Giveaway: Ricki Carroll’s Cheesemaking Kit

IT WAS RICKI CARROLL who introduced me to the wonders of homemade mozzarella and ricotta. Because I’d like your taste buds to do a happy dance, too, I’ve purchased yet another one of herΒ  cheese-making kits to give away. Who’d likeΒ  a chance to win it in a random drawing?

If you only know tasteless, rubbery mozzarella, and bland, gummy ricotta from the supermarket, get ready for a colossal treat. I can tell you from my own experience that these two cheeses, when made from scratch, offer incredible flavor and texture. Try making them once, and I suspect you’ll never buy their commercial counterparts again.

The kit I’m giving away contains enough rennet and citric acid to make 30 batches of cheese. It also contains a thermometer, and a large piece of butter-muslin. Butter muslin is used for draining the whey from ricotta. I use butter muslin for straining a number of cheeses, including the Greek-style yogurt I make almost every week.

For a chance to win the kit, do these two simple things:

1. Subscribe — if you haven’t already — to my weekly email newsletter.

2. In the comments field below, tell me what you are having for dinner tonight. Or, say anything you’d like. Even a simple “hello” will suffice.

I’d be ever so grateful if you clicked the “like” button, too.

The drawing expires on Friday, July 6, 2012, at 11:59PM. As always, I’ll use the little number-gadget at Random. org to select a winner. The winner will be notified by email.

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  1. I have to work tonight so I will be eating whatever the caterer prepares…but its always good!

  2. Christine Moore says:

    Pasta !

  3. We are having chicken with fruit and cheese, as well as tomatoes, from the garden, with mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I can’t imagine how much better this would be with fresh mozzarella!

  4. I’m feeding 7 men and 2 women for dinner tonight. I am certain what will make them happiest is a slab of meat cooked over fire. What’s with men and meat?

  5. Foul Woman with a few goats says:

    I have made homemade mozzarella before sometime with success sometimes not. I have a few goats that I milk and can always use an outlet for milk, hence make cheese. Would just like to b successful more time than not. πŸ™‚ Would love to win. Thanks for your posts. Supper…
    chicken club with homemade mozzarella I think. πŸ™‚

  6. Dinner tonight… well, it’s summer here, a scorching 95 degrees. Keeping it light with a spread of homemade rosemary-whole wheat bread, zahtar and olive oil for dipping, chilled shrimp, a small fruit salad and a selection of cheeses and meats. Great for drop-in guests or snacking the next day, too.

  7. My hubby has turned vegetarian after 38 years of marriage….( for health reasons)…. Its been challenging to learn to cook meatless…..I have seen this on your site before…bet its great with tomatoes and fresh basil! Now that sounds yummy!

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I want to try and make this cheese and this may be the perfect time.

  9. Dinner tonight—straight from the Farmers’ Market….fresh potato salad, homemade chili for hot dogs, corn salad, homemade salsa, and a chocolate cake…..more market things waiting to be made for the pasta salad tomorrow. Wouldn’t homemade cheese be a great addition!?!?

  10. Carrie d. says:

    Hi, and I still haven’t tried moz. yet. but love the cottage cheese. Cant wait till your new letters come to get all of the great ideas from them.

  11. Mmmmmm……..CHEESE! I live in Wisconsin, yes, it’s THE home of CHEESE-HEADs! I first learned how to make ricotta and mozzarella with this kit and never went back to store bought. My favorite thing is to whip up batches of both and then make GF Veggie Lasagna with all the cheese I made. Divine!!! Great idea for tonights supper. Thanks for handing out more of these kits……I hope my number comes up in this drawing! πŸ˜€

  12. I’m enjoying your blog! I make pizza from scratch every week, and would love to try my hand at homeade cheese!

  13. Darlene says:

    Kevin, your website is awesome! I’ve made lots of your recipes (most recently the beet leaf burritos). But never the mozzarella. And with fresh basil and tomatoes in the garden, I really need to!

  14. Would love to have this kit to make some mozzarella!

  15. dimmer tonight will be a picnic….graduation party. very nice peoople, food? probably store bought motzarella in 3 different ways!

  16. Kandy Demskie says:

    Making ricotta gnocchi with cherry toms and zucchini and fresh basil, NUM!

  17. we have been happiest fed at our daughter birthday feast for lunch so for supper everything will be good

  18. Dinner tonight is chicken with fresh red peppers lightly sauteed and mushrooms (also lightly sauteed with lemon buttered rice… and that cheese sounds absolutely delicious!

  19. Joy sparks says:

    Grilled ahi tuba with a fresh lemon sauce and cold pasta salad with tomatoes, feta, olives, cucumbers and onions drilled lemon vinegarette.

  20. Dinner tonight will be at a 50th anniversary party for our neighbors. Whatever theFire Dept. Ladies auxiliary makes will be yummy! !

  21. A nice salad with greens from our garden and humus & Kalamata olives on pita.

  22. Barbara says:

    What more does one need in life than a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and a few hunks of delicious cheese?

  23. Rosemeri says:

    This is great. Thanks for the chance to win one. I love mozzarella cheese. I love cheese on just about everything. What’s not to like?

  24. Beth lloyd says:

    veggies from the garden!

  25. Soup and salad for dinner. Soups already made so I don’t have to cook!

  26. Mary Ann Bonetti says:


  27. MommmaMoreno says:

    I will not have dinner tonight as I will be working until late.

  28. Mary Ann Salsman says:

    East Tennessee pulled pork BBQ sandwiches topped with slaw, BBQ baked beans, and sweeeeet tea! That’s what’s for dinner!

  29. Nikki L says:

    We’re having ribs, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies tonight.

  30. We’re eating whatever Hubby’s cooking. ; )

  31. Suzanne says:

    Fish, not salmon though, at the BF’s request. Grilled peppers with a basil pesto sauce, and…still to be determined.

  32. I would prefer to have homemade mozzarella in my caprese salad, thus my entry. But I suppose Ham, green beans and broccolli will suffice.

  33. Bethany says:

    Leftover Tandoori chicken from today’s picnic. I love your website!

  34. pasta with roasted pepper, tomato , onion, basil salt pepper and garlic

  35. We’re having white fish grilled with butter and lemon and whatever I can forage from the cupboard after two weeks away from home. Black beans and some of the surviving cilantro from my deck boxes, maybe?

  36. BLT’s on homemade wheat bread. Too hot here to cook!!

  37. We are having steak on the grill,salad with radish sprouts (delicious), kale, ciabatta croutons, green onions, chives, sunflower seeds, shredded cheddar cheese, and dressing made with Chive Blossom vinegar & Olive Oil! Much after supper ~ I will make a smoothie for dessert. My smoothie with have blueberry yougurt, a bananna, fresh picked strawberries, and a tablespoon of Lingonberries!

  38. OH! I want to make insalata caprese this summer with homemade mozzarella!!

  39. Sorry–that previous comment wasn’t listed with the email address I used for subscribing to your email newsletter, which I love BTW. I’ve made garlic scape pesto (and got someone else hooked on it, too) and chive blossom vinegar thanks to you!

  40. I’m subscribed to you in my reader. Wasn’t sure if that counted or not. Our dinner’s already over and we had pizza. We always have pizza on Saturday night., so I use alot of mozzarella.

  41. Christina says:

    Roasted vegetables (local) and papaya (not local, but delicious), and fresh Marco Polo Bread.

  42. kimberly cunningham says:

    Dinner? Well after a day of farmer’s market, working amongst my own plants and then swimming I made eggs bought from a local farmer and toast out of homemade bread topped with farm fresh butter and chased it down with a cold glass of milk from my local farmer. Anyway….I am going back to where I came from, growing my own and becoming sustainable. I made your chive blossom vinegar and it is absolutely fabulous. Going to put some into pulled pork tomorrow!! The cheese kit would go right along with my way of life, either grow it or make it or shop local and can it!!

  43. Love your newsletter. We had chef’s salad for dinner and watermelon for dessert. Wonderful – love this time of year.

  44. Kimberly says:

    Fish and veggie curry soup

  45. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at cheese making for years and I’ve finally found a local source for raw milk, now i just need the kit.

    Tonight was a big grocery shopping night so we had mac n cheese, green beans (picked fresh from the garden) and home made bread. After a 109 heat index today we wanted fast, light and kid pleasing.

  46. Michelle says:

    I’m working tonight, so….I’ll be eating whatever I dig out of my goody bag (whenever the ER slows down enough) – smoked turkey/swiss and pickled okra sounds pretty good. I have also become rather addicted to laughing cow’s bleu cheese and the dill flavored triscuits… I’d love to try out the cheese kit!

  47. I made one of my comfort suppers. Angel hair pasta topped with canned sauce that I jazz up with 93% lean ground beef, fennel seed and minced garlic.

  48. we’re having burgers and fries from gerry’s on the beach in southampton ontario!

  49. Leftovers!

  50. Cindy Stahl says:

    I think homemade smoked mozzarella would be fabulous!

  51. joy harvey says:

    Ribs slowly bbq’d, baby potatoes, corn on the cob, all cooked on the bbq’d. Salad from the garden. πŸ™‚

  52. Pasta with pesto (from the garden), spicy pork chops and chard (also from the garden). Yummy cheese kit would be awesome!

  53. Jerry in Sealy says:

    Sunday dinner of course! Marinated Beef Tenderloin, New Potatoes, Squash Medley and home made bread. Going to try making some Fig turnovers with my fig preserves for dessert.

  54. Nancy Walker says:

    Raost chicken with home grown potatoes and Broccoli! Sheese would make it perfect!!!

  55. Jeanetta says:

    For lunch we are having a well fed and cared for ham — grown by a friend of mine! So yum! Also her grass fed milk is the best and makes wonderful yogurt and butter. We are blessed!

  56. Cindy Pack says:

    Dinner???? Let’s just make it through breakfast first, LOL!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your newsletter!

  57. Home made spaghetti made with home grown tomatoes , tossed with store bought mozzarella.
    Would love to include home made mozzarella instead ! Enjoying your newsletter every week !
    Thank you !

  58. I am making YOUR Garlic Scape Pesto!! I have two beds filled with garlic (thank you for your input on planting them!) and they are screaming to be cut for pesto. I have some grilled chicken so it looks like left-overs with the pesto. Can’t wait! And yes… I would love a cheese making kit!!

  59. I love your newsletter – thank you so much for doing this! As far as dinner tonight? Probably just a salad with greens from my window box, tomatoes from the local farm market, plus a bit of cheese (not homemade) and sunnies and whatever other veggies are hanging out in the ‘fridge!

  60. susan gibson says:

    dinner will be angel hair pasta topped with grilled shrimp, fresh basil, lemon and drizzled with a little olive oil.

  61. Pat McLain says:

    going to grill tonight! burgers and sausages, potato salad made with our own new red potatoes, sauteed summer squash with romano cheese, watermelon!

  62. Tomatillo Gazpacho !

  63. D Bruce says:

    I’ll be having leftover beef stew—I’m bacheloring it this week while my wife is away (I love to cook, but it is so hard for just one!!)

  64. Love all your ideas, have tried the english muffins but flattened them while they were rising. Not smart πŸ™‚ Supper tonight will be something cold as it is going to be a hot day. Would love to try making cheese. Keep sending us all those great ideas for gardening and cooking.

  65. Ribeye steaks on the grill, garlic potatoes, broccoli, homemade bisquits and chocolate pie is on the menu when our son and daughter in law join us for dinner tonight.

  66. Ione Unruh says:

    We are having green bean and new potato soup with a vegetable salad topped with wonderful tasty tomatoes. This is a accompanied by yummy garlic bread sprinkled with parmesan cheese. For dessert, fresh sliced peaches and cream from the local dairy.

  67. Desiree Passantino says:

    Hi! This cheesemaking kit looks like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make. Geese but shied away becauouldn’t do it. But your kit looks fun and easy! Tonight we decided to have chicken cutlets on the grill, fresh grilled zucchini and a salad, with a lot of yummy additions.

  68. We be having chicken and sausage from the smoker. A salad of fresh tomato, cucumber, and avocado, sautΓ©ed zucchini, and corn.
    Would love to try the homemade mozzarella kit!

  69. Dinner tonight will include the fresh picked yellow squash and zuchinni that are ripening by the minute! Still pondering the rest of the meal….

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  70. It’s hot…caprese salad? or maybe corn on the cob and tomatoes?

  71. Tammy Jennings says:

    Kevin, I think I am going to either have breakfast for supper with some awesome homemade sausage, grits, eggs and pancakes, or I am going to throw some pork tenderloin tips in the crockpot with some special BBQ sauce and make Easter North Carolina pork BBQ. I have been a weekly newsletter subscriber for a long time now and I LOVE your blog! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous kit!!

  72. Diane Hinkle says:

    Shrimp and cole slaw and who knows what else? It is sill early and I need time to think and see what my tastebuds desire as dinnertime nears.

