your variety, the photo’s, recipes, and gardening tips. Happy Belated Birthday. Mine was Dec. 6th, and was excited to see Yours as the 7th… Seems Sagitterians have many interests. As been said before, I Love All You do. Please keep spreading the Love. Thank You, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year…

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    Love the garden stuff- makes me wish I didn’t live in Texas so I could enjoy a milder growing season.

    Love your house.

  507. I very much enjoy this website and I love it ALL.Have a great Birthday and Thanks for the chance to win something so nice. Sincerely Pmc

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    Happy Birthday Kevin….
    I look forward to Sunday’s when I can see what’s new in Kevin’s world! I started looking at your site for gardening tips but have gotten totally sucked into all aspects of your world. I’m definitely not the domestic diva so I can use all the help I can get. The food processor giveaway means there is a possibility the 30 yrs old Waring I currently use will be able to retire. She’s been a good kitchen companion until recent years when she has rebelled at times with jams, sputters & the occasional whirring instead of humming etc. Thank you Kevin for your weekly inspiration & have a safe trip to NYC.
    Merry Christmas, Robin

  510. Anne Efron says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your newsletter, only one I subscribe to on purpose! I find the gardening help my favorite, but always get hungry looking at the recipes and pictures and who doesn’t like looking into some else’s house to see how they decorate, maintain and the like!


  511. Cathy Schutzenhofer says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope your special day was a great one!
    Thank you so much for posting this newsletter! My gardening has improved so much both on perennials & annuals so I have blooms all summer long, spring & fall as well. Before your advise I used to pull what I thought were weeds & with my entire perimeter of my 3/4 acre yard makes life so much easier! Ohhh and the cognac cookies were to die for!
    Thanks again & look forward to reading every week!

  512. i appreciate all the wonderful info you so diligently share with us. i appreciate the beautiful garden photos and tips as i do not do as much gardening as was once done around here since my hubby (he had the green thumb) has passsed on. and all the recipes look so yummy. it makes me want to open a B&B and serve up some of “a garden for a house” specials!!!
    have a great holiday festive experience…janny

  513. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays, Kevin!
    I look forward to your weekly e-mail. I especially like the gardening tips and recipes. As a result of your wonderful ideas, I now have shredded leaves all over my garden beds and I made your delicious pumpkin muffins last month.

  514. Lulu Gonzalez says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin! Your blog is one of the few that I subscribe to – and actually read. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes, gardening tips, photos of your beautiful home, impeccable taste, and giving us a glimpse of your life, one that is so harmonious and in tune with nature and which inspires me daily to follow a similar path. With much respect from zone 7b in the glorious Pacific Northwest! Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

  515. I love your

  516. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Your blog is one of the few that I subscribe to – and actually read. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes, gardening tips, photos of your beautiful home, impeccable taste, and giving us a glimpse of your life, one that is so harmonious and in tune with nature and which inspires me daily to follow a similar path. With much respect from zone 7b in the glorious Pacific Northwest! Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

  517. I like your entire site! I am an avid gardener and cook ! I like the way you write! I also enjoy your photographs! Have fun in NYC! I just returned from there from a family Thanksgiving trip! try to take some time to see the decorated store windows — truly amazing!❀

  518. Wow! 500 responses! I am blown away by that! I love seeing the house and of course the gardening tips. You have inspired me to garden indoors alot more. Happy birthday fellow sag!

  519. Cathy Howard says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you!! I am most interested in gardening, especially food gardening, but I also enjoy your post on food and cooking. Thanks for your wonderful site and articles.

  520. The blog is perfect – the only thing that’s missing is your own TV show on the Food Network…happy birthday!

  521. Happy Birthday! I really like your gardening section. And I do like the renovation work. We have an older house and have similar problems.

  522. Margaret Presley says:

    I also started for the gardening advise, etc but truly enjoy your site. I would enjoy all three subjects but food probably the most. H
    Hope you have a great birthday.

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    I love everything about your newsletter. Always something to learn.

  524. Happy Birthday! I love the gardening articles and the food ones.

  525. Deb Freesmeier says:

    I LOVE your site! I love all the gardening and houseplant ideas. I am also a fan of your vegan recipes : ) You inspired my husband to get the bulbs in the ground…and we are going to force some inside, as well. (We are CA). Thanks for your insight and inspiration! I LOVE your house!!!

  526. I started reading your weekly emails for the gardening info, but then I got hooked on all the interesting food info. So great to get creative tips and recipes to experiment with. I’m afraid with my Swedish background, I’m not very adventurous in the kitchen. I need all the help I can get. I’ll bet that Cuisinart would be a big help. Happy Birthday, Kevin.

  527. Sallymander says:

    I love all the gardening post! Then, I love how you apply them to the kitchen.
    I followed your raised bed plans for next year…hope it worked. My food processor broke so this would be a perfect X-mas present. -sjw

  528. Loving your gardening advice, especially anything on propagation. Your recipes are pretty wonderful too!

  529. Mark Ward says:

    Happy birthday Kevin. Have a great day!

    I enjoy the gardening topics the most. That and the give-a-ways!

    Mark Ward

  530. Happy Birthday ! I love it all!

  531. I love your food and domestic articles. If I had a place to garden, I would probably enjoy it as well. I am in the process of moving (excuse the pun) and had to sell all my kitchen treasures
    because I’m just taking my clothing. I will be living with my daughter and her family, and would be filled with joy if I were the receiptent of your random drawing because I could give the processor to my grandson who has realized his passion in life is cooking. Fingers crossed!

    Belated birthday greetings. Do hope you had a wonderful one!

  532. Happy Birthday Kevin! What a nice idea to GIVE a present on one’s birthday. I love your gardening posts. That’s what first drew me to your blog but now I look forward to all of your topics. I really appreciate your sense of humor too!

  533. Nereids Vazquez says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the offer. I enjoy the cooking aspect of your blog! What kept me aboard was the Indian flat bread.

  534. Happy Birthday! I most appreciate the gardening posts (especially the winter sowing ones.) Since we’re located near the same zone. Your weekly reminders help me remember to look at my own to-do list. I still like the recipes, so keep them up too!

