Keep Monsanto OUT of Your Veggie Patch

I HOPE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOU. When I bought ‘Early Girl’ tomato seeds back in 2010, I unwittingly voted for a corporation I vehemently oppose. Which corporation? Why, the evil empire known as Monsanto. Here are a few facts about this loathsome company, along with a few ways to keep it out of your veggie patch:

Monsanto is the agricultural-biotechnology monster who brought us Agent Orange and Round-Up. They also brought us “Round-Up Ready” corn, soybean, cotton, and canola seeds. These seeds, which are sold to industrial farmers, have been genetically engineered to withstand overhead spraying of glyphosate, the herbicide found in Round-Up. Monsanto’s latest horror, Round-Up Ready alfalfa, which spells the end of organic dairy products, was approved by the Obama administration in January, 2011.

And now the company wants to poke its greedy fingers into our home  gardens. In 2005, Monsanto quietly purchased Seminis Seeds for $1.4 billion in cash. Seminis’ seeds are carried by some of the best-known gardening catalogs, including Burpee, Park Seed, John Scheeper and others. The purchase of Seminis, plus the purchase of several smaller seed concerns, has given Monsanto an estimated 40%-80% share of the home vegetable seed market.

If you don’t wish to contribute to a company who seems hell-bent on destroying the environment, I suggest you do these three things. First, strive to buy only heirloom or open-pollinated seeds, and then save these seeds at the end of each growing season. Seed Savers Exchange will gladly tell you how to collect and store seeds. Next, make sure your seed-dealer has signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Finally, acquaint yourself with the home-garden seeds that Monsanto sells, by checking the Seminis catalog. You’ll undoubtedly spot some familiar varieties there, which run the gamut from beans to watermelons. Among the tomatoes listed under “B” are Beefmaster, Better Boy, Big Beef, and Burpee’s Big Boy. The rest of the alphabet turns up other commonly-planted tomatoes.

My heart sank when I discovered that Monsanto sells the colorful ‘Cheddar’ cauliflower, which is currently listed in John Scheeper’s Kitchen Garden catalog. But it is a variety that will never see the raised beds in my Kitchen Garden. I’ll opt for an open-pollinated variety instead.

If you have strong feelings about Monsanto, or wish to suggest other ways to avoid deepening the company’s coffers, please speak up! Post your comments below.

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  1. I had no idea and will not be purchasing this type of seeds. I think most of my seeds last year are now owned by Monsanto.

  2. Mary Unruh says:

    Great piece. Monsanto's reach needs to be checked some how……I just wish I saw some way that it is or will happen.

  3. Queen of the Click – it is frightening to think how many seeds Monsanto has acquired.

    Mary Unruh – Thanks. For years the US government has approved just about every evil Monsanto maneuver. It has been said the company wants to control the world by controlling its food-supply. Personally, I don't think that's far-fetched!

  4. 🙁 I didn't realize that they'd gobbled up Burpee! Bummer! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. sksweeps – While Monsanto doesn't own Burpee, Burpee does sell a number of Monsanto-owned seeds.

    Were I to order from Burpee, I'd certainly double-check that none are found on the Seminis list that's linked above.

  6. I wrote to my congressman about the bill to allow Roundup ready alfalfa. Unfortunately, we ordinary folks don't hold sway the way a giant like Monsanto does.

  7. clc408 – welcome! The Organic Seed Alliance, the Sierra Club, Food Democracy Now, and thousands and thousands of ordinary citizens like you and me contacted our congress people and also the White House to protest the deregulation of RR alfalfa. Unfortunately the current administration (like the one before it) has decided to side with big business.

    It is widely acknowledged that RR alfalfa will contaminate both conventional and organic farmers' non-GMO crops. The only beneficiary? Monsanto.

  8. thank you kevin for this info… I'm going to throw out my burpee catalog now…I don't want to take chances or support those companies. We try so hard to do good and we end up supporting such evil.

  9. See if your local library has the movie “Food,Inc.” – borrow it and watch – it explains a lot.

  10. …only until your post, I didn't realized it crossed over into the home gardener's market of seeds.

  11. Erin – I won't order form Burpee either. And plenty of other seed dealers are being boycotted, too, because their catalogs include Monsanto-owned seeds.

    Patty – Thanks to you, instead of watching the Oscars last night, I watched Food, Inc. Wow. It's one thing to read about the horrors of Tyson, Perdue, etc., and quite another to SEE them, right? Their treatment of both animals and workers is beyond disgusting. Frankly, I had tears in my eyes throughout much of the documentary. Monsanto's atrocities against large-scale growers was covered, but not their involvement in the home-garden.

  12. smeller says:

    Wow. I had no idea Monsanto owned so many varieties. I think most of my seeds from last year are heirloom, but I always liked to pick up a pack of Early Girl in the spring. No more!

  13. sherri – welcome! Heirlooms (or at least non-Monsanto-owned hybrids) are the way to go. Hope to see you around here again.

  14. Cynthia Standley says:

    I did go and read the complete court order (the innocent farmer). Just playing the devil's advocate, the lawsuit against the “innocent farmer” was justified. He was not innocent, and in fact appears to be a sneaky thief who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. CS

  15. Cynthia – you are right. He knew the seeds were contaminated and went ahead and collected and replanted them anyway. He probably could have won a hefty lawsuit against Monsanto for the contamination in the first place, no?

  16. Cynthia Standley says:

    Kevin, Since he did that, he saw value in the seed, so I'm not sure what grounds he would have for suing for contamination………which also was apparently mostly along the road. Also, he was not harmed, so again, don't know what he could sue for.

  17. Kelly Brown says:

    Kevin–Thanks for this information. While we generally try to use heirloom seeds, we always end up buying random seeds (e.g., peas) during the spring–We will definitely avoid Burpee and other seed catalogs with Monsanto seeds. Are there any other garden-oriented products that benefit Monsanto?

  18. Kelly – two other products come to mind: Roundup (which Monsanto markets through Scotts-MiracleGro), and “Certainty”, a lawn herbicide.

  19. Here are two places that sell nothing but heirloom seeds… non-GMO, non-hybrid, and non-patented:
    Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
    Comstock Seeds

    I'm pretty sure both places are now owned by the Gettle family..who are also the publishers of The Heirloom Gardener Magazine.

    and their seed catalogs are the most beautiful I've ever received!

  20. Yikes! I have no idea what happened with the links so here are the web addresses:

  21. Jen – thanks for the links. These should work…

    Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

  22. They sure do..thanks! 🙂

    and what would be super helpful for home gardeners is a book called “Plant THIS, Not THAT!” which would suggest/list heirloom, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-Monsanto owned seed substitutes for varieties that aren't..also, where they can be purchased, and growing tips for each.
    Now someone just needs to start writing it, if they haven't already!

  23. Jen – good idea, and I like the title of that proposed book!

  24. Fedco is a seed cooperative based here in Maine that decided several years ago (when Monsanto first acquired Seminis) NOT to carry any of their seeds–also they have really good prices!

