A Birthday & A Giveaway

I CAN’T HARDLY BELIEVE IT, but this Tuesday, March 20,Β  marks the third anniversary of A Garden for the House. To celebrate, I’d like to give away one of Ricki Carroll’s fab cheese-making kits. Who’d like a chance to win it in a random drawing?

It was Ricki Carroll who introduced me to the pleasures of homemade cheese. Her kit contains enough vegetable rennet and non-gmo citric acid to make 30 batches of mozzarella. Also included is a thermometer and a large piece of high-quality butter muslin. Butter muslin is used for straining a number of cheeses, including the Greek-style yogurt I wrote about last week.

For a chance to win the kit, do these two simple things:

1. Subscribe — if you haven’t already — to my weekly email newsletter.

2. In the comments field below, tell me which topic at A Garden for the House interests you most. Food? Gardening? Domesticity? Perchance all three?

The drawing expires on Friday, March 23, 2012, at 11:59PM. As always, I’ll use the little number-gadget at Random. org to select a winner. The winner will be notified by email.

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  1. Happy blogiversary, Kevin! We’re so lucky to have you and our gardens are all better for it!

  2. Love your blog! My favorite posts are about gardening and food.

  3. Christina says:

    I’ve just recently found your blog, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m very comfortable with building a perennial garden, but I’d like to expand my abilities. Your blog really helps me feel more comfortable and informed. I like your homemade recipes as well.
    Oh, I already get your email newsletter.

  4. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read on your blog!

  5. Gardening! Food! Love your words of wisdom!

  6. Love all of the gardening tips and food info on your site. I’m still new to the site but love everything I’ve read.

  7. Louise Brouillette says:

    I love all your blog posts, Kevin, but my favorites are the gardening tips. You are my inspiration, and I mention you to my friends! I subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Twitter, and like you on Facebook.

  8. Amy Butler says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the gardening info. A “from the garden to the table/food” topic would be cool.

  9. Carrie d. says:

    Gardening and food or maybe food and gardening don’t know which one I enjoy the most, but thank you for sharing all the knowledge with us:)

  10. Happy Blogiversary! I joined for the garden, but have stayed for the food πŸ™‚

  11. I love food and am learning to garden and be domestic..Thanks for all the fabulous tips! xoxo..Congrats on 1 year!

  12. Amanda Wiersma says:

    First saw you on Facebook with English muffins, then ran into someone’s link about vinegar on weeds, and then saw the milk jug planters, so, I signed up! All of those things are right up my alley. πŸ™‚

  13. I come here for the gardening, but I enjoy the food too.

  14. FOOD!!!!! but I also enjoy the other topics, too πŸ™‚

  15. patti de graaf says:


  16. I enjoy all the topics. I stumbled on your blog looking for info on African Violets. I adore African Violets.

  17. I found this site through a gardening tip then found the cheese making recipes. I made my first batch of yogurt this morning .

  18. Donna Fisher says:


  19. I’m already a subscriber – albeit for just a few weeks! I like your gardening and food posts best. Happy Blog Birthday to you – I hope there will be many more posts for us to enjoy in the days and years ahead!

  20. I can’t remember how I found your site, but it feels like it is written by a kindred spirit! I have it on my RSS feed to my google page so I unsubscribed from the newsletter because I always see when there is a new post! I’ve been enjoying all the posts, but I think I did get here via the garden aspect. You don’t knit, do you?

  21. Love this blog!…I love the recipes and the garden tips!..

  22. 1st discovered you on Facebook & have been getting your email newsletters for a little while now. Really enjoy the recipes & practical gardening info.

  23. As a new home owner, I am looking forward to creating my first garden this spring. I have found your blog very helpful.

  24. I am an artist who loves Color, gardening ,and growing and creating natural foods.
    I love animals,and I love cooking and baking and feeding people.

  25. Looking forward to meeting you @ the upcoming workshop. I’m divided between your garden items & your food items…

  26. I really enjoy reading your recipes section, so please add more to that!

  27. Happy Anniversary.
    I found your blog while looking for gardening info and subscribed for the interesting and easy to understand Food, Garden and Domesticity postings. I am new to the blog and am enjoying reading through your previous posts. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

  28. Kelli Patton says:

    Me! Me! Put me in the drawing!
    I love all of your blogs, but I am always excited to see a gardening article! I have learned a lot from you. You gave me the courage to try winter sowing – which kept me happy all winter long! You have made me reconsider growing potatoes. I always thought that they were inexpensive to buy and take up so much space to grow…why bother? But you have made it seem not only productive, but fun. And someday soon, my woods will become a woodlands garden!