  73. Madfortulips says:

    Organic tenderloins on grill, grilled asparagus and fresh garden peas right out of the pod!

  74. Karen LaGoo says:

    Hi ! Love your blog. Would love to win the cheese kit. Too hot to cook inside today. Probably some burgers on the grill, locally grown sweet corn & a yummy home grown salad. Cold watermelon for dessert….summertime πŸ™‚ “liked” your page as well

  75. We are having fresh caught Mahi-Mahi…fresh butterbean….fresh corn on the cob and fresh sliced tomatoes…It is going to be yummy…I love summer cooking…

  76. I’m doing Iron Chef Arugula —- meaning my garden arugula needs to eaten quickly so how many different ways can I prepare arugula in one meal…. Arugula-Chive Cheese bites on water crackers, Strawberry Arugula Salad with Nutmeg Ricotta Dressing, Arugula New Potato Salad, Wilted Arugula, Pear & Blue Cheese Salad, Arugula Grilled Cheese w/ Olive Mayo Dipping sauce…….And the winner is…….My husband!!! He loved all the dishes, but his favorites were the Arugula Potato Salad & the Arugula Chive Cheese bites.

  77. sue tarnawa says:

    tonight is either breakfast for dinner or left over black bean and turkey chorizo nachos from last night. Depends on how tired I am after spending a beautiful sunny Sunday in the garden.

  78. Rebekah says:

    Homegrown potatoes, peas and bbq’d chicken!

  79. Diane Straub says:

    BLT’s and Pasta Salad

  80. I am inspired and in love with your web site. Days of temperatures in the hundreds and no rain mean that I am watering constantly and still my perennial beds a drying up. Tonight I will make a huge batch of cold pesto pasta for dinner and lunches this coming week. Off to cut a good bunch of organic basil and parsley from our school gardens.

    I am teaching summer school and it would be so much fun to make cheese with my little ones. They love the gardens and carry many watering cans of water to the strawberries.

    Keep up the good work! Also going to try to find garlic scapes!!!

  81. Sauteed chicken breast with mushrooms and a salad with watermelon for dessert πŸ™‚

  82. FRANK TIMMS. says:

    We are having freshly cooked corned silverside with roast potato & pumpkin , home grown beans. with a home made mango sauce made from R2E2 Mangoes from north Qld. Delicious.

  83. Mary L. says:

    It will be in the 90’s again today, I am thinking hoagie sandwiches and potato salad!
    Great contest!

  84. I’ve had a hankering to learn to make cheese for about 5 years and just haven’t gotten around to it! So…this would be perfect. I love love cheese and love it with homegrown tomatoes and basil. I am sure I would throw it on a quiche, stir fry fresh veggies and pasta. Love it with crackers, raw veggies, and just little slices as I ass the kitchen fridge. Heaven.

    Love your website and newsletter. Inspiring.

  85. Melinda S says:

    It is hot…no turning on the stove here tonight, but I’m thinking veggies on the grill. I have some salad turnips, kohlrabi, and summer squash. There is some left over Moroccon beet salad from last night and some good bread….I think I’m set!

  86. Grandson’s baseball games in Denver today, but I expect when I get home, I’ll grill some chicken for a salad with my CSA lettuces, beets, feta cheese, red onion, and some kind of garlicky vinaigrette.

  87. Well, if I had a cheese maker I would make fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, greens and red wine. Since I do not have a cheese maker I will have the wine.

  88. Jill Lindsly says:

    I would love to win the cheee making kit! We are going out to dinner tonight because it is our anniversary, 23 years. Nothing fancy.

  89. Lori A. The piano teacher says:

    With a busy piano studio of 64 students, your newsletter is a taste of manna to this gardener who doesn’t get to make it to the garden as often as she would like. But to answer your question; tacos!

  90. Karen McSwain says:

    Home made chicken and white bean chili with a crusty loaf of French Bread, and an organic salad with feta-garlic dressing.

    My kingdom for a cheese-making kit!!!!

  91. I enjoy your blog very much and would love to win the cheesemaking kit.

  92. Patty Irwin says:

    Avocado on spelt toast with steamed spinach

  93. I would love to try making cheese with this kit !! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  94. It’s hot! A giant salad.

  95. Mark Ward says:

    Grilled slawburgers with grilled marinated zucchini.

  96. We’re having slow cooked home-smoked ribs tonight, with a few simple sides. I’d love the cheese kit, as I’m very interested in getting started in cheese making.

  97. Brandy Starr says:

    Canada Day BBQ tonight! The menu includes:
    Various types of grilled meats: sausages, hamburgers, etc.
    served with my famous tortellini pasta salad, fresh cut veggies,
    fresh salsa and homemade guacamole, patriotic red and white nachos and strawberry frozen yogurt waffle cones for dessert! Can’t wait for our friends and family to arrive!
    I love your newsletter and would really love to learn to make my own cheese!!

  98. Baked Ziti with extra cheese please!!!! Rustic rosemary and garlic homemade bread.With enfused herb olive oil.Garden salad,oh yum.

  99. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens, house and recipes with the rest of us!

  100. Mary Alice says:

    I love fresh cheese, so I’d like to try my hand at making my own!

  101. A coconut curry chicken concoction, rice, and a huge salad with a homemade vinaigrette.

    My daughter has been begging me to make homemade mozzarella.

  102. Elizabeth Usher says:

    I made a huge batch of rice last week, and I plan to use a good bit of it up tonight in a Spanish Rice recipe I have been eyeing from Mollie Katzen’s The Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbook. That will be served with some refried beans and a cucumber and radish salad.

  103. Gazpacho with local, organic vegetables and grilled grass-fed skirt steak. All local!

  104. Would love to try cheesemaking! We’re doing chicken on the grill and salads tonight. Too hot to turn on the stove inside!

  105. Donna Staton says:

    Grilled chicken and veggies from the garden(organic of course !) Would love to make cheese!

  106. What a lovely giveaway! I’ve always wanted to make cheese! Not sure what we’ll have for supper tonight yet. Thanks for the chance!

  107. Living in Maine, so not only are we having lobster rolls today, my hubby got up early and baked brioche rolls. Lobster on brioche. . .doesn’t get any better than that!

  108. Hello there I would love to make my own cheese, I want to say I love your recipes and your tips! you are awesome! anyway we are having Homemade BBQ pizza made on our grill made with our fresh herbs and veggies…………… would be better with homemade cheese πŸ˜‰ hint hint.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  109. Barbara says:

    I’m traveling to a family member’s house, so I’m not sure what will be on the table tonight. But I’m pretty sure it will involve either the smoker or the grill.

  110. I have lived in Ga. all my life but, my Mother was from Boston so i am having BBQ that i;m cooking with a boston butt roast .also making cole slaw and baked beans. Would love for you to join us and have a good ole southern BBQ.

  111. Since I am making a meal for a friend who just had surgery (and they are on a restricted diet) I am keeping it simple – roast chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, fresh green beans and a salad. For dessert, I thought I would try that blueberry recipe you posted last week. πŸ™‚

  112. Lourdes says:

    Tonight we are having
    Spanish Rice
    Refried Beans
    Because it’s my husbands favorite meal.
    The cheese kit would be great to have!!!

  113. My husband and son are having slow cooker ham and green beans. I am getting together with some girlfriends send off a friend who is going to teach in in Korea and Indonesia for 6 months. We are having wine and cheese. I made gazpacho using the last of my canned tomato juice from last year. I think I’m getting the better deal.

    I would love to learn how to make cheese!

  114. Sharon Crosswhite says:

    Home made pizza! Wouldn’t that be a billion times healthier with home mde mozzarella?

  115. Mary Lou Mayfield says:

    Not a clue of what’s for dinner. It’s supposed to be 100+ today so whatever it is will be prepared inside.

  116. Hopefully my husband will have something for me when I return from work or it will be ramen noodles.

  117. Mary Lou Nordstrom says:

    Hi Kevin..been reading y our site for awhile now..You are the only one that explains “garden stuff and recipes” so that I understand and actually “get it”!! the pictures help so much! Thank you!! We are having French dip sandwiches with a big garden salad for dinner! (Alas no tomatoes from the garden yet but there are a few green ones getting ready)

  118. Christine Baird says:

    We are having sauteed chicken breast with Marsala wine, onions, lotsa garlic, Portabella mushrooms, and then topped with fresh mozzarella, along with some farm-fresh corn on the cob and rice. Delicious, fast, cheap, and easy!!

  119. John Askildsen says:

    Ah, making homemade mozzarella-i have to try it ! Yup, it’ll be another scorcher here in Millbrook (Hudson Valley) too, today. so dinner tonight, will definately be outside on the grill.

    we’ll dine on grilled polish kielbasa, “imported” from Brooklyn (!), homemade baked beans made by yours truly, and fresh Hudson Valley corn on the cob.

    And if that’s not enough smoked products for one night, we’ll nibble on a bit of chilled double-smoked wild turkey sausage as an appetizer, also made locally.

  120. Michelle Anderson says:

    Making homemade cheese is on my list of things to start doing. Not sure why I haven’t taken the leap, yet. ;o)

    I’ve purchased some other items from Ricki’s company. This kit looks wonderful!

    As for dinner…not sure, yet. The only thing ready for picking in the garden is basil, lettuce, jalapeno and black currants. Maybe pasta with creamy basil sauce and salad. I’ll save those jalapenos for salsa when the tomatoes finally start coming in. ;o)

    We’ll be trying our hand at making wine out of the black currants this year. Looking forward to the challenge of learning something new!

    Happy Gardening!

    Michelle in ID

  121. Patricia Newton says:

    We are having beef roast in the crock pot. Picked up home frown corn on the cob. Might dig around potato plants and see what’s happening. Will use onions from the garden with the roast. and carrots from the health food store. Can’t wait to win the cheesemaking kit.

  122. Oh please…would love to try it πŸ™‚

  123. I have plans to build a wood fired outdoor Pizza oven and will be my pet project this winter. I will be mastering your Mozzy making in the meantime

  124. Very Intriguing. For dinner tonight we’re having Sunday classics of pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, buttered english peas, biscuits and for dessert chocloate cakebox cookies with ice cream.

  125. Kimberly says:


  126. Laurie Smith says:

    In the 100s here, but we have some gorgeous leftover grilled pork tenderloin which we’ll have witrh some cold salads.

  127. Tonight? Stir fry pork with broccoli, snap peas from the garden and sweet little peppers in a spicy kung pao sauce.

  128. Pasta salad with sugar snap peas and bush beans from my garden.

  129. having ribs on the grill veggies from the local farmers market. I love the taste of fresh mozarella I get it every winter at a place called the sandy butler in ft. myers beach once sally let me have the last piece full of butter cream so good ……………would love the try making myself.

  130. Making pizzas on the grill until the wood fired brick oven is built! Yum! Love your newsletter!

  131. diane kamming says:

    It’s going to be 103 here today so maybe some sandwiches. Too hot to cook.

  132. Michelle says:

    Love your site. The garlic scape pesto was a hit, thanks. We’re having zucs with wheat berries and lemon tonight!

  133. Cindy walker says:

    I think we will BBQ hamburgers!

  134. ceil obrien says:

    I’d love to try the cheese making. Our family loves making things from scratch and this sounds very interesting. Tonight’s dinner will be sesame chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes.

  135. Vegetable Afredo. Broccoli, grated carrots and a smattering of noodles.

  136. Eggplant parmesan, tossed salad, crusty bread, homemade ice cream.

  137. Chicken skewers wrapped in bacon

  138. DH will be grilling tonite….. so dinner will be a surprise. And he hates to cook.

    Will probably make a potato salad…… corn on the cob.

    Thanks for having another give-away. Love all the info on your blog….. your energy shines through.

  139. I’ll either eat some of the chili I made yesterday or a quick pork chop cut off of a loin I bought yesterday and whatever veggies and fruit I have handy. Garden isn’t producing yet πŸ™ so I’m still buying at the grocery or the farmers market — although the last time I went all they had was lettuce and turnips. A friend gave me a cuc from her garden and that will figure in today’s festivities.

  140. Diane L says:

    Love your newsletter with all the great information.

  141. Ohhh… me me me!! πŸ™‚

    Im subscribed to your newsletter (and its a mighty awesome newsletter at that!) and tonight we’re having grilled steak and grilled zucchini, and a nice tossed salad.

  142. Having my mom for dinner tonight, am planning a dish I make with pasta and clams.

  143. Porterhouse steak on the grill, potatoes roasted on the grill, sliced farm fresh tomatoes with basil and olive oil and home made ice pistascio ice cream for dessert. Yummm getting hungry

  144. mary gardner says:

    dinner tonight is turkey sausage and cabbage, fried corn and cornbread

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  145. Well, I recently became a vegetarian, so I am doing my first big grocery shopping trip, and since here, it is Canada Day, we are going to be having a BBQ with all the kids in the area. I am hoping to find a good tasting veggie hamburger that I can try with my cheese, ketchup, mustard and relish combo!

