Begonia Semperflorens

IS THE EVERBLOOMING WAX BEGONIA, B. semperflorens, the exclusive domain of the outdoor garden? Absolutely not! As you can see from the photo up top (and those which follow), it blooms continuously indoors, too. I depend on the beautiful burdens of white, pink, or red to brighten my window garden all winter long:

Above, B. ‘Pink Pearl’ brightens the top shelves of the window in my upstairs bath.

Because of its handsome countenance and easy-going attitude, semperflorens is probably the best of all winter-flowering house plants. Adaptable to full sun or just bright light, amenable to the high heat and low humidity of a city apartment, and bothered by neither pest nor disease, it blooms and blooms from September to June.

Take care when watering, for this Brazilian tourist abhors soggy conditions. I always let the soil dry out a little first, and then I water thoroughly, until excess drips through the drainage hole. Of course the saucer beneath must be promptly emptied. I feed semperflorens with every watering, just as I do my other flowering houseplants.

If you wish to add a collection of semperflorens to your window garden, the best plan is to buy them in spring, when they are available at garden centers. Otherwise, take cuttings from outdoor plants in summer, and root them in 4-inch pots of well-draining soil. You can even lift whole plants from the open garden, but then you must trim roots to accommodate the 4-inch pot, and trim an equal amount of foliage to make up for the lost roots.

However they are obtained, these indefatigable wax begonias will provide you an infinite degree of pleasure. Mine certainly do. And I don’t mind the weekly cast of petals they drop onto the glass shelves of my window gardens. Brushing these off is a small price to pay for such beauty.

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  1. My neighbor has wax begonias planted in her front yard. Do you think I should “rescue” them before frost kicks in?

  2. Kevin, I'm glad you've paid homage to this, my favorite flowering houseplant! I have six white semperflorens, and they are always in bloom here in my NYC place. By always in bloom, I mean all year long! They grow very easily from cuttings.

  3. I don't buy wax begonias when they are offered in spring because to me they are too “common.” Guess they're not so common, however, when they adorn windows in winter. Your indoor gardens are beautiful, Kevin!

  4. Your windows inspire me to make the extra effort for beautiful houseplants in winter–thank you!

  5. Alice – So glad you enjoy plants indoors, too.

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