  25. Mary – Bravo for Fedco. They’ll get some of my seed money this spring.

  26. Amanda Morrison says:

    I was just trying to explain this whole thing to my 7 year old. As for seed companies, I can also recommend Sow True Seed here in Asheville, NC. They only sale open-pollinated seed.

  27. Bobbie Floyd says:

    Thnak you for this information. I always try to use heirloom seed but this is even more reason.

  28. Amanda Morrison – I checked out Sow True Seed some time ago. Good company. And good for you for being an environmentally-savvy mommy who took the time to explain the evils of Round-up Ready crops to her son!

    Bobbie Floyd – Yeah, we really need to get the word out. I try to tell my friends which varieties to avoid when they go shopping seeds “off the rack” at generic garden centers. So many have bought the ‘Celebrity’ tomato — and that’s Monsanto!

  29. Thanks Kevin. I’d also like to mention Landreth Seeds, “The Oldest Seed House in America”, Call me crazy but I think this is one of the most important issues we face today.

  30. Jeff – Not crazy at all. I feel the same way.

    And how did I not know about Landreth Seeds? I just had a pleasant visit there – thanks for the link.

  31. Considering how they’re suing farmers for infringing on THEIR protected seeds? There’s NO WAY I’m ever going to support MONSTERsanto…
    I primarily buy my seeds from Renee’s Garden, Botanical Interests, and Baker Creek – all of which I know [well, I definitely know for Baker Creek] are open pollinated, no-GMO, and collected from small farmers & co-ops.
    I’m trying very, very hard to spread the knowledge around within friends and family about purchasing seeds from companies that deserve your money. This is also why I don’t buy those $1.00 seed packets in big box stores – I have no idea where Ferry Morse, or Burpee get’s their seed… and you’ve just proved it right there!
    [Although I’m pretty sure not ALL of their seeds are tainted, but it’s best to steer clear just to be safe, right? hehehe.]
    BTW: My winter sown containers are doing fantastically! Delphinium, Amaranth, and Coreopsis are all already arriving! It’s so exciting! And I made a seed order which includes Lupine~ ♥

  32. Thanks for the info. I’m trying to stay away from Monsanto related products. This info, will help.

  33. Cary Bradley says:

    Kevin, your message is quite dear to my heart. Your voice speaks to many and we absolutely cannot wait another day to embrace nonGMO foods. Thanks for speaking wisdom to dangerous power. Many great sources have been mentioned here. Pinetree Seeds is another favorite of mine which offers safe seeds in small VERY inexpensive packets… makes it fun to try MANY, MANY different varieties. Bring on those cutie radishes! Kudos!

  34. Donna B. – Agreed. And if one must shop “off the rack” at generic garden centers, it’s a good idea to first acquaint oneself with the Seminis catalog linked in the article up top. Then one can shop knowing which varieties of beans, tomatoes, etc. to avoid. Congratulations on winter-sowing success I like the heart next to Lupines — I love them, too.

    Bill C. – Glad to hear you’re trying to avoid Monsanto products. Watch out for Round-up Ready lawn seeds. They are coming.

    Cary – I love Pinetree, too.

  35. I loathe them. I follow & interact with some good twitter accounts including Union of Concerned Scientists. They are on a tear against Monsanto…very actively so.

  36. badger gardener says:

    Excellent info, excellent links. I was just getting ready for seed ordering. My son has his heart set on watermelon this yr. so I’m going to attempt it. Glad to see the seeds he picked are not listed in the Seminis catalog.

    “Men must be aggressive for what is right if government is to be saved from the men who are aggressive for what is wrong” Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette

  37. Susan – what’s the hash tag for Union of Concerned Scientists? I’m with anyone who’s on a “tear” against Monsanto.

    badger gardener – Glad you checked the Seminis catalog. I love that LaFollette quote.

  38. I was looking at parts of the Seminis Catalogue – and I was wondering – has anyone just put together this info in a list form? Or an app? I don’t think the “no GMO” app includes seeds…

    We buy a lot of the plants I can’t start early (like tomatoes), and yup, the variety I planted was on the list – yuk! Now I’m not sure I want to eat the spaghetti sauce I canned…

    Guess I’ll be buying gallon jugs of water (and asking my neighbor to save empty jugs) to make some of those “greenhouses”. Better late than never I guess….

  39. Check out the “Agent Orange Corn” (urgent action) and “Save Our Seeds” (campaign) at Also…

  40. Amy – Thanks for the inspiration. I should probably post all of the veggie varieties that Seminis/Monsanto owns. Knowledge is power.

    Do give winter-sowing a try. And eat that spaghetti sauce, which you canned in complete innocence!

    Lisa – Will do. Thanks for the links. And here’s another big campaign:

  41. I think your website is very cool. Great tips and high resolution graphics. I’m going to give the gallon jugs a try for lettuce. Thank you for the conucopia post. hopefully more and more people are tuning in to what’s really going on with our food supply. Jana

  42. Jana – Thanks for writing, and thanks for alerting me to Cornucopia’s great campaign. Good luck with your lettuce — it is one of the easiest veggies to winter-sow.

  43. I have been fighting Mosanto since the early 80s thanks for speaking up and spreading the word. This information can be difficult to find and stay abreast of.

  44. I stopped buying Monsanto products when you alerted me to their tactics last year. I just purchased Bachelor Buttons from Plantation Products, a seed company based in Norton, Mass. I hope they are safe seeds as they give medicinal uses for plants such as cornflowers being used to treat strained eyes or conjunctivitis. As this is a favorite flower in my garden, making certain it is safe medicinally is really important.

  45. They really scare me!!! Is there no way we can really avoid them? They already have their fingers in SO much!!!

  46. Emma Moon – Nice to meet you. Keep fighting “the good fight.”

    Anne – Mercifully, Monsanto has not entered the flower arena…yet. So all Bachelor Buttons should free of this evil empire’s taint.

    Donna – It’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid Monsanto, because the USDA routinely approves the company’s products — organic farmers be damned. Monsanto’s “Round-up Ready Alfalfa” spells the end of organic dairy.

  47. Deborah Rosen says:

    I hate Monsanto with a white-hot passion. They are trying to control our food supply and they already exercise a great deal of control over our government. Thanks for speaking out against them.

  48. Now Monsanto has also come up with an altered version of the sweetener, Aspartame, which they received permission to put, unlabeled (!) into processed foods.
    This is a truly scary corporation…right up there with the “corrections” lobby. Thanks for helping us avoid their products under any guise.

  49. Monsanto = ruination for everything it comes in contact with.

    I applaud you, Kevin, for raising awareness of these environmental rapists. I recently signed an online petition to encourage the White House to deny former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor an advisory position with the FDA !!!!!!! Nothing like an evil fox guarding the henhouse.

    The petition had 380,000 signatures when last I checked. Here’s a fresh link I just found, in case anyone else wants to sign it. There is a space for making comments, too.

    The thought that Monsanto is trying to manipulate the world’s seed supply is sobering. Where is the person who can stand up to them? Perhaps it will be all of us en masse. Will it get to the point that we cannot decide what we wish to grow in our own backyards? The European Union is actively resisting Monsanto’s bullying efforts, but the US is not. WHY is the question.

