Giveaway: A Natural Woman: Carole King’s memoir

I FELL IN LOVE WITH CAROLE KING IN 1971, when her brilliant album Tapestry was released. And since that time I’ve purchased each of her solo albums, beginning with Writer (1970) and ending (so far) with Love Makes The World (2000). So is it any wonder that I bought A Natural Woman, Carole’s just-published memoir? Of course I bought a copy for you, too. Would you like a chance to win it in this month’s random drawing?

Carole’s musical career began well before Tapestry. In the 1960s, she wrote a colossal number of hits with Gerry Goffin, her first husband (pictured above). Ever heard the Shirelles “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” They wrote it. They also wrote “Go Away Little Girl” (Steve Lawrence), “One Fine Day” (The Chiffons), “Hey, Girl” (Freddie Scott), “Chains” (The Beatles), “Take Good Care of My Baby” (Bobby Vee), “The LocoMotion” (Little Eva, Grand Funk Railroad and others), “Pleasant Valley Sunday”, “Some Time in the Morning,” and “Porpoise Song” (The Monkees), and “Natural Woman” (Aretha Franklin).

As an environmentalist, Carole has lobbied congress for more than 20 years to get congress to pass the Northern Rockies Eco-System Protection Act (NREPA). The bill seeks to preserve some of America’s most beautiful and ecologically important lands. Yeah, she’s a hero to many of us.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to meet (and even hug!) Carole, and to thank her for both her music and her tireless environmental work. I can tell you she is a beautiful person both inside and out.

For a chance to win Carole’s memoir, A Natural Woman, do these two simple things:

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Enter soon! This random drawing expires on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST. As always, I’ll use the little number gadget at to select the winner. The winner will be notified by email.

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  1. Brenda Johnson says:

    Can I claim a favorite “album” instead of just
    one song? Tapestry!!!!

  2. c kotowski says:

    Favorite Carole King song, besides ALL of them? Music.

  3. “Far Away” the Carol King & James Taylor duet version. My High school first love graduated and left for the Navy….

  4. “Loco-Motion”! It’s such a fun song! I’d love to read her memoir – thanks for the giveaway!

  5. It’s a toss up between “So Far Away” or “Where You Lead”…but it so difficult to choose from such a wonderful album…

  6. It’s Gonna Take Some Time (this time).. haunting!

  7. Carol King and James Taylor…You’ve got a friend….

  8. Susan-Marie Beauchemin says:

    Hard to select one favorite. Agree with Brenda, above – the whole Tapestry album!

  9. Sue DeMers says:

    I enjoy all Carol’s music, and watching her and James Taylor on the Public tv. AS a young girl she gave me inspriation and hope.
    The song “you’ve got a friend” was indeed what I needed to get me thru the teen trials and tribulations. I envision the “friend” in the song to be that og God and always know i am comforted and care for.
    Thank you so much.

  10. “I Feel the Earth Move”, hands down!

  11. Most definitely “i feel the earth move”!

  12. She is one of my favorites also. What a lot of memories her songs bring back. I love ‘Natural Woman’….

  13. Robin Ellington says:

    I grew up listening to Carole King.She inspired my development in those crucial teenage years.I loved her vocals and her style.I love “Its too late”,from her “Tapestry album”.Carole has an uplifting aura.

  14. I’ve waited a long, long time for Carole to write her memoir. Where do I begin with my favorite CK songs? I’m bored with everything from Tapestry, but love everything from “Music,” including “It’s Going To Take Some Time”. From Rhymes and Reasons, my favorite track is “I Think I Can Hear You.” Everything on Fantasy is great! Same goes for Thoroughbred, although I’m partial to “High Out of Time,” with Crosby, Stills & Nash doing background vocals. Still love the title track from Simple Things, and “Morning Sun” from Welcome Home. And I could go on and on, but won’t!

  15. Sweet Seasons from Music, and Been to Canaan from Rhymes & Reasons. (Hard to name just one song!)

  16. When I was a kid, my parents bought me Really Rosie. So I’d have to say “Pierre.” But everything on that record is great, and I still remember the words to all of them!

  17. Bob Mitchell says:

    “So Far Away.” The piano, the flute, Carole’s soulful voice…just mesmerizing.

