Downton Abbey Quiz!

Are you eagerly awaiting the return of Mrs. Patmore and the rest of the cast from Downton Abbey? Me too! And to tide us over, I’ve put together a multiple-choice quiz that deals with this hit period drama. The details:

To take the quiz, just click the link below. No matter how you score, I’ll automatically enter you in a random drawing to win a $25.00 gift certificate for

The winner and the correct answers will be announced on Tuesday, January 1, 2013. So be sure to check back!

How’d you do? Please feel free to post your score — or any thoughts you have — in the comments field below. And if you like taking just-for-fun quizzes, by all means click the “Like” button!


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  1. I clicked on the quiz, entered my name, and then got a message saying “you scored 0%. i never had the opportunity to answer any questions. I DO love Downton Abbey and am anxiously awaiting season 3.

  2. Yay! Scored 100%. Can’t wait for the third ‘series.’

  3. Got a 94! Surprised myself. Now I want to know which ones I missed. Will you be publishing the correct answers?

  4. Ray -Thanks for playing! I’ll announce the correct answers on Tuesday morning.

  5. kevin – your text says “To take the quiz, just click the button below.” – however, I have no button to click to see the quiz…and love the program. Please let me know what button I really click to find the questions on the quiz…thanks..

  6. Hi Susan – Click the black box that says “Click here to take the Downton Abbey quiz.” The quiz should pop right up.

  7. I did better than I thought by getting 94%. I can hardly wait for January 6. Thanks for getting us ready for Season 3.

  8. I love Downton Abbey and can’t wait for the next season to start. Tough quiz! I am pleased to say I got 100%. Yay!

  9. Sonja Jones says:

    It says I scored a 69% but I don’t see how. Unless it didn’t count some of my answers. I would really like to know the answers as well. Maybe I should go back and watch the seasons again.

  10. Sonja Jones says:

    I took it again (two more times). The first time I answered a couple of questions differently and got a 63%. The 2nd time I answered exactly the way I did the very first time and got a 75%. Weird.

  11. You are too darned cute! CANNOT WAIT to take the quiz, but for now, off to work! Merry and Happy to you kiddo. Isn’t Downtown just the bees knees? Be back soon. (Congrats on your paper whites blooming just in time. Smart and hard work pays off once again :))! Ciao for now!

  12. I got an 81…wish I knew what I got wrong! January 6, here I come.

  13. My score was awful, but in my defense my children are all ages 7 & under so I don’t ever get to watch adult television at this point in my life’s journey;) Happy New Year!!

  14. Earen Hummel says:

    Only an 88% for me. I will have to wait until season 3 is on Netflix, as I don’t subscribe to cable. Oh well!

  15. Guess I should start watching again.It has been a long time

  16. LOL That was fun.
    I got a 31%.. I have absolutely no clue what Downtown Abbey is.. but I guess maybe I should find out.. It sounded like it had the potential to be good.. even if I did get 2/3s answers wrong. 😉

  17. Thank you- I scored 88% not too shabby considering I am just finishing season 1 on netflix

  18. Only 75%!?!?! The quiz is obviously rigged, lol!

  19. I only got 75% but it’s been a while since I watched the first season.

  20. Grandma Parker says:

    100%! Of course, I sorta cheated – I’ve spent the last two days knitting and watching DA straight through – all my kids and friends have been telling me about it, so bought Seasons One and Two as my gift to me for Christmas. WOW! The storyline, the acting, the costumes, the vintage cars, the realistic sets, the “all of it”. Spectacular! I’m hooked! But we MUST get Mr. Bates out of jail!!!

  21. Woo hoo 94%! Can’t wait for the next series…..

  22. I’ve only been able to watch 3 episodes but I still scored a 56%! Love your web site, you have a great variety compared to others I subscribe to.

  23. Diane Kratz says:

    38%. In my defense, I work two jobs and in my (lol) spare time would rather read than turn on the tv. Or work on all things related to plants. p.s. Got my winter sowing vegetable garden underway. Looking for flower seeds to plant!

