Presidential Quiz: Answers & Winners

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took the Presidential Quiz. Two of my questions were flawed (see below). Consequently I ignored “wrong” answers for these when selecting winners. Here are the correct answers, followed by the winners names:

And by the way, this quiz was a trial-run for me. You see, I recently subscribed to, which permits me to host multiple-choice quizzes. There are some kinks to work out (their format is too large for my central column), but based on the number of quiz-takers — 275 — I think the program is fairly “user-friendly.”

The correct answers (with notes for numbers 9 and 10) are in bold.

Who had the most extensive experimental gardens?

George W. Bush
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams

What color is the John F. Kennedy rose?


What was Ronald Reagan’s favorite candy?

gummy bears
jelly beans

Which president’s home is named for Linden trees?

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s
Martin Van Buren’s
George Washington’s

What did Mrs. Wilson establish at the White House?

14 sets of china
a solarium
a rose garden

What “new” food did FDR introduce to King George and Queen Elizabeth?

beer-battered onion rings
hot dogs
chicken, roasted on an electric rotisserie

What enabled George Washington to enjoy a meal?

a glass of wine, consumed one hour before eating
wooden teeth
pleasant conversation with Martha

And here’s where I hit a snag. I should have said “false teeth.” Washington’s dentures, according to a forensic anthropologist, were made from gold, ivory, lead (!), and human and animal teeth.

Who had an upper and a lower garden?

George Washington, at Mount Vernon
Thomas Jefferson, at Monticello
Richard Nixon, at San Clemente

Snag #2: I’ve visited Mount Vernon and Monticello numerous times. Mount Vernon’s formal garden is commonly referred to as the “Upper Garden,” and his vegetable plot is known as the “Lower Garden.” But…Jefferson’s Monticello features gardens on two levels, too. Consequently if you chose either president’s estate, your answer was correct!

What was Lady Bird Johnson’s main cause?

highway beautification
childhood obesity

Which vegetable did George H.W. Bush detest?


Which first couple insisted on a ban of alcoholic beverages at the White House?

The Hayeses
The Polks
The Carters

Who declared that the coffee served at Nashville’s Maxwell House was “good to the last drop?”

Warren G. Harding
Calvin Coolidge
Theodore Roosevelt

Which first ladies were responsible for creating large-scale edible gardens at the White House?

Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama
Mary Todd Lincoln and Michelle Obama
Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama

Ignoring questions 9 and 10, the first person to score 100% is…Martha F.
The second person to correctly answer all questions is…Marjean C.
The third quiz-taker to score 100% is…David Z.
Congratulations, Martha, Marjean, and David! You’ll all receive a bag of fragrant Narcissus bulbs which you can easily coax into indoor bloom!

A fourth winner was chosen at random, regardless of score. That winner is Donna K. Congratulations, Donna. You, too, will receive a bag of fragrant Narcissus bulbs!

Note to winners: Watch for an email from me!

In the comments field below, let me know if you’ve ever visited the home of a U.S. president. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve visited both Jefferson’s Monticello and Washington’s Mount Vernon. I’ve also visited Martin Van Buren’s home, “Lindenwald,” countless times, but only because it happens to be located in my neighborhood.    The gardens there aren’t particularly noteworthy, but the  interior of the house is…stunningly-beautiful.

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  1. Incredible. I made the winner’s list! Early bird got the worm. Thanks so much, Kevin.

  2. I’m pretty sure I went to Mount Vernon at least once as a kid, but don’t have any specific memories of it, sadly. Can’t wait to start dragging my preschool-aged son around to historical sites!

  3. Martha Ellen says:

    So happy to be a winner! We have visited Mount Vernon and Monticello and Montpelier —also Ash Lawn–All worthwhile visits!!

  4. OMG, Kevin, I am so shocked to be chosen a winner. Thank you. I was about to order these bulbs. I love your website and all your recipes. I have visited Monticello once.

  5. donnikah – be sure to check your email…I’ll need a shipping address in order to send your loot!

  6. fun quiz Kevin– I learned a lot and enjoyed hearing the answers!
    Guess I’ll have to buy my bulbs….darn!

  7. I missed taking your quiz, but found it interesting. Congratulations to the winners! I have visited Mount Vernon, Monticello, Ashlawn, and Montpelier. I recently read a newly released book “Houses of the Presidents; Childhood Homes, Family Dwellings, Private Escapes, and Grand Estates” by Howard, Hugh. You and your readers might find it as fascinating as I did.

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