  18. I love “So Far Away” (I hear it clearly in my mind just thinking about it). I was in my later years of high school when I fell in love with her music. She has an amazing and beautiful voice. I would love to read this book.

  19. Gil McAninch says:

    Lets see. Sweet Seasons and Natural Woman, and It’s Going to take some time.
    There’s just so many!

  20. Love her! Saw her interview on the Today show yesterday. So many good songs, but I do love You’ve Got a Friend…

  21. Cathy Ritter says:

    “Up on the Roof”…saw Carole and James Taylor when they toured together a couple of years ago. Definitely in my hall of fame!

  22. “You’ve got a friend” is my favorite Carole King song. Especially when her and James Taylor sang it together during his PBS tribute.

  23. Melissa Landon says:

    It is pretty difficult to pick just one song, Like many others here, listening to she and James Taylor is mesmerizing,,,,,Natural Woman is one of my favs….but so are so many others,

  24. Holy cow, Kevin! There is NO way to pick just one. Like another further up, I’ll have to go with the entire Tapestry album. Carole is a fantastic song writer and one of my very favorites right up there with JT. Ok…now I’ve got “Way Over Yonder” running through my head. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Natural Woman…all the way baby! I saw an interview Ms. Carole did on the Today show this week. Awesome!!!! I want to read her book!

  26. I was in 8th grade when Tapestry came out. I still have the original album!!

  27. badger gardener says:

    Natural Woman! I was not a big Murphy Brown watcher but who didn’t see her sing this to her new baby on the show? It’ s such a powerful song and after considering it in that light it stuck w/ me. Years later I had my own babies and with each one I danced around the kitchen w/ new babe on my shoulder to Natural Woman. I wonder if they’ll subliminally think warmly of that song some day. : )

  28. Natural Woman is one of my favorites – hard to pick just one.

  29. I agree with everyone.Hard to pick just one. I’m going with
    I feel the Earth Move.

  30. vita simonian says:

    you’ve got a friend…..

  31. Cary Bradley says:

    Like being asked to pick a favorite child, haha. If I HAD to name one, Up on the Roof sure comes to mind. Of course, you’ve got a friend is going through my head now… She sure is terrific.

    I purposely did not read other comments yet as I didn’t want to be influenced ;), but now will go up and enjoy what your fun readers have shared. Love that girl!

  32. Marjie Butler says:

    I love Carol King’s music. When I was in 6th grade, I brought her album to share with my class. The teacher stored it in her desk. When I went to go home that afternoon, someone had taken it. I was crushed!
    My favorite song is ‘I Can See Clearly Now’
    I love your blog and enjoy reading the many topics you write about. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Rhonda Laurie says:

    “Up On The Roof”has always been a favorite of mine for it’s upbeat and melodic appeal, but also for the strong sense memory that it evokes. When I was younger, growing up in NY, the roof tops of apartment buildings truly were a place that you could escape. Carole King (and I believe she co-wrote this with james Taylor) managed to describe this experience of living in a crowded, busy, noisy place where space was limited, yet there was this secret place you could go where space was plentiful and you could be all alone. Even though I now live in a house, going “Up On The Roof” still symbolizes a refuge–a place where one can go and be with their thoughts, escape the stress of the day and turn things around.

  34. Sharon Schoepe says:

    It’s hard to pick just one but I’d have to say So Far Away.

  35. Marcia Gilbreath says:

    My favorite is “It’s Too Late.”

  36. Oh so many but

    You’ve got a friend stands out for all time.

    I still have the original album and it is one of my most played favorites. It has traveled widely with me even to Ecuador and back.

  37. So Far Away!!!!

  38. My dear patient loving parents didn’t complain when I played Carole’s Tapestry album CONSTANTLY. She wrote so many stellar songs but Tapestry is my favourite. It is such a rich, textured song.

  39. Cindy walker says:

    Absolutely, “Up OnThe Roof”!

  40. high out of time. thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I’ve enjoyed just reading the comments because every song mentioned brings back memories and music to mind!! πŸ™‚ I guess Natural Woman is A favorite but everything she does is wonderful. What a great lady and I’m glad she is part of “my” generation. Thanks for the memories everyone πŸ™‚

  42. Natural Woman


  43. Carol Lavin says:

    My favorites are “So Far Away” and “You’ve Got a Friend”; to me the two go hand-in-hand. Although, “Up On the Roof” is right up there as well! πŸ™‚

  44. Love them all!!

  45. “It’s Too Late” . Speaks volumes and is still relevant! Been there for me through a couple disfuntional relationships. Thank you Carole King πŸ™‚

  46. I have always been a Carole King fan! I absolutely love “I Feel the Earth Move” and “Smackwater Jack” πŸ™‚

  47. pamela james says:

    I like the song Tapestry-I reaally like all of her music-It’s been a part of my life for such a long, long, long time!

