The Window Garden in December

THE DECEMBER DECORATIONS are underway, starting with the window garden pictured up top. Here, chrysanthemums, african violets, and other denizens of the autumn display have been replaced with more “jingle-bellish” plants. I’m still tweaking the arrangement, but already this garden is filling me with Christmas cheer:

On the bookcase (which serves as an extension to my narrow windowsill): Pink-hued Persian cyclamens flank a Rabbit’s Foot fern; not yet in bloom is a bowl of Narcissus ‘Ariel’ on the left, which will grow to only half its usual height because I give it gin. Another cyclamen, grown from a tuber, is on the right.

On the first shelf: Pots of the “Frosty Fern,” which botanically goes by the mouthful Selaginella Krausianna Variegatus, flank an oval bowl of Narcissus ‘Inball.’ These bulbs, too, receive the gin-treatment.

Second shelf: A cheerful trio of scarlet poinsettias can’t help but announce “It’s Christmas!”

Top shelf: Two pots of philodendron, which have climbed a length of wire, give the plant picture a living green frame. A glazed, rectangular tub holds cuttings of this easy-to-grow vine.

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  1. Kevin, you are like the artist who doesn't know when his painting is finished. I think your window garden is lovely “as is”!

  2. Looks festive to me, but I have a question: In the middle of the window, along the frame, are two pots of philodendron. What are they suspended from?

  3. Sheila – Thank you for the flattering analogy! Glad you like the garden.

    Eric – the pots you are referring to are resting on old cast-iron lamp brackets. I buy such brackets on Ebay; they are very useful for trailing plants.

  4. That window is absolutely gorgeous, it looks like a real garden. Nice balance of plants.

  5. Kevin,

    Seeing this window garden in person I can say that it is warm inspring and very creative!

  6. Adele – It's so much fun to play around with houseplants and find an arrangement that “works.”

    Despina – So glad you got to see to the window in person! I'll have to do a feature on ferns, including the “frosty” ones up top (although these aren't really ferns at all).

  7. This is really furrtsating for the last few weeks I haven’t been able to access any of your lovely pics Lucy! I just see an empty box with a little red cross in the corner (which wont open the photo when I click on it). Obviously something to do with my settings but I cant work out what anyone got any suggestions?? X

  8. Dima – Who is Lucy? Are you on the right website?!

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