  50. This post will be a permanent bookmark of mine. Thank-you for your information and links.

  51. Cathy Wildow says:

    Can certified organic seeds be genetically modified?

  52. Thanks for the great post, Kevin. This corporation is truly a scary monster. Be sure to check out the Millions against Monsanto site on Face Book. They post daily about what’s going on around the country to fight this evil company. I too, plan to boycott all seed companies that carry GM seeds. I also won’t vote for political candidates that support (or are supported by) Monsanto and their ilk. If we don’t keep fighting this, they will win.

  53. Deborah – Still makes my blood boil that Monsanto shill Tom Vilsack was appointed Sec. of Agriculture. Bad, bad, bad.

    Meryl Natchez – My heart sank when I read that piece on DailyKos. I mostly despise the USDA.

    Beverly – With the addition of my signature, they are now at 406,540! Thanks for the link.

    Corrine – Thanks for reading. I’m trying to do my part in the fight against Monsanto.

    Cathy Wildow – Great question! By definition, Certified Organic seeds are GMO-free.

    Rosemeri – Thanks for the link. I’ll add my name there.

  54. I just recently became familiarized with Monsanto’s practices in the aforementioned “Food, Inc” documentary. Scary business. Just wanted to throw out there for anyone who may have not seen it, it’s streaming on Netflix right now.

  55. Denise Every says:

    One way to keep Monsanto out of your garden is to get seeds (plus potatos, trees, shrubs, flowers) from Fedco Seeds ( and potatos (and other organic stuff) from Woods Prairie Farm ( Both companies are in the forefront in the fight against Monsanto’s despicable dealings. Woods Prairie farm, in fact, is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit currently being heard in NY against Monsanto.

    The Fedco catalog is a delight with the information and the artwork, not to mention insights and comments, and the company is just wonderful to deal with. They’ve both taken the pledge to not knowingly sell any transgenic (GMO) seeds/plants.

    Both are located in Maine. Fedco is a cooperative and their prices are excellent, as is their service. I can’t say enough good things about them. They are my primary source for seeds nowadays. You can order seeds from them until March 31.

  56. Denise Every says:

    By the way, thank you for blogging about this. The more people who hear about what Monsanto is doing, the better the chances we have, I hope, to curtail them.

    I should also mention that Seeds of Change is another wonderful company, hugely important in their work to preserve heritage/heirloom varieties. One more place that is Monsanto-free.

  57. Just one more reason he won;t be getting my vote in 2012. I had no idea this kin of crappola was going on. I will definetly be more careful as to where I’ll be getting seeds in the future.

  58. Deborah Phlippi says:

    Burpee? Damn… Thanks for sharing this vital information. Seriously – thank you.

  59. Jean Lynd – Food, Inc is my favorite where-does-my-food-come-from documentary. Thanks for the reminder.

    Denise Every – Seeds of Change and Fedco are two of my favorite seed sellers. Thanks for the link to Woods Prairie Farm. It boggles my mind that Monsanto has received government sanction to continue their path of destruction. Proof that money talks, right?

    annie – This crap has been going on for years and years, under both democratic and republican administrations. Good idea to buy seeds from sources which do not have any relationship with Monsanto/Seminis.

    Deborah Phlippi – Monsanto does not own Burpee. But Burpee does buy certain seeds from Seminis, which is owned by Monsanto. For me that is reason enough to boycott Burpee.

  60. Up here in Canada, The Cottage Gardener is a source of heritage seeds. Monsanto is evil. There is no reason in the world that alfalfa seed needs to be Round-up ready – we are dairy farmers and grow excellent alfalfa forage. We will fight them every (small) step of the way!

  61. Crystal – Amen to that. Keep fighting the good fight, okay?

  62. Thank you for the info about Burpee. I did not see any heirloom seed names on those lists, so is it safe to assume that heirloom varieties are NOT monsanto hostages??

  63. The Future of Food is another very enlightening documentary I highly recommend.

  64. Candy – Safe to assume that heirloom seeds — especially those labeled “Certified Organic” have no Monsanto connection whatsoever.

    Jenifer – Thanks for the tip. Will check out “The Future of Food.”

  65. Tammie Edwards says:

    Thank you so much for the information I am constantly trying to keep up with what Monsanto is doing and I am so freaked out now about the alfalfa portion of your article….we have goats and when times are lean and our pastures are not green we are forced to feed alfalfa and grasses and we do drink the milk from our goats and eat the meat and we work sooooo hard to eat nothing but naturally grown vegitables and meats…this is very disheartening. Thank God for people like you who keep us informed this is my first visit but beleive me I will be a regular visitor Love your sight 🙂

  66. I guess I don’t see how they are hell bent on destroying the environment so the argument didn’t sway me much as far as what I purchase, but I’m grateful for the information on Seed Savers Exchange. Without hearing more factual evidence, I’ll be buying whatever grabs my attention at the growers.

  67. Elliander Eldridge says:

    The bigger question here isn’t if they are Monsanto owned, but if they are Monsanto produced. Any seed can be patented and Monsanto has also applied for patents on natural produce to prevent other companies from engineering them. Since Monsanto is a pesticide company first it stands to reason they would want to own as many different seeds as possible, but just because Monsanto owns a seed doesn’t in and of itself make the seed genetically modified nor does it specifically put money into the pockets of Monsanto. If it’s just a variety that was hand bred it will produce seeds and those seeds can be collected and resold. (unless you have a large operation in which case Monsanto will sue you in some case.) If the crops are genetically modified they might have “terminator genes” or might produce it’s own pesticide. In either case including a crop with either trait would diminish a harvest and so should be avoided. It should be noted however that genetic engineering is not in and of itself the problem. The problem is what companies like Monsanto intend to do with genetic engineering. There are some very good examples of genetic engineering in food. For example, carrots variates that went extinct have been brought back through genetic engineering. Eating such food would be no different than eating the natural extinct variety. That being said, such is the exception and not the rule, but I still think it is a better idea to look into what if anything has been done to the crops before specifically choosing to boycott it. I won’t boycott a crop just because Monsanto bought it out, but I would if it has been tampered with in very specific ways.

    For the concern of voting with your wallet, I agree to an extent. However, companies like Monsanto are profit driven. If a seed really is organic and Monsanto can profit from it being kept organic they will have less incentive to engineer it. Monsanto can buy out any seed from any company and I for one won’t stop growing an organic variety I like just because a company I don’t like buys it.

    Bias Statement: I farm organically and am for the most part opposed to genetically modified crops which is why I will keep some crops out of my garden, but I am also studying to become a Genetic Engineer and plan to get into non-agricultural areas of research.