  48. Glenda Shaeffer says:

    Sweet Seasons, a favorite.

  49. “Natural Woman”, of COURSE. And ALL of the Tapestry album… it flashes me right back to college!

  50. Sandra Longcor says:

    Its too Late… Love that song!

  51. All her songs are great – classics. But “So Far Away” and ” You’re
    So Vain”, if I had to pick.

  52. Bill Johnson says:

    It has to be from Tapestry so mine is “It’s Too Late”.

  53. NIkki Fiske says:

    My favorite Carole King song is “You’ve Got a Friend.” Whenever I hear this song, I think about the beloveds in my life who have always been there for me.

  54. teresa sopher says:

    I’ve always loved Carole. My top two favorites would have to be “Tapestry” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. The older I get, the more I enjoy listening to the entire “Tapestry” album.

  55. Verilee Herpich says:

    You’ve Got a Friend. and So Far Away!

  56. Jackie Francik says:

    So many favorites……but I would have to say Natural Woman.

  57. ?Will you still love me tomorrow” is my fav

  58. I Feel The Earth Move…….if I have to pick just one

  59. Mary Able says:

    It is so hard to pick one only. But, You’ve Got a Friend is very wonderful.

  60. Talisa Bowers says:

    A Night This Side of Dying.

    It’s a song that is so true. Miss. Carole got the total
    drug craz so right. Well written, and well sung. Well rembrred.
    Wish it had gotten the AirPlay that the love songs had gotten.
    maybe, just maybe 1 person would have heard it and been steered
    clear of drug use.

  61. Listening to Tapestry instantly takes me back to high school, and more recently, watching the Gilmore Girls with my daughter, who became a CK fan from that show. You’ve Got A Friend, So Far Away and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow rank high on the list of my favs. I would love to read her book. πŸ™‚

  62. Miki Holden says:

    Hard to choose, but It’s Too Late is one of ’em.

  63. Gotta go with Natural Woman, and the Tapestry album. Thanks Carole for adding your music to the tapestry of the universe!

  64. lisa williams says:

    Love, love, love Carole. Up On the Roof would be my pick.

  65. So Far away! Love that song

  66. Will you still love me tomorrow………………

  67. Locomotion!

  68. You’ve Got a Friend, Natural Woman, Jazzman. She’s amazing!

  69. Karen Frescholtz says:

    I fell in love with my husband of 50 yrs. to the song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. The Tapestry album was by far, my favorite album. And guess what…..he still loves me! So many wonderful songs and memories. I truly love all her songs and still sing along!

    Kevin, I just recently subscribed to your newsletter and have enjoyed it very much. I am determined to try the mozzarella cheese recipe. Keep up the good work!

  70. sooo many great tunes; can’t choose ONE favorite! thanks again….

  71. It’s Too Late

  72. Oh my gosh! Just ONE? If I can only pick one, I guess it would have to be Tapestry! I used to play that whole album over & over & over again!!!

  73. It’s Too Late, definitely my favorite, but the whole discography is so wonderful.

  74. Carole King’s Tapestry album is my all time favorite album, bar none. Hard to pick a favorite tune but “So Far Away” always resonates with me since I spent years living out of a suitcase when I was on the road full time playing music.

  75. sue greene says:

    Carole King’s music has been a big part of the soundtrack of my life! But who can pick a favorite? Different song speak to me at different moments……nothing like getting housework done with “Locomotion” in the background- “You’ve got a friend” when I’m feeling melancholy, “Way Over Yonder” when I need a stamina infusion.

  76. Barbara Wilton says:

    Tapestry….my all time favorite. Natural woman a close second!

  77. You’ve Got a Friend………..a real woman with such grace

  78. Carol Bellamy says:

    She’s one of my favorite artists. And I think one of my favorite songs is “I feel the earth move.”