  24. Diane Kratz says:

    Only 38.% 🙁 But in my defense, I work two jobs and in my spare time would rather read or work on anything plant related. P.S. I started winter sowing my vegetable garden and now am looking for seeds to start my flowers!

  25. Diane Kratz says:

    Apologize for the repeat. 🙁 It didn’t appear to take my comment at first.

  26. 81%…Guess I should just curl up under a blanket and watch again to refresh my memory. Won’t be too hard of a job. Awaiting season 3!!!!!!

  27. Barbara Zakrzewski says:

    I scored 56 after watching only half of the latest season.

  28. 75%. I absolutely love downton abbey and hope everyone encourages their friends to watch it too. Can hardly wait for Jan.6.

  29. Darn it. I accidentally hit enter before I actually got to take the quiz and it won’t let me back in to
    take it. 🙁

  30. Done! 🙂 88% Love this show! Thanks Kevin 🙂

  31. 94%! I hope I didn’t get the Doug’s name wrong. A friend in London taped all of season 3 for us so we’ve seen everything except the Christmas episode. It continues to be wonderful, can’t wait to watch it again!

  32. Dog’s

  33. Constantiine says:

    I knew I was in trouble when I got the first question wrong! ;^)

  34. 94% … wondering which one I missed. Only 10 days to season III.

  35. Only 88%! John Lunn? Highclere? Pruning roses? Electricity? Which one was wrong? Nice quiz! Thanks!

  36. Gee I only scored 50%! Guess I didn’t pay attention when I was watching the series….

  37. Joy Bellamy says:

    scored a 19…but it was a really fun quiz. Will tune in on Jan 6th

  38. I also got the “You scored 0%” without taking the quiz. Oh well.

  39. 100% Score!!! My daughter shared this series with me and we marathoned it over the holiday. Love Downton Abbey.

  40. 31%?? Yuk! But, I missed quite a few episodes. Don’t want to miss any this coming season because I love Downtown Abbey.

  41. 88%…I am guessing I got the composer wrong. Hate to say that I cheated and watched season 3 already on project free tv. We don’t get any channels at our house, including PBS, so we watch a lot of stuff through that website, amazon and netflix…but we were impatient and didn’t want to wait until next summer. All I can say is it was another great series and I am anxiously awaiting series 4 to come out next year. Enjoy


    FYI… PBS is also streaming this show, consult your local PBS website for the date and time.
    They will stream season III when it comes out as we….. I dont have cable either, and cant wait for netflix, so Im going to watch it online.

    Added Trivia Question…
    What BBC-Scotland show was the the “creator and written by” (Julian Fellows) on a few years ago?

  43. Kevin,
    Just FYI (Since you’re quiz is about the Proper English… )
    re: The proper usage of the phrases to tie you over versus to tide you over.
    The true form is to tide one over. In some slight defence of to tie one over, it is becoming more common, but it is a folk etymology (read “error” if you prefer) that has grown up because the word tide here seems to make no sense.

    The phrase means that something — especially money — will see one through a difficult period and keep one going until things improve. An example from the Daily Telegraph from 31 August 2002: “As well as putting money aside, which can be used to tide him over when he returns from his post in Antarctica, Mr Bursnall can begin to build up a deposit for a flat”.

    The idea is that of the swelling tide, which will carry you over some obstacle, with the implication that it won’t require effort on your part. It may be that it’s a deliberate echo of Brutus’s comment, in Julius Caesar: “There is a Tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the Flood, leads on to Fortune”, or it may at least be taken from the same idea of a ship, say, waiting for the tide to rise and carry it over the bar into a harbour.

    Perhaps oddly for an expression that concerns something so basic and immemorial, the phrase is first recorded only in 1860. Many of the early instances evoked the watery associations explicitly, as does this, from Edward Meyrick Goulburn’s book The Pursuit of Holiness of 1869: “As an exuberant mounting flood shall tide us over the difficulties of our career”.

  44. 81% Not bad for only seeing it for the first time In Dec. I have not seen Season 2 yet.