  29. Marzee Carnes says:

    I found your blog through pinterest , and love it all! My favorite posts are the recipes, and the house tour. I adore your beautiful home!

  30. Mary Prescott says:

    Happy Anniversary!I really love the gardening articles. They are very informative. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

  31. We love to read about your gardens most – breads are a close second. You do a great job with this site – keep up the good work!

  32. Veronica Bressem says:

    Your gardening articles are my favorite!

  33. Darlene Russo says:

    All three please! A friend shared your blog on vinegar on weeds and I have been hooked since. I have been talking about making cheese forever but never found the rennet locally. This cheesemaking kit would be perfect and I could serve it at my 50th birthday celebration the end of March!

  34. Nancy Lafferty says:

    Hello Kevin. Happy Anniversary, I must say LUCKY US! What I love most about your blog…..all of it!!! You are living my dream and thru your blog I get to peek in everyday! Beautiful house and gardens the best food and ideas. Love it all, keep inspiring us please!

  35. I have enjoyed all three. Gardening and recipes are the tops. Thanks

  36. Melissa Gensch says:

    You are my new hero! I am loving your site and especially the gardening and cheesemaking details…my son and I are going to make the little milk jug greenhouses today! I just read about your mozzarella and I am in awe… πŸ™‚ thank you and thank you to my mom for sharing your site with me!

  37. I initially found your blog last Fall when researching the dreaded red humped caterpillars that showed up on my apple trees. Since that time, I have checked in on a regular basis and like all aspects of your blog. I love baking bread and one of these days will have to get a pullman loaf pan to try that recipe. I’d love to make mozzarella and have heard lots of good things about Rickis. Thanks for all your inspiration and advice!

  38. perchance!!! all three…

  39. Congrats Kevin! Your blog is the best! I love the monthly to do list and all you helpful advice on all topics, hope to bump into you this weekend at the flower and garden show.

  40. Happy anniversary!! So far, I like all of it! Keep it up—PLEASE!

  41. I’d say gardening interests me most, but I know a lot about that, so I’d say on your site your food articles, especially the ones on cheeses are my favorites. In fact, I found your site by googling for a mozzarella recipe!

  42. Anything you choose to concentrate on, that’s fun & fine with me. I read all the posts. I no longer have the pleasure of a garden of my own, so I live vicariously:)

    I love this idea of cheese making. I’ve been reading quite a bit these days about it & just (semi) begged a friend to do this…winning a kit would make it that much easier. Thanks for the chance!

  43. Julia Rosenthal says:

    The recipes, especially the cheese ones are great. I like the gardening articles, too.

  44. Karen Johnson says:

    The gardening and recipes are top but I have enjoyed all three.Thanks!

  45. Love everything but especially the garden info!

  46. I enjoy all your articles on gardening & your receipes.

  47. Rose Anne Duschl says:

    As a new subscriber, I was attracted by the gardening tips. Having discovered your other topics I can not choose a favorite. Thank you for posting all of the great information.

  48. Happy Birthday…I am so glad to have found your site. It is very informative and I like it for all three of the reasons listed. I already receive the newsletter and find it to be a quick and easy guide to helpful information. I have learned much already. Thanks to you for sharing with all of us.

  49. Love the gardening tips. I am a new subscriber but really enjoy all the articles you post!

  50. I really enjoy all your topics, but food recipes for sure! Congrats on your blog….I’m lov’n it! πŸ™‚

  51. I have obtained a lot of invaluable tips about gardening from you and enjoy your recipes also! I really appreciated the information about Monsanto seeds to avoid when purchasing seeds, Thanks for all of your wonderful, useful information!

  52. Congratulations on your blog! I found you through Pinterest for gardening, however, I have thoroughly enjoyed the rest of your site. Great work!

  53. Ive been wanting to try making cheese for ages. I originally found your blog looking for gardening information, but I must say I love the cooking posts too! happy anniversary!

  54. Mike Hylton (Sarge) says:

    I’ve only been onboard with your blog for a little while, but it is Great! I enjoy it all…Keep up the great work!