  79. I really like “Natural Women”

  80. Talk about ‘subliminally thinking warmly’ about Carole King’s songs….I’m 49 now and when I read several of the song names above the songwords and tunes spilled off my lips like remembering the answer to the question, “what’s your mother’s maiden name?”
    I was 10 years old when I listened to her Tapestry album. And listened, and listened…..for some reason I had a lot of time alone and her voice seeped into me like the Baby Oil we used on our skin when we baked in the sun’s rays of summer !! Oooooch!
    Just didn’t realize how much a part of my personal fabric her voice and lyrics are. Feels like I know every phrase of every song on Tapestry (and many other songs of hers besides). Pretty neat feeling…now I think I’ll go look up a few of those songs and have a memoryfest this fine sunny weekend afternoon! Thanks!

  81. So Far Away is a favorite.

  82. My favorite Carol King song is ‘You’ve Got A Friend’. It touched me deeply enough that I sang it over and over for a dying friend, many years ago.

  83. Kathy Fober says:

    Seet Season

  84. It’s Too Late

    She is such a talented and beautiful spirit.

    Great idea, Kevin!

  85. I have enjoyed all her music! I grew up with her, & she’s been a part of my life for years! I have especially enjoyed “Natural Women”

  86. Laurie Rice says:

    Without a doubt, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” Time to pull all the Carole King music out to relive those beautiful memories.

  87. The entire “Tapestry” album is full of my favorite songs! But if I had to choose one or two, “You’ve Got a Friend” would be right up there, as would “Natural Woman,” “Far Away,”… (if I keep listing my favorites, I am going to list the entire album and more….)… I used to sing a lot of her songs when I was a regular at The Nameless Coffeehouse in Cambridge in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Genius singer/songwriter, one of the best EVER!

  88. I’m going to have to say “You’ve Got A Friend”, it seems to say it all….Thanks for your page and for the chance to win Carole’s memoir!

  89. Linda McGrath says:

    This is like picking your favorite kid! I guess “It’s too late baby” tied with “Will you love me tomorrow”! Thanks for the nudge to go put on my “Tapestry” cassette! I’ll keep my fingers crossed !

  90. Michelle says:

    What an amazing woman…and I don’t use that word often. Tapestry was my first LP, and I played it through a lot of rough times. It’s timeless, relevant, and a work of word art. “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” is my favorite, although each song brings back such good memories.

  91. I too have been a follower of Carole King and her music. My favorite song is “Will You Love
    Me Tomorrow?” But all her songs are wonderful. She just has a beautiful way of performing.
    I’ve been a fan since the beginning of she popularity.

  92. Carol Hanson says:

    has to be “you’ve got a friend”

  93. Mine is ‘I feel the earth move”! Also, a Big fan!

  94. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Carole King is such an amazing singer/songwriter! Like so many here, I’ve spend literally hundreds of hours listening to the Tapestry album – and adore her classics like A Natural Woman, Still Love Me Tomorrow, Up on the Roof and You’ve Got a Friend …

    Still, I think my most favorite song on that album IS “Tapestry” (I think Teresa GAGNE #38 above) described it perfectly “richly textured….” Another lesser known treasure is (So Glad You Are a) “Child of Mine.”

    Confirmed email subscriber

  95. pat gregory says:

    You’ve Got a Friend. Although I love so many of her songs

  96. I Feel the Earth Move! Four of us got kicked out of chorus for doing our
    own rendition when we were suppose to be singing something else.

  97. Deb Haack says:

    You’ve Got a Friend, I have has this song as my ringtone for yrs. I always have people comment on how they enjoy calling me and hearing this song.

  98. My favorite is It’s Too Late. Or I Feel The Earth Move. Or You’ve Got a Friend. ahhhh…

  99. Stefanie Paeg says:

    Smackwater Jack! I love Carole King πŸ™‚

  100. I fell in love with Carole King’s music in the early 70’s. When I want to relax and meditate I’ll light a nice candle and pour myself a glass of wine and put on the Tapestry album. But my all time favorite is “I feel the Earth Move”.

  101. Oh’ my gosh. How can anyone just pick one. To start with, It’s too late, To Far Away and I Feel the earth move. Shoot – I LOVE the whole Tapestry album. I still remember the day my sister bought it. I was about 11 and I turned 52 yesterday. Was that really 41 years ago? This would be the best birthday present!