  45. Sue – Noted…and repaired!

  46. Janet Ortega says:

    I couldn’t get any farther than first and last name & email address because there was no submit on the box and it wouldn’t let me take the quiz. I’m using an Android smartphone. I’ll try on computer later.

  47. I am currently watching the beginning of season 2 on disk and loving it! I am sorry to say I did not pay attention to the composer’s name. I will have to check that out. Plus they don’t have the dog on enough:) Fun quiz!

  48. I’ve made 81!!!! Not so bad, hu? Looking foward the 4th season…
    Best regards from Brazil!!! Happy New Year to all!!!

  49. Denise in Colorado says:

    I got an 81! Didn’t know song composer or dogs name 🙁 A fun quiz though! Can’t wait for it to start again!! Happy New Year! 🙂

  50. I love this series

  51. I thought that I might have the jump on everyone, as I watched the series on dvd months after it came out. Didn’t bear out, however.

  52. This quiz was a fun idea, like many I can’t wait for the new season. I only got an 88, and had no idea of the dogs name. #42 WAYNE CHRISTIAN added a Trivia Question…
    What BBC-Scotland show was the the “creator and written by” (Julian Fellows) on a few years ago? Is the answer Monarch of the Glen, in which he also had a fantastic role, I loved that series.

  53. 81% for me, I didnt know the composer nor the actual name of the estate. I LOVE it. I am happy to be able to see both seasons on my Roku player and cant wait for more!

  54. What fun although I scored so badly. Looking to the next season also.

  55. 88% Just one more week ’til S3, yay!

  56. Poor score. Looking forward to next Sunday.

  57. 94. looking forward to the next season!

  58. 88% correct! I thought I knew more than I did, I guess. Isn’t that always the case? : /

  59. I had the same experience as Ceil in comment #1. Bummer.
    Oh well—- best I get to bed anyway.

  60. 100% – Something I’m finally good at –
    Watch Masterpiece SUNDAYS
    @ 9/8C ON PBS!

  61. Beverly, zone 6 eastern PA says:

    94 !
    We have series one and two on disk and have watched them several times. The acting is so convincing. We have our calendars marked for next Sunday. A little sticky note reminder was placed at the end of December’s calendar for weeks and weeks now.

  62. Happy New Year and continued great posts to come.

  63. I love Downton Abbey and enjoyed taking the quiz.l Lots of fun. I have bought Season i and 2 on CD and am watching them in order to get ready for Season 3. It is SO great.

  64. Naomi Shelton says:

    That was fun! I haven’t watched DA very consistently so did quite badly on the quiz. But now I am inspired to watch again to see the correct answers! I think a Downton Abbey Quiz should be a periodic feature on your excellent website, Kevin! Happy New Year!

  65. I scored an 88, better than I expected. After going thru 6 rounds of chemo last winter, my memory isn’t the same. Good thing they aired the end of Season 2 on PBS last night! I can’t wait for the new episodes. Fun quiz!

  66. Rita Bamford says:

    so disappointed that I got one answer wrong 🙂
    It was either Isis, or the Countess’s ignorance (weekends). Was it “job”? Probably. She’s a kick.

    I think I might try that lemon meringue pie, but it does seem like a lot of work. Anyone?
    Honestly, how long does it take minus the crust which I’ve already got?

  67. I should be applying for FT work, instead of taking the quiz.

    With time to watch, and salivate over the clothes, I got 100%, but can get only 3 channels anyway, and PBS has no commercials. Even their funding drives are fun. Need to get a life!

    Heard that Dan Stevens isn’t signing on for DA season 4, after Season 3 completion.

    Thank you. Know when to say when, and even Julian Fellowes is surprised where his characters are headed.

    Thanks Kevin: now back to seed catalogs, envisioning pruning cuts on fruit trees, and waiting impatiently for Spring 2013.

  68. Riversana says:

    44% and I’ve never seen a single episode! It was all guessing. 🙂

  69. I’d heard so much hoopla about this show, but never gave it a chance. I was flipping the channels on Friday night and stopped long enough to see a bit of it. I can now see why it’s such a hit. I can’t wait to go back and do some catching up. This is one instance when I’d have to admit the reviews were right on!

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