  55. Tina Roney says:

    So far being a newcomer; I am still checking out the informational topics. I do enjoy the upbeat, colorful format. Many of the topics are areas I am interested in. Most of all though; this gives me a fresh approach to many areas I already have an interest in and I welcome the quick reads also. TRoney

  56. Christa Kenyon says:

    I am interested in everything! I am trying to live more self sufficiently and this giveaway would be so helpful!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. yarnball says:

    Love it all but especially the gardening stuff.

    Me! Pick me, oh Random Generator!!

  58. Kathy Sezern says:

    Love that I discovered you! You have my interest in all of your articles, especially gardening. Many thanks!

  59. Happy 3rd blogaversary!!! I always find your food and gardening articles very informative.

  60. I love the gardening information!!!

  61. I just started getting your newsletter. Found you on Pinterest. Love your gardening tips and FOOD!

  62. Congratulations Kevin! Love the gardening, indoor flowers and plants, winter sowing, food, cheese. I am pretty experienced in the garden and the kitchen–but you still manage to inspire me anyway! Keep up the good work.

  63. Food and gardening!! I enjoy your blog very much!! Gotta make that mayo!!

  64. I love your website, The articles and tips are great and the recipes are a bonus!

  65. Nancy Gillinger says:

    I have recently found your blog and am most interested in gardening and food. Happy anniversary on your blog! I am trying gardening for the first time and your blog is a great help!

  66. LOVE your site, love it all.

  67. I love the cool food ideas. I can’t wait to make my own english muffins.

  68. Grazyna Kirsch says:

    Congratulations and please keep on going. I enjoy the gardening and food the most. I’m watching my milk jugs for the sign of life. You were the inspiration for my winter sowing.

  69. I’m fairly new to this website but I enjoy the gardening and food sections the most, so far. I always look forward to what new things you are posting.

  70. Gardening and the recipes. Thanks!

  71. Mary Anne Cella says:

    Can you help with blackspot?

  72. I love learning about making foods

  73. Love it all !

  74. Funny! Cheesemaking info is how I came across your site! I’d love the kit! Food and gardening!!

  75. I love learning about the food, and also the gardenimg. You have so enlightening. Peace.

  76. Rene Maloney says:

    just discoverd your blog while reading about the seeds?seedlings owned by monsanto!Valuable info!

  77. I’m always very curuious about gardening tips and recipes aswell on your site. Buon compleanno from a passionate gardner and breadmaker

  78. Happy anniversary!!! I enjoy the gardening information, Thank you. Also, didn’t know one can make cheese at home.. still have lots to learn.

  79. I enjoy every topic of yours.

  80. Happy anniversary! Often inspired by your posts on gardening and food. Thanks!

  81. I am new to a Garden for the House and have fallen in love with it. I also love cooking. I look forward to learning more about them all.

  82. Claudette Leigh says:

    I chanced upon your website a few months ago, and the first article I saw was on how you got rid of your weeds with vinegar. Since then, with interest I follow what you have in your newsletter, and enjoy all your articles, especially your foodie ones. I also follow the mentions you make of chemicals, and what they really are, as opposed to the claims the company make of them, and your writing on roundup was most appreciated. I couldn’t see how it could possibly break down in four or so days like it was claimed! Congratulations on your anniversary, and well wishes for many more to come. Cheers.

  83. I enjoy all of your articles… no way could I choose just one.

  84. Jeanne Riordan says:

    I have read many of your articles in various sections and find them very valuable, thanks. Gardening is my favorite.

  85. Thanks for a great blog. I found it two weeks ago and had to subscribe. i love everything you cover!!!

  86. Happy Birthday and many more to come, I get so much from your site, and have learned to make many of my own basics such as yogurt, sour cream, and also your garden advice is wonderful.

  87. My favorite posts from you are about gardening and food. I have made cheese a few times and yogurt too, although I haven’t tried the Greek-style one yet. πŸ™‚

  88. I have only received a couple of your newsletters and have loved them. I am especially interested in Cheese Making and Gardening.
    Happy Anniversary!

  89. Cat Slate says:

    I like reading about food and gardening. πŸ™‚

  90. I would have said I enjoyed food and gardening… but I just read your silver polishing article and now I’ll have to say all three! Really fun blog. Can’t wait to read more.

  91. All three; definitely all three.

  92. pam hargraves says:


    I love digging in the soil! Your milk jug seed starter project inspired me to start my veggie seeds in the cold weather. It’s working!!!