  146. We’ll be having good old fashion Texas Chili

  147. C Miller says:

    I really enjoy your newsletter.
    The cheese making kit sounds like a fun thing to try.

  148. Judy Brown says:

    Our garden in the Sierra foothills of California is not producing yet, so for tonight, it’s grilled Pacific salmon with pesto aioli, salad.

    Thank you for all your recipes and garden tips.

  149. Kevin, thank you for getting me addicted to gardening!! I feel like a child in a candy shop when I watch how everything has grown from seed and I joke that I’m going to start photoynthesizing from all of the fresh greens that I am eating from my garden! and thank you for keeping me on task with your monthly list of things to do

  150. Love your site! Not sure about what we will have but it will be fresh and organic.

  151. I get your emails -love them –
    Dinner today is hamburgers I made yesterday on the grill -warmed up in the microwave.

  152. nicolette says:

    Just finished breakfast so I have only planned lunch:) We are having a mexican inspired salad with some veggies from our local farmers..ruby red tomatoes, emerald lettuce and cucumbers

  153. Dinner is something from the garden. Some homemade cheese would be so nice with it!

  154. Hello. I look forward to your newsletter. It is one of my fsvorite emails. Thanks so much

  155. BLT’s w/ home-grown roasted red peppers instead of tomatoes & the last of the spring spinach instead of lettuce. Want to try a slice of mozarella on this too, so learning how to make it fresh would be a special bonus! Love love, love the blog!!!

  156. Jan Evancho says:

    Bratwurst on the grill and a salad made from delicious greens growing in my garden! And since I adore your newsletter, I’m happy to click the like button on FaceBook! Keep up the good work.

  157. Matt Fulkes says:

    Well, since it will probably only be me that’s eating, I’ll most likely be having Weatabix. πŸ™‚

  158. Jo Tanner says:

    Living in the South I am doing a family dinner for 12 people tonight. We are having fried chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, a garden medley salad (chopped veggies from my garden with Italian seasonings and olive olive), biscuits and chocolate cake. I want to learn how to make cheese so please throw my name in the hat for the kit. You have a wonderful day and thank you for all you post. Love the recipes also.

  159. Cyntha Martin says:

    Arugula/basil/goat cheese pesto on rice noodles if I cook. Thank-you for the great giveaway!

  160. Lisa Curran says:

    the heat index yesterday was116Β°F so whatever we’re having for dinner will be out on the grill – it’s too hot to cook inside! Maybe flat iron steaks with grilled tomatoes & peppers from the garden.

    Would LOVE to try my hand at making cheese!

    Awesome blog!!!!!

  161. Bonnie Bartalos says:

    Currently we are having 100 degree summer heat so anything cool which will not heat up the kitchen – simple sandwiches with cucumbers and ham, 5 bean salad, chips and salsa. On the 4th we’ll have ribs from the grill.

  162. Melissa says:

    Well, we had some huge storms roll through on Friday. We have been without power since then. I honestly have no idea what we will have for dinner, but we will have to out to eat!

  163. France's Thompson says:


  164. janny rosborough says:

    wishing i could whip up some of your awesome recipes for supper. will see what transpires
    thanks for all you do

  165. Last night we went to Candle 79 Vegan restaurant in Manhattan. I had the most wonderful salad with soba noodles, greens, tofu in an incredible ginger vinagrette, which was perfect in the 100 degree weather. Now, what to make for tonight……hmmmmmmm

    But for dessert, still have some leftover blueberry bars, thanks to YOU!

  166. Larry Gilbert says:

    Dinner tonight will be a surprise as I’m going to a pool party and they are cooking out at the pool. It will be nice as we have had triple digit temps this week and it’s not August yet. My favorite dinner would be fried chicken with my Grandmother’s special potato salad.

  167. Hi Kevin, we are planning to have your Classic Tomato Pie for dinner tonight. I made it a couple of weeks ago and it was a HUGE hit in our house. I shared some with my parents and they absolutely loved it too. Thanks so much for your newsletter. It’s awesome!

  168. Today is my Husbands Birthday, so we are having BBQ Steak (for him anyways, the rest of us are having BBQ salmon), sweet peppers and tomatoes from my garden, grilled zucchini from my garden, and of course Cake!

  169. Pork tenderloin yum.

  170. Dinner tonight – leftovers!!

  171. It’s way to hot in Tennessee — 114ΒΊ yesterday — to turn on the stove, so we’re having a humongous “Cindy Salad”. Giant plate of tomatoes, zucchini and herbs from our garden, on top of spinach and lettuce, plus bacon (oh, well, turn on the stove just for that), craisins, mushrooms, gorgonzola, sunflower seeds… dressed with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Is it dinner time yet?

  172. *too* hot

  173. Sister-in-law’s birthday tonight! Salad and taters from the garden (about the only thing that’s doing well in Colorado’s unseasonably hot weather), grilled homemade veggie patties and fresh chicken from a friend’s urban garden. Yummm! Oh, and we were going to have pie (cherries are in season in our neck of the woods), but we’re thinking popsicles instead because of the heat. πŸ™‚

  174. I am working tonight at a friend’s produce stand so odds are that I will be eating fresh fruit & vegetables. Love this time of the year & love fresh mozzarella cheese!

  175. Caroline D says:

    We are have fresh asparagus quiche, homemade rolls. Yum

  176. Kevin, would LOVE to try our hands at making mozzarella! We’ve used your site to help us in the garden that we started with our grandkiddos this year. Our Karli~Girl has fallen in love with gardening and I feel like cheese making would be right up her alley also! Thank you for the help

  177. Maybe roasted turkey and new potatoes. Plus fresh tomatoes and cukes in raspberry vinaigrette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. We are having leftover Beef Stroganoff. A lazy Sunday. No cooking tonight.

  179. Abiga/Karen says:

    I am already subscribed to you. I am not sure what we are going to eat since it is so hot I can’t think of anything we have that will let the house stay cool cooking it.. UGH

  180. Grilled chicken with tomato salad

  181. Amber Hall says:

    If a simple hello gets me into the draw, wocount me in. I love, love, love your newsletters TY. Just wanted to let you know we made gougeres the other day. They were so good that my four year old grand daughter and I ate one whole tray for lunch. Oink oink. Pssssssssst, try a dab of strawberry jam with them. Yes I know it sounds weird but the sweet with the salt and the cheese was delish.

  182. Having margherita pizzas tonight, with the early tomatoes from my garden and home-grown basil. This would be awe-inspiring made with homemade mozzarella!

  183. Kimberly Marino says:

    Its so hot so i am gonna throw something in the crock pot, i found a good recipe for cube steak in the crock but i don’t have any LOL so i may do chicken!!

  184. I’ll be at my mom’s house with my daughter and my two grandchildren. I’m taking fresh veggies from my CSA share to make a stir fry for everyone.

    My garden is a 4×8 raised bed in my housing co-op’s community garden. I have lovely kale growing and am just now seeing blossoms on my peas and beans. I also have some onions, a couple of brussels sprouts and a few other randoms, as well as a pumpkin that I rescued from in front of the compost bin. I’ve jammed in as much as I can in that limited space!

    I love your newsletter, Kevin. I shared your garlic scapes pesto recipe with my CSA farmer and it will be available to all the members the next time we have scapes…with the link to your page, of course. πŸ™‚

  185. prairiecactus says:

    Chicken Jubilee…but I’m using some delicious fresh Bing cherries as the base for the sauce…thanks for another chance to win one of these cheese kits…..they are on my christmas list for many of my friends and family…I’ll buy the multiple offer as it offers just enough to cover the ones who will really enjoy the process of learning to make delisious homemade cheeses.

  186. We’re having delicious leftovers from last night: bbq’d tofu, steamed kale with vidalia onion, and boiled new potatoes with buttery sauce. A little home made cheese would go nicely with it on the side.

  187. Dawn Gruss says:

    Chicken salad in a muskmelon with a carrot muffin on the side – it has been in the 90s all week so this should be very refreshing!

  188. Hello Kevin! You have a beautiful website! I really enjoy getting your email updates as they are so colorful with delicious recipes. I will be heading up to Lake Elizabeth in CA to my daughters for the 4th and I will be taking a Banana Split Cake for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for a chance to win the cheesemaking kit. Have a safe and great 4th of July!

  189. It’s going to be bbq chicken & veggies tonight… too hot to cook in the house!
    I’m always looking for projects to keep myself & grand kids busy when they visit. Cheese making sounds like fun and another opportunity to connect my grand kids to ‘where food comes from’ besides a package at the store!

  190. Sauteed dandelion greens with bugler wheat! Trying to go more veg and less meat!

  191. Suzanne says:

    wow! so many entries! I have a salad bag left from the Sat. Farmers Mkt so I will make it up into a big salad for me! some Buddha sauce (I can send the recipe if you like) over whole wheat couscous with garden onions and chard and spinach and French sorrel and chicory lightly steamed.

  192. We, my hubby and 4 kids, are going to the 4th of July parade, then to the bandshell to listen to some good music. So I’m packing a picnic dinner – Italian Pasta salad with chunks of salami (fresh mozzeella would be AWESOME in here!!), mini ham sandwhiches, fruit salad, cukes in dill sauce, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and strawberry puree with 7-Up. Can’t wait!

  193. Already subscribe, share your blog nearly daily! Thanks! And for dinner tonight? Grilled eggplant with tomatoes and mozzarella, and a tiny bit of leftover stuffed acorn squash. Yum . . .

  194. Heather Eastman says:


  195. Mozzarella from the local grocer, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil from our garden. Sprinkle with olive oil and maybe a pinch of sea salt. Or a little balsamic vinegar. For some reason, it is just so refreshing. It would be so cool to be able to make my own cheese too!

  196. I grew roma tomatoes and fresh basil this year with the hopes of making my own fresh caprice salad and was planning on buying the rubbery flavorless motz to add to it from the grocery store. If I had this kit I would know the magic and lore of fresh mozzarella!

  197. I’ll be with the in-laws tonight which usually means we go out to eat, so it will be as much of surprise for me as it will for the rest of the gang.

  198. something cold unless the power comes back on!

  199. Thoroughly enjoyed our recent tour of your gardens….so peaceful and yet practical. Tonight will be white bean chicken chili.

  200. My Dad introduced me to homemade mozzarella on his everything from scratch pizzas. He even grills them in his big green egg! I’m not there yet but thinking pesto will be on the menu tonight. Pasta, grilled chicken, grilled veggies, walnuts, pesto a parm cheese. If I start now maybe make some good bread to dip in the olive oil. Mmmmm. Love your insipration, Kevin!

  201. Lynn P. says:

    Its Canada Day ! πŸ™‚ BBQ`d chicken, pot sal and veggies and dill dip.

  202. Nancy Fopeano from Schenectady says:

    Pancetta, Tomato & Asiago Quiche with Green Bean Salad & Fresh Peach Crisp for dessert…

  203. dinner is provided by a graduation celebration.

  204. Veleda Nelson says:

    Planning to try your stuffed beet leaves recipe!

    Previous tries at cheese have been flops…but I would hope that this kit does the job and I’d love to give it a try! Thanks!

  205. We will be having leftovers that we BBQ’d last night. All items from our organic garden…eggplant, artichokes, bell peppers, green beans and white pole beans. We bought asparagus and portobello mushroom from the farmers market and we marinated tofu over night. It will be heavenly as it was last night.

  206. Dirtdauber says:

    Hi.. I haven’t decided what to have tonight. I will be canning tomatoes, squash, peas, peppers and plum preserves & jelly. Might be too tired to cook so left overs maybe what it is. This cheese would go good with what ever I pull out of the pantry.

  207. I’m going to finish up the crab salad I made a few days ago for my Summer Tea Party. I served the crab salad in dill biscuit cups….so good! Thank you for offering this give away. β™₯

  208. Deborah Handley says:

    Dinner tonight – french green lentils in red wine, sourdough bread and salad. yum! But fresh ricotta / mozzarella? that could change a menu fast.

  209. Linda Butler says:

    Hotdogs and salad nice on a hot summer day

  210. Vallygoil says:

    We will be having Pork Bulgogi BBQ and rice with Watermelon/blueberry and feta salad

  211. Deborah says:

    Beets are available at the farmer’s market here.
    Tonight we will have a beet salad and rye bread with goat cheese and radish sandwiches.

    The beets are cooked, peeled and sliced, onions, kosher pickles (homemade), onion and dill are added and the whole lot is dressed with olive oil and chive blossom vinegar.

    This is simple, seasonal and light food for a hot night.

  212. Louise A Brouillette says:

    For tonight, I’m using up last year’s sun-dried (actually oven dried) tomatoes and pesto that have been frozen–cleaning out the freezer to make space for the tomatoes and basil coming in!

    I subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on FB and Twitter, and looooove all your postings.

    Please enter me!!