  535. Happy Birthday
    I really like the vegetable gardening and food posts

  536. Judy Wolfe says:

    Happy belated Birthday Kevin…You would fit right in with Oregon living. Enjoy all your simple living subjects…Especially enjoy your house tour. Gardening tips you present also remind me to get busy….Thanks for your newsletter. ….Judy Wolfe

  537. I like everything that you do here but I really enjoy the gardening tips. I have learned a lot from your gardening posts! Thank you!

  538. Dale from Shenandoah Valley in Virginia says:

    Happy birthday. Hope you have a wonderful year.
    P.S. This was my grandmother’s birthday, too. She was a great gardener who, after giving up her house, would always show us new blooms on her apartment African Violets when we visited. Every time I water mine, I think of her.

  539. Happy Birthday! I am also a December Baby-

    Your web site is appreciated for the gardening. Today I am reading on the African Violets. The food and domestic articles are wonderfully written but when I use my time to read this e-mail it is gardening I am looking for!! Keep it coming!!!

  540. Happy birthday Kevin and many more! I was originally drawn to your site for the gardening tips but love it all – especially your house tours. I am looking forward to sharing and learning more from you in 2013!

  541. I like getting your emails. Now that it’s winter here I still save many recipes and gardening tips for next spring.


    I am allergic to wheat , oats and barley, yes it’s called celiac disease. I can still use your recipes, I just sub the ingredients for my GF flours. This food processor would look great ion my kitchen and I would use it making my own gluten free flours or starches. And of course, your recipes!

  542. Marjorie Stott says:

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    Happy Birthday!!

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    Vi Pieske

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    I enjoy all three topics. I love looking at you garden and home. I have also learned so many things from your website. Hope you had a happy birthday.

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    I always open your newsletter right away!
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    I love it all! I love your sense of style, from home decor to your exceptional gardening skills and advice. Especially loved that vinegar suggestion to kill weeds as I am an anti-Monsanto advocate as well…and your food is amazing! So, it has been a pleasure for me to discover your website! All the best for the holidays and the new year….and of course, your birthday!

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    And congratulations on your invitation to speak. Awesome.

    My fave part has to be anything about decorating ~ how your personal flair is reflected throughout your home and grounds. You have such beautiful taste.

    Oh, speaking of taste (how’s this for a segue?) … if I win the food processor I promise to be happily diligent with its care and feeding.

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    Hope your day is merry and bright!

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    I love gardening, recipes, and home decoration.
    Your site brings lots of joy into my home.
    Hope this comment goes to the correct place.
    I am 79 and a little less than technically illiterate.

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    Happy belated birthday, Kevin.
    The topics that interest me: food and gardening.

    Hope your partner gave you something super awesome!

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    All 3 topics are good. You make everything interestjng, but my absolute fav is your old house.
    I don’t cook much, my husband is a chef. I have tried some of your recipes. We’re on the coast of Florida, so definitely Scallops Asiago, yum and several of your sweets. They’re my down fall.
    Again happy birthday and many more.

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    How can I say which part of your site I enjoy most when the truth of the matter is “when I’m not reading the part I love, I love the part I’m reading”? But seriously Kevin, it has to be the windows, the eyes to the soul of your house, which you generously allow us to enjoy with you. Sharing your love for antiques, and a home with a story of its own, I look forward each week to the new recipe. And you’ve taught me both through the site and through private encouragement how to care for my violets, and hopefully how to force Spring bulbs into Winter bloom. You have such a gift for making the house a home and are so sweet to share it with your readers. I’m going to say I have a “penchant for them all”. M

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  608. Emily Phillips says:

    Happy Birthday! FOOD is my interest. I’m catering a dinner next Sunday for 80+ people. Sure would like a new Cuisinart!!

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    PS shared with my landlady, apartment complex, she is a new gardener and is infamous for killing indoor plants. She is trying the paperwhites and winter’ setting’ several peoples houseplants.

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    I honestly enjoy all three, but I lean towards the food information that you provide a lot, made several of the delicious recipes too! Please, keep them coming!

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    Stay well, stay on, and know that you and what you share are reallly appreciated.


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    Have a blast in NY; would love to be in the audience and hear you in person.
    Everything you write about in this newsletter is my favorite.

    The entrance hall will be gorgeous and can’t wait to see the reveal.

  616. Sunny (Marilyn) says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope it is a day full of memories to last you until your next Birthday.

    I’d love to win the Cuisinart. I make salsa and it would be a great tool!


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  620. Prairiecactus says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope it is a terrific mix of friends, food and fantastic laughs!
    NYC! Impressive…but totally smart of them to ask you…very happy for you…
    Love everything about your site, the recipes, the wonderful photos, the gardening and domestic tips…like I said, love the whole site.
    Here’s hoping the random generator chooses me…would love this amazing appliance!
    Good luck in NYC!

  621. Kevin, I enjoyed photos of your garden the most. Especially, your path through the woods. I have a huge piece of property and slowly working on expanding my garden. We have a pond and I am concentrating on perennials as I am retired. It would be nice to get ideas for Northern Gardeners. Thanks

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    Thanks for everything

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    Your gardening information has helped me to come up with wonderful ideas for our large front and wooded backyard, here in Mid-Michigan. I enjoy trying some of your recipes and home decorating ideas too, but gardening is my favorite thing!!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Kevin!!

  628. Kevin, I like everything — the photos, the recipes, the gardening tips, but most of all, I appreciate your life style, and would love to live it! Thank you for the newsletter – it’s a treat. Cathleen

  629. Me, pick me for the food processor.

  630. Kevin, I enjoy the overall feel of elegant home comfort and nurturing ..whether it be the recipes, gradening, decor, whatever. It is the relaxed and easy feel, which inspires me in my enjoyment of my own home.

  631. Chris Frayer says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin! I enjoy your food posts the most.

  632. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My favorite(s)….sorry really can’t decide….FOOD AND GARDENING!!
    Whether you make your food items or not the photos are amazing!!