  93. Gardening–especially veggies, and food!

  94. I’ve only been subscribed for a short time, only a couple of weeks, but I’m interested in everything you could say. My husband and I have five acres and are growing most of our own food, which I love to cook! And we’re slowly moving off the grid, so we love finding others doing the same and sharing their knowledge. That’s why I subscribed to your newsletter!

  95. Cheryl McKay says:

    Gardening and food – my panacea!

  96. Love the blog. My favorite posts are about food and gardening. Keeping my fingers crossed for the kit. Thanks for all you do.

  97. Kristin Morden says:

    Just found you and I am so excited to learn more about all three! Signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to the first one! Thanks for the great giveaway,

  98. Teri Freehling says:

    I love that I came across your blog! Great topics on food & gardening. Thanks & congrats!

  99. Vicky Carlson says:

    I love all of it. The gardening, food, and domesticity. I enjoy it very much and it’s inspiring and helpful. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  100. I am interested in gardening and anything that makes life on the homestead more interesting and diverse. Congrats on your anniversary!

  101. Margo DePolo says:

    Live the gardening info. Just transplanted my beautiful winter-sown peas!!! Thank you for the love you put into your site.

  102. Tammie Baker says:

    I like the garden topics the best but love all your posts. Just discovered you recently and immediately signed up for your email. Got the first one today and discovered this great giveaway. Mmmmmm that mozzarella looks fabulous. Happy 3years of blogging to you!

  103. I subscribe and I love the food and garden – really though all three are great!

  104. Happy Birthday and congrats on your blog. Thanks for sharing with us your passions and pleasures. I enjoy it all!

  105. Patricia Sullivan says:

    There is no one “favorite”…I love everything about “a garden for the house”…thank you!

  106. Gloria Atchison says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, Kevin. Thanks for providing a very valuable service to those of us who wish to learn all we can about being self-sufficient. Your blog is great………all aspects of it! I signed up to receive your newsletter some time ago, and look forward to learning more!

  107. My favorite, so far, is anything you have on gardening. I’m new to your site and haven’t had the time to check out everything. Looking forward to seeing more of this site. πŸ™‚

  108. Very interested in organic gardening.

  109. Sharon Norman says:

    Just joined but looking forward to gardening helps and inspiration and food ideas! Ready to check out the items highlighted in this email. It looks fascinating.

  110. I just love your website!!!! It has so much info.

    I just planted 24 milk jugs of herbs and veggies this month and they are sprouting like crazy.

    Can’t wait till next month for tomatoes.

    Thanks for such a great website and congratulations.

  111. I am an e-mail subscriber.

    I love all three. I am recently laid off and need all that info on food, gardening, etc. My second e-mail from you was on making Mozerella. I’m looking forward to making Mozerella sometime soon.

  112. Cathy Haynes says:

    I just joined a couple of weeks ago for the gardening but I’ve been reading all around your blog. I absolutely LOVE your house and what you’ve done to it. A Victorian is my dream house! I’m so glad you have the resources to bring it back to it’s original beauty.

  113. Hilary Seiler says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I enjoy all if your topics very much!

  114. I really love all three and am grateful to have found this blog. I never was a blog “person” but after finding you I am a changed woman! Thanks for all you do!

  115. I really enjoy your posts – I am most interested in your advice on gardening!

  116. I took your advuse and ordered Summerhill seeds thanks . Today I’m getting my plant mixture and seed trays. You are a cool man.

  117. I love all three topics…….. wondering if you know the answer to this question, since you’re giving away a cheese kit…. I’ve noticed a big move lately to vegetable rennet, and wondering what that’s made out of…… and if they are gluten free? I’ve been limiting myself to chevre made with kefir till I find out….

  118. Lori McDonald says:

    Love this blog! I thoroughly enjoy all the articles, tips and insight, but have to admit my favorites are the ones concerning gardening and food. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the great work!

  119. I found your blog when I did a search on winter sowing. I’m happy to report I followed your directions and my cool spring crop is just peeking through the soil!

  120. I havent been around long but I loved seeing your home & reading about all that you’ve done to it but i think I originally stopped by because of the gardening..

  121. Pamela James says:

    subscriber-I like all the posts-I really enjoy your blog!

    Happy Birthday!