  213. Because everything is early this year, the dog days of summer are here. Tonight a simple cold supper of cheese on rice cakes and some fresh cherries is what the doctor ordered. Yum!

  214. Eggplant lasagne is on the menu along with homemade GF bread and a fresh garden salad.

  215. Joan Errington says:

    I would absolutely love to learn how to make my own cheese. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  216. Dinner tonight: grilled chicken, James Beard’s mediterranean-style rice salad (includes onions and green peppers from our garden), grilled zucchini slices (from our garden), homemade French bread, red wine, natural vanilla ice cream with homemade mulberry preserves.

  217. Susan K says:

    would love to make my own cheese to put on a gluten free pizza! Kevin – love your website. You are awesome!

  218. I’m having stirfry

  219. Elizabeth Winn says:

    I have a pot of Mayacoba beans simmering. Once tender, onions, garlic, chile, comino, fresh Oregano, and a generous bowl full of fresh roasted Poblano peppers will be added. This will all be served over grilled polenta, and topped with grated Oaxaca cheese and a good splash of olive oil. Mr Man gets grilled chicken with his of course.

  220. Ravioli with spiced olive oil sauce, ground turkey, and garlic cheese toast. The olive oil has oregano, basil, and garlic in it. Very lite and tasty. The extra browned ground turkey tossed with the ravioli has oregano, basil and garlic as well. The kids love it and its a real hit here.

  221. Ah! Yes !

    A second chance at the Cheese Making Kit . What a wonderful Surpirse Rick, Thank You.

    My husband works away from home all the time and has a whole 9 days off. We are both terribly pleased to have the time to spend together when we can.

    He BBQ-ed hsi favorites last night, so I was thinking of a basic Indiana Sunday Dinner from my past. Meatloaf and Mashed Potatos !

    Of course the Graden is bearing so much, after those 2 old stand-bys I will saute Zuccini w garlic & onion in butter along with a salad w/tomatos and cukes or just sliced tomatos and cucumber spears.

    Tomarrow I want to make a homemade rattouille which a very interestingl Russian woman I met about 3 decades ago taught me therecipe of and use as a Vegetaterian Spaghettti Sauce. It is Delicious that way ! I have been patiently waiting for teh Eggplant and they are growing nicely.

    Have to go out now and sprinkle a bit of Dicotamous Earth on the cukes-I have invaders boring into them ! Stinkers ! πŸ™‚ We had a Tropical Storm that rains FEET, not inches and I’m suprised the garden survived at all !

    Thanks again Rick for your Wonderful website and the opportunity to win the Cheese Making Kit. Hope everyone’s Sunday is a Happy One. πŸ™‚

  222. Too hot here in Georgia with its triple digit temperatures to cook. A nice cold salad with fresh veggies from the garden will be “what’s for dinner” at our house this evening. A nice chunk of homemade cheese would be a delightful accompaniment anytime!

  223. Maryann says:

    Dinner is going to be burgers on grill served on pretzel buns
    With fresh corn on cob and tomatoes from farmers market
    And first cukes from my garden. Would love to win cheese kit!!

  224. Phyllis says:

    It’s so hot here, it will be something light. Maybe a pasta salad. Love the newsletter!!

  225. Tracy Hutchins says:

    Going to some friends house for dinner. Hopefully, we’ll be pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚

  226. Helen Hamilton says:

    supper tonight will be (after I gather the garden) peaches and cream corn, stewed okra and tomatoes and a summer squash and cheese casserole. Sigh no homemade cheese as of yet!

  227. mmmm….. it’s a quick and easy dinner tonight…nachos!

  228. We are having the left overs from last night’s dinner – beef roulades with potatos and beets. It is so delicious that I shared the recipe on my hubpage. Here’s the recipe if anyone is curious:

  229. Salmon basted with olive oil and herbs; grilled garlic potatoes and asparagus; mixed greens salad with craisins, almonds and vinaigrette dressing; roasted garlic bread. Fruit salad for dessert. Yum!

  230. WOW….. would I ever like to try this!…. being a person who loves to prepare food, it’s still a grand surprise as to what I prepare for dinner every night…. all everyone says is that “you can tell it was made with love!”….. I also can’t believe that here I am at almost 72 yrs. young and I have yet to make my own cheese!…. joy!

  231. donnikah says:

    I am celebrating our 45 wedding anniversary tonight at Bone Fish restaurant. I’ll be having one of their wonderful fish dishes.

  232. I’ll make a salad with dressing made with the chive blossom vinegar from your site.

  233. LaTrice says:

    No idea what I’m making for dinner, but I know it will not require cooking. It’s 101 today.

  234. Myra Hickman says:

    I really enjoy the e-letter. Always learn something from each one. Appreciate your work on it, though it sounds like it’s more joy than work!

  235. Coconut shrimp with fam tonight.

    Been making mozzarella with junket rennit from the grocery, but would love to try out rikkis rennit…she says junket is trash:) even if it is junk, it is still better and cheaper than the little balls I the bag at the store.

  236. Jensofunky says:

    My hubby is working until 10pm at the news station, so I’ll have his leftover beer-battered walleye and scalloped potatoes with some greens from my garden. He was sweet enough to make enough for me while he’s gone (he’s the cook in our house!)

  237. It’s marinated beef, corn on the cob and a fresh garden salad with home made artisan bread for dinner tonight. Some home made cheese would be wonderful too, if I win the kit, maybe that could happen sometime soon! Thanks for the opportunity.

  238. We’re having figs with goat cheese and pepper honey for starters, grilled lemon shrimp with feta yougurt sauce, jasmine rice, baked stuffed tomatoes and peach custard pie for dessert.

  239. I’ve been on a total cheesemaking venture since reading your blog. For dinner tonight we are having fresh corn on the cob and Nathan’s Dogs on the grill. Would love come caprese salad but alas, no fresh mozarella!

  240. Marilyn Foster says:

    Grilled white king salmon for dinner tonight. Got to love my fishing fanatic hubby! Took a Queso Fresco class a couple of weeks ago and have made it twice since. Would LOVE some fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta in the kitchen!

    Love your site and have learned so much. Thanks, Kevin!

  241. chicken and wax beans from the garden!

  242. Hi! We’re visiting family in Jenkintown, PA, this week, so I’m at the mercy of the house chef, but I guarantee it’ll be tasty! My brother grilled boneless chicken and roasted veggies the other night and it was delish.


  243. hello

  244. Lori Beth says:

    Tonight we’re having whatever Cleveland specialty we can find in town. Tomorrow at home, I’ll be making cured ham & melon kabobs.

  245. Not feeling well so may have soup for dinner. Last weekend I made
    a chicken manicotti dish from an old Southern Living recipe and a
    caprese salad with a fresh mozzarella, basil from my plant ,and campari
    tomatoes with an olive oil and balsmaic reduction on the top. I had it in the
    refrigerator laid out in a design on a white platter, When my 2 year old
    grandaughter saw it she thought it was a birthday cake and wanted the
    marshmallows (the balls of mozzarella). so we gave her her first taste of
    fresh mozzarella and she liked it. LOL

  246. Janet Schrock says:

    Homemade pizzas

  247. We have had the best early Christmas in July, nom nom, & got to share it with the whole family, good food, gr8 company, happy times.

  248. I always enjoy your informative posts and newsletters. We are traveling so dinner will be on the road tonight. Thanks for this opportunity.

  249. We’re making a roasted duck that we got from the farmer’s market yesterday! First time we’re attempting this!

    – Lael

  250. Hubby is taking me out to dinner! Italian all the way!

  251. Bow pasta with chicken, olive oil, lots of herbs and lemon

  252. Thomas Little says:

    I’m having Ratatouille and poached eggs for breakfast today and probably left-overs for dinner tonight.

  253. Husband is making his one dinner recipe, sautΓ©ed baby bok choi and….
    I never know what the “and” will be.

  254. I live in a rural area and we have lots of fresh vegetables, so salad, of course, with grilled chicken, potatoes, baked beans, corn on the cob and fresh bread. I have a large caramel cake for my nieces 50th birthday. We are celebrating and food is always part of celebrating.
    I would love to make mozzarella cheese and the kit would be great.

  255. Homemade yogurt and cold roast beef sandwich for supper tonight.

  256. Love, love, love this site. We’re having grilled tilapia, brown rice, and steamed veggies. Mozzarella is one of my favorites. Have never tried to make my own, but would love too.

  257. Mary Howe says:

    Hello, We’re having 4th party tonite. I’m taking Potato salad , I’m sure there will be all kinds of food there. Love your web-site

  258. Probably having chicken and salad. I hope I win this kit because my neighbor and I want to start making cheese from her goats milk!

  259. Charla Nail says:

    Love all the tips. Thank you!

  260. Tonight we are having your Lettuce Soup again. I am obsessed with that recipe! Last night we had burritos and Sweet Corn Tomalito, which is a summer favorite of ours.

  261. I’ve been dying to make cheese, but haven’t been able to get my other half on board. This would be fantastic.

  262. Dinner tonight is wings and a salad. Also thanks so much for emailing me back regarding the lemon trees!

  263. Troy Curliss says:

    Tonight for dinner, I am making wheat rotinini pasta with chicken in an alfredo sauce. Steamed broccolli and cauliflower. And probably something else my daughters won’t like.

  264. Christine says:

    Well… is Sunday and I will have a very large lunch, pot luck at the church, so tonight I will have left overs and I hope not that much but……

  265. The evening meal will be sauteed vegetables and sauteed fish.

  266. Jello for dinner, I hope!

  267. Elaine Reynolds says:

    Hello, My friend and coworker turned 60 this past week so I made him a French Apple pie and served it with sharp chedder. Happy Happy Birthday Darian!!!

  268. Debra Moon says:

    Your email sounds interesting and was recommended by a cousin who receives it.

  269. Cate hesser says:

    I love cheese!

  270. Cheese, olives, cucumbers and tomatoes served with olive oil and pita bread is a standard dinner in our home. Thanks for this wonderful give away. I’d love to try making homemade cheese.

  271. My wife just got home from a week in Nicaragua, so tonight’s dinner is a celebration: Garlic Scape Pesto (thanks for the recipe). Italian mixed greens with lemon vinaigrette. Excellent flax seed bread I picked up at the farmer’s market yesterday. Oyster mushroom and Bulgarian Purple Pepper saute (my garden). Mint sorbet for dinner. Wow–I may be the luckiest man on earth!


  272. tea4too0 says:

    Everything fried tonite, green tomatoes, squash, okra and chicken, not a sissy supper. (and only once in a great while!) T

  273. Linda Totten says:

    Beef Roast with fresh veggie from the garden. slice tomatoes, and cucumbers in vinigar..

  274. Marcia Mullins says:

    Grilled chicken with Monterrey jack cheese melted on top, steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes. Love your site.

  275. Anna Lapping says:

    Having some of the first veg. from the garden. Fried zucchini blossoms with tiny zukes attached, spaghetti aglio , olio e pepperoncino, Caprese salad with a Cherokee purple tomato and basil from my garden.

  276. Tonights menu: Heirloom tomato Ravioli, I brown butter & OO, then put in a few sage leaves (fry them until crisp) & garlic (remove after a few minutes), add feta CHEESE! Spinach salad with homemade Raspberry/honey/poppy seed salad dressing. NO TO GMO!!! I loved your Blueberry Bars. Making cherry/peach bars from the same recipe!! Homemade organic coconut milk ice cream.

  277. Love, love, love your column! Going to see
    Les Mis this afternoon, then Having a big roasted
    Corn, Tomatoe. Thai basil, & cucumber Salad, dressed
    W your Chive Blossom. Vignerette. And some
    Crusty bread. Blueberry crumble for dessert.

  278. Subscriber, looking for another chance to win cheeeeeze, please.

  279. Hi, my first time responding. Just love the weekly emails. Thanks

  280. Hello, I’m looking forward to the goat milk I’ll have soon to make cheese. I would love your cheesemaking kit! Thank you.

  281. We are having pork stir fry tonight but I wanted to let you know that your recipe last week for chocolate pudding pops was wonderful!!

  282. Alice Wildermuth says:

    So many yummy ideas! I envy those who already have tomatoes from their gardens. If I should win the cheesemaker, I ought to have tomatoes and basil to go with it. Tonight, we’re having ribs and a pork roast we’re doing in our new smoker/grill. Think I’ll try roasting some cauliflower out there and have a tossed salad, too.

  283. Grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes with basil, and green beans from our garden,

  284. Linda Linder says:

    Haven’t decided about dinner yet, we just finished left over grilled hamburger omelet’s (without the buns). Delish!

  285. Nancy A. says:

    BBQ ing chicken thighs – salad with lots of avocados – my fave. Love your site.

  286. Shirley says:

    Salome! We are having homemade mac and cheese with fried catfish, and a side of homemade Armenian sweet pickles!