  68. I need local to wisc type sources.any suggestions. I can look, it just takes longer.

  69. Thank you for this article. I am 100% anti-Monsanto so this is a wake up call. I will be very careful about which seeds I am planting to be sure they are non-GMO. The post from Elliander Eldridge, above, is interesting too. I have several conscientious friends who say the same: not all GMO is bad (I understand that but think it’s been abused–I don’t want pesticides added to seed!). Also, I don’t think it’s in consumers’ best interest to have a monopoly on food so I am, as I said, against Monsanto. So the tough question for me is whether I’ll buy Monsanto owned organic seeds… I am also conflicted about John Scheepers (mentioned in your article) since they have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

    At least I have more information now to make my personal decisions. That’s really what I want, and what all people should want. Monsanto doesn’t seem to want us to know. The new artificial sweetener that they can sneak into foods is a bad thing, IMO. I want GMO labeling on our foods. It’s the reason I eat mostly organic, especially corn and soybean products since almost all of it in the US is now Monsanto GMO. Personally I worry about whether many of our country’s diseases aren’t caused by our tainted foods.

    All right, enough worrying and back to gardening!

  70. Thanks for this info. I HATE Monsanto, and I know that I am not doing enough diligent research to keep from purchasing products that have been contaminated. I just started an attempt at container gardening, and I know that, again, I didn’t do enough research. I guess this year I will keep going forward with what I have started, learn from these plants and make more informed decisions next time.

  71. sigh, there goes the “sunsugar” that I was so crazy about.

    Great article by the way….definitely trying out the vinegar for weed control.

  72. Wow–thank you so much for sharing. I knew from other friends that they were buying out seed companies, but had no idea it had gone this far. I linked this article with the link of the Seminis product catalog and descriptions for my readers on FB. Thank you so much for the legwork.

  73. Thought the Burpee wasn’t as good as years ago. I’ve switched to High Mowing in VT.-very happy!

  74. Diane Kratz says:

    I just heard Monsanto puts a ground up rubber filler in fish meal that is used in dog food. Said to cause liver cancer. My dog has been getting home cooked meals.
    Can I use seeds from my garden last year, or should the source plant be from open pollinated seeds as well?

  75. Debi Stoppkotte says:

    great! Just checked to see what seeds I may have that are from Monsanto and am happy to see that in the past only a few of my tomatoes have come from there. I tend to favor the old heirloom varieties – thank goodness! Or “unusual” odd varieties! Thanks for the info!!

    Right now I am trying to find seeds for a Siberian tomato, a yellow cherry-type, called Galena – one of the best tasting yellows I have had the pleasure to grow – indeterminate and very prolific, handles heat and humidity and cool temps as well. I am keeping my ears and eyes open!!

  76. For all those who are no longer buying from or subscribed to a magazine because they sell Monsanto’s seeds I hope you contacted the magazine to inform them why they no longer get your business. This would allow them to make an informative business decision as to whether or not to continue distributing the seeds.

  77. I googled the Monsanto/Saminis/Burpee connection ready to find the worst, and instead found a recent statement from Burpee and a blogger that interviewed the owner about their commitment to only carry non-GMO seed from all of their suppliers. Link is here.

    Have you spoken with the owner? Although everything was mentioned in the same article, is this really a case of – yes there are bad plants to keep out of our gardens from Seminis, and yes Burpees carries some types of Semines seed, but no Burpees does not carry the bad seeds in question so therefore Burpees is still ok?

    Thanks for your help to clarify.

  78. Laurie – Thanks for writing. None of the seeds in the Seminis home-garden catalogue are GMO (nor did I imply such in the article). They are simply seeds which Seminis/Monsanto sells to home-gardeners through various avenues. And for certain seeds, one of those avenues is Burpee. If you wish to buy seeds from Burpee, but would rather not contribute to Monsanto’s coffers, just ask Burpee who they purchased the seeds from. If the answer is “Seminis,” proceed as your conscience dictates. (Well, I hope I answered your question!)

  79. What really frosts my fruit is going into a place to buy seed, and they have NO IDEA which product they sell that comes from Monsanto. You really have to know because they will try to sell you anything and claim it is not GMO.

  80. I’ve seen the extrapolations that suggest we’ll need to feed more people in the next 50 years than we’ve had to feed in all time since humans lived on the Earth. Can this be done without these technologies. Can’t we focus on being alternatives rather than condemning everything Monsanto does? (Some things like taking farmers to court need to be condemned, even if they farmers did sign contracts.)

  81. Does anyone know how reliably non-Monsanto/non-GMO the mailorder outfit Gardens Alive is?

  82. I hate what our GOV. has let the chimical companies do to our food supply, They claim it produces better , but I have corn seed that is 100 years old, you can use it as sweet corn of feed corn, makes best corn meal. ears are about 9 inches long. but you sometimes get 3 good ears of corn, from 1 stalk. I tryed 6 rows of that crap corn seads. got one 11 inch ear, tast like crap. Am useing my own seeds or herilome seeds.

  83. Nancy Durgan says:

    Mother Earth News has an article in their April/May issue about GMO Foods. It is an eye-opener. The article states unless you grow all your food or always buy organic, you are eating GMO foods ALMOST DAILY. Roundup ready crops include soybeans, corn, canola, sugar beats, cotton, alfalfa, cotton and Kentucky bluegrass (is nothing sacred!) Other GM crops now include sweet corn, peppers, squash, zucchini, rice, sugar cane, rapeseed (used to make canola oil), flax, peas, papaya. About 1/4 of the millk in the US comes from cows injected with a GM hormone (OUR CHILDREN ARE DRINKING THIS). Honey comes from bees working GM crops, anjd some VITAMINS include GM ingredients. So much for trying to be healthier.

    As much as 86% of corn and up to 90% of soybeans grown are GM varieties. An estimated 60% of processed foods in this country contain GM ingredients because most contain corn and/or soy products.

    Other countries require labeling of GMOs (the European Union and Austrailia) and some have banned all GM foods (Japan, Ireland, Egypt).

    Monsanto now controls so much of the world’s seed stock that the US Justice Department launched a series of public meetings on the the company’s business practices as part of a formal antitrust investigation in March 2010. The company is the largest involved in GM patented seed.

    This is just a tiny part of the article. I hope you will read the rest of it. It is truly frightening.

  84. mike mitt says:

    money talks and bullshit walks. those companies that sold out to monsanto should be ashamed of themselves knowing what monsanto is and does.

  85. From reading the article and the comments it sounds like Monsanto just acquired another company. This doesn’t mean they are suddenly all GMO. I don’t think it means Seminis Seeds will stay GMO free in the future, but from what we know about Monsanto’s practices, it’s not a good thing.

    Buy heirloom or save your own seeds. Share seeds. Seeds should be free or cheap/affordable for all. Grow and eat real food.

  86. As if Roundup (glyphosate) isn’t doing enough ecological damage on dry land, the area around many waterways in 18 states has been invaded by phragmites, a very invasive non-native 15 foot tall reed that chokes out all natural vegetation and wildlife habitat . Because it only grows in marshy areas, control (cutting, burning, and spraying) has to be done with a permit and within the guidelines of the EPA, State DNR, and local govt. They require taking a class and obtaining a permit (and they’ll even sell you the stuff). Guess what the only product they will allow to be used is? Glyphosate with a surfactant added to make it “more effective.” This is all being sprayed in the marshes and waterways with runoff going into the lakes, streams, wildlife nesting areas, etc. But don’t worry, the Govt has assured us that this is safe. Talk about Govt and the chemical companies lining each other’s pockets – now they have them promoting and selling the poison and only allowing that product to be used. No other trials allowed. The link below gives the true story of the “safety” of the stuff.