    Thanks for letting me enter… Cotton Pickin Cute

  102. Susan Cox says:

    I’m going to say Tapestry but it could easily be ANY of her songs. I probably still have her albums or 8 track tapes or cassettes from the 70’s. I also love all the songs she did with James Taylor.

  103. My all time favorite song is “I Feel the Earth Move”

  104. “Tapestry” came out when I was in college. I listen to it now on CD with the same appreciation as I did when I bought it in vinyl. It is timeless. My favorite 70s CK tune is “It’s Too Late.” My favorite CK composition from the 60s is “Take Good Care of My Baby” sung by Bobbie Vee. What a fabulous talent Carole is!

  105. Tapestry! among others. Thanks for the opportunity and the newsletters.

  106. Joyce Avans says:

    Just heard Carole give an interview on public radio. “It’s too late” is still drifting through my mind.

  107. Theresa N says:

    I’m a subscriber. One of my favorite is Natural Woman.

  108. Up on the Roof

  109. Mu favorite songs among many of Carol King is…….I’s Too Late……

    Thank you for sharing the book and create fun in life with us.

  110. every song! All of Tapestry, all of Rhyme and Reason, all of Really Rosie. If I had to pick just one song, I guess I’d chooseYou’ve got a Friend.

  111. Larry Gilbert says:

    It’s Too Late, plus just about anything else she has written.

  112. all of them!!!
    if i have to choose, ‘I Feel the Earth Move’

  113. My very favorite song? Wow…my father dedicated “You’ve got a Friend” to me when I was 10 and my parents were divorced. He passed when I was 22 years old, and think of him any time this song plays anywhere…”Tapestry” is one of my all time anywhere favorite songs by anyone, and “Pleasant Valley Sunday” IS my anthem about life in suburbia growing up, (not to mention the Monkees and my infatuation with Davy Jones, who just passed, who when I hear “Sometime in the Morning”, I just about sob!). “Where You lead, I will follow” is my dedication song to my husband of 21 years (together for 25 years)…”Really Rosie” helped me in the years of growing up to be as feminist as I felt, “Chicken Soup with Rice” I sang to my daughter when she would be sick as a baby…So, how do I choose? It’s hard to say which song I would place as my absolute favorite…you see?

  114. I also love them all, but some of my favorites are “So Far Away” ,”You’ve Got a Friend”, and “It’s Too Late” . And many more..

  115. I Feel The Earth Move — absolutely!

  116. So Far Away – still one of my very favorite songs

  117. Bernadine Munro says:

    Tapestry the song AND the album, will you still love me tomorrow, and her version of Natural Woman πŸ™‚

  118. I Feel The Earth Move, Carole King

  119. Such a tough decision to pick just one! “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

  120. “You’ve Got a Friend” sung with James Taylor! I still love it and never tire of it.

  121. It’s Going To Take Some Time

  122. You’ve Got a Friend
    Feel the Earth Move Under my Skin

  123. ksantoro says:

    I’m glad someone else mentioned the Really Rosie album. When we took road trips with the kids that was in the tape player. My favorite song from that album might be I’m Really Rosie, but I can’t think of a CK song I don’t love. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow always takes me back to happy/sad times in my youth.

  124. Up on a Roof…brings back memories!

  125. All of them but because of the year when Tapestry was released (I married my husband that year), it has to be You’ve Got a Friend. Just writing about it brings the memories rushing back.

  126. April Cornick says:

    You’ve got a Friend……. or pretty much any of her music… well you really made it hard having to pick 1!!!! lol

  127. “Tapestry” – brings back high school!

  128. It is hard to pick one, she has always been a favorite, but I love Tapestry.
    Loving your blog!

  129. One Fine Day favorite song by Carole King

  130. yankeeinva52Robert Meehan says:

    Talk about a touch chore!! Pick just ONE Carole King song. Hmmm For me it would come down to “So Far Away”. Has special meaning to me from my days of youth. I saw my friends from school growing up, getting careers, married and leaving. “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore.” has crossed my mind often over the years. Don’t know if I’ll wait to win it. This could be one for my tiny library.

  131. Like many others before me, “So Far Away”…

  132. “It’s Too Late”— but depending on the relationship, it may never be too late!