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    Oh fun, a give-a-way. The Garden is my interest along with family and home. Happy Birthday!

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    I like the Food and the Gardening, as those are the things I can do where I live.

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    Hope the upcoming holiday are wonderful as well!

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    Happiest of birthdays. I like all three topics equally.

  640. Happy Birthday! I like all your posts, but the gardening has been most useful to me.

  641. Happy birthday! Isn’t it interesting how all the lurkers come out when you give something away FREE? I started reading your blog for the gardening tips when I lived in New York and was dealing with a similar climate. Now that I’m in California, the food keeps me here! I was particularly thrilled when you came out in support of our Prop 37 efforts. We may have lost that battle, but hopefully not the war!

  642. Laurie Fisher says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I love the gardening topics you do.

  643. Happy Birthday! HI have been enjoying your site for a while now. I enjoy everything you have on the site, especially the pictures. Your African Violet post was especially enjoyable because my mother used to raise them and I have not had good luck. I will try again now that you have spelled it out for me. Best wishes and again, thanks for the wonderful articles.

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  647. Dear Kevin,Happy Birthday to you, and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! You have the most delicious, most interesting, and most helpful posts on my iPad!!! I look forward to all your posts, wouldn’t be the same without them!!Keep them all coming,recipes, gardening how-to’s, and all your home decor hints and tips!!! Love your home!!! Wish me luck!!!Facebook

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  651. Nora McDowell says:

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    I would love a 12 cup Cuisionart Food Processor because I find one so helpful in the kitchen and bigger would be better.
    I enjoy the recipes and gardening tips particularly: not sure what “domesticity” is …..

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  654. Happy belated birthday! I really enjoy all the areas you cover, but the gardening information has been particularly helpful.

  655. I love the winter sowing tutorials, the recipes and the domestic cleaning suggestions. The gardening calendar, the remaking of your vintage home, oh heck, I read & enjoy all your posts!

    Sending you best wishes for a VERY
    β€’Β°*β€ΛœΛœβ€*Β°β€’.ΒΈβ˜† β˜… β˜†ΒΈ.β€’Β°*β€ΛœΛœβ€*Β°β€’.ΒΈβ˜†
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ β˜… β˜… β˜…
    β•‘β•šβ•β•‘β•β•β•‘β•β•‘β•β•‘β•šβ•β•‘ β˜†ΒΈ.β€’Β°*β€ΛœΛœβ€*Β°β€’.ΒΈβ˜†
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ β˜… BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!
    β•šβ•β•šβ•©β•β•šβ•©β•β•šβ•β•β•šβ• β™₯οΏ₯β˜†β˜…β˜†β˜…β˜†οΏ₯β™₯ β˜…β˜†β™₯

  656. Earen Hummel says:

    Happy birthday! I love all the categories of your blog – food, garden, even spying in your lovely home. You are quite talented in so many ways. I am sure you will do wonderfully at the botanic garden talk. Professional gardeners and landscape architects (of which I am one) love to hear about other’s work and passions.

  657. Annette Cooke says:

    Love your site! Lots of good info, recipes and thanks for sharing your home with us! Would love to win!

  658. Jayne Lauchu says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    Which topic interests me the most on your site? OMG I tried; I really did, to pick just one. But I really do enjoy tthem all equally. I have learned so much and had past learning refreshed for me. There have been little tricks regarding gardening that I remembered hearing from my parents. No I am not saying you are old πŸ™‚ Just that you have kept many of the tried and true and learned learned some of your own. Your sharing of information is truly appreciated.

    Hope your presentation goes well……….I am sure it will..

  659. I think I said this before, but my thoughts are that you do these fabulous giveaways so we all respond and you see how many love you!! I think it’s gardening for me, but I also am all about house projects and food….so….

    Happy birthday and best wishes for a wonderful talk at the NY Botanical Garden!

  660. Happy Birthday, Kevin. I love all the topics you post on. I think my favorite is gardening. I so love to watch all things grow. Having a food processor sure would help make things more pleasant when I prepare the food that I grow. Being semi-handicapped I have found different ways to garden & being diabetic it helps to grow my own food. Looking forward to you next post.

  661. Alyce Grover says:

    I like all I see on this blog, but really love the recipes and stories/photos about the house most.

  662. I love reading your blog. I’d also love to win the food processor. Mine died years ago. Lots of the newer recipes call for using one, but their a tad expensive.

  663. Geraldine says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin I really love your lifestyle! I always find beautiful things to delight me on your site! Thank You!
    Poem for your Birthday!

    “We can live without Poetry, Music & Art,
    We may live without conscience and live without heart;
    We may live without friends; we may live without books,
    But civilized Man cannot live without cooks”

    Geraldine in a cottage in Ireland!!

    Geraldine in a cottage in Ireland!

  664. favorite topic: gardening. because I always think I don’t know what needs doing and when I read about it I realize I just don’t have the discipline to actually DO it. Your suggestions are always a great encouragement to just get out and do it!


  665. No fair Kevin:(. For those of us that are not connected to social media;(. Boo hoo. We can’t play the win it games. We love reading your newsletter. we love all that you do friend. Wish we could play.

  666. Oh and Happy Birthday I hope you have a great day and take lots of pictures!

  667. Barbara Crockett says:

    Hi, Kevin: Sending you Happy Birthday wishes in abundance. Your site features everything that interests me, recipes, decorating and cleaning tips. I look forward to each newsletter as it arrives in my inbox! Please keep up the great blog and I’ll continue reading all your hints.


  668. Happy birthday Kevin! I really enjoy your whole site. I subscribed for the garden tips but have found me enjoying the recipes and your personal stories. I have dreamed of having a Cuisinart food processor.