  87. I had no idea they had such a large share of veggie supermarket seeds but it doesn’t surprise me. That’s why I bought heirloom, open-pollinated seeds. Thanks for the info.

    Also everyone have very strong feelings about Monsanto. They are designing our deaths and lowering our intelligence through genetically modified death. It is shown that the health affects do not stop with us but are being passed onto our offspring. It is destroying our organic crops by infestation. We must vehemently oppose this corporation and go by any means necessary to dissolve it. It is an inhumane machine and literally goes against life itself, on many forms.

    Do everything in your power to oppose Monsanto, even if it’s just planting your own heirloom garden, although we need to do more than just that. Buy local from your farmer’s market. I don’t know about your region but in mine it is the same price as the grocery store or a bit more/less than it depending, it is really a myth that local food is more ‘expensive.’ Write and petition your government to ban Monsanto’s crops in your region and country–it has happened in others! The revolution against Monsanto is beginning, join it! Monsanto is not fit for this Earth! It is killing us!

    Not only with their GMO crops, but with their chemicals and terminator seeds! Terminator seeds are anti life. Monsanto is anti-nature.

  88. Monsanto and Dow were also the designers of DDT and Agent Orange. All they design is death.

  89. I’m planting only heirloom organics and starting seed saving this year. I’ve been aware of this for awhile and do all I can to be Monsantos free.

  90. I found all this out last year when I did a little research this year I have stuck to Botanical Interest seeds which have served me well and warned all my friends and fellow gardeners. I belong to a community garden and if one of my neighbors Burpee seeds wanders into my plot. I’m pretty sure Monsanto is standing by to claim all my veggies. Because that’s how they work.

  91. Barb Gilligan says:

    Why can’t the people opposed to Monsanto sue them for destroying heirloom crops? It is clear they are on a path of contamination… why is it we cannot hold them accountable? All I hear is Monsanto sueing others…it should be the other way around. Our naturally born enviroment is being destroyed here………It’s time to deflate them!

  92. Maggie B says:


    I am new to the site…I had to do a paper for school on GMO’s and have now started planting my own veggies using organic plants. However I am not sure what seeds Monsatins owns is there a way for me to find out.

  93. Ok here’s the deal, I’m an Agriculture Education major with minors in Horticulture and Ag. Business in the midwest. I grew up on a small farm where my father uses Round Up Ready corn, he plants genetically modified beans, and used it to feed the hogs he raised for over 20 years.

    I also helped my mother plant a vegetable garden each year while growing up on that same farm. When my mother discontinued the garden, I went to work for a neighbor on her produce farm where we sell locally grown vegetables to farmer’s markets in the area. This lady is known as the Tomato Queen and cares as much for the earth and what goes into her body as you and your commenters do.

    My eyes were opened this past fall when I took a course on agriculture, food and society. Each time the class met, the exploding population was mentioned every time. People, we live on a planet that contains 7 BILLION humans. The following is a video that explains the dire situation our planet is in
    Especially pay attention to the last minute or so. It is connected to a playlist that also contains several videos explaining the state of agriculture today.

    If it wasn’t for GMO’s and the work Monsanto and the other seed companies do, you wouldn’t have the cheap food you get from the supermarket. These companies are creating drought-resistant crops to people in Africa (you know, the huge continent where practically everybody is starving). Monsanto developed Golden Rice, a genetically modified version of rice that is fortified with Vitamin A (the one responsible for keeping the retinas healthy). This rice is grown in places where vitamin A deficiencies are widespread, like India and a great portion of Africa.

    I do not work for Monsanto or am being reimbursed by them, but what they have done for agriculture is absolutely amazing! If every farmer switched to organic crops, we’d be a starving nation with little to no cash value since we’d all be paying extreme prices for our groceries. With GMO’s, agriculture has been able to increase its production right along with the exploding population.

    I think growing organically (or non-Monsanto) in gardens is a personal choice that has some great benefits, however that does not mean you can disregard an entire company’s work by reading very biased articles and opinions. I understand agriculture is a very touchy subject and everyone has an opinion on what to do, but please, I beg you, to do your research. Now, more than ever, is when we need to work together to ensure the safety and security of the human population. Agriculture affects every single person, no matter your age, creed or gender. So please, do your research and read into both sides of the argument.

  94. Can certified organic seeds be Gmo. Burped sells USDA organic seed too. Is that seed too owned by Monsanto? Thanks for the info.

  95. Deb Gregory says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Were you aware the Seminis Catalog link isn’t working? It states “The following file(s) have been blocked by the administrator: /global/us/products/hg_products.asp “.

    I was having this conversation with a friend last night re Monsanto seed and recalled this great page of yours with all the links :o).


  96. For an in-depth look at this issue, see the movie Thrive.

  97. mmkkpro says:

    The only thing that matters is money,the honey bees are dying out,bats also,i believe these money hungry devils are completely responsable,bees still polinate 2/3 of the worlds food supply,no life form matters when it comes to money,we would be better off going back to barter system.

  98. Linda Garner says:

    A monsanto product destroyed our daiy herd in 2005-2006 and a way of life for us!

  99. Linda Garner says:

    I should have said…. a monsanto product destroyed our dairy herd in 1995-1996, rather than 2005-2006.

  100. My brother rents his land to a neighbor who has contracted someone to spray that nasty herbicide from a plane. My sis’s dog drank water from a ditch adjacent to the sprayed field and it died within a week. Other family members report breathing problems during the spraying.

  101. I think we should be protesting more, definitely avoiding buying these seeds is a good way to start. I propose that we close down that wicked corporation, in fact, let’s close them all down.

  102. Short of closing down Monsanto or companies like them, which would be almost impossible, my suggestion would be to purchase some stock in this company in order to have voting rights. I don’t know all the rules but I believe a stockholder is able to submit proposals for vote(in this case) to eliminat these the use of ROUNDUP and any other objectional practices. Someone could also start an online petition by using this link:

    Last but not least, let Obama and your state officials know how you feel. They all have telephone and online access.

  103. LA Pablo says:

    Sad, sad news to hear about Seminis Seed. As we speak Monsanto is trying to put it’s filthy mitts on the heirloom seed market. We all have a responsibility to educate newcomers to the gardening world, and keep Monsanto out of our kitchens!

  104. I have been following this for years and would ask everyone to contact Congress and let them know……Monsanto has so many lobbyist and many in Washington are in bed with them and this effects everyone..I believe it could be a problem why the rise of autism in babies and many other illness…they had a vote last week to label GMO’s and it was voted down…(UNBELIEVABLE) Many countries have it where GMO”s are labeled.

  105. Here is direct from the Senate Floor….I do not agree with Sen Sanders or Barbara Boxer on much but and fully supportive on this..PLEASE Help us and Contact everyone you can to Stop this insanity..RESEARCH what it has done to farmers and Farmers in India and other countries..Pure EVIL!!
    Thank you Kevin for this topic!