  133. “It’s Too Late”

  134. I love a number of her songs, but “Child of Mine” is hands down my favorite. πŸ™‚

  135. Thea Caron says:

    You’ve Got a Friend!!

  136. Jo Pernice says:

    You’ve got a friend!

  137. Beth Ward says:

    “I Feel the Earth Move”

  138. Judy Washebek says:

    You’ve got a friend….hard to pick one.

  139. janny rosborough says:

    its too late baby!!!!

  140. I subscribe to your newsletter and love it. It’s hard to pick a favorite since she’s made so much great music, but I’ll go with “I Feel The Earth Move”.

  141. Diane Stowe says:

    In the early 70s as a young bride, had a 8 track of Carol, Don’t remember the title, listened to it every day as I drove to work.
    Toss up between Natural Woman & Its Too Late
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway

  142. Kate Ferris says:

    Really, Tapestry is a treasure, and it’s SO hard to choose. But “Far Away” and “I Feel The Earth Move” may possibly be my favourites . . . oh, but then there’s Smackwater Jack, Natural Woman . . . oh dear . . .

  143. My favourite is ‘Beautiful’ from Tapestry. It says it all.

  144. Veronica Garrett says:

    So Far Away and You’ve Got A Friend (with James Taylor). It helped ease the loneliness while my husband was stationed overseas.

  145. Like so many others I don’t know which one to pick. As I read through all the choices before mine I relized that she has provided the soundtrack of my life. I grew up on Pleasant Valley Dr and always swore the song was about my neighborhood. In college Tapestry defined me. When relationships ended it was So Far Away. Now my life is Natural Woman.
    I think I’ll just spend the rest of the night listining to Carol in my head.

  146. I love them all, but Up On the Roof really takes me to a place of quiet and solitude that we all need. It’s so great when she performs it with James Taylor. I also love Child of Mine and Chicken Soup with Rice (with Maurice Sendak) from Really Rosie. Child of Mine so speaks to the way I see my son.

    I got to see her perform when she was campaigning with John Kerry a few years ago. She definitely does

  147. Tough choice, “I feel the earth move” is one of the best. πŸ™‚

  148. “You’ve got a friend”. Close second — “So far away”.
    Also agree with Shelly about “Up on the Roof”.

  149. So many memories, some good, some not so good,

  150. Cynthia C. says:

    Oh my goodness! Pick one? I don’t know if that’s possible with all the favorites I’m remembering. Like “Sweet Seasons” ,”I Feel the Earth Move”, “It’s Too Late”, and so many more.Thanks for the giveaway :).

  151. I was just listening to her CD just the other day and reminising! If I had to choose a favorite of hers…hmm? I guess it would be Tapestry.

  152. Tammie Hawkins says:

    Since I am a Natural Woman then that would be the song choice!

  153. Will you still love me tomorrow, Up on the Roof, Natual Woman, there’s so many amazing songs its hard to choose. We saw Carole King & James Taylor in concert recently, what a great concert!

  154. I had Carole King’s LP (vinyl recordings) so long ago; all gone now. I wore out the Tapestry disc. I still love the title song and “You’ve got a friend”.
    I can’t go past “I feel the earth move”.
    Now I’m feeling all nostalgic!

  155. Pattie Lynn says:

    My favorite is “You have a friend”. My husband’s is “No Secrets”; I had more of a past then he did at the time we were dating and this song worked for him.

  156. Lael Gray says:

    So many to choose from! If I have to pick one, I’d say… “Beautiful” from Tapestry.

  157. All of Carole King’s songs are great! If I have to pick one then, “You’ve Got a Friend.”

  158. I feel the earth move…….as a gardener it is a double entendre!

  159. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! particularly, Up on a Rood, and You’ve got a Friend. Great memories!

  160. Sweet Seasons…if I had to pick just one!

  161. love Carole King hard to pick just one………….but today I would pick smackwater jack it is just a fun song that gets you moving!

  162. Up on the Roof is my all time favorite and You’ve Got a Friend comes in second.

  163. Robbyn T. says:

    I “came of age” listening to Carole King music in the 70’s. So Far Away, You’ve Got a Friend, Will you still Love Me Tomorrow, are just a few. She’s one of the best singer/songwriters of all time.