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  122. I signed up for the gardening help but always seem to read the food posts first! So both are my favorites!!!!!!

  123. I’m a subscriber to the newsletter and I love all aspects of the blog. Congrats on the 3 year anniversary.

  124. teresa sopher says:

    When I retired 3 years ago, I further developed my interest in the domestic arts. Your blog helps satisfy that interest

  125. I am very excited about gardening, especially gardening without all kinds of harsh, man made chemicals. I also have a house full of plants.

  126. Love to hear great ideas on planting, harvesting, and cooking veggies. Cheese and yogurt how-to’s have been excellent. Thanks.

  127. Always looking forward to your newsletters and posts! I guess my favorite topic is…hmmm… too tough to decide. Everything you do is so interesting, creative and wise. Hope you have a garden tour sometime.

  128. Riversana says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve only known about your site for about a month, but I’ve learned so much–just in time before I ordered seeds for my garden-to-be, I’ve passed along the vinegar tip for weeds, and the english muffin recipe.. Can’t wait to see more, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  129. Thanks for the newsletter….the topic most relevant to me are cooking and gardening,


  130. I just discovered your website and love it! I always like to read about food, or course, but gardening and decorating as well.

    Keep it coming.

  131. Craig L. Meyer says:

    Your Blogs are great and I look forward to each one to see what you come up with next. The Gardening and food are my favorites and also loved seeing all your posts of your beautiful home. Thanks for all you do!

  132. Just found your site about a week ago and I love it, Thanks! Love all 3, but Gardening and Food are my absolutely favorites!

  133. I love it all. Thank you and happy birthday.

  134. Happy 3rd anniversary ! I’m new to your newsletter
    This far I can’t say one is better than the other.
    I enjoy all 3!! Keep up the wonderful articles.

  135. Brenda Johnson says:

    Congratulations!!! Three years and look how you’ve grown!!!!! Well done friend!!!!! I’ve certainly learned a lot from you- keep it coming Kevin!!!

  136. I can’t believe you’ve only been at it for three years! you do such a great job on all topics, cheers!

  137. Dawn Gruss says:

    Love the posts about gardening and thought provoking questions. Would love to win the cheese making because we are getting goats this summer!

  138. Gardening information is what I enjoy the most!

  139. Patricia Powlus-Miller says:

    Love to hear more about herbs – growing them and using them! New to your blog & loving it. Trying out the Greek yogurt this week!

  140. I am new to your site and am enjoying all three topics.

  141. Congratulations! I just love all the gardening wisdom. And I am now inspired to make cheese!

  142. I like the tips on natural pest control and gardening

  143. FOOD and GARDENING!!! You have some really great ideas and since I am in close to the same temp zone almost all works for me. I want to landscape the back yard this summer and I will be looking here for help and ideas. VERY small yard, VERY small patio and NO privacy.
    Ugh. Happy Website Birthday!!

  144. Kathleen Stokell says:

    I am fairly new to your site. I love the gardening and food

  145. Risa Palm says:

    Your food ideas are amazing, the Greek yogurt was so much fun. This is the only blog i follow, and love it! Thank you : )

  146. Karen Long says:

    I found you with the gardening, but also enjoy the food posts!

  147. Kevin,
    I stumbled on this site while searching for some herb information. My herb info was supplied and as a bonus, your site has continually provided a wealth of recipes, gardening tips, and practical knowledge. I can’t choose just one part of your site/newsletter that l enjoy most!

  148. Happy Anniversary, I love your blog! My FAVORITE posts are about gardening, but I do enjoy a mix of everything.

  149. Phyllis Alexatos says:

    Just joined your blog and newsletter a few weeks ago. AMEN!!! There isn’t anything that I don’t love about all the areas you cover. As far as I am concerned they are all related in a vertical and horizontal kind of way. Even if I can’t do everything that you suggest, just reading about it makes me happy. It is like a piece of heaven to me. Thanx.

  150. Kathleen Galati says:

    All Three please……:)

  151. I like your garden tips, although not all apply to my Southern Calif garden. But it’s fun to see what’s going on in another part of the country. I also like your you “domesticity” ideas. I’m inspired to start making yogurt again We made it daily in India (Peace Corps ’66-’68) without the aid of thermometers, ovens and the like. just stirred newly boiled and slightly cooled milk into the old jar we kept it in. And it sat out overnight. Well, actually it sat out all the time..We had no refrigeration! Thanks for your great info.