  106. Monsanto is an evil demon. They “helped” 3rd world countries to death by showing them “better” ways with their free seeda and hands on modern methods. The “better ways” of Mondanto destroyed the local supplies of heirloom seeds, replaced by Monsanto’s “Roundup ready” seeds that don’t propogate for more than a couple of years. Where before, these small countries, who may not have done things the more “modern way”, but had always been self sufficient in there own way, had their stores of heirloom seeds depleted and replaced and they are now starving since not able to afford to buy Monsanto’s seeds to grow their crops. Monsanto moves into small countries, starves them and makes them dependent on their seeds or imported food supplies of wheat, corn and sugar beets, (etc.)

    I buy ONLY heirloom seeds. I avoid commercial seed packets like the plague. If it comes in a colorful packet from your local store, it’s from a huge conglomerate. (There are large oil companies also involved in this.) Many of the people in these companies are also invested with the heirloom seed saving vaults. (For good reason. Even they can see the dangers of GMO)

    See the very informative movie: “Food, Inc.” to see what has and is continuing to happen to our food supplies as a whole. It’s a real eye opener.

    I try to save as much and many of my own seeds as I can. Some things though, actually take an entire year or more to come to seed,. which means warmer growing zones than I am in.

    (sorry for the rant).

  107. Violet Jones says:

    I am so glad to find this site to know which companies are supporting Monsanto and selling genetically modified seeds and plants.
    I had no idea about Burpee and Park seeds plus many other seeds companies are selling GMO seeds.
    To be honest most of vegetables growing my garden are from Burpee and Park seeds companies!
    Can you imagine how angry I am now knowing I was supporting Monsanto indirectly by buying seeds from Burpee and Park seeds companies?
    I feel like whole my vegetable garden is ruined completely by raising GMO vegetables.
    Now, what we need to do is educate as many as people we know about disgusting people who are selling GMO seeds knowing destroying our environment and health of people.
    My guess is Burpee, Park seeds and many other compnies deny about selling GMO seeds because only thing they care is profit.
    I wasn’t born yesterday, I knew how corrupted our society is but this is depressing.

    Needless to say, almost all seeds I saved are going in trash because my health is most important thing.
    Does anybody know all seeds from Kitazawa seeds company is safe?

  108. Thank you for this information on Monsanto seeds. I have personally called every company that I purchase groceries from to find out if they use any GMOs. I still do if I cannot find relevant information online. We as consumers are very powerful. Do your research before you buy anything and do not support companies like Monsanto. Nothing is more powerful than our wallets!

  109. Hi Kevin,
    Delighted by your rant about monsanto. At last some reliable research (from Australia) about roundup locking up nutrients in the soil. Well worth a read.

  110. Hi John Davidson – Thanks for the link. Heading over to read it now…

  111. Sandra Pring says:

    Just a heads up. There are laws fixing to be passed that will infringe on a homeowners right to grow food. Some States have already outlawed having a personal RainWater Collection Barrel of any kind..This really opened my eyes to what our government is capable attention..If these laws are allowed..growing food..collecting water..and being self sufficient will be against the law..Pay Attention to who you are voting for..the politicians control our future.

  112. Thank you for this! I am only just opening my eyes to this

  113. Thanks for the info. I knew Monsanto was bad and have tried avoiding them for years. It is scary that our government is allowing this to happen. I would also like to thank Obama for one more change that he has supported and to think that Michelle supports healthier lunches in schools that of course are loaded with chemicals.

  114. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful info particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  115. This is a topic that is close to my heart…

    Best wishes! Exactly where are your contact details though?

  116. Control the food, control the people

  117. It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people about this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  118. I didn’t read through all the commentary regarding Monsanto, but if you can, find and view the video named “the world according to monsanto” and see how the upper management goes back and forth between the government, illegally influencing the government. How they are trespassing on private land to take samples of product in the field, and then suing and stealing those farmers fields through “due process.”

    They’ll be able to do the same thing in your personal gardens. Then there is the “kill gene.” research that…

  119. Thank you for alerting us! My son was assigned Food, Inc. as part of a class on technology and the environment. Besides the environmental disaster of Monsanto’s practices, there is the unethical forcing of farmers not under contract with them out of business under allegations of contaminating their seeds AND the taint of Monsanto executives entering into government posts.

  120. Lisa Rosen says:

    Also very much worth viewing is the documentary titled “King Corn”, originally titled “The One Acre Project”. Changed my way of thinking AND consuming, completely! I’m sure you already know about this but I definitely thought it worth mentioning!

  121. Apparently facebook doesn’t like people talking smack on Monsanto. I posted a link to this article on my profile and was subsequently banned for 30 days due to breaking “community guidelines.” I have deleted my facebook.

  122. Just an FYI, I clicked on the Seminis link and got this message “The following file(s) have been blocked by the administrator: /global/us/products/hg_products.asp”

  123. Monsanto is the evil Darth Vader of agriculture – to be avoided at all costs.

  124. Pamela Wyllie says:

    Thanks so much for this info. I had no idea and am always picking up seed packets at random places. Will stop and order from reputable heirloom places.

  125. Deirdra Vierra says:

    Your Seminis link has been blocked 🙁

  126. This makes me so angry! Why can’t Monsanto leave things alone? I am so glad I sent off for a bunch of heirloom seed catalogs the other day. I hope they truly are heirloom breeds. I don’t want to get scammed. I really wonder if all the people developing food allergies to corn, wheat, rice and soy is a direct result of Monsanto tampering with crops. I used to just have a corn allergy, now I have a wheat allergy and I’m sensitive to rice and soy. I dropped all grains from my diet and my asthma has gotten better, and I no longer get gastrointestinal problems and acid reflux. Just sayin’…

  127. if you’re canadian you can go to this website to find goods seeds!

  128. Kevin…you should not spread false info. Burpees does buy Non GMO Seminis seeds but they do not buy or sell GMO products. You should investigate before you condemn.

  129. Gary Hesson – The article does not say that Burpee sells GMO seeds. It does say that Burpee buys seeds from Seminis, and that Seminis is owned by Monsanto.

  130. Thank you Kevin for posting this. I naively had no idea. Wonderful blog!

  131. thanks for this valuable info

  132. I loved your article, please also visit mine.

  133. Charlotte says:

    20 years ago, my mother worked for one of the daughter companies of Monsanto. Back when Monsanto dealt with oil. They were heavily into the oil business, and then did a 180, sold it all off, and started investing in seeds. To me, that speaks volumes. Food is more valuable than oil. And they want it all. Sadly, there are always former/future Monsanto employees in government, who will make sure the “right” bills pass.

  134. A lot of this info is just hearsay. You guys want truth? Promote it! Burpee does not sell GMO’s. You guys are going to run a good and NECESSARY company out of business. This is just as bad as the misinformation on FB. BTW ‘Big Boy’ is a Burpee seed bred in 1948, not a Monsanto seed. Now that I see you do not do your home work, I do not trust your info.

    Monsanto is pure evil in my opinion.