  287. Greetings from storm-buffeted, hot and humid Northern Virginia! No matter what kind of day I’m having, your newsletter never fails to cheer me up. I am making your blueberry bars recipe tonite–they look so good! And I would love to try cheese-making.

  288. Jackie Wassilie says:

    It’s a very cool summer day today, threatening rain. I’m thinking something involving moose meat and mac and cheese.

  289. Corn salsa, lime rice and grilled chicken

  290. Burgers are cold salads!

  291. I have to volunteer at our local prison{GED program} tonight and then we’re having left over beef brisket,salad with red dandelions and zucchini squares…topped off with your berry cobbler and some rhubarb I had frozen! I love your newsletter. Kansas is burning up send some rain!

  292. We are having pizza with garden fresh toppings and salad! Yummy!!! With this kit, I could add homemade cheese to our pizza!

  293. We are having pasta with garlic scape pesto. – Chesnok Red and Jefferson Hardneck varieties. Salad made from fresh garden Bibb lettuce.

  294. I’m making BBQ baby back ribs.

  295. I love your blog! So far, I’ve made the mozzerella and the cottage cheese. I also made the lavendar infused icing and was blown away with how delicious it was! Keep up the great work!

  296. Kara Udwary says:

    Grilled chicken, salad and homemade loaded potato skins!

  297. Not sure what we’re having for dinner tonight. We usually fly by the seat of our pants for that LOL. I’ve planted our first vegetable garden and it’s a raised bed. Loved reading about yours and it really helped me out in making the decision to do it! We have flowering going on but no veggies yet. Excited to see what they look like next week!

  298. Linda in San Antonio TX says:

    Love your website, have been receiving your weekly emails for awhile now. Tonight is homemade soup–yellow miso with tofu, kale, and whatever other veggies sing to me from the fridge…all organic and fresh from one of San Antonio’s local farmer’s markets.

  299. Lori Workman says:

    OMG…I would love to learn how to make cheese. I cok for my mother-in-law who has dementia and she loves cheese and it is a struggle everyday to fix something she will eat. This would be fabulous!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a treasure!


  300. patti bell says:

    Sunday is my day off from cooking. Hence we will be having freshly made tomato sanwiches using my home grown tomatoes, lots of good mayo with sea salt and cracked pepper!
    Love your site!
    Would also love to win!

  301. Sheila Aukerman says:

    Hi, I sincerely enjoy getting your newsletter each week & love the recipes… we tried your blueberry bars last week & they were gone in 2 days. Even my little children ages 3 & 5 loved them & they are some of my harshest (most honest) critics. πŸ™‚

    We are having Pimento Cheese BLT’s with Sweet Potato Fries for supper tonight. We’ll see if they get an astounding applause!!! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for all the ways you bless our family with the knowledge you’ve learned… it is definitely being passed on too future generations. Warmly, S Aukerman

  302. Big birthday bash for a close friend! We are roasting a whole pig in an imu. That’s how we party Hawaiian style!

  303. I’m having the first basil pesto of the season. I like garlic scape pesto even more, but that’s done… I’d love the cheesemaking kit!!

  304. Grilling pork steak seasoned tex-mex style, grilled corn on the cob and fresh off the vines yellow and red tomatoes! Might even throw some zuchini on the grill! Totally enjoy your weekly letter and would LOVE to win the cheese making kit!

  305. cori russon says:

    made the cheese recipe and loved it!

  306. Roast with potatoes and carrots

  307. Stacie Highsmith says:

    My hubby would absolutely love this, he bought his dad one for his birthday. Tonight is Carolina pork roast made in the dutch oven with mashed potatoes and green beans.

  308. Dinner tonight meat loaf, Brussel sprouts, green beans, and fluffy white rice spiced up with fresh herbs… Great site and lot’s of wonderful information….Thank you

  309. Renee L says:

    I would love to try this!

  310. I love making cheese! Having roast pastured chicken with basil and garlic, along with sauteed zucchini and fresh goat cheese. All produce from the garden!

  311. Making homemade pizza tonight. It would be great if the cheese was homemade too!

  312. We are having small steaks with mashed potatoes (might put some of my rosemary in) and gravy and diced salad with mint and tomatoes from my garden.

  313. cookout at the pool : hot dogs

  314. Tonight’s dinner is coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, peppers from our garden) and spicy sausage, fresh corn,and zucchini wraps! Dessert is peaches and plums from our trees.

    Thanks for your creative ideas and helpful tips!

  315. Leslie walker says:

    Steak and grilled garden veggies

  316. Hugh Martin says:

    I will be having leftover fried chicken with brown rice and a nice salad.

  317. We are having leftover baked beans with salad and fresh fruit… then maybe homemade granola cookies for dessert.
    I hope I win the cheesemaking kit.

  318. Cathye Flory says:

    Leftovers or whatever we can find in the fridge.

  319. Dinner tonight will be chicken on croissant rolls, sauteed baby kale and for dessert, pineapple upside-down cake with fresh pineapple. I love your site and I see a lot more people are following it now. I would love to learn how to make cheese, so I hope my entry is picked, of course. Keep up the good work, Kevin.

  320. For dinner, probably a large salad with cucumbers and turkey !

  321. Linda Dodd says:

    Steamed veggies, chicken, garden fresh tomatoes and cornbread baked in our waffle iron.

  322. Anniegreensprings says:

    Grilled chicken breast and avocado salad!

  323. Hi everyone!

    My dinner will be “zucchagna” or my version of zucchini lasagna without the noodles!

    Since my heirloom zucchini plants are splendorous and generous, I use the larger squashes to make my “zucchagna.” Basically, I mix an organic spaghetti portobello sauce with soft tofu, lots of garlic, and basil or fresh french tarragon from the garden. In the pirex, I place 2 layers of zucchini intercalated with layers of organic red onions and red peppers bake for 45 mins…and VOILA!!!

    Feel welcome to make my “zucchagna” and recreate as your palate guides you!

    I would LOVE to learn how to make MOZZARELLA and RICOTTA in the “Cheese Machine” to add to my CREATIONS!!!

  324. Diane Altomari says:

    We attended a potluck dinner at church this afternoon. Way too many good foods to mention.

  325. JaneGrace says:

    Hi Kevin, I love your newletter even though I am now living in New Zealand so our seasons are 180!! But I enjoy your gardening tips which I put in my gardener’s journal.I keep one because gardening here is not intuitive. Planting a summer crop in September just makes me laugh!! I have a source of fresh raw milk and would love to make cheese. We do make fabulous yoghurt already.

  326. D. White says:

    Pasta with what I have in the fridge, so probably chorizo, red pepper sauce and sauteed zuchinni and onions.

  327. Ellen Henry says:

    We’re having seafood gumbo with most of the veggies form my garden, and corn griddlecakes to go with…One of my favorites.

  328. MauraBuchignani says:

    Bonjour from sunny Montreal!

    Tonight to celebrate Canada Day we will have, marinated beef tenderloin on the BBQ, grilled shrimp with grilled asparagus, portobello mushrooms, mediterranean potato salad and strawberry rhubarb pie. Limoncello as a digestif.

    Love your site!

  329. Shelley Cornell says:

    LOVE to be having some homemade mozzarella or ricotta for dinner! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win this kit!

  330. John Billiris says:

    I’m an email subscriber.
    I’m working late, and will have a sandwich or something ridiculously simple.

  331. Stacia Sauerwein says:

    Very hot out in the Baltimore area, and with the power out since Friday well be grilling some veggies once we are home from taking refuge at a friends place!

  332. Nancy Elson says:

    Dinner? I haven’t even thought about it…yet! Since it is just to hot to fire up the oven, even the stove, dinner will something nuked, or spring greens and avocado with a raspberry pecan dressing, or maybe a rainbow of bell peppers with spinach/artichoke dip all roasted in the toaster oven!

  333. Brenda Holmes says:

    we are having country ham rolls and sweet tea, followed by fresh peach cake

  334. Cherylann McGuire says:

    We cannot wait to try the homemade mozzarella to us with my Caprese on a Stick appetizers! The homemade ricotta sounds delicious! Thanks for this website, it is terrific!!!

  335. You inspire me! Thanks to you, I’ve been making yogurt for a few months, now… You gave me the courage to finally try it, and I’m getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself! I’m really looking forward to the chance to make my own mozerella! Thank you, I’m a devoted follower!

  336. Hi there,
    Tonight I am having one of my own creations, it is a slow cooker variation of a french onion soup. Love the weekly emails, particularly the cheese recipes.

  337. Really enjoying your newsletter. I also make yogurt weekly and would really enjoy other cheeses.

  338. Diane B. says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m a new subscriber and I’m loving your newsletter. I don’t know what I’m having for dinner tonight but I’m getting lots of ideas from all of the other comments.
    I’d love this cheesemaking kit. My kitchen offerings need perking up.
    Thanks again for a terrific newsletter. You are an inspiration!

  339. Janene Homan says:

    Oh boy this cheese making kit looks fab !! – dinner tonight ? a rich beef casserole methinks

  340. Cathy Matthews says:

    I enjoy your newsletter so much. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. By the way I am having sloppy joes and fried squash for supper tonight.

  341. Kathleen Conner says:

    I subscribe.
    I’m marinating some chicken right now for a honey-curry chicken, and then going to make rice and a chickpea curry.

  342. Cecily B says:

    I love your blog!
    I’m hoping to go out for pizza and antipasto salad tonight so I don’t have to heat up my kitchen by cooking! πŸ™‚ It’s too hot here on the East Coast!!!

  343. Suzanne K says:

    email subscriber (of course)! I think I’m having a fresh cucumber salad and fish of some sort… followed by a bit of the rocky road ice cream that I’ve been craving for months and finally picked up this morning! Thanks for the chance to win the cheesemaking kit!

  344. Barbara says:

    Chicken salad with romaine lettuse

  345. Stanley Birnbaum says:

    Our exchange student from the Basque country is making “ensaladilla’ – cold potatoes, green beans and tuna with lots of garlic..

  346. I already subscribe to your newsletter and love it! We’re going to our local Italian restaurant tonight, so pizza is most likely on the menu.

  347. cynthia says:

    We are having fish caught by mg sons and husband Γ‘t. Lake peppin. Pasta tΓ΄o,. Love Ur blog, cy

  348. I subscribed yesterday!

    I just had….cheese for dinner. Yes, just sliced cheese. It’s 103 in the shade and the humidity is high as well. Too hot to cook.

  349. I love following your gardening adventures! I am having pasta salad and a marinated steak sandwich, along with some mozzarella and sliced fresh tomatoes from my garden.

  350. I’m making a salad with frenchbread and melted blue cheese to accompany it.

  351. Ellen R says:

    I’m having a fresh salad with leftover steak on top. Homemade cheese would make it even better! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

  352. Roxanne Raymer says:

    I enjoy your blog so much! For dinner tonight we are having roast duck with roasted garlic potatoes. Also spinach salad with orange segments and toasted almonds…Bocconcini would have been a wonderful addition! Fresh cherries for dessert.

  353. Theresa says:

    Dinner tonite, greenbean salad, and pasta w/ a white wine and cream sauce.
    Have used your weed “white vinegar solution” in my mom’s and brother”s yards, works great!

  354. Shelly Sabo says:

    We had leftovers for supper. But don’t feel bad for us… they were left over Hamburgers that we cooked on the grill 2 days ago, with homemade fresh strawberry pie!

  355. Pops and I worked in the yard all day and are pooped. calling for pizza.

  356. I have no idea what I will eat tonight. It is Sunday and the hubby was fishing so he’ll probably cook some fish and fresh lima beans…I got this idea writing this, thanks!

  357. It’s Sunday evening so we are having the usual…popcorn! I would love to have home made cheese also! Thank’s!

  358. Meg Gallik says:

    For dinner; chicken cutlets with sautΓ©ed mushrooms, spinach sautΓ©ed with mozzarola and pine nuts, and long grain and wild rice; tomato salad with ripe olives , avocado,blue cheese,rice vinegar Evoo black pepper, salt, garlic and parsley.yummy!!!

  359. Smoking some fantastic baby-back ribs for dinner with the family, to be accompanied by an organic slaw and balsamic potato salad!

  360. A huge salad….greens and scallions from the garden, carrot ribbons, roasted walnuts, dried figs, feta cheese, one gotu kola leaf, a forkful of sauerkraut (a natural probiotic) and lemon juice, dijon mustard and olive oil for dressing.

  361. Roseann says:

    we ate out tonight! I had a cheeseburger!

  362. 80/20 grilled hamburgers! Nice and juicy :).

  363. BETTY CODY says:

    Today was my 69th birthday, and two of my grand sons took my out of lunch. So I am having wonderful shrimp linguini alfredo leftovers. Since I recently retired, I am looking forward to cutting back on expenses and making my own cheeses, bread, etc. Thanks for your wonderful site, and recipes.