  669. Happy wonderful Birthday Kevin!!! How gracious of you of thinking of us! With almost 700 entries, I can only keep my fingers crossed that you read this! I have only 3 blogs that I refer to my wall buddies, as well as groups, as well as friends and Pininterest as being the top quality all around blogs where they can find answers for everything from the house, the garden and entertaining as well as every day good common sense cooking; yours is a high recommendation. Your site is beautiful, your layout is clear, easy to read (and understand) as well as stunningly beautiful… I would ask you please to keep all aspects of your blog active, because they tie so well together as a synthesis whole. As a person with a disability, I don’t often get a chance to comment, but like I said, I recommend you to friends, other culinary people, my Facebook and Twitter folks, as well as Pininterest. As well as library staff to recommend to folks locally if they are looking for a well rounded site. I sincerely hope this year be the best for you, and your loved ones. Take care. Mary Miller

  670. Hope you are enjoying your special day. I learned of your website when we attended Open Garden Days at your home. At first, it was the gardening tips that I enjoyed the most. But as time has gone on, I really like the recipes (I just made your cognac cookies and froze them….looking forward to seeing if they survive the freezer). Really like it all.

  671. Dean Marcho says:

    I came to your blog for the gardening and stayed for everything else.
    Thanks for sharing.

  672. Karen Witek says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Your site is full of uniqueness! I look forward to all areas, Garden Food & Domesticity.

  673. Kevin — I have enjoyed the tour through your beautiful home and gardens this year. I am also eager to try starting my plants in plastic gallon jugs this winter. What an idea you gave me! I love that you give your readers a mix of recipes, gardening, and home info. I especially appreciate the step-by-step photo instructions. You are appreciated!

  674. Beverly Nolan says:

    Hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Today is my daughters and we always wait to put up our tree until the day after her birthday. Thank you for all the work you put into your website. Even though a person may not have a specific passion for the topic, it is still interesting to broaden your scope and learn something new. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  675. Amy Henderson says:

    Looking forward to meeting you Tuesday at the NYBG — so glad Elaine thought to invite you to the alum meeting — I’m one of those (relatively newbie) garden designers, and GARDENS are my favorite thing, followed closely by FOOD. Alas, the domesticity lags far behind in my attentions.

  676. Hi Kevin! I love all three! Your butternut squash soup recipe is my absolute favorite. I plan to grow butternuts every year so I can make the soup. So, I need the gardening tips! And, it’s motivating to see the way you take care of your home, so I enjoy it all. Perfect combination!

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    With Care,

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    I have a Cuisinart of about 1970s vintage; I’d love to update and upgrade to the model you’re giving away.

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    Whereas I adore your inspirational green thumb, I’m all the way over on the other side of the country in a completely different zone, so many of your tips are lost on me.
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    Happy belated Birthday Kevin! I love everything about your website! I love old homes and love to cook and would love to be your adopted grownup child. lol When my friends Rob and Gail put a link on their Facebook to your site and all the pics from their visit, I was hooked! Making your cinnamon rolls this weekend. They bring back great memories of my mother. Thank you for sharing all that you love.

  979. FOOD is #1.

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    Happy birthday! I originally subscribed to your newsletter because food and gardening are my main interests. I have to say I enjoy your recipes. They all look delicious. I love growing and using my own food not prepackaged food “alternatives”. Thanks for all the work that goes into your news letter.

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    all in all I’d have to say I enjoy everything you write. Its all interesting and informative and sull of great ideas.

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    I enjoy YOUR receipes very much and your gardening tips and ideas have given me a lot more faith in my own gardening abilities.
    Hope you had a great birthday.

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    I must say I enjoy the garden the most. Recipes aren’t too far behind. And of course I love the restoration work you’ve done on your house.
    I get your newsletter and already am a fan on facebook.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    Love your newsletter.

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    Happy Birthday! I love the food and gardening!

  997. Gardening led me to your newsletter and having lived in New York State, I could relate to the timing and techniques you employ. But the house tours became a fascination….and then the recipes totally captivated. Altogether, I never miss reading the newsletter and have shared your site with friends. I planted garlic for the first time, thanks to you and have developed an interest in making goat cheese starting with a kit from your advertiser. Happy BDay. Cudos to you!

  998. Kevin, I hope your birthday has been wonderful! May you know without a doubt how loved you are by many–family and friends–as well as the Universe. I LOVE all the topics that you address on your web-site. If I HAD to pick a favorite it probably woud be gardening. I’ve never felt the need for a food processor til lately, but I think I could use one to make foods for my twin grandsons now. So I hope I win! Hope everything goes great in NY.

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  1000. happy birthday Kevin. I just enjoy reading all your entries. good luck on your presentation. you’ll do great.

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    Hey, Happy Birthday! Thank you for letting us share this day with you- and wow such a generous give-away!
    I enjoy the food and gardening topics on your blog the most, but I truly enjoy all of your posts. I love your character and the personality you show in your writing. I was just thinking earlier today that I was hoping to have an update from you. I needed some of your ebullience.

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    Keep doing what you do so well! Oh, by the way, birthday wishes sent all the way from TN!

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    Cooking, interior design & gardening are my equal loves.

    I would love to win the prize, please.

    Thank you for thinking of me…

    Bon Appetit!

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  1017. Birthday Greetings! My sister turned me on to your site, blog, whatever a few months back. I’m an avid gardener, cook and love looking at other homes. So what’s not to love about your site. Thanks for sharing your info and ideas.

  1018. I love your whole site! You remind me of a kinder, gentler time.

  1019. Gardening is my favorite as I need all the help I can get… And I did make your delicious cinnamon buns recently. We loved your presentation at our Garden Club Holiday Party last week!

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    I love all your posts but I especially love the gardening posts for apartment dwellers. I also love all the healthy recipes you share. Most recently you’ve inspired me to start making some of my own personal care items like body lotion!

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    Recipes get me motivated to try something new and gardening tips keeps me motivated to get out in the garden!
    Would really put the Cuisinart to good use!

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  1031. I enjoy all of the articles which inspire me to garden, cook and decorate more.

    Happy birthday. Cheers!

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    Hope your birthday was the best – only to be bested by next year’s. Love the gardening advice, the articles about preserving herbs, garden design, your willingness to admit mistakes, and your house-restoration stories. Be well. Happy holidays.

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    I like your gardening segments best!