  164. christine says:

    If I had to pick just one fav, it would be “So far away”. I just Love, Love this Lady. Thank you Carole King for all of the fantastic “Albums” that you have shared with use over the years. :o)

  165. Natural Woman!

  166. Helen Hamilton says:

    You’ve got a Friend from Tapistry

  167. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

  168. Barbara Burch says:

    My fave at this moment is “It’s Too Late.” My fave changes over time! πŸ˜‰

  169. Tami Wilde says:

    I had this album in high school (still do) and played it over and over again, driving my parents nuts. I think my favorite song was “So Far Away”, but I played them ALL.

  170. Will you still love me tomorrow? Best song ever!

  171. Grew up singing to my Moms Tapestry album. Knew every word by heart. I love them all. I also love her – Love Makes the World album. I feel like she is a family friend, have been singing her songs all my life!

  172. Suzette Hungerford says:

    Really? Just one? Well this is really hard, Natural Woman, maybe Will you still love me tomorrow. I love all her work!

  173. You’ve Got a Friend and Natural Women are two of my favorites.

  174. It’s Too Late. That along speaks volumes.

  175. Greta Thomas says:

    I love all of Carol Kinds music, my fav song is Natural Women, second fav is It’s too late, followed closely by So Far Away…

  176. Like millions of others, I still have the original Tapestry vinyl. Favorites? Here are three for starters:

    “I Feel the Earth Move”
    “So Far Away”
    “You’ve Got a Friend”

  177. Oh this is extremely difficult, but if I must it is Now and Forever. May have something to do with my first love.

  178. Natural woman!!!

  179. All time favorite “You’ve got a friend”

  180. Claudia David says:

    I love the album Tapestry! In fact, I first started to study English with Carole King’s songs. Later, I bought the CD but I ended up loosing it when I moved from Africa to the States. My favourite song is “It’s too late”. I also love “So far away” ! It felt as if it was written for me. “You’ve got a friend” is also among my favourite ones but I think it is a James Taylor’s song? My apologies if I am mistaken.

  181. Love Carole King. Natural woman

  182. Love the “Love Makes the World” Album/CD!! Love all her work!!!

  183. I saw her Troubadour Reunion Tour and still my fav songs are “you’ve got a friend” and “Child of Mine.” Carole King is a classy lady!

  184. Love Carole King! A especially the Troubadour PBS special she did with James Taylor. Fave song has got to be Tapestry – fell in love with it when I was twelve and though that I wanted my life to be a Tapestry too.

  185. ‘Way Over Yonder’

  186. Love Carole King – “Carolina In My Mind”

  187. Ann Marie says:

    I’ve adored Carole King ever since I was a little girl and had the “Really Rosie” soundtrack. As I got older I ventured into her solo albums and just fell in love with her music even more. My fave song of hers is “Been to Canaan.” Her voice is so soothing to listen to.

  188. Barb Polski says:

    Love Carole King and all of her music including the duets with James Taylor.
    The songs seem to mirror people’s lives – “it’s too late” was out about the time
    my marriage was breaking up, “you’ve got a friend” was out when I really needed
    my best friends, etc. Great music.

  189. So many are wonderful it’s hard to choose, but I will go with So Far Away.

  190. Joy Bellamy says:

    Yes,so many favorites!!! I guess I would say the all time favorite is “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

  191. Teal Lockard says:

    You’ve Got a Friend with James Taylor… LOVE Carole King!

  192. You’ve Got a Friend, so Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow if I bring my Tapestry Up On the Roof?

  193. Natural Woman is probably my favorite. Maggie, that’s great!

  194. I love that she and her husband, Gerry Goffin, wrote β€œThe Loco-Motion” for their babysitter, Eva Boyd (Little Eva).

  195. VH1 Divas album
    Song written for Celine Dion???
    You Are the Reason.

  196. You’ve Got a Friend –

  197. it’s too late

  198. CK and I are the same age. Her music helped me thru many times, up and down. The song that came to mind: “I feel the earth move under my feet…” A title for a song: “will you love me tomorrow?”

  199. Tapestry is still my favorite Carol King song. I also love You’re So Vein…

  200. Tapestry is obviously very popular even today which is wonderful. It was a life altering album for me. ‘So Far Away’ was probably my favorite off that album however I really love ‘You’ve Been Around Too Long’ from another album, title escapes me.
    I notice that over the years and on here, people mix up Carly Simon songs with Carol Kings.
    Anyways, love you site, keep up the great work.