  364. secondhandlibrarian on Cape Cod says:

    Nothing exciting. Hot here on Cape Cod, but nothing to complain about with ocean breeze. Glass of wine….Humus with veggies, crackers and cheese, Pepperoncini peppers with garlic, bread and butter pickles, scali bread and olive oil for dipping…. whoa gardens looks great! Thanks for all the great advice!

  365. Janice Fuda says:

    For my mom’s birthday dinner tonight I grilled turkey cutlets marinated in vidalia onion dressing and served on soft kaiser rolls w/ romaine and cranberry mayo, pasta shrimp salad and triple chocolate ice cream cake for dessert. πŸ™‚

  366. Georgia Tunnell says:

    It is so hot here in the Osage Hills of Oklahoma that we do everything we can to keep from turning on the oven!! Tonight we had a delicious salmon salad with ice cold fresh tomatoes from our garden. Delicious.

  367. Matthew says:

    Hey Kevin.

    Tonight I am frying some green velvet okra from my garden. That’s about all I have coming in thanks to the July heat in South Texas. Maybe I’ll get a few more eggplants. To go with the okra, I’ll grill up some friend-made boudin. Perfect for a Sunday night.

    Love your blog.


  368. We are having fresh prawns in garlic butter, Mandarin Sesame white wine Coho Salmon, Lemon Almond Rice Pilaf, green salad and corn (on the cob-LOL). Would love the cheese making kit. Thanks for the opportunity

  369. jo helen says:

    Hot dogs!!!!!love hot dogs

  370. Jaejaejae says:

    Homemade pizza for me. I make my own yoghurt, but have never made cheese!

  371. Having some sauteed greens from the garden — chopped lacinata and collards, along with daikon greens (we planted too late for roots — but the greens are amazing), and I’ll probably throw in some purslane, too. Love it sauteed with onion, and this time of year the garden is full of it!

  372. tacos

  373. OH MY GOD, tonight we had MILKSHAKES. Yep. for dinner. Chocolate ice cream, banana, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, with Quick, molasses, milk, and chocolate syrup. No lie.

  374. Would love to pair some fresh mozz with the basil I’m growing!! But I made home cooked fried chicken and mashed taters n gravy. Comfort food.

  375. Grilled chicken with pasta, fresh basil, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, feta and Kalamata olives.

  376. Carolyn West says:

    Wow – I’d love to win the cheese making kit! Love your blog too!

  377. Roasted Chicken and baby brocoli and baked yams

  378. joyce avans says:

    Dinner Special at our house. . .Cracked wheat garden salad. From my garden this morning I picked tomatoes, cucumbers, a pepper, four beans, mint, cilantro, parsley, and chives. I’ll add some feta cheese, red onion, fresh garlic, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, and radish pods (find of the week at my farmers market). Toss all with EVOO and lemon juice. Chill for an hour and a cool salad on a HOT (104 this afternoon) night will be served. P.S. Fresh mozzarella would have been nice to add to this.

  379. Marinating chicken in lime juice to cook and put on a salad for dinner. Also have a fresh berry vinegar made with my raspberries. Fresh cheese on the salad would be divine!

  380. Hi Kevin,

    Tonight we are having a great salad with our garden lettuces…

  381. Trudy Rangel says:

    my mouth is so watering after reading all the above comments that it changed my mind. It’s not too hot to eat-even if the sweat is dripping off my eyebrows.
    So here’s my most delicious bite of the day: Companion roll (original pretzel)–sliced lengthwise-olive oil drizzled top & bottom- add to skillet ; Add toppings-garlic butter spread on both pieces (the white side)-sprinkle with fresh dill, a little basil, layer: pepper jack , colby, swiss, an ULTRA THIN slice of MAYROSE HOT HEAD CHEESE, another piece of colby jack on each half, spread fresh horseradish on last piece of cheese, then spriinkle onion and garlic chips, low heat til bread is warmed thru and cheese is starting to soften (don’t melt-too messy) A couple of sprouts or spinach leaves in the center. Lions, and tigers and bears OH MY!

  382. Lori Kensler says:

    We’ve been having powerful storms and wide spread power outages since Friday night in central Ohio. Tonight’s dinner will be at the closest open restaurant along which ever road has been cleared of fallen trees in our community.

  383. Cassandra Early says:

    What do you know!!!! We had 4 cheese ravioli with sauce.

  384. We go out to Teppenyaki restaurant on Sundays for a nice variety of healthy but good food,so,dinner is usually something very light !Love your site!!Keep up the good work!!

  385. Violetta Smolin says:

    Kevin ,I love your recipes and gardening advises. Thank you for good ideas.

  386. I’d love to try making my own cheese!

  387. yarnball says:

    Recently stumbled across your site and have been totally enjoying the newsletter and exploring all your information. Thanks!!

    Def want in on the cheese making!!

  388. Malabar spinach salad from the garden with tangerine slices and nuts πŸ™‚ Yum!

  389. Dee Clayton says:

    Leftovers for dinner…yummy! πŸ™‚

  390. Hi, I had a fistfull of almonds, a nice ham samitch, 3 Dove dark chocolates <3

  391. Howdy from hot dry west Texas. I cooked blacked salmon w/lemon slices in foil packets on the grill, baked sweet potatoe (on the grill) & sauteed green beans.

  392. Penster47 says:

    I had bacon and tomato sandwiches with fresh from the garden tomatoes!! YUM! But last night I ate very healthy with sauted fresh yardlong green beans, zucchini, yellow crook neck, onions, and a little bit of Kielbasa sausage.

  393. Hi Kevin, I have been reading your blog for some time now and enjoy it so much. I have been wanting to learn to make cheese for some time now but seem a bit imtimidated by the process. Winning this kit may give me the nerve to give it a go.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  394. Diane Kratz says:

    Love your weekly emails! So much
    interesting information!

  395. MARY STOTT says:


  396. Emily Lund says:

    creamed toast and egg- yum!

  397. Glennis Bowser says:

    I commented in your garlic scapes pesto column about what we had last night. I don’t know if I would qualify for this because I live in Canada. Anyway, tonight we had caribou steak, provided by a friend whose son lives in Northern Quebec, where you can get caribou at your local store. My husband grilled it. He also did fresh mushrooms (2 days old from a local mushroom grower) onions and our own garlic on the grill.. I cooked lambs quarters with pepper grass, and roasted potatoes. We do love cheese, but I have never made my own.

  398. Hi from “Down Under” even though I’m on the other side of the world and
    your seasons are different to ours – I still enjoy your weekly newsletters always enjoy your receipes and find your hints very helpful for our garden.
    Dinner tonight hot vegie soup and a hearty stew – To WARM us up over here.
    Thanks so much.
    Regards Gwen

  399. Dinner was a huge bowl of pho ga that my sis in law made, a chicken noodle soup flavored with anise, Vietnamese cinnamon, ginger, onion and plenty of spices. I topped my bowl with bean sprouts, Vietnamese coriander, Thai basil, cilantro, Sriracha, Hoisin Sauce, and a lime slice; an explosion of flavors!

    So now I’m reveling in a food coma and listening to some very wonderful music by Dan Gibson. You should check him out if you like naturescapes/relaxing music!

  400. Deb Haack says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Spending the day in the swimming pool. It is 100+ Β° outside. So dinner is Chili hand pies with all the toppings. Iced Pimm’s Cup for our refreshment.
    Thanks, Mermaid Deb

  401. We had green juice for dinner tonight! Love your newsletter. I really enjoy the recipes you share thanks for taking the time to give info to all of us who subscribe!

  402. fresh fish with potatoes yum!

  403. Elaine Grant says:

    We are having shepherds pie with lots of creamy potatoes and cheese…

  404. I love your site! My 21 yr old son and I are always looking for healthy recipes. He is starting a healthy cooking program for “handicapped and under privileged kids”.We are both learning to make all foods from scratch.
    Thank you so much

  405. Dale Gasque says:

    Shrimp salad, corn on the cob, and blueberry muffins made with blueberries from our garden. Our tomatoes are starting to ripen, so mozzarella cheese, tomato, and avocado sandwiches are just around the corner. Thanks again for your blog!

  406. Georgette says:

    I want to use the last of my lettuces so it’s greek salad with grilled chicken and warm pita bread.

  407. Linda Maguire says:

    I am so happy I found your website! I love your recipes and have made your garlic scape pesto. It’s so delish! I am have spinach stuffed shells for dinner tonight with a bit of the pesto in it. Yum!

  408. I think we will be grilling tonight – the heatwave here in southeastern PA will make it too hot to be using the kitchen!

  409. Dinner huh? I didn’t look at the menu during lunch, but if the lunch menu was any indication – and it usually is – I’d say that we are having turkey cutlets again with taco meat refreshed as sheppard’s pie or taco pie. Dinner at the DFAC is usually lunch reserved with a twist. Who knows, we might get lucky and get some greasy lamb curry. I miss my garden this year since I have been out in the dessert. I have really enjoyed your newsletter and site. Keep up the good work!

  410. Oh how wonderfully home made cheese would go with tonight’s dinner of salad from the garden, along with pasta tossed in garlic and olive oil with home grown herbs, and a few local farmer’s market diced tomatoes….home made sour dough boule…. mmmm yummy! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Simple, tasty, and so good.

  411. Jeannette Olton says:

    I love your newsletter!

  412. I love you newsletter. And would love this kit. I just took a class on cheesemaking and would love to be able to make my own cheese. I’m learning to live a healthier life and don’t want all of the preservatives in my food. And would use this kit to help with that. Plus I love cheese.

  413. Crusty French bread,manchego,olives and wine.

  414. We are having a delicious homemade vegetable soup my daughter started yesterday. We’ll add a loaf of crusty fresh baked bread – but wouldn’t some homemade cheese make it all perfect! It absolutely would.

  415. We are having chicken salad wraps!

  416. As Peace Corps Volunteers in Lesotho, we almost never have access to real cheese, and we really miss it! I’ve been curdling boxed (UHT) milk with lemon juice and running it through cheese cloth. I used that to make a Margherita-like pizza. Our favorite was mixing in garlic powder, and fresh cracked pepper to make a dip for home-made whole-wheat rosemary crackers… yummm! I love still eating well despite some of the challenges we face with food availability.

  417. Lisa Harris says:

    We will have a fritata for dinner. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  418. Pamela Campbell says:

    Veggies from the garden and a southwest bean burger patty!

  419. I would love to try this as I have access to some lovely milk!!! I’ve seen this in your listing before and enjoy making my own butter, etc. Thanks!!!

  420. Thank you for all the interesting info and tips in your newsletters! As for dinner, it isn’t an hour before dinner yet, so I’ve no idea what I’ll be serving! πŸ˜‰ I’ve never made cheese before and only eaten store bought mozzarella and ricotta. I wonder if this would be a good summer experiment for my 9 y/o son and I? Cheers!

  421. Rosemarie Carvalho says:

    My sister and I took an Italian cheesemaking class yesterday and I just finished making your garlic scape pesto. I’m going to grill some pizza and then top it with the pesto, tomatoes, corn and fresh mozarella. My mouth is already watering.

  422. Robin Zavodsky says:

    We are having schnitzel with potato dumplings and red cabbage kraut. Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  423. Teresa Barnard says:

    We’re having pizza! YUM YUM!

  424. margaret senn says:

    Venison roast with salad /balsamic vinegar dressing.

  425. Simin Azalea says:

    I love your website. I made the best yogut follwing your instructions.

  426. Homemade pizza, yum

  427. spinach from Riverland Farm’s farm share, watermelon, and corn from Ciesluk’s in south Deerfield. YUM!

  428. tvalente says:

    I bought fresh basil, watermelon, feta, tomatoes and buffalo mozzerella. I am going to search online for the watermelon feta salad, make a caprese salad and grill chicken breasts, marinated in a fresh greek dressing. I need to start making those lovely recipes, I’ve been pinning. Thank you for keeping up such a nice blog.

  429. We’re having grilled chicken thighs with a corn/mango relish and negros y cristianos. mmmmm!

  430. Considering we just got our electricity back on from Friday’s night’s storms in N. VA, we’ll probably be eating jarred sauce spaghetti and canned green beans. Any contents in the fridge have been discarded but with the blessed AC back on, it doesn’t seem so bad.

  431. sue greene says:

    I’m in the Pacific Northwest, half a mile from the ocean, where the extremes of summer heat and winter cold which most of the country experiences are but a rumor. We’re lucky if it gets up to 62 degrees in the middle of summer, and outdoor grilling attire usually requires a down jacket. We have a saying here…Fall – cool and rainy. Winter – cool and rainy. Spring- cool and rainy. Summer- that’s the day we play baseball.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 38 years, and am in the habit of keeping a few batches of legumes and grains soaked and sprouted throughout the week so that meals are easily put together with minimal cooking time. Dinner tonight will be an old stand-by…… homemade vegetarian split pea soup; some of the summer squash look ready so I’ll probably pick one, slice it up, and throw it in the soup for the last 2 minutes for texture and flavor. I like a little feta cheese on top for a bit of a kick. On the side – tofu marinated in a spicy mix of salsa and low sodium soy sauce before grilling. It’s a nice contrast of textures, colors, and flavors, very high protein, high fiber, and low calorie.