  1034. Happy, Happy Birthday, Kevin! Your site has become my go-to if i need any household advice. I love your recipes and have tried most of them. I am currently in love with cheese making, thanks to you! I also can hardly wait to try your lemon pie. Lemon has always been my favorite. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases.

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  1037. Have a very Healthy,Happy Birthday and wishing all your dreams come true.I just love all 3,it has everything I am looking for and then some Keep it comming,Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

  1038. Dear Kevin,

    First favorite is the garden since that my own life joy and priority. Second favorite is the recipes and wonderful pictures to illustrate the food. It’s like a new cookbook every week! Thank you for all the gifts of your life and creativity, so generously given to the world!

  1039. Hi Kevin,

    What first brought me to your site was your amazing talent in gardening and how you transformed your parking lot into a rose garden. I’ve watched you go through the seasons, learned how to make cheese, store onions, make garlic scape pesto and whimsically wish that one day my home will look as lovely as yours is decorated. You bring me inspiration weekly. I hope you have a merry holiday!


  1040. I like gardening and cooking the best. I like to dig in the dirt and I like to cook and read recipes. Your photos of your gardens and recipes are inspiring!
    Happy Birthday!

  1041. Happy Belated birthday. I just love your blog. I try recipes but more than anything I love the gardening information. You have a great outlook and you are certainly not afraid to be you. I love the fact that you are open and not shy about sharing stories about you and your partner. Would love to have you come out to Oregon sometime and I could take you to some great wine tasting venues!
    Hope the talk in NYC went well. Looking forward to your next newsletter!!

    Warm regards,

  1042. Happy Birthday!!!!! I love them all, but the gardening is most special to me. I find something useful on site every time I visit!

  1043. Jayne Chandler says:

    Oh my! You had me at gardening, but I stayed for the recipes, the great how-to’s and your lovely home. When I receive another update in my email I feel like I’m visiting with a friend. I repost your topics often on my facebook page and have encouraged both my friends and family to check out your blog. Keep on, please.

  1044. Jayne Chandler says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was the Finest Kind, as we say in Maine.

  1045. Happy Birthday! A gardening article was the one that I first saw, but I am in love with your recipes and mean to try lots of them. And the decorarating articles are wonderfully inspiring. So I guess all three, but recipes slightly ahead.

  1046. constantine says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!
    May the coming year bring you many wonderful things.

    What do I love? You just helped me big time with my violets so, Gardening!

  1047. Janice Post says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I love all your posts, but gardening is my favorite. Can’t wait for spring to put some new ideas to good use!

  1048. Tracy Sbresny says:

    A VERY Happy Birthday Kevin. May the next year be even better for you! Thank you for all the recipes and gardening advice they are my 2 favorite. I also love your wit and commentary. Can not wait to see what the New Year brings!

  1049. happy birthday!

    i garden to eat, but i like my garden to look nice.

  1050. Kevin, I love your sight. Your photography is amazing, I love the recipes and the gardening ideas. Keep up the great work. I’d love the food processor.

  1051. Teri Dalco says:

    Happy Birthday! LOVE the recipes and food section, but I appreciate the gardening too!

  1052. Kevin, thank you for this newsletter. I enjoy gardening & cooking so love learning from you. Also enjoy the home tour..what a beautiful home! Thank’s for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful year!

  1053. Happy Birthday, Kevin! You see, if you adopted me I could bake you a cake, water the flowers, tend the garden, take notes, type, clean windows, etc., etc., etc., …….

  1054. 1. food
    2. decor & restoration
    3. gardening

    in that order, because my partner does the garden & I do the inside stuff

  1055. Gardening is my favorite, definitely!

  1056. Happy Birthday – I do hope you had time to sit and enjoy it ! Gardening is my passion (said I wouldn’t turn into my Mom, but I did). I get sporadic luck growing vegetables; the climate is so different here on the east coast of Florida. My next big job is to tackle the nematodes that are attacking my veggie plants in the raised beds. Not sure which direction I’ll take to try and get rid of them. I knew I should had raised them from seeds myself instead of buying the plants from the big box stores – brought the nematodes home with me on their roots in the pots with contaminated soil.

  1057. Happy Birthday; I do hope you get to enjoy the day by relaxing a little.

    I’m passionate about gardening; and in the sandy soil we have to put up on our Barrier Island off the east coast of Florida; I learned that I an grow a variety of plants in containers, hanging baskets and raised veggie beds.

  1058. kathy mcmanus says:

    So glad I found your blog and look forward to all your new postings. After 40 years my husband and I recently moved from the Hudson Valley area to Massachusetts and are starting over gardening and interior projects. You have inspired me to leave my boxwood bushy right now so I can trim them and make cuttings in the Spring like you wrote about. Have a wonderful Birthday and Merry Christmas!
    Wish all my neighbors were as talented as You.

  1059. Why do you ask for the Website before posting a comment ?

  1060. Happy Birthday Kevin! Thanks so much for all the wonderfully fun and inspiring weekly newsletters.

    Food, gardens, and domestic comforts and design -love all three!

    Please keep them coming. your ideas are a welcome wave of encouragement and possibility.

    Many blessings to you and wishing you many more.

  1061. Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for doing the newsletter – it’s very much appreciated. I enjoy gardening and cooking and look forward to more great tips from you in the coming year.

    Take Care!

  1062. Barri Blix says:

    Appreciate your light hearted approach to gardening, cooking and domesticity. Look forward to your e-mails appearing! Happy Birthday!

  1063. Cathy Haynes says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!!I love getting your newsletters! I love everything about gardening, so I always enjoy your newsletter. I’m always learning new things through you! =) I also absolutely LOVE your house! It’s my dream home! I’l never be able to afford one, so I see my dream through your eyes! You and your partner have done a MARVELOUS job on that house!! (I take the “tour” often)

    Your last weeks newsletter came at the perfect time. (I have the 20 year old African Violet) I performed “surgery” on it…and just in time I might add. It turned out that the “trunk” was rotting, and as I gently took it out of it’s pot, it broke right off. I was so glad I had asked you what to do for it!! I cut back the trunk to where it was no longer rotting, removed all the leaves up to the crown and re-potted it in new soil. So far it’s looking good, and I have about a dozen or more leaves sticking in the soil of new pots to make more plants!!! Thank you, thank you , thank you for your perfectly timed newsletter!!!! “Betty” seems to be loving her new home!!! =)

    Thanks again for all you do for us!