  152. Lynda Tiersma says:

    food and gardening. love the recipes and the gardening how to’s.. thank you for your website and information…

  153. Love the food and gardening information!

  154. I’m new to your blog. I followed a link from a friend! I’ve been reading for the past few weeks and I’m enjoying your gardening tips and your food posts. I’m purchasing raw milk regularly and I’ve about gotten up the courage to try my hand at yogurt making!

  155. Kathy Fober says:

    I came across your blog recently and I love it. I like the food articles first then the gardening. I’m hoping you do some articles on preserving garden produce. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and my Mom and I canned and froze everything from our garden plus fruit that we bought by the lug. We didn’t dehydrate so i need to learn more about that. Keep up the great work! I hope to make cheese soon (hint)!

  156. Love your blog/newsletters and could not possibly select the sections I like best, it is just wonderful, thrilled I found it.

    I am just starting to make cheese, I am in the “collecting equipment” stage. This kit would come at the perfect time.

    p.s. Happy Anniversary!

  157. Marianne Sievers says:

    Love the gardening and food posts! I grew up in a family who always made our own cheese — would love to win this kit!

  158. Happy anniversary, Kevin. Well I have to say that I enjoy all your posts. Food and gardening are my main interests but I have really liked your renovation post just as much. Keep up the great work and wishes for many more years of happy blogging. And, yes I would love to start making cheese.

  159. ann hazelett says:

    i love the cheese making & the gardening. i am 70 and finally retired to spend time with my goats and gardening in the low desert in arizona

  160. My favorites are gardening and food! Have a happy day!

  161. This is such an fabulous site and newsletter. I first became interested when learning more about how to find seeds, gardening GMO-free and more naturally. Plus, you have so many EASY to understand gardening ideas, tips and lessons.

    Then I discovered awesome recipes, all kinds! I can not wait to try more of them. I have already shared your page with friends, because it is great sharing about self sustainability – which your topics fit into so well.

    To answer your question? I think all three are the most interesting to me.
    Thanks so much for sharing your bounty of information, to inspire me and encourage me to be more active in caring for my own life and the life of others with these accessible information. What a big help!

  162. Anne Swift says:

    Absolutely love your garden posts. You are so practical and artistic!

  163. Angela Muller, RN says:

    I found you on Pinterest! Someone “pinned” you on their wall and I went to your website. I immediately signed up for your newsletter because your blogs are current, fresh, useful, relevant and informative, AND the pictures are beautiful! Me love me some KLJ! πŸ™‚

  164. My favorite posts are about food and of course gardening. I recently found you when on a search for non-GMO plants for my container garden. I’m great full you are here. I can’t wait to get your newsletter every Sunday. Cheers!

  165. Bobbie Floyd says:

    Love every singe post! You have inspired me to start so many new projects. Thank you

  166. I would like to be entered into the cheese kit giveaway. I am alrready a suscriber. How do I enter?

  167. Lael Gray says:

    I’m new to your blog – was introduced recently by a friend. I am most interested in your cooking and gardening posts!

  168. Love everything about this site, especially the pictures. Cheese section was a wonderful surprise, I’m making cheese now because of you, Kevin.

  169. Barbara Watkins says:

    I’m subscribed to your newsletter, and I enjoy all your topics. I thank you for the wonderful give away, I’d sure love to win the cheese making kit, please put my name in the hat.

  170. I love the gardening tips and the recipes!

  171. Deb Nelson says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I wish I have found this website 3 years ago, I would be a pro at “winter sowing” by now. If I had to choose one favorite, it would be the gardening. But since I don’t have to choose, I can enjoy the entire website without any guilt! Keep on educating us! I love it.

  172. Miriam Boyd says:

    definitely all 3

  173. I love your site! And .. gardening & food, those are my choices.

  174. Gardening

  175. Love the garden tips. Your gardens are beautiful!

  176. Manette Gutterman says:

    I love your gardening posts! I’ve ventured into more veggies for my organic garden this year so your advice is very helpful!

  177. Kevin, I just started receiving your newsletter about 6 weeks ago. I am delighted by it! I think it is the perfect length (short) so folks can glean what they are interested in easily and click through to learn more. I think it is very engaging; you probably have a LOT of click-thrus. Your pictures deliciously display the beauty and bounty of Nature. And your writing portrays your enthusiasm of your topics. I love it all!