  432. Hi Kevin,
    I would be soooo happy if I won this kit! Tonight we’re having crab stuffed venison tenderloin, roasted beets with sauteed beet greens, and twice baked potatoes. Gotta love my fiance for grilling in 105 degree St. Louis!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration and guidance,

  433. Jeanette says:

    Looks like a pizza on the grill night at our house. Temps in the upper 90’s and no rain in sight here in Southern Wisconsin. We love to use a whole wheat olive oil dough for the crust and whatever is in the fridge to top it off. We have never used homemade cheese….bet it would be wonderful! Thanks for all of your inspiration…..great blog!

  434. don’t have any dinner plans, but sure wish I was having some Caprese salad with freshly made mozzerella!

  435. Vanessa K. says:

    Tonight we are having blue cheese grill burgers, corn on the cob and red potato salad:-)

  436. Charles Hodges says:

    Today I’m making Shepherd’s Pie with ground turkey.

  437. Hello. I love your site.

  438. Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner!

  439. I would love to win this cheese-making kit to give to one of my adult children. I raised them well! They all (4 of them) have their families on healthy nutritious diets.

  440. Rib eye stake, baked potato with sour cream & cheese shreds, salad and possibly berry cobbler.

  441. We’re making homemade pizza on a Woodmaster Pellet Grill. Homemade mozzerella would be just the ticket for our pizzas. You can’t beat the flavor the wood pellets add to the pizza. It’s a family favorite!

  442. Sher Branson says:

    I want this kit!!! I’ve been just dying to make the mozz cheese but haven’t gotten up the nerve to buy the ingredients/supplies. I’ve got fresh cow’s milk (raw) and it would be so awesome to win this.

    Thanks for such a wonderful blog. From my eyes, you live in heaven.

  443. Since the fridge is overflowing with greens from the garden (and not much else yet) I think it will be a big salad for dinner!

  444. melissa says:

    Hello!!! I would like to start by thanking you for your web page and weekly news letter. I find both exceeding helpful with gardening tips and baking tricks. Both of these activity’s are destressors for me and being a novice I still seek out helpless from time to time. As of right now I have nastursians blooming all over my vegi patch to distract cucomber beetels and I’m glad to report that your tip is hellping quite a lot!!!!! So as for dinner tonight…. who knows kinda short on money and not much in the fridge so I will have to be creative!! Wish me luck!!! And thank you again!!!

  445. I love love love your website. Don’t know what’s for dinner yet.

  446. Hi there, love the newletters

  447. Good Morning! I enjoy your weekly newsletter and recipes.

  448. Meatloaf, mashed potatos, fried yellow squash, green tomato and okra mix. Nummy!

  449. bonnie fuentevilla says:

    Hi Kevin,
    It’s Meatless Monday. Actually we do about a 5/2 ratio. Anyways, since I’m always picking up great info from your site I plan on checking out the Beet Greens recipe. I have plenty. I’m hoping I can harvest some while the beets continue to grow. Have a nice day.

  450. Jill Spencer says:

    Im always SO excited to get my weekly newsletter – thanks, Kevin!

  451. kathy kam says:

    Dinner will be “Ma Paw To Fu” Literally means Pock Faced lady’s Tofu. In olden days, most Chinese were illiterate. Coudln’t write or read. Only the privilleged, wealthy families could retain tutors for their children. So, people usually used a specific feature to identify others. Such as “Too Tall Jones”; “Four-Eyed Chan”; “No hair Lee”, etc. Today, this is totally politically incorrect. But it was not a practice for humiliating other. It was simply a tool of identification.
    Anyway, this lady was a food vendor and she had the misfortune of having some unsightly pock marks on her face. Thus the monika. It was a good day and she sold out most of her food. There remained some tofu and a small amount of pork. She cooked these with soy sauce and condiments made of soy bean. She added a dash of hot chili pepper. The rest is history.
    I will be using gound turkey instead of pork. May add some sea weed for some addtional trace mineral. YUM!

  452. Victoria says:

    I am such a fan of your newsletter! Thank you for offering a giveaway. Dinner tonight is leftover pork-roast from Sunday’s dinner. But I have a goat that I milk every day and I have been wanting to try my first attempt at making cheese. If you have any recipes, instrctions or suggestions I would love them! Thank you!

  453. I fixed what I call kitchen sink black beans last night…a little left over hot sausage, a pepper and tomatoes from the garden, some left over chili in adobo, a limp carrot, etc. I maybe got a little carried away with the hot stuff…cuz it was hot hot….:-) Cheese and cilantro on top helped a little and hubby and I shared a beer…which helped more.

  454. Deb Smith says:

    I love making my own ricotta but have never tried mozzarella – can’t wait…but in the meantime, I’m making grilled lamb kebabs with roasted veggies & quinoa.

  455. Jaycee Baker Saunders says:

    I’m still new to your site but I absolutely love what I’m reading!! Hailing all the way from California, your tips and wonderful recipes are put to good use over here too!

    Tonight I’m preparing grilled Mahi Mahi, grilled sweet white corn from the Farmers Market and some sauteed polenta!!

    I’d love to get into cheese making, I cant wait to try the greek yogurt now that I have your recipe!!

  456. Hey, there. Tonights dinner will be homemade turkey/veggie burgers with a cumin-lime black bean and avocado salad. Thanks for this opportunity to enter your contest!

  457. Mary Hoehmann says:

    I made a delicious, homemade, organic vegetable soup I plan to have for dinner. I also have a cucumber salad and some organic, all natural fruit ice pops for desert.

  458. I’m not sure what we’re having this evening, but I’m pretty sure cheese will be one of the ingredients! Love it!, all kinds!

  459. Pizza cooked on the grill!

  460. Valerie Kalous says:

    It’s too hot to cook! I’ll thaw some grilled pork loin and we’ll have a salad and hopefully hubby will bring home some sweetcorn.

  461. Valerie Kalous says:

    Something easy, since it’s so hot!

  462. Hope Canadians stand a chance to win!

  463. Ah Kevin, it is now 4:24 p.m. and I have no clue what is for dinner! It’s been a really bad day πŸ™ I would love to win this kit. I have tried and fallen in love with New England Cheese’s yogotherm and “sweet yogurt”. I would enjoy venturing into cheesemaking. I love Mozzarella.

  464. Grilled Chicken, baked sweet potato and roasted corn on the cob for dinner tonight.

  465. tracey byram says:

    Tonight’s dinner will be country fried steak and gravy with fried okra, squash casserole and homemade biscuits.

  466. too hot to have anything hot/warm for dinner/food. will be making a fruit smoothie for dinner and maybe some mellon on the side. nice and cool.

  467. Deborah says:

    Dinner tonight from our garden: salad of purslane and arugala with Feta cheese from our favorite middle-eastern market. Wish we could add tomatoes but they aren’t ripe yet (so it goes in SF Bay Area).

  468. BLT”S

  469. I have been trying your recipes monthly now. (LOVED the lavender icing) So, this cheese making kit might be another pleasant adventure for me! πŸ™‚

    Dinner tonight: Leftovers……it’s too hot to do any “real” cooking!

  470. It’s pretty warm this evening so I’m going out to my organic gardens and pick some nice mixed lettuces and green Kale and mix in some raisins, garlic, tiny tomatoes, anchovies, and more olive oil and organic apple cider vinegar in a yummy salad for supper.

  471. Donna Andrew says:

    Tonight my husband and I will be having homemade soup with homemade scones. Here’s hoping we can add some homemade cheese next time IF I win the kit, lol.
    Cheers and thanks for the great newsletter.

  472. Susan Boothe Baird says:

    It’s still hot outside so I will probably go home in a few minutes and stop at the store for whatever to fix…so actually I really don’t have a clue what I will have to eat tonight. It’s just me and sometimes I just have some mozzarella, tomatoes and some basil out of the garden then drizzle some olive oil and balsamic over everything a little sea salt and I’m a happy camper! No major cooking when it’s hot like this, and believe me Texas is warm enough right now so I’m ready to eat light and get ready for tomorrow! Love your newsletter, look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week. my best

  473. randy mitchell says:

    Bar-b-gue pork chops

  474. Tonight it will just be my husband and myself; the teens are all away doing other things. So, we get to start practicing cooking for 2 again in preparation for being empty nesters! Tonight is angel hair pasta with garlic sauteed prawns and cilantro. Yum!

  475. Maricela says:

    Too tried to eat, so I’m not eating anything

  476. CORINNE says:

    Yum, cheeeeese, homemade cheeeeese….yummy! Let’s see, I had my daugher’s leftover pizza, a couple bites of grilled chicken, a lemon greek yogurt and a tall glass of chocolate milk…ahhh.

  477. fried chicken
    mac n cheese
    coffee ice cream

  478. Dale Young says:

    BBq Ribs and Potatoe Salad with grilled carrots…yummy!

  479. linda rizzio de santis says:

    A melted Mozzarella sandwich…grilled cheese sandwich with an Italian twist LOL

  480. Krystal says:

    Fell in love with your site a few months back. Thanks for all the great advice & recipes!

  481. Brenda Gildersleeve says:

    Subway. My husband did the cooking tonight!!!

  482. Love your blog and I would love to learn how to make cheese! For dinner tonight it was leftover mashed potatoes w/garlic and deli chicken.

  483. I am eating a Blueberry Bar this very minute, your wonderful recipe from last week!! Your monthly garden chore list is so wonderful for me because it reminds me of so many things that I tend to forget and end up having to do last minute. With your thinking ahead skills you are a great help to my garden scheduling and allowing me to space out the chores instead of an end of month blitz. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  484. Suzan Flynn says:

    Hello, hope you have a great week. Enjoy getting your letters . For dinner tonight we had pork steak with BBQ sauce, klondike mashed potatoes and french cut green beans for my hubby and carrots for me.

  485. Enjoying some relaxing vacation time w. family this July 4th holiday at a lake house, so we’re just winging meals. last night was marinated chicken and summer squash on the grill-YUM!

  486. Garden salad with swiss cheese and devilled eggs

  487. Like the simplicity of your site and the shared ideas for gardening tips and cooking
    with what you grow!

  488. No power at my house in Silver Spring MD (since last Friday!) and the end is nowhere in sight. Camping out with friends and shared a meal of grilled steak, pasta tossed with olive oil and fresh basil, and fresh greens from the garden – and a bottle of Malbec. Took the edge off a long hot day!

  489. We are leaving for vacation, so tonight will be raid-the-fridge-for-perishables dinner.
    I’ve been looking to start making cheese this summer, and this kit would be great!

  490. Darlene Brinkman says:

    Love your site! Tonight for dinner, homemade pizza.

  491. Zucchinni on the grill! Seasoned chickpeas cooked in the cast iron skillet on the grill. Pitas. Dill in yogurt sauce with my first garden cucumber!

  492. Cameron Patrickson says:

    Well Good morning! I just received an email from my Mom in law to subscribe to your blog. I have not looked over you too much however, I couldn’t miss the cheese kit give away, which really does sound appealing. : ) Which is probably why she asked me to subscribe,lol.
    I am a cheese making newbie. Quite interested in the whole process but lacking the time as I have 5 young kids. I have made cheese with lemon juice twice, but just recently found a place to buy rennet in my area, so I have purchased some to use. I did try making mozzarella one time but it turned into an unusual blob. The kids likes it though!
    Anyway, today , for dinner, I am having Salmon fillets with green sauce, sliced beans and carrots steamed, and a toss up between quinoa or whole wheat noodles in garlic and oil. Mmmmm mmm!! I already have the salmon defrosting and the beans in the pot ready to go for this evening. Hope your dinner is as good as mine!
    Have a good day.

  493. Yummo, LOVE fresh cheese! How bout on some heirloom tomatoes with fresh basil??? Love your site too!

  494. Would love to try this! I believe you are never to old to learn something new and healthy for you.

  495. Love your newsletter and receipes.Would love to win your cheese making kit. Maybe for dinner I will make shrimp scampi over rissoto.

  496. Lots of fresh veggies.

  497. Deliamo says:

    Lots and lots of veggies from the garden!

  498. Hi Kevin I think you offer this giveaway so you can see how popular you are! For dinner tonight I plan to stop at my favorite farmstand for the first early corn, add salad and peas from my garden and then something like grilled chicken wings!! Last night we ate grilled zucchini and chicken wings on the sailboat before watching the fireworks in the moonlight!

  499. Simple salads tonight but 4TH of July dinner will be smoked brisket fruit salad and black been coern salsa along with wharever our quests bring for side dishes.

  500. Mikaela says:

    I’m visiting family, so I’m not sure what we’re having. I’m actually visiting the same sister who pointed me to your blog during our last visit together!