  1064. Happy birthday Kevin. I love the garden advice and you have so many good recipes too.

  1065. Cassandra Early says:

    Kevin- love your ideas!! Happy Birthday. Keep all the great pictures coming. I really enjoy getting a look see at you home and what the kitchen cooks.

  1066. Patty Weyand says:

    Along with all your other followers, I to, would like to wish you the best of birthdays and a great year to follow.

    My favorite part about your newletter is that it transports me to another place in the world, complete with garden, home and hearth. I reallly like the way you look at what you d , with humor and passion, that shows in each newletter. I feel like you and your partner, your home, garden, recipes are my next door neighbors. Thanks so much for sharing.

  1067. Angela Johnson says:

    I appreciate your emails. I have learned tidbits that have helped me quite a bit, both in the garden and the kitchen. Thank you! Gardening is the reason I found your site, and subscribed to your email newsletters. But all three (food, gardening, and domesticity) are of great interest to me.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  1068. Happy belated birthday, Kevin! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    I sometimes don’t read your newsletter the day I receive it because I want to be able to have the time to sit and savor every last detail. I love it all, but the best for me is reading the new recipes and trying some of them. I wish I had the time and inclination to decorate my house as lovely as yours, but I like looking and dreaming…..But, as was said by your other devotees, your sense of humor I love the best.
    AND I enjoy seeing your Lily the Beagle in the kitchen pictures, waiting for things to pop out of the oven. I love my Lily the Cockerspaniel as much as you love your Lily the Beagle.

  1069. Food for sure, esp food from the garden!

  1070. I think my favorite is the gardening portion; I especially liked the plant window with the glass shelves

  1071. Well, happy late birthday. I like all three subjects. I can’t choose just one.

  1072. Happy Late Birthday!! I love the garden section most of all!

  1073. Kevin, I’ve been lurking here long enough. I enjoy all of your tips/posts. So it’s all three for me.
    Happy late birthday.

  1074. Always looking forward to reading each of those articles.. love them all, with a slight penchant towards your food topics. Happy Birthday!!

  1075. All 3 in the following order: first, gardening. Second, domesticity (boy, there’s a word for you!, and third, food – because I’m not a great cook – hence the hope I’m one of the endless people responding to your free give away!

    Happy birthday to you! Mine is 12/16!

  1076. Mary LaFayette says:

    Happy Birthday! I like the gardening the best. I can always find something to apply to my gardening efforts!

  1077. Angelique Lloyd says:

    Gardening is my new passion. Because I’m absolutely obsessed, I have yet to pay much attention to the domestic and food blogs πŸ™‚ But I’m sure I’ll get around to it some day and will enjoy those articles almost as much!

  1078. Tammy DeMoss says:

    Our Household contains fanatics of gardening, domesticity, and food! We love gardening and having the fresh veggies, and then moving into creating new and tasty dishes and even canning. Not to mention we do our own home remodeling and decorating! Excited to be on the newsletter list!

  1079. I love your gardening tips. Because I’m also in upstate NY, I find them extremely helpful. I refer to your blog many times for a myriad of reasons. Thanks so much for what you do and good luck with you presentation!

  1080. Oh, and Happiest of Birthdays!!

  1081. Happy Birthday to you.

    Of course it is the food that interests me the most.

    Food, glorious food !!!!!

  1082. Happy Birthday!

    Food and gardening interest me the most, but I also like domesticity- just in lesser doses πŸ™‚

  1083. Ms. Eddie Jenkins says:

    Hope you had a wonderful day and many blessing.
    I already receive you newsletter and love every aspect. I would have a tough time picking just one. Thank you for your time and all of your great ideas, etc.
    Have a wonderful 2013!!!

  1084. all three….

  1085. Perchance all three!!!!!!!!

  1086. Happy, happy b’day! I, too, live in upstate NY and love your tips….I am going to be making my first “real” attempt at raised bed gardening this year and hope to can, dry and freeze all of my produce. At least, what we don’t eat right away. So, any tips on raised bed gardening would be wonderful!

  1087. I love all sections but I imagine I keep hopping the gardening articles will rub off and help my thumb turn green!!

    Nice way to share in your birthday joy.

  1088. Happy Birthday to you! I love all the topics on your site, but being new to gardening that is what drew me to the site. I like the garden to table approach. I am hooked on your recipes! They are simple, yet so delicious. Some have become go-to meals!

  1089. Happy Birthday I have a December birthday too on the 25th this sure would be a wonderful present for me =). Thanks…

  1090. Happy, happy birthday Kevin! I love all of your topics that you share but food would have to be the first choice. Would love you to also share frugal tips if you have any. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, passions and life with us!

  1091. Isabelle Villeda says:

    Happy Birthday dear Kevin! your web site is awesome, I love it …everything is so helpful in your page. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I like Food and gardening topics. I appreciate “A LOT” the excellent explanation that you give in everything you share with us.

    I hope to win this wonderful Food Processor, since I don’t have any….



  1092. . . . . . (). () () (). ()
    . . . Μ₯ _Μ² β•‘. β•‘ β•‘ β•‘. β•‘ _Μ². .Μ₯
    . .{. β€’ _ ❃ _ β€’ _ ❃_ β€’. .}
    . .{. β€’ _ ❃ _ β€’ _ ❃_ β€’. .}
    __{β€’.. ❋. _ .❋. _.❋ ..β€’}__

    (Β―`·´¯).Β·Β΄(Β―`·´¯).β™₯ Happy Birthday! β™₯
    ..` Β·.Β·Β΄(Β―`·´¯)…..β˜…γ€‚ οΌο½œοΌΌγ€‚β˜…

    Blessings to you! Gook luck to everyone!

  1093. Can’t remember if i’ve thanked you a bazillion times for your wonderful, down-to-earth gardening and kitchening advice AND can’t remember if i commented on the food processor. Anyway HAPPY BIRTH DAY!