    Thanks for sharing what you do so well with us!

  178. I only found your site a few weeks ago and subscribed right away. I love all the articles — I just wish you wrote more! πŸ˜‰ I’ve been living in Costa Rica for years and ironically, gardening and “real food” are actually pretty challenging there, so it’s actually a delight to be back in the states and have access to things like cheese-making supplies. Looking forward to doing some gardening this summer too! Keep up the good work and keep posting!

  179. Hi Kevin,
    I am new to your blog and love it. I have chickens and wondered if you ever blog on using chicken poop or compost tea in the garden? I have fodder for you if you need it. I have 11 hens and they are a constant source of amusment (& eggs!). Let me know if you need images of Pecky Sue, Cupcake, Nugget or any of my girls!

    Thank you for your useful information. I look forward to what comes next!

  180. Definitely garden and food..You ROCK!!!

  181. Happy 3rd Birthday on the Blog. I love the gardening topics, oh and the food too. What’s not to love about eating healthy from your own garden? Would really like to have the kit to start making cheese as well. Happy Spring!

  182. Prairiecactus says:

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    I always sign my notes and letters, facebook included, with mdl. It stands for ‘much dear love’ We all need all the love we can receive and share. MDL

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    Thank you so much and my only wish is that I’d found you earlier. I live 1000′ northfacing on a little mountain, rainsoaked but beautiful at

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    Gardening last. I’m not very good at gardening, and my yard gets little to no sun….but I’d love to have a small veggie garden…..

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  311. As a brand new Gardner I covet those topics the most! We started gardening out of a need for more organic fruits and veggies in our life but didn’t expect the sense of family and closeness it provided. We are still just starting this new adventure and thank you so much for all the help and inspiration thus far!

  312. I am relatively new to your newsletter and its like having a friend for coffee every week. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it. I guess I like all the features. The cheeses have revived my spirit, the gardening have given me confidence to try it again and I love all the wonderful things you have done to the house and the way it is documented. Today I shared it with another newsletter I receive Earthineer and have had a couple of comments from other members about how much they like your recipes so whether you wanted it or not you just got spread out more.

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    I’ve only been following for a month or so – Congratulations on your anniversary.

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    In addition, thank you for showing healthier alternatives to certain chemicals and manufacturers. You are helping me be a wiser consumer. I appreciate it.

    Please keep it up!!

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  324. Good Morning & Happy Monday!!
    I love all 3 ‘depts’ of your website A Garden For The House!!! Your BLOG brought me here though, searching for ways to annihilate a massive overgrown azalea grove which happens to be infested with wysteria vines….UGH!! And am well on my way, they are all cut down now, close to the ground, I am going to spray them with gobs of vinegar, wait a bit, and then the stump grinder man is coming to do his thing :-). Will cover the entire area with shredded newspaper or something similiar and build a raised bed above the paper. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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  332. Kevin,

    Thank you for your blog! So many great tips and recipes. My favorite(s)? Food! (cheese and bread, specifically)

    Happy Blog Birthday!

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  334. I came here to make my African Violets happy again. It’s working. Thanks.

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  341. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m all about gardening!

  342. nicolette says:

    Found your blog aftera friend posted about Monsato buying up seeds. We just bought our first home and I am interested in gardening and design mostly, but there is so much great info tucked in other places! Thanks!

  343. cheyenne watts says:

    I like the information on how to make your own food instead of being dependent on processed food. I also like the gardening tips. Anything that helps me be self-sufficient and free of man-made toxins and chemicals is a good thing.

  344. Annie Poulsen says:

    I am so excited that I found your site. I love all your topics and feel like a sponge drinking them all in. I am looking to redo part of my gardens this summer and love your ideas and tips. I have never made cheese but would really like to. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your site that benefits us all so much. Annie in Idaho

  345. I like your gardening tips; particularly the information on garden design and planning and inexpensive ways to improve your garden such as uses for the wood ash, free mulch, etc… Thanks so much and Congratulations on three years!

  346. Found you through a link on Pinterest. I, like many others enjoy the food & gardening tips.
    In Northern MN we just said good-bye to the snow & looking forward to seeing some green!!!

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  485. Thank you all for entering, and thank you also for the happy “blogaversery” wishes!

    The winning comment number was selected by http://www.random.org this morning. The author of that comment has been notified.

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