  501. I would love to try cheesemaking! Cheers to the Fouth of July parties…. Burgers on the grill, fresh corn and crisp salads!!

  502. bates webster says:

    We are having fresh roma beans, salad and homegrown steak… cheese:(

  503. We are having bruschetta and grilled chicken tonight. We just got our power back on from that freak storm that hit eastern North Carolina and left us without electricity for a day and a half in 95Β° temps /sweat. Good thing I had to go to work where we had AC πŸ˜‰
    Nice giveaway btw. πŸ™‚

  504. Always keeping my eye on winning this kit. Homemade pizza Fridays are calling to be topped with homemade mozz!!!

  505. Judi Haworth says:

    Hello! Looking forward to your newsletter and would love to win the cheese making kit! Judi

  506. My husband loves cheese. Hope to win your contest for him!

  507. Irma Espinoza says:

    Love your recipes and pictures. Getting very motivated! Would love to try making cheese with my kids!

  508. Christa Lemons says:

    It will be our 4th of July celebration at a friends…so not sure what is for dinner. I will tell you that I have been intrigued by cheese making for a while now and am looking into making some soon. This kit would sure get me on my way!
    Thanks and have a Blessed Week!

  509. Marilee says:

    Your site is amazing-hints, recipes, tons of photos-love it.
    I think I read on this site about using potassium salts of fatty acid 1 part to 100 parts water to take card of insects and their eggs and powdery mildew. The potassium was suppose to be availabe at a pharmacy, but around here they haven’t heard of it. How can I find it?

  510. Anne Hagsten says:


  511. Norah Tielemans says:

    We’re having steak and potatoes on the barbe with some cut up vegetables. It’s way to hot to cook anything inside. Thanks for the great info you pass along to us.

  512. Regina Miller says:

    At my moms house 700 miles away. Had delicious taco salad from scratch.

  513. Rita Galloway says:

    Love this site, and I spent dinner with my sister who served up a great salad, baked potatoe and chicken tenders which I never buy. Great evening.

  514. Tonight we have BBQ hormone/antibiotic free steak with grilled egg plant and baked kale.
    we dont eat this great everynight but I wish we did.

  515. kandy pearce says:

    Well I put a chicken in a crock pot (no liquid) with yummy seasonings and came home after work to tender chicken falling ok the bone with mushrooms and rice..

  516. I would love to learn to make cheese. I just finished a ball of store-bought mozzarella today and was wondering how to make it. I have a friend who used to make all kinds of cheese- even one similar to Norwegian gjetost. Thanks for your information and enthusiasm.

  517. bakerwannabe says:

    I had sushi for dinner.

  518. Margaret says:

    I had tacos for supper. I have enjoyed your site and have learned alot about gardening from it.

  519. Grilled chicken on a wood fired grill! Nothing better!

  520. Michala from Denmark :) says:

    I love your newsletter and the awesome recipes..
    Wouldent it be cool if the kit was to be sent all the way to Denmark? :O)
    Thank you Kevin.. I’m very pleased with the effort you put in this (O:

  521. Dinner tonight is a hearty salad with leftover chicken. Love your newsletter

  522. dinner is thai tofu and zucchini curry

  523. Barb Gilligan says:

    I cooked for the last 3 days for our family reunion, 74 came this year. So I will be eating leftovers and more leftovers, pork loin and beans yumm!

  524. Barb L. says:

    July 4 with the in-laws, the traditional fare: fried chicken, potato salad, calico beans, cherry pie, home-made ice cream. How lucky we are! I love this site, and it is full of helpful information that I haven’t seen anywhere else. And the photos are spectacular!

  525. Valinda Reed says:

    Ribs, potato salad, baked beans, greens followed up with homemade banana ice cream.

  526. wow, had to go over 500plus comments , is there another way? anyway, i love your newaletter. and we are having field peas, watermelon corn and love

  527. I am being treated to dinner at an Italian Restaurant. After the storm Friday night here on the east coast, my power was restored on Sunday morning, but my son still didn’t have power so I lent him our generator. He got his power back last night and decided to take me out to dinner as a token of gratitude for the generator.

  528. Jackie says:
    We had barbecue chicken, squash from our garden, salad from our garden with homemade chèvre on top and homemade applesauce. it was great.

  529. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m subscribed to your weekly email newsletter.

  530. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m having Lasagne for dinner tonight.

  531. E. Wicker says:

    Tonight we are having Grilled Pork Chops, Chive Mashed Potatoes served with fresh herb butter sauce and Sauteed Chinese cabbage.
    (herbs, potatoes and cabbage all coming from our 1/4 acre garden)

  532. supper: local sweet corn, garden tomatoes with ArtistryFarm goat cheese and peppermint (kitchen garden) goat milk ice cream…thanks as always, Kevin.

  533. Tonight is Alabama barbecued chicken with horseradish potato salad and grilled sweet corn. Thanks Kevin for all the great tips and recipes.

  534. Not sure what is for dinner tonight,( going to a Friend’s for dinner tonight) but would love your cheese kit. I have made some cheese before, but I have never heard of Ricki’s before I came to your site. Love this site, very good info. Helpful tips and recipes.

  535. tonight we are having roasted chicken that has been marinated in herbs from our AP systems… also having garlic/rosemary potatoes…. mmmmmm

    we will be having tomato pie tomorrow… made up from red and yellow tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella cheese…. (not homemade, eventhough I would like to make it myself)

  536. Virginia Tillinghast says:

    I’d love to make some cheese. I did love making the lavender icing. So very fresh! My contribution to a cookout this weekend. Pound cake from scratch with lavender icing. The kids loved picking the flowers off the stem for the added ‘decoration’.

  537. Watermelon! Too hot to eat!!!

  538. Oh my goodness… how fun it would be to make my own cheese! Such a fantastic giveaway!

  539. Julie Sefton says:

    I’ll be having simply a fresh peach and a handful of fresh raspberries…trying to lose 7-9 lbs. Would love to win the Cheesemaking Kit…also would love to learn to make Greek Yogurt!!

  540. Maureen says:

    We are having butternut squash ravioli and garlic green beans…am also thinking about making some black raspberry sorbet. It would be awesome to make a fresh yogurt parfait πŸ™‚

  541. Tonight we’ll have roasted whitefish with purple potatoes, olives, capers, zucchini. Had that in a restaurant and will be trying to receate it! :0)

  542. tonight we are having pollo in chilmole with rice and a salad…which is chicken in a blackened chile sauce…it is delicious…

  543. Tonight it is far too hot (98 degrees) to be cooking inside, so on the grill will be chicken breasts with a tequila-lime rub and zucchini halves; in addtion there will be some homemade pasta salad. Starting it all off with a nice, cold Pomenade: a combo of pomegranite juice, Limoncello, and lemon seltzer water. Very refreshing!

  544. Was making pizza but alas. . . . . . I have no Mozzarella ~ I must win!

  545. Going to dinner. Veggie for me and probably a steak for my sweetie- we have that yin and yang thing going! Love her kit. Everyone goes crazy when I make the cheese. I use the veggie rennet she sells and it comes out just perfect!! Happy weekend everyone!

  546. Shelby Mingee says:

    Venison Taco’s! with all the yummies from the garden… red and green tomatoes, lettuce, onions.

  547. We’re having babyback pork ribs, sweet potatoes, and a garden salad. All gluten free!

  548. .. having melon and veggies … made my own yogurt as the kids were growing up, but I don’t spend as much time in the kitchen as I used to … however for homemade ricotta, I Could be Persuaded LOL .. I hope I hope ;D

  549. I made mexican lasagna for dinner….yummy!

  550. Raenika says:

    Hey there!

    I’m making my usual simple-saturday dish – home-prepared chickpeas sauteed with garden-grown kale, toasted cumin, smoked paprika, coriander seed, turmeric, dried chilli, a little dot of honey, sea salt and a splash of stock/wine and a good sprtiz of lemon. All that is missing is some chevre to sprinkle over the top – please pick me!! πŸ˜‰

  551. Vegetable soup with all the leftovers veggies

  552. Lisa Clenard -Stocker says:

    Hi, We’re having a vegitable lasagna with organic sauce and veggies tonight for dinner!

  553. For dinner this evening we are having a chicken casserole with fresh broc. from my garden.
    Would love to make the cheese that goes in it!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Happy Gardening!

  554. I made caprese salad, with fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes form my garden. and crusted butternut squash! :)~

  555. Susan Johnson says:

    Having dinner with my son, two daughters, daughter in law and 5 grandsons. How much fun is that? Oh and I’d love to have the cheese making kit. Having been drooling over the pictures of fresh mozzarella for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity.

  556. Lori O'Leary says:

    It’s after dinner…horribly hot outside still ~melting humans everywhere~ picked some mint from the garden this morning, had it outside, in a glass jar, filled with well water, in the sun all day…sipping….how refreshing. Cheers Kevin Lee Jacobs πŸ™‚

  557. Hey, love your site. My family has a small rural homestead in the foothills of the Sierras. Tonight we will be having fresh trout, grilled squash and potatoes & a green salad all freshly picked this morning from the garden. Please keep all the great info coming, love the cooking ideas and projects……………thanks so much!

  558. Cheryl Heroux says:

    Steaks (marinated in balsamic, herbs, olive oil) on the grill and a green, green salad.

  559. Stephanie says:

    salmon, broccoli and baked potato πŸ™‚

  560. Lemon and Herb Chicken…love fresh herbs from the garden πŸ™‚
    Mushroom Risoto
    Garden Salad

  561. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m going to Taco Bell to try their Cantina Bell menu with a B1G1 coupon. Last night I had rigatoni with broccoli and chicken with a cheesy sauce, if hat makes it any better. πŸ™‚

  562. I’m having lazy chicken.

  563. I don’t know what I’m having. Whatever I can find in the fridge that’s already cooked, or a bowl of cereal. It’s Friday, and I’m taking a break from everything.

  564. I already had fast food at the drive thru as I have to work all night.

  565. Dara Gianotti says:

    Tonight we had pulled pork and fresh green beans with fresh tomatoes.

  566. fennel braised with clams and tomato over angel hair pasta

  567. L Hardy says:

    Hello. Likely we’ll have sandwiches either chicken salad or subs.

  568. fresh mozz, organic grape tomatoes, arugula, carrots, red pepper, carrots, splash basalmic.

  569. janet sikora says:

    Dinner tonight was pork chops and fresh veggies- family dinner Sunday afternoon is roast beef and gravy, FRESH mozarella, tomatoes, basil, iIalian bread, and baked potatoes and of course, wine!

  570. Pesto pasta and crusty bread for supper.
    My boys LOVE making homemade mozzarella. Have not had time to order more Rennet lately so we have been without for awhile.

  571. “Liked” you awhile back,really enjoy your post.

  572. We live in lynchburg virginia area that was hit real bad by storms 1 week ago today so my husband took me out to dinner to mexican food at a new restaurant tonight that was what was for dinner.

  573. Eye round roasted on a bed of smoked onions, jicama slaw, onion rings and garlic bread….mmmmm

  574. Janet Ortega says:

    I already had my dinner so that we can go out after the sun goes down (we.are in AZ) to garden and mess with the horses. Our dinner was a healthy one with bbqed yellow squash & zucchini along with stir fried red onions & mushrooms.& baby spinach. Trying to folliw Dr. Oz’s 7 day crash diet.

  575. Charlie says:

    Tonight we had smoked stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacon and smoked with Jack Daniels soaked wood chips. Added Alexia style potatoes with Parmesan cheese and sea salt and spinach salad with herbed goat cheese. Yummy!

  576. Vegetarian pizza, no mushrooms πŸ™‚

  577. I had fresh-made ciabottia bread, with cheese and a tomato from my garden for dinner tonight.

  578. Turkish vegetable casserole, pita bread and hummus. Followed up by Baklava and rice pudding. Very yummy and very vegetarian.

  579. I’m making lasagna with garden fresh zucchini and squash in lieu of pasta. Will be towering with ricotta and mozerella cheese, topped with parmesan and asiago! For starters we will start with some fresh roasted tomato-basil-garlic bisque from the garden!!! πŸ™‚

  580. Pam Helsley says:


  581. Lentil soup, fresh tomatoes and basil

  582. Turkey sausage w/pepper jack cheese along with some homemade potato salad. Thanks for the chance to win the mozzarella cheese/ricotta cheese maker. Just love your newsletter.

  583. Thanks for playing, everyone! This giveaway expired at 11:59PM on Friday, July 6, 2012.

    The winner has been notified by email.

    Stay tuned…there’s another giveaway coming soon.

  584. Whats for dinner tonight is burger cooked on the grill in the backyard.

  585. Jen Ferguson says:

    I have too much yellow squash coming in my garden….am coming up with ways to use it tonight is Scalloped Squash (done like Scallopped Potatoes). nIt’s the first night for it, so I’m not sure how it’ll turn out =)

  586. learning how to make cheese for the first rase goat this would help me a lot

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