  1094. Donna Scramling says:

    I love everything about your newsletter and Facebook site, Kevin, so I have no favorite. I hope you did something especially magnificent to celebrate your special day.

    Keep up the wonderful work you do.

  1095. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a day filled w/ love and laughter and of course…good food!
    when I started looking at your sight it was for gardening…but now it is all three! πŸ™‚

  1096. Debi Pierce says:

    A REAL food processor! Whatever would I do!!

  1097. Happy Birthday, almost didn’t get past the picture of the Lemon pie wow does that look good. Tought to say what I like best about your site. The recipes are always what I am drawn to, but the gardening is so helpful. I guess thanks for all the info you give to us.

  1098. Kevin .. all of your site is interesting. Sometimes I need the flowers, sometimes it is remodeling and of course the interesting recipes !!

    Your layouts are well done, the pictures are sharp and clear … just an all around pleasure to spend time with you … thank you for sharing your generous soul <3

  1099. Happy Birthday! love the recipies…and the gardening…and the decorating LOL hope you have a Grand evening!

  1100. joe gilbert says:

    well kevin i like all three segments but especially like it when you mention the farm

  1101. Wow, how this would make my baking a Breeze!!!!!! Hope you had a Happy Birthday…..Love your gardens, your home, your recipes……I just LOVE it ALL!!!!!!!

  1102. Happy birthday Kevie, I love everything about your website. Love your doggie

  1103. This would make my baking a Breeze! Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!!! I love your gardens, your home, your recipes, I just LOVE them ALL!!!!!! keep them coming………

  1104. Christine Navarro says:

    I like all three! Gardening seems to be my favorite at the moment. I am new to it, just did some patio tomatoes over the summer. I am hoping to try my hand at raised beds in the spring!

  1105. Sandy Shank says:

    Love your website! Happy Belated Birthday! Gardening is my favorite! Happy Holidays!

  1106. I love the variety. I love the pictures of your house. I love the recipes and your ability to share your talents so even those of us less creative are inspired to try. Hope I win this for my daughter-in-law who is eight months pregnant and living in college housing with my son who has gone back to grad school She is so deserving and I saw it on her Pinterest board. Have a merry Christmas!

  1107. . . . and Happy Birthday!

  1108. Shirley Wood says:

    Oh Kevin how kind of you to share your birthday presents with us! Happy Birthday. My favorite posts from you are the recipies. The pictures you post motivate me to get going in the kitchen!

  1109. Happy birthday! I love the gardening and recipes. Thx!

  1110. You have a fan club in Warren County NY! We love you! Gardening and period home decor are my favs.

  1111. sue conard says:

    I enjoy everything about your site,,,but my favorite is gardening,,,;-p

  1112. Kay Wheeler says:

    Belated Birthday greetings Kevin…..your blog and site are wonderful. Love all the gardening info and recipes…That Tomato and basil pie was delicious… All the best for you and your partner in the coming year.

  1113. Happy Birthday Kevin,

    I really like all 3 but am especially interested in new ideas for the garden. Have been gardening for 40 years and there is always a lot of new ideas to create more beautiful and healthy gardens.

    Love your newsletters. Thanks so much.

  1114. Wow Happy Birthday Kevin. I thought it was just me and a handful of others who read your blog. This is quite a following. Happiest Birthday Greetings

  1115. Susan Hockings says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kevin! I came over to your blog for the cooking, but honeslty……
    I love it all!

  1116. Happy birthday! I love everything about your blog!

  1117. I love all three topics!!!


  1118. gardening thats for sure. I’m pretty sure I’ve subscribed before but I will do it again. and I’ve liked you page many times
    Thanks for the opp to win such a fun kitchen piece.
    peace n abundance,

  1119. Happiest of birthdays Kevin, so happy for all the things you post, my grand gals and I love to cook, craft and do so many things together. This piece to add to my kitchen will be well loved and used by all of us gals. Thanks again…hugs to Lily

  1120. The food and the gardening are the best parts of your blog…. Home foods… beautiful plants indoors & out.. great photography… a light touch… joyful…
    You add beauty & comfort to our worlds in your writing…. garden aroma therapy …
    color to dreary days.. and joyful foods to pick us up or calm us down.
    Thank you very much for this…
    & HaPpY BiRtHdAy A LiTtLe LaTe πŸ˜€

  1121. Happy Birthday!

    I like the gardening posts the best, but I also like the posts about your home.

  1122. Felicidades. Happy birthday!!! I am an avid reader of everything you post. A major fan of your recipes. I am a baby gardner. Meaning I am trying to keep what I do have and can get to grow alive. Alas, not always successful, but you give me hope. I do love looking at pictures of your home. No preference since I do read everything and look forward to each newsletter. I live in New York and work downtown by Wall Street. Enjoy your visit.

  1123. I’m mostly interested in the Food and Gardening. Thanks!

  1124. This is a season of giving- thanks for sharing on your birthday!

    I enjoy your recipes, your stunning green thumb, and the home tips!

    Love it all…!

  1125. Happy belated birthday Kevin! Well my favorite part of your site is getting to see bits and bobs of your fabulous home indoors and out. I always love your recipes too and have tried and loved many of them. Now that I think on it I also love your monthly garden chore lists because it reminds me of many things I tend to forget until late in the month. At least one of us is organized and I love that you pass that on to us who can organizationalphobia.

  1126. How cool of you, Kevin!

    I love all three topics, which certainly go hand in hand, a mon avis. That being said, the garden is closest to my heart.

    I hope you and your household enjoyed every fluffy forkful of that lucious lemon meringue pie!

  1127. I already subscribe and FB “like”. I really enjoy your gardening insight and totally love the baking parts. I have learned about several nifty tools out there that I didn’t know about before.

  1128. June Piercey-hacala says:

    Gosh don’t ask me to chose a favoritE topic, your great at all of them..I don’t think ya can have one without the other to be deeply happy..Garden = food = cooking/art. What better place to enjoy it then in a beautiful home…that is total splendid Domesticity.. You love it ,I love it..THE GODS ARE HAPPY πŸ™‚

  1129. Happy birthday!

    Gardening and food are my favorite topics.

