From Dominick Dunne’s House to Our House

LAST WEEKEND my partner and I obtained two Federal-style games tables and one blue sofa from the estate of the late, great reporter/novelist/producer Dominick Dunne. I can only imagine the glamorous lives these furnishings have lived…first in Beverly Hills, and later in Hadlyme, CT, and NYC. One of the inlaid mahogany tables, pictured up top, now resides in our entrance hall, near the staircase. Here’s a more intimate view:

Mr. Dunne purchased this table and its mate in the 1960s, for his home on Waldon Drive in Beverly Hills. There he entertained such Hollywood royalty as David Niven, Natalie Wood, Truman Capote and Angela Lansbury. Ah…if only our “new” tables could talk!

And here is the sofa, which I placed upstairs before a window garden. This very comfortable item, which I hope our cats don’t discover, previously resided in Dominick Dunne’s country house in Hadlyme, CT.

Perhaps, over the winter, I can show you some of the other furnishings here at A Garden for the House. Most are from the 19th century — the same period as the house. Let me know if you are interested.

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  1. I like the table, but the painting, staircase and (soup tureen?) are nice too!

  2. OK-I am in love with your new table! It's gorgeous and I adore that style. Congrats to you on finding it and adding it to your home!

  3. I love your taste. Beautiful addition to your home. and yes, more pics of your lovely home please.

  4. Beautiful! Love the table, and the sofa looks like it will fit right in. You have a gorgeous home.

  5. The sofa is beautiful! Looks like a perfect place to relax and read. Well I know my cats would find it immediately and make it their new home. Yes, more pics!

  6. Harold says:

    Well done Kevin. the tables look charming and add to your gracious hall. I'm glad to see the Royal Albert tea pot is on hand by the new sofa.

  7. Harold – welcome! What keen eyes you have to capture the Royal Albert detail; it is the very teapot you sent me from London all those years ago.

    Post more often, yes?

  8. Beautiful table. Love the style and the gorgeous wood. We also love and decorate with the older pieces.
    And heck, yeah, I am interested! Please do!

  9. I wish I was at that auction! Yeah, I wish the furniture could speak too!

  10. Hey Kevin,
    Congrats on the great furniture……
    Tina aka “Doris”

  11. love the table and couch, Kevin, what a fantastic find. What are you reading these days? Cheers!

  12. Rhonda Strahler says:

    What a perfect addition to your lovely home! Keep those pictures coming!

  13. Anne Beckes says:

    Absolutely would I love to see more of your furniture!!

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