  135. christina says:

    Another good seed company:
    jung seed-

    Sheepers kitchen seeds do not sell GMO seeds or Monsanto seeds-

    Sandy- they DID NOT say Burpee sells GMOs they said Burpee buys seed from Seminis- and they admit it:
    For the record, I own W. Atlee Burpee & Co. Burpee is NOT owned by Monsanto. We do purchase a small number of seeds from the garden seed department of Seminis, a Monsanto subsidiary, and so do our biggest competitors. We do NOT sell GMO seed, never have in the past, and will not sell it in the future. —-

    THE WHOLE POINT of the article is TO READ carefully what you buy as to not support Monsanto. They buy seed from a company owned by Monsanto— does this not prove the point?? Go ahead and buy from Burpee- just keep the list next to you when you do…

  136. christina says:

    forgot the c in my email address. lol

  137. Great post!

    We must MOVE the market away from GMO.
    Buy ONLY organic produce and meats, and heirloom varieties.

    Don’t wait until your gut is permanently damaged.

  138. The link doesn’t work anymore.
    Can you post the list of veggie seeds that our on that list that Monsanto made?

  139. Monsanto = Evil Bio-Corporate Terrorism!


    Here is Burpee’s statement on the Monsanto ownership

  141. Sunjoy52 says:

    Just curious. How many people does this company employ? Would boycotting this company put a lot of family’s on the unemployment line?

  142. I pay a quick visit day-to-day some websites and websites to
    read articles, however this weblog offers feature based articles.

  143. I’m trying to start a little project through social networking. I need names of companies that sell gmo free seed and don’t have affiliation with Monsanto. It could even be small farmers that sell their own heirloom seed. I think we have a responsibility to these companies that truly provide gmo free seeds. We should support them as much as possible. Given that most of you are passionate about this issue, i was wondering if you guys would help me out. I have a few companies I am waiting to get a response from such as seedsnow, and botanical interest. Do you guys know of these companies? Or any others with NO affiliation to Monsanto.Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    -One love

    this link is no longer working ? hmm

  145. please consider using these products, all natural, for gardens, and crops, i am distributor for them u can order through me just email me! this company is also doing battle against Monsanto

  146. I am finally able to garden again after suffering an injury that placed me in a wheelchair and in and out of hospitals for over ten years. My last surgery gave me back the use of my leg and out of the wheelchair, using cane and walker. Needless to say I am excited to be back getting dirty and growing my own food on a limited raised garden my husband lovingly made for me. I am devastated to learn how much this basic joy has become fodder for government and deep pockets and also very sorry I planted my garden before becoming a part of you site. I will do everything I can to keep as honest to God and Mother Nature and remain organic by boycotting and speaking out when I can. I can’t thank you all enough for the information I received and the references that I acquired.

  147. I didn’t realize they bought burpee…I just started some seeds from them I’m so glad I found your article and those will be going in the trash now …thanks for the heads up.

  148. Do you have a safe list of heirloom seed distributors? Thank you!

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  150. LIzbeth Roldan says:

    I live in Puerto rico and recently started my own organic garden, I did buy seeds from Walmart, ignorant of what was going on, This seed distributor based in P.R. named Laurel Company sells Grey Charleston watermelon seeds and I’ ve done some research but nobody seems to know much about them, if you do, can you inform me please??? Thanks

  151. I bet nobody on this message board has ever been on or near a farm. I have a century of farming in my blood. Do you think the food in the stores just appear there, and there is no proof that organic is better for you.

  152. I bet none of you have ever been on or near a farm. And none of you better be dog owners. Cause we have been changing their DNA for 1,000 years.

  153. I bought burpee seeds last summer and this summer at Ocean State job lots half off. All packs had USDA organic seal. Are contaminated or burpee just in bed with Monsanto? I won’t buy them again but if labeled Usda organic are the ones I have at least safe?

  154. Thank you for this info….I have hated this company for years and just wished they would go away. Apparently they are not and we have to just become aware of what they own. Thank you for the education…keep up the great work, we are listing/or reading!

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  156. Valerie Wells says:

    As an aside from the mere avoidance of purchasing of Monsanto owned seed. I also have started asking at my local farmers market, what THEY are selling. One guy readily admitted that he had better boy and early girls. I explained to him why I wouldn’t buy his produce. Last year at a local farmers mkt the vendor was selling roasted sweet corn. I pointedly asked him if it was heirloom corn. He looked me square in the eye, and said “Absolutely. Then several weeks later, when I asked him if I would have any problem planting the dried up corn seed for next planting season, he hurriedly explained that the corn wouldn’t take, as they had to buy it every year from the “corporation”. I was so angry having been lied to, and eaten obviously GMO corn I simply don’t eat corn at all anymore. Ask your local gardeners and farmers at the farmers mkt Where they get their seed! Impress upon them, that as a consumer you want Non Monsanto owned produce.! They will hopefully make an adjustment come next growing season. And always, ALWAYS save your own seed.

  157. StacyRenee says:

    The “Seminis Catalog” link no longer works.:(

    Do you know if Ferry-Morse and/or Seeds of Change are owned by Seminis/Monsanto?

  158. Gotta love the guy that thinks 1,000 years of dog breeding = a decade or two of genetic splicing of our food!!! Had to laugh out loud at his comments.

    For tomatoes, peppers, and a few other types of seeds, try

    I have ordered from them in the past, and they have a statement right on their front page explaining that they DO NOT use GMO seeds.

    They are a great company to order from (please note that I do not work for them or get paid by them). I’m just a happy customer who has had great results from their seeds…

  159. Was wondering if you’ll be doing a up to date list on other seeds Monstano’s buys up. Thank you once again for giving us a list of seeds that Monstano sells. I won’t make that mistake again buying anything from them.

  160. I contacted Burpee about GMO use. They adamantly deny any connection with Monsanto or use of GMO seeds. The same goes for Park Seeds.

  161. Jillian reisinger says:

    Someone needs to stop Monsanto!!! Its bad enough with all the BPA’s in canned veg. So now the veg inside is poison too?!! I wont buy or use seeds from them. It has been HARD finding seeds that they dont have their dirty fingers on!! But i will!!

  162. bob langdon says:
  163. Monsanto Roundup has ruined my entire yard. I may file suit it’s done so much damage. Every plant I own is sick. My 35 year old, truly beautiful Azalea may not survive this, as it’s covered in powdery mold and blight. This company should not be able to market Roundup as an herbicide. It does not kill plants. It CREATES disease.

  164. Also, never plant in soil you’ve sprayed. Two seasons after saturation, I planted coneflowers in soil I used Roundup on. my coneflower is sick beyond saving and it’s been planted for one month.

  165. Monsanto’s insignia should be a skull and cross bones. They are ruining organic gardening, wholesomeness of eating raw, fresh food and in general destroying the beauty of our planet. Take a stand and look for Non-GMO labels on foods, self-pollinating seeds and spread the word.

  166. I had no idea and I am just sickened by the devious people in our country. I will be taking more precaution in the future. Thank you for this article.

  167. Katrinka THREET says:

    i just want organic seeds, who would take the time to grow their own veggies and fruits only to grow your own poisoned foods. Please can’t we just gave a list of non Monsanto seeds.