  201. Love Carole King and her music brings me back to a time when life seemed so much simpler! Favorite song has to be “You’ve Got a Friend”!

  202. There are so many favorites! “Will You Love ME Tomorrow”? has to be one of my all time one.

  203. Imagine a 17-year old writing “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” What a genius! That will always be my favorite. Incidentally, Carole played the (kettle?) drums during that recording.

  204. Barbara Graham says:

    my favorite…You’v got a friend…….

  205. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Women. Still as beautiful now as it was then!

  206. Favorite album, definitely. TAPESTRY.

    Favorite song. JAZZMAN.

  207. karen e cain says:

    has to be…..
    so far away…..

  208. Susan Hockings says:

    Tapestry…..the song, and the whole album!

  209. Cathy Fleck says:

    Child of Mine

  210. Hey Kevin, I basically lost my virginity to “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” on the Tapestry album. Fave song one.
    Fave song two would be “You’ve Got a Friend.”
    Wasn’t Tapestry the number one selling album of all time until Thriller came out?

  211. “Child of Mine” is my favorite

  212. In the pre-Google, pre-Facebook days of my youth, “So far Away” very accurately expressed my melancholy for friends that had moved on.

  213. My favorite Carole King song is “It’s Too Late”

  214. So Far Away and It’s Too Late

  215. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Women. She is great

  216. I Feel the Earth Move and You’ve Got a Friend!

  217. Thanks for playing, everyone! The winner has been notified by email.

  218. When I think of Carole King, I always think of “I Feel the Earth Move” first. Then all the other songs I love. πŸ˜€

  219. I love most of Carole’s songs but the one that keeps me sane living on the other side of the world from family & friends is ‘You’ve Got a Friend’…even across the miles I have been able to stand beside my friends & they are always in my thoughts…I’ll come running – even if it is metaphorically at the moment πŸ™‚

  220. OH NO, I had given you the wrong email so just in case number 219 is drawn I have fixed the problem!

  221. Dale Gasque says:

    I love Carole King, so it’s hard to pick just one favorite. “Beautiful” has lyrics that I think about frequently–you’ve got to get up every morning, with a smile on your face, and show the world all the love in your heart– but the same can be said of so many of her songs.

  222. I lived my life in HS through the music of Carole King. I was confident her music was written just for me! Natural Woman was one of my favorites, but everything she sang was amazing and is timeless.

  223. Kevin
    I just received Carole King’s book. Thank you so much; I can’t wait to begin to read it. Love your website and all the tips, pictures of gardens and flowers. It’s wonderful.
    Thanks again

  224. Marilou Gaw says:

    Pick my favorite Carole King song; that is a little difficult. I like them all so much. I guess it must be “One Fine Day.”

  225. Carole and Goffin cheated Little Eva on the Locomotion. She only got
    an increase in her babysitting salary. She never got ANY rights to her
    artistic interpretation and raised 3 kids on welfare and died destitute
    in 2003. Thats fair and moral, right?

  226. Charlie benedick says:

    Happilly I found your website! Thank you; I love it! Sadly, my ex-husband passes away last month. We fell in love to all the songs on Tapestry. And even though we parted ways, each time I hear one of those songs… I briefly (thank God because I’ve remarried), fall in love with him all over again! LOL Her music moves me, touches my soul, and takes me back to a place and time, I never knew was so precious until it was “Too Late, Baby”.

  227. Is there anything better then…. A Natural woman?

  228. Michelle says:

    I realize this is an old post, but I just found your blog. LOVE IT by the way! I would say hands down, “Child of Mine” . Years ago, My daughters school had an event for mothers day went, and they played this song, now I had never heard of it, I went home and immediately researched to find it. It brought tears to my eyes, I think of that some a lot and the impact it had on me as a mother. That’s all, just thought I’d share!

  229. I like the song “Now and Forever” by Carole King. Also I have bees and they were doing well today here in the bitter cold in Denver. Thanks for the article about Clothianin. Europe also banned Roundup to help the bees. Thanks. Annie

  230. How can there be just one favorite Carole King song? I Feel the Earth Move, is a good entry for your contest. Party on….

  231. I am so upset that I did not find your blog before this contest!

  232. Kathleen Hussey says:

    Black water Jack

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