  1130. Love ALL your website! Gardening is my favorite but enjoy reading about all.

  1131. Happy birthday, Kevin!! I absolutely love your recipes and can’t wait to make your lemon meringue pie. My mother-in-law brought one over for dinner last night for dessert!! I also really follow your gardening tips. I used you as my guide for planting garlic… and your garlic scape pesto made me a hero! Keep up the great work with this fantastic site. πŸ™‚

  1132. I signed up for this site for the gardening information, and found I love all your recipes, especially the ones with lots of butter! And your photos of house and decorating are really beautiful. I love it all, but gardening is still at the top of the list.

    I have only a 4-cup food processor, so a 12-cup one would be perfect for my first try at the lemon meringue crust. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Happy Birthday, enjoy the coming year!

  1133. Jan Jacklin says:

    Happy Birthday & a very Blessed next 365 days…
    Wow…I am right there with you, getting ready to start the seeds…my beds are covered so they don’t become super saturated….milk jugs saved, egg cartons with shells ready for soil then seeds & into the freen house before they go into the ground in a couple of months….exciting to see new growth in 2013…

  1134. first of all happy belated birthday, I too am a December baby on the 20th and believe it or not for my second birthday present I received a baby brother–the 3rd child of 9—my mother was very busy!! I scour your letters and updates for cooking, gardening and decorating ideas, thanks so much and keep them coming. My food processor of 40 years finally bit the dust so am in hopes of replacing it with your kind give away. Wishing you, your partner for life and all the people in your life a blessed Christmas and a joyous new year.

  1135. Lynn Filipowicz says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin, and I love all your post, but the food ones the most. can’t wait to make the lemon pie, lemon pie is my very favorite pie yum-o I try to make something different each week, so keep the recipes coming! I would love to win the food processor.

  1136. Mary Eileen says:

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE YOUR NEWSLETTER! I feel especially motivated to grow some african violets again, since you are an expert. All three topics are most welcome,

  1137. What originally attracted me to your newsletter was the information on gardening. I am retired a retired RN. Although I remember my parents having gardens, my husband planted several small gardens after becoming a recovering alcoholic. We did do some work in them together; but he did most of the work. I remember him crawling on his hands and knees pulling weeds. After he died, my children were grown and working and I was more or less on my own I really had no time for this activity. I was too busy, worn out and tired from working as a nurse and keeping my own home. Then, several years ago my oldest son and his wife decided to do some landscape work around my then current little house. It sparked within me an urge to at least try growing some flowers and start learning how to tend that landscaping. It was like starting all over again, learning some new things and unlearning some old ideas.

    I retired in 2010 at the age of 68. I did a little landscaping around a tree between my neighbor to the south of me and my own lot before I had knee surgery. After that my neighbor and my oldest son helped me clear an area behind my current home that was a small weed and brush infested area. Then my neighbor, myself and anybody else I could get dumped grass clippings, leaves and what compost I could make on that area. My youngest son and I also hauled manure from a local horse stable. In 2011 I started planting perennials. My neighbor Joyce donated specimens from her garden. She and I both dug up hostas we had and divided them up. This was quite a task and at that time we were sure we would never do that again. We ended up using pruning saws to divide those things up. Oh, by the way I forgot to tell you that before we dumped all those leaves, clippings, compost and manure on that weed lot I put down a mat of cardboard on that slope. My youngest son is one of the managers in a local grocery and he brought me all the cardboard boxes he was able to get his hands on. My neighbor, Joyce and I were both impress how well this has worked. The earth is rich, loose, moist,and full of beneficial earthworms. I did hose down the cardboard when I laid it down and every time we added clippings, leaves, leaves compost or manure.

    Last year my neighbor and I tried vegetable gardening in the small space behind my backyard fence and that perennial garden. It was not the best year here in mid west central Illinois. We had a terrible drought; but because I have a sand point for watering and did not have to water with city water we did get some produce for our table; but I had to water the garden and the flowers almost constantly. I did not worry about the grass. There was not enough power in the sand point pump to run more than one sprinkler or hose at a time.

    My goal is to become better and more efficient at this. I am going to take a master gardener course through the Extension U of I starting in January of 2013.

    Although I enjoy all of your newsletter what attracted me to your newsletter originally I must admit was the information on gardening. Thank you for that. Sincerely; Marilou

  1138. Congrat to Christine B,

  1139. Happy Birthday Kevin! I love your recipes and the tours of your property with all the updates, but I think I have to pick Gardening as my most favorite. You absolutely saved my tomato crop this summer, and thanks to you I was able to salvage my plants from black root rot and now have a freezer full of tomatoes to enjoy all year! I look forward to your weekly newsletter as I read every article from beginning to end.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year!

  1140. Its a wonderfull time!

  1141. Susan Dollard says:

    I love all three areas. I am Master Gardener Program Coordinator for Sullivan County,NY. You inspire me and I know many of my Master Gardeners now follow you. Keep doing what you do so well! Merry Christmas!

  1142. I like the gardening tips and photos and love the recipes – have made your Tarte tatin serveral times and it always comes out great. I had tried it before but like your recipe better. I even enjoy the articles on things I haven’t tried yet like making cheese – they’re fun to read in themselves but enhanced by your enthusiasm.

    Thank you – I always enjoy seeing your e-mail in my in-box! (unlike many that I receive).

  1143. Like all the posts but leak most toward the gardening as we are doing a lot of that here with the conversion to a bed and breakfast. Check out the website and the best on your birthday!

  1144. Maureen WALL says:

    Happy birthday,Kevin! I love everything about your website. Keep up the good work.

  1145. Kevin,

    Love it ALL, I never find something I am not interested in. I am already subbed to your newsletter.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  1146. says:

    Hello I am so excited I found your blog, I really found you by accident, while I
    was browsing on Digg for something else, Regardless I am
    here now and would just like to say thank you for a remarkable post and a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through
    it all at the moment but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up
    the fantastic b.

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