    Sincerely, katrinka Threet

  168. Mary in Iowa says:

    Contact your legislators soon to ask them to oppose currently proposed legislation to make it illegal for states to enact GMO truth in labelling laws. Some states have enacted legislation to require all products containing GMO ingredients to state that on the label. Monsanto, which owns the government lock, stock and barrel, is lobbying fiercely to defeat any truth in labelling laws and to make it illegal for states to legislate for their own citizens. I signed an online letter to my state reps and senators last week and received a condescending pat on the head letter from one of them that was a page right out of Monsanto’s textbook. Monsanto not only is moving to control the global food supply, but wants to make it illegal for us to know what’s in our food.
    While Kevin’s article isn’t exclusively about GMO seeds, but about avoiding lining the pockets of Monsanto through purchasing seed stocks acquired by the insatiable giant, the GMO question is part of the whole poisonous Monsanto stew, and consumers should have the right to information that enables them to make knowledgeable purchasing decisions regardless of their personal beliefs about Frankenstein foods. Knowledge is power, and Monsanto is not keen to share its iron grip on power. Let your legislators hear how you feel aout your right to know.

  169. Mary in Iowa says:

    I should add that the major food manufacturers, which control most of what is found on grocery store shelves, are also lobbying to overturn any truth in labelling laws now on some states’ books, and to prevent any such laws from being enacted in the future.

  170. Kevin, I have saved my tomato seeds, as well as my bean seeds, for years in my freezer. I have had great luck with this method. I collect Appalachian heirloom seeds, and I know some of the seeds have been in someone’s freezer for 30 years or more. Bill Best of Berea, KY, by way of North Carolina, grabbed my interest in this when he wrote a book, Saving Seeds, Preserving Taste, on collecting old seeds. My way of fighting Monsanto. Thank you for my Sunday morning gift each week. I really look forward to your sharing of info.

  171. So long as countries are corporations, which most are including USA and UK, it will always be about the money. When the money is the value, over and above the Earth and Humanity there will always be these corporations, too, many to mention… So much devastation is going on and not being spoken about. We can change that, we are doing it together globally, as its all connected, see New Earth Nation, and watch the film THRIVE it is free on you tube. Yes seeds are precious and thanks for the information, im just about to plant up my veg patch! 🙂

  172. It would appear that many of the varieties mentioned here are no longer available from Semenis. Some of the varieties they do have available, have some really weird names. Some of it appears to be GMO. Here’s a link to what they have now:

  173. marianne says:

    While there is mention of Roundup & GMO seeds, every article I’ve read FAILS to mention the very FACT that MiracleGrow products are also a part of Monsanto & that people should also AVOID MiracleGrow products when wanting to purchase things that are NOT Monsanto connected for their gardening needs. People want to keep Monsanto OUT OF their gardens, as I do, then they should AVOID not only Roundup weed killers, GMO seeds, but anything that carries the MiracleGrow label on it, so they can be sure they are NOT growing their organic seeds in Monsanto genetically altered with Roundup weed killer soil, too. In other words, do NOT buy Roundup weed killers, seeds from companies known to deal with Monsanto/Seminis, both of whom produce GMO seeds AND MiracleGrow, which is also part of Monsanto.

  174. If we all STAND UP and MAKE our VOICES and our WALLETS heard. Any large company will fall. We as a people out number the rich in GREAT numbers.

  175. Check out Rare Seeds from Baker Creek Seed company. They are against Monsanto and GMO and they refuse to carry them. In fact part of their catalog is dedicated to educating their customers about GMO, Monsanto and why we should seed save. I’m very happy with this company. They are very helpful and prompt and even send free seed packets with each order. They also carry edible and endangered flower seed.

  176. This goticle and it’s abimanning this company will do you no good they will just reopened under a different name and tIll the people stand up and make the government stop hiring pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies to change thwith the DNA like they did with wheat so legally all the side effects they cause are natural because it’s in their DNA how do we really go about getting natural seeds to plant I have no idea they have been corrupted for so many years now I can’t remember the last time I bought a vegetable in the store that had Flavor or was not Rotten within 48 hours Of buying it

  177. Lyn Hillman says:

    I just received a seed catalog from Territorial Seed Co. On the back it guarantees 100% non gmo seeds. I do not ever want to plant Monsanto seeds. Could you research this company, and let everyone know the results. If it’s a good source of “good” seed, it would be very helpful.

  178. Thank you for this. I havent planted any of those varieties in 8 years now. The new town I live in has an impressive seed library plus I swap seeds with a few friends and most of us order new varieties through bakers creek. I got my first order last week. Im lucky to live in an area that is pretty anti gmo and has a lot of organic crops.

  179. I’m very ignorant to Monsanto and their goings on, I am going to research them for sure. I’m hoping to start a garden this year the seeds i have are several years old so I’m hoping to avoid the Monsanto owned and altered seeds this way. Also i save the seeds from the produce i purchase regularly , is this ok to use for planting?

  180. It’s horrible what they are doing to our food supply , I can’t believe more people don’t know or won’t doing anything to stop this. What else is horrible is we not only have to try to protect our God given right to healthy food but now our own government has been spraying us with Chemicals from the sky, day and night I have seen them spray 3 or 4 times a week sometimes . They say it is to help the Climate Change they have been spraying for years let me ask this question .When I was growing up we didn’t have the fierce storms and the amount of storms we have now, with the damage done. We didn’t have the the flooding we have now, or the weird weather, when they spray I feel a wind of cold air . Planes never had the trails they do now. People now call them Chemtrails.. I lived by one of the busiest Airports in the world I’ve seen plenty of jets fly without the huge long trails that turn dark sometimes, and clouds the sky after they spray from Horizon to Horizon, and more then one jet sprays at a time sometimes. My skin was burning after one incident of spraying. LOOK UP in the sky they spray all over the country , there is information out there of what they are spraying us with .If you see a big cloud that looks like an X you most likely see the jets spraying I have seen them fly in all kinds of directions also . No one is going to tell me it is a commercial jet flying it’s path flight., because I’ve seen it with my own eyes . My question does anyone else remember sunny days more often and white fluffy clouds in the sky and not a thin layer of clouds so much of the time now and the not this crazy weather and severe weather . I think its’ caused by them trying to manipulate the weather. It’s been called Geo engineering other people feel the same way as I do its also been said to kill plants pollute the ground change its chemistry to stop plant growth and other things .What people have said is in the chemicals is horrifying to me They are spraying People, our children, our families, us and our food, water ,earth.


  1. […] the varieties you select. Otherwise, you could very well be putting money into the hands of the wretched Monsanto Corporation. Forewarned is forearmed, right? Here is the list of Seminis/Monsanto home-garden vegetable […]

  2. […] the varieties you select. Otherwise, you could very well be putting money into the hands of the wretched Monsanto Corporation.Forewarned is forearmed, right? Here is the list of Seminis/Monsanto home-garden vegetable […]

  3. […] has, very quietly and with cash, purchased one of the largest home-seed distributors in the world. Moreover, nowhere on the package is there any indication that you may be purchasing seeds that […]

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